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00:17.12ZiggyGentoo + HAL 0.5 + pmount => KDE 3.5 is not automounting anything even though HAL is getting insert notifications and pmount/pumount work fine
00:17.20Ziggykdebase-kioslaves is compiled +hal
00:20.17oneforallI never did like automount in m$ don't want it now iether . noy hard to click on an icon :) when needed
00:21.16Ziggyperhaps, but the whole "yeah, when I plug stuff in, I have to click a button to tell the system that" in the year 2005 does not make my use of Linux seem rational.
00:21.31ZiggyI didn't switch to Linux because it's worse. I switched because it's better.
00:22.05philhsmithGentoo, kde 3.5 => starting artsd manually (as root, even) yields "can't create mcop directory" error..  If this is a permissions problem, which directory has the fouled permissions?
00:22.26Ziggysurely if /everyone else/ can recognize when I plug stuff in and unplug stuff, Linux should too.
00:22.47oneforallauto mount is annoying not better
00:23.30oneforallstick a cd that you want to looke at the files not start the setup or game etc . very annoying
00:23.32philhsmithZiggy: in an effort to address the question, does your fstab perhaps need 'user' flags to allow non-rooters to mount?
00:24.01Ziggy... wtf? I don't know about you, but somehow I like my system to "just work". if I plug in my iPod, I expect the system to act like it should -- that is -- it should allow me to access the device and recognize it's connected. I still have to mount it.
00:24.06philhsmithput another way, can you mount stuff as a normal user via simple mount?
00:24.08Ziggyoneforall: you mean AUTORUN. that's different. AUTORUN sucks.
00:24.13ZiggyAUTOMOUNT does not.
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00:24.26Ziggyphilhsmith: HAL + pmount doesn't need an fstab entry.
00:24.35C4BL3GUYhi there
00:24.42Ziggyphilhsmith: pmount /dev/sda2 works to mount my iPod as my user
00:25.00philhsmithZiggy: ok.  just checking ideas
00:25.19Ziggythe KDE 3.4 behavior involved HAL's fstab-sync utility
00:25.25Ziggywhich worked
00:26.03Ziggybut HAL 0.5 uses pmount now, which basically means that HAL sends an event "this device is connected", and the KDE automount agent thingy should go "I should display an unmounted icon on the desktop" (which it did with fstab-sync)
00:26.05C4BL3GUYhope somebody could give me a hint on this: Non-KDE applications have really small fonts when started in KDE. Even Qt-applications...
00:26.29ZiggyKDE then should run pmount instead of mount (which it does for everyone else but me) and it works. but it's not even showing an icon on the desktop or in media:/
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00:26.46philhsmithCABL3GUY: bumped into this last night.  Kde and gnome use different dpi, which is sent to the X server when X starts.
00:26.56philhsmithCABL3GUY: let me dig up the url
00:27.21C4BL3GUYgnome is using 96dpi on my machine
00:27.42ZiggyI'm considering making an ebuild that uses fstab-sync and dealing with the slightly-less-sane mount method
00:28.39frbno, X tells teh apps the dpi
00:28.45philhsmithCABL3GUY: ok, here we go.  No url, but I remember the fix.  Are you using kdm?
00:28.46C4BL3GUYphilsmith... and Qt-applications get the dpi-value from the x-server?
00:28.47frbthe application framework can choose to ignore that
00:29.03C4BL3GUYphilsmith... yes
00:29.35philhsmithCABL3GUY: crack open kdmrc (mine is at /usr/kde/3.5/share/config/kdm/kdmrc)
00:29.59C4BL3GUYphilsmith... using gentoo? :-)
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00:30.18philhsmithCABL3GUY: go down to the [X-:*-Core] section (!!Not [X-*-Core] which is also there...)
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00:30.29philhsmithCABL3GUY: yea, howdya tell ;-)
00:30.59philhsmithCABL3GUY: modify the ServerArgsLocal line, by adding -dpi 96
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00:31.20philhsmithCABL3GUY: and that should do it.  save, restart X (by cntl-alt-backspace, perhaps), and it should work.
00:31.45C4BL3GUYok, will try it. But the pc with this problem is already shut down
00:31.59C4BL3GUYbut there must be some other problem
00:32.31C4BL3GUYbecause: I have to machines with kde 3.5. One with that problem and one without it
00:32.43C4BL3GUYem, two machines
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00:33.45mw46Can somebody verify something for me please? kde3.5 stable on top of SuSE 10.0: The K-Menu side image is somehow garbled:-(
00:34.02C4BL3GUYthe one, where it works, had kde 3.4 running. The other with the problem had 3.5 from the beginning
00:34.39C4BL3GUYphilsmith... but thanks a lot, will try it tomorrow
00:34.53mw46is it just me or a more widespead problem?
00:35.06C4BL3GUYphilsmith... here it is 1:34am
00:35.23C4BL3GUYthanks a lot for your help
00:35.26annmamw46: it's OK here from scratch
00:35.26C4BL3GUYgood n8 :-)
00:36.03annmamw46: I compile kde from source though
00:36.17annmamw46: post a screensot of your K menu
00:38.52Theoryargh, sorry
00:39.19mw46annma: I'm on my way;-)
00:43.22mw46annma: Here you can see it;-)
00:44.27annmamw46: so you mean the image on the left?
00:45.28annmamw46: did you have a previous kde version for that user?
00:46.30mw46yes a 3.4?? (SuSE 10 default) and a 3.5 alpha with the same problem
00:46.31philhsmithGentoo, kde 3.5 => starting artsd manually (as root, even) yields "can't create mcop directory" error..  If this is a permissions problem, which directory has the fouled permissions?
00:46.56Ziggyis artsd already running?
00:47.03Ziggyalso mcop is /tmp/kde-user/mcop IIRC
00:47.24annmamw46: did you try a new user?
00:47.28Ziggybut that's all I can think of.
00:47.31mw46not yet.
00:47.39annmamw46: please try
00:47.56philhsmithZiggy: arts doesn't appear to be running.  Or rather, there's no artsd process.
00:48.03mw46on my way.
00:48.25philhsmithZiggy: The directory in question is /tmp/<myuser>/mcop, you mean?  Lemme try that..
00:49.01annmagentoo users use root too much, that might lead to permisisons problems
00:49.21annmayou should run artsd as your user
00:49.44annmayour user has a right to use arts, too
00:49.59Ziggyyeah, but uh. make sure the sticky bit is on /tmp
00:50.04Ziggyall I can think of.
00:50.16annmagentoo is about learning the hard way
00:50.51frbgentoo is about building your system, not using it :P
00:50.58annmait's weird that compiling from kde sources I never got that sort of problems
00:51.04annmafrb: lol, excellent
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00:53.01ZiggyI think I found the problem.
00:53.10Ziggylet's see if my thought was correct.
00:53.38Fensterhey guys.. tryin to install a theme
00:53.39Fensterwhat is BAB
00:54.18philhsmithZiggy: sorry, phone.  Lemme try it now..
00:55.45Ziggydunno though.
00:55.48ZiggyI gotta go -_-
00:55.51philhsmithZiggy: kde-<user> exists for both root and the normal user in question..  they are empty
00:55.58philhsmithZiggy: it's cool.  Thanks!
00:56.57mw46annma: The new user does not have that problem. So now it's on to userdir surgery, I believe.
00:57.42mw46do you have any idea where I should start?
00:58.04annmanot sure
00:58.12annmayou want to kee pyour config?
00:58.21annmaor you can easily reproduce it?
00:59.49mw46I wuld prefer to keep my old stuff;-)
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01:06.05sammcneillhi ya - looking for some help running KDE on my OS X powerbook
01:06.09sammcneillanyone runing this combination?
01:06.43sammcneillone of the issues I have is that the windows keep appearing in the background and thus can not be edited/clicked on
01:08.34annmahow did you install kde?
01:09.25sammcneillI used fink commander
01:09.45sammcneillI am wondering if I am misisng a mouse driver or something like that
01:09.50sammcneillit LOOKS all good
01:10.05sammcneilljust is severly limited in whatg I can do because I can not select anything nicely
01:10.18sammcneillWhen I first ran it, there was a config wizard that asked me what mode I wanted to run in
01:10.30annmafink commander? what is that? some package management?
01:10.35sammcneillthere was a Mac option, so I selected that.. (It said I could always run this wizard again if I wanted to)
01:10.54sammcneillfin commander = debian apt-get GUI
01:11.14sammcneillthe problem is I can not find the wizard that will let me reconfigure my  KDE setup
01:11.55sammcneillannma - are you running KDE on OS X?
01:12.14annmaI wish because that would mean I own a mac
01:12.27annmanot at all, I run KDE on a cheap intel laptop
01:12.38sammcneillwell, my end goal in all of this is to get Amarok working..
01:12.44sammcneillbut I need the KDE base to get that happening
01:12.53sammcneillI am running amarok on FC4 with Gnome at work
01:12.55annmaso you installed kde using binaries?
01:12.59sammcneilland want to get it running at home too
01:13.03sammcneillno - I compiled it
01:13.18annmayou compiled qt, arts kdelibs and kdebase?
01:13.37sammcneill(fink commander did it all for me - just took forever)
01:14.22annmadidyou set QTDIR and KDEDIR?
01:14.35sammcneillno, not manually
01:14.44annmaare they set?
01:14.45sammcneillassuming the package manager did all of that
01:14.50sammcneillhow can I tell?
01:14.56annmaecho $KDEDIR
01:15.00annmain konsole
01:15.22sammcneillecho $KDEDIR
01:15.39sammcneillreturn / sw
01:15.47sammcneillwhich is what I would expect
01:15.55sammcneillthat is where the x11 window system resides on my mac
01:16.01sammcneillyou have to run this all through X11
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01:16.50epyon9283I'm tempted to try this on my ibook but I know it'd take forever and a half to compile everything
01:17.05sammcneillyeah best to leave it on overnight
01:17.44sammcneillIf I could get back to the wizard that allowed me to configure the UI, then I could probably choose a different option and this may resolve the issue
01:17.57sammcneillcan the setup wizard be run indepdently of 'startkde' ?
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01:18.27aeon17xWhat is the character map in KDE called?
01:19.24annmakchar-something probably
01:19.29annmathat's it
01:20.18sammcneillare there any other IRC channels for KDE that specifically deal with OS X?
01:20.20aeon17xDoesn't work. =/
01:20.55aeon17xI'm on a full install of Kubuntu, if that helps.
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01:22.33Oleg_is it a new bug in konqueror that we should enter in the address bar instead of
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01:24.14annmaOleg_: ?
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01:24.37annmayou mean that don't work in konq?
01:25.02Oleg_when I enter it for the first time
01:25.07Oleg_sometimes it doesn't
01:25.48annmawhich one for ex?
01:27.13Oleg_ok, just never mind
01:27.29annmafor example, which one does not work?
01:28.06Oleg_only the first time it doesn't work; for example: or
01:28.29annmaso you mean does not work?
01:29.01Oleg_oh, worked just fine now
01:29.20Oleg_maybe it has nothing to do with http://
01:29.43annmayou type them in konq?
01:31.01Oleg_ok, thanks
01:31.04Oleg_see ya later
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01:32.23annmasammcneill: setup wizard?
01:32.29annmawhat do yo mean by that?
01:32.52epyon9283annma: that thing that runs the first time you log into kde
01:33.12annmacalled kpersonalizer
01:33.37annmajust use Alt+F2 and type: kpersonalizer
01:33.41annmayou'll get it
01:34.33annmaepyon9283: are you sammcneill ?
01:34.40annma;) ok
01:34.51sammcneilldefinitely not
01:34.54annmaI thought I missed something maybe
01:35.00annmasammcneill: so you want amarok?
01:35.10sammcneillannma - the setup wizard the first time I ran ./startkde
01:35.21sammcneillit asked me a couiple of questions about the interface
01:35.25annmatry running kpersonalizer
01:35.30annmathat's the one
01:35.32sammcneillok checking...
01:35.44annmaALt+F2 and kpersonalizer in the line
01:36.39sammcneillokthat is definitely the setup meun
01:36.45sammcneilltesting it now to see if resolves my issue
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01:38.25sammcneillhmm same issue :(
01:38.37sammcneillthroughout kpersonaliser I can select a anything
01:38.47sammcneillbut as soon as I run kde in full, I cna not select certain menu options
01:38.53sammcneillwell, pretty much all options
01:39.06sammcneillkeeps opening random konqueror windows too when I do try and click
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01:39.42Octave_OctetHi. Where can I find support for kpowersave ?
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01:39.50annmasammcneill: very weird
01:40.08sammcneillyeah - wonder if it is an issue from when I compiled it
01:40.12annmakpowersave? where did you find it>
01:40.23Octave_Octetannma: Debian package
01:40.50annmaOctave_Octet: isnt there the package manager name somewhere?
01:41.06annmayou could send hi a mail
01:41.11annmahi StevenR
01:41.47Octave_OctetI'd prefer IRC, but if it's my only hope....
01:42.03annmakpowersave is not in kde repository
01:42.27annmanot official so I dont know where it is
01:43.14annmaI doubt you'll find him on irc here
01:44.33annmaok I'm out! bye all
01:44.43StevenRbye annma  :)
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01:46.15sean_mickenhey in kopete, im using msn and have a display image selected, but it never shows up on the screen of the person i talk to.. just always has that loading picture..
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02:13.45swimfolks what distro are you running? I'm trying to find a distro that runs KDE well... I love ubuntu but I'm in the mood to run KDE ... and well... Kubuntu's KDE was too unstable
02:14.07Chanikakde? stable? :)
02:14.36ChanikaI wouldn't know, I run gentoo ~x86 (unstable). stuff crashes every day. usually amarok
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02:14.59swimmmm bummer... yah amarok on ubuntu (running in gnome) never crashed on me
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02:22.33joedjhey folks. somewhere i managed to set things such that Alt+Tab doesn't display the window list while cycling through. now i can't recall where to reset this...?
02:23.08philhsmithjoedj: I seem to recall the shift-f1 help on the focus-follows-mouse options in the control center talking about that
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02:25.06joedjphilhsmith: i can't see any focus settings at all in control center
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02:25.39joedjoh, found some now
02:25.43philhsmithjoedj: I don't have it up right now.. but maybe under the behavior node, something about window focus
02:25.53joedjhow did i miss this... =P
02:26.14joedjthe checkbox for showing the window list is right there on Desktop -> Window Behaviour with the focus settings, of course the first place i looked
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02:27.34joedjyay. telling it to show the window list while cycling also makes alt+tab behave like it should, rather than always going the same direction
02:28.34U2Fannewbie alert... i have some very basic questions re kde
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02:28.54U2Fani want to clear some of the clutter from my desktop
02:29.05U2Fanlike removing the 'printer' icon
02:29.21U2Fanand removing 'suse' etc
02:29.33U2Fanif i delete them, how do i get them back?
02:30.05U2Fanalso, can i place icons on a specific desktop only? they seem to always be there no matter which desktop i go to
02:30.37greppernope for the last question afaik
02:34.44philhsmithU2Fan: I think most of the icons live in ~/Desktop.  Others are special, and put there by kde (the printer is one of these.)
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02:52.31|cleric|is it possible to disable the "open in cache" feature of some kde apps when the standard browser is not konqueror and i use a hyperlink?(e.g. kmail etc.)
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03:41.09SMiLeafHello all!
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03:56.08SMiLeafDeadS0ul: hey :)
03:57.39*** join/#kde The_Libertarian (
03:59.41SMiLeafyou guys are falling behind. for a while there I kept only 5 bug reports open :) .. now I got 11
04:01.29_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  interesting nick
04:04.46cwheelerhi The_Libertarian
04:06.06cwheeleri tend toward libertarian attitudes myself
04:06.18cwheeleri assume you mean the political party
04:06.43The_LibertarianIf I can get this form sorted out I'll be running for office.
04:07.09cwheelerone can never be sure these days so many terms are overloaded with 2 or even more meanings
04:07.16*** join/#kde sammcneill (
04:07.26cwheeler<kepe> cmp = Civilian Marksmanship Program :)
04:07.32cwheeler<cwheeler> cmp - compare two files byte by byte
04:07.38_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  big-L or little-L?
04:09.35The_LibertarianI don't go to much on labels.  But the original idea of the fouding of the LP party and the originalprinciples of the founding of the US.
04:09.53cwheeleri believe likewise
04:10.03cwheelerah a texan
04:10.59The_LibertarianSome of the big government types or statist accuse me of being an anarchist for suggesting private solutions to government problems.
04:11.28cwheeleranarchy simply means the absense of government, not disorder
04:11.37cwheelerso anarchy is a solution
04:12.32The_LibertarianPeople call me crazy for suggesting we remove state police and have private security. Or privatizing all roads.
04:13.01cwheelerbut far too many people think the government should hold thier hand and protect them from everything
04:13.22cwheelerwell public roads and police are some of government's better endeavors
04:13.22The_LibertarianI get a lot of shit from a lot of women for suggesting removing drug prohibition and removing the under age laws.
04:13.49cwheelerthe war on drugs is doing far more damage than the actual problem warrents
04:13.55_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  heh
04:14.02The_LibertarianOr even alow peaceful law abiding people to have automatic weapons.
04:14.28cwheeleryeah what part of "shall not be infringed" don't they understand?
04:14.58The_LibertarianSome road in this country are all ready privatize.  Private roads most of the time are built faster and better then state funded roads.
04:15.16_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  Recently, a man was convicted for murder in the case where a burglar robbed his house at gunpoint and then fled.  As the burglar sped away, the defendant shot at him.  Burglar dies from gunshot wound to the head.
04:15.25cwheelertrue all the fed interstates are low bid shit
04:15.31_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  Now, if that had been me i would have done the same thing as the defendant.
04:15.40cwheelerwhat state _Roey ?
04:15.52_Roeycwheeler:  not sure... I only saw the news report yesterday
04:15.52cwheeleri think that's wrong
04:15.58_Roeycwheeler:  to do what
04:16.05_Roeycwheeler:  to do what the defendent did?
04:16.05cwheelerprobably legal in texas eh?
04:16.17cwheelerthat'd be legal here most likely
04:16.30cwheeleri have no sympathy for criminals
04:16.32The_LibertarianBelive it or not their are a lot of laws in Texas.
04:16.37The_LibertarianWe have damn seat belt laws here.
04:16.45cwheelerno wrong to convict the victim
04:16.49SMiLeafhelp.. I can't stop reporting bigs x.x;;
04:16.50cwheeleric the confusion
04:17.02cwheelerwhat's wrong with shooting an armed robber?
04:17.10cwheelerdiscourages repeat offenses
04:18.12The_LibertarianI don't belive in the black and white concept of right and wrong people like to use to push their "opinion" on others.  But I think if some has my property on them with out my permission I have a right to shoot them.
04:18.12cwheelerwhere are the most high crime, dangerous places in the us?
04:18.31*** join/#kde mike-m (i=mike@unaffiliated/mike-m)
04:18.33cwheelerthey all prohibit honest people from being armed and defeneding themselves
04:19.35CHodappI'm in Cincinnati right now, it a very heavy crime area.
04:19.49The_LibertarianNew Hampshire has the lowest crime rates in the country and has the fewest gun laws.  I wonder why that could be. ;)
04:19.59cwheelerso gun control has not made society safer, it's disarmed honest peacful citizens
04:20.08strawso what if the robber turns out not to be armed? and is not a robber after all?
04:20.08CHodappI had a seminar from a judge from Cincinnati. He recommended that you carry a 9 mm with you if you ever go into the city alone.
04:20.10SMiLeafcrime where I am is so low the cops pull you over when you go 1 mile an hour over the speed limit :)
04:20.17_Roeyhmm, couldn't find the story on  Perhaps I misread what I did read.
04:20.23cwheelernew hampshire has about 2 pages of gun laws
04:20.31CHodappI was speeding. I got pulled over by the cops because I had my lights off.
04:20.43cwheeleranyone over 21 can carry a concealed weapon in new hampshire, no permit
04:20.49The_LibertarianYou can open cary in New Hampshire with out a permit and the state has the lowest crime because of it.  The facts speak for them selves.
04:20.58cwheeleror is it vermont
04:21.07cwheeleryou can open carry where i live in wa state
04:21.09CHodappYeah, next you're going to claim that raising the speed limit has created less accidents on many streets.
04:21.15_Roeyya know...
04:21.19cwheelernobody says anything in small towns
04:21.28cwheelerbut i don't do it in the big city
04:21.45CHodappWhat? I thought this was #politics.
04:21.47_Roeyraising speed limits, relaxing rules for seat belts, legalizing drugs... at some point the State's hospital bills rise... and tax goes up
04:21.47CHodappGuess not.
04:22.02cwheelerwell seat belts do prevent injuries and deaths
04:22.09The_LibertarianSan Fransisco residents can longer own pistols.  But people out side city limits still can.  Show me the logic in that.  Show me how they're safer.
04:22.18cwheeleras well as help the driver control the vehicle sometimes
04:22.27CHodapp_Roey, there are statistics... raising the speed limit has reduced accidents, and lowering it has increased accidents.
04:22.39_Roeycwheeler:  how about preventing unnecessary wasted labor hours?
04:22.50cwheelerseatbelts _Roey ?
04:23.24The_LibertarianIf some one wants to do something that puts there life at risk that's their choice.  If you think the state has the right to tell use what to do with our bodies then that means you don't belive our bodies belong to use and we're slaves to the state.
04:23.35_Roeycwheeler:  yeah, because if your head gets smashed in because you weren't wearing your seatbelt, you'll need intensive care for far longer than you would have if you had been wearing a seat belt and had gotten off with so much as a bruise.
04:23.36strawthis is very much off topic here, folks
04:23.41_Roeysure it is
04:23.50_Roeybut it highlights the difference in user culture.
04:23.50cwheelerwell the problem is that people who get hurt usually become wards of the state
04:23.51CHodappSo how about that new KDE?
04:24.04cwheelerand i don't like paying for them so make everyone wear seat belts
04:24.12_RoeyCHodapp:  I'm glad it's not GNOME with its ridiculously restraining HIG.
04:24.19cwheelerwell there was no on topic conversation straw
04:24.31straw_Roey: all i've seen is rhetoric from CNN...
04:24.33_Roeycwheeler:  that's what I was trying to convey about seat belts, is what you said.
04:24.39philhsmithhey, here's one;  I'm gentoo on 3.5, and my artsd hates me.  Says it can't create mcop directories.  Anyone perhaps know about that?
04:24.44_Roeystraw:  CNN likes to stir up controversy...
04:25.00_Roeycwheeler:  human interface guideilnes
04:25.07straw_Roey: CNN is a pile of dung these days
04:25.22cwheelerbrb i need some food
04:25.32cwheeleroh i have something on topic
04:25.40The_LibertarianTax payers have to pay for every damn law to be enforced.  I don't want to pay money to put some one in jail because they like getting high in their house or propert. Or they don't want to whare their seat belt or any other thing they want to do that doesn't involve using force on me.
04:25.55cwheelerthe kde klipper causes xemacs to hang anytime xemacs tries to copy something to klipper
04:25.57cwheelerin 3.4
04:26.16_Roeystraw:  I like,,,, and
04:26.32cwheelerThe_Libertarian seat belts can keep the driver in position and help them to control the vehicle too
04:26.45cwheelerso from that perspective requiring them is for the public good
04:26.51straw_Roey: i'm sure you're on a watch list somewhere, then ;)
04:27.00The_LibertarianIf some one want to violate my life, liberty or property I don't need the police to protect that, they don't any way.  All I need is the second amendment and for the damn state not tell me how to live my life.
04:27.42_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  what if you end up paying more in taxes in order to pay for hospital care for higher accident rate
04:27.53The_LibertarianNot all cars are the same and not all seat belts are the same, some are tight some are not.  Not much of an argument just so you can have the state hold people's hands like little children.
04:28.04_Roeystraw: and  I suggest you read 'em
04:28.30_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  You end up paying for someone else's hospital bills though.
04:28.33The_LibertarianPrivate insurance pays for that not taxes.
04:28.49_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  then your insurance costs rise.
04:29.14_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  because the statistical average of accident costs (to the insurance provider) rises.
04:29.29_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  if you want to talk about weed, I'm all for legalizing it.
04:29.35The_LibertarianSo we all should pay money out of our wallets because of some dumb people.  Let dumb people kill them selves.  Problem solved.
04:29.37_Roeyhey Robert
04:29.49strawgrepper: me either :/
04:29.49_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  in principal I agree with you.
04:30.02_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  but we can't totally disconnect ourselves from society.
04:30.26_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  I mean, I like private insurance, and I don't think that socialist governments work.
04:30.30The_LibertarianI didn't say that.
04:30.40The_LibertarianEvery thing should be voluntary.
04:30.47_RoeyThe_Libertarian:  but there is a social responsibility that we owe to US citizens.
04:31.09The_LibertarianOh you mean the social contract theory?
04:31.19_RoeyI don't know about that--
04:31.59_RoeyI just said that there is some sort of social responsibility on the part of the government, in the case of insurance, to help prevent people from untimely expirations.
04:32.03_RoeyCHodapp:  you're right.
04:32.05_RoeyCHodapp:  ok
04:32.22CHodapp[because there is also going to be some interesting opposition there]
04:32.55_RoeyCHodapp:  so KDE or GNOME.
04:33.07_RoeyCHodapp:  to be honest I haven't used GNOME in four or five years.
04:33.11_RoeyCHodapp:  can't be serious :(
04:33.16_RoeyCHodapp:  windowmaker is still around??
04:33.19strawwell, just stay clear of political and religion :)
04:33.47_RoeyCHodapp:  that said... is kwin still interchangeable with other WMs?
04:33.54CHodappNever tried.
04:34.11CHodappYou going to keep arguing with Libertarian in #politics?
04:34.13The_LibertarianThe government isn't an entity, it isn't capable of any kind of responsibility.  Government is only good at using force on people.  Private groups are more then capable of doing all the things you want government to do.
04:34.15straw_Roey: i believe so
04:34.55DeadS0ulprivate gruops are driven by profits though'
04:34.57strawThe_Libertarian: please, take it elsewhere. most of the chan population aren't even US citizens
04:35.03The_LibertarianHow about in #freetalklive
04:35.08CHodapp#politics exists for a reason........
04:35.29cwheelerso are we moving?
04:35.42CHodappin that you can have the most idiotic, stupid, brain-dead, loud, profane discussion, and no one's going to say it's off-topic
04:35.55The_LibertarianSure, but how about #freetalklive
04:36.11cwheelerseems like we are having a polite discussion here
04:36.23CHodapppolite, but off-topic
04:36.33*** join/#kde Hobbsee_ (
04:36.55cwheeleri said something on topic and no one seemed interested
04:37.12philhsmithproblem with artsd on gentoo, 3.5.  Outside of kde, I can't get it to start.  Console output says can'
04:37.21CHodappNot like I'm interested in the topic either. But I want to see what happens in #politics.
04:37.40philhsmith't make a directory named mcop.  Anyone knows where that is, or what the perms need to be? (happens as root as well.)
04:39.10grepperphilhsmith: what are your perms on /tmp ?
04:40.09philhsmiththey read 777 with a 't' in the last bit.  Not sure what that one means.
04:40.38strawsticky bit, iirc
04:40.50strawsounds correct, philhsmith
04:41.12grepperphilhsmith: perhaps your / got remounted readonly for some reason ?
04:41.47philhsmithmount claims rw, noatime (it's a reiser, if it matters)
04:42.20grepperso you can touch a file in /tmp ok ?  and df shows disk space is ok ?
04:42.26philhsmithis there some lock file that needs clearing somewhere, perhaps?  It happens to root as well, which makes me think it's not purely a perms problem
04:42.50greppernot perms, rw vs ro and disk space were what I was thinking
04:43.03philhsmithno usage over 30% from df..  touch /tmp/foobar seems fine
04:43.10philhsmith(as regular user and root both.)
04:46.10greppersame for home dir ?
04:48.08philhsmith(pardon spaces around leading slash;  irc command filter)
04:48.11grepperno clue then - what is the exact error message ?
04:48.22philhsmithtwo lines..  lemme paste them in.
04:48.33philhsmithCreating link /root/.kde/socket-megaman.
04:48.42philhsmithcan't create mcop directory
04:48.51philhsmithmegaman being the name of the box
04:48.59*** join/#kde Skiver (n=Skiver@
04:49.38philhsmithI'm not running kde at the time I'm trying this, mind you
04:49.49philhsmithI was hoping to get it working without X
04:50.01SMiLeafhmm... well that is odd.. my create new option is disabled in 1 konq .. but not in a new instance of it.
04:50.03grepperworking without X ?
04:50.30philhsmithwithout a running instance.  All the libs are there.  Headless music machine
04:50.54DeadS0ulhave any of you seen that?
04:51.12SMiLeafOh .. so you don't really want to run kde then.. but rather use it's libraries without X?
04:51.35*** join/#kde shevegen (
04:51.54philhsmithlemme guess..  random hall
04:52.09shevegenhi, in kde 3.4 or higher, when i want to have firefox started when kde loads, where should/could i add this? any text file that loads user-requested stuff?
04:52.19philhsmithSMiLeaf: right.  I'd still like to use arts, because of it's software mixing abilities
04:53.16SMiLeafphilhsmith: as far as I know.. that's fine. the majority of kde should compile without X. so I'd assume that it'd still work without X.
04:53.17*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
04:54.00philhsmithX is installed;  I'm just saying that the problem starting artsd manifests only when kde itself isn't running.  KDE knows something I don't about turning it on, it looks like.
04:54.03SMiLeafphilhsmith: well.. I suppose I should say instead, I've seen "make kde compile and run without X" in their TODO. not 100% sure on it's completion.
04:57.44strawphilhsmith: tried just creating the dir artsd wants?
04:59.38philhsmiththat's the thing..  it won't say what the dir it wants is.  Or rather, where.
05:00.08philhsmithApparently it's named mcop.  Doesn't give a full path (kde developers..  this is a telepathic broadcast to you...)
05:00.36*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
05:00.54strawthere're /tmp/mcop-strawman and ~/.mcop over here
05:02.14DeadS0ulwouldn't pwd help you find the dir?
05:03.00philhsmithI've got a /tmp/mcop-root, /tmp/mcop-phil, and ~/.mcop for both users...
05:03.31philhsmithDeadS0ul: I've never observed the directory to exist..  can't get inside to pwd
05:03.32SMiLeafphilhsmith: maybe cuz ~/.mcop is a symlink to the /tmp one?
05:04.17SMiLeaftho I have a ~/.mcop .. but no /tmp.
05:04.34philhsmithhuh!  My ~/.mcop s are not symlinks, but full dirs..  Are everyone's symlinks out there?
05:07.01DeadS0uldo any of you know any good podcast radio stations?
05:10.59*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
05:11.30*** join/#kde jsingh (n=jassy@
05:11.46philhsmithright.  cracking out strace (shoulda thought of that before..)
05:11.58*** part/#kde shevegen (
05:12.03strawyou can make artsd more verbose
05:12.12strawartsd --help
05:13.03strawyou might want to try that before digging through strace output
05:13.36SMiLeafnow who'd wanna make their life easier?
05:13.44philhsmithartsd -l 0 gives the same thing..  poo
05:13.59strawbummer :/
05:14.01*** part/#kde crazy|| (n=crazy@tor/session/x-3909bedb1daac236)
05:15.25philhsmithlstat64("/root/.kde/socket-megaman", 0xbfb35e0c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
05:15.39philhsmithis the last thing it tries before I see the io call to print out the error message
05:15.56philhsmiththat inode indeed doesn't exist..  what is it supposed to be?
05:16.48*** join/#kde Tanktalus (
05:16.50SMiLeafshould be ~/.kde/socket-{computerhostname} I thought.
05:17.20*** join/#kde KillerV (
05:17.34philhsmithSMiLeaf, right, megaman is the name of the box.  Is it a directory, file, softlink..?
05:17.53strawwhich is a symlink to /tmp/ksocket-{username}
05:18.09SMiLeafstraw: mine isn't.
05:18.24philhsmithso we have either a symlink into temp, or a dir
05:18.36SMiLeafeither way it's a directory.
05:18.36strawSMiLeaf: oh really? how is yours different
05:18.42philhsmithare either one of you on gentoo (as I am)?
05:18.47SMiLeafstraw: beats me.. but it's a flat directory.
05:18.53SMiLeafphilhsmith: I'm running gentoo.
05:18.57strawi'm on fedora
05:19.06SMiLeafdrwx------  3 smileaf users 8192 Dec 16 23:23 .kde/socket-hotaru/
05:19.07philhsmithlet's try a directory then..
05:19.25DeadS0ulThe_Libertarian: what is that for?
05:19.25strawSMiLeaf: one of us has a vendor-added patch i suppose
05:19.39SMiLeafstraw: that would be you I would assume.
05:19.54SMiLeafredhat tends to add alot more patches than is necessary.
05:20.00The_LibertarianYou wanted a good podcast.
05:20.07DeadS0ulI was hoping for music
05:20.10philhsmithand now it starts! Yaaaaay!
05:20.11strawSMiLeaf: probably
05:20.23philhsmiththank you all!
05:20.30strawah, goos
05:20.36strawgood, even
05:20.51SMiLeafstraw: gentoo uses straight sources.. with only patches to fix compile error, and security flaws
05:21.08SMiLeafwell.. crashes too.
05:21.37strawSMiLeaf: yeah, fc's patches aren't generally too invasive. i checked ;)
05:22.07SMiLeafstraw: they were in the past. even went as far as changing APIs at one point I heard.
05:22.15*** join/#kde knoppix (
05:22.29strawi know. they caught a lot sh*t for that
05:23.38*** part/#kde knoppix (
05:23.39strawbut that was ages ago
05:23.55SMiLeafI personally tho have never cared too much for redhat or fedora.
05:24.05SMiLeafdunno why.
05:24.24SMiLeafrpms are not the reason btw.
05:24.57strawthere's a fair amount of distaste for them in the kde community
05:25.17SMiLeafmaybe it's cuz I don't like red... except if that's the color of a girl's hair :)
05:25.32SMiLeafthen red is very good :D
05:25.39*** join/#kde frb (n=frb@unaffiliated/frb)
05:25.52strawprobably because they don't focus much attention on it, and they do dumb things like bluecurve
05:26.26strawthe qt style and win deco are just insulting :/
05:26.29frbcan I start konq in a sandbox, such that nothing in this session will be saved anywhere?
05:27.00strawthe cursor and icon themes are great, though i think
05:27.30SMiLeafstraw: I prefer the default kde crystal one more than any other I've seen thus far.
05:27.54strawyeah, it's very nice
05:27.59SMiLeafI've tried a few.. some of the icons are better in other themes.. but the majority of them suck.
05:28.30strawi've been contributing to the tango icon theme quite a bit :)
05:29.09SMiLeafsuch as I prefer the 16x16 back, next, up, home, and reload button icons than the other ones like 24x24.
05:29.25SMiLeaftango to me is too dull.
05:29.28strawlots of OMG it's gnome! though
05:29.43SMiLeafGnome has a very dull look to it to be honest.
05:29.53SMiLeafvery gray / brownish.
05:30.00strawi know. i'm more interested in promoting the icon naming spec
05:30.13SMiLeaflikewise.. I thought about patching mine.
05:30.32frbI'm using glow decorations, with plastik style
05:30.39strawyeah, most of the active gnome artists seem to like muted colors for some reason
05:31.03SMiLeaftho I'd prefer instead of a naming scheme. . a design where you can fully customize each icon.
05:31.19SMiLeafsuch as right now I can't change out the kmenu icon.
05:31.29frbI'll take that as no one knows how to make konq play in a sandbox
05:31.36*** join/#kde anisX (n=anis@unaffiliated/bietch)
05:31.37SMiLeafI can't change the directory icon for _all_ directories.
05:31.44SMiLeafactually I think I can.
05:32.15SMiLeafbut toolbar buttons.. you can't
05:33.06SMiLeafoops.. I stand corrected yet again!
05:33.27SMiLeafI love being corrected. hehe
05:33.35*** part/#kde frb (n=frb@unaffiliated/frb)
05:34.27SMiLeafhowever.. going even further. you can't tell kde .. when an application wants to use the printer icon.. use this one instead.
05:34.49*** part/#kde philhsmith (
05:36.34strawthere is a hack of sorts
05:37.02*** join/#kde Columcille (
05:37.26strawSMiLeaf: create an "overlay" theme in ~/.kde/share/icons and inherit crystalsvg
05:38.02strawit's a pain though
05:38.57*** join/#kde jobezone0 (
05:46.51*** join/#kde marcusU (
05:47.05marcusUIs there a GUI way to add a Trash icon to the desktop?
05:48.33marcusUI don't have any Trash can on the desktop, and I don't know how to get it.
05:49.47strawcp $KDEDIR/share/apps/systemview/trash.desktop ~/Desktop
05:50.22marcusUhow about a GUI method for adding it? users shouldn't have to do that.
05:50.22strawthat should work, assuming you haven't changed ~/Desktop's path
05:50.44strawmarcusU: that's true
05:51.07marcusUI mean, there ought to be a way to click and add it without having to know the magic path. I tried opening trash:/ in Konqueror, which works, but dragging the URI icon onto the desktop does not work. :-(
05:51.14strawno gui method that i know of
05:51.17marcusUOh well. I don't feel like getting too frustrated.
05:51.54grepperI think you need the .directory file
05:52.48*** join/#kde prium (
05:53.03priumhey, whats the name of the package that will setup the applet bar?
05:53.13priumCPU usage, etc.
05:53.13strawgrepper: i was assuming it was already present
05:53.15marcusUBut the trash icon does not show the empty/non-empty state. It always looks empty.
05:53.29greppermarcusU: you have ~/Desktop/Trash/.directory ?
05:53.50marcusUI don't even have a ~/Desktop/Trash
05:54.10grepperits a directory, so it needs to be somewhere
05:54.13grepperthat is the default afaik
05:54.25grepperoh, maybe the old default then
05:54.41straw~/.local/Trash is the spec way. iirc
05:54.43aptokay, straw
05:54.55marcusUMine is ~/.local/share/Trash
05:54.57jobezone0OT:is it possible to retrieve a forgotten nick password from this server?
05:55.00strawoh shush, apt
05:55.14marcusUBut I don't have any .directory file in ~/.local/share/Trash
05:55.48grepperme either
05:56.00grepperI guess I'm just dated with that info
05:56.08marcusUOkay. I think it's working now. I hope.
05:56.17marcusUbye grepper
05:57.48strawthe .directory file is in ~/Desktop
05:58.23strawcrap. it's ~/.local/share/Trash  :/
05:58.46marcusUI figured that out, straw. It's okay.
05:59.48SMiLeafanyone know of a good bash script to reference if I wanted to do parameter options?
06:01.29strawso you can do --some-param ?
06:02.42SMiLeafI wanna do multiple options too.
06:02.46SMiLeafin any order.
06:02.48strawhm, no :(
06:02.59SMiLeafalso would like to support shortened options too.
06:03.11strawnot offhand, anyway
06:03.21SMiLeafboo. .. I don't wanna reinvent this :/
06:03.44strawhit up google for a minute
06:04.08strawhell, there's probably one on your hdd
06:04.49SMiLeafyah.. hitting up google right now.
06:04.54*** part/#kde marcusU (
06:05.06SMiLeaffound out how to do pattern checking ;)
06:05.13strawmozilla-bin is called from a bash script that accepts options, iirc
06:06.10SMiLeafsure does.... exec /usr/libexec/mozilla-launcher "$@"
06:06.19strawbah :)
06:06.32strawi was afraid of that
06:06.38SMiLeafoops.. /usr/libexec/mozilla-launcher is a script too.
06:07.28SMiLeafit has a parse_cmdline() function !
06:07.46strawgank it ;)
06:08.02SMiLeafoh.. there will be some serious gankage going on here...
06:08.12*** join/#kde |cleric| (
06:09.43priumcan someone pass me to documentation about the kde applet panel? ie, the panel where i can view cpu usage/memory usage/etc.etc.
06:12.01strawright click on the panel, Add to Panel -> Applet -> System Monitor
06:13.35priumalright. if i don't have the applet, is there a place i can find all these?
06:13.56strawwhat distro?
06:15.45strawwell, you probably need to install more of kde
06:16.00strawbut i don't use gentoo
06:17.30*** join/#kde bluelightning ( might be a good place to search and see what you want
06:17.33strawSystem Monitor applet is apparently awol, Dhraakellian
06:18.04Dhraakellianesearch, from what I remember, is also a nice tool
06:18.59priumdhra: yeah... emerge -s
06:19.09Dhraakellianwhere "quite a while" means "almost six months"
06:19.16priumits good but its not too useful if the applet's part of another package
06:19.37Dhraakellianprium: emerge -S:esearch::find:locate
06:19.47Dhraakellian(maybe not 100% accurate, but close enough)
06:19.57priumi think you're right
06:20.19Dhraakellianbut is still nifty
06:22.34*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
06:32.47*** join/#kde benkong2 (
06:37.05*** join/#kde rutski89 (
06:40.38*** join/#kde gast (
06:49.26*** part/#kde gast (
06:53.19*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
06:53.38*** join/#kde MobileDes (
06:54.22*** join/#kde jassy (n=jaswinde@
06:56.13*** join/#kde joedj (
07:02.01*** join/#kde straw (
07:05.02*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
07:09.12*** join/#kde Nonsense (
07:10.12Nonsenseis there supposed to be a tab in "control center -> peripherals, display" that talks about dual monitor support?
07:10.29NonsenseI'm in kde 3.4.3 with ati radeon 9200
07:11.26firephotoNonsense: should be if you have xinerama support on I think.
07:11.47Nonsenseand how would one check to see if xinerama support is turned on?
07:11.52NonsenseI'm in gentoo
07:12.14firephotouse flag... and probably your xorg.conf. not sure about the specifics for xorg and an ati card.
07:12.41*** join/#kde Random_Transit (
07:12.46NonsenseI just added xinerama to my use flags and recompiled kde 3.4.3
07:12.53firephotomight just be the useflag. seems like I dont have anything xinerama related in my xorg.conf.
07:12.54Nonsensebut the tab still doesn't show up
07:13.01_RoeyI'm adding a video card to an old p3-500 I set up for my parents.  Can anyone recommend a well-supported, inexpensive AGP card?
07:13.16_Roeyi.e. not ati 9600 and above or anything nvidia
07:13.22Random_Transitdoes anyone know if 3.5 is in the SuSE repos yet?
07:13.22CHodappTry an older Radeon, like a 9250
07:13.40Nonsenseati is supposed to have xinerama built into its drivers... and it does from what I hear, but I there is also supposed to be a tab in kde for me to change some options, and I can't find it :(
07:13.47_RoeyCHodapp:  is acceleration supported there?
07:14.06CHodapp_Roey, yes, through open source drivers
07:14.14CHodappI found one of these for about $30 - $50
07:14.16firephotoNonsense: that is the correct location. check your xorg log and see if xinerama is getting enabled.
07:14.23*** join/#kde kszwed (
07:15.09_RoeyCHodapp:  wonderful, thank you :)
07:15.13_RoeyCHodapp:  is it like a geforce4 ti4200?
07:15.17_Roeyin terms of power?
07:15.26Nonsense(II) Initializing built-in extension XINERAMA
07:15.29Nonsenselooks like it
07:15.36CHodappUm... like a lot slower.
07:15.53firephotoNonsense: and you have one big desktop that spans all displays?
07:16.08Nonsenseworking currently
07:16.35firephotodid you emerge every kde package with the xinerama flag?
07:16.51Nonsensestarted at 8am finished a half hour ago
07:17.01firephotoso 'emerge world -vauDN' doesn't show anything ?
07:17.11_RoeyCHodapp:  all I want is somehing that lets them browse web sites and canmaybe display a movie.
07:17.28CHodapp_Roey, do you need 3D?
07:17.32_Roeynot at all
07:17.37_Roeyjust acceleration of 2d.
07:17.47CHodapp_Roey, then just find a cheap used PCI card like a Matrox or something...
07:18.00_Roeyright now I have this:   0000:00:0c.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86c968 [Vision 968 VRAM] rev 0
07:18.06_Roeyand I don't know the driver.  s3/
07:18.11_Roeyit's damned slow.  NO acceleration.
07:18.18_Roeyi'm using 'vesa'
07:18.23_Roeybecause 's3' won't work.k
07:19.08CHodappWell, most cards should have at least some kind of 3D acceleration. Find a Matrox or an old ATI or anything...
07:19.24firephoto_Roey: that uses the savage driver probably
07:19.31_Roeyfirephoto:  oh??
07:19.39_Roeyfirephoto:  I had no idea.. I thought it was s3...
07:19.47_Roeyfirephoto:  should I re-load and try savage?
07:20.12firephotoit won't hurt... it's not very fast driver unless you use xorg-7 (6.9)
07:20.28_Roeyii  xserver-xorg            6.8.2.dfsg.1-11         the X.Org X server
07:20.42_Roeyfirephoto:  why is it not very fast?
07:21.04*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
07:21.05firephotoonly hardware acceleration in the new drivers in the next version of xorg...
07:21.07_Roeyfirephoto:  you mean no acceleration??
07:21.10CHodappHave they updated S3 stuff in recent X?
07:21.21_RoeyCHodapp:  not that I know of.. Ijust installed Debian on it last night
07:21.22_Roeydebian etch.
07:21.49*** part/#kde Random_Transit (
07:23.11_Roeydoes the Linux kernel support PCIe?
07:24.13*** join/#kde nightmaster (
07:24.31nightmastermy sound works fine in terminal but kmixer wont recognize it even tho kde will play sounds
07:25.34Nonsenseyeah.. I don't understand.. all the kde apps are in the equery for xinerama use flag
07:26.34Nonsensebut theres no options in the control center
07:28.56CHodapp_Roey, yes, to my knowledge, but standard kernels might not
07:29.24_Roeyare there any other PCIe cards other than vidoe cards?
07:29.28_Roeyare there PCIe network cards
07:29.34_Roeyor video capture cards
07:29.52Gentle_Roey, yes, but only for notebooks/laptops
07:30.06*** join/#kde kakalto (
07:30.27kakaltowhere is the konqueror icon kept?
07:30.35*** join/#kde treat (
07:30.37kakaltoin kde3.5
07:36.30*** join/#kde Nonsense (
07:36.42NonsenseI've just got to be missing something stupid
07:37.06Nonsenseis there an option I need to enable to see the 'multiple monitor' tab in the control center?
07:42.26*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
07:42.48Nonsenseit is supposed to show up in ati "big desktop" mode.. right?
07:50.46*** join/#kde Nonsense (
07:51.10GentleNonsense, doesn't ATI have a xinerama mode?
07:51.32Nonsenseyes... they include xinerama into the drivers now and call it "big desktop"
07:52.08Gentlewell, nvidia has 3 modes, single screen (switch), big desktop and xinerama
07:53.09Nonsenseati (in my version of drivers) has:   single, clone (same content on both), big desktop (stretched across 2 monitors with one framebuffer) and dual head (two seperate drivers and 2 seperate x sessions)
08:05.30*** join/#kde lynxlynxlynx (
08:06.44*** join/#kde Progs (
08:08.08*** join/#kde Vicker (n=vivek@
08:08.18*** join/#kde David (
08:09.19*** join/#kde AvatarofVirgo_ (
08:10.29Nonsenselynx eh?
08:10.48lynxlynxlynxnot browser related
08:11.08Nonsenseisn't a lynx like a puma?
08:11.26lynxlynxlynxit's a cat yes
08:11.35*** part/#kde _Roey (
08:11.38lynxlynxlynxdon't know much about pumas though
08:11.50NonsenseI think they're shoes too
08:12.09lynxlynxlynxplenty of things are named lynx
08:12.12Nonsensesorry, I'm a little random and sleep deprived
08:12.27lynxlynxlynxnonsense :P
08:17.20*** join/#kde jobezone0 (
08:37.52*** join/#kde _RADIOhead (n=slack@
08:40.58*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
08:41.29superdumpatari lynx
08:44.39lynxlynxlynxi have this curious little bug (kde 3.5): if i start konqueror --profile bla from the menu, it is ok. If i start it from the prompt, it is ok. But if i start it through a khotkeys binding, it works, but then it immediately dissapears from the taskbar and i must use alt+tab to get to it
08:45.02lynxlynxlynxi'm not sure what/where the problem is :s
08:49.04*** join/#kde anisx (n=anis@unaffiliated/bietch)
08:51.17*** join/#kde Valleyman (
08:58.07*** join/#kde peppelorum (n=peppe@pdpc/supporter/student/peppelorum)
08:59.22*** join/#kde xoxo (n=thomas@
09:12.21*** join/#kde sque (
09:13.03squehow do i change the double-click action?
09:14.55Sho_sque: Sorry, you will have to explain better what you intend to accomplish :)
09:16.16xoxowhy i cannot yum update kde-redhat these days, always time out
09:16.19squeSho_, yeah sory... I mean at the konqueror
09:16.36squeIf i single-click in a folder, it enters in it
09:16.42*** join/#kde Ace|2 (
09:17.02squeI want to have to double click to get into a folder and single-click to select folder/file
09:17.41Sho_sque: KControl -> Peripherals -> Mouse -> Use double-click
09:18.43squeSho_, ooo there it was!
09:18.47squety ty ty :D :D
09:19.06*** join/#kde Vicker_ (n=vivek@
09:19.26*** join/#kde iblechbot (n=iblechbo@
09:23.36*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
09:25.35*** part/#kde sean_micken (
09:27.12*** join/#kde Insomniac- (
09:27.35*** join/#kde mariusz (
09:27.41*** join/#kde _mariusz_ (
09:28.06*** join/#kde mariusz (
09:28.24peppelorumIn konqueror, if I hit ctrl+t and start writing the url pretty quick the first letters diseapers, anyone else experiencing this?
09:30.16*** join/#kde Hobbsee (
09:32.21*** join/#kde skelll (
09:33.10skellli have trouble with k3b , when i launch it it stop at "scanning devices" but then i'm not able to kill it at all
09:34.09*** join/#kde Vicker (n=vivek@
09:34.14skellli tried kill -9 but it had no effect at all
09:35.37skelllxkill kill the "splash screen" but not the process
09:35.48lynxlynxlynxpkill -9 k3b
09:36.33skelllpkill have no effect too
09:38.12*** join/#kde Khairul (n=faizi@
09:38.27lynxlynxlynxis it a zombie?
09:38.44skelllroot     12971  0.0  3.3  34004 17540 pts/0    D    10:18   0:01 k3b
09:39.44lynxlynxlynxD    Uninterruptible sleep
09:39.59Insomniac-that's what i need
09:40.33skelllwhy does he sleep ? :)
09:40.49lynxlynxlynxit's scanning for the devices ;)
09:41.06lynxlynxlynxmaybe it's caught in a bad loop
09:42.19lynxlynxlynxdoes k3b have any subprocesses?
09:42.27lynxlynxlynxtry pstree or ps --forest
09:42.28skellli killed them all
09:43.17skelllno subprocess
09:45.15skelllstrange isn't it ...
09:50.13*** join/#kde SuperLag (n=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
09:52.13lynxlynxlynxinteresting :)
09:56.14skelllok i need to reboot then (he will work fine then usually)
09:56.17skelllcya thanks
10:01.18*** join/#kde asheron__ (n=stephan@
10:03.52*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
10:04.05*** join/#kde PhilRod (
10:07.17*** join/#kde gerr (
10:08.31*** join/#kde tvo (
10:12.14*** part/#kde sque (
10:14.03*** join/#kde doktoreas (
10:15.39*** join/#kde Armi^ (
10:15.42*** part/#kde sorush20 (
10:19.44*** join/#kde oaK (
10:19.46*** join/#kde doc_tomoe (
10:19.59*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
10:22.40oaKHave you noticed there's no projects in newest version of kate?
10:27.31*** join/#kde Valleyman ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:27.31*** join/#kde Khaytsus (i=wally@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:27.31*** join/#kde Octane ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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10:27.31*** join/#kde alindeman (i=adml@freenode/staff/gallery.alindeman) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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10:27.33*** join/#kde pusling (i=pusling@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:27.36*** join/#kde _boris64|alive (
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10:28.20*** join/#kde elcuco (
10:29.15*** join/#kde iblechbot (
10:29.16*** join/#kde The_Ball (n=alex@
10:29.20*** join/#kde jsingh (n=jassy@
10:30.12*** join/#kde cbr (
10:38.02*** join/#kde markey (n=shrike@amarok/developer/markey)
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10:38.54*** join/#kde wcang (n=wcang@
10:38.56*** join/#kde _wcang (n=wcang@
10:38.58*** join/#kde kaeptnb ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:39.02wcanghi all
10:39.05*** join/#kde _boris64|alive ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:39.12*** join/#kde DirkGently ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:39.13*** join/#kde jorgp ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:39.13*** join/#kde Shaikun ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:39.35*** part/#kde _wcang (n=wcang@
10:39.38wcanganyone know about ms-its kioslave?
10:40.14wcangdoes it come with default KDE package?
10:40.34*** join/#kde ponto (
10:40.41PhilRodI've never heard of it, so I'd assume that it doesn't
10:41.02*** join/#kde Kwitschibo ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:41.06wcangit's kioslave for micro$oft CHM file
10:42.20*** join/#kde benJIman|tov ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:42.34*** join/#kde AssociateX (
10:43.39wcangwhen i try to open an image using inside CHM file, the page always shows up some garbage instead of picture.
10:43.57*** join/#kde pusling (i=pusling@
10:44.06wcangi notice that the code is using khtml_part to open it.
10:44.15pontoHi, when I start kate with a filename given which does not exist, kate does not complain. However when I use  kate -u  filename  for a file, which does not exist, I get an annoying message box. How can one avoid it?
10:45.04PhilRodponto: hrm, sounds like a bug. What does the message box say?
10:45.47wcangis there anyway to provide hint to khtml_part that the file is going to be a picture instead of html file? I am sorry if I asked the wrong question because I am not familiar with KDE development.
10:46.22wcangtypo error,  .... the file that is going to be opened is a picture ...
10:47.44pontoPhilRod: The file file:///home/devel/trot/bla could not be loaded, as it was not possible to read from it. Check if you have read access to this file.
10:48.41*** join/#kde superdump (n=superdum@unaffiliated/superdump)
10:49.07PhilRodponto: I'm not very familiar with kate, but I assume that is a bug. You might want to see if someone has filed it on
10:49.36lostsonany good kde apps for converting a mp3 file to ogg vorbis ?
10:49.51nightswimI dont think there are any good apps at all for that
10:49.54*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
10:49.59nightswimif you care for the sound quality
10:50.18PhilRod(ponto: bug because, if you can open a new file without -u, you should be able to do the same *with* -u)
10:50.33PhilRodlostson: try kaudiocreator. You'll have to go mp3->wav->ogg though
10:50.44PhilRodand as nightswim says, you'll lose sound quality
10:51.03pontoPhilRod: going to check this
10:51.19lostsondoes kaudiocreator do this
10:53.08wcangsorry for the noise. as it turns out, ms-its kioslave is distributed with kchmview which installed.
10:53.44*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
10:54.18*** part/#kde lynxlynxlynx (
10:55.35*** join/#kde MenZa` (
10:56.04*** part/#kde wcang (n=wcang@
11:01.31markeySkrot: I found out what's wrong with your files
11:02.25*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:05.16Skrotmarkey: really?
11:05.35markeythere's a few hundred bytes of junk at the beginning of the file
11:05.39markeyjust zeros
11:05.45markeythat confuses xine
11:05.56*** join/#kde nh (
11:06.00markeyeither from your tagger, or from the encoder
11:06.11markeyI wouldn't use that tool again, if I were you ;)
11:06.17markeybadly broken shit
11:06.25Skrothmm, I used k3b :]
11:06.44SkrotWith lame as the backend for encoding mp3
11:06.54markeycan't tell what broke it
11:07.01markeyit's using id3-v1 tags, btw
11:07.06markeybetter use id3-v2
11:07.11Skrotright :)
11:07.20markeyanyway, I'm working on a new mp3fixer version
11:07.23markeyit will be able to cure it
11:07.45Skrotneat, atleast I'll be able to fix the bad files I've got then
11:07.49markeystripping the junk data out
11:08.27*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:11.13*** join/#kde Vicker_ (n=vivek@
11:11.28*** join/#kde hunt0r (
11:14.47*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
11:15.22*** join/#kde _RADIOhead (n=slack@
11:17.50*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
11:18.39PhilRodanders olleh
11:19.13srednaHow's everyone today?
11:19.25*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:21.44*** join/#kde bram85 (
11:21.58*** join/#kde _Vicker (n=vivek@
11:22.07*** join/#kde floe (
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11:28.32*** join/#kde Progs ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:29.04*** join/#kde marxin (
11:29.24lostsongood morning
11:29.48marxinPlase could you advise me some interesting superkaramba tool ?
11:30.08marxinf.e. from this screenshot : .. the panel on the right
11:35.52*** join/#kde Dirus ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:35.52*** join/#kde sLins ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:36.16marxinf.e. from this screenshot : .. the panel on the right
11:36.17*** join/#kde Progs (
11:36.17oGALAXYomarkey: thats no panel, thats superkaramba
11:36.18marxinand what motive in superkaramba ?
11:36.18oGALAXYomarxin: that is :)
11:36.18oGALAXYomarkey: sorry, ghey nick complete
11:36.18marxinyes, but in usperkaramba are motives, and cant find this
11:36.19SkrotAre you talking about superkaramba themes?
11:36.32marxinthe panel on the right
11:36.42SkrotThe one with all the system information
11:36.49*** join/#kde Gonzo (
11:37.07marxinSkrot: yes
11:37.11*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:37.13oGALAXYomarxin: thats no panel thats superkaramba
11:37.51marxinand what theme in superkamba is it
11:38.27SkrotTry looking for it at
11:38.53SkrotIt could be a well-configured version of some of those (e.g the background and icons are changed). A lot of themes let you do that
11:38.58*** join/#kde tilrman (
11:39.26*** join/#kde YogeshM (n=yogesh@
11:40.30*** mode/#kde [-J] by ChanServ
11:40.46marxinSkrot: THX
11:40.46*** join/#kde Gonzo (
11:40.54YogeshMi'm unable to compile arts from trunk; any hints what to do
11:42.37*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:44.27*** join/#kde Gonzo (
11:45.52*** join/#kde hagabaka (i=500@alchemyst.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:47.18*** join/#kde booss ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:47.18marxinSkrot: are you here ?
11:47.18*** join/#kde MobileDes ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:47.18*** join/#kde Armi^ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:47.19*** join/#kde jazzmanss ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:47.32Skrotmarxin: yes
11:47.50*** join/#kde markey (n=shrike@amarok/developer/markey) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:48.03*** join/#kde Paleo ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:48.10oGALAXYopimp my irc server :)
11:48.10*** join/#kde brucehoult (
11:48.13*** join/#kde David ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:48.17*** join/#kde aeddan_ (n=kde`junk@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:48.23willwork4fooMy k3b doesn't work now after I've installed KDE 3.5 - what gives with that?
11:48.25*** join/#kde AceSmythe (
11:48.25*** join/#kde ScytheBlade1 (
11:48.27*** join/#kde spiko (n=spiko@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:48.27*** join/#kde je4d_ (
11:48.46Skrotwillwork4foo: "doesn't work" isn't very informative...
11:49.04oGALAXYowillwork4foo: enter 'ldconfig' as root and re-try
11:49.06willwork4fooSkrot: I get an error message about
11:49.24*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
11:49.27SkrotWhat oGALAXYo said
11:49.30*** join/#kde Polar ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:49.30*** join/#kde sunny256 (n=sunny@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:49.38*** join/#kde HnZeKtO (n=kay@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:50.24willwork4foostill doesn't work.
11:50.33willwork4fooI get: k3b: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
11:50.42oGALAXYothen you need to install that library
11:50.47*** join/#kde SuperLag (
11:50.52*** join/#kde Valleyman ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:50.54*** join/#kde bwelmers ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:51.01*** join/#kde Flunse (n=Flunse@wikipedia/Flunse)
11:51.02willwork4foobut k3b worked before I upgraded to KDE3.5
11:51.09*** join/#kde qfh (
11:51.10Skrotwillwork4foo: distro?
11:51.17*** join/#kde blurpy (
11:51.19*** join/#kde gourdin ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:51.30willwork4foo(well - Slackware-current)
11:51.31SkrotTry getting libsamplerate
11:51.33oGALAXYowillwork4foo: thats the problem 'upgrade'
11:51.43oGALAXYoyour upgrade sadly removed that library
11:51.47oGALAXYoyou need to re-install it
11:52.03oGALAXYoor install a NEW version of k3b
11:52.27willwork4fooI am downloading libsamplerate sourcecode from there already
11:52.36oGALAXYoaehm no
11:52.39*** join/#kde tam ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:52.41oGALAXYoinstall the one from your distro
11:52.45*** join/#kde sLins ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:52.46*** join/#kde KillerV ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:52.56willwork4fooI prefer to install from source to be honest
11:53.18SkrotIsn't "everything" in slack from source?
11:53.19*** join/#kde The_Ball (n=alex@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:53.33willwork4foono, there are compiled slackware binaries available
11:53.42Skrotoh :)
11:54.32*** join/#kde nightswim (i=nightswi@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:54.32*** join/#kde AceLan (
11:54.39willwork4foook right - installing libsamplerate from source didn't fix the problem - I still get the same error.
11:54.52oGALAXYoahh wait..
11:55.00oGALAXYoyou dont happen to have compiled your stuff with different compilers ?
11:55.08oGALAXYoe.g. old stuff with gcc 3 and new stuff with gcc 4 ?
11:55.17willwork4fooI'm using 3.4.4
11:55.23willwork4foofor everything
11:55.38oGALAXYoin what prefix did you compile libsamplerate ?
11:55.44oGALAXYoand install
11:56.10*** join/#kde benJIman (
11:56.14*** join/#kde Kwitschibo (
11:56.25willwork4foowait a min -
11:56.38YogeshM./confugure in arts(trunk) generates: checking for Qt... libraries /usr/lib/qt3/lib, headers /usr/lib/qt3/include using -mt; i've qt4 in /usr/local/qt; how to configure
11:56.43*** join/#kde t|zz (
11:56.45willwork4fooI've just installed the libsamplerate slackware package and now it's complaining about a different library... k3b: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
11:57.22*** join/#kde illissius- ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:57.25*** join/#kde PhilRod ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:57.29*** join/#kde George (i=george@kde/developer/gwright)
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11:57.35*** join/#kde Skrot (n=magnus@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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11:57.59*** join/#kde George ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
11:58.16*** join/#kde Progs (
11:58.24willwork4fooit works now
11:58.41willwork4fooI installed libmusicbrainz and libsamplerate slackware packages, and then the k3b slackware package
11:58.43*** part/#kde Kwitschibo (
11:58.43willwork4fooand it works.
12:04.30*** join/#kde apt (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
12:04.30*** topic/#kde is Latest releases: stable: 3.5. See | kde-look and kde-apps are back up! | KDE FAQ: | Please don't flood the channel, use a paste service: | Please state your distribution and KDE version when asking questions | New features in development versions:
12:04.57*** join/#kde hein (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
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12:38.26*** join/#kde zorba64 (
12:43.13*** join/#kde netmask (n=netmask@mandriva/channel-support/netmask)
12:44.24netmaskhello! is there any app that uses similar features as amaroK but that works videos?
12:45.17joedjnetmask: what kinda features?
12:45.37SkrotIf you want the "collection"-element of amaroK in a videoplayer I think not?
12:45.59netmaskjoedj: the music collection, the intelligent relations, wiki search, and such... all that cool features that no other player has :)
12:46.16Skrotnetmask: I think part of the problem is that there are no good ways (afaik) to tag video?
12:46.22SkrotLike we do id3 on mp3s
12:46.33netmaskSkrot: you can get form the name, I guess...
12:47.37SkrotAre there even "standards" for tagging video? I've seen that some xvid/divx has tags
12:47.37netmask[file] File size is 359955894 bytes
12:47.37netmaskSTREAM: [file] Stargate SG-1 [6x01] Redemption.avi
12:47.38netmaskSTREAM: Description: File
12:47.38netmaskSTREAM: Author: Albeu
12:47.38netmaskSTREAM: Comment: based on the code from ??? (probably Arpi)
12:48.26Skrothow do you even go about to tag a vid in kde?
12:48.54netmaskdon't know :)
12:49.31Skrotme neither :)
12:50.07netmaskI really miss that for videos :)
12:52.15*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@2002:c906:9989:8000:20c:76ff:fe12:812d)
12:52.41netmaskthiago: hey :)
12:53.26Skrotnetmask: That makes two of us
12:53.32*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@2002:c906:9989:8000:20c:76ff:fe12:812d)
12:53.58*** join/#kde Belegdol (n=jsikorsk@
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12:55.38*** join/#kde bhalo05 (
12:55.43*** join/#kde grepper (
12:56.15*** join/#kde jesus (
12:57.12BelegdolI have installed kde 3.5 and the new transparent panel is awesome
12:57.22Belegdolhow to ake everything else transparent?
12:57.24*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
12:57.35Belegdoli.e menus, windows, etc
12:57.49*** join/#kde Khairul (n=faizi@
13:03.04*** join/#kde Ace|2 (
13:06.59*** join/#kde Zeep (n=tarin@
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13:11.21*** part/#kde netmask (n=netmask@mandriva/channel-support/netmask)
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13:34.24*** join/#kde hydrogen (n=hydrogen@amarok/rokymotion/Hydrogen)
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13:51.05*** part/#kde knoppix (
13:55.11*** join/#kde atchek (n=atchek@
13:55.12*** join/#kde _atchek (n=atchek@
13:55.22*** part/#kde _atchek (n=atchek@
13:55.32atcheki need some help here
13:55.48atchekkonqueror: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK6KParts16BrowserExtension10actionTextEPKc
13:55.52atchekwhat is this mean?
13:55.52*** join/#kde mt_ (
13:59.16*** join/#kde peper (
14:04.13*** join/#kde kommerck (
14:04.45kommerckI've a problem with KDE 3.5 on suse 9.3
14:05.10kommerckI run KNemo and kxkb on kde startup
14:05.15kommerckwith 3.4 it was ok
14:06.00kommerckafter I upgraded to 3.5, those don't display in the systray anymore
14:06.11kommerckto make them display, I must restart X
14:06.33kommerckand relogin, and after reboot and first login they don't display again
14:06.47*** join/#kde redguy||work (
14:09.35*** join/#kde redge- (
14:10.00*** join/#kde Ace|2 (
14:11.04*** join/#kde [GALAXY] (
14:11.51*** join/#kde AvatarofVirgo (
14:13.47*** join/#kde Distro^Junkie (
14:14.37*** join/#kde Vincent_k (
14:14.56*** join/#kde DexterF (
14:15.37*** join/#kde D_Graham (
14:18.20*** join/#kde jubei (
14:18.51*** join/#kde mariusz (
14:18.59*** join/#kde pointwood (n=pointwoo@
14:19.07*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
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14:31.50*** join/#kde |boot| (
14:32.42*** join/#kde jc (
14:37.32*** join/#kde _Vicker (n=vivek@
14:39.52|boot|hello all. I have problem with compile kde 3.5. Distro - ALTlinux. I've been installed all components and *-devel packages. Its Kdebase - kdeprint error
14:40.13|boot|Making all in kdeprint
14:40.13|boot|make[3]: Entering directory `/mnt/img/kde/kdebase-3.5.0/kdebase-3.5.0/doc/kdeprint'
14:40.13|boot|/home/guest/KDE/bin/meinproc --check --cache index.cache.bz2 ./index.docbook
14:40.13|boot|index.docbook:31: parser error : Entity 'kdeprint' not defined
14:40.13|boot|<title>The &kdeprint; Handbook</title>
14:40.24*** join/#kde illissius- (
14:40.25*** join/#kde Trippin (
14:40.33|boot|..and many others
14:41.55*** join/#kde foolano (
14:42.15|boot|(*many others parser errors)
14:43.16*** join/#kde Cenuij (
14:44.12*** join/#kde SAngeli (
14:46.03*** join/#kde wcang (n=wcang@
14:46.42*** join/#kde _RADIOhead (n=slack@
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14:54.39*** join/#kde lippel (n=frank@kde/developer/osterfeld)
14:55.59*** join/#kde _wcang (n=wcang@
14:56.21*** join/#kde doktoreas (
14:57.27*** join/#kde Thrain (
14:57.32Thrainexcuse me
14:57.36ThrainI found a problem
14:57.47Thrainkonqueror writes profile-only settings in konquerorrc
14:58.20*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
14:58.32*** join/#kde aep (
14:59.14aephi. i need a howto and an example for writing kde window deccorations
14:59.41*** join/#kde bulent (n=bulent@
15:01.17*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
15:01.25*** join/#kde shellsage (
15:02.29*** join/#kde PhantomsDad (n=gary@konversation/developer/PhantomsDad)
15:03.24*** part/#kde PhantomsDad (n=gary@konversation/developer/PhantomsDad)
15:04.00*** join/#kde bulent (n=bulent@
15:04.01*** join/#kde wcang_ (n=wcang@
15:04.22*** join/#kde fpitt_ (
15:04.36*** join/#kde [-D7-] (n=[-D7-]
15:04.39[-D7-]hello !
15:04.42[-D7-]one question
15:04.57[-D7-]how I can unistall a superkaramba theme ?
15:05.12*** join/#kde march1980 (
15:05.31srednaaep: Google. There is a tutorial somewhere - maybe at
15:05.40StevenR[-D7-]: how did you install it? (please pick a better nick that is easier to tab complete)
15:06.02StevenRhey anders :) hows things?
15:06.29[-D7-]StevenR, ( yes , you're right ,,,next time change nick )
15:06.42srednaStevenR: Fine thanks :)
15:06.54srednaAnd how are you?
15:06.56StevenR[-D7-]: how did you install the theme?
15:07.16[-D7-]StevenR, I installed it in KDE 3.5, with New Stuff, and Install button
15:07.18StevenRsredna: I'm ok....typing up the big big dull, but gotta be done
15:07.48*** join/#kde _Vicker (n=vivek@
15:08.00*** join/#kde h2oman (
15:08.12StevenRsredna: i've been asked what i want for xmas by my dad....and i have absolutely no idea
15:08.20aepsredna, ther is one. but ist for kde 3.2
15:08.21srednaStevenR: Hire a chinese, that seems to be what everyone does these days :o
15:08.22*** join/#kde hunt0r (
15:08.34*** join/#kde Xorlev (n=xorlev@unaffiliated/xorlev)
15:08.36srednaaep: Afaik it's still valid
15:08.49aepok thx
15:08.59*** join/#kde benkong2|work (
15:09.05srednaaep: But you can compare to the docs for the relevant classes
15:09.13StevenRsredna: nah, they wouldn't understand the project, cos they didn't do it. only i can write this up and i have to do viva voce exam to prove i didnt cheat basically
15:09.45srednaStevenR: Well, happy typing then :)
15:09.52StevenRthanks sredna
15:09.59*** join/#kde shalomniks (
15:10.50[-D7-]hello, how I can unistall a superkaramba theme ?
15:11.07wcang_hi, can someone point me to information on the design/architecture of kioslave?
15:11.13Sho_[-D7-]: Close it and delete the .theme and associated files
15:11.33Sho_wcang_: look around on
15:11.52SAngeliHi, I tried to install firefox 1.5 on a i686 and noticed that in order to install flash and other plugins, I can do this as if I would install any extension, something it was not possible before. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
15:12.04*** join/#kde kendrick (
15:12.39Sho_SAngeli: Wrong channel? :-)
15:13.54*** join/#kde Servo888 (
15:13.54srednaStevenR: You are a native english speaker, right? "Auto rotate page" or "Autorotate page"?
15:14.13StevenRsredna: context in a sentence please?
15:14.28StevenRsredna: or is it a menu option?
15:14.31*** join/#kde PhantomsDad (n=gary@konversation/developer/PhantomsDad)
15:14.35Sho_sredna: I'd go for "Auto-rotate page"
15:14.59StevenRsredna: yes i am a native english speaker, I'd agree with Sho_ , depending on the context
15:15.06Servo888I'm running a xinerama setup, with two desktops. My primary monitor works fine, but the fonts on the secondary one (a bit smaller resolution) has giant fonts, and giant window borders.
15:15.07srednaStevenR: A checkbox label, if checked a print page will have the orientation set to match that of an image ot print
15:15.11*** join/#kde karye (
15:15.23*** part/#kde karye (
15:15.40StevenRsredna: Auto-rotate page
15:15.52srednaStevenR, Sho_ : Thanks both of you :)
15:19.20AndurI really like the "glow" windeco
15:19.42AndurMinimize glows green, max glows yellow, and close glows red on mouseover
15:19.43Sho_Andur: screenshot?
15:19.58*** join/#kde twosheds (
15:20.00Andurit's an animation
15:20.11StevenRSho_: it's a standard kde windeco
15:20.39kommerckalong with the same qt theme + composite stuff
15:21.25Andurrenderaccel makes konqueror+plugins randomly freeze the whole system for me
15:21.32Andurusing xorg 6.0+nvidia
15:21.49kommerckmaybe an nvidia driver bug
15:21.53*** join/#kde Benvolio (
15:22.12kommercktry turning off font antialiasing too... will look a bit ugly but it may help to locate the bug
15:22.22AndurI heard that the same driver with 7.0rc3 works ok with renderaccel+xcomposite
15:22.31BenvolioDoes  anyone know how to activate the kmail spellcheck mechanism?
15:22.38*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
15:23.14Sho_StevenR: Indeed ... never saw it before :-)
15:23.25Andurglow windeco with glass_huge buttons, try it
15:24.05Sho_the gradient selection is nice, too
15:24.24AndurI now have lots of screen realspace wasted, but hey, my desktop is 1280 pix
15:24.46AndurI also added a superkaramba taskbar
15:24.51*** join/#kde lgsobalvarro (
15:25.18*** join/#kde mabu (
15:26.33Andurcpu usage history, network in/out and clock, beautiful too
15:27.21*** part/#kde PhantomsDad (n=gary@konversation/developer/PhantomsDad)
15:27.29AndurI wish more people used khotnewstuff
15:27.54kommercksuperkaramba is nice, but if I use it my CPU usage is 7-20% when idling
15:28.14*** join/#kde Zetbo (
15:28.16Andurwhat do you have to do as a developer to have your theme/applet/whatever appear on khotnewstuff?
15:28.24Sho_kommerck: certainly depends on the theme
15:28.24lgsobalvarroi dont like this things Andur kommerck :-p
15:28.30Sho_Andur: afaik it goes through kde-look
15:28.58Andursuperkaramba with only glasstaskbar loaded uses 1% cpu
15:29.02AndurI can live with that
15:29.03*** join/#kde mariusz (
15:29.22*** join/#kde Bine (
15:29.33AndurI'd like to autorenice the process to 10, though
15:29.37Anduris that possible?
15:29.54Andurfor that matter, I think it's dumb that by default all apps launch with nice 0
15:30.03kommerckgonna download it when I have a decent connection (on Monday or so)
15:30.08Anduras a user, I can't give more priority to them, only LESS
15:30.26*** join/#kde Kuzavas (i=domas@
15:30.26Andurcan you control the default nice?
15:30.28kommerckAndur: on freebsd it's totally different, but I don't know exactly how
15:30.41Andura default of 5 would be better IMO
15:31.04Anduralthough I don't know if the scheduler and such is tuned for the "everything nice 0" situation
15:31.42kommerckbtw does anyone know why does knemo disappeared in systray when I upgraded to 3.5... kdm complained about nonexisting kdm.preload on boot
15:32.00KhaytsusAnyone know how to disable the automount from KDE?  Every time I turn on my removable drive (which is also a card reader) it mounts it and I don't want it to.
15:32.01Andurwhat I can do is run a script that updates every 5 seconds and renices every process owned by me with nice=0 to nice=5
15:32.05Andurbut that's ugly
15:33.05Sho_Khaytsus: KControl -> Peripherals -> Storage Media
15:33.44KhaytsusBeen there.
15:33.53KhaytsusNothing except changing the options.
15:34.01kommerckseems that I'll have to logout and login every time after reboot :(
15:34.01KhaytsusNot the fact that now it automounts when it didn't originally.
15:34.08*** join/#kde Chryseus (
15:34.23KhaytsusAt first it asked me if I wanted to do those things.. I cliked "don't ask me again" and "do nothing" and now it automounts them every time.
15:35.10*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
15:35.24KhaytsusOh wait maybe that's it, I didn't change the type
15:35.35kommerck<3 hal ;)
15:36.55KhaytsusSho_: Okay so I went to "unmounted removable medium" and turned off "auto action" and it still mounts and shows it in konq.
15:37.22KhaytsusTrying "do nothing" auto action but it still shows it.
15:37.25Sho_Khaytsus: What's the problem with that, anyway?
15:37.29Andurthe automount thing is probably done with hal-autofs
15:37.32KhaytsusI don't want it mounting it!
15:37.35Andurnot a kde configurable thing
15:37.39KhaytsusAnd no, it's KDE doing it
15:37.40Sho_Khaytsus: Why not?
15:37.47KhaytsusI simply don't want it mounting it.
15:38.01Andurhe just doesn't want to, it's his computer after all :-)
15:38.03Sho_Khaytsus: Well, the code is open, obviously
15:38.04*** join/#kde Vicker_ (n=vivek@
15:38.10KhaytsusIt did NOT DO THIS AT FIRST!
15:38.20KhaytsusI clicked "do not show this again" and it's automounted it ever since.
15:38.25KhaytsusThere must be a way to change that somewhere.
15:38.32Andurcheck if it automounts it without KDE first
15:38.36KhaytsusIt doesn't.
15:39.04AndurI have the opposite problem, it doesn't automount for me :-)
15:39.07KhaytsusIt never has.. KDE offered the options when I turned it on..  so I got tired of clicking "do nothing" so I hit "do not show this again" and do nothing.
15:39.29Sho_Khaytsus: The actions are seperate from mounting
15:39.35KhaytsusLike I said, it's a usb hard drive and a card reader.  When I turn it on to download a card I don't want to mount the hard drive.
15:39.45Sho_The actions come into play after auto-mounting
15:39.52Andurit has to mount them before it knows what kind of files are on the device, to take further action
15:40.06KhaytsusAt first it did not mount it.. it asked if I wanted to mount and show the drive, or do nothing.
15:40.13KhaytsusClicking do nothing did not mount the drive.
15:40.17KhaytsusAnd it was not mounted with this window open either.
15:40.21KhaytsusIt never mounted it automatically before
15:40.30AndurI would submit a bug
15:40.32KhaytsusSeriously, please listen to what I'm saying, I'm not an idiot.
15:40.38Andurit's not a feature in my eyes
15:41.00KhaytsusYeah I think it's a bug too, I was just hoping someone might say "oh that's in this or that file" or somewhere I hadn't seen yet to change it
15:41.43|boot|so, nobody knows about my problem?
15:41.51KhaytsusOkay wth..  I re-launched kcontrol and it was set to "open in new window (auto)" again.  I changd it back to do nothing (auto) and it doesn't mount now.
15:41.56AndurKhaytsus, I'm grepping the config files for "mount"
15:42.01Anduryou tried that before?
15:42.07KhaytsusYeah I grepped a bunch :-/
15:42.14KhaytsusMostly in ~/.kde
15:42.28Andurso, submit a bug report
15:42.34*** join/#kde lippel (n=frank@kde/developer/osterfeld)
15:42.36KhaytsusBut that seems to have worked..  Perh->Storage Media, Type: Unmounted Removable Medium.  Do NOthing (set as auto)
15:42.43Andurchecking "do nothing" does a different thing than selecting it in kcontrol
15:42.46KhaytsusBut it didn't stick the first time it seems..
15:42.55Andurthat's a bug IMO
15:43.02Andurshould do the same thing
15:43.06*** join/#kde StevenR-laptop (
15:43.14KhaytsusOh yeah, definately...  if I click "do not show this again" and "do nothing" it should do nothing forever
15:43.31kommerckany german KDE translators here?
15:44.05Andurconfig/kdfrc file seems to list mountable devices
15:45.13KhaytsusI don't see a kdfrc anywhere
15:45.31KhaytsusHmm, I wonder what application this would be.. hmm
15:46.00*** part/#kde lgsobalvarro (
15:46.03KhaytsusKonq I guess
15:46.18Andurmine is in ~/.kde/config
15:46.22*** join/#kde Pinaraf_ (
15:46.24Andurgrepping with kfind
15:46.28Andurfor "mount"
15:46.49Andurkde file rc I guess
15:47.00Anduryep, prolly the file KPart
15:47.43*** join/#kde foolano (
15:47.45AndurI found something useful here... there's a kind of bug with Klik
15:47.52Khaytsuseep, kded crashed.. heh
15:47.58AndurKlik enables a pseudo-fs on /tmp
15:48.25*** join/#kde _Vicker (n=vivek@
15:48.29Andurwhen you list mountable devices on the desktop, and install a klik app, it litters your desktop with mountable icons
15:48.30KhaytsusSecond bug.. heh
15:48.46KhaytsusAndur: I bet it turns on all the "show media" kinda stuff that's somewhere in the desktop config
15:49.00Andurand you can't disable them through the GUI, because the dialog does not list tmpfs
15:49.01KhaytsusEvery time I turn off "auto action" on "do nothing" kded crashes.
15:49.14AndurI guess you can disable them with said kdfrc file, or kdesktoprc
15:49.34*** join/#kde Peper (
15:49.36Andurno, it doesn't turn it on
15:49.53Andurit stays the same way, but there's an "ignore list"
15:49.53*** join/#kde Aji-Dahaka (
15:49.54*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
15:50.02Andurit doesn't show devices of certain types
15:50.14Aji-Dahakaso, what's the favourite  font for konsole?
15:50.14Andurbut as tmpfs isn't on the blacklist, it shows them anyway
15:50.23Andura monospaced one
15:50.29Andurbitsream vera sans mono?
15:50.47Andurthat's my default monospaced font everywhere
15:50.49Aji-Dahaka',' and '.' seem a bit similar on that font
15:50.53*** part/#kde derelm (
15:51.32Aji-Dahakathe one called "monospace" is ugly, but the characters seem differentiable
15:51.41Aji-Dahaka'l' and '1' especially
15:51.46AndurI have LOTS of fonts installed... the kde font browser could be better for large font installations
15:52.01Andurfor example, it could apply metadata, do font groups etc
15:52.08Aji-Dahakaooh, good idea :)
15:52.22Anduran endless list of fonts that takes ages to "preview" is not very useful
15:52.59*** join/#kde Peper (
15:53.03Andurthe day Korundum reaches a stable status and I can code apps for KDE in Ruby, will be the day I'll start contributing
15:53.09*** join/#kde lippel_ (
15:53.14AndurI'm too lazy for anything but simple scripting :-)
15:53.16Sho_Andur: Yup, I've been longing for a type manager mysefl
15:53.21*** join/#kde rootnoverify (
15:53.25AndurI have loads of feature requests though :-)
15:53.27rootnoverifyhi all:)
15:53.41rootnoverifyis there somekinda shortcuts file?
15:53.52Andur.desktop files are
15:54.04Andurnot sure what you really mean
15:54.25Andurdoes the KDE Team really want feature requests at this stage?
15:54.28Sho_rootnoverify: "shortcuts" is ambiguous
15:54.41rootnoverifysome file you can edit to for example add a few shortcuts to execute commands in a shell
15:54.44thiagoAndur: for KDE 4
15:54.55AndurI can submit them already?
15:54.57Sho_rootnoverify: "shortcuts" is ambiguous
15:55.01Aji-DahakaAndur: tried lucida console?  seems prettyish here
15:55.13Anduris that a "free" font?
15:55.26Aji-DahakaAndur: it's in my list ?
15:55.36thiagoAndur: yes, you can submit them.
15:55.39Aji-DahakaAndur: I only have fonts from freebsd's ports collection
15:55.45Sho_My favorite console font is Terminus
15:56.22benJImanrootnoverify: you can just symlink the commands, or create scripts to run them
15:56.37AndurI have to become root to see my installed fonts... ugly :-/
15:56.40*** join/#kde Peper (
15:56.42Andur(from kcontrol)
15:57.05*** join/#kde iblechbot (n=iblechbo@
15:57.10Andurrootnoverify, I would create aliases on bashrc
15:57.10thiagoAndur: as non-root, you see the non-root fonts
15:57.17thiagoyou're allowed to install fonts without being root
15:57.18Anduryes, only 1 in my case
15:57.27benJImanAndur: what's wrong with fonts:/
15:57.28AndurI just want to SEE the system-wide fonts
15:57.34benJImanAndur: that lets you see them
15:57.55Anduryes, I know that
15:58.04AndurI was whining about kcontrl
15:58.05benJImanyou can also install them
15:58.15Anduryou can only view them via the fonts installer
15:58.24Andur677 fonts here
15:58.32Andurseems I deleted some
15:58.35thiagoAndur: get rid of some 630 of them
15:58.49benJImanadobe courier is a nice font for konsole renders well with bytecode interpreter btw
15:58.59*** join/#kde GNAM (
15:59.03GNAMis there a kde roadmap?
15:59.06benJImanlots of fonts slows down things a lot because fontconfig sucks
15:59.23thiagoGNAM: not yet
15:59.25Aji-DahakaI've heard that
15:59.35Andurwait, my cpu is at 100% previewing the font list
15:59.47benJImanAndur: hardly surprising
15:59.53benJImanif you have 650 fonts
15:59.55Andur(that's what I was talking about, finding a particular font right now is cumbersome)
16:00.10benJImanwell you can start typing the name
16:00.27Andurwell, the premise is "you don't know the name"
16:00.31Aji-DahakaI think they should fix fontconfig ... poor performance on having lots of fonts seems a reason to fix the tools rather than deinstall all the fonts :p
16:00.34rootnoverifyAndur: but I want to be able to execute the command from anywhere, so without going to a shell everytime a want to execute it..
16:00.38Andurif you do, you don't need a font organizer :-)
16:00.40benJImanAndur: no OS has a good way round that problem
16:00.52Andurbashrc aliases don't do that?
16:00.58*** join/#kde sam^ (
16:01.00benJImanAndur: finding a font that you just know what it looks like isn't easy, there are afew ways you can categories like serif and sans but not many
16:01.09*** part/#kde GNAM (
16:01.19Andurwell, easy then: just put a bash script on /usr/bin
16:01.22*** join/#kde metalhedd (
16:01.24benJImanAndur: and filtering is easy enough by name, fonts:/System/*bitstream* for example
16:01.26Sho_rootnoverify: Could you please have a go at better defining what you mean by "shortcut"
16:01.28Andurthere you have it, system-wide shortcut
16:01.56benJImanor just a symlink
16:02.00benJImanor alias
16:02.07Sho_he probably means keyboard shortcut
16:02.16Aji-Dahakamonospace, serif, and sans would actually save a lot of time
16:02.16benJImanah in that case can use khotkeys
16:02.24Andurno OS has a good way round that problem <- well, KDE could be the first one then, no problem with innovation
16:02.34benJImanfonts:/System/*sans* will get any with sans in the name which is a lot
16:02.35thiagoAndur: sure
16:02.37Anduryou could just have a "favorite fonts" tag
16:02.42Andursimple groupos
16:02.45thiagoAndur: please submit your ideas to the mailing lists
16:02.54Andur"ANYTHING" would be better than the current flat list
16:02.57Sho_benJIman: You're not a graphic designer, right? :)
16:02.57thiagocode helps more, though
16:03.03benJImanAndur: wel without mind recognition I don't think there is a good solution
16:03.24Andurthat's what I was saying before, maybe the kde devs don't really appreciate feature requests with no code attached
16:03.27Aji-DahakaAndur: gmail-type tags :)
16:03.42benJImanSho_: my dad is, and I sometimes do jobs for him, require lots of fonts then, have a couple of thousand good quality fonts but don't keep them installed for general use
16:03.53Anduryes, Aji-Dahaka
16:03.57Sho_benJIman: Both Windows and OS X have decent font management solutions available. A type manager allows you to organize fonts into groups, load and unload groups easily, tag them, probably add notes, and has flexible, customizable preview options.
16:04.02KhaytsusBoogs logged.
16:04.06Sho_benJIman: Sadly, something like that is still missing on Linux
16:04.11*** join/#kde Thug- (
16:04.58*** join/#kde frb (n=frb@unaffiliated/frb)
16:04.58Aji-DahakaAndur: I may agree with your "feature requests w/o code" thing ... the amarok guys seem to shout me down pretty quickly on my ideas, though I'm usually willing to do the coding before they reject the idea so harshly ... I wonder if the other presentation order would work better
16:05.22*** join/#kde makinen (
16:05.38rootnoverifySho_: a keyboard shortcut. for example: everytime i press ctrl-alt-f, I would like to get /opt/firefox/firefox executed (just an example)
16:05.44KhaytsusI can't seem to like amarok..  It's too busy.
16:06.13Andurbe back later
16:06.15thiagorootnoverify: khotkeys
16:06.16benJImanSho_: iirc bitstream used to have something, back in the days of corel products on linux
16:06.27Sho_rootnoverify: KControl -> Regional & Accessbility -> Keyboard Shortcuts allows you to set up things like that
16:06.37Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: I like it, but I'm using mpd + icecast for my music as I don't want it all on my laptop, but want to listen to it all, but they seemed pretty against the idea of incorporating mpd control into it
16:06.42Sho_Khaytsus: Try JuK, then
16:06.49Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: so to me, it's an ogg stream player with nice graphics
16:06.49lippel_heh. go to, and look at tag "geek".
16:07.30Sho_lippel: Flickr is down, it seems
16:07.34*** join/#kde _david (
16:08.10*** join/#kde ataxic (
16:08.24*** join/#kde annma (n=annma@kde/developer/annma)
16:08.30aepi realy need some help making a kwin design.  i dont understand a word
16:08.48lippel_Sho_: indeed.
16:09.00annmaa kwin design?
16:09.00aepi do not know qt so the howto confuses me even more
16:09.06Sho_lippel: you broke it! :)
16:09.07lippel_Sho_: the first pic tagged with "geek" is by cannlaith
16:09.10aepwindow decoration
16:09.10annmadefine 'design'
16:09.14KhaytsusI've always just used xmms..  I don't want lyrics or album covers and such though
16:09.19KhaytsusDon't care about favorites etc
16:09.30aepannma, just a window decoration
16:09.43Sho_aep: Try
16:09.50KhaytsusSo nothing against amarok, just not for me
16:09.57Aji-Dahakadoes anyone know of a theme with resizable scrollbars?
16:10.08Aji-Dahakait's a feature that I (sadly) miss from windows
16:10.12Sho_Aji-Dahaka: Lipstik has three scrollbar sizes
16:10.18aepSho_, dows it do clean code?
16:10.24Aji-DahakaSho_: ah, thanks :)
16:10.29KhaytsusScrollbar widths?
16:10.36Sho_aep: No idea, sorry :)
16:10.50Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: yeah, scrollbars ... they should have settable sizes
16:11.00Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: for accessibility and what-nots
16:11.11KhaytsusWidth or length?  (
16:11.15Sho_Lipstik is basically Plastik with more options
16:11.23Sho_Khaytsus: Width
16:11.29Khaytsusk, that's what I thought
16:11.36KhaytsusI still use Mosfet liquid :D
16:11.36aepannma, i need clean code maybe you can give me a good howto , or help me a bit coding it
16:11.46KhaytsusI'm soo glad it still worked in 3.5.0
16:11.52Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: and height for horizontal scrollbars
16:11.54annmaaep: for kde 3.5?
16:11.55KhaytsusTook quite a challenge to get it to compile last time
16:12.42Aji-Dahakaoh, I don't have lipstick installed
16:12.48aepannma, yes /but i have 3.4 atm)
16:12.53*** join/#kde wsjunior (i=wsjunior@unaffiliated/wsjunior)
16:13.11KhaytsusAji-Dahaka: It's on kde-look
16:13.17annmaaep: and why do you want to do a win deco if you don't know anything about it?
16:13.31Sho_Aji-Dahaka: "Lipstik", btw
16:13.55Sho_annma: Because someone who wants to make a window decoration does not necessarily realize it needs coding
16:13.58Aji-DahakaKhaytsus: and in ports
16:14.02Aji-DahakaSho_: indeed it was :)
16:14.32aepannma, couse there is now one who does it else atm. whe are making a distri, and we need a xp-stylish decoration for it
16:15.10aepannma, couse we completly  will port the look and feel of xp to it
16:15.39aepand kde 3.5 seems the best canditade for me since 3.5 supports automount
16:15.50annmabut you don't even have 3.5
16:16.00aepnot on my desktop
16:16.08aepit takes 2 days to compile it :/
16:16.32Sho_If you're a Gentoo user, you will have made annmas day
16:17.42aepi know its an endless battle, to fake xp or not. but here in germany its nessasery since the educational stuff is xp, and people wont migrate if ther is not the exactly same gui
16:17.53*** join/#kde iblechbot_ (n=iblechbo@
16:18.14aepi see
16:19.00Sho_aep: Why don't you use the existing XP clone DE?
16:19.18*** join/#kde bortega_herrera (n=bortega_@
16:19.49aepSho_, couse i only know bad ones
16:19.58*** join/#kde IceD^^ (n=iced@
16:20.04Sho_aep: But then the idea itself is bad, so it deserves a bad DE ;-)
16:20.40aepSho_, xpde is dead
16:20.51aepand writen in kylix, and kylix sucks
16:21.20Aji-Dahakathis might be a silly question, but why does kde, by default, have the most recently used applications farthest from the menubase and the log-out closest to it?
16:21.34benJImandelphi was a great langauge, but kylix is dead
16:22.01aepi dont like delphi too, sice i realy hate pascal
16:22.17benJImanAji-Dahaka: depends which side you have the panel on, if you have panel at top the recent apps are closest to tmenu
16:22.51Aji-DahakabenJIman: right, that's why I tossed "by default" into the question
16:23.03Aji-Dahakaseems a funny default
16:23.18benJImanAji-Dahaka: probably the same reason the quit option is right next to the mouse when you right click on icons in the tray, leading to accidental quittage
16:23.34Aji-DahakabenJIman: so what is that reason ?
16:23.45Aji-DahakaI know I've had that problem MANY times and it rather bothers me
16:23.47benJImandelphi was as easy to use as visual basic and perhaps powefull as c++ but non-free compiler
16:24.36benJImanfreepascal nowhere near as good last time I used it
16:25.04benJImanaep: object pascal not quite the same as normal pascal
16:26.20aepbenJIman, i know, its just about the way it is used,.. licenses, and stuff. i dont like borland realy. expecialy for there bcb
16:26.53*** join/#kde bram85 (
16:27.06benJImanyeah, but delphi is nice langauge, perhaps it would have taken off more with a free compiler
16:28.11aepso nobody wants to help as i see, can you maybe give me a starting guide to qt or something? the stuff isnt realy easy
16:28.37benJImanaep: have a look at
16:28.52annmaa starting guide to qt are qt tutorials
16:28.56*** join/#kde [Crono] (
16:29.10annmain the doc shipped with qt
16:29.12aepbenJIman, thx
16:29.32annmaand the easiest is to start with an existng code
16:29.43annmawhat distrois it/
16:30.15aepannma, yeah an _existing_ code would be nice, if ther where one usefull
16:30.43annmathe current win decos available don't work?
16:32.01aepyes but it is  so complex that a noob like me cannot understand it
16:32.39aepim comming from gtk ( i know its another point you'll hate me for) and qt seems to have a totaly different concept
16:32.45*** join/#kde [Crono] (
16:32.52annmaI don't care about gtk
16:33.00annmaand I don't hate
16:33.23annmaof course qt is different as it's C++ based and it has SIGNALS/SLOTS
16:34.06aepthats not the problem. realy dificult for me is the widget positionating
16:34.12aepgtk has boxes and tables
16:34.20thiagoQt has boxes and layouts
16:34.37aepand the example code isnt explaint at this point
16:34.53annmalayouts are easy
16:35.14aepe.g. i need to set the buttons more to the middle, but the example seems to have no code thta sets the position
16:35.31aepfor me they are just "there"
16:35.46*** join/#kde TheMonoTone (n=tburdick@unaffiliated/themonotone)
16:35.48thiagouse the designer
16:35.58thiagobtw, #kde-devel would be better suited for this discussion
16:36.12aepthiago, will not work if ther is no .ui
16:37.53*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
16:39.11*** join/#kde VisezTrance (n=daniel@
16:39.56*** join/#kde zubov (
16:40.28VisezTrancei upgraded to kde 3.5, however the startmenu graphic is corrupted, how can i remove the kde 3.5 banner on the left, so that i looks like in the previous version..  ? here's a screenshot on my problem ->
16:41.03*** join/#kde AleXerTecH (n=alex@
16:41.39*** join/#kde karye (
16:41.42annmaVisezTrance: KCOntrol -> Desktop -> Panels -> Menus tab
16:41.49*** part/#kde karye (
16:41.52aepdoes anyone know how the example works and could give me a short introduction?
16:41.55annmaUncheck Show Side Image
16:42.12annmaVisezTrance: ^^
16:42.14VisezTranceKcontrol, you.. Control Center ?
16:42.50thiagoVisezTrance: kside.png
16:42.54VisezTranceyey, it works
16:43.10*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
16:43.13VisezTrancei liked it more this way anyway ... simple
16:43.45VisezTrancebye and have a nice day
16:44.12*** join/#kde dec0ding (n=binarian@
16:44.25dec0dingwhy the antispam is not working in KMail ?
16:44.36annmadec0ding: which one?
16:44.38thiagodec0ding: it is working
16:44.52annmaspamassassin is working here
16:44.58dec0dingannma, thiago GMX Spam filter
16:44.59*** join/#kde benkong2 (
16:45.28*** join/#kde PupenoL (n=pupeno@
16:45.58annmadec0ding: does kmail support it?
16:46.07dec0dingannma, yes it is listed in the wizard
16:46.28annmamaybe ask in #kontact then
16:46.28thiagodec0ding: ah, I don't use that one
16:46.40dec0dingso will try with spamassassin
16:46.51aepannma, poritng winxp to gentoo
16:47.14*** join/#kde cuco (
16:47.24annmabut I thought a xp-like theme already exists
16:47.34Sho_it does
16:47.38annmathere's a great gentoo guy around
16:47.43aepannma, no theres a wm but its dead
16:47.47annmacpw is his nick
16:47.54dec0dingaep, theme for Kde?
16:47.58dec0dingxp-ish ?
16:47.59aepdec0ding, yeah
16:48.03annmaaep: ask cpw when you see him, he is a gentoo devel
16:48.08dec0dingthere are on
16:48.11aepannma, for what?
16:48.14dec0dingit looks just like xp
16:48.15annmaaep: for help!
16:48.16aepdec0ding, they are bad
16:48.24dec0dingaep, why would u like one ?
16:48.27annmaaep: he is kde-oriented + gentoo
16:48.29dec0dingif u need xp style use xp
16:48.35aepannma, thx
16:48.40Sho_dec0ding: You realize you can't just steal the MS pixmaps?
16:48.45annmaI mean obviously you need someone who knows qt
16:48.50dec0dingSho_, eeh?
16:49.01Sho_aep, I mean
16:49.03aepannma, yes. thx for the tip
16:49.04annmadec0ding: make sure the spamassassin doaemon is running
16:49.16aepSho_, the problem is alreaydy solved
16:49.40Sho_aep: It is? :)
16:49.53*** join/#kde simmerz (
16:50.14*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
16:50.37aepSho_, for germany we know how to avoid these licenses
16:51.05Sho_aep: Interesting, I'm German and I was unaware you can go around stealing people's pixmaps
16:51.06annmaso it's a gentoo package for germans only?
16:51.45aepannma, since there are only germans interested yes, but i would like it to have it in other languages
16:52.00bsstephlol, yes, the underground german pixmap black market
16:52.17annmaseems a lot of bother for not much
16:52.21aepSho_, its half legal
16:52.45aepSho_, if the user has a valid xp cd its legal......  we know he doesnt
16:52.48annmaaep: I'll talk with cpw when I see him, are you a known gentoo devel?
16:53.15*** join/#kde Distro^Junkie (
16:53.22*** join/#kde cb400f (
16:53.25aepannma, thank you for that, no i think in international gentoo-devs im realy unknown
16:53.36annmaaep: so only german gentoo?
16:53.49annmaI mean, where can you be found usually?
16:54.01aepsadly yes
16:54.14*** join/#kde mmarshall (
16:54.26annmajabber, ok
16:54.44annmayou did not try to contact any xp-like win deco authors?
16:55.18*** join/#kde g8m (
16:55.26annmaas gentoo just need source, I would give it a try
16:55.31aepno since there decos where suse or redhat orientated and mostly realy bad writen
16:55.39annmabrowse kde-look and contact a few people
16:57.03annmamy win xp PC is broken at the moment so I can be pissed of by any win xp reference
16:57.36*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
16:59.09aepthere was a kde_xp style a few weeks ago, but its gone. the only i can find is a icewm mod
17:01.00mmarshallIn the keyboard layout section of the control center, I see that you can select a keyboard model.  Where are these models defined?  (I want to add mine.)
17:01.58annmakeyboard layouts or keyboard models?
17:02.06annmalyouts are about languages and come from X
17:02.08mmarshallKeyboard models.
17:02.12annmamdels I am not sure
17:02.22annmaI have to gio unfortunately
17:02.24Aji-Dahakayeah, they are part of some X header, iirc
17:02.27*** join/#kde AleXerTecH (n=alex@
17:02.31*** part/#kde annma (n=annma@kde/developer/annma)
17:03.02mmarshallI want my multimedia buttons to show up with the right names :)
17:03.15mmarshallI could use Lineak or something, but I would rather just use KDE.
17:04.18*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
17:05.02*** join/#kde Catch`CoNdA (
17:05.03*** join/#kde lippel__ (
17:07.11*** join/#kde Zalamander (n=zal@unaffiliated/zalamander)
17:08.07ZalamanderI have one computer that has been suffering regular, severe filesystem damage. One of the things that seems to be running on that computer and not on my others is "kdesud". What might be starting this daemon?
17:08.33ZalamanderI'm not blaming kdesud necessarily, but i need to track down the differences
17:10.36*** join/#kde Vicker_ (n=vivek@
17:11.24thiagoZalamander: kdesu starts kdesud
17:11.53Zalamanderok, that makes sense. I can't imagine that my wife is using kdesu on her own though. Hmm
17:12.45*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
17:13.01thiagosome kcontrol modules may run kdesu, when you click Administrator Mode
17:14.20Zalamanderallright, I'll poke around, and ask her if she's been doing any "administrating". I don't suppose recent versions of kdesu are known to cause filesystem damage ...
17:14.34*** join/#kde tstaerk|KDE4 (
17:14.45*** join/#kde straw (
17:14.46*** join/#kde cb400f (
17:15.46*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
17:17.02*** join/#kde Japsu (n=japsu@unaffiliated/japsu)
17:17.33*** join/#kde Pygoscelis (
17:17.46*** join/#kde bordobereli (n=bordober@
17:17.53chakieanyone had problems with qdvdauthor?
17:18.35chakieall apps it tries to run for building the dvd are always /usr/bin/kdesu, not for instance jpg2yuv, lame or similar
17:19.19tstaerk|KDE4chakie, why don't you take k3b ?
17:19.35chakietstaerk|KDE4: can it create menus & stuff?
17:20.13tstaerk|KDE4chakie, DVD menus - I see - maybe not.
17:20.43chakietstaerk|KDE4: once we get a dvd structure i guess k3b will be used to do the real burning
17:21.04chakiei have't seen any other app that can create the dvd interactive stuff
17:21.53frbis there a kde ftp client that isn't busted up like kbear?
17:22.10tstaerk|KDE4konqueror :-)
17:23.45*** join/#kde CodeFrog (
17:24.32*** join/#kde fpitt_ (
17:24.37*** join/#kde andz (
17:26.20ficooshi, whenever i use a non english keyboard layout all of my shortcuts don't work. this is obviously becouase the layout does'nt have the english letters which the shotcuts i assigned to. is there a way to make shotcuts work on a constant layout
17:27.32*** join/#kde lied (
17:28.29liedcan someone help mit with superkaramba? (kde3.5, gentoo)
17:28.43liedi want to display my network in mb/s
17:29.00liedcan someon tell mit the right parameter
17:29.08liedtext x=80 y=380 sensor=network device="eth0" format="%out kB/s" interval=1000 decimals=2
17:29.20*** join/#kde foolano (
17:29.44*** part/#kde jesus (
17:32.33*** join/#kde Andur (
17:32.35Andurre all
17:32.55Andurkopete can't resolve , can someone give me the IP address?
17:33.29frbAndur: it resolved it for me, fix your dns settings
17:33.43tstaerk|KDE4Andur, better enter a good dns into /etc/resolv.conf
17:33.55Andurbtw, something weird happened to my xorg.conf, when I open it with kwrite it says it's a binary file!
17:34.06AndurI normally edit it with nano
17:34.07frbmy dns is, you can use that :)
17:34.09*** join/#kde magnetic (
17:34.23Andurlast time I edited with kwrite, could it be a bug?
17:34.50Andurxorg.conf has weird symbols
17:35.00Andurand it's not a text file anymore
17:35.07Andurwhat's more, renderaccel es enabled again
17:35.40Andurokay, who's the kiddy that rooted me? ;-)
17:36.20frbcan kinternet save different WEP keys for each ssid?
17:38.10cpwor not
17:38.33Andurdoes anyone know how could my xorg.conf turn into a binary file? xinit gives a "no screens found" error now
17:38.57cpwI'm not sure I understand the relationship of the two
17:39.01*** join/#kde _magnetic (
17:39.04Andurif it's a kwrite bug it's a serious one
17:39.16cpwhow do you assume that "no screens found" means your xorg.conf is a binary file..
17:39.34Andurwhen I open xorg.conf with kate or kwrite, a dialog appears
17:39.39Andur"xorg.conf is a binary file"
17:40.00Andurfile /etc/X11/xorg.conf
17:40.00Andur/etc/X11/xorg.conf: data
17:40.08Andurit IS binary
17:40.17cpwrun ls -la on xorg.conf
17:40.31Andurweird whitespace symbols appear on xorg.conf, but the text is there
17:40.54*** join/#kde kilrae (
17:40.58Andur-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8034 2005-12-17 16:59 /etc/X11/xorg.conf
17:41.07cpwlooks normal there
17:41.11Andurweird, I DIDN'T edit it at 16:59
17:41.19Anduryes, but file says it's data
17:41.29Andurnot text
17:41.38Andurso does kwrite and kate
17:41.42cpwhow did you edit it last
17:41.48Andurwith kwrite
17:41.51strawgremlins, i tell you. gremlins! ;)
17:42.18Andurwell, joining freenode with an unsecured desktop could also be it :-)
17:42.22cpwonly thing I can think of is character encoding
17:42.33*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:42.38Andurit should NEVER save it as data
17:42.38cpwthat shouldn't do that sort of thing
17:42.57Andurokay, I'm gonna fix it
17:43.01cpweither that or your fs is saying hi
17:43.09*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
17:43.16AndurI'm surprised I've got KDE running anyway, only thing is I can't start a 2nd session
17:43.18strawAndur: seems odd someone would gain access to you system and muck with your X config...
17:43.27Anduryes, weird :-)
17:43.28*** part/#kde ficoos (
17:43.32*** join/#kde Armi^ (
17:43.47AndurI already moved my /home to a new SATA drive
17:43.57Andurbut / is on the old ata reiserfs
17:44.22Andurmaybe kcontrol when altering gamma settings?
17:44.29*** join/#kde plfiorini (
17:45.37*** join/#kde magnetic (
17:48.10*** join/#kde htedrom (
17:48.10*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
17:48.11*** join/#kde Octane (
17:49.41*** join/#kde gregday (
17:51.35cpwshareware solitare?
17:51.49cpwwho in the world would go for that..
17:52.23dec0dingthiago, when I try to start spamd (the deamon of spamassassin) it shows lots of errors, here u can see them
17:55.34*** join/#kde MrSunshine (
17:55.41Andurare there any public DNS servers?
17:55.43MrSunshinehow the heck do i make kde let me use whatever hz i want on my screen ?
17:55.46AndurI mean, not ISP ones
17:55.57MrSunshinei want 1152xwhatever at 75hz not 55 that is the only mode that hde lets me
17:56.00AndurMrSunshine, run krandrtray
17:56.12Anduroh, then you have to alter your xorg.conf
17:56.26MrSunshineit worked perfectly in my last installation
17:56.30MrSunshineits the same freakin file
17:56.34MrSunshinebut then i used gnome insted
17:56.47Andurtry another res, like 1280 or something
17:56.58*** join/#kde t|zz (
17:57.11MrSunshineeverything is WAY below what this monitor can handle
17:57.21Andurrefresh forcing on linux is a nightmare, I tell you
17:57.36MrSunshinethats the line
17:57.43MrSunshineto make my monitor be nice to me
17:57.47MrSunshineor .. my old monitor :P
17:57.47*** part/#kde lied (
17:57.59MrSunshineAndur, the gnome display settings could do it just fine
17:58.16*** join/#kde nick01 (
17:58.17*** join/#kde asheron (n=stephan@
17:58.31nick01what version of qt should I install with kde 3.5 ?
17:58.55tstaerk|KDE4Andur, try nameserver
17:59.04nick01where do I find a slackware package of it ?
17:59.20strawask in #slackware ?
17:59.51Andurthat DNS seems owned by Deutsche Telekom, tstaerk|KDE4
18:00.08tstaerk|KDE4Andur, but it fixes your problem, doesn't it ?
18:00.23*** join/#kde aep (
18:01.20Andurno, it was a hones question: are there any PUBLIC DNS servers out there?
18:01.41AndurI know I can use most DNSs from other ISPs
18:02.13AndurI already fixed my problem doing a dns query through :-)
18:02.44AndurNorwegian University of Science and Technology
18:02.54Andurlet me see
18:03.10koala_manI only know two ips, and that's their dns servers
18:03.32Andurping 150 ms :-/
18:03.50koala_man15 ms :P
18:03.58Anduris there a way to do a nslookup against a specific DNS?
18:04.00koala_manI randomly guessed at, seems to wrok
18:04.14AndurI live in Spain
18:04.18MrSunshineffs can SOMEONE point me in the freakin direction of where to go and get my kde to let me have whatever freakin hz i want on my monitor?!
18:04.22MrSunshinecant find any info about it anywhere
18:04.25AndurI'd prefer european DNSs
18:04.38MrSunshineand how the heck do i change the Ctrl + F keys to Alt + F keys insted :/
18:04.47AndurI think krandrtray guesses info from xorg.conf
18:04.49tstaerk|KDE4MrSunshine, which distribution ?
18:05.02*** join/#kde dec0ding (n=binarian@
18:05.06*** join/#kde reagleBRKLN (n=reagleBR@
18:05.17*** join/#kde sil3nt|warri0r (n=e094736d@unaffiliated/silentwarrior)
18:05.23AndurI faked the hz ranges on xorg.conf so that krandrtray lets me choose 75 hz
18:05.29reagleBRKLNcan kpilot use pilot-link 0.12.0-pre4 if I've build it and installed it, or does it use its own version?
18:05.33MrSunshineandre, how do you do that?
18:05.48*** join/#kde tobi (
18:06.03tobiHow can I check if the qt version i have has tablet support (a compiletime option)
18:06.25tstaerk|KDE4MrSunshine, listen to Andur and going to channel #kubuntu might help.
18:06.40MrSunshinetstaerk|KDE4, they are ignoring me as they dont know how to fix it :P
18:06.45*** join/#kde tchize (
18:06.57koala_manAndur: I just googled 'university site:es', picked one and checked if the dns servers were open to all
18:07.03*** part/#kde nick01 (
18:07.05AndurI know I spent a whole week using all kinds of modeline calculators :-)
18:07.24MrSunshinescrew kde
18:07.38SMiLeafMrSunshine: all those problems are not even kde's faults :/
18:07.43Andurthat seems to be Amsterdam's RIPE address
18:07.43MrSunshineohh yes
18:07.44*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
18:07.49MrSunshinegnome handles them just fine
18:07.52MrSunshineso has to be something with kde
18:08.07SMiLeafMrSunshine: Hz on your monitor is Xorg's or kubuntu's for not detecting it right.
18:08.27tchizeHello, i did a bad bad thing with one of my window in kde, i configured the 'special behaviour' so that this window is always undecorated, centered, behind all other windows. Now i want to cancel this, but i can't access this menu enymore because it seems only reachable by right clicking on decoration :/
18:08.37koala_manAndur: "Red Informatica Cientifica de Andalucia, Sevilla", dns stuff says
18:08.38AndurI'd like a way to FORCE a specific HZ ignoring whatever xorg.conf says, though
18:08.41SMiLeafMrSunshine: the ctrl+F keys to alt+F keys must be a kubuntu thing as I don't have any ctrl+F ...
18:08.48MrSunshineSMiLeaf, just make kdes display tools have an "override" ooption like gnomes display manager has then
18:08.51Andurlook at what whois says :-)
18:09.01MrSunshinebut that one you can overide by default and set whatever oyu want whenever you want
18:09.07tchizecould someone telle me how to reach this 'special behaviour' again?
18:09.27MrSunshineSMiLeaf, and i mean Ctrl +F1 - F4
18:09.36MrSunshineAlt is alot easier to reach then ctrl to change screen
18:09.38SMiLeafMrSunshine: ya... I don't have those
18:09.52tchizeHo thanks guys :)
18:09.55SMiLeafthey are not default kde bindings.
18:09.57tchizei love kde :p
18:10.13SMiLeafMrSunshine: you might try changing your meta key.
18:10.17koala_manAndur: ipwhois?
18:10.17MrSunshineive used it for about 2 hours and already hates its guts more then ive ever hated a desktop :/
18:10.24Andurplain whois
18:10.37*** join/#kde chanreg (i=42821@
18:10.52Anduroh, damn
18:10.59AndurI placed a typo, tou're right
18:11.01Andurthanks :-)
18:11.25*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
18:11.41Andurwell, don't use KDE then
18:11.41tchizeok, one last thing for you kde freeks, is there a doc somewhere on what i need to implement to create my own kde screen saver?
18:11.43PhilRodtchize: control center -> desktop -> window specific settings
18:11.56AndurI know a lot of people who can't take KDE
18:12.01tchizephilrod: thanksn but alt - f3 from andur did the trick ;)
18:12.05Andurthey can use GNOME or xfce4 or whatever
18:12.06*** join/#kde MenZa (
18:12.35AndurI would VERY much like to force refresh rate better from krandrtray, though
18:12.59tchizenever got gnome to work like i want btw ;) but the window manager is a personal choice finally ;)
18:13.01benkong2anyone have a problem with kxdocker slowing things down and having the floating descriptions stay on the screen?
18:13.24Anduryes, kxdocker is kinda buggy
18:13.53benkong2hmmm.. it looks nice but it sure slows my desktop down and this on an AMD64
18:13.55Andurdepends on the version, the one in debian sid seems mostly stable
18:14.17Andurnot much cpu% hit either, sempron 1.666 mhz
18:14.21*** part/#kde MrSunshine (
18:14.40*** part/#kde g3nocide (i=1000@
18:14.46benkong2this is running on kubuntu amd64 2Gig memory
18:14.48Andurversion 0.35-2.2
18:14.56jorgpwhat does this error mean? using k3b 12.9 - :-( unable to pread64(2) primary volume descriptor: Input/output error
18:15.14Andur0_o no idea
18:15.24benkong2andrelet me check the version
18:15.32Andurrunnning as root gives the same message jorgp ?
18:15.35benkong2sorry Andur;
18:16.16jorgpAndur: dunno, let me try, because I just used k3b to burn 3 more dvds
18:16.28*** mode/#kde [+o PhilRod] by ChanServ
18:16.40*** kick/#kde [chanreg!] by PhilRod (User terminated!)
18:16.51Andurmy cd burner started giving weird errors too
18:16.59Anduron test mode everything went ok
18:17.04*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
18:17.10Anduras soon as I turned on the laser the problems started
18:17.18AndurI just let it cool down
18:17.24*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
18:17.25Andurafter a couple hours it worled OK
18:17.36Andurthe burner had just burned like 12 CDs
18:17.44AndurI guess it was tired or something :-)
18:17.58*** join/#kde David23 (
18:18.49*** join/#kde j0tt (
18:19.45*** join/#kde marccollin (
18:20.23marccollinwhen you browse your file with konqueror, what program used to see jpg, png... file?
18:21.42AndurI prefer using gliv though
18:21.52Andurit uses OpenGL to draw the images
18:22.30Andurit's much faster when zooming (realtime), and it uses antialiasing, so low-res pics appear much nicer
18:22.34*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
18:22.48AndurI wished kde programs could use OpenGL
18:22.57tstaerk|KDE4marccollin: default moved from kuickshow to gwenview
18:22.58Andurto draw images like gliv
18:22.59marccollinok but if i do a locate on kuickshow, i find only library not directely aprogram
18:23.29Andurwrite "whereis kuickshow"
18:23.31Andurnot locate
18:23.44Andurmine is on /usr/bin/kuickshow
18:23.47Anduras expected
18:23.48*** join/#kde magyar (
18:24.00jorgpheh, maybe thats it, it's tired
18:24.45Anduris there an option in gwenview to slideshow recursively?
18:24.59AndurI don't want it to show just andur/Fotos
18:25.06AndurI want all subdirectories also
18:25.08*** join/#kde rutski89 (
18:25.23tstaerk|KDE4Andur slideshow yes, recursiv don't know
18:26.19Anduris gwenview translated to Spanish?
18:26.25Andurit appears in english
18:27.02tstaerk|KDE4Andur - I don't even know if it is translated to german
18:27.17Andurkuickshow was
18:27.31Andurno, it seems to show only the root
18:27.37Andurnot the recursive directories
18:27.51Andurshould be an option, most people sort pictures by directories
18:28.31*** join/#kde vicks (
18:29.22Andurgwenview seems to smooth small images better than before
18:29.39marccollini have a problem when i click on a  image file, kuickshow open.... but i don't show the image... seem like it open a konqueror windows...
18:30.09Andurgo to file association in konqueror
18:30.16marccollinif i like gwenview to image file, gwenview open.... but i don't see the image
18:30.17Andurtype .jpg in the search bar
18:30.18marccollinok will try
18:30.35*** join/#kde AoA (n=Gost@
18:30.46Andurdo you know an online port scanner that understands NAT+DMZ?
18:31.01Andurall my 65535 ports appear as open
18:33.56marccollini have kview, kuickshow, gwenview, gimp in the file association for jpeg
18:34.34AoAcan somebody tell me what does this means : ; while I was compiling KDE 3.5
18:35.42lostsonhmm 3.5 is not picking up my cdrom or dvdrom
18:36.01PhilRodAoA: can you paste more of the output? from the last line that successfully compiled
18:36.13Zalamanderkdict is telling me "Unable to connect to Operation in progress". This is happening on all my machines, so I don't think it's a local problem ... but I'm confused by the "operation in progress" message. Anyone know if something is going on with
18:36.24Zalamander(their website is working fine for me)
18:36.39marccollinkuickshow seem linked to jpeg file... but when i click on a jpeg file, kuickshow open... i see all file (like a konqueror view...) excep my image file
18:37.21AoAPhilRod , how do you mean successfully if I had errors end compilation stops ? I will paste more
18:37.40strawAoA: my guess is either a too new or too old version of hspell
18:38.14tstaerk|KDE4or none at all
18:38.48PhilRodAoA: the last gcc or linker command
18:38.58PhilRod(ie, the last command run by make)
18:38.59*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
18:39.12PhilRodZalamander: can you telnet to 2628?
18:39.18strawkdelibs usually complains if it's missing though, tstaerk|KDE4
18:39.26ZalamanderPhilRod good question.
18:39.41Andurmarccollin, try installing gliv and see if you can view jpeg images with that
18:39.41ZalamanderI guess that answers that :-)
18:39.43AoAPhilRod , here is more lines :
18:40.00tstaerk|KDE4straw, also if you tell it the right header files ?
18:40.01Andurlostson, try symlinking /dev/cdrom to /dev/hdc or wherever you have your drive
18:40.40*** join/#kde Vincent_k (
18:40.43lostsonAndur: its good i just put a cd in and it was there like it should stupid human error
18:40.56ZalamanderSo the dict server at appears to be Out of Order, unless they've Moved to a New Location, or Gone Out of Business.
18:41.29*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
18:41.43marccollini will erase my user and create another one... more easy and that alway work
18:41.45*** part/#kde marccollin (
18:41.47AoAstraw , how should I know what version of hspell to use ?
18:42.02Andurrename ~/.kde to ~/.kdeOLD
18:43.05strawAoA: kdelibs should print a message after ./configure
18:43.32*** join/#kde piggz (n=piggz@
18:44.10jorgpAndur: still does it
18:44.18strawAoA: i can't recall if a version is mentioned and i don't really want to run ./configure on my build tree atm :/
18:44.31*** join/#kde apavlo (
18:44.37AoAok straw :)
18:45.02Andurdunno jorgp , maybe try powercycling the machine, leave it off for like 30 seconds
18:45.14*** part/#kde apavlo (
18:45.43jorgpwell, it's writes data dvd's fine, it's the movie dvd that failed
18:45.45*** join/#kde picca (
18:46.15strawAoA: let me grep a bit
18:46.55PhilRodAoA: what distro are you using?
18:48.47AoAPhilRod , I am using Debian 3.1r0a Sarge
18:51.18jorgpI wonder if 12.10 fixes this
18:51.22jorgpFixed Auto multisession mode in DVD projects
18:51.37jorgpbecause growisofs kept coming back and saying use -Z
18:51.56*** join/#kde diskotec|w (
18:52.55*** join/#kde bUscher-g2 (
18:53.02*** part/#kde diskotec|w (
18:56.20strawAoA: hspell >= 0.9
18:56.28*** join/#kde baixauli (
18:56.29*** join/#kde _baixauli (
18:57.09AoAstraw : and , I have hspell 0.9-2
18:57.22AoAmaybe I need newer version
18:58.02strawAoA: ok. tstaerk|KDE4 may be right, then. the hspell headers maybe aren't found
18:58.52PhilRodAoA: make sure that your hspell and hspell-devel packages have the same version
18:59.28strawAoA: where is hspell.h installed?
18:59.33PhilRodalso, hspell is only needed for Hebrew language support (IIRC), so you might not need it at all
18:59.35htedromhey all...i can't adjust the time in the control panel
18:59.51htedromwhenever i go into admin mode in the time/date module
19:00.02AoAstraw : I found hspell.h in /usr/include
19:00.04htedromit just kicks me back to the control centre splash page
19:00.26strawAoA: that should be fine...
19:00.46tstaerk|KDE4-lhspell missing ?
19:00.47strawAoA: see PhilRod's last advice then :/
19:00.48*** join/#kde ppplll (
19:01.51strawtstaerk|KDE4: it must be passing the ./configure tests
19:02.02Andurhtedrom, try setting it manually as root, date 12172001
19:02.10Andursee if an error message appears
19:02.41jorgpit's really annoying in k3b when you tell it to burn 4x and it's burning at 1.6x
19:02.50PhilRodhtedrom: can you get admin mode in any other control center page?
19:03.15htedromPhilRod: yea all of them
19:03.17htedromexcept date/time
19:03.42htedromi'm gonna run control centre AS root
19:03.45htedromsee what happens
19:04.00PhilRodmake sure you use kdesu :-)
19:04.05PhilRodfood, bbl
19:04.21*** join/#kde picca (
19:04.32Andurjorgp, I think that's because 4x is the mean speed, and 1.6 is the real, current speed
19:04.37AndurI might be wrong though
19:05.09Andurthe inner parts of the disc are written slower due to slower angular speed, or something
19:05.20*** join/#kde tb77 (
19:05.22Andurerm, is that LINEAR speed?
19:06.52*** join/#kde pyrosim (
19:08.39jorgpmakes sense
19:08.56*** part/#kde tchize (
19:11.57*** join/#kde union (
19:17.50*** join/#kde harry_ (
19:18.20harry_is there a way to make my mouse pointer bigger, without messing up my entire theme?
19:18.31harry_i am forever losing the thing on my desktop
19:19.58SmallR2002harry_, why not make ctrl do rings around it
19:20.00unionwhen the synce will be proper to synchronize with contact
19:20.28harry_SmallR2002 are you toying with me?
19:21.31SmallR2002harry_, not really
19:21.40SmallR2002means to the same end
19:22.03harry_ok, but i have no idea what you are talking about, nor how to do it
19:22.16Andurgo to kcontrol peripherals mouse
19:22.17harry_please lead the way
19:22.31Anduryou have a tab for mouse pointers
19:22.55harry_"cursor theme" ?
19:24.23Andurnow I can't find the "CTRL draws circles around mouse pointer" option :-/
19:24.40*** join/#kde Roman123 (n=Roman@
19:25.12harry_no wonder i had no idea.. :D
19:25.34Anduryou can enable keyes too
19:26.06harry_if i wasnt at 1600x1200 from 40 inches away, it would probably be no big deal
19:26.07Anduradd applet eyes
19:26.22AoAwhen I open some folder with konqueror file browser , if that folder contents index.htm (index.html) , konqueror opens that page like some internet bowser. Is there any way to change that ?
19:26.38SmallR2002tell it not to
19:26.48SmallR2002(i am in a most unhelpful mood today)
19:27.04Andurmaybe go to file association
19:29.53Roman123How can I change the default desktop folder from ~/Desktop to another one? This seems to be rather tricky because I spent the last hour to google for a solution to this problem. :-(
19:30.33*** join/#kde _ec (n=ec@
19:30.50SmallR2002that i will dien to answer
19:31.16SmallR2002control center>system administration>paths>
19:32.00Roman123SmallR2002: Ouch, I hope this is a joke :)
19:32.38_ec15.4 wxga 1280*800 horizontal and vertical frequencies?
19:32.39*** join/#kde zaphar_ps (
19:32.42SmallR2002my gentoo has just assraped its copy of python
19:32.46Roman123I should have asked an hour ago :)
19:32.50*** join/#kde stradt (
19:32.54SmallR2002no you shouldnth
19:32.55Roman123Thanks a lot
19:33.00SmallR2002i wouldnt have been here
19:33.11SmallR2002i was out working
19:33.21SmallR2002for this guy who now seems reluctant to pay me
19:33.39*** part/#kde stradt (
19:33.56*** join/#kde SkiffX (
19:34.15SmallR2002i think kidnapping his children is the best idea
19:34.18zaphar_pshow do you change the font and colors for icons on the desktop?
19:34.28zaphar_psI've looked everwhere and cant find it
19:34.44SmallR2002the colors for icons on the desktop...
19:34.59SmallR2002you want a different theme on the desktop to everywhere else?
19:35.11AndurIt uses the same settings as the konqueror file manager, AFAIK
19:35.16zaphar_pssmall just the text under the icons
19:35.37zaphar_pshrmm so why is it looking different than konqueror?
19:35.59SmallR2002control center>aperance & themes>fonts>desktop
19:36.04benJImanand icons -> advanced -> desktop
19:36.31*** join/#kde Aurora (
19:36.36*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
19:36.47zaphar_psthat changes font but not color
19:36.55*** part/#kde tobi (
19:37.40Andurwell, I did change both, so it must be possible
19:37.52zaphar_psAndur: do you happen to remember where?
19:38.08zaphar_psI'll edit the config file if necessary I just don't know where
19:38.14*** join/#kde eka (
19:38.18ekahi all
19:38.34Andurit's possible via konqueror and kcontrol config
19:38.37zaphar_psmy destop icons are white with light grey outline and it doesn't go well with the background I want
19:38.44AndurI'm in a hurry, sorry
19:38.47ekaanyone using gkrellm in kde? i want to makeit dock there in a side
19:38.51*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
19:39.25benJImanzaphar_ps: right click -> configure -> advanced options
19:39.29benJImanyou can change colour there
19:39.53zaphar_psright click where?
19:40.12*** join/#kde ponto (
19:40.54*** join/#kde union (
19:41.20*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
19:41.30Roman123SmallR2002: Thanks a lot.
19:41.36SmallR2002Roman123, thats ok
19:42.51*** join/#kde Fixed- (
19:43.09zaphar_psbenJIman: where do I right click?
19:43.25benJImanon desktop
19:43.39*** join/#kde Blissex (
19:43.56zaphar_psbenJIman: thanks
19:45.25*** join/#kde Pupeno (
19:48.17*** join/#kde annma (n=annma@kde/developer/annma)
19:49.34*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
19:51.49*** join/#kde bornio (
19:52.24fpitt_question: can I use the mozilla jre plugin with konqueror?
19:53.01annmadid you look at konqueror website for doc?
19:53.49fpitt_annma: no
19:54.30annmagive it a try
19:56.23*** join/#kde sfs (n=sfs@
20:01.06*** join/#kde union (
20:05.07*** join/#kde _admin (
20:06.38*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
20:07.36*** join/#kde yozko (
20:08.11*** join/#kde bUscher-g2` (
20:10.16*** join/#kde error403 (
20:10.25error403Do the KDE team manage amaroK?
20:10.37*** join/#kde asheron (n=stephan@
20:11.00error403Can I just say, if any amaroK devs are here - the latest update is awesome!!!
20:11.14annmamaybe you could join #amarok
20:11.22annmaand tell them there
20:14.24*** join/#kde AvatarofVirgo_ (
20:14.27*** join/#kde litb (
20:14.28*** join/#kde r2d3 (
20:16.01*** join/#kde Knowerrors (
20:16.15annmayou're on r2d3
20:16.50r2d3annma sorry
20:17.05*** join/#kde AceSmythe (
20:17.53*** join/#kde r2d8 (
20:18.12annmaserver problems?
20:18.22r2d8no nick problems
20:18.42annmayou should get a nick and register it
20:18.59r2d8how I register
20:19.53*** join/#kde elcuco (
20:20.17annmaread that
20:20.28r2d8thanks I will read it
20:20.39*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
20:20.53annmathen each time you join you identify
20:21.04annmaand noone will steal your nick
20:21.41r2d8annma, thanks
20:29.18r2d8annma: can I search after names
20:29.36annmar2d8: you mean look if other nicks are taken?
20:29.37*** join/#kde ryan (
20:29.51r2d8yes and realnames
20:30.25annmaI doubt yu'll find nick + real name
20:30.34annmathat would be a breach of confidentiality
20:30.59annmabesides few people use real names
20:31.19annmaI did not (I hope I did not)
20:32.00StevenR-laptopannma: you come up as sirc_user
20:32.11annmanot kde devel?
20:32.15*** join/#kde cehoffman (
20:32.23annmaStevenR-laptop: good enough
20:32.47annmaI have a cloak anyway
20:33.12StevenR-laptopannma: wel you have a kde dev cloak too, and your n= is annma....shurg
20:33.54annmaand you are Steven, StevenR-laptop
20:34.04annma;) no surprise here ;)
20:34.14annmafrom the UK
20:34.51*** join/#kde lboughey (
20:35.03r2d8annma: How I can find in channel is a nick I know
20:35.13StevenR-laptopyeah, you can also see the city too, if you read the hostmask and know where it is. annma
20:35.30annmar2d8: I am not a Freenode helper! query maybe
20:35.52annmaStevenR-laptop: oh, cool
20:36.09r2d8annma: I am
20:36.17r2d8annma: I am joking k
20:36.20StevenR-laptopannma: Edinburgh
20:36.29r2d8You are better
20:36.32annmamispelled but that was it
20:37.01annmado you know Jonathan Riddell?
20:37.10*** join/#kde elcuco (
20:37.12annma:) cool
20:37.18StevenR-laptopsee him at LUG meets occassionally
20:37.31annmaI missed him when he came to Montreal
20:37.44annmacould not go to the Ubuntu meeting
20:37.46StevenR-laptopannma: I like his umbrello, was very helpful for my software engineering report
20:38.01annmayes, it's good and KUbuntu is good too
20:38.11annmahe sent me 60 CDs last July for a show
20:38.26annmaI found that very very nice
20:38.31StevenR-laptopannma: there are flaws in kubuntu that we were talking about last time i saw him....kynaptic being one of them
20:38.31*** join/#kde ryan (
20:38.37*** join/#kde r2d8 (
20:38.43StevenR-laptopannma: yes, he's a nice guy
20:38.55annmaStevenR-laptop: yes but the interest KUbuntu draws on KDE is nice
20:39.00annmaand KUbuntu is young
20:40.09StevenR-laptopvery true
20:42.33*** join/#kde _ryan (
20:42.36*** join/#kde decOding (n=binarian@
20:42.45r2d8annma: I found a solution
20:43.50Blissexbizarre issue that seems to have hit other people: 'kfmclient openURL|exec ...' starts Konqueror, 'konqueror --profile ...' starts Konqueror, but 'kfmclient open Profile ...' has no visible effect. Where to look? What to do?
20:45.00*** join/#kde sjanssen (
20:45.29annmakfmclient openProfile ...
20:45.33annmawithout space
20:46.18*** join/#kde ryan_ (
20:46.53annmaBlissex: kfmclient --commands for help
20:47.14Blissexannma: that was a typo...
20:47.36*** join/#kde AssociateX (
20:47.42annmaanyway try kfmclient --commands
20:47.51annmawhat profile arg do you pass and how?
20:48.05sjanssenso, when I start KMail, I get an error popup stating "Starting TLS Failed", every time I click okay the same box pops up
20:48.12sjanssenthe box is modal, so I can't shut TLS off
20:48.25Blissexannma: 'kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing' has no visible effect, but 'konqueror --profile webbrowsing' starts Koinqueror
20:48.25sjanssenwhat do I do?
20:48.27annmasjanssen: what distro? doe sit happen form your install?
20:48.49annmaBlissex:   kfmclient openProfile 'profile' ['url']
20:48.51sjanssenannma: it's Gentoo
20:49.01annmasjanssen: ask in #gentoo then
20:49.11*** join/#kde vicks (
20:50.00sjanssenI was actually trying to figure out if there's a way for me to change account settings without starting KMail -- I realize the more general problem is probably a Gentoo issue
20:51.11sjanssenannma: any response to the first part of that sentence?
20:51.35annmachange account settings without starting kmail?
20:51.46annmaI don't think so
20:52.21*** join/#kde anubis33 (
20:52.53SmallR2002gentoo assraped my python install
20:54.20*** join/#kde elcuco (
20:58.33*** join/#kde BattleMage (
21:00.45BattleMageCan anybody tell me, how to get a "run dialog" like KDE an Gnome deliver, but without actually using KDE or Gnome?
21:01.26*** join/#kde AnotherData (
21:02.16annmaBattleMage: using what then?
21:02.26BattleMageopenbox atm
21:03.06annmaand why do you ask here then?
21:03.11annmaif you don't have KDE?
21:03.19BattleMagejust thought, there are many linux guys in here
21:03.33BattleMagethey probably used something different before
21:03.36annmawe're linux-kde and not all guys
21:04.04annmaif you want a dialog you need a widget toolbox
21:04.28annmafind one and look at its doc
21:04.52BattleMageokay, thank's for helping
21:10.12*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
21:10.20*** join/#kde foreboy (n=foreboy@amarok/developer/foreboy)
21:10.48*** join/#kde CHodapp (
21:13.36AoADoes somebody knows what does this means :
21:15.01*** join/#kde bernd (
21:16.33*** join/#kde Venson (
21:16.46annmaAoA: first time you use konstruct?
21:16.51*** join/#kde jc__ (
21:17.00AoAannma : yes
21:17.32annmacheck config.log in kdelibs source dir
21:18.03annmafor hspell
21:18.04tstaerk|KDE4AoA: seems better than 2 hours before :)
21:18.26AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : ))
21:18.40annmaah you already had problems?
21:18.55AoAme, Yes
21:19.03tstaerk|KDE4AoA: a make clean in kspell2/plugins could already help,so:
21:19.07*** join/#kde _Roey (
21:19.16annmaif the build is not clean, yes, make clean
21:19.23_Roeyhi, why does this site slow down in Konqueror?
21:19.27annmaI assumed it was all brand new
21:19.35tstaerk|KDE4AoA, could you please go into kspell2/plugins and sat "make clean"
21:19.37AoAeuforia:/home/sorg/kdelibs-3.5.0/kspell2/plugins# make clean
21:19.37AoAmake: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.
21:20.02annma_Roey: slow down? how come?
21:20.23annmawent pretty fast here
21:20.38*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
21:20.52*** join/#kde illissius- (
21:21.17annma_Roey: what is slow exactly?
21:21.52*** part/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
21:21.57*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
21:22.22*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
21:22.32tstaerk|KDE4AoA, could you try make clean in kspell2 ?
21:23.01AoAeuforia:/home/sorg/kdelibs-3.5.0/kspell2# make clean
21:23.01AoAmake: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.
21:23.39*** join/#kde kronoz (
21:23.46_Roeyannma:  scrolling
21:23.58_Roeyannma:  either by scrollwheel or dragging on the scrollbar.
21:24.22tstaerk|KDE4AoA: strange - please try "unsermake clean"
21:25.54AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : nothing, sam thing again
21:27.07tstaerk|KDE4AoA, try a "make" in kdelibs-3.5.0
21:27.16*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
21:28.00*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
21:28.21AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : nothng again, I think I will give up soon...
21:29.09tstaerk|KDE4AoA: same error as with konstuct ?
21:29.37AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : all this errors is with konstruct
21:29.57*** join/#kde endrx (
21:29.59AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : it looks like hspell.h cannot be linked or something
21:30.15tstaerk|KDE4AoA - correct.
21:30.36tstaerk|KDE4AoA, question is why.
21:30.49*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
21:31.00AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : what does this mean : : undefined reference to `corlist_init(corlist*)' , or similar....
21:31.10annmaAoA: but you looked in config.log for hspell.h?
21:31.30endrxI'm having trouble with startkde. It says that it cannot open display ''? I'm in textmode now. Please help!
21:31.44cpwannma: you wanted me earlier?
21:32.07annmacpw: a guy came here wanting to code a win deco for kde for gentoo
21:32.16annmaI wondered if you know him
21:32.26cpwno one that I remember
21:32.34annmahe seemed very newbie
21:32.39annmanickname aep
21:32.44annmaa german guy
21:32.46cpwnope, not a clue
21:32.54tstaerk|KDE4AoA, that means, the linker cannot find the library how to do the function corlist...
21:33.07cpwthat's not on my list of kde people I know with Gentoo relations :P
21:33.24annmaI used you to calm him as he wanted we deliver him that win deco
21:33.31endrxit worked fine untill I tried a 1200x1024 external screen on my laptop. Then it died
21:33.36annmaXP-like win deco...
21:33.38tstaerk|KDE4AoA, how did you start your konstruct ?
21:34.40AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : I started reading manual , I typed : make install
21:36.44tstaerk|KDE4AoA: please go to kdelibs-3.5.0 and do a "make clean"
21:36.58annma_Roey: the website is as quick as others there in konq by dragging the scrollbar
21:37.03*** part/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
21:38.28litbendrx, try "startx startkde"
21:38.49*** join/#kde textmodehell (
21:39.18tstaerk|KDE4endrx, please tell us what echo $DISPLAY tells you
21:39.34AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : I done that , now I am downloading kdelibs, and will see what will happen...
21:40.06tstaerk|KDE4AoA: downloading is not necessary
21:40.23*** join/#kde cehoffman (
21:40.44*** join/#kde lezard (
21:40.47endrx¤$DISPLAY is nothing
21:40.47litbi think he tries to start kde from textmode, which can't work :)
21:41.01endrxbut it fails at boottime
21:41.15AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : but I run again 'make insall" with konstruckt and it downloading kdelibs
21:41.23litbendrx, have you tried startx startkde?
21:42.04litbhow does it fail?
21:42.31*** join/#kde BugBuster (
21:42.41lezardHy, I have an issue regarding kmail and Slackware 10.2 with KDE 3.5. When I try to connect to an imap server, I have a message from klauncher saying that it has a problem with kio_imap4. Can someone tell me what are the dependencies of kio_imap4 ?
21:42.42tstaerk|KDE4endrx, best way to do it is: X :1; export DISPLAY=; startkde
21:43.26litbtstaerk, sure? it will wait until X is stopped...
21:43.32litbi think
21:43.46lezardThe same goes for pop3s, and I don't know what to do...
21:44.10textmodehellyes, statx startkde failed too. gave some errors. using configfile /root/xorg.conf. error parsing config file and fatal error; no screens found.
21:44.49lezardHoups, I know, I don't have
21:45.36StevenRlezard: you need cyrus-sasl package from the n/ series
21:45.49StevenRlezard: or possibly l/ series
21:46.04lezardStevenR : yes I think you're right
21:46.08*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
21:46.21*** join/#kde litb (
21:46.28StevenRlezard: I know I'm right :) I was one of the folk who reported the issue to Pat
21:46.29lezardStevenR: I did remove it today, cause I thought I didn't need it
21:46.38tstaerk|KDE4AoA, do you have the hspell-devel packages installed ? Which distribution ?
21:46.44lezardStevenR : thanks a lot
21:46.49StevenRnp lezard :)
21:47.06textmodehellx/kde worked brilliantly after installing mandriva. is there any way of resetting it to "factory settings"?
21:47.52*** join/#kde SMiLeaf (
21:47.53annmatextmodehell: what happen when you startx as a user?
21:47.56litbmy kde crashed when i was logged in two times
21:48.06AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : I think I have , I have Debian 3.1r0a Sarge and I installed hspell , but I dont have hspell-dev , but when I installed hspell i see thare is file hspell.h in /usr/include
21:48.08*** join/#kde marccollin (
21:48.23litbannma, i said the same to him
21:48.25marccollinsomebody use kcall
21:48.42annmalitb: :) I did not scroll back
21:49.00tstaerk|KDE4AoA: well, can't work that way... please apt-get install hspell-dev
21:49.07litbmarcollini, i use it
21:49.09strawAoA: if you don't have hspell-dev installed, then that's probably the problem
21:49.09textmodehellannma: wow! that actually worked.
21:49.18annmatextmodehell: never be root
21:49.25litbheh ;)
21:49.30AoAstraw : but I have hspell.h
21:49.40strawAoA: then the package maker made a mistake
21:49.49textmodehellannma: I thought that thing was a root thing started at boottime
21:49.52tstaerk|KDE4AoA: you will find out most "obvious" problems (where you do no specials and fail nevertheless)
21:50.08AoAstraw : I see that :|
21:50.11tstaerk|KDE4AoA: result from non-installed devel-packages.
21:50.33litbmarccollin, ^
21:50.37tstaerk|KDE4AoA: They should be named "devil", I think somehow
21:50.39marccollinare there any voice over ip program for kde
21:50.46AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : do you have kde 3.5 ?
21:50.53litbi use it
21:50.55textmodehellI do see the irony though :-)
21:51.15tstaerk|KDE4waaaah! I changed my name especially.
21:51.19strawAoA: the headers should definitely be part of the -dev package. maybe ask about it in #debian
21:51.35tstaerk|KDE4AoA: yes, besides KDE 4, I use KDE 3.5 productively.
21:51.57strawor #debian-kde if that exists
21:52.00AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : where did you find kde 4 ?
21:52.20litbmarccollin, what to say against kcall?
21:52.21tstaerk|KDE4AoA: touching KDE 4 is asking for trouble!!!!
21:52.43tstaerk|KDE4AoA: It is not yet a prerelease ;)
21:52.48AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : did you compile KDE 3.5 by your self ?
21:52.58*** join/#kde Eruantalon (
21:53.12marccollindoes kcall can be used do to voice over ip?
21:53.35litbwhat provider?
21:53.41tstaerk|KDE4AoA, yes. 4 also. I also did it under Windows when I was at my parents (who have this operating system)
21:53.44strawlast i tried qt4+kdelibs snapsot+kdebase it was severely incapacitated :)
21:54.06tstaerk|KDE4straw, when was this ?
21:54.14AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : Jesus, and I cant compile just one kde
21:54.31strawtstaerk|KDE4: last week or so
21:54.34*** join/#kde Kovecses (
21:54.39EruantalonHow do I make Kde use my other soundcard? I suppose I must use "Override device location" but what should i write? /dev/dsp1 or something else? (Kubuntu Breezy, Kde 3.4.3)
21:54.48Kovecsesanyone here ever used konstruct?
21:54.51tstaerk|KDE4AoA: when I was a beginner... you are making progress, as I can tell
21:55.01litbKovecses, here!
21:55.14Kovecseslitb: yeah.... what distro?
21:55.14AoAKovecses : me ...
21:55.32Kovecsesso it works good?
21:55.33tstaerk|KDE4straw, well, you can take twm as window manager then it works okay... and produces crashes
21:55.43litbbut i _used_ it
21:55.47strawthe qt4 demos/examples are nice
21:55.55litbit's only good for testing kde
21:56.11*** part/#kde marccollin (
21:56.18litbas it installs alot of libs which probably are in your system already
21:56.22litblike glib
21:56.26tstaerk|KDE4Kovecses, konstruct should work, really
21:56.43strawtstaerk|KDE4: i gave up :) maintaining a 3.5 branch from svn is enough trouble for me
21:56.51litbi would compile KDE by myself, for a production system
21:56.56Kovecsesim on 3.5 now... got it from portage.... but I was wondering about installing it on my debian box
21:57.04Kovecsescuz 3.5 is nice
21:57.20*** join/#kde aep (
21:57.32tstaerk|KDE4straw, come on, all we humans need is a bit of experience!
21:57.35AoAKovecses : I am trying to install on debian right now...
21:57.52*** join/#kde gerhard (
21:57.53KovecsesAoA: ive heard there is a repo.....
21:58.03litbKovecses, you have to install only 2 packages for a base kde, no untaring hell
21:58.21litbas it would for GNOME
21:58.32*** join/#kde geemark (
21:58.44EruantalonAnyone know of a good tutorial for setting up sound with Kde/Kubuntu?
21:58.55Kovecsesi ditched gnome...... used it for a while.. then realized that kde is soo much nicer
21:59.01litbthen i switched to KDE ;)
21:59.18KovecsesEruantalon: use alsa
21:59.59litbyeah, also and dmix. like heaven
22:00.29KovecsesAoA: are you trying this on sarge?
22:00.49EruantalonKovecses: How do i specify whiich of my to soundcards i wish to use?
22:00.53AoAKovecses : I am trying right know, but I have some troubles
22:01.09KovecsesAoA: there are repos.....
22:01.14Eruantalonwhich* two*
22:01.25tstaerk|KDE4AoA: collect all troubles for the world after you! see
22:01.26AoAKovecses : what is repos ?
22:01.56*** part/#kde BugBuster (
22:02.05Kovecsesdebian repositories
22:02.15litbin your .alsarc file, change your Default device. see alsarc on google
22:02.26Eruantalonk thanks
22:02.36AoAKovecses : for Sarge ?
22:03.04EruantalonI've got no .alsarc....
22:03.12*** join/#kde Tandarul (i=___Falle@
22:03.22litbcreate it ;)
22:04.03KovecsesEruantalon: hmm maybe not ... let me check
22:04.24litbsorry, asoundrc
22:04.43litbof course, with a leading dot
22:04.46*** join/#kde B-Minus (n=tommy@
22:04.48B-Minushello all
22:04.49*** join/#kde Pupeno (
22:04.51B-Minusi have a question
22:05.03B-Minushow come i dont have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf
22:05.12B-Minusi have the example file thou
22:05.16B-Minusbut not the conf
22:05.17annmaB-Minus: ask in #your-distro channel
22:05.21Eruantalonlitb: Where? I don't seem to have one
22:05.33annmaB-Minus: here we deal with kde, not Xorg
22:05.42litbi don't know the syntax there
22:05.43KovecsesB-Minus: what distro?
22:05.53annmaask in #gentoo
22:05.57litbonly know that there is a Default device in ~/.asoundrc
22:06.06annmamaybe you set somethign badly, B-Minus
22:06.22Kovecsesim on gentoo and def have an xorg.conf
22:06.56annmaask in #gentoo, right?
22:07.10annmaas we are not specialized in gentoo things here
22:07.29annmaeven if seeing so many gentoo users I begin to know it
22:07.33Kovecsesit doesnt say whether the repos can be used in sarge... but my guess is they can
22:07.57Kovecsesgentoo rocks    w00t
22:08.11litbEruantalon, create .asoundrc, and add a "pcm.!default {"
22:08.14*** join/#kde kde4devel (
22:08.21litbcreate a trailing }
22:08.48litbbetween them you write card n, where n i s your card number, beginning from 0
22:09.05*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
22:09.13litband you write "type hw"
22:09.51tstaerk|KDE4Kovecses, do you really think you can set compile parameters better than your distributor ?
22:09.55litbthe same for "ctl.!default {", Eruantalon
22:10.30tstaerk|KDE4most bug reports from gentoo I see users originate from very "individual" settings
22:10.36Kovecseststaerk|KDE4: how i set them worked damn good
22:11.17Kovecseststaerk|KDE4: if debian had more packages  in apt and more up to date software i would use that
22:11.26annmatstaerk|KDE4: yes but those users usually think it's kde fault, not their fault
22:12.40litbthen restart your machine
22:12.48litbor reinstert your kernel module
22:13.35litbi think this is neccesarry, although it could work without restart, too
22:14.40Eruantalonhow to reinsert kernel module?
22:17.32Eruantalonlitb: nvm I will try to restart my machine
22:17.47Kovecsesmost gentoo users dont use kde anyway
22:18.18oGALAXYouhm ?
22:18.24oGALAXYoi know a lot of gentoo users who use kde
22:18.29Kovecsesim one of them
22:18.41Kovecsesbut go into #gentoo........ most dont
22:18.57oGALAXYogentoo is not representative for all gentoo users
22:19.07Kovecsesvery true
22:19.41Kovecsesbbl......gotta go play TCE
22:20.02Kovecseslitb: what are you currently running?
22:20.24litbSuSE. i messed up the package manager
22:20.39tstaerk|KDE4litb: I see no advantage in that change
22:20.44Kovecsesportage has almost every package
22:20.46litbbecause i don't care about what it says
22:20.48*** join/#kde Valleyma1 (
22:20.50Kovecsesyou can even emerge vmware
22:21.31litb"libkdeblah conflicts with" but i've installed. stupid...
22:21.43Kovecseststaerk|KDE4: hater
22:21.52litberr, "libkdeblah depends onn, but it's not installed"
22:22.17tstaerk|KDE4AoA: are you proceeding ?
22:22.38litbunder gentoo, i con compile the newest software, and don'T have to wait for SuSE packagers
22:25.58*** join/#kde piggz (n=piggz@
22:26.15*** join/#kde Gonzo (
22:26.25AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : yes, I am proceeding successfuly right now....
22:27.28tstaerk|KDE4AoA: I want to see that you are further than before before I go to sleep - are you further than before ?
22:27.29KhaytsusOf course mose Ghetto uses don't use KDE.  How can they USE the system when all they do is compile all day long?
22:27.29*** join/#kde Edulix (n=edulix@
22:27.48annmaKhaytsus: lOL
22:27.54AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo....ERROOOOOOOR.... :(((
22:28.06AoAagain the same error
22:28.13KhaytsusMy kd3 is teh slow while I compile
22:28.30annmawell I use it and compile it
22:28.33annmaall day lomg
22:28.36AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : go to sleep, and I wish you good night... :)
22:28.38KhaytsusI bet that takes days
22:28.59annmaKhaytsus: I recompile it each day, from svn as do other kde devells
22:29.12KhaytsusWell sure, if you're a developer that's one thing.
22:29.23annmasometies I copile some modules several times a day
22:29.26KhaytsusYou're not likely compiling the whole thing, just what you work on and dependancies.
22:29.34SkrotHi. Trying to install KAT on a Debian Unstable box with KDE 3.5 compiled from source. Configure says that I don't have libsqlite3 installed, but apt says I do. Any clues? :)
22:29.39annmawell it's a lot
22:29.45*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
22:30.00tstaerk|KDE4AoA, open a bug report at, it cannot be that a beginner has to struggle so much with it.
22:30.01litbannma, yea.. i'm too
22:30.13annmaSkiffX: ask in #debian-kde and check if yu have the devel package
22:30.15piggztry libsqlite3-dev? or something like that
22:30.17litband compiling in background does not affect my system performance much
22:30.31annmano, nor mine
22:30.34tstaerk|KDE4AoA, you want to compile KDE, right ? You do not want to say "apt-get install kde" and everything works, do you ?
22:30.41SkrotOops, Sorry. bad paste by me. I didn't actually have the -dev package of sqlite3. Sorry :)
22:30.50annmaKhaytsus: much because we usually compile several things at the same time
22:30.53litbusing yakuake i can simply hide the compiling terminal and do another work
22:31.06annmaI use konsole tabbed
22:31.10litbof course only with kon colivas kernel set
22:31.14Khaytsusannma: smp?  Otherwise there's not much advantage, just disk thrash
22:31.24AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : i woud do that but I dont have kde 3.5
22:31.39piggzwell...time to build a kernel
22:31.46annmaAoA: what distro?
22:31.51*** join/#kde andz (
22:32.23AoAannma : Debian 3.1r0a Sarge
22:32.34KhaytsusAoA: What's Sarge up to?  2.2 kernel yet?
22:32.35litbpiggz, it really gives much more interactiveness to your linux kernel
22:32.41annmacompiling on debian is a pain
22:32.55KhaytsusI imagine, since it's two years behind on everything.
22:32.59Skroteven I manage to compile on debian
22:33.02annmaAoA: remove the hspell package altgether
22:33.05KhaytsusDebian is probably including KDE 2.1
22:33.06litbi aggre. if i compile on debian my whole system is *ways* slower
22:33.06Skrotcan't be that hard :P
22:33.07AoAKhaytsus : 2.6.8
22:33.18litbthe mouse hangs and nothing is usable anymore
22:33.22annmaI remember it was a pain
22:33.35annmaI dpn't remember why
22:33.37SkrotNot with konstruct though :)
22:33.50annmaAoA: remove the hspell packages
22:33.54KhaytsusIf I had disk space I would try Konstruct just to see how long it takes.
22:33.58annmareconfigure and make
22:34.12annmakonstruct is good when it works
22:34.13AoAannm : I done that several times...
22:34.28annmaAoA: you removed ALL hspell packages?
22:34.30SkrotKhaytsus: 2-3 hours to get the kdebase and kdelibs up with my 1.6GHz Centrino
22:34.38annmaand not reinstall them, just forget about them
22:34.42piggzive no choice to compile a kernel atm.....just got a new laptop and everything is working apart fom cardbus :( hoping a newer kernel than the mandirva one will work
22:34.42AoAannma : all I had installed
22:34.49annmaspo now they are all gone?
22:35.02annmaAoA: you don't have them anymore?
22:35.33annmaAoA: and you still have the hspell error?
22:35.48AoAo , yes, that is strande annma
22:36.01annmaAoA: you have rto run configure again in kdelibs
22:36.06annmacd kdelibs
22:36.25annmado it that way to see
22:36.46annmakonstruct is maybe good but you have no control
22:36.56annmaand I don't knwo how it works
22:37.03Khaytsusannma: Noody does :(
22:37.12litbannme, yes. that's sooo right
22:37.18piggzoh, here is a good working on my laptop, and have a session running on my can i take over the session on the pc remotely...freenx/vnc?
22:38.00AoAannma : than I have error that I dont have hspell.h
22:38.25*** join/#kde psibyrion (
22:38.31annmathen your hspell is messed
22:38.40annmadebian hspell is messed
22:38.52annmaask in #debian-kde, will you?
22:38.56*** join/#kde Hobbsee (
22:39.19litbpiggz, go to kcontrol and "internet & network". there is an entry "release workspace", or something liek that (german: "Arbeitsfläche freigeben")
22:39.49annmaAoA: I am looking at what hspell I have
22:39.58tstaerk|KDE4AoA: that is not an "error" that you do not have hspell.
22:40.00annmaAoA: I have none!
22:40.02annma[annma@localhost lib]$ rpm -qa |grep hspell
22:40.02annma[annma@localhost lib]$
22:40.10tstaerk|KDE4AoA: that is an information.
22:40.23annmaI remember it issued a warning but isn't this hspell a hebrew thing?
22:40.35AoAtstaerk|KDE4 : It tells me that I dont have hspell.h and it stops
22:40.35annmaI mean it does not seem to be something I use
22:40.53AoAannma : it is hebrew
22:40.54tstaerk|KDE4AoA: yes! because it completed successfully.
22:40.55annmaAoA: that's impossible, I don't have hspell and I configure kdelibs
22:41.08annmaAoA: paste the exact message
22:41.15*** join/#kde Gonzo (
22:41.19tstaerk|KDE4AoA: find it out: ./configure && echo "configure completed successfully"
22:41.32*** join/#kde pinheiro00 (n=pinheiro@
22:41.38pinheiro00hi guys
22:41.42tstaerk|KDE4annma, this is no error, it is an information after configure
22:41.48AoAannma : whait I couple minutes
22:42.06pinheiro00need some help in building this package
22:42.09annmapaste in pastebin, not there
22:42.17annmapinheiro00: kdenonbeta?
22:42.25annmaa beast
22:42.32annmawhat error? in pastebin
22:42.39pinheiro00KDE requires unsermake 0.4 for the moment
22:42.47Skrotwow. kat majorly fucked up here. kded crashes everytime the kat deamon starts
22:42.54pinheiro00i have unsermake instaled
22:43.04Skrotkde 3.5 with kat 0.6.4
22:43.50annmapinheiro00: ?
22:43.59thiagopinheiro00: where did you get unsermake from?
22:44.08pinheiro00rpm version
22:44.13annmapinheiro00: kdenonbeta can build with automake
22:44.17thiagopinheiro00: which version?
22:44.25pinheiro000.49 i think
22:44.31thiagopinheiro00: I think not
22:44.42pinheiro00letme check
22:44.47thiagoyou're getting that error because you're using KDE 4's admin dir but not the latest unsemrake
22:44.52annmapinheiro00: do
22:44.57annmaunsermake --version
22:45.15annmapaste result
22:45.20pinheiro00gess ints not proply instaled
22:46.09thiagoyour problem is kdenonbeta is deprecated
22:46.10pinheiro00i will try to reinstall it
22:46.15thiagono one changed the svn:externals property
22:46.52thiagogo into it and svn sw
22:47.00pinheiro00its that i want to strat to play with the animated svg's stuf
22:47.15pinheiro00but my coding skils are exactly none
22:47.18*** join/#kde linX (
22:47.34pinheiro00so copiling its prety hard stuf for me
22:47.54pinheiro00well that sounded strange :)
22:48.18pinheiro00building that is
22:49.02annmapinheiro00: will ksvg2 go into kde4?
22:49.28pinheiro00hopfuly this will be done in artur
22:50.00pinheiro00but that is not my areal so im probly sayng worng things
22:50.00annmaqt 4.1?
22:50.15annmaI want to know!
22:50.32pinheiro00mw to ;)
22:50.47*** join/#kde Em (
22:51.36*** join/#kde _metalhedd (
22:51.54*** join/#kde magnetic (
22:52.36pinheiro00this is strange the unsermake rpm i have here has no file in usr/bin
22:53.23Emi would like konqueror to use a certain view profile at every invocation.  is there any way to do that ?  (i'm trying to read the faq...)
22:54.02thiagoEm: how about reading "konqueror --help" ?
22:54.20annmaEm: did you try in KOnqueror the Settings menu -> Save View Profile?
22:54.26strawhi Em
22:54.28Emthiago, well, i have...  does that help me when i'm just clicking on the desktop ?
22:54.33Emhi straw
22:54.40annmaEm: did you try in KOnqueror the Settings menu -> Save View Profile?
22:54.43Emannma, yeah, i have a nice profile all set up
22:54.44thiagoEm: well, change your shortcut on the desktop
22:55.00thiagoEm: save the File Management profile then
22:55.08annmaEm: so it's the shortcut which is wrong>
22:55.08Emit doesn't seem to remember what i tell it.
22:55.42*** part/#kde Cenuij (
22:55.56Emlet me ask something else.  could i alias 'konqueror' to 'konqueror --profile blah' ?
22:56.14Emi'm going to try that.
22:59.50*** join/#kde magnetic (
23:00.19*** join/#kde piggz_ (n=piggz@
23:00.26*** join/#kde Kovecses (
23:01.27*** join/#kde dr_wu (
23:02.56Kovecsesis there a kde app that copies dvd's
23:03.27*** part/#kde pinheiro00 (n=pinheiro@
23:03.31tstaerk|KDE4so... emerge k3b ;)
23:03.46Kovecsessee how easy gentoo is ... lol
23:04.04Gentlethough K3B knows nothing about decss
23:04.09annma;) don't forget to set some crazy flags first!
23:04.39Kovecsesannma: why would i have to set flags for that.... you guys are lost
23:04.46dr_wuand if you get kde 3.5 emerged, let me know how you did it.. :)
23:05.13Kovecsesi have 3.5 emerged
23:05.14GentleKovecses, don't wonder about it, annma merely envies Gentoo users for their feature richness ;)
23:05.16Kovecsesworks great
23:05.34dr_wuok, mind sharing? gentoo noob here..
23:05.36Tm_Thmm, spanky..
23:05.41Tm_Tgentoo yuuuk
23:05.50Tm_Tnow I understand why annma was running
23:06.04annmayeap the whole channel is hijacked
23:06.05Kovecsesdr_wu: kde 3.5 is in testing.. you have to unmask it
23:06.15Kovecsesdo this
23:06.16annmaunmask emerge ebuild
23:06.48Kovecsesno no no
23:06.58annmadr_wu: don't mind me
23:07.07dr_wuKovecses- i gathered that.. I'm a bit leery of the whole unmask thing after a bout with e17.. :)
23:07.09annmamaybe you can query each other,, gentoo guys
23:07.14*** join/#kde Em (
23:07.17dr_wuthanks annma..
23:07.25Kovecsesdr_wu: well thats becuase e17 sucks
23:07.28annmamaybe you can set a #gentoo-kde chan
23:07.32*** join/#kde Worf (
23:07.57Emso yeah.  i mean, even the changes i make to File Management seem forgotten each time i open a new window.  it just ignores them.
23:08.00Kovecsesdamnit the link is down
23:08.04Kovecseslets see
23:08.27annmaok guys, #gentoo-kde exist so maybe all gentoo-related problems can move tehre
23:08.43*** join/#kde aseigo (n=aseigo@kde/aseigo)
23:08.54Kovecsesgentoo doesnt have problems   lol
23:08.59dr_wuits ok Kovecses.. no big deal.. thanks for looking into it.. :)
23:09.40annmaall gento-relates issues or questions
23:09.57annmacan move to #gentoo-kde THANKS
23:10.18Kovecseswere not even talking about it
23:10.56annmae17 is a kde thing?
23:11.02annmaI must have missed it
23:11.24Kovecsesall snoody a-holes can move to #imtoogood
23:11.25annmabecause ubuntu is not kde based
23:11.33Kovecseskubuntu is though
23:11.47annmais there a #kubuntu?
23:11.52Kovecsessure is
23:12.04*** join/#kde rutski89 (
23:12.07annmawell, #gentoo-kde was created to answer specific questions more easily
23:12.15annmalike we have #debian-kde
23:12.36annmait's in the interest of Gentoo users
23:12.42Kovecsesok so then.... this channel shouldnt even exist in your mind
23:12.50annmathere are very competent people in the chan
23:13.15annmaKovecses: I just say that for specific distro-related problems you might need specialists
23:13.26annmaGentoo specialists in kde set the #gentoo-kde
23:13.39GentleKovecses, in theory, this channel is for redirecting distro specific questions. In practice, it's for answering all questions except those depending on real distributions
23:13.57annmaKovecses: you can easily see I know nothing about Gentoo
23:14.10bsstephthere are lots of questions that can be best served here, but ideally they have nothing to do with installation
23:14.23bsstephand there are lots of people who build their own kde, so they don't have an appropriate #distro-kde
23:14.25Gentleannma, you can easily see I know nothing about Ubuntu but still help them with any bugs they encounter
23:14.49annmaGentle: yes but specific stuff like unmask and all cannot be answered
23:15.20annmait depends on the question but usually Gentoo questions are more difficult to answer than other
23:15.26Gentleannma, well, I read up on apt just to be able to answer their questions
23:15.32annmawe all know a bit of dpkg and rpm
23:15.51GentleI have to admit I'm refusing to learn anything about rpms ;)
23:16.06annmaGentle: good! I mentioned #gentoo-kde but I was wrong
23:16.18annmaforget about it
23:16.39Kovecsesannma: no wonder you use debian your just as anal as all the rest of the people in #debian
23:16.49annmaI don't use debian at all
23:17.04Gentle"We don't server your kind" just isn't suitable for a DE channel
23:17.18annmaI am off
23:17.29annmai;ll leave you in your paranoia
23:17.30*** part/#kde annma (n=annma@kde/developer/annma)
23:17.47tstaerk|KDE4good idea... bye
23:19.20*** join/#kde piggz (n=piggz@
23:21.12*** part/#kde AnotherData (
23:25.33*** join/#kde screemo (n=steffi@
23:25.39screemohi there
23:25.42*** join/#kde _knoppix (
23:26.06screemohow can I make kde offer shutdown/restart computer options for nonroot users ?
23:26.19Kovecsesscreemo: distro?
23:26.28*** join/#kde Ash-Fox (
23:26.34screemoKovecses, dont kill me.... but its gentoo :)
23:26.45Kovecseswhy would i kill you
23:26.47screemoit aint to popular in here i know
23:27.00Kovecsesyeah they already flamed me for using it
23:27.30Kovecsesi didnt have to do anything special to allow a user to shutdown?
23:27.46screemohmm, it might just be some permissions
23:27.50screemoalthough i'm not sure
23:27.57*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
23:28.08treati use gentoo
23:28.13Kovecseswhat groups did you put yourself in?
23:28.30screemoKovecses, just about any group there is :)
23:28.35screemoclose to root
23:29.00*** join/#kde Distro^Junkie (
23:29.01Kovecsesdid you ask in #gentoo
23:29.14Kovecsesor #gentoo-kde
23:29.18screemonope, they often cant answer specific kde things
23:29.24screemooh, didnt know that
23:34.34*** part/#kde screemo (n=steffi@
23:39.12*** join/#kde DirkGently^ (
23:40.18*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
23:41.18*** part/#kde Kovecses (
23:42.56*** part/#kde AoA (n=Gost@
23:43.40*** join/#kde straw (
23:47.36*** join/#kde AoA (n=Gost@
23:49.52*** join/#kde nuxil (n=octan@
23:49.57nuxilhello people..
23:50.17*** join/#kde dec0der (n=binarian@
23:51.15nuxilwhat files or where do i put stuff when i want to add a application to the menus.. not intressted in know the gui options..
23:53.28*** join/#kde j0tt_ (
23:54.17*** join/#kde nondysjunction (
23:54.17*** part/#kde psibyrion (
23:54.27*** join/#kde Shaikun (
23:55.20nuxilwhat file is the menu saved in.. where is the conf file
23:56.03gregdaynuxil: it is not just one file
23:56.12gregdaynuxil: you want to look in $KDEDIR/share/applnk
23:58.01*** join/#kde qfh (
23:58.05nuxilgregday thxz
23:58.22*** join/#kde dnakata (n=dnakata@2001:470:1f00:488:2:0:0:1)
23:58.45dnakataeum, every single kioslave i have locks up X input whenever i try to .. use one
23:59.00dnakatafor example: K => Run Command => file://<locks>
23:59.09dnakataor smb://calypso/<locks>
23:59.14dnakataor cvs://... etc.
23:59.27dnakatais there any good reason for this
23:59.43dnakatai'd tell you what version of kde i'm running, but, well, i can't.  it'll lock up.

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