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00:00.18Knowerrorsmonitors memory, cpu, net activity etc using colored bars...
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00:03.06DirkGentlyKnowerrors: ksysmon?
00:04.07KnowerrorsDirkGently: couldn't find that in my repositories :(
00:05.15DirkGentlyit's called System Monitor
00:13.07dev1khow can I minimize all the windows at once in kde?
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00:14.51strawdev1k: add the Desktop Access button to your panel (kicker)
00:14.51we2bycan't you have window shadow with ati cards?
00:15.39dev1kawesome, thanks a  lot
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00:36.16peratuHi. I'm using konqueror 3.5, but I don't find the adblock option. Where is it?
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00:40.03DirkGentlyKnowerrors: ktimemon sorry
00:40.04Columcilleperatu: I see it in the configure konqueror screen
00:40.10radfojperatu: Konqueror > Settings > Adblock
00:40.30xzperatu: settings->configure konqueror->adblock filters
00:41.49KnowerrorsDirkGently: ok, thx
00:42.03peratuI don't have the Adblock option.
00:43.13Inv1s1blewhere is the Trash directory that KDE uses?
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00:45.09xzInv1s1ble: ~/.local/share/Trash maybe
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00:45.44xzInv1s1ble: (use find to find things called trash: find ~ -iname "*trash*")
00:46.00Inv1s1bleI'm not actually in KD3
00:46.13Inv1s1bleI'm in Gnome but I deleted something using K3B :)
00:47.00xzInv1s1ble: do you have that directory ^ ? is it in there? you could also use find to search for the filename of the tihng you deleted
00:47.30Inv1s1blecrap..yea I should have done that
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00:52.24darkcmdhi, are there any qt themes that look like the gtk2 theme when you don't set one....
00:53.29radomeanyone using Konqueror successfully with comcast Web Mail Client?  My installation doesn't do well with the CONTENT="0; URL=/wmc/v/wmgoto" thing.  If I manually add it to the It works.  Whats up?
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00:55.36Eno_where can i find dcop info for kmix? i'm trying to configre a khotkeys shortcut to control volume and can't find another way to do this
00:56.21xzdarkcmd: qtcurve is supposed to fix up both i think
00:56.49Eno_nm, i found a page
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00:57.10darkcmdxz: but that makes it the bluecurve theme, which I do not like
00:57.26darkcmdis the a QT3/4 equal to the KDE2 default theme
00:59.45Eno_dcop kmix Mixer0 increaseVolume 0
01:00.35firephotoEno, you can right click on the mixer bars in kmix and assigne short cuts
01:01.05firephotoit took me a year to figure that one out.
01:01.11Eno_at least i learned a little about dcop :)
01:01.14Eno_and how cool it is :)
01:01.19firephotoyeah, dcop is handy.
01:04.01Eno_but yeah... i'd never think of right clicking there
01:04.06Eno_but it works now, thanks :)
01:04.45darkcmdwhat theme is this?
01:07.03darkcmdI'm serious
01:07.10mobtekoh :)
01:07.29mobtekthe window dec or the style?
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01:09.01firephotoit just the original keramik isn't it? kde 3.0 ? maybe keramik wasn't around then...
01:09.16mobteknah don't think it was
01:09.52firephotooh, i see the title bars are short....
01:09.52ftzdomin1does KDE have the same sort of segfaults related to hyperthreading that Amarok used to?  it seems like all k* apps segfault for me after a couple hours
01:10.40ftzdomin1the first thing i see in the segfault has something to do with a thread lib
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01:13.50drivamgr2006Thiago, ya still here???
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01:14.55darkcmdman.. I'm sick of the inconsistancies between GTK and QT
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01:19.27Knowerrorsanybody use kcheckgmail?
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01:22.13DhraakellianI used to
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01:28.38KhaytsusI just updated to 3.5.0 using kde-redhat, and my panel only unhides in the bottom-left corner of the screen.  Is this normal?  The kcontrol panel (kcmshell panel) has nothing in the window
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01:35.19unholyI'm running mandriva2006, and kde dies on me from time to time. It usually happens when I click on the icon in the system tray, but it can just die on its own initiative too. Has anyone else experienced this, or know what the problem could be?
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01:39.44KhaytsusAny suggestions?  It's rather weird
01:40.07Knowerrorsis there any plugin or kde addon to have a system tray hide button? or autohide inactive?
01:40.33KhaytsusI'm not finding any of the preferences for autohide, the panel control is empty
01:41.22KhaytsusThe kcontrol Desktop Panels display is blank
01:42.04Khaytsuskcmshell panel doesn't show any errors or anything
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01:43.20KnowerrorsKhaytsus: right click on k panel, go to configure, hiding
01:43.36Knowerrorsset your preferences for hide/show/autohide there
01:43.42KhaytsusIt's blank :(
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01:44.15KhaytsusActually if I right-click on the panel I get the "configure the panel taskbar" Taskbar config, none other
01:44.19Netslayersomeone (i'm too lazy) should report this bug or bad design: add the address bar to your kicker and type in, the kicker will freeze. for starters it uses the kickers thread, and it doesn't come back.
01:44.31Netslayeri'm running 3.5.0
01:44.45Netslayer(run command applet)
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01:45.04*** topic/#kde by Ze_M -> Latest releases: stable: 3.5. See | KDE FAQ: | Please don't flood the channel, use a paste service: | Please state your distribution and KDE version when asking questions | New features in d evelopment versions:
01:45.05*** topic/#kde by ChanServ -> Latest releases: stable: 3.5. See | KDE FAQ: | Please don't flood the channel, use a paste service: | Please state your distribution and KDE version when asking questions | New features in development versions:
01:46.16KhaytsusMaybe the kde-redhat build is bad.  Maybe be an update in a few days, it's not a huge issue.  I didn't think it'd be a KDE proper issue.
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02:17.17dev1kis there anyway I can make the system tray icons smaller...  and leave the rest the same size
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02:23.52Gumbycan anyone tell me what file has the settings for kdm.  the background behind my user list is completely white, yet my page background is a different color.
02:24.12Gumbyso I have a big white rectangle behind my user list in kdm and the rest of the page look as it should
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02:25.05lun4ticsomebody there?
02:25.41Ringwraith`a lunatic is not available to answer your call.
02:28.13lun4ticRingwraith`, just askin cause here it's 3:30 in the mornin :)
02:28.21xz1.30pm here
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02:31.41lun4ticdoes someone know how to change the animated logo in konqueror? i still have the old one with the "3d gear" on white ground and want the new one that i've seen which looks like the kde 3.4 logo
02:31.49lun4ticwhere can i get that one?
02:32.14lun4tici have kde 3.4.3
02:33.13lun4ticin german it says "animiertes logo", i fon't know what it is called in the english kde version
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02:38.16Walzmyncan K make windows transparent?
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02:39.16snowgeesetrying to install superkaramba
02:39.47WalzmynI have that, all it does is help you instal themes
02:40.09snowgeesehow do install that
02:40.20snowgeesei want  weather thing here
02:40.21Columcillesnowgeese: what version of kde?
02:40.23Walzmynwhat distro are you useing?
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02:40.31snowgeese3.4 i think
02:40.36Columcillewhat distro?
02:40.48snowgeesehow i tell\
02:40.58Walzmynwhere did you download it from?
02:41.10snowgeeseit came with debain
02:41.22Walzmynahh, just grab the package for superkaramba out of kpackage
02:42.25lun4ticfound it on
02:42.39lun4ticseems like they call those thingys "throbber" :D
02:43.30snowgeesei cant  find it in kde
02:44.02Walzmynyou'll have to instal is useing kpackage or synaptic
02:44.20Walzmynopen kpackage and search for superkaramba
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02:48.59Walzmynsnowgeese, haveing any luck?
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02:50.06drivamgr2006Sorry thiago - I'm enquiring in distro specific channel now about my problem.
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02:55.05snowgeesei dont have super karba packadge on ehre
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02:59.44Walzmynand your useing debian?
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03:01.48Walzmynsnowgeese, you there?
03:01.51scottnDoes anyone know how to start a new konsole instance from bash via dcop and get it's instance id back so that the script can control the created instance?
03:02.10snowgeesetried  it now way to get  it
03:02.20snowgeeseso  i gues ii can get it
03:02.33Walzmynyou did not see superkaramba when you searched for it?
03:02.55snowgeeseits  somepacage hidden
03:03.09Walzmynok, click on "settings" and select "configure kpackage"
03:03.18Theory_scottn: you can get its pid right?
03:03.22Walzmynthen make sure the debian respository is selected
03:03.55snowgeesewere do i  do that
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03:04.31Walzmynat the top of kpackage, the menu bar - select "settings"
03:04.42Walzmynthen hit "configure kpackage"
03:05.16Walzmynthere'll be a list of repositories (sp) make sure the debian one is selected. In fact, unselect anything else
03:05.50scottnTheory_: In principle yet. But if I have three or four sessions running how do I know the pid is the one of the newly created one. I feel I'm missing something really obvious here but I can't see the wood for the trees :-(
03:06.19Theory_when you say new konsole instance
03:06.21snowgeeseno what
03:06.23Theory_do you mean as in a new copy of konsole
03:06.25Theory_or a new tab?
03:06.28Walzmynsearch again
03:06.41scottnNew copy of konsole. A new tab I know how to handle.
03:07.43KhaytsusSOmeone on 3.5, does right-click on KMenu, KMenuEdit work?
03:07.58snowgeesesays pack not found
03:08.23Walzmynsomething is wrong here, because I just did all that I told you to and it popped right up
03:08.31Theory_konsole &
03:08.36Theory_dcop konsole-$!
03:08.49snowgeesewhat else can i doo
03:09.10WalzmynAt the top of kpackage, do you have the tap "all" selected?
03:09.57scottnThanks Theory_. It was the $! I was missing :-( I should have know that but as I said sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees :-(
03:10.35Walzmynok, only other thing I know to try is apt-get
03:10.42Walzmynopen a terminal
03:10.55snowgeesein apt-get it says refered to as another packagee
03:11.11snowgeesemaybe il  try this apt-get uninstall
03:11.27Walzmynok, you're famliar with apt-get, sorry.
03:11.39Walzmynrefered to as another package? you mean it's missing a depencency?
03:11.49snowgeeseguess so
03:12.01Walzmyndo you have regular karamba installed?
03:13.58snowgeesemaybe how do i look for that
03:15.35Walzmyneasiest way would be in the menu. Super and regular karamba are exclusive. uninstalling regular might help
03:16.28snowgeesei added that karaba rebular one going try apt get superkarambar
03:18.05snowgeesestil refered to another package and woint   install
03:18.30Ringwraith`well point at it
03:18.54Walzmynwhat is the missing package?
03:19.51snowgeesei dont have idea
03:19.58snowgeeseil try udate maybe
03:20.02Walzmynit dosn't tell you?
03:22.03snowgeesethanks i gave up
03:22.25Walzmynsorry bud
03:22.42WalzmynI'm runnig MEPIS which is a branch of debian and i had no trouble with installing it
03:22.46snowgeeseno sense tying al night
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03:22.59snowgeesesometing aint right
03:23.12snowgeeseil ask in ebian room
03:23.15snowgeesei guess
03:23.26snowgeesetake care
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03:25.54[MuttleY]hi, I'm having problems with artsd on kde 3.5. Can anyone help me?
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03:28.40Ze_M[MuttleY]: please change ur nick
03:29.01Ze_Mcan u please do rpm -qa|grep arts
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03:30.56RabugentOmy problem is the same bug on kde beta
03:30.57Ze_Mdo u want me to help u?
03:31.11KhaytsusYou probably need to say what the problem IS.
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03:31.53RabugentOthe arts daemon can't exec on kde loading
03:31.54Ringwraith`Khaytsus,  or was or will be in a moment
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03:32.05dev1khi again
03:32.07Ze_MRabugentO: im stil waiting for u paste what i ask
03:32.08Gumbydoes anyone here know anything about kdm? I am trying to figure out why the background behind my user list is straight white.  Ive seen the same theme I am using have a transparent background behind its userlist so the actual page background is show. (or maybe its just a background behind the userlist that happens to match the page background)
03:32.38Gumbyhopefully that makes sense
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03:33.01Ze_MGumby: did u changed the background or just installed kdebase? if u just installed kde from cooker i can explain u why
03:33.37GumbyZe_M: nope, not cooker.  its kde3.5 on gentoo.  I changed the background of kdm as well as the splash background
03:33.56Gumbybut the userlist is just a big white rectangle with the usernames and icons on top of it
03:34.05Ze_MGumby: the desktop theme differs from kdm background
03:34.16Ze_MGumby: ah yes
03:34.23Ze_MGumby: that is due to kdm
03:34.29Gumbyany way to fix that?
03:34.46Ze_Mu have a bad kdm config, maybe just regenerate it, but not always work
03:35.06Ze_Mi would advise you to catch a kdmrc file from a previous instal and replace it
03:35.16Gumbyok, I'll give that a go.  thx
03:35.17Ze_Mor edit kdmrc
03:36.13Ze_MRabugentO: whats ur distro?
03:36.34Ze_Mmy apologies abour rpm, i miss confused
03:37.14Ze_MRabugentO: be more specific about the arts prob, there is a recent prob about mcop but dont know if thats ur case
03:37.55RabugentOwait a minute
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03:40.29RabugentO#Ze_M my problem is the same that page
03:42.07RabugentOsuse users have the same problem :(
03:42.36Ze_MRabugentO: ill have a look
03:43.57GumbyZe_M: hrm, unfortunately no luck
03:44.01KhaytsusZe_M: If you try to launch Menu Editor from right-click on KMenu, does it work?
03:44.13GumbyI'll try grab the rc from the distro that it works on
03:44.18*** join/#kde Oadae (
03:44.24Ze_MRabugentO: like you theres a libmcop* related crash, so i advise to update ur arts in svn branch_3.5 but remember dont put artswrapper or ull have a big annoyng prob about appearing every 5 secs a window error about mcop dir creation
03:45.19Ze_MKhaytsus: mine works but i do kde rpms for mandriva and as u know they xdg based and so need some patches, so in my case it runs menudrake
03:45.54RabugentOOK. thanks
03:46.23Ze_Mno prob
03:47.13*** join/#kde Noch (n=trevor@
03:47.36Ze_MRabugentO: i wanted to say to dont put artswrapper setuid
03:48.21RabugentOOK, I understand
03:48.40RabugentOthank you
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03:59.42TheBeastkopete sees my webcam without any kind of problems. however Yahoo Messenger users cannot see it. do you think it's actually possible to broadcast?
04:05.49*** join/#kde morteoh (n=morteoh@
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04:11.31dev1kis it possible, in kde to make the quick start icons smaller?
04:13.50*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
04:14.16Ze_Mdev1k: smaller than what?
04:14.29Ze_Mdev1k: you know u can change icon sizes, right?
04:14.45Ze_Mthe minimum is 16x16 than is smaller enough
04:14.50dev1kthey're way to big.. I want to have 6 on there...    can I change just those though, I want the progam task buttomns to stay the same
04:15.16Ze_Mdev1k: u can right click and see option u know?
04:15.44dev1kI know.. but then it makes everything small
04:15.51Ze_Mso ?
04:16.02dev1kI just want the program buttons small so I can get more on there
04:16.26Ze_Mdidnt u just said " I know.. but then it makes everything small" ?
04:16.37*** join/#kde DaSkreech (
04:16.46dev1kI don;t want everything small.. just the buttons on the left
04:16.52DaSkreechDoes anyone know about Knowledge?
04:16.59Ze_Mbuttons on left???
04:17.24dev1kyeah, kmenu, terminal, home, kontact
04:17.47Ze_Mif u talking about panel u can only resize panel thats what matters, u cant resize ones and others not
04:17.50Ze_Mmakes no sense
04:18.43Ze_Mknowledge of wat?
04:18.53DaSkreechthe KDE4 app
04:19.08Ze_Mwhat does it have?
04:19.14DaSkreechan offline cache for Wikipedia?
04:19.17dev1kI'd like to have 8-10 quick program launches....  but I don't want them reaching half way across the screen
04:19.36Ze_Mdev1k: already answered you
04:19.57*** join/#kde jbever (
04:19.58dev1kso its all or nothing.. I can just shrink one set of them
04:20.08Ze_Mdev1k: poor one
04:20.23dev1kZe_M, ok.... thanks..
04:20.53Ze_MDaSkreech: dont know about it
04:21.04Ze_Mbut im not the best person to say about kde4
04:21.12DaSkreechKnow about knoware?
04:21.26Ze_Mnow i have to go to bed, night
04:21.43DaSkreechnight night
04:22.06DaSkreechWonder if annma will turn up :)
04:23.51*** join/#kde neopc (
04:28.25DaSkreechAnyone awake?
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04:34.13TheBeastkopete sees my webcam without any kind of problems. however Yahoo Messenger users cannot see it. do you think it's actually possible to broadcast?
04:36.58TheBeastthis is not a support channel
04:37.29cpwyou're right, it's a volunteer support channel :P
04:38.12cpwcause like.. the entire world should have a webcam, use kopete, and have yahoo messenger friends..
04:38.15*** join/#kde eisregen (n=poison@tor/session/x-c46c0f54755433e5)
04:38.25DaSkreechWouldn't be all bad :)
04:38.31eisregenhi =)
04:38.33DaSkreechExcept for the yahoo! menssenger tem of course
04:38.55DaSkreechthat would kinda suck to make an app that pretty much only gets used in your office
04:41.21eisregencan somebody give me a little help with konqi and css/font size ? I declare a font size 'larger', in konqi 3.4 it was twice as large as 'normal', in konqi 3.5 it's the same size ....
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04:58.26t4xil4bsanyone know why after updating kde i have many times a message on my lcd "Display Changed Lcd On" ?
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05:38.44t4xil4bsanyone know why after updating kde i have many times a message on my lcd "Display Changed Lcd On" ?
05:40.03*** part/#kde mirekr_ (
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05:43.00DaSkreechHow'd you get the music icons?
05:57.26DeadS0ulhave no clue
05:57.36DeadS0ulkonversation just displays'em
05:57.38DeadS0uli can't see'em though
06:03.09Cenuijheh :)
06:06.18Cenuijno idea, i just pasted it from DeadS0ul's line...
06:07.09DaSkreechOf course :)
06:08.03CenuijDeadS0ul: what script?
06:08.47strawyou can paste it from kcharselect. not sure how you'd produce it with a keyboard
06:08.53DeadS0ulno script, i just did /media
06:08.54Cenuijaltho both being kde apps and amarok having pretty usefull features over dcop it shoudlnt be needed
06:09.37DaSkreechHmm knoware seems stalled :(
06:11.07DeadS0ulI like this cover, sounds damn cool
06:11.10DaSkreechyou played that already
06:11.46straw☼ ♥
06:12.11DeadS0ulhaha yeah I love it!
06:12.24DeadS0ulnone of the other covers in this album are that great
06:12.54DeadS0ulthere's this
06:13.33DeadS0ulthe other ones I don't really recognise =|
06:13.51DeadS0ulRandom Fortune: By the way, I can hardly feel sorry for you... All last night I had to listen  to her tears, so great they were redirected to a stream. What? Of _course_  you didn't know. You and your little group no longer have any permissions  around here. She changed her .lock files, too. -- Kevin M. Bealer, commenting on the private life of a Linux nerd
06:14.30DeadS0ulheh so many scripts built into konversation
06:14.34DeadS0ulQt: 3.3.5
06:14.34DeadS0ulKDE: 3.4.3
06:14.34DeadS0ulkde-config: 1.0
06:15.22DaSkreechYeah Should be a bannable offence :)
06:16.24*** join/#kde ankurnayak (i=EatMySho@
06:18.21*** join/#kde Arzie (
06:23.30DaSkreechOk I'll try and hunt down Knowledge tomorrow
06:32.44*** join/#kde Flendor (i=Flendor@
06:32.52FlendorGood morning.
06:35.20*** join/#kde gdnelson (
06:35.59*** join/#kde yzrider088 (
06:36.05yzrider088how do i make kde launch windows in a new process
06:42.55*** join/#kde king_elessar (
06:49.19*** join/#kde marc (
06:53.25*** join/#kde hunt0r (
07:10.29*** join/#kde mr-rich (
07:10.37mr-richany quanta ppl here?
07:19.28*** join/#kde plfiorini (
07:20.53DaSkreechShould check if there are any people here first
07:21.16cpwI just made a mean old irssi alias with bash and dcop to display playing mp3's :P
07:27.44*** join/#kde kakalto (
07:28.01kakaltoI just updated konqueror to 3.5, and right click on an ad, but find no adblock  option... am I missing something?
07:28.49mr-richwell, quanta won't let me create a remote fish project ...
07:29.31mr-richit will let me open a file ... or a project ... just not create a new one ...
07:29.42mr-richwhich ... sucks
07:38.46*** join/#kde fredE (
07:41.49*** part/#kde gdnelson (
07:44.12*** join/#kde aleiber (
07:44.33*** join/#kde fredE (
07:53.15*** join/#kde ods15 (
07:53.23ods15does kde work just fine without arts?
07:53.47ods15if i have alsa, and it supports several connections just fine
07:54.36DeadS0ularts is a general back end, use it if you can
07:54.58ods15it's slow, cpu consuming, and causes a big annoying delay between event and sound
07:55.00DeadS0ulfor sound intensive apps, they usually support a more powerful backend on their own
07:55.10DeadS0ulturn up real time priority
07:55.16ods15thats even worse
07:56.38*** join/#kde fredE (
07:56.54DeadS0ularts is not that bad
07:58.10*** join/#kde skypa (
08:00.21*** join/#kde dimm0k (
08:00.51dimm0kwhen i start up kde, it restores the volume to 50% instead of whatever i had it last...  is there a way to change this?
08:01.39strawyou're using kmix to adjust volume?
08:02.03DeadS0ulyeah that's probably your alsa save and restore scripts
08:02.23*** part/#kde ods15 (
08:02.24dimm0kactually using alsamixer to adjust
08:02.41dimm0kthe alsa save and restore scripts come into play starting kde?
08:02.54ArzieNo, at bootup.
08:03.00strawtry using kmix, or set kmix to not restore volume
08:03.00ArzieUhm, boot or start up ;).
08:03.44dimm0koh well it's when i leave kde and start it up again, the volume's back to 50%
08:05.08strawdid you adjust it with kmix?
08:05.38dimm0kjust did...  also found an option in kmix that restores volume on login...  that might just do it
08:06.31*** join/#kde SMiLeaf (
08:06.32strawthat's what i've been referring to
08:06.42SMiLeafhmm.. I got disconnected.
08:07.26dimm0kstraw, oops, thanks
08:08.05DeadS0ulhal and udev fucked up on me last night, when I did ps -e i found all these extra processes by hal.
08:08.28DeadS0uland udev wouldn't recognise any devices I plugged in, even after I restarted it
08:15.38*** join/#kde fredE (
08:21.51*** join/#kde mabu (
08:25.26*** part/#kde dimm0k (
08:29.42*** join/#kde markey (n=shrike@amarok/developer/markey)
08:34.53*** join/#kde _mobtek_ (
08:36.07markeygumby, mobtek
08:36.12markeyis that a local greeting?
08:39.32mobtekdamn kvirc is fiddly
08:40.08mobtekok back to konvi, this is horrible :) even if it does have bad transparency :)
08:40.51*** join/#kde mobtek (
08:42.18mobtekmarkey: gumbychuckles
08:42.32mobtekdude I sold Gumby videos at our garage sale yesterday
08:42.44mobteksome young dude came in and went wow gumby!
08:43.14markeyok, wikipedia to the help
08:43.19markeyGumby is a green clay humanoid figure who was the subject of a series of television shows totaling 223 episodes over a three-and-a-half decade period, animated using stop motion photography, known as claymation. The shows also featured Pokey, an orange clay horse, and Gumby's nemeses, the Block-heads.
08:43.30SMiLeafgumby is cool
08:44.08*** join/#kde skypa (
08:44.08strawcan't for get Mr. Bill
08:47.15*** join/#kde robert_ (
08:47.25robert_hey guys- I have an issue here
08:47.55robert_I've just reinstalled xorg, and now, I'm getting my .ICEauthority file chown'ed whenever X inits
08:49.44robert_(KDE 3.4.2, running SuSE 9.3 Professional)
08:55.22SMiLeafrobert_: I think you might have a bit more luck over in #suse ;)
08:55.32SMiLeafX != KDE
08:56.45robert_Okay, let me rephrase
08:57.09robert_my .ICEauthority "magically" re-owns itself to root / users when I attempt to start kde
08:58.16robert_not only that
08:58.22robert_it re-permissions itself aswell
08:58.29robert_which is effing odd
08:58.34*** join/#kde MrGrim (
08:58.57*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
08:58.59robert_what could be doing that?
08:59.09SMiLeafdoesn't happen here in gentoo :/ ..
08:59.27robert_well, I recently had to undergo a reinstall of X
08:59.44robert_if that helps anything
09:02.00SMiLeafdunno sounds more like an X issue.. don't think kde even uses that file but then I have no clue.
09:02.08*** join/#kde greg (
09:06.54robert_SMiLeaf: it does- "The following installation problem was detected while trying to start KDE- No write access to `/home/robert_/.ICEauthority' KDE is unable to start"
09:07.06robert_is the message I get while trying to startup
09:07.25*** join/#kde Filip (
09:08.05SMiLeafrobert_: are you sure it changes when trying to log in.. or after X loads?
09:08.45robert_changes to what/ the error?
09:09.38robert_or that it tries to start kde?
09:11.03SMiLeafchanges the permissions on that file
09:12.10robert_I personally change it each time I try to get into kde
09:12.43SMiLeafwhen does it change it back then?...
09:13.05robert_sometime inbetween starting X and starting ksmserver
09:13.22SMiLeafbe helpful to know exactly when ;)
09:16.45robert_when does ksmserver start?
09:17.19SMiLeafduring the startkde script.
09:17.28robert_hm, let me look then
09:17.39SMiLeafafter forking and after dcopserver and kauncher
09:17.46*** join/#kde fredE (
09:18.38SMiLeafoops.. guess kded and kcminit.. then ksmserver
09:19.09robert_I am
09:23.44SMiLeafhmm.. to sleep .. or to start on this design?
09:26.14SMiLeafa new look for :)
09:27.18*** join/#kde tilrman (
09:30.36*** join/#kde texnofobix (n=nemo3383@
09:30.51*** join/#kde AlphaUser (
09:31.10robert_I can't even get it working if I hack the script
09:31.34AlphaUserHello. I'm running KDE 3.4.2, I'd like to know if there's a way to open multiple programs with a single desktop item (preferrably without a parent window)
09:32.18robert_IE. if I `chmod 666` it inside startkde, then make the startkde script setuid
09:32.40*** join/#kde halcyonCorsair (
09:32.53*** join/#kde MenZa` (
09:34.32*** join/#kde spiko (n=spiko@
09:35.37*** join/#kde iblechbot (n=iblechbo@
09:35.40*** join/#kde eichi (
09:36.03SMiLeafAlphaUser: try using "command1; command2" ?
09:36.06eichiome here? i have a problem with my konqueror, i cant create a new folder by right click menu :(
09:37.00AlphaUserSMiLeaf-  I'll give it a shot
09:37.05*** join/#kde isali_ (
09:38.00AlphaUserSMiLeaf-  That opens one after another :(
09:38.22AlphaUserSMiLeaf-  command & command works
09:38.25SMiLeafAlphaUser: yah?
09:38.26AlphaUserSMiLeaf-  Thanks :)
09:39.46SMiLeafMmm.. think I'll sleep.. no idea is really hitting me yet as a "that'd be awesome!" :|
09:40.15SMiLeafI got key points I wanna hit made up :)
09:41.49robert_SMiLeaf: I can't even get it working by 'chmod 666'ing it inside the script, and making the script setuid
09:42.07SMiLeafrobert_: ya.. I saw that.
09:42.23robert_hm, nothing then?
09:42.31SMiLeafwould appear then it would be after the script.
09:42.48SMiLeafor after where you put that line.
09:43.52*** join/#kde sancho (
09:43.58halcyonCorsairis it possible to move tabs in konqueror?
09:44.25robert_whch is basically where startkde calls ksmserver
09:45.27SMiLeafhalcyonCorsair: I'm gonna have to say no :/
09:46.59halcyonCorsairSMiLeaf: so we can sorta copy them, but not actually move them?
09:47.07SMiLeafhalcyonCorsair: yup
09:47.53*** join/#kde crashbg (n=crash@
09:51.55*** join/#kde rene (
09:52.09halcyonCorsairdamn beineri for his misleading blog
09:52.35eichii have a problem with my konqueror, i cant create a new folder by right click menu :( no one can help?
09:53.31SMiLeafwhat error message.. etc.
09:53.36robert_anyone have any ideas why my .ICEauthority seemingly magically changes owner/permissions when I try to start kde?
09:53.49eichinothing?! the endy doesnt exist
09:53.56robert_create one? manually?
09:54.10eichino, but isnt is default entry?
09:54.28SMiLeafeichi: your not trying to create one that starts with a period right? :)
09:55.04SMiLeafyou do also realize that no directory is created until you hit Ok or enter.
09:55.53eichii cant hit enter or okay...bacause the entry "create new" --> "folder" doenst exist any more
09:56.00paradocseichi is your media rw
09:56.12SMiLeafeichi: protocol?
09:56.25eichiwe are talking about different things ;)
09:56.31SMiLeafmedia:/ ftp:/  ?
09:56.42SMiLeafnormal /home/name ?
09:57.20SMiLeafyes what? .. which one?
09:57.39eichithere is no problem creating a now folder, i HAVENT GOT e entry in the right click clear? ;)
09:57.47eichinow =new
09:58.13SMiLeafwhere tho?.. what does the location box say in where your trying to make one?
09:58.41*** join/#kde dhaumann (
09:58.43eichii cant make one without a entry "create new folder" ?!?!
09:58.46paradocsnew will not show if the media is read only, are you mounted read write?
09:59.28eichione moment
09:59.35eichii make screenhot
09:59.48SMiLeafeichi: no you don't understand.. where.... I don't care that it's not there or that you can't create one. I care about where you are trying to do this? you must have write access in order for this entry to appear. :/
10:00.53eichilol okay, but for shure, i have write access on my home folder
10:02.47SMiLeafOk it's not a write access issue.. looks like a messed up install :/
10:03.44eichii guess, i havent got a package i need.....i dont use kde -> dont have much kde packages
10:03.48DirkGentlyeichi: do you get the same with a different user account?
10:03.58eichione moment
10:04.19SMiLeafhmm.. I was going to go sleep a while ago .. x.x;;
10:04.45eichiyes root hasn't got one too
10:05.00eichigood night
10:05.08DirkGentlylogging on to KDE as root?
10:05.22eichikdesu konqueror i tryed
10:05.31eichii dont use kde
10:05.36eichionly konqueror
10:06.16eichiand i don't login a desktop as root :P
10:06.37DirkGentlyyou need at least kdelibs and kdebase to run konqueror
10:06.55DirkGentlyeichi: I hope not too :¬)
10:06.57*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
10:08.03eichituxer eichi # epm -q kdelibs kdebase
10:08.03eichipackage kdebase is not installed
10:09.02*** join/#kde treat (
10:10.49*** join/#kde ponto (
10:13.04eichiDirkGently:~> that cant be the problem ;)
10:14.49*** join/#kde Sparki (
10:17.30*** join/#kde el (
10:18.00*** join/#kde ldo (
10:18.14*** join/#kde mike-m (i=mike@unaffiliated/mike-m)
10:19.17*** join/#kde tvo (
10:19.17*** join/#kde ldo (
10:20.09*** part/#kde ldo (
10:20.49*** join/#kde Columbo0815 (
10:21.08*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
10:25.40*** join/#kde Thunder (
10:27.06Columbo0815hi, is it possible to use xdmcp with cygwin? i only get the "x-grid"
10:28.03Thunderhi, i want to emerge/compile kde 3.5.0 in gentoo but when compiling kdeaddons-3.5.0 it crashes hardly, it looks like a coding misstake or so, can some help me how i can do a workaround or so? Here is the output:
10:28.45*** join/#kde blackdragon (
10:29.59*** join/#kde _chris (
10:30.42*** join/#kde GraveDigger (
10:31.05GraveDiggermoin there
10:31.26*** join/#kde Worf (
10:31.55*** join/#kde Armi^ (
10:32.27Thunderhi GraveDigger ^^
10:32.55*** join/#kde pinucset (
10:34.06*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
10:34.32*** join/#kde asheron (
10:35.35SparkiThunder: parse errors may come from bad #define combinations resulting in invalid code (just a guess)
10:36.13*** join/#kde shadowcat (
10:36.39SparkiThunder: check config.h which defines are set and try to read mainWidget.h applying the defines
10:37.52*** join/#kde Ci-Dev_ (
10:38.13*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
10:38.18*** join/#kde Armi^ (
10:39.54*** join/#kde emeteo (n=NoSwPate@kde/developer/mteijeiro)
10:42.25*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
10:42.39*** join/#kde physos (
10:42.43*** join/#kde The_Ball (n=alex@
10:44.04*** join/#kde iblechbot_ (n=iblechbo@
10:45.13*** join/#kde Flunse (n=Flunse@wikipedia/Flunse)
10:48.17*** part/#kde Columbo0815 (
10:49.24*** join/#kde Zeep (n=tarin@
10:49.59*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
10:50.50*** join/#kde lordpatman (
10:55.49*** join/#kde g8m (
10:57.52*** part/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
10:58.18*** join/#kde Hobbsee (
11:01.30*** join/#kde doktoreas (
11:05.10*** join/#kde aa_ (n=ali@pida/aa)
11:05.48aa_hi, Ihave a dumb question. How can I configure how gtk aps appear in kde? I mean things like toolbar settings -> icons only etc.. is it possible?
11:08.09*** join/#kde langenberg (
11:08.32*** join/#kde bUscher-g2 (
11:09.12*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
11:11.13*** join/#kde bram85 (
11:16.07*** join/#kde bobibobi (n=bobibobi@
11:16.32*** join/#kde tijmen (
11:20.48*** join/#kde ingo (
11:21.25*** join/#kde egonw_ (
11:21.38*** part/#kde egonw_ (
11:22.03*** join/#kde wrs_ (
11:22.32*** part/#kde Scytale (n=scy@unaffiliated/scytale)
11:22.49*** part/#kde wrs_ (
11:23.31halcyonCorsairaa_: umm, i think for that you need to install gtk-engines-qt
11:23.43halcyonCorsairif your meaning what i think
11:24.28aa_halcyonCorsair: seems I just had to run anything starting with the word gnome- to kick it into action
11:26.25*** join/#kde cbr (
11:26.26*** join/#kde rabauke (n=rabauke@u-2-025.vpn.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
11:26.42*** join/#kde summsumm (
11:26.55aa_anyway, thanks+bye
11:27.00*** part/#kde GraveDigger (
11:27.43rabaukeWhen installing e.g. the default-plus theme via kopete's preferences dialogue, I get an error that there were errors during installtion but some icons might be available nonetheless.
11:28.15*** part/#kde aa_ (n=ali@pida/aa)
11:28.33rabaukeAs this error does not come from kopete, at least I was told that emoticon-sets, are installed KDE-wide, I would like to know where it comes from and why
11:29.21*** part/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
11:31.22*** part/#kde lordpatman (
11:33.46*** join/#kde _anna (
11:34.57*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
11:37.09*** join/#kde smithjd (
11:40.06halcyonCorsairSMiLeaf: oh wow....just read all the comments on beineri's blog, it seems you can rearrange konqui tabs with middle-click drag
11:41.23*** join/#kde mattepiu (
11:42.19mattepiuhi all! for the question "how to make firefox 'open containing folder'" option to work with konwueror, here is the right channel?  :-/
11:42.19superstonedaa_: the gnomes themselves can't even set how their apps look like (there are no working global settings for text under icons etc) so how could KDE do that ;-)
11:42.37superstonedmaybe :D
11:43.06superstonedbut i have no idea
11:43.25*** join/#kde Astinus (i=iBook@freenode/staff/gentoo.astinus)
11:44.04superstonedwhere can we find "open containing folder"???
11:44.09mattepiuI'm trying to browse net with firefox (seamless passage from win) but to browse downloaded files with konqueror, and get rid of nautilus and others
11:44.09mattepiucrappy gnome dependancies
11:44.55*** join/#kde csezol (i=1000@
11:44.59superstonedi don't use firefox, thus have no idea how to do it. but it might be somewhere in the settings, i guess...
11:45.13mattepiuI tried both to add a script named /usr/bin/nautilus pointing a tkonqueror and to make /usr/bin/nautilus a symlink to konqueror, none working
11:45.17superstonedmaybe in that kind-of-regedit in firefox?
11:45.38csezolSome keys in the hungarian keyboard layout do not work, how do i change them ? ( i know their ascii code )
11:46.08superstonedcsezol: try choosing your keyboard in kcontrol?
11:46.14superstonedcan be hard to do...
11:46.19superstoned(to find, that is)
11:46.22mattepiucan't find the option anywhere in about:config
11:46.39superstonedwell, then i can only tell you to try to use konqueror for everything :D
11:47.10csezolsuperstoned, i already have chosen it, changed to it, but two characters simply dont work ( the system prints cubes instead of them )
11:48.00superstonedthen the characters are not available in the font you use...
11:48.05superstonedtry another font?!?
11:48.12csezolmaybe ;)
11:52.00mattepiuI would use konqueror for anything if I could have all the extensions and "easy to copy bookmarks" as I have in firefox
11:52.50*** join/#kde _MIGUEL (
11:53.27*** join/#kde tstaerk (
11:54.32*** join/#kde _hunt0r (
11:58.17*** part/#kde rabauke (n=rabauke@u-2-025.vpn.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
11:58.19*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
11:59.01*** join/#kde Whisky_ (i=whisky@
11:59.09Whisky_ok now i want to disable most of the graphical effects in KDE so i wont experience lags
11:59.27*** part/#kde mattepiu (
12:03.12*** join/#kde padde (
12:03.49*** join/#kde hein (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
12:03.57*** join/#kde MegaSimkin (n=Simkin@tor/session/x-dcaa029021c85253)
12:04.38*** join/#kde tuxxee (
12:06.49*** join/#kde eXistenZ (
12:06.55eXistenZhello, I think one of the programs has messed up with my libs, and now I get this error: when I try to open some programs, can anyone help me?
12:08.51Tm_T"It is our pleasure to finally be able to release the latest stable version of Irssi v0.8.10."
12:09.23tstaerkeXistenZ, the splash screen cannot start up because of version mismatch.
12:09.34eXistenZfor what lib?
12:09.58*** join/#kde dhaumann (
12:10.06tstaerkeXistenZ, libc - the one and only. How did you mess up your environment ?
12:10.10*** join/#kde geemark (
12:10.31eXistenZfrankly, I don't know, I just installed idle python 2.4
12:10.43tstaerkeXistenZ, which distribution ? Your backtrace does not say much more than "I crash now"
12:10.54tstaerkeXistenZ, how did you install this ?
12:11.01eXistenZusing synaptics
12:11.09tstaerkcommand ?
12:11.31eXistenZI just marked it for installation and installed it
12:11.40eXistenZhow can I know what were the latest packages I Installed?
12:11.43tstaerksounds good.
12:12.01tstaerkno idea about kubuntu.
12:12.14eXistenZit's just like kde
12:12.28eXistenZapt stuff
12:12.29aptACTION is stuffing George*
12:12.29tstaerkbut just marking something and installing it is good - not much to do wrong there.
12:13.12tstaerkeXistenZ, deinstall python and look if it works again - I doubt it.
12:13.32tstaerkeXistenZ, then let's look at one specific program that has stopped to work.
12:13.38tstaerkand find out why.
12:13.44*** join/#kde WireDDD (
12:13.50eXistenZtstaerk, what's your distro
12:14.02tstaerkI doubt that installing python has even something to do with your crash. Suse 10.
12:14.15eXistenZyep, I tried to uninstall it
12:14.25WireDDDI just got this message saying that the kde media manager isn't running, and none of the media:/ urls work any more, how do I start it?
12:14.27eXistenZerr no response
12:15.21tstaerkeXistenZ, what program refuses to work now ?
12:15.30eXistenZdifferent programs
12:15.48*** join/#kde StevenR (
12:15.50eXistenZeric python ide/ documentation viewer for kdevelop
12:16.02tstaerkWireDDD, best,not at all ;) Why do you want media:/ ? Go for file://mnt
12:16.26*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
12:16.43WireDDDwell it was working fine
12:17.31*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
12:17.54WireDDDI use it for mounting/unmounting my mp3 player
12:20.10*** join/#kde Vincent_k (
12:20.32*** join/#kde comm[A|n]der (
12:20.37*** part/#kde comm[A|n]der (
12:21.09WireDDDand since you can't use file://mnt to mount anything without opening up a console, that just won't do
12:22.35*** join/#kde kiwi_uk (
12:22.42*** join/#kde MachineScrew (
12:23.37tstaerkWireDDD, what did you change in your system ? Did you try restarting KDE ?
12:23.43MachineScrewis there a way to prevent Kscd from automaticly running when a cd is inserted
12:23.59WireDDDi'm sure it will start up if I restart kde, but I don't want to do that
12:24.06WireDDDat some point it crashed
12:26.19*** join/#kde rohitsz (n=rohitsz@
12:27.47tstaerkWireDDD, do a ps -Hef into a file. Then, restart your KDE, verify that it works and do again a ps -Hef into another file.
12:28.08rohitszgreetings all... my double click opens any folder in a new window (mandriva + kde3.3)
12:28.28tstaerkCompare the two files and you will see if there is a process responsible for media:/ not  working. However, I am not sure if this is a process.
12:28.29*** join/#kde paupan (
12:28.49WireDDDI would imaging it would be a kioslave process
12:29.02WireDDDbecause those are all missing from my process list
12:29.27tstaerkWireDDD, I could imagine that - but here, media:/ works, and I do not have kioslave-media process either.
12:30.32*** join/#kde lewnidas_ (
12:30.40tstaerkrohitsz, in kcontrol, search for file associations. There is an inode|directory.
12:30.52WireDDDaiight i'll be back then
12:31.04tstaerkWireDDD, do not forget to ps -Hef
12:31.13rohitszwill check it out right away tstaerk ...
12:31.36WireDDDyeah just did one
12:31.42tstaerkrohitsz, then, chose Embedding | Use settings for inode group
12:34.23rohitszthanks a lot tstaerk :-) have been trying to solve it for a couple of weeks ... thanks again.. :-)
12:34.40tstaerkrohitsz, so it works ?
12:34.48rohitszabsolutely tstaerk...
12:35.07tstaerkwohooo - you're welcome
12:35.43rohitszthanks tstaerk :-)
12:38.43cpwthat OSD function in konversation is a trip
12:39.43*** join/#kde wireddd (n=wired@
12:39.53wiredddok it works fine now
12:40.29tstaerkwireddd, is there another process tree now that it works ?
12:40.38*** join/#kde benJIman (
12:41.06wiredddthere are more kio processes
12:41.08*** join/#kde _juvinious (
12:43.28tstaerkwireddd, did you see a crash report (drkonqi) about a crashed process during your last session ?
12:44.16wiredddnot any that I didn't cause
12:45.24tstaerkso, some process ended work for some reason we do not know and media:/ was no longer accessible - not good enough for a bug report.
12:46.46wiredddno it isn't good enough for a bug report
12:49.45*** join/#kde davidsmind (
12:49.46*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
12:50.40tstaerkwireddd, next time when you cannot access media:/, start konqueror from the konsole, point it to media:/ and paste the konsole output to - that should contain an error msg. Ah, btw, you should use KDE 3.4.3 or 3.5.0 or pre-4.
12:51.04tstaerkwireddd, I mean, you should use these versions before opening a bug report.
12:51.11*** part/#kde tuxxee (
12:51.25*** join/#kde cb400f (
12:52.55wiredddyeah i'm using 3.4.2
12:53.08davidsmindI got a linux scripting question. I want to suppress rmdir's warnings "rmdir: `foo/bar': Directory not empty" but keep everything else "rmdir: removing directory, bleh/"
12:53.13davidsmindhow do I do this?
12:53.55tstaerkdavidsmind, do_command 2>&1 | grep -v "accepted error msg"
12:54.20tstaerkdavidsmind, this will calll do_command and put out everything but "accepted error msg"
12:54.43tstaerkdavidsmind, note this is bash only
12:54.54davidsmind2>&1 can you explain this please? how does it differ from just plain ol' > ?
12:55.10davidsmindI see 2> and &> in a lot of my init scripts
12:55.27tstaerkdavidsmind, every command has two output streams: standard output (STDOUT) and error output (STDERR)
12:56.05davidsmindright? and 2 is stdout and & is stderr?
12:56.06tstaerkdavidsmind, command > whatever redirects STDOUT to whatever, STDERR stays on console (per default)
12:56.32tstaerkdavidsmind, yes. 2>&1 means, "redirect STDERR to STDOUT"
12:57.02tstaerkdavidsmind, no, sorry - 1 is STDOUT, 2 is STDERR and &1 is "where STDOUT points"
12:57.23davidsmindso it redirects it stderr to stdout where it can be manipulated by grep
12:57.27*** join/#kde skypa (
12:57.37tstaerkdavidsmind, you got it
12:57.47davidsmindI always wondered how to do that
13:00.30*** join/#kde SpeS (
13:00.37*** join/#kde Edulix (
13:01.45*** join/#kde Arne- (
13:02.23*** part/#kde Arne- (
13:04.35*** join/#kde cpw (n=chris@gentoo/developer/ChrisWhite)
13:05.59*** join/#kde erc (
13:08.20*** join/#kde _root (
13:10.47*** join/#kde Ghoul (
13:15.24*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
13:17.54tstaerkhey all, how do you get a USB memory stick mounted (not via konsole)
13:18.33*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
13:18.57StevenRtstaerk: make a device icon for it
13:20.10tstaerkhm... better ideas was to set kcontrol -> desktop -> behavior -> device icons. But this no longer works @ me. However, StevenR, good idea, thanks.
13:21.54ercwhat is the real name of the KDE System Monitor applet?
13:22.27erctstaerk,  ivman auto mounts stuff, I gather
13:23.19*** join/#kde StevenR-laptop (
13:25.38tstaerkerc, ksysguard ?
13:26.02ercksysguard eat 10% or more cpu
13:26.36ercther is a lighter one I have used on other setups
13:28.01erctstaerk, I like to set mount points in fstab and mount stuff with kdiskfree
13:28.37*** join/#kde Shaikun (
13:29.02*** join/#kde root (
13:31.02tstaerkerc, you mean "add applet to panel -> System Monitor" +
13:32.32ercbut its not there
13:32.59*** join/#kde nefertum (
13:34.00tstaerkerc, it does not appear in the process list.
13:36.22*** join/#kde Worf (
13:36.26*** join/#kde sorush20 (
13:37.24*** join/#kde kblin (
13:37.41*** join/#kde zorba64 (
13:38.07*** join/#kde natino (
13:38.07*** join/#kde Ayoze (
13:38.08Ayozehi all
13:38.23*** part/#kde sorush20 (
13:38.42Ayozeanybody knows how to add paths to make konqueror look for plugins in?
13:38.53*** join/#kde halibut (
13:39.21kblinon suse 10.0, kde 3.4.2, kontact 1.1.2, how do I make kmail aware of new mail in maildir folders?
13:39.48pontoAyoze: in the plugins configration page, you can add a new path
13:39.59*** part/#kde natino (
13:40.15Ayozeponto: i havent found that
13:40.15tstaerkAyoze, what plugins ? The java-plugin or some kpart-plugins ?
13:40.20Ayozemmm flash plugin
13:40.41halibutIt would be nice if there was a button in Ksnapshot to "upload to image shack",
13:41.06pontoAyoze: open the konqueror configuration
13:41.33*** part/#kde halibut (
13:41.43*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
13:41.58pontoAyoze: there is a page called plugins
13:42.03pontoAyoze: is the second last one
13:42.10Ayozei dont have it in kde 3.5 XD
13:42.32pontoAyoze:  XD?
13:43.05AyozeXD == :D
13:43.46cpwponto: you haven't been in any/enough french/anime channels
13:43.51JabberWokkyI was wondering.  "KDE XD is just like KDE, but it comes with extra features and usually runs about $80 more"
13:44.03Ayozecpw: spanish too
13:44.05cpwforgot sorry
13:44.20pontoAyoze: can you make a screenshot of your konqueror's configuration dialog. when  the scrollbar at the left is at the bottom
13:44.33kblincpw: isn't anime XD == ^^
13:44.43Ayozeponto: sure, but that's in spanish
13:44.44cpwkblin: they use both
13:44.51kblincpw: oh, ok
13:44.55SMiLeafkblin: nope. those are eye brows
13:45.04pontoAyoze: should be no problem
13:45.24SMiLeafor is how I see 'em anyway :)
13:45.32*** join/#kde bonkie (
13:45.48cpwkblin: you have to consider the possiblities of life itself when confronted with the question of anime faces
13:46.17SMiLeafMm.. life in drawings.
13:46.38pontoOk,  no plugins page.    Did you compile KDE on your own?
13:46.58pontoAyoze:  then also emerge the  nspluginwrapper for kde
13:47.00SMiLeafAyoze: split ebuilds?
13:47.06AyozeSMiLeaf: yes
13:47.09tstaerkerc, it calls itself KTimeMon
13:47.10Ayozeponto: ok :)
13:47.29SMiLeafAyoze: what even is the question?.. lol XD
13:48.01Ayozenah, how to add paths to make konqueror find the netscape flash plugin xD
13:48.45SMiLeafyou have nsplugin in your USE ?
13:48.53Ayozemmm no
13:48.57*** join/#kde floe (
13:49.05Ayozein what package should i do that?
13:49.25cpwjust emerge nsplugins
13:49.35cpwthen go to Konqueror->Settings->Plugins
13:49.42cpwshould be an option to scan for new plugins
13:49.46cpw2) ???
13:49.47SMiLeafI'm not quite sure if you'd need that use. but it's what I got and looks like it should apply ;)
13:49.50cpw3) Profit!
13:50.26*** join/#kde eln (
13:50.52SMiLeafprofit $_$?
13:51.32kblinwow, using procmail and kmail is quite a hassle
13:52.09tstaerkerc, I found the plugin for ktimemon: -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 78244 Sep 14 13:46 /opt/kde3/lib/kde3/
13:52.19SMiLeafkblin: Mmm... imap and smtp =)
13:52.25*** join/#kde kiwi_uk (
13:52.44*** join/#kde zubov (
13:53.25kblinSMiLeaf: a bit too much when running on a laptop, don't you think?
13:53.51SMiLeafkblin: I'm running on a laptop ?
13:54.05SMiLeafthe mail server isn't :)
13:54.44*** join/#kde tuxxee (
13:54.47ercthanks, tstaerk , I find now that ksysguard is not so bad
13:55.32ercnot using broken gentoo kernel anymore
13:56.01kblinSMiLeaf: I don't have another box that's running all the time
13:56.32kblinIf I need to get at the emails without my laptop, I'll use google webmail :)
13:56.57*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
13:57.01SMiLeafso you send emails using the gmail name? XD
13:57.34SMiLeafwouldn't be suprised if they got marked spam ;)
13:57.38kblinpostix/tls -> google
13:57.50kblinI relay via google's mail serer
13:57.57SMiLeafAh Ok :)
13:57.57kblinserver, too
13:58.13SMiLeafgoogle have pop3 available?
13:58.27SMiLeaf... Oooo
13:58.27cpwgoogle owns the world
13:58.41kblinpop3s, that is.. I didn't try unencrypted
13:58.49SMiLeafI've been running my own because I *hate* webmail.
13:58.55*** join/#kde morphalus (
13:58.56cpwlike people want unencrypted
13:59.19*** part/#kde morphalus (
13:59.19kblincpw: and I'm glad they own it. Got me some nice toys this summer
13:59.23SMiLeafcpw: they don't :P
14:00.23kblinSMiLeaf: I actually think google webmail is pretty sane.. and it doesn't have banner adds or the like
14:00.43*** join/#kde DexterF (
14:01.43SMiLeafkblin: ya.. but it's not you click an email link in a web page and it won't come up will it? ;)
14:01.58*** part/#kde tuxxee (
14:05.29*** join/#kde Ghoul (
14:08.44*** part/#kde erc (
14:08.51*** join/#kde mluser-home (
14:08.58*** join/#kde cbr (
14:09.46*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
14:10.51*** join/#kde Zetbo (
14:12.53*** join/#kde rizwaan (i=500@
14:13.06rizwaanhi, problem compiling kdenetwork
14:13.22rizwaankdesvn/kdenetwork/kopete/protocols/sms/services/smsclient.cpp:95: undefined reference to `SMSClientPrefsUI::SMSClientPrefsUI[in-charge](QWidget*, char const*, unsigned)'
14:13.23rizwaancollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
14:13.23rizwaanError creating ./kopete/protocols/sms/ Exit status 1.
14:14.08tstaerkrizwaan, what version ? How did you check out ?
14:14.17rizwaankdesvn-build 3.5
14:15.17tstaerkthis in-charge, I remember...
14:15.36*** join/#kde bushwakko (
14:15.41rizwaani'm using slackware 10.1 with qt-3.3.6 snapshot (kdebase, kdelibs etc. compiles properly, and kde 3.5rc1 also got compiled properly)
14:16.04tstaerkrizwaan, cd to kdesvn/kdenetwork/kopete/protocols/sms/services and try make clean && make
14:16.27*** join/#kde _hunt0r (
14:16.48tstaerkrizwaan, okay, unsermake clean && unsermake
14:17.31rizwaan1 min plz
14:18.01*** join/#kde George__ (
14:19.03rizwaanplease see my kdenetwork's kdesvn-build error.log
14:19.27*** join/#kde iblechbot (
14:20.13*** join/#kde redge- (
14:20.31tstaerkrizwaan, no change - please try unsermake clean && unsermake in sms/services
14:20.35*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
14:20.45*** join/#kde metellius (
14:21.57metelliusany developers here who can tell me what part of kwin that's responsible for handling a new window? (specifically, the alt-tab window switcher)
14:22.32tstaerkrizwaan, what is going on is, it is searching for SMSClientPrefsUI[in-charge](QWidget*, char const*, unsigned)
14:23.01tstaerktstaerk, but it does not find it in the .lo file. However, this function has been defined (else you would get a compiler error)
14:23.14*** join/#kde erc (
14:23.20*** part/#kde erc (
14:23.22tstaerkSo, the .lo file is obsolete and the linker heathers.
14:23.50tstaerkso, delete the .lo file together with all appropriate actions = unsermake clean
14:23.50rizwaanso what should i do to get that linker working?
14:24.03rizwaanthanks :)
14:24.11tstaerkmetellius, you may want to ask in #kde-devel
14:24.46redge-anyone can help me get kde 3.5 to be installed on a debian sarge machine?
14:25.28*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
14:26.28*** join/#kde kpl (
14:27.18*** join/#kde bjdemora (
14:29.52*** join/#kde bjdemora (
14:30.05*** join/#kde StevenR_ (
14:30.26cpwKonversation > KSirc
14:30.40cpwInternal KDE application wars :P
14:31.19willwork4foowell - I'm using KSirc because it's in my Internet menu on my KDE3.5 and Konversation isn't.
14:31.41dommewillwork4foo: lol ..
14:31.53dommewillwork4foo: put konversation there ..
14:31.55Sho_Yeah, KSirc is part of KDE whereas Konversation is not
14:31.59cpwyou have to be careful with konversation
14:32.06dommecpw: why?
14:32.06cpwit has lovely "spam"-ish commands
14:32.11*** part/#kde Ayoze (
14:32.14cpwlike /sysinfo :P
14:32.18cpwthat thing spams..
14:32.19willwork4fooI've just launched it for the first time and I'm getting to grips with it
14:32.50benJImancpw: it's probably more likely that you'd paste in your sysinfo accidentally than type /sysinfo accidentally isn't it?
14:33.26*** part/#kde willwork4foo (
14:33.30cpwbenJIman: yes, but pity the fool that goes "Oh, what's this button do" and finds out the wrong way
14:33.32*** join/#kde bjdemora (
14:33.44Sho_willwork4foo: I'm biased, but I find Konversation to be easier to use compared to KSircs somewhat weird preferences dialogs
14:33.56SMiLeafcpw: try doing the weather one when you got a few monitored cities ;)
14:34.11bjdemoratis not setting my nick for me on autoconnect. Also can't work out where I would tell it to run a command on connect either
14:34.15cpwthat's what my "spam channels" are for
14:34.32cpwI have one channel where we do nothing but spam it for no good reason but to spam it :P
14:34.37*** part/#kde metellius (
14:34.38cpwgreat stress relief :P
14:35.21SMiLeafcpw: like run /cmd find /   ?
14:35.44Sho_cpw: We don't have a sysinfo button, by the way
14:36.01cpwSho_: but we do have an enter button :P
14:36.06*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
14:36.47cpwThough I have to say
14:36.49willwork4foohow do I make KSirc run a command automatically when I connect to a server?
14:36.53cpwthe whole OSD thing is rather trippy
14:37.38Sho_cpw: I find it hard to believe someone would accidently invoke /sysinfo by hitting 'Enter' ... your argument is slightly surreal ;)
14:37.57cpwSho_: as are most of my arguments but hey oh well :P
14:37.58*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
14:38.23cpwgoing from years of using irssi to konversation was somewhat awkward..
14:39.00SMiLeafgoing from irc == evil to irc isn't that bad is as well :)
14:39.26*** join/#kde patbrugge (
14:39.26*** join/#kde illissius- (
14:41.48*** part/#kde patbrugge (
14:49.33*** part/#kde kblin (
14:50.13*** join/#kde CheeseOnToast (
14:51.08*** part/#kde CheeseOnToast (
14:52.53*** join/#kde pinotree (n=pino@kde/developer/pino)
14:57.47*** join/#kde StevenR_ (
14:58.48*** join/#kde fredE (
15:00.06*** join/#kde litb (
15:00.23*** join/#kde _alex (n=alex@
15:00.57*** join/#kde AleXerTecH (n=alex@
15:03.44*** join/#kde jq (
15:04.27*** join/#kde root (n=root@
15:04.49*** join/#kde pointwood (n=pointwoo@
15:08.01*** join/#kde emeteo (n=NoSwPate@kde/developer/mteijeiro)
15:08.27SMiLeafhmm.. you can't padding-left a div that has another div float:left :/
15:08.40*** join/#kde Julianyus (
15:19.37*** join/#kde bornio (
15:20.34*** join/#kde tvo (
15:21.33*** join/#kde PhilRod (
15:21.43pinotreegood afternoon, PhilRod
15:22.55*** join/#kde nefertum (
15:24.38*** join/#kde shany (
15:25.07PhilRodheya pinotree
15:27.12*** join/#kde teschke (
15:27.37*** join/#kde _teschke (
15:33.24*** join/#kde Witukind_ (
15:33.40*** join/#kde thegladiator (n=thegladi@
15:33.51thegladiatorhow do i open filemanager super user in terminal ?
15:34.59*** join/#kde fredE (
15:36.02*** join/#kde Zeep (n=tarin@
15:37.05*** join/#kde g3nocide (
15:37.48SpeSis there a way to make a widget in Qtdesigner always on top/bottom? (i.e. a Qlabel with a pixmap...)
15:38.31SpeSI want to make a jpg as the background of the wondow app, with all the other buttons, etc, on top of it
15:38.51SpeSis that possible in Qtdesigner?
15:40.59*** part/#kde g3nocide (
15:41.00*** join/#kde slim (
15:41.01slimis there anyway to do AIM direct connect in kopete?
15:42.05*** join/#kde StevenR-laptop (
15:43.06*** join/#kde Pinaraf_ (
15:45.54*** join/#kde Ash-Fox (
15:51.22*** join/#kde _root (
15:51.41*** join/#kde doktoreas (
15:54.48*** join/#kde j0tt_ (
15:55.45*** join/#kde mariux (
15:56.50*** join/#kde LeeJunFan (
15:58.14*** part/#kde LeeJunFan (
15:58.44*** join/#kde apokryphos (
16:01.54*** join/#kde jogi (
16:07.18*** join/#kde jyoti (n=jyoti@
16:08.53*** join/#kde t|zz (
16:09.14superstonedthegladiator: open terminal, su (become superuser), type konqueror (enter)
16:09.50superstonedor ALT-F2 -> konqueror > options > run as other user > root
16:09.51tstaerksuperstoned, he has gone
16:10.11superstonedtnx... the list here is a bit too long to see that quickly :D
16:10.16tstaerkother answer: kdesu "konqueror --openProfile filemanagement"
16:10.35superstoneda million ways to do it, actually :D
16:10.44superstonedlike most stuff in KDE...
16:10.55tstaerksuperstoned, with suse, you won't come far on X with su. You will have to use sux (or export your $DISPLAY)
16:11.08superstonedaah, yes, that's right...
16:11.12superstonedkdesu is better
16:11.12*** join/#kde foolano (
16:11.47tstaerkhow did this article write: "best practises recommend" and then what's most simple. yeahyeah...
16:16.08*** join/#kde oleg (
16:16.45*** part/#kde oleg (
16:16.53*** join/#kde ap0linuX (i=ircap8@
16:17.26ap0linuXsomebody installed xfree 4.5
16:17.54*** join/#kde [Evo] (
16:18.16*** join/#kde georges (
16:19.07radomeanyone using Konqueror successfully with comcast Web Mail Client?  My installation doesn't do well with the CONTENT="0; URL=/wmc/v/wmgoto" thing.  If I manually add it to the It works.  Whats up?
16:20.28*** join/#kde _Hug[o]_ (
16:20.57_Hug[o]_hello, I clicked in Konqueror on "never for site" for saving password, how can I remove the exemption for that website?
16:22.04*** join/#kde texnofobix (n=nemo3383@
16:22.07*** join/#kde kiwi_uk (
16:23.06tstaerk_Hug[o]_ was a bit fast
16:24.07*** join/#kde _Hug[o]_ (
16:24.35tstaerk_Hug[o]_, try
16:24.48*** join/#kde valmery (
16:25.06tstaerkmv .kde/share/config/konquerorrc backupfile
16:25.07*** join/#kde Vespoli (
16:25.35tstaerk_Hug[o]_, then restart your konqueror. It will have pure default settings. Test that your setting went away.
16:26.03tstaerk_Hug[o]_, then, have a look at backupfile, see what line it is, and restore konquerorrc. Understood ?
16:26.36ap0linuXwhen I upgrade xfree dist, I have to reinstall kde too?
16:27.06_valmery_salut tous le monde
16:27.08tstaerkap0linuX, I guess so - because kde links the XFree86-devel / xorg-devel
16:27.21_Hug[o]_tstaerk, ok.
16:27.28*** join/#kde unknown_ (
16:27.29tstaerk_valmery_, salut, ca va ? Peut-etre tu veux visiter kde_fr
16:28.02tstaerkap0linuX, so, the question is if these libs are binary-compatible.
16:28.19ap0linuXyes..i have installed the binary distro
16:28.49tstaerkap0linuX, that has nothing to do with it - which distro ?
16:29.12tstaerkap0linuX, however, short answer: be prepared you will have to rebuild KDE.
16:29.19_valmery_excuse me
16:29.58_valmery_why you speek in english please
16:30.13*** join/#kde AssociateX (
16:30.23_valmery_and in france
16:30.26tstaerk_valmery_, because there is no language-specific extension on this channel like kde-de or kde-fr
16:30.51_valmery_c nul
16:30.52Vespoli_valmery_, ;)
16:30.56_valmery_bye bye
16:31.43_valmery_au putin fait chier ici
16:34.18*** join/#kde nuxil (n=octan@
16:34.36*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
16:35.16nuxilhello ppl.. i have a  issue with the keybord and its a kde issue.. my num pad does not work under kde.. but when im in concole it works fine... can some one help me pls
16:35.38KhaytsusHit numlock?
16:35.41Vespolix issue?
16:36.03nuxilx issue? hmm
16:36.12nuxilneed to look into thaT
16:36.15Vespolierr -- uhm :-/
16:36.37*** part/#kde Vespoli (
16:38.20*** join/#kde _miguel (n=miguel@
16:39.01*** join/#kde untitled (
16:39.13untitled/opt/kde/bin/superkaramba: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16:39.34untitledsuperkaramba gives that message...where can i get this lib?
16:39.55untitledi have installed python 2.4...
16:40.04untitleddoesn't work
16:40.38StevenR-laptopuntitled: run ldconfig and try again
16:40.44*** join/#kde Aji-Daha1a (
16:41.30untitledthe same message
16:41.47*** join/#kde gioeleb (
16:42.15gioelebis there a way to force konqueror to read and write all filenames as UTF-8?
16:44.01*** join/#kde peratu (
16:44.59*** join/#kde Whisky_ (i=whisky@
16:46.12Whisky_my systems giving me alot of lag eventhough i just installed Debian a few hours ago. I'm using KDE 3.3 as it comes with Debian 3.1. I see lags when switching between applications and/or while switching between tabs of firefox and also when minimizing/maximizing applications. I have a 1.8 GHz P4 processor with 512mb RAM.
16:47.27KhaytsusUse top to show top cpu usage and top ram usage
16:47.35KhaytsusMost likely your system is doing something in the background
16:47.44KhaytsusSuch as maybe prelinking applications to make them launch faster
16:47.52KhaytsusAlthough I'm not sure Debian is there yet
16:49.24*** join/#kde _stephan (n=stephan@
16:49.26Whisky_my system's  98% idle :/
16:49.37*** join/#kde nuxil (n=octan@
16:50.13nuxilhmm im haveing this issue with the keybord.. can some one help me please... i cant get mu numpad to work in kde
16:50.19untitledi have that library in /usr/lib64/
16:50.35untitledbut karamba still doesn't work
16:50.39nuxili checked my xorg file and it seem fine
16:50.51untitledis python 64bit then?
16:50.57Khaytsusnuxil: You sure it's a numpad issue or an X issue..  Try a simple xterm session tos ee if it works there
16:52.13nuxilermmmm jesus.. i figered out,, :O shit +numlock :P
16:56.31*** join/#kde Karat3 (
16:56.55*** join/#kde jal (
16:57.01Karat3is there xmpp support in Konqueror?
16:57.36gioelebKarat3: in konqueror? no. XMPP is supported by Kopete
16:57.52gioelebwhy should a filemanager support a messaging protocol?
16:57.58*** join/#kde gerr (
16:58.50Karat3gioeleb: but xmpp is not only a chat program
16:59.48*** join/#kde fredE (
17:00.41*** join/#kde SuperLag (n=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
17:01.46*** join/#kde SuperLag (n=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
17:01.59*** join/#kde SAngeli (
17:02.08*** join/#kde SuN (i=unices@
17:02.34Karat3gioeleb: do you understand?
17:03.03*** join/#kde Sparki (
17:03.36*** join/#kde lig (
17:03.45*** part/#kde untitled (
17:04.22*** join/#kde doktoreas (
17:05.35*** join/#kde SuperLag (n=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
17:06.50*** join/#kde xondor (
17:11.02*** join/#kde spookyfish (
17:12.10*** join/#kde illogic-al (n=orville@konversation/user/illogic-al)
17:14.49*** join/#kde _StarScream (
17:15.17*** join/#kde gravix (
17:16.02*** join/#kde _juvinious (
17:16.39*** join/#kde _stephan (n=stephan@
17:18.47_StarScreamhey guys, just rebooted and for some reason i can't login to kde. I rm -rf all of /tmp and this is the output from startkde
17:21.59PhilRod_StarScream: do what line 26 says
17:22.55_StarScreamPhilRod: whats 1777 though
17:23.08_StarScreamcan i just do chmod 1777 ?
17:23.10PhilRodchmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix
17:23.49*** join/#kde a_thing (n=notroot@
17:24.02_StarScreamseems to be a dir, rm -rf * or is it just on the dir ?
17:24.50_StarScreamand if kde is the one making the directory (because i cleaned all of /tmp out ) shouldn't it create it with the correct perms in the first place
17:25.12litbX created it,  i think
17:25.19*** join/#kde chrisag (
17:25.23litbor kdm
17:25.34_StarScreamk here goes
17:26.41*** join/#kde nefertum (
17:27.09*** join/#kde _StarScream (
17:27.29_StarScreamthanks PhilRod
17:28.09gravixanyone know of a really good usenet binary reader/downloader? klibido isn't doing it for me
17:28.19gravix(pun intended)
17:33.45*** join/#kde Stormchaser (n=Storm@unaffiliated/stormchaser)
17:37.06*** join/#kde TheMonoTone (n=tburdick@unaffiliated/themonotone)
17:37.13StevenRgravix: knode
17:37.29*** join/#kde sharkk (
17:37.55*** part/#kde Stormchaser (n=Storm@unaffiliated/stormchaser)
17:42.03*** join/#kde Fritz (
17:44.18*** join/#kde bram85_ (
17:44.50Fritzich glaub ich muss das handbuch erst mal lesen
17:45.25litbFritz, what's your prob?
17:45.38*** join/#kde Distro^Junkie (
17:45.52*** join/#kde Valleyman (
17:46.31Whisky_An error occurred while loading
17:46.34Whisky_Unknown host
17:46.44Fritzich kenne mich hier nicht aus, das ist alles
17:46.46Whisky_i get this host error everytime i try to open a page with Konqueror
17:47.14litbFritz: kannst du kein Englisch, dann könnten dir viel mehr Leute helfen...
17:47.24Fritzleider nein
17:47.33Fritzbin auch nur am probieren
17:47.36*** join/#kde andz (
17:47.42tstaerkFritz, please join #kde-de
17:48.25*** part/#kde Fritz (
17:48.30PhilRodWhisky_: does, say, firefox work? Did you set a proxy for konqueror?
17:51.13*** join/#kde NeoFax (
17:51.41Whisky_Yes, FireFox works and so does Mozilla. But Konqueror stopped working all of a sudden while browsing.
17:53.03*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
17:53.21gravixknode seems more like a reader than a binary downloader but i'll check it out
17:53.21*** join/#kde Spum (i=kvirc@
17:53.29SpumHow's KDE 4 coming along?
17:54.05tstaerkkwin does not work , all the rest yes
17:54.29markeyyou can use it from the cli ;)
17:54.31Spumprogress seems to be ploughing along
17:54.40Spumah hi markey
17:54.46Spumthe amaroK guy right?
17:54.50markeyheh yeah
17:54.59SpumCeleb ;-)
17:55.14Spumdid you post on grouphug?
17:55.23Spum"I think i may be out-celebbing micheal jackson"
17:55.36markeymost of the confessions on grouphug are actually from me
17:55.50SpumHey, i forgot to ask
17:55.56Spumis amarok free to develop on?
17:56.03Spumeg - you can just get stuck righti n
17:56.08markeyno, you'll have to pay us
17:56.27markeyof course you're invited to hack on it ;)
17:56.44SpumI wouldnt mind becoming a bugfixer on some KDE project
17:56.51Spumjust to get to grips with their codebase
17:57.03markeyyeah cool, we'll assist you
17:57.39Sho_Spum: Many bugs in KDEs Bugtracker are marked with "JJ" for "Junior Jobs" that should provide good opportunities to get going
17:57.47SpumSounds sexy
17:57.54SpumI've been working on ISPconfig currently
17:58.02SpumI'm just actually releasing a huge update very soon
17:58.10*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
17:58.11Spum42 more features than cPanel when i'm done
17:59.18SpumI wonder
17:59.38SpumHow much money it would take to invest into a project to make it leapfrog a proprietary solution
17:59.54SpumI've got a lot of spare cash i'm interested in investing in an opensource image editor
18:00.00Spumnot GIMP though, i dont like that
18:00.25SpumOr maybe i should fund a 10-man expedition to destroy cliff richard's career
18:00.47Spum<insert pun>
18:00.48*** join/#kde straw (
18:02.22*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
18:02.22markeyKrita :)
18:02.25PhilRodSpum: take a look at krita - it's quite actively developed, and apparently is quite promising
18:05.10*** join/#kde fredE (
18:05.16gravixneat it has OpenEXR support
18:05.29*** part/#kde catalinux (
18:05.33*** join/#kde sil3nt|warri0r (n=e094736d@unaffiliated/silentwarrior)
18:05.46*** join/#kde JDLSpeedy (i=joe@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/JDLSpeedy)
18:06.40*** join/#kde IceD^^ (n=iced@
18:06.46*** join/#kde juvinious_ (
18:10.12*** join/#kde htedrom (
18:11.44*** join/#kde _pepe (n=pepe@
18:18.24*** join/#kde IceD^^^ (n=iced@
18:19.05*** join/#kde redge- (
18:19.16*** join/#kde _Fritz (
18:20.02*** part/#kde _Fritz (
18:28.29*** join/#kde paoleela (
18:28.43paoleelaHello. Where are the files in trash:/ stored?
18:28.46*** join/#kde phocks_ (n=jfox@
18:29.54*** join/#kde C0lumcille (
18:31.39*** join/#kde g8m (
18:37.07*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
18:37.36*** join/#kde fredE (
18:37.55*** join/#kde _dennis (
18:41.11*** join/#kde _alex (
18:42.22*** join/#kde cbr (
18:42.27thiagopaoleela: in ~/.Trash and a couple of other places
18:46.06*** join/#kde hannes__ (
18:48.25*** join/#kde splitta (
18:49.52splittacan't hear a thing out of Rosegarden...any ideas ?
18:51.31*** join/#kde jesusfish (
18:52.21*** part/#kde benny (
18:54.24*** join/#kde cee (
18:54.47*** join/#kde fhw49 (
18:55.04ceecan anyone recommend a good videoplayer?
18:56.01ceemplayer dosent come with a frontend?
18:56.11gregdaycee: a crappy one, but there's kmplayer,
18:56.13*** join/#kde Flying_Eagle (
18:56.13oGALAXYofor kde use kmplayer
18:56.20oGALAXYoor use kaffeine
18:56.46Flying_Eagleor kaffeine with gstreamer 0.10
18:56.54oGALAXYojesus.. avoid gestreamer
18:57.09oGALAXYouse xine backend with kaffeine or use kmplayer + mplayer
18:57.18fhw49what package is needed for mp3-support for konqueror? I use suse 10.0 with AMD x86_64.
18:57.25gregdaygstreamer is fine as used in amarok :)
18:57.32thiagoyou don't need a frontend for a movie player
18:57.51thiagowhen I play a movie, I want to see a movie, not some frames and buttons around it to decrease screen real state
18:58.05*** part/#kde bornio (
18:58.50*** join/#kde bornio (
19:00.19*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
19:08.33*** join/#kde ddfire (
19:11.06*** join/#kde _andz (
19:16.39*** join/#kde firephoto (n=tom@
19:17.38*** join/#kde nicolem_ (
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19:18.19*** part/#kde nicolem_ (
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19:27.01*** join/#kde bornio ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:27.01*** join/#kde Flying_Eagle ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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19:27.01*** join/#kde cee ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:27.01*** join/#kde jesusfish ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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19:34.00*** part/#kde lliehu (
19:34.02*** join/#kde Qwerty (
19:34.05*** join/#kde _Peter (
19:34.07*** join/#kde Beineri (n=Beineri@kde/binner)
19:34.15robert_wth, I'm trying to get kde to run AS my user, but .ICEauthority keeps getting chown/chmod'ded to root / root with permissions of 0600
19:34.37*** part/#kde Qwerty (
19:35.51robert_it won't start because it can't get write access to ~/.ICEauthority
19:38.54*** part/#kde Witukind_ (
19:38.54litbsee in /opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
19:38.54*** join/#kde Borkened (
19:38.54litbor in your kdmrc file
19:38.55*** join/#kde CondorDes (
19:39.33litbi had a similar problem and changed the mode of .ICEautority like that
19:40.21*** join/#kde we2by (
19:41.58*** join/#kde crizu (
19:42.14*** join/#kde dhaumann (
19:43.22*** join/#kde crizu (
19:43.24robert_hm, help anybody?
19:46.33*** join/#kde Elmo234 (
19:46.41*** part/#kde Elmo234 (
19:47.29*** join/#kde AssociateX (
19:48.40*** join/#kde Roey (n=Roey@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Roey)
19:51.19*** join/#kde Oleg_ (
19:51.30*** join/#kde Octave_Octet (
19:51.43*** join/#kde b0ss (n=b0ss@
19:52.21*** part/#kde b0ss (n=b0ss@
19:52.46*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
19:53.33Oleg_I am thinking about installing fvwm or any other windows manager
19:53.43Oleg_and use it for a while instead of kde
19:53.45*** join/#kde neopc (n=neopc@
19:53.46Oleg_just for a change
19:54.00Oleg_because I've been using kde for way too long
19:54.32AssociateXare there any plans to get rid of arts anytime soon or at least have the option to not use it and still have system sounds
19:55.23AssociateXOleg_, good idea, I did that too, but still I came back to kde
19:55.37Octave_OctetAssociateX: KDE 4
19:55.58AssociateXblackbox is very cool and one other one
19:55.58*** join/#kde derelm (
19:56.10Octave_OctetBut more and more apps are now able to use another soundserver (juk for instance)
19:56.17AssociateXOctane, really?
19:56.29*** join/#kde MrGrim (
19:56.32*** join/#kde b0ss (n=b0ss@
19:56.47*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
19:56.59AssociateXwell, alsa seems to be enough for me for every thing else
19:57.16AssociateXI don't seem to need anything on top of it
19:58.04*** part/#kde Oleg_ (
19:58.05Octave_OctetAssociateX: For juk for instance look in the configuration menu
19:58.29*** join/#kde kiwi_uk (
19:58.31AssociateXwhere do I find that? I don't even know if I have it installed
19:58.54AssociateXhow do I run it?
19:59.14*** part/#kde Beineri (n=Beineri@kde/binner)
19:59.30Octave_OctetAssociateX: Well, if you do not run it, do not use it :)
19:59.50Octave_OctetAnyway you will be stuck with arts for system messages
20:00.00Octave_OctetUntil kde 4 I guess
20:00.11AssociateXI don't have arts so blah, I don't have system sounds
20:00.20litbi don't have to use arts
20:00.29litband he don't have to do it too
20:00.39AssociateXlitb, do you have KDE system sounds?
20:00.46*** join/#kde tstaerk (
20:00.53*** join/#kde scode (
20:00.57litbwell, i had
20:01.02litbwith an external player
20:01.07*** join/#kde derelm (
20:01.41AssociateXI tried that too, which external player are you using?
20:01.42litbogg123, for example
20:01.59litbusing alsa dmix?
20:02.05AssociateXhow does that work with the wav system sounds?
20:02.16AssociateXno, no dmix here
20:02.19litbif not, you cannot use kde systemsound while playing another sound, that's bad
20:03.03litbconsider to use it. it's really simple to set up
20:03.14AssociateXalsa mixes all my other sounds, like if I'm running xmms and mplayer the sounds mix fine
20:03.59litbah, ok. then what's the problem with an external program?
20:04.35AssociateXnothing, I'm just asking which you are using because I have not gotten kde system sounds to work yet
20:04.47AssociateXbtw, what distro are you using?
20:05.00litbsuse 9.1, but that's regardless
20:05.08litbsince i've updated everything by hand
20:05.09AssociateXno that's not
20:05.12*** join/#kde leb2005 (n=leb2005@
20:05.38AssociateXsuse or debian have it set up differently where it's easy to not use arts with kde
20:05.44AssociateXI just don't remember which one
20:05.56litbsuse doesn't have set up anything on my kde
20:06.05*** join/#kde elirips (
20:06.06litbi've installed it using sources
20:06.20eliripshello. is there a tool available for ark, so it can extract .ace-files?
20:06.21*** part/#kde leb2005 (n=leb2005@
20:06.28*** join/#kde Skiff (
20:06.32*** join/#kde tvo (
20:06.37AssociateXone of the two have rewriten the kde code  and blah blah blah make kde work without arts with ease
20:07.18AssociateXbut since I don't remember which one, I'll cut this one short
20:07.22litbsuse is only present in glibc and a hand of other libs, but not big programs like kde or the kernel
20:07.32AssociateXI don't have the info to back it up
20:07.51Sho_litb: define "present"
20:08.24litbbeing there
20:08.44Sho_litb: SuSE employs several KDE developers
20:08.45*** join/#kde IceD^ (n=iced@
20:09.01litbsince i've still not updated glibc
20:09.06*** join/#kde elcuco (
20:09.28litbyes, i wanted to say that i'm using official KDE packages, not the SuSE/openSuSE ones
20:10.14Sho_there are actually no official KDE binary packages ... the KDE suse packages are contributed by SuSE :)
20:10.38litbbut official source packages :)
20:12.06SMiLeaflitb: there are suse developers working on the linux kernel.
20:12.51SMiLeafSigned-off-by: Nick Piggin <>  <--- line from the 2.6.15-rc5 changelog.
20:12.58*** join/#kde obsrv (
20:13.08SMiLeafline 59 to be exact ;)
20:14.00AssociateXwhile we are at it, anyone know which one that has the kde that does not need arts? suse or debian
20:14.13AssociateXit might even be some other one but I don't think so
20:14.29SMiLeafI don't use either so no clue :/
20:14.37Sho_KDE does not need arts
20:14.44litbyes... i just want to say i use kernels from  but NOT from suse RPMs
20:14.57AssociateXdarn, about 5 days ago there was someone in here explaining it clearly
20:15.13SMiLeaflitb: afaik .. there are no official linux kernel rpms
20:15.33litbexactly the point
20:15.38AssociateXSho_, what do you mean? and I'm talking about still having kde system sounds
20:15.55litbbecause of that, i have to compile it from sources because i don't want to use suse rpms
20:16.03SMiLeaflitb: why?
20:16.36AssociateXif suse has an rpm for a kernel I bet they have patches on it
20:16.36litbbecause I want to use always the newest software.
20:16.44*** join/#kde SuperLag (i=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
20:16.45Sho_AssociateX: It can be compiled with --disable-arts, and the KControl UI for system notifications allows you to specify an alternate player for those sounds (e.g. alsaplay or something like that)
20:17.46AssociateXSho_, I did compile every thing without arts, so now to try alsaplay
20:17.51SMiLeaflitb: well if that's the case.. you'll be doing an aweful lot of compiling. :)
20:18.12litband in addition. i'm using -ck kernels
20:18.34litbi've a fast machine. it's capable of compiling the kernel in 5mins
20:18.43AssociateXI'm on gentoo but not too much ~x86
20:18.47SMiLeafnow do you mean .. just the newest kernel.. or _all_ your softwore?
20:19.49litbwell, i can't keep my system really up-to-date. but if i see new versions of software i've installed, i will update them
20:20.03Sho_litb: It would seem that Gentoo Linux is for you
20:20.26AssociateXA kernel should only take about 5 minutes to compile anyway, unless you have a bunch of weird stuff like isdn, hamradio, and some other obscure things but then it might only take 10 minutes at the most.
20:20.35litbi'm unsure about this. gentoo have packages too, havent' they?
20:21.07AssociateXwhen I first used linux I compiled a kernel using the mandrake .config and it ran for an hour, lol
20:21.36litbor can i easily build gentoo packages using original tar.gz packages?
20:21.37benJImanAssociateX: the modules take long time to compile if you compile them all
20:21.39AssociateXlitb, yes if you want some binary, they offer *some*
20:21.45benJImanwhich most binary distros do
20:21.47Sho_litb: Well, a Gentoo package is a text file containing instructions how to build it and thus easily updated
20:21.55AssociateXbenJIman, haha, yeah tell me about it
20:22.01benJImanAssociateX: it's a good thing
20:22.11benJImanAssociateX: you don't want to be recompiling your kernel if you plug in some new hardware
20:22.43litbyou mean, config options for ./configure and make options, env-vars and so on?
20:22.45AssociateXbenJIman, I learned to edit the .config file and cut my compile time down
20:23.01litbthen it's really for me. i will have a look at it again :)
20:23.09Sho_litb: yup, exactly
20:23.09*** join/#kde luciash (n=luciash@tikiwiki/luciash)
20:23.25*** join/#kde millere (
20:23.36benJImanAssociateX: if you do that your system can't cope with hardware change though, depends if you want to save a little time compiling to create lots of hassle for you later
20:23.46luciashany idea how to run konqueror with a session ?
20:23.47*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
20:24.13Sho_luciash: konqueror --profile <profile name>
20:24.24luciashi logged off with auto save session but when i logged in back the konq with all opened tabs didn't open anymore
20:24.43benJImanluciash: or kfmclient openProfile <profile name> which will iirc reuse existing preloaded versions
20:24.45millerehey, newbie here. i have konqueror 3.4. i'm wondering how to install xpacman on suse 10
20:24.54luciashi don't need profile, i need back auto-saved session
20:25.13benJImanluciash: you mean view profiles? how did you save it
20:25.26benJImanview profiles save the state of all the open tabs etc
20:25.32luciashit worked (loaded automagically) until my last logoff
20:26.13luciashnot profiles, KDE has auto-save session feature and it loads konq with all last opened tabs when you re-login
20:26.45benJImanah kde's session management
20:27.03*** join/#kde fredE (
20:27.18benJImankcontrol -> kde components -> session manager if you've turned that off somehow
20:27.18luciashyup, but last time it failed to load it back but i believe there are some sessions still saved but dunno how to oload it back manually
20:27.47benJImanI don't know how/if you can load them manually, hmm have a look in /home/benji/.kde/share/config/session
20:28.20*** join/#kde nh (
20:28.38benJImanif you want to store a tab layout permanently if's probably best to use the view profiles
20:28.41luciashnope, benJIman, i haven't changed it, it's still turned on but last log-off somehow failed to save it and load it back again so i lost all the opened tabs :-/
20:29.11benJImanluciash: view profiles best if you want to be certain it's saved
20:29.19luciashi know, but that would need my manual saving each time i would log-off which isn't the best way
20:30.03AssociateXbenJIman, ah, not really. I compiled this kernel with my own .config from scratch and built the box too myself, still no hassles. If I add hardware that needs a new module, I just build that module, no problems.
20:30.07luciashok, i'll try to figure it out myself if you don't know ...
20:30.47benJImanAssociateX: yes, well it's a compromise, you need to build the module, vs it just working
20:30.49luciashthey're in ~/.kde/share/config/session
20:30.58benJImanyes as I just said
20:31.09luciashbut dunno how to specify it on cnd lien for konq
20:31.43benJImantry konqueror --session <filename>
20:31.56AssociateXbenJIman, oh, now I follow. Sure I guess, I guess
20:32.12*** join/#kde Faizi (n=faizi@
20:32.45AssociateXbenJIman, you are right about that, because with mandrake everything just friggin worked
20:32.47benJImanAssociateX: there's no disadvantage to having everything built, other than initial compile time
20:33.02benJImanand if you use precompiled kernel that's not an issue
20:33.22luciashit says "konqueror: WARNING: Unknown class  in session saved data!"
20:33.23benJImanthere's not really any reason you'd need to recompile the kernel for 99% of people
20:33.28AssociateXI'm still going to stick with my source kernels though
20:33.43benJImanluciash: remove the konqueror_ from the front
20:33.53luciashwhen i run konqueror --session konqueror_1014814313e96000113399887800000242460015_1134331178_718101
20:34.06luciashah, benJIman, i'll try
20:34.57AssociateXbenJIman, source compiles can be smaller, loading less into memory and so on, but you are right, 99% of people don't care and are probably just useing what ever redhat is called now a days
20:35.33*** join/#kde sharkk (
20:35.51benJImanAssociateX: suse kde in 10 has kdemm backported, probably what you were thinking of btw
20:36.16robert_what would be making my .ICEauthority unreadable to my user?
20:36.20AssociateXbenJIman, that's it then. Thank you for the info
20:37.06AssociateXlitb, did you read that?
20:37.16benJImanAssociateX: performance difference with modules vs stuff compiled into kernel is negligible
20:37.55robert_why would my .ICEauthority automagically change owners and permissions when starting kde?
20:38.17benJImanrobert_: is it chowned when you startX or when you start kde?
20:38.33luciashthanks benJIman, it works but loaded different session. that one i want is definitely lost it seems :(
20:38.47robert_Hm, I can try to find out
20:38.49benJImanit probably wasn't saved, perhaps session manager timed out and was killed
20:38.57*** join/#kde octan_ (n=octan@
20:39.05luciashbenJIman: most probably, yes :(
20:39.11benJImanview profiles are best if it's vital it's restored
20:39.27octan_where can i find the kmdr-editor and kmdr-executor
20:39.40litbAsscociateX, what did i read?
20:39.53*** join/#kde freaX (
20:40.01AssociateXbenJIman, binary kernels have both statically compiled stuff and modules, that does not matter much. What matters is having the kernel tuned for that box that it's on... well at least for me. and yeah, 3 seconds does matter even though I spent several months figuring it all out.
20:40.15luciashbenJIman: i wonder how different firefox extensions do it. they get restored even when crashed/killed
20:40.17benJImanoctan_: kdewebdev
20:40.18AssociateXlitb, are you using suse?
20:40.32litbbut not suse kde
20:40.44AssociateXlitb, benJIman AssociateX: suse kde in 10 has kdemm backported, probably what you were thinking of btw
20:40.46benJImanluciash: kde has an extension to restore session after crash
20:41.06AssociateXlitb, suse makes it really easy to not use arts
20:41.10luciashoh, really ? what's that benJIman ?
20:41.17benJImanluciash: settings -> configure extensions -> tools -> crashes monitor
20:41.27litbah, thx for inform me
20:41.31benJImanthen you can tools -> crashes -> select
20:41.45AssociateXlitb, no prob
20:41.54*** join/#kde Tjozan (
20:41.58luciashthanks a bunch benJIman, i'll try that. see u later :)
20:42.00benJImanlitb: even if you're not using suse kde packages you can get their patches from the source rpms if you want to apply any
20:42.20*** join/#kde protium (
20:42.28*** part/#kde luciash (n=luciash@tikiwiki/luciash)
20:43.00litbhm, i will wait for KDE4 when it will be supported by kde devs
20:44.24*** join/#kde Flunse (n=Flunse@wikipedia/Flunse)
20:45.09AssociateXbenJIman, I don't think litb has a problem with it, but if you could help me on that, that would be cool as heck.
20:45.42benJImanAssociateX: well if you have a tool to extract rpms you can grab the suse srpms and get the patches
20:45.50benJImanis rpm in portage?
20:46.00*** join/#kde BASEman (
20:46.11*** join/#kde luciash (n=luciash@tikiwiki/luciash)
20:46.17AssociateXlet me set that up right now
20:46.20benJImanthe patches are here I Think but not sure how up to date these ones are vs the src rpms
20:46.47benJImanthe latest kde srpms will be on any suse mirror
20:46.55luciashbenJIman: i couldn't find it in my kcontrol. what version of KDE was it introduced ? i'm still using 3.4.2
20:47.22*** part/#kde protium (
20:47.25benJImanluciash: settings menu in konqueror
20:47.27litbthat's why i will wait. these patches are for kde3.4 but i use kde3.5
20:47.29*** join/#kde protium (
20:47.45benJImanlitb: same patches in suse's kde 3.5 build
20:47.53AssociateXbenJIman, I'm installing the rpm stuff now
20:48.05luciashor maybe i haven't that package with my distro installed
20:48.15benJImanluciash: konqueror  -> settings -> configure extensions -> tools -> crashes monitor
20:48.20luciashbenJIman: it lists none there in Konqueror
20:48.29benJImanluciash: under the tools tab?
20:48.30luciashunder tools
20:48.40*** join/#kde litb (
20:48.52luciashunder both in fact
20:49.02litbnvidia drivers crashed my X server...
20:49.28benJImanluciash: should look like
20:50.06AssociateXlitb, nvidia works fine for me, what are you doing differently?
20:50.28*** join/#kde Octave_Octet (
20:50.32AssociateX2.6 and udev?
20:50.57*** part/#kde Octave_Octet (
20:51.19litbperhaps it's my uptime (21107s)
20:51.38benJImanluciash: are you using gentoo?
20:52.26AssociateX2.6.13 and udev had some problems with nvidia and udev making the proper /dev
20:52.28litbamarok and xchat and a few firefox were run. and - suddenly - X were restarted by kdm. bad...
20:52.39litbi'm using 2.6.14
20:52.52*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
20:52.53benJImanyeah I had issue with that on suse 10, udev decided to remove the device after a reboot
20:52.56luciashbenJIman: looks cool but mine looks like this:
20:52.59AssociateX2.6.13 and greaterr
20:53.05benJImanonly happend to me once though
20:53.10luciashbenJIman: noep, mandrake/mandriva
20:53.14AssociateXI'm on 2.6.14 too
20:53.26AssociateXhold on, I'll find the simpl;e fox for that
20:53.33benJImanluciash: hmmm, there should be 3 tabs there too
20:53.48benJImanactually maybe the 3rd tab is in 3.5
20:54.00benJImanbut the crashes monitor has been arround for several kde versions
20:54.12luciashi'll search what kde packages i don't have installed yet
20:54.27luciashthanks for the hints again
20:55.19*** join/#kde crashbg (n=crash@
20:55.51AssociateXlitb,   /sbin/
20:55.59AssociateXdo you have that file
20:56.22AssociateXor  as root
20:56.43AssociateXdo you want it?
20:57.04*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
20:57.14*** join/#kde danielt (n=danielt@
20:58.14*** part/#kde luciash (n=luciash@tikiwiki/luciash)
20:58.37*** join/#kde uwe|hus-place (n=hus@
20:59.03litbAssociateX, i have /dev/nvidia*
20:59.03uwe|hus-placeIS down ?
20:59.04litbbut, yes i want it
20:59.17*** join/#kde treat (
20:59.28litbyes, it's down
21:00.04*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
21:00.12AssociateXlitb, use your suse tools to find it or I'll send it to you
21:00.54AssociateXlitb, how many files show up with ls /dev/nvidia*?
21:01.11litbbut my problem is that X crashes after hours running properly
21:01.12AssociateXI have 9
21:01.48AssociateXI don't know what that would be
21:01.48*** join/#kde parph (
21:01.50litb"ls /dev/nvidia* | wc -w" returns 9
21:02.53litbif i miss some file, it would not start X, am I right?
21:03.33litbhowever, i don#t know what these files are for
21:04.40*** join/#kde un1v4c (n=iGEEK@adsl-223-247.eunet.yu)
21:04.55un1v4cCan you go to ? (I can't )
21:05.31litbwe all can't
21:05.40*** join/#kde AssociateX (
21:08.33*** join/#kde mgorbach228 (
21:09.14*** join/#kde zmc (n=zmc@
21:09.24*** part/#kde zmc (n=zmc@
21:10.57*** join/#kde Kovecses (
21:11.36*** part/#kde crizu (
21:11.37*** join/#kde roz_ (
21:12.04roz_is down for everyone?
21:12.26uwe|hus-placeyes here roz_
21:12.40*** join/#kde LighTer (
21:12.42parphhi, can koffice read/write/modify word documents?
21:12.43*** join/#kde aimtrainer (
21:12.44*** part/#kde LighTer (
21:12.45aimtrainerhi, I installed quake3 and the sound wouldn't work. Now I use aRts (artsdsp -m quake3) but the sound is delayed. Somewhere I read configuring arts might help, but how? There are hardly any options in the control center. Found out there is a tool artsbuilder but I cant install it as it would delete like half of my installed packages. SO does anyone have an ide ... please :)
21:12.58Kovecsesparph: yes i think so
21:13.07uwe|hus-placeroz_, yes == cant
21:13.24litbparph, with libwv2 it can at least read them
21:14.26*** join/#kde _jinxi (
21:14.33Kovecsesi think there is a plugin to read and write
21:15.41AssociateXI'm installing all the flux stuff right now
21:17.49*** join/#kde AssociateX (
21:18.37Kovecsesthe fonts look funny in konqueror when I browse the web...
21:19.02uwe|hus-placeKovecses, maybe getting other fonts might help
21:19.12Kovecseswell yes I agree
21:19.23Kovecseswhat is the standard font?
21:19.47Kovecsesfor actuall web browsing
21:20.10*** join/#kde hussam (n=hussam@
21:20.18*** join/#kde nordle (n=nordle@
21:20.40uwe|hus-placehmmm ... im not sure, sarif and sans-serif fonts should be the generic name for most used fonts
21:20.50*** join/#kde Elmo234 (
21:21.15*** part/#kde Elmo234 (
21:21.33*** join/#kde ralf (
21:21.35ralfhi all
21:21.40Kovecsescool thanks sans looks alot better
21:21.50ralfwhat kde program lets me use a digital camera?
21:21.55ralfit is a canon one
21:22.05gregdayralf: Digikam, which uses libgphoto2 as a backend
21:23.16*** join/#kde tilrway (
21:24.06benJImanyou can also use camera:/ kioslave
21:24.10*** join/#kde nh (
21:24.15nordleSlackware 10.2 + KDE 3.5 Slackware contrib packages.  Hi, I was wondering if this might be something others have noticed.  When using ark to unpack a archive, it works with 1MB archives, but I tried one which is 13MB and it fails.  It sais "An error occured while trying to open the archive".  I can use tar xvzf on the archive, so know its fine.  This problem happened before, with kde 3.05a I think, I've checked the bug db but found nothing.... Can anyone els
21:24.16nordlee verify that they can/cannot unpack >12MB files with Ark in KDE 3.5.0? Thanks!
21:25.21*** join/#kde silnbob (
21:25.49*** join/#kde knoppix (
21:28.49*** join/#kde yoho (
21:29.52*** join/#kde silnway (
21:30.27*** join/#kde jal (
21:32.04*** join/#kde silnway_ (
21:33.30*** join/#kde Tamara` (
21:33.53*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
21:34.11AssociateXkde needs to drop artsd like a hot potato
21:34.33AssociateXit is the only thing that sucks about kde
21:34.55AssociateXeverything else is sooooo friggin cool.... then there is arts
21:35.05Sho_AssociateX: it likely will in the future
21:35.18PhilRodAssociateX: get on the kde-multimedia list, where you can help with making its replacement
21:35.25*** join/#kde zmc (n=zmc@
21:35.31*** part/#kde zmc (n=zmc@
21:35.33Sho_AssociateX: arts was conceived at a time when it was a good solution to a problem which no longer exists :)
21:35.33Tamara`Hi all, KDE-sound keeps crashing on me, even though, I'm currently not playing any sound, but when browsing, it keps crashing and sometimes, even closing some applications. This is my error -  This content is stored as
21:35.39srednaHm, anyone got k3b working with 2.6.14 kernel and hald running?
21:35.47Sho_sredna: yup
21:36.03*** join/#kde treat (
21:36.03protiumI'll second that comment about arts
21:36.09protiumTruly awful
21:36.12srednaSho_: Dbus/udev/hal versions please?
21:36.31*** join/#kde illissius- (
21:36.46srednaWell, in the next iteration, there will be choices for multimedia backends
21:36.50Sho_sredna: No idea what I had at the time ... right now I'm on 2.5.15-rc5, udev 0.77, dbus 0.50 and hal
21:36.53benJImanTamara`: are you using kubuntu?
21:36.57protium4.0, sredna?
21:36.59Sho_sredna: 2.6.14 was a while ago =)
21:37.08Tamara`benJIman: No, I'm on slackware 10.2
21:37.25Sho_sredna: probably udev 0.71 and otherwise the same, though
21:37.28AssociateXPhilRod, alsa is already there, no need for a new solution
21:37.32srednaSho_: It works with my old kernel - 2.6.11, but I can't get 2.6.14 working
21:37.36Tamara`with a KDE 3.4
21:37.51benJImanarts isn't that bad, look at esd
21:37.57PhilRodAssociateX: erm, and how would I use the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture on my FreeBSD box?
21:37.59protiumThey're all bad
21:38.01srednaI have dbus 0.60, but that doesn't seem to be the problem
21:38.07protiumThere really isn't a good choice out there
21:38.10benJImanalsa dmix is truely awful though
21:38.17protiumI have to say that DirectX is far far better
21:38.32benJImanit sounds like radio quality when mixing several sounds
21:38.46Sho_protium: you're comparing artsd to directx? huh?
21:38.51AssociateXPhilRod, I don't use fbsd and so don't care about that, that is something that you have to ask else where.
21:38.53protiumThe sound management
21:38.58protiumNothing else
21:39.18protiumBut DirectX handles multiple audio streams from different programs far better
21:39.21benJImanAssociateX: kde has to be portable
21:39.30Sho_protium: I wasn't aware that Win32 apps generally use DirectSound for audio playback
21:39.38PhilRodAssociateX: what benJIman said
21:39.41protiumQuite a few do
21:39.43litbalsa dmix is really good
21:39.49AssociateXbenJIman, well then make arts an option not a mandate
21:39.56*** part/#kde yoho (
21:39.58benJImanAssociateX: it will be
21:40.05*** join/#kde CondorDes (
21:40.20Sho_well, of course there are differing opinions on "it has to be portable" :)
21:40.24protiumIt's not necessary, but a LOT do. IT's convenient, because the API is pretty much always there
21:40.28AssociateXbenJIman, and I'm looking forward to that
21:40.47aptarts is unmaintained, for KDE 4 (and not before) there will probably be a backend independent architecture allowing you to choose what sound engine (or none) to use via an abstracted API, if you want to know more, you should read the 5 or 6 hundred post long thread on the kde-multimedia mailing list archives
21:41.00benJImanor use the suse patches
21:41.10benJImanbut you will still need arts for some apps even with suse patches
21:41.13Sho_protium: Didn't DirectX have major limitations in cases of multiple applications trying to access the same resources?
21:41.19*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
21:41.31Tamara`Anybody, knows what the problem is?
21:41.32*** part/#kde hussam (n=hussam@
21:42.15protiumThat far in depth, I am not sure. Never tried to access it with my own apps, so...
21:42.25protiumMy programming is week ;-)
21:42.36protiumI make a better biologist
21:42.42litbi had winodws media player opened 50 times playing an audio file. all files played smoothly
21:42.43protiumOr sysadmin
21:42.49litbi hope kde4 will do so too
21:43.21protiumI still think that audio management is one of the greatest hurdles to desktop adoption for Linux
21:43.25*** join/#kde AssociateX (
21:43.35protiumThey fixed most other problems now
21:43.38Sho_I don't know ... I have no problems at all
21:43.44apti heard artstr is
21:43.47Sho_but then I have a proper soundcard that is capable of hardware mixing
21:43.51PhilRodTamara`: take a look at the suggestions in that link
21:44.05Sho_The AC97 OEM crap is the problem :)
21:44.10*** join/#kde Kovecses (
21:44.22protiumYeah, and that's deprecated now
21:44.25Kovecseshow do i get flash in konq....?
21:44.33protiumBut that's often the best driver for most out there
21:44.38*** join/#kde __a (i=user@
21:44.50protiumDepends on your distro Kovecss
21:44.53Sho_aside from that, the biggest hurdle right now is wireless IMO
21:45.03protiumwireless is not terrible
21:45.07Kovecsesprotium: gentoo
21:45.13protiumI almost think it's morestable in Linux
21:45.15Sho_the drivers mostly suck, the GUIs are a mess, ...
21:45.35*** join/#kde tanja (
21:45.35protiumBut more debugging options
21:45.42Kovecseswhat are you guys talking about?
21:45.55Tamara`PhilRod: (no debugging symbols found) ?
21:45.55protiumthere should be a flash ebuild out there Kovecss
21:46.02Sho_Kovecses: sound and wireless drivers/problems
21:46.08Kovecsesin linux
21:46.21protiumYeah, KDE is mostly for Linux still
21:46.23Sho_Kovecses: on gentoo, emerge net-www/netscape-flash
21:46.31Sho_Kovecses: yup, in Linux
21:46.43Kovecsesyeah wireless in linux is still pretty bad... but sound is getting alot better
21:46.44protiumImpressive that you knew the package name Sho_
21:46.51Kovecsesthanks Sho_
21:46.56Sho_protium: Well, I'm running Gentoo on two boxes here
21:46.58protiumI usually did the 'ol emerage search....
21:47.09protiumAh, it's been a long time for me
21:47.23protiumIT's alright,  but a lot of work
21:47.26*** join/#kde march1980 (
21:47.42Sho_Kovecses: That will install the plug-in to /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins
21:47.57PhilRodTamara`: the suggestions at the link given by apt:
21:48.00apti heard artstr is
21:48.01Sho_Kovecses: The next step is to look in your Konqueror prefs, "Plug-Ins", if /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins is included in the directories it looks in
21:48.06*** part/#kde Borkened (
21:48.08KovecsesSho_: emerging now
21:48.09Sho_Kovecses: If not, add that path, and click "Search for new plug-ins"
21:48.12KovecsesSho_: got ya
21:48.17Sho_Kovecses: And then you've got it
21:48.38protiumKonqueror is stating to get pretty good
21:48.42protiumI like it quite a bit
21:48.48KovecsesSho_: picked it up auto
21:49.01Kovecsesi like konq
21:49.32march1980anyone knows a program for kde showing allocation of partitions and folders?
21:50.01Sho_march1980: If you got kdeaddons installed, there will be "File Size View" in View -> View Mode in Konq
21:50.19protiumI just used df
21:50.19litbmarch1980, kdf ?
21:50.23Sho_march1980: An alternative is FileLight, which shows a radial map
21:51.01march1980that is it, thanks
21:51.05*** join/#kde borkened (
21:51.14srednaSho_: Would you mind showing my your kernel configuration? I simply can't see what I do wrong :(
21:51.24Kovecsesamericas army is huge
21:51.26Sho_sredna: sure, one sec
21:51.29Kovecsesbut worth it
21:51.37protiumThe donload?
21:51.41*** part/#kde __a (i=user@
21:51.49march1980the last time, I used it, it was a single program
21:51.55Kovecsesprotium: yes its like 800 megs
21:52.10protiumTry downloading WoW sometime
21:52.15*** join/#kde dcmoose (
21:52.19Kovecsesprotium: is it free?
21:52.23protiumTrial is
21:52.27protium14 days
21:52.32*** part/#kde dcmoose (
21:52.44srednaSho_: Thanks a lot :)
21:52.55benJImanamericas army is great
21:53.04Kovecsesyes it is
21:53.09protium2.5 a a big improvement?
21:53.21Kovecsesway better now
21:53.35protiumI should get it
21:53.48protiumVery little to lose ;-)
21:53.51parphi would play it if it weren't a recruiting tool for americas army
21:53.57Kovecsesthe true combat enemy-territory mod is pretty sweet too
21:54.16Kovecsesparph: yeah .... but who cares it is still fun
21:54.23protiumTrue Combat? I have never heard of that one.
21:54.32Kovecseslet me grab you the link
21:54.39parphboycott the army and their little game!
21:54.39protiumKovecses: Thanks
21:54.40Kovecsesgraphics are sweet
21:54.47Sho_parph: OTOH, at least with that game you're full aware of the psychological implications of that military masturbation :)
21:54.52protiumparph: Who cares?
21:54.59*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
21:55.06peratuprotium ,
21:55.06parphi guess I have too strong morals for you guys ;)
21:55.07protiumparph: It's fun
21:55.11benJImanKovecses: is it AA style gaming for ET?
21:55.30Kovecsespretty much... but there are several types of games you can play
21:55.40Kovecsessome are just like AA
21:55.47parphon the other hand if anyone actually gets seduced into fighting real wars because of a video game they deserve whats coming to them
21:55.49Kovecsesothers have respawning and stuff
21:56.31Kovecseslook at the screenies... i
21:56.45benJImandon't mind respawning really
21:56.59benJImanit's the stealth and strategic element of AA I like
21:57.06benJImanyou can't go running arround bunnyhopping
21:57.25Kovecsesi like to play them both... depending on what mood im in
21:57.46protiumKovecses: True Combat looks pretty good
21:57.49*** join/#kde SAngeli (
21:57.49*** join/#kde asheron__ (n=stephan@
21:57.59Kovecsesif your running gentoo ....  True Combat is in portage
21:58.03protiumKovecses: Might have to bring that one to the annual LAN party
21:58.11Kovecsesyeah it rules
21:58.14protiumKovecses: Linux gaming too ;-)
21:58.54*** join/#kde asheron__ (n=stephan@
21:58.59*** join/#kde dev1k (
21:59.00Kovecsesi havent used windows in years
21:59.06*** join/#kde giovanni (
21:59.24protiumKovecses: I use it all the time for a few things that don't work as well in Linux
21:59.33protiumKovecses: Like PPC syncing
21:59.49benJImannot 20
22:00.12Kovecsesfor what benJIman
22:00.23Sho_protium: PPC syncing?
22:00.31benJImansome of the mirrors have lots of clicks before you actually get to the file
22:00.38Kovecseswhat file
22:00.43Kovecsestrue combat?
22:00.54benJImanlooking for the patch now
22:01.01benJImansome mirrors timing out
22:01.03Kovecsesyou already have ET
22:01.20Kovecsesi could send it if you want
22:01.29benJImannah don't worry
22:02.02protiumSho_: I have a Pocket PC, and that really fits best with Outlook
22:02.14*** join/#kde homer (n=homer@
22:02.17Sho_protium: Ah, Pocket PC ... when I hear PPC I think PowerPC
22:02.18*** part/#kde homer (n=homer@
22:02.24*** join/#kde patbrugge (
22:02.29protiumSho_: Yeah, sorry about that
22:02.41Sho_having a Mac and all :)
22:03.22*** join/#kde asheron__ (n=stephan@
22:03.42protiumSho_: I'd love one
22:04.12Sho_protium: An iBook with OS X and Linux side by side
22:04.27*** join/#kde asheron__ (n=stephan@
22:04.51protiumSho_: Closest I can get to it is PearPC :P
22:04.55jhutchinsKopete keeps dropping my aim connection.
22:05.02Sho_protium: I tried that once, too :)
22:05.34protiumSho_: OS X is cool beans
22:08.49protiumDoes this channel stay fairly busy?
22:09.13Sho_it's rather quiet from 2-8 AM CET
22:09.30Sho_but other than that it's pretty busy
22:09.40protiumWhat is CET's GMT offset?
22:09.57*** join/#kde Shaikun (
22:10.19protiumOk, fair enough
22:10.26protiumSo another three hours then
22:10.32protiumI'm at -7
22:10.36Sho_note that we observe daylight savings time, so in summer it's CEST and +2
22:10.52protiumSame here
22:11.01protiumI am in Canuckistan
22:11.17protiumAKA Canada
22:11.37protiumGood deal
22:11.52protiumI know a few from there, but I have never visisted myself
22:12.15Sho_Nor have I ever been to Canada, sadly
22:12.32protiumIt's pretty good if you like the outdoors
22:12.42protiumCanada is *huge*
22:12.55Sho_true dat :)
22:13.08Sho_KDE seems to have a fairly sizable Canadian developer base
22:13.45Sho_Usually, you can catch a discussion on the Canadian political scene at least several times per week in the development channel ;-)
22:14.01protiumlol, that might be because it's a mess lately
22:14.12protiumAlthough, barely more stable than yours was recently
22:14.25Sho_Yeah, so I gather. It hasn't gotten much exposure in local news media otherwise.
22:14.59protiumCanada is a little off the map. It must be for you like hearing the latest antics in Kenya
22:15.01protiumWho cares?
22:15.15protiumOther than that it is part of the G8
22:15.18*** join/#kde chrisag (
22:15.55Sho_Well, being somewhat attracted to news on space exploration efforts, I'm aware of quite a few cooperations between ESA and Canada :-)
22:16.25protiumAh, alright, fair enough
22:16.54Sho_And it seems a lot of the 'American' TV I consume is being shot in Canada ;)
22:17.53protiumThey do a bit up here in Vancouver due to cheaper shooting costs
22:18.14protiumOver there I heard a lot of stuff gets filmed in the Czech Republic
22:18.14*** join/#kde rehn (
22:19.17*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
22:19.18Sho_and Canada (specifically the 'Space' channel, IIRC) and Germany have worked together on a couple of sci-fi TV productions in the past ... 'Space Island One', 'Lexx' ...
22:19.24rehnHi. How do I find files having a question mark in their file names using konqueror/kfind?
22:19.48protiumCan you have filenames legally with a question mark?
22:19.56protiumI thought that was a reserved character
22:20.03rehnIt seems that I do.
22:20.08protiumDue to it's use in regular expressions
22:20.30thiagoprotium: sur eyou can
22:20.33rehncat > "?" works
22:20.44thiagoprotium: there are only two characters you can't use in a file name: / and NUL
22:20.48protiumthiago: You learn something new every day, I guess
22:20.52*** join/#kde pyrosim (
22:21.14rehnSo can kfind find them for me?
22:21.29rehnOf course I could just use find.
22:22.08SAngeliIs there a GUI application that would display all /var/log content files?
22:22.30benJImanthere's a logviewer app on somewhere
22:23.28Sho_several logviewers, actually
22:26.15SAngeliI am having troubles connecting to Do you have the same problem too?
22:26.17*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
22:26.27Sho_SAngeli: Yes, it's sadly down
22:26.35SAngeliI see
22:26.48Sho_Hopefully it won't be for long :)
22:27.53SAngeliI see.
22:29.09SAngeliI actually have ksystemlog installed but I have permission problems. does anyone have this application installed and knows how to set it properly for user, considering that /var/log is accessible by root only?
22:29.43benJImanSAngeli: if you want your user to be able read the logs perhaps chown the logfiles to root:logread or something, then add yourself to that group
22:29.53benJImanor you could use sudo
22:30.09*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
22:30.14SAngeliI see. Group seems a good solution.
22:30.18*** part/#kde JDLSpeedy (i=joe@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/JDLSpeedy)
22:30.32benJImanmost likely your distro will override changes for system files like that with settings from somewhere, you need to check how to change it permanently for your distro
22:33.27*** join/#kde Hobbsee (
22:35.20*** join/#kde pasquale (
22:35.37*** join/#kde sleon (
22:35.48pasqualeciao a tutti
22:35.49*** join/#kde tilrman (
22:38.44SAngeliciao pasquale
22:40.15*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
22:42.47*** part/#kde SAngeli (
22:43.20*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
22:45.12*** join/#kde DaSkreech (
22:45.35*** join/#kde Trevelyan (
22:45.40SpeSis there a way to make a widget in Qtdesigner always on top/bottom? (i.e. a Qlabel with a pixmap...)
22:45.41SpeSI want to make a jpg as the background of the wondow app, with all the other buttons, etc, on top of it
22:45.44SpeSis that possible in Qtdesigner?
22:46.03willwork4foogreetings y'all
22:47.31*** join/#kde positivo (n=positivo@
22:48.18cornhello everybody
22:50.22cornhablas espanhol?
22:50.37cornsoy brasileiro
22:50.57DirkGentlySpeS: ask in #kde-devel.. developers hang out in there
22:51.30corni dont speak english, yes spanish!
22:51.57DaSkreechcorn: Ask and hopefully we can keep up
22:52.13DaSkreechOr ask in #kde-es
22:52.29DaSkreechWhich would be a lot smarter :)
22:53.11*** join/#kde MegaSimkin (n=Simkin@tor/session/x-9dadf6079046cccf)
22:56.27SpeSDirkGently ok thanks, I didn't know O:)
22:58.33*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
22:58.39cornyou are homosexual
22:58.50DirkGentlyanyone able to open
22:58.53DirkGentlyanyone able to open ?
22:59.17*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
22:59.31willwork4fooDirkGently: nope. I can't.
22:59.50cornfuck off
22:59.50DirkGentlywillwork4foo: thanks
23:00.18*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
23:00.47cornbis homosexual
23:00.55cornbicharada americana
23:01.02*** join/#kde Ze_M (n=kvirc@unaffiliated/zem/x-000001)
23:01.06willwork4foocorn: exactly what are you here for?
23:01.13willwork4foobesides being rude?
23:01.27willwork4foooh dear. what a loss.
23:02.53Tamara`Tamara` Hi all, On, KDE-3.4, sound keeps crashing on me, even though, I'm currently not playing any sound, but when browsing, it keps crashing and sometimes, even closing some applications. Have a look down........This is my error -  This content is stored as
23:05.42*** join/#kde darkside (
23:06.24gregdaycan I change the icon of just the Trash can?
23:06.53darksideanyone know of a good site designer ....for java
23:07.40DaSkreechDoes anyone know about knowledge?
23:07.43DirkGentlygregday: icon size you mean?
23:08.06gregdayno, the image
23:08.24DirkGentlyright-click properties then click on the icon
23:08.39gregdayfor both the empty and full states?
23:11.32*** join/#kde th0re (n=thore@
23:12.34darksideanyone around
23:13.09willwork4fooI'm fairly round
23:13.12willwork4foowhat's up darkside
23:13.26DaSkreechnope shhhh We are playing hide and seek with #gnome
23:13.29darksidejust trying to find out some info on website design programs
23:13.36DirkGentlygregday: ahh.. try editing ~/Desktop/trash.desktop
23:13.38darksidewant to start a website
23:14.21DirkGentlyyou can change Icon and EmptyIcon there
23:14.46willwork4foohave a look at e107
23:14.51willwork4fooand also have a look at xoops
23:14.53gregdayDirkGently: will that be respected anywhere the trash can is shown, like on the kicker applet?
23:14.58willwork4foo(that was for darkside)
23:15.17willwork4foomy website's managed with e107 -
23:15.42darksidecool thanks
23:16.33*** join/#kde zorba64 (
23:17.04darksidenice website ....
23:17.10willwork4foodarkside: no probs. Please feel free to use the donate button on my website to give me lots of cash for the wonderful assistance.
23:17.30DirkGentlygregday: I don't think so.. that looks like it's hardcoded
23:17.48DirkGentlyyou'd need to change the actual pixmaps
23:18.38darksidelol yea when i make the next website i will website?
23:22.29*** join/#kde d0c_t0m0e (
23:26.40*** join/#kde MrGrim (
23:31.19*** join/#kde _sleon (
23:31.30benJImananyone know if ksvg in 3.5 is ksvg 1 or 2?
23:32.44*** join/#kde _Kuroneko (
23:33.25*** part/#kde _Kuroneko (
23:34.01strawbenJIman: 1
23:34.14benJImanstraw: thanks
23:34.46*** join/#kde Polar (
23:34.51*** join/#kde nefertum (
23:35.28strawbenJIman: there's a partial integration of antigrain as a konq plugin in 3.5, but it's unfinished
23:37.01strawbenJIman: i think that effort is now in trunk along with other cool svg stuff :)
23:37.03*** join/#kde comradevi1 (n=victor@
23:37.08*** part/#kde comradevi1 (n=victor@
23:37.30*** join/#kde krugerk (
23:37.38*** join/#kde moret (
23:42.20*** join/#kde Kovecses (
23:42.39*** join/#kde th0re_ (n=thore@
23:43.00Kovecseswhen I clear konquerors history and cache and clear the location bar... websites still popup in the location bar?
23:43.05Kovecseshow do i clear this?
23:43.44*** join/#kde elm (
23:44.01DirkGentlyKovecses: have you right-clicked the location bar and selected Clear History?
23:44.08benJImanyeah it doesn't do it first time
23:44.26oGALAXYowhat kde version ?
23:44.31benJImanor only does some of it I think
23:44.47benJImankeep doing it and it clears eventually
23:44.52Kovecsesok thanks
23:50.42*** join/#kde PeanutHorst (n=peanutho@
23:55.07*** join/#kde Skrot (
23:59.32PeanutHorsthi all.....   does anyone know if i can find a theme for KDE based on the Mac OS X "Aqua" interface? I know one exists, i've seen screen captures of one. But where do i find it?

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