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00:00.35annmahallo brucehoult
00:01.15mcquaidi remember the name of the one i used to use, radialcontext
00:01.53canllaithoooh nice taste in music madpenguin8
00:02.41Dhraakelliannow playing: Tvĺ Fisk Och En Fläsk - Jungfruburen - "Linden Bär Löv"
00:02.48madpenguin8kpov is pretty cool
00:02.53Dhraakelliangood music, even if I haven't a clue what any of it means
00:02.59madpenguin8I just made a wallpaper with it
00:03.30brucehoulthi annma!
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00:04.02annmacanllaith: do you like it?
00:04.09canllaithannma: so far it seems ok
00:04.11annmaif so, Tristania is better
00:04.13brucehoultso now four RAM slots used
00:04.15canllaithok :)
00:04.18brucehoultand only 4 spare :-(
00:04.38annmaand also Within Temptation
00:05.20DhraakellianI think the p75 sitting on the other side of me has 72MB
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00:05.53brucehoultDhraakellian: this had the 512 MB it came from the store with.  which was *ok*, but swapped a bit.  1.5 GB now
00:06.23brucehoultit's RAM upgrade time ... my point&shoot camera just got a present to take it from 8 MB to 512 MB :-)
00:06.44canllaithand your camera had 16mb =p
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00:07.17brucehoultamazingly, the 512 MB XD card was only slightly more expensive than a 512 MB DDR400 for the Mac
00:07.53brucehoult16 was it?  well it was enough to point the camera at something, press the button, and go "ok, it works"
00:09.08benklopquick question i turned on keyboard layouts in the control panel to get my multimedia keys to work. now, my apostrophe and tilde keys work differently. is there any way to retore them to the way i am used to?
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00:10.02benJImanbenJIman: select the appropriate language too in the same page
00:10.12benklopi have done thato
00:10.27benklopUS English
00:10.28Dhraakellianbenklop, are you using a layout with deadkeys?
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00:10.54bsimsno such luck it hangs on initialising system resources
00:11.13benklopi am using U.S. English w/iso9660 with the option for deadkeys to be turned off
00:11.33benkloper 9995-3
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00:12.22[1ur1]I have some Python code I want to add to KDE Control center... Can anyone give me some clues on where to start from ???
00:12.38annmahmm, what for?
00:12.55benklopso, i am  a layout with deadkeys disabled
00:13.55[1ur1]Gentoo System Management...
00:16.01annma[1ur1]: where do you want to add that? for Gentoo distro?
00:17.10[1ur1]anma, I want kde users to be able to configure some gentoo params from the control Center...
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00:18.13annma[1ur1]: you mean you want to introduce that in the release?
00:18.18[1ur1]annma, I have some python code already done.. Is it possible to make the control center load that code ???
00:19.08davidsmind[1ur1]: This one is old
00:19.12[1ur1]annma, I thnik it can be done through (at most) an use-flag... no ??? I don't know KDE code at all...
00:19.13annmathe control center loads kcm modules
00:19.26annmais there a module for a start?
00:19.27[1ur1]davidsmind, Thank you !!! =)
00:19.58annmahave a look in kdebase.kcontrol code as well
00:20.16davidsmind[1ur1]: also look around for more info on the kde python bindings
00:20.33[1ur1]Ok... kdebindigs WILL do the job ???
00:20.34annmaI was about to mention that
00:20.48annmanot sure what state they are on
00:20.53[1ur1]anma, I'll check that out... =) THX !
00:20.59annmakig uses boost
00:21.09annmaso you can check Kig as well (kdeedu)
00:22.01[1ur1]=) thank you once again...
00:24.27annmagood luck
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00:50.24martmankind of a weird question, i heard that awhile back there was a change in the QT license and now im wondering why im not seeing some kde apps for win/max
00:50.30martmanstill another catch somewhere?
00:52.23annmamartman: you heard
00:52.37annmayou should verify what you hear
00:52.50annmaand also state your question more precisely
00:52.52DhraakellianQt4 is available on windows under the GPL now
00:53.10annmahowever this is from just a few days
00:53.24annmaso probably there are no apps built in that time
00:53.25Dhraakellianwhich means that, when KDE gets ported from Qt3 to Qt4
00:53.53Dhraakellianand if someone actually has the motivation to get stuff compiling and working on windows
00:53.54annmaand qt4 free for win does not mean qt apps for windows
00:54.00Dhraakellianthen it'll happen
00:54.17annmaDhraakellian: you can't use it to build qt only app on qindows?
00:54.48annmamartman: where was there a catch previously?
00:55.03Dhraakellianannma, well, he was asking about KDE apps
00:55.19annmahe probably does not know what he is asking in fact
00:56.02martmankde runs on what seems to be every X, cgywin runs craploads of unix/X stuff for win
00:56.11DhraakellianI'm sure someone will work on getting KDE to run on Windows when KDE4 comes around
00:56.12martmanso i was asking is the QT license the only problem stopping them
00:56.15martmanor if theres even more
00:56.16annmawhat was the catch previously?
00:56.27annmathe problem is windows itself
00:56.35martmanhow is it windows?
00:56.37annmawho wants to code dlls?
00:56.51annmamartman: are you a developer/
00:56.59martmanim a wanna be one....why?
00:57.09annmaa wanna be
00:57.12annmaI see
00:57.30Dhraakellianand a lot of KDE programmers just don't want to waste time porting KDE when that time could be spent making improvements to it on *nix platforms
00:57.37annmaif you want to evelop on windows, then do it
00:57.54annma1) is there a market for your app on windows?
00:58.11martmanDhraakellian yeah, kinda figured but was afraid of that
00:58.17martmanwould be nice to get a couple going on win...
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00:58.24dpyhi guys
00:58.28annmawhy would we want our beautiful KDE on top of wondows???
00:58.32*** join/#kde doctorwhite (
00:58.39annmait does not make much sense
00:58.44annma2 desktops
00:58.46madpenguin8annma: I ask myself this all the time
00:58.48martmanbecause alot of apps are really useful....
00:58.57dpydoes anyone here know a KScreensaver plugin that just runs a command or script whenever the screensaver should be active ?
00:59.01annmayeah? 2 desktops? 1 on top of the other?
00:59.12annmamartman: then run Linux
00:59.21annmause wine for the rest
00:59.25martmanwhen it basicly hates all my hardware...
00:59.36annmasurely not
00:59.49DhraakellianIf some windows user wants to port KDE4 apps, there's nothing legally stopping them
00:59.55annmaby another PC if it was so which I doubt
01:00.03annmaDhraakellian: of course not
01:00.14annmaas KDE is GPL
01:00.30Dhraakellianbut many developers don't have that itch to scratch
01:00.33annmamartman: video card?
01:00.41annmamartman: sound card?
01:00.41Dhraakellianin fact, many would see it as scratching a festering boil
01:00.59Dhraakellian(excuse any hyperbole there if sentiments aren't quite that strong)
01:02.03annmamartman: be smart if you want to develop and develop for KDE, you'll have more public than for windows where noone will never use your app
01:02.11dpydoes anyone know the answer to my question ?
01:02.29annmadpy: look in kcontrol
01:02.37annmagotta go - film time
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01:02.45annmabye all
01:03.02ZombieSo, I need assistance with a Cosmetic issue.
01:03.09Dhraakelliandpy, I don't know.  That doesn't mean that no one else does though
01:03.22internatnote quiet sure if this is the right place.. anywho.. im using kubuntu, and i just installed it, and i haven o sound, lsmod shows the module as being loaded, but i get no sound and alsamixer says fatal error default device does not exist etc
01:03.32DhraakellianZombie, ask away; someone might just know the answer
01:04.18ZombieI have a cosmetic issue with Linux thinking my CD Burner is a Vanilla CDROM
01:04.26ZombieOnly KDE's desktop Doesn't identify it right.
01:04.35ZombieThis is isolaated to one node that thinks its burner is a CD Rom
01:04.44ZombieK3B sees it.
01:04.53ZombieI have another CD ROM running the exact same OS as this one.
01:05.09ZombieAnd, it shows up as a burner correctly.
01:05.14ZombieI can make  you screenshots if  you like.
01:05.24madpenguin8please do
01:05.41*** part/#kde martman (
01:06.48ZombieWhats the matter here?
01:07.34radi0headZombie; WHich kernel are you running?
01:07.37dpyreally weird
01:07.43dpythat nobody has thought of it
01:07.57dpyto create a "executable" screensaver plugin
01:08.04dpythat just runs an executable or a script
01:08.14radi0headZombie; Do you use ide-scsi or ide-cd?
01:08.26internati take it no one has any ideas?
01:08.40ZombieTried both
01:09.12madpenguin8Zombie: iirc 2.6.11 has issues with burners
01:09.56madpenguin8Zombie: tried your distros forums?
01:09.59Dhraakellianinternat, I see you're already in #ubuntu and #kubuntu, so I won't advise checking in there
01:10.07Dhraakellian#alsa maybe?
01:10.19internatyeah i asked in ubuntu and they said try here and kubuntu
01:10.28ZombieI don't think this is a Kernel issue becaise thoes two nodes run the same kernel./
01:10.47*** join/#kde egon_spengler (~egon@
01:10.51ZombieThis problem was aa problem back in thee 2.6.3 Kernel
01:11.14Dhraakellianwell, if it's saying that a device doesn't exist (rather than saying that it's in use), it'd be my guess that it's not a kde/arts problem
01:11.17dpyis there a better channel to ask questions about kscreensaver ?
01:11.43Dhraakelliandpy, well, if there's a #kscreensaver channel, maybe
01:12.07Dhraakellianotherwise maybe just wait for someone more knowledgeable about kscreensaver
01:13.03madpenguin8dpy: this is prolly the place
01:13.46madpenguin8that doesnt make sense
01:13.51dpyI really cannot believe I am the first one to think of a "screensaver that runs an executable" type of screensaver
01:14.11dpyI've seen some weird screensavers that have been ported to KDE
01:14.20Dhraakelliansince high-graphics stuff at 1600x1200 is probably a tad much for this poor intel graphics hardware
01:14.30dpyand nobody though it might be nice to have a script-executing screensaver
01:14.56*** join/#kde alinden (
01:14.57madpenguin8dpy: so what are you waiting for, hack one up ;p
01:15.33*** join/#kde termo (
01:16.13dpymadpenguin8: not interested, I've 10.000 more interesting things to hack up
01:16.34madpenguin8dpy: but I imagine there is something out there
01:16.57*** join/#kde Alethes (pennywise@alethes.user)
01:17.31honI wish: konqueror have an extra entry in Location menu: add note here, which brings up an absolutely minimalistic text editor (as simple like knotes) and you can add a note in that directory. does anyone agree?
01:18.14dpymadpenguin8: you have any useful google query words for me ?
01:18.53grepperhon:  you could add one to r-click menu easily enough
01:19.17grepperer, depending what you mean by "note"
01:19.24honI know about service menus, but I need the text editor
01:19.40honno I mean just a VERY simple text editor
01:20.07hona konqueror side bar is also very good for this
01:21.06honbtw, do you any minimalistic text editor in kde?
01:21.12madpenguin8dpy: hmm, dunno
01:22.07honsomething damn fast and with no visible bloatedness
01:22.29*** join/#kde wirwzd (
01:23.05honkedit is almost ok,
01:23.18honcan it be embedded into konqi?
01:23.20*** join/#kde unome (
01:23.31honor is it?
01:23.49unomeI gotta problem with kate, always gives me an error
01:23.49unomekate: ERROR: Communication problem with kate, it probably crashed.
01:24.10unomenow, when I start it with -n it works
01:24.17unomenever works with sudo
01:24.26unomelike sudo kate <file>
01:25.07wirwzdwhat about kdesu?
01:25.08unomewhen used with sudo this is the error I get:
01:25.09unomeError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-roco" is owned by uid 1002 instead of uid 0.
01:25.09unomeLink points to "/var/tmp/kdecache-root"
01:25.51unomewith kdesu it asks for the pass, but never loads
01:26.17*** join/#kde Cerulean (~Cerulean@giannaros.developer.kde)
01:27.03unomeQt: 3.3.3
01:27.03unomeKDE: 3.4.1
01:27.03unomeKate: 2.4.1
01:27.17unomewould anyone look at the error please
01:27.23wirwzdxhost + ?
01:27.42anankeunome : try kdesu kate first
01:27.57unome<unome> with kdesu it asks for the pass, but never loads
01:28.12Dhraakelliandoes su -c work?
01:28.36Dhraakelliansu = root (unless otherwise specified)
01:28.52Dhraakelliansudo = you with root priviledges (afaict)
01:29.10*** join/#kde moshe (
01:29.23moshedid something happen with msn again that's preventing kopete from connecting?
01:29.38unomeroot is in the sudoers list here, sometimes it's useful
01:29.38Dhraakelliansu - = root with its own environment variables
01:29.57anankehmm, odd. i thought touching update_ksyscoca would result in an update, yet it works only if the file is not there. i have to remove it to initiate the rebuild
01:30.04honhi moshe, let me try if I can connect or not ...
01:30.18unomeso what's the deal here, file a bug report?
01:30.25wirwzdafaik you shouldnt have to run "xhost + localhost" before kdesu but you may before su to give permission to use th elocal display
01:30.35moshekopete and gaim both fail
01:30.37Ceruleanmoshe: I cannot connect.
01:30.46Ceruleanmoshe: Check the MSN server status
01:30.52moshewhere do I do that?
01:31.24Ceruleanshows that MSN is running okay at least..
01:32.07moshebut there's a link right below it that doesn't look good for us.
01:32.21*** join/#kde gregday (
01:33.06honI connected to my msn account now
01:33.23benJImanmsn server status is never accurate
01:33.30mosheI'm trying it again
01:33.31benJImanI think it's based on the number of hits to the server status page
01:33.44CeruleanbenJIman: :P
01:33.55Ceruleanstill getting "An internal server error occurred. Please try again later."
01:34.53benJImankopete likes focus stealing popups informing you too
01:34.53*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
01:35.33Ceruleanyeah, need to be quick with that Return then Ctrl+Q combo.
01:36.09benJImanpassive popups would be so much better
01:36.19benJImanalt+f2 + killall kopete is sometimes quicker
01:37.05*** join/#kde straw (
01:37.39*** join/#kde narg (
01:38.00benJImantmsnc won't sign in either
01:50.34*** join/#kde jczajkowski (
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01:51.31segfault_hi there
01:52.08mosheso, what's the deal with msn, then?
01:52.19jczajkowskianyone know how to add modules to Kcontrol? I'm using KDE 3.3.2
01:52.25benJImanservers seem to be dodgy, some people can occasionally connect
01:52.47benJImanmsn's uptime is worse than
01:52.48mosheso it's not necessary Yet Another Attempt to Avoid us Linux-using Freeloaders?
01:53.37internatnah... msn is down.. my gf on windows cant log in either
01:54.12moshethat's a relief
01:54.26mosheI can't contact any windows users online without msn in the first place :)
01:56.22*** join/#kde CondorDes (
01:57.18benJImanthat's what jabber is for
02:02.53gnoobi am logged into msn.
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02:11.44jczajkowskianyone know what file I need to edit to add a module to kcontrol in kde 3.3.2?
02:14.11*** join/#kde apollo2011 (
02:15.51anankehmm, are there any other tools than kmenuedit to manage those .menu files? kmenuedit makes such a spaghetti out of those
02:16.03*** join/#kde Lazydog (
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02:32.28hellz_hunterok i figured out how to get Xnest to run a kde session, i want to figure out how to run just KDM and view the themes, its kind of hard because if i run startx or startkde with Xnest, im logged in as a user, it will skip KDM and go straigght to the kde session
02:34.15hellz_hunterso how do i run Xnest to view KDM is what im asking
02:35.17*** join/#kde physos_ (~physos@endres.kde)
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02:47.17hellz_hunterwhat is kdm_greeter?
02:48.45anankeman, kmenueditor is crazy
02:51.36davidsmindnuthouse crazy, or karaazee crazy?
02:51.46*** join/#kde mae (
02:52.29anankei think a bit of both
02:53.36*** join/#kde SuperLag (aaron@SuperLag.developer.gentoo)
02:54.40anankeahh, i give up. maybe gnome has a better utility that would actually manage kde's menu
02:54.43*** join/#kde jorgp (
02:54.54ananke[which would be a bit ironic]
02:55.09benJImanwhat's wrong with kmenuedit?
02:55.17Aletheslast I heard gnome's menu editor went to pieces
02:55.26anankeAlethes : i'm not surprised
02:55.42Aletheswhy can't the menu editor be like windows' menu folder?
02:55.44anankebenJIman : it makes a complete spaghetti out of menus. items appear in random places, etc
02:56.06anankebenJIman : i remove something - the .menu file grows actually larger.
02:56.10benJImanheh, not had it do that to me
02:57.46anankeit seems like rather than cleanly moving things around in the .menu file, it rather adds 'delete this, move this to there, hide this' to the file.
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03:00.33anankethe most annoying is this: say i move 'Toys' section to another section. looks fine and dandy. i save. i update the ksycoca. i look at the menu, or open kmenuedit again. result? toys is where it was before, but now i have toys-2 under games.
03:00.57nicoalis there a way to determine what could be trying to access the cdrom? I get a bunch of " cdrom: open failed" messages when I log into kde
03:01.13anankenicoal : maybe your old session
03:01.27nicoalananke, I just rebooted
03:01.44anankenicoal : kde by default will save your session.
03:02.53anankeif you don't care about having your session restored, you can remove files from that location.
03:03.38nicoalananke, ok, thanks- I'll try that =)
03:03.46anankenp, good luck
03:05.51*** join/#kde nicoal (
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03:08.08*** join/#kde infernal (~infernal@
03:08.14infernalhi all
03:10.34*** join/#kde Rev_Hawk (
03:10.47anankehmm, found another person that has the same gripes as i do
03:11.16*** join/#kde jhall (
03:13.13*** part/#kde benJIman (
03:13.25*** join/#kde nicoal (
03:13.35nicoalananke, no luck
03:15.05*** part/#kde Rev_Hawk (
03:16.07anankenicoal : odd
03:16.08nicoalany other ideas?
03:16.26anankenicoal : what applications do you have under Autostart?
03:17.24nicoaljust imwheel, a script in ~/Desktop/Autostart/
03:18.57anankehmm, dunno, sorry
03:19.10nicoaloh well, thanks anyway
03:20.15*** join/#kde benJIman (
03:22.30*** join/#kde CavalierBob (
03:25.47nicoalI killed kded and the cdrom activity stopped, yet there was no man for kded- what does it do?
03:26.10thiagoit's the "kde daemon"
03:26.25anankefrom my short encounter with kded, it's something that among other things - watches for filesystem changes
03:26.48thiagoit runs a few modules so that a separate process isn't needed
03:27.06thiagolike the cookie jar: if you stop kded, Konqueror won't set or retrieve cookies from sites
03:27.29*** join/#kde Venson (
03:28.55*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
03:29.24*** part/#kde CyberSpy (
03:29.51nicoalfilesystem changes, you say.... do you think it could be polling the cdrom 4 times a second, monitoring it somehow?
03:31.39*** join/#kde gwidion_ (
03:32.48gwidion_Hi - is there a channel to talk about kde i18n ?
03:33.02nicoalwooo- ok, if anyone else has this problem- it's the media manager... fixed by stopping the service in kcontrol - service manager
03:33.22nicoalthanks guys
03:33.44*** join/#kde josephmc (
03:33.53*** part/#kde nicoal (
03:34.37thiagogwidion_: I don't think so
03:34.49thiagogwidion_: the closest would be #kde-docs
03:35.06gwidion_or them,just here. :-)
03:35.27*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
03:35.45*** join/#kde paradise (~cat@
03:35.45gwidion_But  it is about the doc. translation I need to know about. Thanks thiago !
03:35.46thiagoyes, or here :)
03:35.51*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
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03:41.23*** part/#kde Karelia (~Greyhound@
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03:44.48CyberSpyWow, the Fedora team, really took Gnome involvement to a whole new level with Core 4
03:45.03CyberSpyWhat a pain this has been
03:46.00benJImanit's never been good for kde
03:46.03ironfroggyis there anyway to have a psuedo-block device or just a file even that sound can be piped to and read for arts?
03:46.04gwidion_Hi there... I'd need to know the staus of some translations of KDE. Documentation translations, and I can't find them under  .
03:46.54gwidion_Actually I do not even know if each package documentation trasnlation is counted within the package itself, or in some separated package.
03:47.53benJImanare they still using bluecurve for kde?
03:48.35Vensonnot sure...i haven't used them since FC3, which i only used for a couple days
03:48.51Vensonthey switched to Clearlooks for Gnome....dunno if they use it for kde also
03:49.01benJImandon't think so
03:49.18thiagogwidion_: contact the translation coordinator for the language you want to translate to
03:49.45doleybironfroggy: you can run artsdsp, and from within that pipe things to /dev/dsp, and arts will get it.
03:49.58*** join/#kde edmetric (
03:50.36ironfroggydoleyb: will that let multiple users play sound simultaniousy?
03:51.06thiagoironfroggy: yes
03:51.08*** join/#kde tron_ (~root@
03:51.13ironfroggythiago: yay
03:51.37benJImancan't they anyway? seems to work here, or does it depend on drivers?
03:51.45*** part/#kde tron_ (~root@
03:52.09ironfroggybenJIman: the multiple artsd processes are conflicting trying to access the same dsp device
03:52.22benJImanironfroggy: but I can output multiple things to /dev/dsp at once
03:52.28thiagoyou shouldn't have multiple artsds
03:52.39ironfroggythiago: then how else can i do it?
03:52.44thiagobenJIman: that means your soundcard accepts multiple streams
03:52.47thiagoironfroggy: run one only
03:53.10ironfroggythiago: but how do i get multiple users then to use the same artsd? ive tackled this before, but ive never found a solution.
03:53.13benJImanthiago: ah so it depends on the card/driver?
03:53.33thiagoironfroggy: you can only have one user sitting in front of the computer, at a time
03:53.38thiagobenJIman: yes
03:53.51anankebenJIman : cards based on emu10k1 can do that [for example]
03:53.53ironfroggythiago: well duh
03:54.04ironfroggythiago: but i usually have more than that actually logged into kde at a time.
03:54.11thiagoironfroggy: any other user doesn't have to run artsd, because he can't play sounds anyway
03:54.16thiagoironfroggy: ah, ok
03:54.22thiagobut you can only have one user active
03:54.44thiagoartsd is supposed to disconnect from the sound device after a timeout
03:54.46ironfroggythiago: well it never seems to work anyway. i have the timeout set on artsd for 60 seconds, but the second user never seems to be able to play sound.
03:55.02thiagoafter 60 seconds, has it released the card?
03:55.21ironfroggyyes, although that user then has exclusive permissions to the device and i need to change them.
03:56.11thiagothat isn't artsd's doing
03:56.44ironfroggywell i can solve that seperately, but when i do get the second user to grab the dsp, and artsd is running ok under that user, sound still wont play. i cant get a mixer right now.
03:57.18gwidion_Hi Thiago - I had done that a week ago. They gave me a non-working list subscription address - and now I am in  need of this information for tomorrow.
03:57.34doleybironfroggy: what kind of workstation setup do you have, where multiple users are close enough to hear the same soundcard??
03:57.53ironfroggydoleyb: its just a home computer.
03:58.03gwidion_thiago, I will e-mail then again anyway.
03:58.08*** part/#kde Venson (
03:58.16ironfroggymy wife and I both stay logged in simultaniously, because we dont like reopening everything all the time.
03:58.47thiagoironfroggy: what do you do to make it play?
03:58.52gwidion_ironfroggy, Makes sense! I'd do it here if I had enough ram.
03:59.22ironfroggygwidion_: it doesnt take that much. with both of us using KDE, most of the memory is shared libraries. emphasis on shared.
03:59.27ironfroggythiago: Juk
03:59.42thiagono, I meant: how do you solve the problem?
04:00.11*** join/#kde Greyhound (~Greyhound@
04:00.31gwidion_ironfroggy: Yeah..but she works, and I with the GIMP and large images...soemtimes the RAM is not enough for a single of these sessions.
04:00.32ironfroggywell, normally after fixing the permissions i can get the sound to play, and i leave Juk open as long as i want to make sure a user keeps control of the sound.
04:00.44*** part/#kde Greyhound (~Greyhound@
04:00.48ironfroggygwidion_: RAM gets cheaper.
04:01.14ironfroggyi only have 640 as it is, i need another half-G
04:01.23lord_crowthat reminds me...
04:01.36lord_crowhello again...
04:01.51lord_crowi have some peculliar problem with arts .... :(
04:02.20lord_crowcan anyone help me ?
04:02.45Dhraakelliannot if you don't ask your question
04:03.52ironfroggyproblem solved! ALL of the sound devices (including the mixer) were currently owned by my wife's account.
04:04.00lord_crowok, this is what's happening: two days ago, i installed dropline gnome in my slackware 10.1 machine, and then, sound it's just dead, like muted, but every log and status shows that's ok
04:04.02ironfroggyi really need to take some time and work all the bugs out of my system...
04:04.05ironfroggythanks thiago.
04:04.38lord_crowi allready ask in #dropline, and cannot help me with that
04:04.48doleybironfroggy: But where do your users sit, if you usually have multiple concurrent logins?
04:04.57ironfroggydoleyb: same chair.
04:05.13ironfroggydoleyb: we just use multiple simultanious X sessions.
04:05.48Dhraakelliandoes arts give you any sort of error message when you start KDE?
04:05.55lord_crowDhraakellian: nop
04:05.58ironfroggyalthough im planning to toss in an extra video card and see if i can set up an X session on each card so we can both use the same computer at the same time.
04:06.04Dhraakelliananything about it continuing and using the null output device?
04:06.24lord_crowDhraakellian: nop, i started artsd manually and starts ok
04:06.49Dhraakellianwhat does the kcontrol module say?
04:06.50ironfroggylater people
04:06.52doleybironfroggy: if you spend $30 on a soundblaster card, it won't be a problem at all.
04:06.53lord_crowDhraakellian: with alsa, oss, esd, all the same behaviour
04:07.21Dhraakelliananything else hogging the sound card?
04:07.24ironfroggydoleyb: i shouldnt have to. the sound drivers ought to merge the streams if the card doesnt support it. but alas, im too lazy to patch them myself.
04:07.27lord_crowDhraakellian: nop
04:07.54doleybironfroggy: yes, that would seem natural... but the driver guys refuse to do so, because "That's not the documented behavior"
04:08.43lord_crowDhraakellian: no problem, i can live without the kde events... 'cause everything else works just fine
04:09.34DhraakellianI actually turned all the notification sounds off
04:09.52Dhraakellianafter I got over the thrill of rapidly changing virtual  desktops
04:10.01Dhraakellian(what a rush, man!)
04:10.39DhraakellianI got used to not having them  back on an old celeron notebook with crappy speakers and a crappier headphone jack
04:10.59doleybironfroggy: you might consider doing it with alsa instead of arts.
04:11.04lord_crowDhraakellian: i understand ;)
04:11.49*** join/#kde sunny256_ (~sunny@
04:12.24*** join/#kde [GALAXY] (
04:21.36*** join/#kde pelt9834 (
04:22.36*** part/#kde pelt9834 (
04:23.36*** join/#kde Other_ (~User_X@
04:24.08*** join/#kde jfields (
04:24.23*** join/#kde parph (
04:24.23Other_i would like to knows if when scrooling up and when arrives the top even if continuing scrooling up if it trambles, if this happens with more people?
04:26.20*** join/#kde Sho_ (
04:29.56*** join/#kde goneri (
04:31.52*** join/#kde qt2 (
04:33.47*** part/#kde rr72 (
04:39.17*** join/#kde Mythril (
04:39.37Mythrilever since I upgraded kde (from 3.3.2 to 3.4.1) devices:// doesn't work in konqueror, anyone know what thats about?
04:40.17lord_crowMythril: everything is in media:/ now
04:41.28Mythrilcool, thanks
04:41.37lord_crowyou're welcome
04:42.42lord_crowMythril: you can try some other kio-slaves like remote:/ applications:/ trash:/ and settings:/ (that's my favorite ;) )
04:44.01*** join/#kde josue (
04:44.02lord_crowMythril: you can see all the protocols if you write this on konqueror exec:/kcmshell ioslaveinfo
04:44.47lord_crowMythril: also, the ioslaveinfo is in the control panel, he
04:44.52*** join/#kde goob (
04:46.20*** join/#kde minsu (~minsu@
04:47.03Mythrillord_crow: where is it located in control panel?
04:47.44lord_crowMythril: you can press ALT+F2 and write kcontrol or you can look for it in the "K" Menu
04:48.57lord_crowMythril: or just writing in konqueror settings:/
04:49.44*** join/#kde exit_music (~babjo87@
04:52.26Mythrillord_crow: I am finding nothing on ioslaves; and exec:/ is failing with an error
04:53.10lord_crowMythril: what does he says ?
04:53.42Mythrilprotocol not supported: exec
04:54.56lord_crowwell... you can press ALT+F2 and write kcmshell ioslaveinfo
04:55.46lord_crowif you put in konqueror about:/ you'll get a nice front page
04:58.02*** join/#kde Venson (
04:58.21*** join/#kde Darkintent (
04:58.43*** part/#kde Darkintent (
05:00.40*** join/#kde sloe (
05:02.25sloeanyone know of a file system indexing and searching program for KDE like Beagle for GNOME? (
05:03.39lord_crowyou mean something like google:/search term ???
05:04.22lord_crowooh i understand now
05:04.53*** part/#kde minsu (~minsu@
05:06.03*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
05:06.15*** join/#kde tron_ (~root@
05:06.35lord_crowsloe: well, i have no idea about an "kbeagle" ;), but you can always use kfind to search specifics types of documents
05:06.35*** part/#kde tron_ (~root@
05:07.18mpeesloe, you can use beagle, you just need to patch it to open konqueror instead of nautiluls
05:07.35mpeeI ran it for a while, but it leaks memory like a sieve
05:07.44*** join/#kde BRAziL (
05:08.02*** part/#kde BRAziL (
05:08.45*** join/#kde SailorOrion (
05:08.49*** join/#kde jfields (
05:09.23*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
05:09.35CyberSpyIs anyone familiar with a bug in kde 3.4 in which you can't use adminstrator mode in the login manager of the control center?
05:10.03CyberSpywhenever I enter my root pw (when asked) it goes back to the main control center screen
05:11.34sloehmm I wonder if I can get kfind to index PDF files? beagle has too many dependencies on my non GNOME system for me to give it a shot
05:16.50*** join/#kde nh (
05:18.25*** join/#kde oneforall (guru@
05:19.16oneforalljust wondering why so many times this kio_file [kdeinit] file /tmp/ksocket-root/klauncherZUSgka.slave-socket /tmp etc isn't closing proper. have to kill them . cdrom drive every time i can't eject I look for those.
05:21.11*** join/#kde ScytheBlade1 (
05:21.36ScytheBlade1using 3.4, is there any reason why I can't re-assign the "switch to desktop X" buttons to ctrl+keypad X?
05:21.38*** join/#kde peppelorum (peppe@peppelorum.student.supporter.pdpc)
05:21.48ScytheBlade1it default to ctrl+FX
05:21.57ScytheBlade1but whenever I change it, the shortcut just....dies
05:22.46ScytheBlade1"Please state your distribution and KDE version when asking questions"......gentoo and 3.4
05:23.34*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
05:23.35*** join/#kde _tron (~tron@
05:24.42*** join/#kde _tron (~tron@
05:24.57*** part/#kde _tron (~tron@
05:25.28*** part/#kde Mythril (
05:26.25aseigoScytheBlade1: i believe that's an X keyboard config issue, whether or not you can use the keypad for such things
05:26.38aseigoScytheBlade1: not sure what fixes it though, i try and remain innocent of such horrors ;)
05:26.52ScytheBlade1fair enough...
05:27.06ScytheBlade1it'd odd though, because the control center keyboard layout picks up the combo perfectly
05:27.22ScytheBlade1I can set it to ctrl+KP_1, ctrl+KP_2, etc
05:27.29*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
05:27.29ScytheBlade1the shortcuts are just kinda....dead.....
05:29.52ScytheBlade1hmm k
05:29.58ScytheBlade1well thanks, haha, at least I know where to start now
05:30.48*** part/#kde lord_crow (
05:33.04*** join/#kde jheran (
05:33.27*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
05:39.33*** join/#kde kranian (~kranian@
05:40.00*** join/#kde kranian (~kranian@
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05:47.42*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
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06:42.09*** join/#kde markey (~me@markey.user)
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07:02.19*** join/#kde rabauke (~rabauke@u-0-225.vpn.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
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07:06.02*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
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07:49.52*** part/#kde osoh (
07:49.56*** join/#kde sloe (
07:49.56*** join/#kde osoh (
07:50.01osohhi all
07:50.13vIkSiT'lo osoh
07:52.22*** join/#kde jdrewsen (
07:52.49*** join/#kde |11dennis| (~dennis@dennis.user.unixboard)
07:54.49*** join/#kde _chris_s_ (
07:55.18*** join/#kde nion (
07:56.02nionhow can i get a subversion snapshot from kdepim? i don't have a user name on so i can not just checkout how it is described on:
07:57.04[GALAXY]svn co svn://
08:00.04*** join/#kde _fitz (~fitz@
08:02.46*** join/#kde _chris_s_ (
08:04.32*** join/#kde war- (
08:06.32*** join/#kde thefish (~thefish@thefish.user)
08:08.59*** join/#kde PhilRod (
08:10.00nionoGALAXYo: LC_ALL=C svn co svn://
08:10.01nionsvn: Can't connect to host '': Connection refused
08:10.20oGALAXYoyou dont need LC_ALL=C
08:10.57oGALAXYonion: retry a few times it might be down due to maintainance.
08:11.02*** join/#kde MrGrim (
08:11.31nionoGALAXYo: ok thanks :) I used LC_ALL=C because if not the output is german :)
08:13.32*** join/#kde jrloki (~loki@
08:21.14*** join/#kde ironfroggy__ (
08:21.33*** join/#kde StevenR (
08:22.15*** join/#kde Theory (
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08:22.48*** join/#kde je4d (~jeff@je4d.developer.kde)
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08:30.09*** join/#kde _rv (~rv@
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08:33.19*** join/#kde SchopfeR (
08:34.00*** part/#kde _rv (~rv@
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08:39.09*** join/#kde erkanoz (~erkanoz@
08:39.36*** join/#kde Ravensky (~ravensky@ravensky.user)
08:40.01*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
08:40.03Ravenskythere isnt a way to cancel the "Compress..." easily :|
08:40.18RavenskyArk just crapped out because I closed it
08:40.40oGALAXYoRavensky: what kde version ?
08:41.14oGALAXYoRavensky: i bet they like to hear about that issue otherwise it wouldn't be fixed.
08:41.47Ravenskydoesnt have a "Cancel" button, but it worked about 20 seconds later after hitting the Close button on the little window because Ark got an error (because I closed it)
08:43.34*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
08:46.55*** join/#kde than (
08:51.03*** join/#kde illissius_ (
08:52.14RavenskyoGALAXYo, would you consider it a Bug or Wish?
08:52.38Ravenskykinda both
08:52.45oGALAXYoi think its not much of a matter actually... the developer sees it the one way or other..
08:52.51oGALAXYomake it a bugreport
08:52.56Ravenskyheh, I'll put it as a bug I guess
08:52.59oGALAXYoand explain it as being a problem when aborting a process..
08:56.21Ravenskysubmitted :)
08:58.41*** part/#kde nion (
08:59.38*** join/#kde welson (
09:00.03dstamboumm in the amarok cover manager
09:00.08dstamboucan I get it to display the full file name?
09:00.09welsonis there a wrapper for gtk applications? I remember trying something out with a particular package but I just forgot the name :(
09:00.13dstamboualbum name that is
09:00.19dstambouwelson: wrapper to do what exactly?
09:00.27*** join/#kde goo (
09:00.37welsondstambou, to see my apps with kde looks..
09:00.49dstambouwelson: yes
09:01.02dstambouwelson: trying to remember the name heh, I use it
09:01.11dstambou*  x11-themes/gtk-qt-engine
09:01.55*** join/#kde ritalin (
09:01.58*** join/#kde pt (
09:02.01ritalinis their a vim mode for kate?
09:02.12ritalinI like its features but ive brain washed myself to vim
09:02.31srednaritalin: You mean a shortcut scheme?
09:02.48ritalinsredna: yeah with a intreactive and command mode
09:02.50srednaritalin: We do not support importing full shortcut schemes into kate (yet)
09:03.10ritalindamn that sucks
09:03.17srednaritalin: There is no real command mode in kate at this time, althoug it is considered
09:03.30ritalinmy main issue is gvims terminal sucks
09:03.34srednaThe next iteration of kate will support using the yzis editor
09:03.40ritalini like being able to test scripts in kate
09:03.49PhilRodgoo: ~/.kde/env
09:03.58PhilRodgoo: see the 'autostart' question in the FAQ
09:04.01aptmethinks autostart is question 10.10
09:04.32welsondstambou, how can i strace it to see that its using these library files?
09:04.44welsondstambou, rather it being wrapper
09:05.03sredna~google yzis
09:05.04ritalinsorry i have no idea what that is
09:05.05dstambouwelson: follow the installation
09:05.12dstambouwelson: on the link I gave you
09:05.18dstambouall you have to do is set it up within kcontrol
09:05.24srednaHm, wrong bot
09:05.35*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
09:05.56gooPhilRod: Aha. Could you also please explain to me why KDE programs had to behave so differently than normal programs?
09:06.12oGALAXYokde programs ARE normal programs
09:06.16sredna <- ritalin
09:06.35welsondstambou, i'm not sure if its effective though.. there really is not much of instructions..
09:07.17PhilRodgoo: I think KDE apps take the environment of the shell in which 'startkde' is run
09:07.48PhilRodgoo: so for example, I set envars and then run startkde in ~/.xinitrc. (I start KDE with 'startx')
09:07.54PhilRodthat works nicely
09:07.59oGALAXYoi find the statement that kde apps are behaving differently than NORMAL apps quite misleading and wrong.
09:08.07gooPhilRod: I never run startkde. I use Gnome (ready for the flames...) and start kmail later.
09:08.12oGALAXYosince KDE apps are NORMAL apps.
09:08.24oGALAXYognome is not kde...
09:08.24*** join/#kde thefish (~thefish@thefish.user)
09:08.33srednagoo: In that case your problem is with gnome not providing a proper environment
09:08.36oGALAXYothey use a totally different architecutre, framework, toolkit.
09:08.36goooGALAXYo: I meant "all other *nix programs"
09:08.52oGALAXYogoo maybe you should consider that GNOME is misbehaving here..
09:08.59Ravenskygoo, are you saying that KDE stuff acts weird in Gnome? (I havent been following the discussion)
09:09.10oGALAXYothey have a totally different architecture, framework, toolkit.
09:09.13srednagoo: You could use a script to start kmail that sets the environment
09:09.26goooGALAXYo: alright. I will now log out and be back with KDE. Just a second.
09:09.30*** part/#kde welson (
09:10.06oGALAXYoi think goo's problem was why GNOME apps look different than KDE apps.
09:10.07Ravenskyso what distro do most KDE devs use?
09:10.19RavenskyGTK != QT
09:10.26oGALAXYoits an understanding issue to make people understand that GNOME is something differently and evil compared to KDE
09:10.37PhilRodno, that wasn't what he said
09:10.40oGALAXYos/evil //g
09:10.40srednaRavensky: Various ;)
09:10.45oGALAXYothats what i understood
09:10.53PhilRodhe was asking about what environment KDE apps read
09:11.12RavenskyGnome isnt that bad, just a different interface. I used to use it because my comp sucks and didnt want to use as many resources, but KDE is just really nice ;)
09:11.17PhilRodalthough if he had mentioned earlier that he was using gnome, he might have got a more useful response immediately
09:11.17srednaWhich is 'any in the current shell'
09:11.25oGALAXYoRavensky: actually gnome is utterly broken
09:11.31Ravenskyheh, ya
09:11.36benJImanand gnome doesn't have kioslaves or dcop
09:11.38PhilRodsredna: indeed
09:11.45Ravenskyweee dcop
09:11.49Ravenskycall failed
09:11.49Ravenskycall failed
09:11.57oGALAXYoRavensky: i know what i am saying here, i used to be a former gnome foundation member and participated to it for over 6 years..
09:12.04RavenskySyntaxError: invalid syntax
09:12.05RavenskyamaroK now playing:  -  (/ %) [] Vol: %
09:12.11Ravenskysorry :P
09:12.29benJImanlol a dodgy dcop irc script?
09:12.36*** part/#kde ritalin (
09:14.46Ravenskyno, it works...just errors if amaroK isnt running :P
09:14.57*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
09:16.06*** join/#kde iblechbot (
09:16.16*** join/#kde Sho_ (
09:16.22RavenskyamaroK now playing: The Beatles - Back in the U.S.S.R. (0:24/2:43 15%) [128 kbps] Vol: 100%
09:16.24Ravenskylike so
09:16.31Ravenskyuses dcop ;)
09:16.52Ravenskywhy, The BEatles or dcop? :P
09:17.05*** join/#kde goo (
09:17.10srednaBack in the uss -- back in the uss -- ......... af 175 dB :o
09:17.32benJImanKamping_Kaiser: run kdcop to see the available functions
09:17.47Ravenskyhow about this song?
09:17.49RavenskyamaroK now playing: Sugarcult - Memory (0:10/3:46 04%) [192 kbps] Vol: 100%
09:18.09srednaI don't know what the is at all :|
09:18.10goowell. It's no better with startkde. startkde's /proc/pid/environ is perfectly sound, but for konqueror and kontact it's just full of \0
09:18.34Ravenskysredna, what type of music do you listen to?
09:19.13Ravenskygoo, what's your problem now?
09:19.54srednaRavensky: Jazz (from bebop an on), classical (about any, including contemporary), pop (preferably female swedish singers for some obscure reason), rock, ... I really do like the Beatles ;)
09:20.38Ravenskysredna, how old are you? you sound..umm...30ish?
09:20.51*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
09:21.02srednaRavensky: Uh, older than that
09:21.26srednaNow calculate :o
09:21.55srednaYou must get back to school Ravensky , or get the money back :o
09:21.56Ravensky(3:40ish AM)
09:22.16RavenskyI need sleep
09:22.24Ravenskywas up till 6AM last 2 nights
09:22.32*** join/#kde |11dennis| (~dennis@dennis.user.unixboard)
09:24.50*** join/#kde qt2 (
09:26.48StevenRsredna: you're only 2x+2 my age :)
09:26.49Ravenskywhat are KDE users' opinions on xfce4?
09:27.12StevenRsredna: or 2x+1, if you've not had your birthday this year
09:27.33*** join/#kde IceD^ (~iced@
09:27.48StevenRRavensky: it's a good desktop, it's very fast, I'd prefer it on older machines where kde is too big to run
09:28.08StevenRi run a mix of kde and xfce here, depending what i want to do
09:28.13PieDRavensky: XFCE doesn't have the same targets as KDE
09:28.19RavenskyPieD, I know
09:28.38PieDKDE is more a desktop with its own application, with great integration and technologies (DCOP, KIO, KParts...)
09:28.38Ravenskyit's meant to be a minimalistic, yet still very featured, right?
09:28.59PieDwhile xfce looks far far less featured for me, with no integration between applications...
09:29.10PieDkparts allows for instance konqueror to embed kpdf
09:29.18StevenRRavensky: like having a pdf viewer inside konqueror, that's a kpdfpart
09:29.24StevenRPieD: SNAP!
09:29.39PieDSNAP ?
09:29.43Ravenskyheh, funny thing is that I've been using KDE ever since I started using Linux a year ago, but just recently I've started using KDE apps (well, trying them at least)
09:29.51StevenRPieD: we mentioned the same example of kpart
09:30.03RavenskyFirefox is still better than Konq. IMO, but it takes up more resources
09:30.04PieDwe could also mention khtml :)
09:30.18PieDRavensky: I don't know where firefox is better than konq
09:30.19*** join/#kde hettar (
09:30.23benJImanfirefox is slow, konqueror preloaded is nice, google in 0.085s mmmm
09:30.42StevenRdepends what you want out of a web browser, they both are very good
09:30.58Ravenskyand I still perfer Gaim to kopete
09:31.06PieDkonqueror can integrate with a good download manager (kget)
09:31.20RavenskyI would use kopete is it didnt give me connection errors every 5 seconds :P
09:31.28PieDkonqueror has a far nicer look than firefox
09:31.36srednaStevenR: :)
09:31.40PieD(I hate every gtk theme)
09:31.50PieDRavensky: can you give me the bug report number ?
09:31.57StevenRsredna: 2x+1 or 2x+2 ?
09:31.57srednaI'm pleased to tell you kids that I still feel young ;)
09:32.05RavenskyI have all GTK apps to use my KDE theme
09:32.25PieDRavensky: I don't use gtk-qt because it is a buggy hack for me
09:32.27RavenskyPieD, eh? I didnt report anything, because it was the MSN servers, not kopete itself
09:32.30*** join/#kde internat (
09:32.34PieDsome applications are unusable because of that
09:32.36benJImansimplest solution is not to use any gtk apps
09:32.36internatok so stupid question, how do i set up dual screens
09:32.37srednaGtg, bbl
09:32.42RavenskyPieD, like which ones?
09:32.48RavenskyI havent had any problems with it
09:32.48StevenRttfn sredna
09:33.00PieDthe only gtk application I used sometimes
09:33.00RavenskyAzureus works fine for me
09:33.04benJImanPieD: what problem have you noticed with azureus?
09:33.06PieD(before I discovered ktorrent)
09:33.16PieDincredible and huge memleak if I use gtk-qt
09:33.19benJImanah is that down to gtk-qt
09:33.34*** join/#kde eltino (
09:33.40RavenskyPieD, where can I see ktorrent at?
09:33.55StevenRi use pan over knode...its caching feature is great for me cos my isp's newserver is so sucky
09:34.01PieDmy 2Gb of swap starts being totally eaten when I use azureus with gtk-qt
09:34.16PieD (thanks google)
09:34.21RavenskyPieD, I've never had that problem, hmm
09:34.33StevenRone thing i really like about ffox is the tabbar down the left side instead of the top
09:34.40RavenskyI really need a better comp :P
09:34.50Ravenskyand to either upgrade or replace the gaming comp
09:34.59RavenskyPieD, isnt loading
09:35.18PieDRavensky: I saw that it isn't loading but that's the official website...
09:35.28mobtekPieD: weird never had that prob either with azureus and gtk-qt
09:36.06Ravenskyhmm, why does Google cache always take so long...
09:36.16benJImanI have had mem leak with azureus and stopped using it, didn't think it was gtk-qt though, not even sure I was using it at the time
09:36.37PieDbenJIman: when I use azureus with gtk-qt, it leaks
09:36.42*** join/#kde _chris_s (
09:36.50benJImanit was always a memory whore anyway
09:36.56PieDwithout gtk-qt, it consumes a lot of memory, but no leak
09:37.21*** join/#kde _Quinn_Storm (
09:37.32oGALAXYo    not work and wife save :)
09:37.59Ravenskythey need to make Gmail compatible with Konqueror (or the other way around)
09:39.02*** join/#kde goo (
09:39.24benJImangmail works in konqueror
09:39.45RavenskyI know it *works*, but it's not the full thing like in Firefox
09:39.51mobtekoGALAXYo: I'll see if my wife will watch it :P
09:39.54canllaithActually, it does in SVN trunk
09:39.54gooI was in the wrong earlier. Kontact has a just fine envrion entry in /proc. it's kdeinit and kio_smtp that doesn't behave like other processes (look, no usage of the world normal)
09:39.58benJImanno the full version works too ravenskey
09:40.21canllaithIf you mimic firefox in the user agent
09:40.27Ravensky"For a better Gmail experience, use a fully supported browser.   Learn more"
09:40.27benJImanRavensky: you have to pretend to be firefox
09:40.47benJImantools -> change browser identification -> firefox 1.0
09:40.50RavenskybenJIman, I do
09:40.51canllaithYes, that is because google are serving up konqueror a crippled page deliberately. If you pretend to be firefox it works.
09:41.25*** join/#kde Kamping_Kaiser (
09:41.36RavenskyI have set for Firefox 1.0
09:41.40*** join/#kde cray3 (~cray3@
09:41.48goocat /proc/`ps aux | grep kontact$ | awk '{print $2}' | tail -1 `/environ | tr '\0' '\n'   is just fine, try doing that to kdeinit...
09:42.04benJImanRavensky: what version of konqueror?
09:42.11mobtekweird gmail seems to work ok with konqi for me
09:42.24benJImanI built this thismorning, not sure how it was in 3.4
09:42.50RavenskyI know gmail WORKS, but it isnt full featured like in Firefox
09:43.00Ravenskylike keyboard shortcuts
09:43.17Ravensky...and changing settings
09:43.18benJImanRavensky: the full thing works in konqueror at least for me
09:43.42Ravenskycan I get a subversion version of Konq?
09:43.43benJImanRavensky: go use the feedback on gmail
09:44.33*** join/#kde cray3 (~cray3@
09:45.50benJImannot sure about just konqueror
09:46.26*** join/#kde praseodymium (
09:46.30RavenskyI'll just grab the whole kdebase
09:46.48benJImankhtml is in kdelibs
09:46.51*** join/#kde Octave_Octet (
09:47.03*** part/#kde Octave_Octet (
09:47.23benJImanI did update khtml without anything else a while back, don't know if it's always possible
09:47.39RavenskyI'll try ;)
09:47.50Ravensky...after kdebase is done checking out
09:48.18Ravenskyalthough KDE is really nice, it's a bit HUGE if you install all of its components
09:48.47oGALAXYono its not huge..
09:49.13Ravenskyyes it is
09:49.24oGALAXYono and i am going to prove you wrong in some seconds
09:49.38Ravenskytakes this comp well over 24 hours to compile everything
09:49.55oGALAXYo619M for GNOME CVS + evolution + firefox + rare tools
09:49.57benJImanRavensky: gcc-c++ isn't particularly fast
09:50.07oGALAXYo741M for KDE SVN full installed..
09:50.14oGALAXYoRavensky: kde takes 7 hrs to compile here.
09:50.16canllaithYou don't have to install everything
09:50.22Ravenskycanllaith, I know
09:50.33canllaithis all that is required
09:50.33benJImantakes <1.5hrs for kdelibs+kdebase anyay
09:50.41oGALAXYoyou dont need arts either.
09:50.47canllaithOnly if you compile --withoutarts
09:50.49Ravenskyheh, the svn checkout has been going for over 5 min now :P
09:50.51canllaithand it causes problems
09:51.03canllaithYou are much better to build arts, then disable it in the control center if you don't want to use it
09:51.08*** join/#kde dec0ding (~binarian@
09:51.31Ravenskynone of my KDE stuff compiled with debugging :P
09:51.37oGALAXYoRavensky: i measured kde svn compile times with gcc 3.4.4 and gcc 4.0.1 look here..
09:51.58oGALAXYoi was able to save over 3 hrs compile time with gcc 4.0.1 over gcc 3.4.4
09:52.09oGALAXYoand you can save even more time if you compile kde with pch enabled.
09:52.21oGALAXYothis requires that you have * > gcc 3.4.x
09:52.47oGALAXYopre compiled headers
09:52.49benJImanthose compile times are quite quick for a 2600+
09:53.08RavenskyI've never compiled KDE on my own, I've only done it through the Gentoo portage
09:53.10oGALAXYopre compiled headers is a feature introduced by gcc some months ago..
09:53.42oGALAXYorapidly reduces compile time again.... maybe you end up in compiling kde in 5 hrs than in 7 hrs as shown with my setup.
09:53.49oGALAXYobenJIman: yep...
09:54.46Ravenskywell, I have a 1ghz p3 with 512 PC133 RAM
09:54.47benJImanoGALAXYo: that with unsermake ?
09:55.10oGALAXYonormal auto*
09:55.20benJImanseems faster with unsermake , might just be imagining it though, i'll have to time without sometime
09:55.34oGALAXYousing and
09:55.45RavenskyoGALAXYo, which distro do you use?
09:55.51oGALAXYomy own
09:55.58oGALAXYoi dont use any particular known distribution.
09:56.18oGALAXYothe entire system i am running is build out of sources.. even using my own init scripts
09:56.28oGALAXYono, i said its not a known distribution.. LFS is known :)
09:57.59Ravenskyumm, is this subversion checkout ever going to end?
09:58.12oGALAXYosvn checkout can be really timeconsuming.
09:58.17benJImandepends on your connection
09:58.30oGALAXYoa simple UPDATE of the already checked out stuff can easily take 1 hr with 1mbit dsl
09:58.43RavenskyI'm doing a full checkout
09:58.49Ravenskythis might take a while
09:58.56benJImanyou can always ctrl-c it
09:59.12RavenskyI could...but I'll just let it run
09:59.40oGALAXYoRavensky: actually its not hard to setup a full linux system from scratch using sources...
09:59.41gooI had to set  KDE_FORK_SLAVES=1 to make the bloody kio_* thingys behave.
09:59.49gooNow I can actually get their environment.
09:59.58RavenskyoGALAXYo, you just need to know what you're doing ;)
10:00.07RavenskyoGALAXYo, how long have you been using *nix?
10:00.28oGALAXYoRavensky: since 1996 ... but had some unixish stuff running on amiga before as well..
10:00.52RavenskyoGALAXYo, I've only been using it for about a year or so
10:01.04*** join/#kde Solak (
10:01.20*** join/#kde Ci-Dev_ (
10:02.01*** join/#kde crs (
10:02.30crsAny one use kAudioCreator with musepack encoder?
10:03.55oGALAXYoRavensky: i must admit that i need to deal with changes myself too... the open source movement as well as tools, configuration environment, changes, huge refactoring are happening.. whenever i recompile a new system (which happens) that i need to deal with these changes too..
10:04.40oGALAXYoone of the major changes for my next system will be changing devfs to udev (which i kinda hate)...
10:05.04oGALAXYoi heard that devfs will soon be entirely dropped from the kernel.. so sooner or later i need to deal with these changes too and i am not really a friend of udev.
10:05.38canllaithI plut in my iPod, it is /dev/iPod. I plug in my usb disk it is /dev/usbhd. I plug in my camera and it is /dev/cybershot
10:05.47oGALAXYoi hope that the hotplug-ng stuff will mature.. i hate the hotplug scripts mess
10:05.54canllaithnone of this figuring out which of /dev/sd? the bloody device is based on how many I have plugged in today
10:05.57Ravenskyomgwtfbbq! the SVN checkout finished
10:06.01Ravensky...for kdebase
10:06.46Ravenskywhen I plug in my camera, it's /dev/sda1 (at least that's what I use)
10:07.16*** join/#kde SchopfeR (
10:07.17canllaithTry plugging in another camera first
10:07.21canllaiththen plug in a second usb camera
10:07.23oGALAXYoi only have a cardreader applied to my usb..
10:07.24RavenskyI need to edit my fstab so I can just mount /mnt/usb instead of running "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb" each time I want to use it
10:07.24canllaiththen a usb hard disk
10:07.31canllaiththen a card reader with multiple disks in it
10:07.33canllaiththen an iPod
10:07.41canllaithand try to calculate in your head which /dev/sd? device the iPod is ;)
10:07.55RavenskyI dont think I have that many USB posts :P
10:07.57canllaitha ? b? c? d? e? f? g?
10:08.01*** join/#kde chillmann (
10:08.07*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
10:08.09RavenskyI actually just bought a USB hub, 5 ports
10:08.11Solakhmm, some applications I add with apt-get under debian (stable) don't show up in the kmenu, what could cause this? I remember to have a section 'Debian', but that isn't visible either.  
10:08.15Ravenskymy comp not has a total of 6 USB
10:08.17canllaith:P I do, unfortunately.
10:08.22canllaithSolak: hrm, try kappfinder ?
10:08.36canllaithI have 1 port on my monitor, 6 on the pc
10:08.58Ravenskyis there any way to hide the useless device nodes in /dev/?
10:09.01Solakcanllaith: thanks!
10:10.05Ravensky1535 devices in /dev/...
10:10.15Ravensky...and I only use maybe 10 at most
10:10.23canllaithyou're using a static dev ? :|
10:10.30Ravenskyapparently so
10:10.37canllaithudev only shows devices that are really there
10:10.46RavenskyI HAVE udev though
10:10.54*** join/#kde floe (
10:11.01oGALAXYocanllaith the same that devfs did
10:11.20Ravenskybut I do have /dev/cdroms/, which udev adds I think (along with other stuff)
10:11.29Solakhmm, it doesn't find sylpheed-claws...
10:11.39Solakok, I can add that one manualy.
10:11.43canllaithSolak: perhaps you might want to add it to the menu system manually :)
10:11.44oGALAXYoSolak: kde has kmail
10:13.11SolakoGALAXYo: I know, but I'm just used to sylpheed.
10:13.20Solakcanllaith: yeah :)
10:13.41RavenskyI had RC_USE_FSTAB="no" in /etc/conf.d/rc
10:14.12canllaithHrm, what is that? I guess this is a gentoo thing or something?
10:14.27RavenskyI guess
10:14.41Ravensky# UDEV OPTION:
10:14.41Ravensky# Set to "yes" if you want to save /dev to a tarball on shutdown
10:14.41Ravensky# and restore it on startup.  This is useful if you have a lot of
10:14.41Ravensky# custom device nodes that udev does not handle/know about.
10:14.56Ravenskythe Gentoo docs says put that to no
10:15.08canllaithI suspect that would stop you having so many /dev nodes
10:15.11oGALAXYohah what bs is that
10:15.19oGALAXYotar'ing up dev..
10:15.31oGALAXYolooks like udev is quite immature..
10:15.42RavenskyI guess I should reboot
10:15.42canllaithWorks fine on all the machines I've used it on.
10:15.54canllaithI haven't found any hardware yet either that doesn't work properly with it
10:16.01canllaithheh bah, uptime isn't real unless you're at least in 3 digits
10:16.14Ravenskymy longest uptime is 32 days, heh
10:16.14oGALAXYodunno, i mean i have not the best opinion of udev, dealing with it for quite some time it only ensures my opinion and now seeing this makes me add that udev is quite whacky..
10:16.34Ravenskynice :)
10:16.41canllaithoGALAXYo: really? seeing the distro specific gentoo script makes me assume gentoo is quite whacky, rather than udev ;)
10:17.00oGALAXYoi dont know much about gentoo to say the truth.
10:17.06Ravenskyis it just me or is Plastik the only good looking KDE window deco? :P
10:17.20canllaithknifty is nice and smooth blend too
10:17.23benJImanRavensky: there are lots of nice ones on
10:17.24canllaithbut I'm very fond of plastik :)
10:17.29benJImanI'm using knifty
10:17.32RavenskyI dont like smooth blend
10:17.38*** join/#kde vIkSiT (~Viksit@
10:17.43oGALAXYoi use plastik with nuvola icons.
10:18.05benJIman that's knifty
10:18.11Ravenskyand I apparently dont have Knifty installed ATM
10:18.12*** join/#kde Sho_ (
10:18.13benJImanand lipstik the theme
10:18.41*** join/#kde anrxc (
10:18.50canllaithSmooth blend is nice if you try to make it look like a slightly tweaked plastik ;)
10:18.58benJImananyone know what the keyboard shortcut to turn off the access keys thing in konqueror is? I keep turning them on by mistake
10:19.01RavenskybenJIman, is that Gaim IRC?
10:19.14benJImanRavensky: no i'm using kopete
10:19.35oGALAXYoand i am using clearlooks on gnome
10:19.48oGALAXYoerr wrong screenshot...
10:20.32Ravenskyheh, irssi :P
10:20.57oGALAXYoi meant that one
10:21.04RavenskyI dont get why people use irssi if you have X running. If you have X, use it
10:21.06canllaithiMac, linux desktop, linux laptop
10:21.14benJImanRavensky: why do you ask?
10:21.26canllaithBecause then I don't have to kill/logout irc on a machine that's downstairs to get on irc upstairs and see what's happening?
10:22.07canllaithscreen + irssi is great for leaving it running on a server then logging in from varying machines
10:22.10benJImanRavensky: irssi is nice for running in a screen on a remote machine
10:22.17canllaithspecially with the iMac
10:22.22canllaithCan't find any decent OSX IRC clients
10:22.30Ravenskyxchat aqua!
10:22.37canllaithYeah, it's ok.
10:22.47canllaithcan't stand colloquy
10:22.58benJImansomeone linked me to a gui-irssi type thing for osx a while back, can't remember where it was
10:23.08canllaithIt's awful.
10:23.16canllaithIt's using irssi backend
10:23.36canllaithThere is another irssi based client that I couldn't get working stably. So much easier to use screen.
10:23.46RavenskyI just use xchat, whether on Linux or windows
10:23.53benJImangrrr I've turned on accesskeys in this kopete window, can't turn them off
10:24.00benJImanRavensky: but that's gtk :/
10:24.06goodoes KDE_FORK_SLAVES have any other side-effects than making kio_slaves having a proper environment?
10:24.14benJImanRavensky: tried konversation?
10:24.26Ravenskyyes, I have
10:24.33canllaithKonvi is getting very very nice.
10:24.34Sho_canllaithn: Snak & Colloquy are pretty good on the Mac
10:24.43Ravenskyit's nice, but I still like xchat better
10:24.55canllaithSho_: no, they're not. They're bloody awful if you're using a g3.
10:25.18canllaithOn the dual g5 they run ok. On the g3 machines colloquy in particular runs dog slow.
10:25.36oGALAXYog3 without altivec is slow yes..
10:25.49canllaithg3 runs every other app fine.
10:25.52Sho_canllaith: Snak, too? I can see how Colloquy might have performance probs, since it's using XSL and WebCore for the presentational layer, but Snak should be fairly fast, I thought ..
10:25.57oGALAXYobeginning with g4 you can use the benefits of altivec and pull a lot of stuff through its vector unit.
10:26.10oGALAXYogood for huge memory movements, sorting of lists and stuff like that
10:26.15canllaithThere is nothing wrong with the speed of the g3, the app is shit.
10:26.19benJIman anyone know how to turn these off
10:26.19Ravenskywee! old iMacs!
10:26.34oGALAXYobenJIman: yes, press either shift, alt, or ctrl
10:26.37canllaithIt runs safari/iChat/iTunes all that jazz fast.
10:26.40canllaithRavensky: aint they cute? :)
10:26.42PhilRodbenJIman: hit Ctrl
10:26.48benJImanPhilRod: not working
10:27.04Sho_canllaith: Give Snak a try if you haven't done so yet :)
10:27.05PhilRodcanllaith: heh, I was expecting baby birds or something :-)
10:27.17canllaithPhilRod: heh you just don't know me all that well I guess
10:27.34benJImanoGALAXYo: yes but it's not turning them off
10:27.44benJImanI think ctrl- turns them on
10:27.46benJImanbut not off
10:27.51mobtekaren't those imacs really slow canllaith ?
10:27.58*** part/#kde benJIman (
10:28.00canllaithmobtek: nope. I photoshop on the green one
10:28.04*** join/#kde benJIman (
10:28.07canllaithmobtek: 450MHz 640MB memory
10:28.17mobteknot too bad :)
10:28.22canllaithIt's a unix, once you load everything and it's in memory it's reasonably fast
10:28.26canllaithas long as it doesn't have to hit the disk much
10:28.35mobtekwe had a 400Mhz G3 at work, it was horrible
10:28.51canllaithMine was horrible till I got more memory for it. OSX is a pig for memory.
10:29.06oGALAXYomobtek: i have a 1ghz g4 covering dust here .... not in use..
10:29.09mobtekyeah my mate andrew now has 2gb in his G5
10:29.09canllaithHrm I should take a photo of hal with his pretty new silver TFT :)
10:29.23mobtekoGALAXYo: heh I will pay for shipping :)
10:29.25canllaithYeah, we got more memory for the g5 today. It now has 1.5
10:29.26Ravenskyother than using that Universal Sidebar thing, is there any way to "docK" the Kopete window?
10:29.31oGALAXYomobtek: its a pegasos 2
10:29.41canllaithIt's pretty damn nice
10:29.47benJImanRavensky: isn't that what it's for?
10:29.58benJImanthe universal sidebar
10:30.00canllaiththen again anything that has 2x 64 bit cpu and a gig and a half of ram SHOULD run nice.
10:30.19mobtekoGALAXYo: pics? :)
10:30.21*** join/#kde DrZoot (
10:31.10Ravenskyrofl, I just added the Universal Side bar and it crashed the panel
10:31.10*** join/#kde hypo (~Dennis@
10:31.14oGALAXYomobtek: put in that case
10:31.26*** join/#kde manchine (~manchine@
10:31.32oGALAXYoi actually use that case as tower..
10:32.13oGALAXYomicroATX chrp PPC board.. modular CPU socket..
10:32.23oGALAXYoi got a 1ghz g4 sitting ontop of it.
10:32.40oGALAXYoi could use it but then i keep using my xp2600 atm because it has more power.
10:33.10oGALAXYook called for lunch
10:33.17RavenskyUniversal Sidebar keeps crashing the panel when I add it
10:33.22mobtekhehe cya
10:33.25canllaithOh, that's easily fixed
10:33.25Ravensky..and it didnt auto-restart this time
10:33.27canllaithDon't add it :)
10:33.33canllaithalt f2; kicker
10:33.44Ravenskyand kopete gives me a Crash Handler thingy whenever I close it
10:34.04RavenskyI really need to recompile KDE with debugging on
10:35.42*** join/#kde rutski89 (
10:36.19canllaithIf you update kdelibs it doesn't do it anymore
10:36.51RavenskyI'm running make -f Makefile.cvs right now on kdelibs ;)
10:39.00Ravenskyhmm, kdelibs is the biggest part of kde (to compile anyway) :|
10:39.09hellz_hunteranyone know the command/method i need to use to get Xnest to show KDM instead of just automatically logging in as the user that started the Xnest so that i can view the KDM themes that i want to preview?
10:39.40*** join/#kde jdrewsen (
10:40.23canllaithWell, you can do it via xdmcp
10:40.29canllaithwith Xnest -query localhost
10:40.33canllaithassuming kdm is set up to allow that
10:43.33*** join/#kde chillmannek (
10:43.56Ravenskysleeeeeep time
10:44.04RavenskyWed Jul  6 04:44:07 MDT 2005
10:45.33*** join/#kde Real_Mouse (
10:45.48Real_Mouse9,1.::13,1{11,1@13,1}9,1::.11,1 9,1.::13,1{11,1@13,1}9,1::.
10:45.53Real_Mouse9,1.::13,1{11,1@13,1}9,1::.11,1 9,1.::13,1{11,1@13,1}9,1::.
10:46.20Real_Mouse14To get 13K12B11-3L97i13ster4II12.11M3®9C
10:46.21Real_Mouse14Paste:4 /dccallow +Real_Mouse
10:46.21Real_Mouse14Paste:4 /DCC ignore off
10:46.21Real_Mouse14Paste:4 żKB-ListerII.mrc?Real_Mouse
10:46.34*** join/#kde hellz_hunter (
10:46.38Real_Mousethats not spam!
10:46.40hellz_hunterwhoopsy dasy
10:47.00Real_MouseWhat is this Chann about ??!??!
10:47.07RavenskyReal_Mouse, KDE....
10:47.08hellz_hunteri guess i shouldnt 'killall xinit'
10:47.08Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:47.15RavenskyReal_Mouse, idiot
10:47.16Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:47.19Real_Mousei should just test it
10:47.19RavenskyReal_Mouse, leave
10:47.20Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:47.28Real_Mousewhat is this channel about ???
10:47.40Real_Mousekde ??
10:47.46RavenskyReal_Mouse, are you a bot, or a bot/person?
10:47.46Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:47.53Real_Mouseim both
10:48.00RavenskyReal_Mouse, turn the bot off
10:48.00*** mode/#kde [+o canllaith] by ChanServ
10:48.01Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:48.02*** join/#kde Eybot (
10:48.38canllaithReal_Mouse: turn off the bot please....
10:48.39Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:48.48Real_Mouseit off now
10:48.58Real_Mousebut its online
10:49.05*** part/#kde Eybot (
10:49.05Ravenskyit's really annoying
10:49.14Real_MouseWHAT IS THIS CHANNEL ABOUT ?!?!?!
10:49.23RavenskyReal_Mouse, ...
10:49.23hellz_hunterkde linux desktop environment
10:49.24Real_MouseUnknown Factoid/Command
10:49.30*** mode/#kde [+b *!*eal_mouse@*] by canllaith
10:49.31Ravenskycanllaith, kick
10:49.34*** kick/#kde [Real_Mouse!~dessa@jhall.kde] by canllaith (canllaith)
10:49.34Ravenskythat too
10:49.39StevenRty canllaith
10:49.42*** mode/#kde [-o canllaith] by canllaith
10:49.42hellz_hunterthx you very much
10:49.56canllaithHey there StevenR :) Long time no chat
10:49.59hellz_hunterso anyways, im having trouble getting Xnest to just show KDM and not KDE
10:50.13oGALAXYoback from lunch..
10:50.20hellz_hunterive figured out how to get kde to boot up, but i dont want it to login as the user that starts Xnest, i want it to have the KDM prompt
10:50.25hellz_hunterhi oGALAXYo  :)
10:50.26StevenRcanllaith: yeah, not been around much...writing report....kile is so cool for theses
10:50.40canllaith:) fair enough
10:51.15*** join/#kde ouht (
10:51.31hellz_hunteri think its the same guy
10:51.35SchopfeR!kick ouht
10:51.39Ravenskyit's Real_Mouse
10:51.40*** join/#kde wirwzd (
10:51.55canllaithhow tedious
10:51.57StevenRcanllaith: and i won't see my gf for ages prolly...she hopefully had her jaw op yesterday
10:52.03oGALAXYocanllaith *!*@*
10:52.05oGALAXYosolves it
10:52.06Ravenskycanllaith, ban the host, not the user
10:52.06canllaithStevenR: I hope everything went well
10:52.13SchopfeRstfu ouht
10:52.15oGALAXYoouht: fuck off twit
10:52.16hellz_hunterStevenR, hopefully? u dont like her talking? :)
10:52.16*** mode/#kde [+o canllaith] by ChanServ
10:52.21StevenRcanllaith: so do i, might phone her mum and find out
10:52.23*** mode/#kde [+q ouht!*@*] by canllaith
10:52.28canllaith:) what was the op for?
10:52.29*** part/#kde ouht (
10:52.34SchopfeRThx canllaith
10:52.41hellz_hunterthx again
10:52.47StevenRhellz_hunter: jaw op to allow her teeth to meet
10:52.51hellz_hunterooo ok
10:52.54hellz_hunteri hope she does ok too
10:53.09hellz_huntershe has guts, i dont like any surgery with teeth/jaw
10:53.18oGALAXYoi am now being queried.
10:53.27oGALAXYowith lines of hehehehe
10:53.34StevenRhellz_hunter: she'll still be able to talk, but she's gonna get her dad to setup the broadband on her lappy so she can msn me instead of having painful phone chats
10:53.43hellz_hunteroo ok
10:53.44RavenskyI wonder if lilo is around....
10:53.46StevenRoGALAXYo: /ignore
10:53.53canllaitheven better, /silence
10:54.10StevenRi didn't know about /silence
10:54.22hellz_hunterim sorry to sound like a broken mp3, but does anyone have any ideas on how to get Xnest to show me KDM instead of just starting kde as the user that executed the Xnest?
10:54.33canllaithhellz_hunter: xdmcp, Xnest :0 -query localhost
10:54.36hellz_hunterim starting to run out of my own ideas
10:54.40canllaithit requires you to have your kdm set up for xdmcp
10:55.01hellz_hunterxdmcp is a command? or is that just what u r referring to?
10:55.03*** join/#kde wirwzd (
10:55.07*** join/#kde soulreaper (
10:55.12hellz_hunteri have KDM setup for xdmcp i edited the kdmrc
10:55.25snugglemonkeyprincess canllaith, good morning.  ;)
10:55.41oGALAXYook the software patents issue is gone...
10:55.52hellz_hunterthey said no??
10:56.06hellz_hunterdid they give their reason why?
10:56.07benJImanoGALAXYo: not sure it's final yet?
10:56.49hellz_hunterdo'h its in german
10:57.08Ravenskystill as unreadable :P
10:58.29StevenRouch...this G8 march thing is not going down well....
11:00.15hellz_hunterwhat is this G8?
11:00.40StevenRmeeting of the leaders of the 8 most powerful nations
11:00.46oGALAXYomeeting of some high administrative fraggles debatting about this and that.
11:00.52StevenRit's a big boys club
11:01.07StevenRor a club for those people who think they are big boys
11:01.09RavenskyUS, France, Germany, Japan, Russia...umm...
11:01.37Ravensky5 AM
11:01.39StevenRchina? canada
11:02.32internatisnt australia in G8 as well?
11:02.43dstambouinternat: no
11:02.48dstambouG7 + russia
11:03.14internatoh ok, interestinbg
11:03.34dstambouuk, france, us, canada, germany, italy, japan
11:03.41dstambouis the G7
11:04.37StevenRi've been staying in flat at the moment, there's been rioting here
11:04.37*** join/#kde hellz_hunter (
11:04.47hellz_hunterthank you alot for the help guys for getting Xnest to work and all :)
11:05.02StevenRprotesting about poverty and anarchy and stuff
11:05.18hellz_hunterStevenR, so an anti-US meeting? :)
11:05.40StevenRit's not anti us
11:05.53hellz_hunterone last question, how do i get Xnest to quit, i just tried ctrl+alt+backspace and it killed the whole Xserver, not just xnest
11:06.04hellz_hunterStevenR, it was a poor attempt at humor at the expense of the US :)
11:06.21StevenRthere are some people who go to peacefully protest, and some who just go to cause trouble cos they dislike capitalism/government/whatever
11:06.22dstambouStevenR: what are you at?
11:06.28StevenRdstambou: eH?
11:06.33dstambousorry heh
11:06.52dstambouah nice
11:06.55dstambouthe marches and such
11:07.39SchopfeR[amaroK] Bush - The People That We Love (4:01)
11:13.14*** join/#kde Isotopp (kris@69f95b68848be301.session.tor)
11:13.20*** join/#kde icyfire (
11:13.29*** part/#kde Isotopp (kris@69f95b68848be301.session.tor)
11:14.46*** join/#kde Crissi (
11:15.06Crissii have a problem with kbabel.. it crashes if i load aspecial po file...
11:15.10Crissiwhta i can do?
11:15.18Crissikbabel from kde 3.4.1
11:15.24PhilRodreport a bug on
11:15.33PhilRodwell, first check whether others can reproduce it
11:17.02Crissibugreport dunno
11:17.05Crissican you test it?
11:17.29PhilRodI don't have kbabel
11:17.39PhilRodsomeone here or in #kde-devel probably does though
11:17.58Crissiits in kdesdk
11:28.00*** part/#kde Crissi (
11:31.27*** join/#kde blueyed (
11:32.09dstamboucan k3b handle on the fly dvd burning?
11:33.52*** join/#kde hettar (
11:33.58*** join/#kde |11dennis|away (~dennis@dennis.user.unixboard)
11:34.01*** join/#kde Gonzo (
11:34.33oGALAXYoif you have enough flies at home :)
11:34.44*** join/#kde Other_ (~User_X@
11:36.10*** join/#kde terra1 (
11:39.57hellz_huntercan i use GDM themes on KDM?
11:40.02hellz_huntersomeone said that i could use it for 3.4
11:40.47benJImanhellz_hunter: you can use gdm like themes anyway, you looked at ?
11:41.49hellz_hunterbenJIman, yes i saw that, i wanted this one in particular
11:41.52hellz_hunterit says GDM and all that
11:41.58hellz_hunterbut i didnt know if u could use a GDM theme for KDM
11:42.50*** join/#kde _pierre_ (~pierre@
11:43.13_pierre_is there a scripting way to log the current user out of kde?
11:44.23*** join/#kde dyl0n (
11:44.28benJImandcop kdesktop default logout?
11:44.33*** join/#kde goneri (
11:44.42benJImanyou'll probably have to turn off logout confirmation for that to work
11:44.56dyl0nwho i can remove the kicker startbar in kde 3.4.1?
11:45.17_pierre_benJIman: dcop kdesktop default logout is an actual commandline?
11:45.29benJIman_pierre_: yes try it
11:45.47_pierre_great, works
11:45.58_pierre_it opened hte logout confirmation dialog
11:46.03*** join/#kde chase (
11:46.35benJImanyou can turn off the confirmation in kcontrol if you want to
11:47.28_pierre_yes, i know
11:47.43_pierre_i wanted to bind it to a special key on my keyboard
11:47.53_pierre_so i think i'll keep the dialogue
11:50.31*** join/#kde anarky99 (
11:50.34anarky99hey all
11:50.40anarky99why does kopete not connect to msn
11:51.01oGALAXYowhat version of kopete and what version of kde ?
11:51.40anarky99uhm let me check
11:52.02anarky99how do I see?
11:52.17pinotreeanarky99: kopete --version
11:52.18anarky99its kopete 0.8
11:52.23anarky99and kde 3.2
11:52.39oGALAXYoupdate to kde 3.4 ... msn changed protocol irrc..
11:52.44anarky99ah ok
11:52.56oGALAXYoor just update kopete..
11:53.17anarky99eh no its ok
11:53.23anarky99will upgrade everything
11:53.29anarky99still running mandrake 10
11:55.45hellz_hunter"theme not usable with authentication"
11:55.51*** join/#kde oaQ^ (
11:56.01hellz_hunteri  get that when i try to use the GDM theme using KDM theme installer that i downloaded
11:56.21oaQ^where I can get kde 2.x ?
11:59.31oGALAXYoare you sure you want kde 2.x ?
11:59.38oGALAXYowe are at 3.4.1 now..
11:59.45oGALAXYothat is.. few years of difference.
12:00.07benJImanperhaps he runs debian
12:00.36PhilRodin which case he'll need super-duper-unstable-don't-run-this-unless-you-want-your-computer-to-crash
12:00.47PhilRodor whatever the appropriate apt repository is called
12:02.18SolakbenJIman: well, the new debian stable has kde 3.2.2 iirc.
12:02.21oaQ^I'd like to have kde 2.x sources for my 166mhz pc
12:02.23anarky99whatzs the best theme for kde
12:03.06benJImanheh that's rather a matter of taste, look at anarky99
12:03.09oGALAXYoanarky99: plastik + nuvola icons.
12:03.25benJImanlipstik is quite nice
12:03.33oGALAXYoheh the gnome crowd woke up on they gonna kill the entire QT thread
12:03.35anarky99oGALAXYo, show a screenshot
12:03.46oaQ^oGALAXYo: couldn't find it there
12:04.21benJImanSolak: 3.4 runs on some pretty old hardware, have you tried it?
12:04.23PhilRodoaQ^: you'd probably have to try to get it from svn
12:04.45*** join/#kde Batchy (
12:04.51benJImananarky99: my link was meant for you btw
12:05.01PhilRodoaQ^: but if you have enough RAM, you might even be able to run a later version
12:05.30oaQ^PhilRod: I don't :P
12:05.36benJImanPhilRod: my friend has 3.4 running with 32mb ram
12:05.48anarky99benJIman, can I pm for a second?
12:05.50SolakbenJIman: I use debian stable, it has only 3.3.2, my hardware is rather new (too new) which causes some problems with gfx, but it works...
12:05.50oaQ^doesn't work at all
12:05.50*** join/#kde _RADIOhead (~loop@
12:06.35benJImanSolak: I wasn't serious
12:07.24hellz_hunterdoes anyone else use the kdm theme manager from kde apps? or should i just copy the folder theme to my kdm/themes folder and edit the kdmrc?
12:07.42*** join/#kde |k3seimbang4n| (~cic6@
12:08.04PhilRodoaQ^: tells you how to use svn
12:09.02*** join/#kde emeteo (~NoSwPaten@mteijeiro.developer.kde)
12:10.09*** join/#kde hertz (
12:14.20*** join/#kde jdrewsen (
12:16.42_pierre_benJIman|lunch: how about a commandline to lock the desktop? or a howto that tells me more? :)
12:21.22*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
12:26.32*** join/#kde markey (
12:26.35*** part/#kde hypo (~Dennis@
12:28.50benJIman_pierre_: kdcop lets you browse all the dcop calls
12:29.12_pierre_benJIman: yep, i just found it, thanks :)
12:29.22_pierre_it is dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface lock
12:29.30benJImandcop rules :)
12:29.48_pierre_yes, a realy new thing for me
12:29.50*** join/#kde ironfroggy (
12:30.43*** join/#kde Pupeno (
12:30.55*** join/#kde Wilf (
12:31.45Wilfminx? :P
12:32.53*** join/#kde anrxc (
12:33.24*** join/#kde _poison (
12:34.41*** part/#kde punSingh (~punsingh@
12:35.02blueyedIs there an option to make mouse gestures visible while they are drawn? (KHotKeys)
12:35.19_poisonblueyed: no
12:36.36*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
12:37.13blueyedseems like a good feature wish, doesn't it, _poison ?
12:38.16_poisonblueyed: well ... I don't use gestures ... but yeah ... sounds interesting ^^
12:38.25*** join/#kde Other_ (~User_X@
12:39.06_poisonblueyed: but from a programmers point of view ... when are you supposed to know if somebody is just moving the mouse or trying to draw a gesture ?
12:39.12_poisonblueyed: sounds impossible ^^
12:41.47benJImanyou could have an OSD on successful drawing of a guesture perhaps
12:42.15*** join/#kde annma (
12:42.28_poisonbenJIman: hmm ... would be kind of redundant ... executing and showing that something has been executed ...
12:42.34benJIman_poison: indeed
12:43.10_poisonbenJIman: like when pressing a button informing with an OSD you pressed a button ^^
12:43.59_poisonbenJIman: although changing the cursor for a short time would be more non-intrusive ...
12:45.52benJIman_poison: also not clear what it's doing, if someone is puzzled by the gesture action a cryptic mouse changing isn't going to help
12:45.54*** join/#kde ironfroggy (
12:46.12benJImanbut since mouse gestures are off by default I believe people should know what they are if they turn them on
12:46.26*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
12:46.27_poisonbenJIman: I think so too ...
12:46.31*** join/#kde PunkPussy (
12:46.36*** join/#kde jc_ (
12:47.08*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
12:49.27*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
12:50.27blueyed_poison: at least it's possible with the mouse gestures plugin for firefox.. it would be the job of KHotkeys to draw it, when it detects that a gesture is being drawn. Really impossible?
12:52.20benJImanblueyed: it's the sort of "feature" which could get really annoying, and be difficult to implement well, and not necessarily serve a useful purpose I imagine
12:53.20blueyedit would be an option of course, benJIman. I don't know about implementation.. it just help a lot, to visualize gestures.
12:54.10*** join/#kde praseodymium (
12:58.15*** join/#kde Electronics (
12:58.19*** join/#kde praseodymium (
12:59.28*** join/#kde kendhome (
13:01.49blueyedwhat model, _poison ? could need a new one, too. Currently it's a SB16 here - but it sucks with the alsa mixer (master volume does not affect headphone, ..).. might that be better with a Audigy?
13:02.13blueyedfor win32 I had kxproject, which allowed to switch channels.. that was great.
13:02.24blueyedfront/rear channels..
13:03.02mobtekblueyed: sb audigy's some of them won't work
13:03.31blueyedwhich ones and why, mobtek ?
13:03.34_poisonblueyed: audigy 2 ZS sourround 7.1 ... yes it would cure those problems ... you have excelent alsa support+hw mixing ... and yes ... the sound quality does really really stand out from a cheap card =)
13:04.10mobtekblueyed: I tried to get one working on a mates machine, slightly different chipset on some models
13:04.16mobtekthat has no divers
13:04.19mobtekdrivers even
13:04.28mobtekin the kernel or elsewhere for linux :)
13:05.04mobtekbut it looks like a normal audigy, and you can't even see it with lspci
13:05.23blueyedmobtek: good to know, thanks.
13:05.39blueyed_poison: I cannot see a "surround 7.1" here:
13:05.58_poisonmobtek: the alsa emu10k driver works with all audigy models
13:06.58blueyed_poison: afaik emu10k is used for my current soundcard, too.. (lspci: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 07))
13:08.18mobtek_poison: it didn't 6 months ago
13:09.08_poisonmobtek: hmmm ...
13:09.15*** join/#kde kranian (~kranian@
13:16.47*** join/#kde patrick_t (
13:20.55*** join/#kde _goo (~goo@
13:21.50*** join/#kde ironfroggy (
13:25.02*** part/#kde hellz_hunter (
13:26.45_pierre_does anybody here have any experience with the window translucency in kde?
13:27.02_pierre_what are the hw requirements for it to work smoothly?
13:28.44blueyed_poison: would you recommend the platinum pro version of the audigy2, or is it without much use under Linux?
13:29.31*** join/#kde ironfroggy_ (
13:29.59mobtek_pierre_: for xorg to have a fixed composite :)
13:30.30_pierre_mobtek: ? i dont understand
13:30.34_poisonblueyed: dont know ... I have the normal version ... I believe the only difference is the remote control and an extra rack ?
13:31.03mobtek_pierre_: I think the problem there isn't kde, it's xorg
13:31.06_poisonblueyed: and it costs twice as much of course ^^
13:31.49_poisonblueyed: I don't think you nead any exra driver support for the platinum pro version ...
13:31.57_pierre_mobtek: yes, that is probably true... i just wanted to know if everyone has it so slow or i just misconfigured something
13:32.11_pierre_i have an athlon xp 1700 and radeon 9000
13:32.38_pierre_and switching from one desktop to another takes about 5 secs
13:33.59oGALAXYoyeah and ?
13:34.08oGALAXYoi have an xp2600 and radeon 9200SE
13:34.11Quinn_Stormfrom what I know, composite only works decently with nvidia...everyone else is out in the cold...but then I have a matrox g450 so...I don't really have much of anything
13:34.16oGALAXYoans witching from one desktop to another takes less than 1 secs
13:34.26oGALAXYobut then i have enough ram so nothing needs to swap..
13:34.28Quinn_StormoGALAXYo: _pierre_ is talking about using composite/translucency
13:34.34mobtekit's slow with an nvidia too
13:34.45oGALAXYoof course thats slow shit.
13:34.46Wilfi have a 2100+ and a fx5700, switches quick as...
13:34.50Quinn_Stormah, well I'm just repeating what I've heard, that doesn't surprise me either, mobtek
13:35.11mobtekI'd just like shadows without crashing X :P
13:35.47Quinn_Stormneedless to say even on my athlon 1.2ghz / 512MB ram / mgaG450, I can switch desktops with composite turned off in < 1 sec.  (I wouldn't even dare turn composite on, its just TOO slow...and crashy)
13:35.51*** join/#kde jorgp3 (
13:35.52_pierre_so no experiences with translucency and ati?
13:35.56_poisonheh ... I considered testing some experimental X servers for fancy graphics effect ... but I'
13:36.04_poisonm too lazy ^^
13:36.16Quinn_Stormthe only experience I have with ati/translucency is setting up linux for a friend with an ati card...translucency simply didn't work
13:36.30_pierre_hmm :(
13:36.36_poisone17 to the rescue ^^
13:36.39_pierre_here it works, but too slow
13:36.47Quinn_Stormwell do you have renderaccel turned on?
13:37.07Quinn_Stormin your graphics card setup, use the fglrx or whatever driver and add Option "RenderAccel" "True"
13:37.11_poisonrenderaccel freezes my box =/
13:37.17Quinn_Stormoh wait, wrong person, lol
13:37.21mobtekQuinn_Storm: nvidia drivers are total crap atm, without glx they still freeze up for no reason, I'm thinking of getting an ati card
13:37.44_pierre_Quinn_Storm: i think that option only works with nvidia, or?
13:37.45Quinn_Stormmy mga card even freezes sometimes on some of the rss-glx screensavers
13:37.51Quinn_Storm_pierre_: no it works for ati too
13:38.00Quinn_Storm_pierre_: with the fglrx drivers
13:38.10*** join/#kde ironfroggy_ (
13:38.16_pierre_Quinn_Storm: ahh, i use the open drivers
13:38.17_poisonmobtek: bad idea .... really bad idea ... I have a ati 9600 pro at work .... the nvidia drivers may be crap ... but compared to ati's there absolutely wonderful ...
13:38.26Quinn_Storm_pierre_: well then it -will- be slow
13:38.34Quinn_Storm_pierre_: you don't get any hardware accel that way
13:38.35_pierre_Quinn_Storm: but this would be a reason to switch
13:38.40*** join/#kde jorgp_ (
13:38.50Quinn_Storm_pierre_: well give it a shot, if the drivers don't work for you, just switch back
13:38.57Quinn_Storm_pierre_: how to get them depends on your distro
13:39.08*** part/#kde Batchy (
13:39.08_pierre_Quinn_Storm: i thought i get some accel, at least for radeon9000 and xorg>6.8.2
13:39.13mobtek_poison: really?
13:39.22Quinn_Storm_pierre_: well maybe some...whats your glxgears framerate?
13:39.34_pierre_i dont know
13:39.38_pierre_im gonna try
13:39.51*** join/#kde baoji (
13:40.12_pierre_Quinn_Storm: it says 5184 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1036.800 FPS
13:40.25*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
13:40.35Quinn_Storm_pierre_: ok yeah you are getting some accel, but you'll do a lot better with ati's binary drivers
13:40.42_poisonmobtek: athlon 64 + 9600 pro ... the 3d perfomance is crap ... slower than on my celeron 633 + ti 4200 ... and 2d perfomance sucks tooo .... and I'm still waiting for an ati driver that works on 2.6.12 ...
13:40.45mobtekmine was doing 3800 odd fps
13:40.51_pierre_Quinn_Storm: ok, i'm gonna try
13:40.57mobtekthats a ti4200
13:41.24Quinn_StormI only get ~300 FPS on my ancient matrox g450 (-with- the accelerated drivers) so...:-P to you all
13:41.46*** join/#kde hellz_hunter (
13:41.50*** join/#kde Octave_Octet (
13:41.55hellz_hunteri was kind of hoping that there were more kdm themes than those found at kde-look
13:43.41Octave_OctetHi. I need to record a sound with kwave. But the /dev/dsp it uses as default from source does not seem to get any sound at all and I do not find any working choice in its options
13:44.10Octave_OctetWhich source does I need if I need to record the output of arts
13:45.13_poisonc ya ^^
13:45.34laurikrec will work with arts
13:45.42lauriit's a bit tricky (but has docs)
13:46.00*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
13:46.01Octave_Octetthere is a soft called artsrec. I'll try that
13:46.06lauribut the easy way out of this is to turn off arts for now (have it exit on idle after 10 seconds or whatever - if anything wants to use it, they'll restart it on demand)
13:46.31Octave_Octetkrec is not installed on my computer
13:46.51*** join/#kde BC86 (
13:48.37laurikrec is part of kdemultimedia
13:49.20Octave_Octetok artsrec does not do the trick
13:49.24Octave_OctetI'll use krec
13:50.30*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
13:53.17Octave_OctetSeems to work very easily
13:53.33Octave_OctetI'll quit here as to not get parasites from konversation sounds
13:54.48*** join/#kde Lucractius_Azorz (
13:55.12*** join/#kde Octave_Octet (
13:55.25*** join/#kde MrGrim (
13:55.27Octave_OctetIt works when I record KDE events
13:55.41Octave_OctetBut I need to record the sound of a flash applet
13:55.50Octave_OctetAnd then it does not work
13:57.09chodappTried vsound?
13:57.20Octave_OctetI guess I'll try that
13:57.34Octave_OctetBut I suppose I will need to give it a source
13:58.20*** join/#kde jkeel (~joshua@jkeel.student.supporter.pdpc)
14:00.09Octave_OctetAnd I am using alsa
14:00.47*** join/#kde slicslak (
14:01.51*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
14:02.09chodappIf you are using ALSA, you could even make a bridge to JACK and record from there
14:02.27Octave_Octet??? I am REALLY not a specialist
14:02.40chodappNeither am I...
14:02.47chodappbut if Vsound doesn't work, you have one more option that's a little nasty.
14:03.45termodoes anyone know a prog like kuickshow that 'remembers
14:04.06termodoes anyone know a prog like kuickshow that 'remembers' EXIF data, after modifying the photo?
14:04.59*** join/#kde mae_ (
14:05.03termoi'll give it a try, thanks
14:05.11Octave_Octetdigikam ?
14:05.12Octave_Octetsox: Failed reading ./ Did not detect valid Sun/NeXT/DEC magic number in header.
14:05.33Octave_Octetchodapp: What was your option chodapp ?
14:06.13chodappOctave_Octet, make a bridge from ALSA to JACK, then use a mastering app in JACK to record (something like AlsaModularSynth will do it, there are probably CLI tools as well)
14:06.26chodappThere's always the loopback-cable-and-another-computer option...
14:06.41*** join/#kde illissius (
14:07.19Octave_OctetOk. Do not understand at all your first proposal. The second one is unavailable. I am going to look a little bit more
14:07.27*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
14:07.46chodappWhich was first and which was second?
14:08.00*** join/#kde _goo (~goo@
14:08.13Octave_Octetfirst :
14:08.14Octave_Octet[16:06] <chodapp> Octave_Octet, make a bridge from ALSA to JACK, then use a mastering app in JACK to record (something like AlsaModularSynth will do it, there are probably CLI tools as well)
14:08.21Octave_Octetsecond :
14:08.23Octave_Octet[16:06] <chodapp> There's always the loopback-cable-and-another-computer option...
14:08.29chodappforgot about that
14:08.37chodappyou could even loop it back to your own box...
14:08.57chodappbut I have my doubts you'll find much else
14:09.04benJImanbe careful about that, I destroyed a card that way
14:09.14chodappthe ALSA layer is very flexible, you can route signals to a lot of places
14:09.15benJImanwell destroyed the mic input
14:09.39chodappuse line-level output, start at 0, and use a scope first
14:09.52Octave_Octetchodapp: Yes I am sure it's very flexible. I just need to know how I can bend it
14:10.16chodappBridge it to JACK, which is another layer that records easily to disk.
14:10.25chodappCheck the ALSA wiki
14:10.37Octave_OctetI'll try this one..
14:10.51chodappall arecord will do is take it from your sound card's input.
14:11.11*** join/#kde powermacx (~powermacx@
14:11.12Octave_OctetIsn't it what I want ?
14:11.32chodappIs there an analog signal coming into your sound card's input now?
14:11.55Octave_OctetI guess it's not an analog signal
14:12.18*** join/#kde az[a]zel (
14:12.24chodappIt's not your sound card's input, either... just trying to throw around suggestions...
14:12.39powermacxHello, anyone knows how to recreate a missing trash can on KDE?
14:13.17benJImanright click -> create new shortcut, to trash:/
14:13.26Octave_Octetchodapp : Should it be ?
14:13.38chodappOctave_Octet, should it be what?
14:14.38Octave_OctetIf I am playing some flash in my browser, there is not going to be an analog signal coming into my sound card
14:15.13chodappNo, it's just a bunch of digital PCM stuff floating around. Your job is to intercept it before it hits the sound card.
14:15.24chodappArecord and apps like that all deal with the sound card itself.
14:15.32powermacxNope, the shortcut didn't work :( This is so weird...
14:17.37Octave_Octet Do not find anything interesting in the FAQ
14:17.49*** join/#kde jdrewsen_ (
14:17.58*** join/#kde evilrob (
14:18.02evilrobso what do I need to do to disable the shutdown option on the log-out dialog in kde?
14:18.26benJImankde control center -> kde components -> session manager
14:18.33benJImanuncheck "offer shutdown options"
14:18.49evilrobwill that disable it for all users?
14:19.17evilrobhmmm.... that's what I need to do.
14:19.27oGALAXYopowermacx: cp /usr/local/share/apps/systemview/trash.desktop ~/Desktop/
14:19.33oGALAXYopowermacx: you need to adjust paths
14:19.44benJImanoGALAXYo: or just create a link to trash:/
14:19.44*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
14:19.53benJImanevilrob:  if you don't want users to be able to shutdown it's probably a kdm setting, I change it in /etc/sysconfig in suse,
14:20.43mobtekit is a kdm setting
14:20.56PhilRodevilrob: as benJIman says, look for an appropriate tool in your distro's tools, or use the 'login manager' entry in kcontrol, or edit $KDEDIR/share/config/kdmrc
14:20.59oGALAXYocan i ask you people for some moral help ?
14:21.03PhilRodor wherever your distro puts kdmrc
14:21.04Octave_Octetjackd is awfully complicated
14:21.10oGALAXYoi am being namecalled and slandered again by some gnome wannabe..
14:21.18oGALAXYowould be nice if you could help slamming that ass down.
14:21.25oGALAXYothanks in advance..
14:21.26Octave_OctetI am reading the doc and it looks chinese
14:21.32mobtekor run login manager and change it there :)
14:22.03PhilRodoGALAXYo: be the bigger man and walk away
14:22.07*** join/#kde bluesceada (~itsjustme@bluesceada.user)
14:22.11chodappOctave_Octet, run 'jackd -d alsa' and then get jack-patch-bay . . . problem is, you'll need something to record...
14:22.26PhilRodfrom osnews, that is - you're quite welcome in #kde :-)
14:22.28oGALAXYoPhilRod: i walk away, once cleaned up
14:22.31evilrobI'll dig around and see what I can find.  I just figured this would have aldready been done by someone, but I can't find the answer on google yet.
14:22.47PhilRodoGALAXYo: your choice
14:23.37Octave_OctetRaah this jackd stuff is not installed
14:23.43oGALAXYoPhilRod: i am quite sick walking away from every asshole..
14:24.12powermacxI dont have an apps dir in /usr/local/share/  :|
14:24.16*** join/#kde jc_ (
14:24.33*** join/#kde asgeirf (
14:24.41Octave_OctetYeah jackd conflicts with my current install
14:24.45oGALAXYopowermacx: i said adjust the paths.. maybe your kde is installed elsewhere.
14:24.47PhilRodoGALAXYo: there's lots of them on the internet - too many to pick fights with them all
14:24.52oGALAXYopowermacx: maybe in /usr or /opt
14:25.01oGALAXYoPhilRod: right
14:25.06powermacxOK, checking...
14:25.13benJImancd `kde-config --prefix`/share/apps
14:25.45Octave_Octetjackd is out of the loop...
14:26.02chodappout of the loop?
14:26.24Lucractius_AzorzoGALAXYo: i have one question? was it you? cause if it was then ill just notch him up as a smart ass that should shut up and not make a debate personal to win his argument. If not then i say hes a total ass***e
14:26.56Octave_OctetI cannot  install jackd it conflicts with my current kde install
14:27.05Lucractius_Azorzeither way KDE beats GNOME like an automated 10krmp spank o matic
14:27.05chodappHow does it conflict?
14:27.24Octave_Octetlike this
14:27.28oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: actually i am the author of and all followed up comments with the same ip...
14:27.37Octave_Octetnicolas@auteuil:~/test/H2G2$ sudo apt-get install jackd
14:27.41Octave_OctetLecture des listes de paquets... Fait
14:27.45Octave_OctetConstruction de l'arbre des dépendances... Fait
14:27.45chodappdammit, compile from source
14:27.49Octave_OctetPaquets suggérés :
14:27.57Octave_OctetLes paquets suivants seront ENLEVÉS :
14:28.05Octave_OctetLes NOUVEAUX paquets suivants seront installés :
14:28.13Lucractius_AzorzoGALAXYo: is it the one he was linking to or not... Im not going to get dug into some reading :P
14:28.26Octave_OctetI guess I will wait for the libjack upgrade to happen
14:29.33oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: the stuff he links to is another article about kde 3 or 4 or something.. nothing gnome related..
14:30.01lauridude, osnews is a hotbed of trolls, starting with the site owner
14:30.06oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: an eugenia pro GNOME hate KDE kinda article..
14:30.18laurieugenia is a troublemaker (and a twit)
14:30.27oGALAXYoheh yeah thats nothing new.
14:30.33Lucractius_Azorzahh so hes an inflamatory twat...
14:30.57oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: yes he as in that guy who wrote the comment and namecalled me "ali"..
14:31.06lauriboy I have had some runins with her (she once caused an entire freebsd release to be delayed by playing up a (very trivial) KDE bug to the security@ people (it was not a security issue))
14:31.20oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: i am some kind of renegade.. a person who used to work for gnome for over 6 years and former gnome-foundation member who now switched to kde more or less..
14:31.24lauriand we'd already published a workaround, *AND* the app in question put up a bloody huge dialog box saying "DONT DO FOO with this on freebsd"
14:31.28oGALAXYoLucractius_Azorz: some people simply cant get along with it.
14:31.37lauriand the only way to trigger it was to go right ahead and do that precise foo :)
14:31.39Lucractius_AzorzoGALAXYo thats quite a pedigree.
14:31.44lauriso she *did* that :)
14:32.14*** join/#kde jeanre (
14:32.20jeanrehi guys
14:32.29jeanreI installed kopete 0.10.0
14:32.35jeanrebut I can not connect to msn
14:32.47laurioGALAXYo: the funny thing is, she went all gnomey mostly becauase she got run off the kde lists (we didn't bow down in obeisance at her goddamn mockup dialogs, and didn't want to talk 1 px rearrangements f menus)
14:32.55benJImanjeanre: msn has changed protocol since then, you need a newer kopete
14:33.00lauriso she went to gnome-usability-list, and pretty much got run right off of there too
14:33.06jeanrewhat is latest kopete?
14:33.19oGALAXYolauri: yeah i am aware of that...
14:33.27jeanreI am using suse 9.3
14:33.27lauriim surprised she's not off championing e or xfce or something (or that it's our turn again)
14:33.39benJImanjeanre: there is a YOU update to fix the msn in suse 9.3 anyway
14:34.11jeanrethanks dude
14:34.15laurianyawy, she's a twit, riding on her husbands coattails and reputation, and playing at being a journalist (claims it's journalistic responsibility to scoop a KDE release and preannounce it, thereby sinking our mirrors before they've synched, after being asked multiple times not to)
14:34.36Lucractius_AzorzE is nice ... so is XFCE... but i kinda hate how "quirky" E is unless you like lots of digging
14:34.49lauriand yet at the same time claiming she's 'not a real journalist' if you call her on factual errors in her 'news' (and then says "you're picking on me", i kid you not)
14:35.08*** join/#kde Armopu (~armopu@
14:35.14*** part/#kde hellz_hunter (
14:35.19lauriok, enough ranting, I just think she's dangerously stupid, and that her site should be in konqueror's adblock list by default :)
14:35.27benJImanjeanre: it's labeled kdenetwork libraries in YOU,
14:35.29*** join/#kde ryanoe (
14:35.33oGALAXYoshe is also violating and ignoring their own nettiquette..
14:35.33jeanrethanks mate
14:35.40oGALAXYoonly turning things out the way she likes.
14:36.02*** join/#kde StevenR (
14:37.26mobtekhaha lumburgh got slapdown rofl
14:37.45oGALAXYomobtek: the problem is gnome is full of these irrational people..
14:37.56oGALAXYoits nearly impossible to talk normally with one of them, not even developers..
14:38.19oGALAXYothats why the most creditible devs such as havoc, seth and some others communicate over BLOGS and avoid commenting on everything ml related..
14:38.36*** join/#kde Zapelius (
14:38.46oGALAXYoyou only see them commenting and saying anything on stuff where other creditible people comment too because they avoid communication with everyone due to inflamatory crap..
14:39.01*** join/#kde scroogie (
14:39.10oGALAXYowith other words the people fear to talk normally (as we do it here) because they dont know what to say without being namecalled or so..
14:39.22*** join/#kde dh (
14:39.23oGALAXYohard to explain actually... but their community is kinda retarded.
14:40.37mobtekwow I knew that article would create a huge flamewar hehe
14:41.01*** join/#kde _magnetic (
14:41.09oGALAXYoyeah flamewar is one thing.. but losing so much arguments that they need to start namecalling people and destroy their creditibility is a different thing.
14:41.36mobtekhaha that was rather amusing :)
14:41.40oGALAXYoi differ between normal conversation about technology... and getting personally..
14:41.43laurioGALAXYo: and there's the whole polls thing (she closes them as soon as the results are to her liking)
14:41.52mobteklauri: haha yes
14:42.06oGALAXYofully agree
14:42.06mobtekand all the gnome software links down the bottom etc
14:42.07laurisometimes after just a couple of hours, it's so blatant
14:42.26*** join/#kde dgilmore (
14:42.31mobtekoGALAXYo: is there another mirror for that avi?
14:42.43oGALAXYomobtek: google 'gnome-the-movie.avi'
14:42.52*** part/#kde dgilmore (
14:43.32ZapeliusI have a strange problem with kate (3.3.2-1 Debian Stable). I'm running it over X11 on my mac. It seems that shift+7 (slash) and shift+0 (equal) produce actually a shift+arrowup. This occurs only with Kate, not with firefox, nor gedit. Any ideas?
14:43.38oGALAXYomobtek: click on 'free' and wait for your ticket..
14:45.24Octave_Octeta gunzipped avi... Gosh...
14:46.21powermacxFOUND IT! How to recreate a missing trash can on KDE: Set the right path in ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals (under [Paths]: Trash=$HOME/Desktop/Trash)
14:48.05benJImanpowermacx: I told you you could just create a link to trash:/
14:48.35powermacxYes, but it didn't work on KDE 3.3.2
14:48.39*** join/#kde tony (
14:48.57benJImanah no, it's new in 3.4
14:50.07oGALAXYomobtek: got it ?
14:50.09powermacxNote: The steps I mentioned before work assuming that the Trash directory already exists in the desktop and has a .directory file copied from /usr/share/apps/kdesktop/directory.trash
14:52.10mobtekgetting now :)
14:52.54oGALAXYoi wanted to mix morning mood from edvard grieg behind that movie.. but then... who cares :)
14:53.15*** join/#kde Guncete (
14:53.18oGALAXYoat least the evolution crashing got fixed.
14:53.58*** part/#kde powermacx (~powermacx@
14:55.00mobtekgot it
14:57.39mobtekhaha at the email crash
14:58.09mobtekwhat version of gnome was that oGALAXYo ?
14:58.52*** join/#kde AaronCampbell (~AaronCamp@
14:58.55*** join/#kde abc (
15:01.46oGALAXYomobtek: CVS
15:02.32oGALAXYomobtek: but issues like toolbar etc.. are going back till 2.0 and earlier..
15:02.52oGALAXYograb any version of gnome you wish and you are able to redo the stuff
15:03.07mobteka lot of stuff I have seen on that video I still see
15:03.13mobtekthings randomly crashing everywhere
15:03.33mobtekfonts were the last straw with me and gnome
15:04.00*** join/#kde k (
15:04.48*** join/#kde SchopfeR (
15:04.52oGALAXYomobtek: i have no issues with gnome to be a desktop... i have issues with them doing wrong promises, doing bad marketing and simply lying to people, customers and companies..
15:05.57scroogieryanoe: konvert
15:07.18*** part/#kde Guncete (
15:07.35*** join/#kde |11dennis| (~dennis@dennis.user.unixboard)
15:07.58ryanoewhat is konverter?
15:08.00ryanoewhat is that??
15:08.17scroogieor transcode, mplayer, avidemux, mplex, vcdimager, encode2mpeg, etc.
15:08.24*** join/#kde [PL]Darknight (
15:08.47scroogiekonverter is to convert videos, e.g. any video files (divx, xvid, ...) to DVD
15:10.35*** join/#kde DeuX (
15:12.30*** join/#kde ArchDist (
15:14.03ArchDistgot a question about changing kde menu behavior on mandriva le2005 with kde 3.3.2
15:14.54*** join/#kde K3V (
15:15.03ArchDistcurrently the sub menus only show up when they have more than one application in them... any why to change it so the sub menus show up even with 1 app in them ?
15:16.06*** part/#kde Zapelius (
15:16.13*** join/#kde Zapelius (
15:17.06*** join/#kde miketiger (
15:19.02*** join/#kde StevenR (
15:19.14miketigeris there any way to organize the groups in a Kopete Contact List?
15:20.32oGALAXYoyou can organize it in the settings..
15:21.57*** join/#kde MrGrim (
15:22.27miketigerwhere after that? i dont see any option other than to change how it looks
15:22.45*** join/#kde Skiver (~DebianLin@
15:23.19*** join/#kde cies (
15:23.40scroogiewhat do you mean with organizing the groups?
15:23.58oGALAXYomiketiger: behavior->chat
15:24.11scroogieyou can create new groups, drag contacts from group to group, etc, directly on the contact lsit
15:24.14oGALAXYochat window grouping policy
15:24.18miketigermy groups are out of order compared to other chat clients
15:24.32oGALAXYomiketiger: behavior->chat
15:24.33oGALAXYochat window grouping policy
15:24.41*** join/#kde Dirus (
15:25.49miketigeroGALAXYo: thats not doing what i'd like...what i want is to be able to drap the groups around so certain ones are at the top of my list and others are farther down
15:26.12benJImanrename them, I think they're in alphabetical order
15:26.44miketigertheres no way to manually arrange them though?
15:31.17mobtekmine are in alphabetical order methinks
15:31.50*** join/#kde linuxman (
15:32.38miketigermine are as well, but i would rather have it in the order i'd like
15:33.51mobtekheh alphabetical makes sense to me
15:35.18*** join/#kde je4d (~jeff@je4d.developer.kde)
15:35.26*** join/#kde SpooForBrains (
15:35.42*** part/#kde SpooForBrains (
15:36.49*** part/#kde linuxman (
15:38.31*** join/#kde benJIman (
15:39.27*** join/#kde GutterPunk (
15:40.57*** join/#kde grmpf (
15:41.29*** part/#kde GutterPunk (
15:42.20*** join/#kde std0ut (
15:42.24grmpfI once saw a demo of kde 3.4 where it did something like expose on osx, it automaticly aranged all windows on the current desktop so you could see them all then it brings the cicked one to the foreground and restores the original size
15:42.37std0utanyone know how to tweak kde to let me hear sound from flash applications?
15:42.42grmpfthe guy demonstrating said it's a builtin feature activated with Win-Tab
15:42.49grmpfbut that doesn't do anything here
15:42.53grmpfany hints?
15:44.13scroogiegrmpf: Komposé
15:44.41scroogiedont know nothing about a builtin feature, but komposé does the same as an external app
15:45.07scroogiebut i would like the feature better, because komposé uses screenshots
15:46.15scroogiebut i dont know if its even possible to arbitrarily resize foreign windows
15:47.04*** join/#kde jc_ (
15:48.31mobtekgrmpf: it's kompose
15:48.55mobteknot as good as exposé but pretty good
15:53.14*** join/#kde unholy (~unholy@
15:53.15*** join/#kde icyfire (
15:53.32*** join/#kde hunger (
15:54.15unholyCan any kmail users tell me if it is possible to filter on the date? One thing all my spam have in common is that the 'Date (Order of Arrival)' field says 'unknown'. I dont see this in the filters tool though.
15:54.19hungerHow can I rebind a key bound to an application in kmenuedit? I can not find the application in my menu anymore, but the key is still bound to it:-(
15:54.55*** join/#kde |11dennis| (~dennis@dennis.user.unixboard)
15:55.20*** join/#kde benJIman (
15:56.43mobtekunholy: hmm I thought you could
15:58.02mobtekahh ok you can't
15:58.13unholyWell, there is an '<any header>' option, but I think that applies to all of them.
15:58.41mobtekfiltering on a date field would be problematic
15:58.47mobtekto implement
15:59.08unholyI suppose there might be a lot of false positives.
15:59.18mobtekunholy: since you can't do that have you tried using spam assassin instead with kmail?
15:59.30mobtekunholy: yeah thats what i was thinking
16:00.29unholymobtek: No actuall, I havent tried spam assasin. I thought it was for mail servers, not clients.
16:00.58hungerWhere does the menueditor store its changes?
16:01.00mobteklook at tools-> anti-spam wizard
16:01.38mobtekyou have to install the anti-spam stuff like spamassassin etc
16:02.02unholymobtek: Thanks, I appreciate that.
16:02.21mobtekunholy: it's what I'm using now, seems to work pretty well
16:03.16unholymobtek: cool.
16:03.22mobtekno probs :)
16:07.41mobteknitey nite
16:10.47*** join/#kde SuperLag (aaron@SuperLag.developer.gentoo)
16:17.41unholynite mobtek
16:19.47*** part/#kde hunger (
16:25.31*** join/#kde Gonzo (
16:29.10*** join/#kde Venson (
16:30.27*** join/#kde punkcut_ (
16:31.21punkcut_hi im running Vidalinux(gentoo) and KDE 3.4 can someone help me figure out why none of my "Buttons" are working.. such as the window close button or maximize, logout, or any of my application buttons in the launch bar?
16:33.31*** join/#kde qt2 (
16:34.00*** join/#kde Pupeno- (
16:34.54*** join/#kde rutski89 (
16:39.25*** join/#kde rutski89 (
16:42.22*** join/#kde jorgp2 (
16:43.19*** join/#kde emeteo (~NoSwPaten@mteijeiro.developer.kde)
16:44.07*** join/#kde rane (rane@
16:44.15*** join/#kde jorgp (
16:44.26ranehow can i tell kate with ctrl+j to wrpa text to 80 signs per line?
16:44.31raneto wrap
16:46.59Vensonthere's an option in Kate's settings i see that says "Enable static word wrap"..."wrap at 80"
16:47.22*** join/#kde mtraker (
16:47.42raneok, it wraps when writing
16:47.56ranebut when i want to rebuild whole block it gets to more signs
16:48.31*** join/#kde jorgp__ (
16:48.37ranei use "join lines" - CTRL+J to rebuild, and it's fine, but why the hell it doesn't want to wrap it at 80?
16:48.44*** join/#kde dgilmore (
16:49.04*** join/#kde benJIman (
16:50.51*** join/#kde hunger_ (
16:52.39hunger_Where does the menueditor store its settings?
16:53.01Vensonhunger_: ~/.config/menus/* i think
16:53.53hungerVenson: Damn... I have already deleted that dir and that did not undo the keybindings I set up earlier.
16:54.27Vensonhunger: keybindings != menu
16:54.57hungerVenson: I am refering to those to start apps (set in the menueditor).
16:54.57Vensonhunger: your keybindings would be stored someplace in ~/.kde iirc
16:55.03*** join/#kde rindolf (
16:55.41rindolfHi all!
16:56.06rindolfHow can I invoke the printing facility of konqueror to convert a file to PDF from the commandline?
16:56.08hungerVenson: I have a key bound to an app that no longer exists. I still can not bind it to other apps.
16:56.28hungerrindolf: What kind of file?
16:56.54Vensonhunger: you should be able to go to CC and reconfigure it however you want.....did you try that?
16:57.48*** join/#kde Punkwork (
16:58.02*** part/#kde Solak (
16:59.14hungerVenson: I can rebind it in CC... but that does not change anything: Even though CC claims the key does something it still starts konq in a broken profile.
16:59.29hungerVenson: Which is what it did all along:-(
16:59.48*** join/#kde spiral (
17:00.32Vensonhunger: what version of kde is this you're using?
17:00.38hungerVenson: 3.4.1
17:01.32hungerVenson: I added a entry for konq-broken-profile in the menueditor and bound a key to it. The key works fine, but the entry is gone now...
17:02.07hungerVenson: So I can not unbind the key from that entry... and rebinding is not possible in the menueditor.
17:04.12Vensonhunger: take a look at ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals
17:04.20Vensonhunger: see if you can locate your shortcut there
17:05.35hungerVenson: Nope... that is the list of global shortcuts, not those set up with the menueditor.
17:06.45hungerVenson: khotkeysrc might be something...
17:07.30Vensonmaybe...take a look there, hunger
17:07.50hungerVenson: Yeap, you can unbind the key with khotkeys!
17:08.09*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
17:08.19hungerVenson: Thanks! figured it out, hunger ;)
17:08.51hungerVenson: Maybe... but you got me onto the right track.
17:08.54*** join/#kde MrGrim (
17:09.17Vensonwhy's your nick "hunger"?
17:09.23*** join/#kde mtraker (
17:09.46hungerVenson: Because I am not very imaginative... I am using my name.
17:09.58Vensonthere's an excellent book by (Nobel Laureate) Knut Hamsun called "Hunger".....very good's on for download, if you wanna check it out
17:10.24laurithat reminds me of the time Frerich was in here (as frerich9
17:10.26lauriehm, as frerich
17:10.33lauriand *twice* in one day, someone asked his name
17:10.50*** join/#kde MrGrim (
17:11.04lauriand I don't recall if it was the same day or not, but one time, someone asked not just his name, but if he's a girl :)
17:11.13Vensoni don't commonly do it.....but sometimes, can't help the urge 0:-)
17:11.33hungerVenson: No problem... and I am a boy.
17:11.54Vensonhunger: haha...your gender is of no consequence to me
17:12.26hungerVenson: Phew... ;-)
17:12.43Vensoni see "Anakin_warrior" and "Spiderman" a whole bunch...but 'hunger' is unique
17:12.49Vensonmuch more.....down to earth?
17:13.10Vensonalright...i'm quitting thinking now ;)
17:13.26lauriso you should have said "your gender is of no consequence to me, young padawan learner"
17:13.57lauriit explains many things, not least how he got those lines out with a straight face
17:14.17hungerVenson: I cheat: The nick is registered;-)
17:15.17*** part/#kde hunger (
17:17.01*** part/#kde dgilmore (
17:17.12markeyconsidering Trainspotting.. it might be more than drink :)
17:17.13*** join/#kde hunger (
17:17.18*** join/#kde apokryphos (
17:18.36Vensongiven that he signed up to act in star wars.....i'm sure he had to be drunk ;)
17:19.18*** join/#kde hfan (
17:20.04hfanIs it possible to let konsole send a certain key event to the running application when using the mousewheel?
17:20.21hfan(I want to be able to scroll in irssi and mutt using the mouse)
17:20.52rindolfhunger: HTML.
17:21.12rindolfhunger: I'd like to render an HTML file to a PDF from the command line.
17:21.42*** join/#kde MrGrim (
17:22.02hungerrindolf: There is html2ps... which can then get converted to pdf.
17:28.29*** part/#kde SteamedPenguin (
17:29.31*** join/#kde vIkSiT (~Viksit@
17:32.34laurikde running? you can do that with kprinter probably
17:34.09*** part/#kde std0ut (
17:34.57*** join/#kde Marrs (
17:37.41*** join/#kde ponto (
17:41.50*** join/#kde spiral (
17:44.20*** join/#kde qfh (
17:46.20*** join/#kde SchopfeR (
17:47.07*** join/#kde _goo (
17:48.08*** join/#kde sgomes (
17:48.33rindolfhunger: I'd like to do it using the same mechanism as konqueror.
17:48.42rindolfhunger: html2ps has many limitations.
17:48.56hungerrindolf: Then you need konqueror.
17:49.11hungerrindolf: What do you want the commandline for?
17:49.19*** join/#kde PieD (
17:49.50*** join/#kde Punkwork (
17:50.02rindolfhunger: so I can do it for more than one file.
17:50.45hungerrindolf: Have you checked the dcop calls?
17:50.49rindolfhunger: or invoke it automatically.
17:50.53rindolfhunger: no.
17:51.12hungerrindolf: kdcop gives a list of possible functions to call on kde apps...
17:51.20*** join/#kde nive (
17:51.28hungerrindolf: you can then script those calls (using dcop).
17:52.19rindolfhunger: OK
17:52.33rindolfhunger: all the konquerors have a -\d+ after them.
17:52.41hungerrindolf: I do not see how to trigger a printout at the moment though.
17:53.05*** join/#kde CavalierBob_ (
17:53.17hungerrindolf: I guess that is the process ID... dunno... never seriously used dcop myself;-)
17:54.48*** join/#kde ryanoe (
17:54.57*** join/#kde apollo2011 (
17:55.02*** join/#kde pRolph (
18:00.42*** join/#kde Scr47chy (
18:01.10*** join/#kde Exis (
18:01.21peppelorumryanoe: yes
18:02.24Exisquestion...  where on disk does KDE register the panel applets that are available?
18:04.51*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
18:05.59thiagoExis: nowhere
18:06.10thiagoit reads each one from a file
18:07.10Exisin /usr/share/apps/kicker/applets/, then
18:10.27*** join/#kde rr72 (
18:11.04*** join/#kde John6000 (
18:11.09*** join/#kde Marrs (
18:11.10*** join/#kde K3V[c] (
18:11.35*** join/#kde frank_ (
18:11.41*** join/#kde IceD^ (~iced@
18:12.22*** join/#kde Blissex (
18:12.48frank_hallo ihr
18:13.12oGALAXYomoin frank_
18:14.37*** join/#kde iDeJ (
18:15.32*** join/#kde iDeJ (
18:16.40*** join/#kde rjune (
18:17.08*** part/#kde pRolph (
18:17.23*** join/#kde straw (
18:18.42*** join/#kde ryanoe (
18:21.11*** join/#kde Thorrn4 (
18:21.21Thorrn4hello!! is there an IRC room for Qt?
18:22.55Thorrn4btw, what is Qt?
18:23.11*** join/#kde lightx (
18:23.16Thorrn4is that a programming language? I've never really heard of it before
18:23.28*** join/#kde doodles (
18:23.41*** join/#kde Exis (
18:23.56lauriit's a toolkit
18:24.20vIkSiTThorrn4, its a library to help you create a GUI app
18:24.24vIkSiT'lo lauri
18:25.11*** join/#kde jrloki (
18:25.57*** join/#kde _marco (
18:27.00*** join/#kde egon_spengler (~egon@
18:27.50Exiswhere do kde errors get logged?
18:29.28ExisI'm trying to figure out why it is that kpager2 won't load in kde 3.4
18:30.23*** join/#kde apachelogger (
18:30.34apacheloggerH-E-L-P ;)
18:30.44apacheloggerkipi export to cd/dvd won't work
18:30.51apacheloggerI'm using suse 9.3
18:30.58apacheloggerfound this
18:31.08apacheloggercompiled it from svn
18:31.12apacheloggerstill not working
18:31.36ExisI'm not sure what kipi is
18:31.57apacheloggernice lib in the extragear for image playing things
18:32.07apacheloggerlike renaming resizien normalizing and so on
18:32.09*** part/#kde doodles (
18:33.55*** part/#kde rane (rane@
18:35.46*** join/#kde rr73 (
18:35.56rr73hi all
18:36.40rr73is there a way to install codecs in debian with apt-get?
18:36.48rr73grepper: waz up?
18:36.52apacheloggerwhich codecs?
18:37.12apacheloggerryanoe: what would you check out?
18:37.34apacheloggerrr73: try the mplayer packages  ---  at least the w32codecs
18:37.39ryanoeNo idea
18:37.48ryanoeI am just trying to burn a DVD-RW
18:37.58apacheloggerryanoe: and it says what?
18:38.01ryanoeAre there DVD-RW tools in addition to DVD+rw tools
18:38.09ryanoeIt says "formatting DVD"
18:38.11rr73ever hear of nero? ;)
18:38.13ryanoethen it ejects it
18:38.19ryanoethen reformats it, ejects
18:38.23apacheloggerrr73: pff, piss off with nero
18:38.37apacheloggerryanoe: is the configuration correct?
18:38.46apachelogger...the k3b config :/
18:39.12rr73unless .deb i cant find em in apt-get
18:39.19*** join/#kde possebaer (
18:39.28apacheloggerrr73: so compile it from source :P
18:39.34anankehmm, where would kdm get a list of available session types? [eg: gnome, twm, etc]
18:39.43rr73i use totem
18:40.00rr73under sessions ;)
18:40.06apacheloggerrr73: totem?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
18:40.13apacheloggeruse kaffeine
18:40.15rr73it works
18:40.24anankerr73 : yeah, but where would that information be stored?
18:40.25rr73i forgot about kaff
18:40.36apacheloggerinstall the damn codecs and xine would use them
18:40.43rr73i forgot to apt get it
18:41.39ryanoe* 4.7GB DVD-RW media in Sequential mode detected.
18:41.40ryanoe* blanking .:-[ PERFORM OPC failed with SK=5h/ASC=27h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
18:41.56*** part/#kde rjune (
18:42.02*** join/#kde athlon (
18:42.13apacheloggerryanoe: does your bruner support -rw?
18:42.31ryanoeWhat do I do?
18:42.33ryanoeOf course
18:42.50apacheloggerryanoe: what distro?
18:42.50ryanoeCheck it out
18:42.55ryanoeFedora Core 2
18:43.19ryanoeSo why that error?
18:43.24apacheloggerok, I stop to say anything, coz I dunno any thing about FC2 and as well as it suck
18:43.25*** join/#kde simcop2387 (~simcop238@simcop2387.member.p3m)
18:43.43*** join/#kde Punkwork (
18:44.20StevenRananke: possibly it checks which session it can grab from /opt/kde/share/apps/kdm/sessions
18:44.23ryanoeNo, it won't suck
18:44.36athlonhow do I set the window size for konsole to exactly : 25x80 and save the setting so everytime I start konsole it will always have the same size
18:44.52StevenRathlon: set the windows size, and then save it
18:44.55anankeStevenR : yeah, i just found that. it seems to scan all those files and find which would be applicable
18:45.25StevenRathlon: you can set konsole to show its size
18:45.27anankeStevenR : now i'm trying to figure out the 'cleanest' way on disabling some of them
18:45.38rr73how do i make the konsole make a beep when i backspace to far?
18:45.41*** join/#kde _tron (~tron@
18:45.47StevenRananke: why do you want to disable some?
18:45.54*** part/#kde _tron (~tron@
18:46.15StevenRrr73: kcontrol, sound, system bell
18:46.35rr73its off
18:46.52StevenRturn it on
18:46.53anankeStevenR : namely i'll be disabling gnome, since we don't support it anymore, and we don't want users attempting to use it [and complain to us]
18:47.04athlonStevenR, oh yeah, dunno why I didnt see that "show size" option :-)
18:47.08StevenRananke: then uninstall gnome ?
18:47.33anankeStevenR : can't uninstall it completely, due to a few apps relying on a crap load of crappy gnome libraries/etc.
18:47.35athlonStevenR, okay, how do I save the setting so everytime it starts up, it will use that size ?
18:47.39StevenRananke: if you just move the gnome.desktop file somewhere else, or change the exec and tryexec bits?
18:47.53StevenRathlon: settings -> save as default
18:48.00anankeStevenR : removing that file works, but i'm trying to figure out a way which will not be affected by a kde upgrade
18:48.54StevenRananke: change the file contents so that it doesn't find gnome and then chmod 000?
18:49.03StevenRpossibly that would break kdm
18:49.06athlonStevenR, thank you
18:49.13StevenRathlon: np :)
18:50.13StevenRananke: or there might be another way of making the file unchangeable after you modify it?
18:50.36anankeStevenR : well, changing the content of that file would be similar to removing it. i also find that chattr would be a bit of a nasty hack to do that
18:50.57StevenRananke: alternatively, make gnome-session not there in some way, eg -x
18:51.11StevenRor whatever gnome.desktop points to
18:51.56anankefor other things i export KDEDIRS=/my/location, and that's where i store our settings. i was hoping changing gnome.desktop in /my/location/share/apps/kdm/sessions would take care of that
18:52.11anankehowever, that doesn't seem to take effect for kdm
18:57.29simcop2387how do i use krdc? e.g. how do i create a server for it?
18:58.11rr73where can i get win 32 codecs to use with kaffeine?
18:58.33*** join/#kde absinthe (~absinthe@absinthe.developer.gentoo)
18:58.48benJImanSimkin: you can "invite" people through kde control center -> internet & network -> desktop sharing
18:59.24Vensonrr72: what distro are you on?
18:59.25rr73where do i put them?
18:59.58rr73do i need to compile em?
19:00.02Vensonthey might have a pkg...called w32codec or something....
19:00.35rr73so look for a .deb?
19:00.43*** join/#kde mdo_ (
19:00.57Vensonrr72: i usually do it manually....but feel free
19:01.06Vensoni don't use Debian, besides
19:01.08rr73its a tar.bz2
19:01.19Vensonheh...unbunzip it
19:01.45rr73do i need to do that and make a win32 and undo in that folder?
19:02.09Vensonryanoe: that doesn't make sense to me...but i've never touched a dvdrw...only cdrw....and they surely dont work that way
19:02.43*** join/#kde fnoyan (~fnoyan@
19:02.45Vensonrr72: wtf? there's no undoing necessary......just uncompress the thing and move all the files within to that dir i mentioned
19:03.09rr73thats what i needed
19:03.13rr73just making sure
19:03.38rr73what pack is unbunzip in?
19:03.44fnoyanis there anybodey using baghira here?
19:04.00fnoyanbaghira with KDE 3.2
19:04.30ryanoeI know
19:04.35ryanoeThat's what I thought too
19:04.49*** join/#kde linuxman (
19:05.45Vensonrr72: ugh.... "tar xjf foo.tar.bz2" will "unbunzip" it for you ;)
19:05.56rr73i manualy did
19:06.46*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@
19:07.28*** join/#kde Frost^ (
19:08.31*** join/#kde tam_ (
19:08.35*** join/#kde _nils (
19:09.15*** join/#kde straw (
19:09.26*** join/#kde mae (
19:11.22*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
19:11.46srednaUh, ops :o
19:16.04*** join/#kde IceD^ (~iced@
19:16.18*** join/#kde dron (
19:24.21*** join/#kde kolla_ (
19:30.00*** join/#kde egon_spengler (~egon@
19:32.16*** join/#kde teatime (
19:35.54*** join/#kde pdreker (
19:36.41*** join/#kde ryanoe (
19:39.05*** join/#kde straw (
19:39.21*** join/#kde teatime (
19:42.48*** join/#kde jrloki (
19:43.39*** join/#kde narg (
19:45.06*** join/#kde teatime (
19:45.39*** join/#kde hasimir44 (
19:49.25*** part/#kde pdreker (
19:53.39*** join/#kde teatime (
19:53.54*** part/#kde fnoyan (~fnoyan@
19:56.44*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
19:57.12*** join/#kde jpetso (
20:00.21*** join/#kde Witukind (
20:00.48*** join/#kde Gonzo (
20:05.15*** join/#kde apokryphos (
20:06.06*** join/#kde Filip^ (
20:08.28*** join/#kde annma (
20:09.20Ravensky"As of 7th Mai 2005, KDE e.V. has 113 active members:"
20:09.24RavenskyMai? :P
20:09.56*** join/#kde factor (
20:09.56*** join/#kde apow_ (
20:10.01*** join/#kde apow (
20:13.36*** join/#kde kevj (
20:13.59annmaRavensky: a French wrote that
20:14.08annmaMay is mai in french
20:14.49*** join/#kde chase (
20:18.07factorwhat format does kde read for the animated cursors.
20:18.26factorand where do I find info on how to make the cursors.
20:18.48*** join/#kde c0de (c0de@
20:18.55rr72idk but i have a moving tux as my cursor
20:24.22factorI was wanting to make an invisible one ,so you cant see the cursor at all.
20:24.33factoridk is an image format?
20:24.46*** join/#kde strawman (
20:25.03c0defactor good one ;-)
20:25.38*** join/#kde Pupeno (
20:27.18*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
20:28.39*** join/#kde titou (
20:30.23*** join/#kde _pierre_ (~pierre@
20:30.54_pierre_hi, where can i write user-specific things to start after logging into kde?
20:31.07*** join/#kde Swedish_Chef (
20:31.14*** join/#kde Chrisx2 (
20:31.21Swedish_Chefhow do i make konqeuror's toolbars smaller?
20:31.49Swedish_Chefi don't like how it's wasting so much screen space with huge tabs, a huge status bar, etc.
20:31.59Swedish_Chefi like windows explorer's relative minimalism :/
20:33.34doleybhave you tried the windows9x style theme?
20:33.52*** join/#kde delischoes (
20:34.02benJImanSwedish_Chef: like that?
20:34.26Swedish_ChefbenJIman: yes!
20:34.49*** join/#kde okdfebi (
20:34.50benJImanright click toolbar -> icon size -> small
20:35.41*** join/#kde parph (
20:35.45doleybAlso, did you change your taskbar icons small?  That also wastes much space
20:35.48Swedish_Chefi guess there's no way to make the tabs smaller?
20:35.53Swedish_Chefdoleyb: yes, i did
20:35.56kolla_I hate "explorers" :P
20:36.14Swedish_Chefkolla_: i like minimalism, but i like having a taskbar with a menu
20:36.14benJImanSwedish_Chef: reduce your font size?
20:36.19Swedish_ChefbenJIman: did that too
20:36.31kolla_ok, I dont see the point with a taskbar either
20:36.32Swedish_Chefi even combined the location and button toolbars, like in your pic
20:36.44kolla_nor the windows/apps menu
20:36.48benJImanyou mean tabs as in website tabs?
20:36.58kolla_but that's just me :)
20:37.00doleybare they bigger than tabs in Windows?
20:37.04benJImanthey're not particularly big
20:37.05Swedish_Chefdoes windows even have tabs?
20:37.17Swedish_ChefbenJIman: well, i was just wondering if there was a way to reduce the size of the tab bar
20:37.24Swedish_Chefor combine it with the location bra
20:37.27Swedish_Chefbar, even
20:37.34benJImannot that I know of, it couldn't be much smaller anyway
20:37.50kolla_windows, the reference platform for "user-friendlyness"
20:39.00aseigoi've had to have a windows box on my desk for the first time in several years for the last few weeks to sync up with some code in this project
20:39.03benJImanlol such useful features as copying 100 files and first one it can't copy you have to abort the whole process and guess where you got to
20:39.13aseigoand let me tell you, windows is the biggest turd i've had to endure in a long while
20:39.30aseigoand i'm really dissapointed, too ... i was told that VS was an awesome IDE --> it's crapo
20:39.44benJImanpeople rave about the debugger in vs
20:39.44aseigoi was told that win32 was more consistent --> every app i use is completely different
20:39.52*** join/#kde chrisx2 (
20:39.53benJImanyeah even msoffice is different
20:39.53aseigoit's ok.
20:40.08Swedish_Chefi really dislike using windows
20:40.11kolla_I was being sarcastic, I just find it ironic how people use windows as reference for how KDE should look/behave
20:40.19aseigowhat's great is that every app i installed has been different thus far in installation and sometimes even the widgets of the final app. and all these cd's came in the same bundle.
20:40.26Swedish_Chefmostly because ati's drivers really suck and it causes windows to be too unstable
20:40.28parphmsoffice is decent compared to openoffice, i hate openoffice
20:40.32aseigoi really do wonder what hooka the windows fans have hooked their faces up to
20:40.32chrisx2Hey Any1 Help Me On The Menu I Dont Have No Programs Installed or any menus eg system, internet ect... Any Ideas?
20:40.54aseigoparph: yeah, ooo isn't great =( we do need to get more resources behind the native office suites
20:41.00benJImanit's what they're used to, so it must be better
20:41.11aseigochrisx2: try running: kbuildsycoca --noincremental
20:41.36parphaseigo, kde should take the lead and make it's office program compatible with word, exel etc file formats
20:41.54kolla_chrisx2: why are you typing all words with first character in uppercase?
20:41.57aseigoparph: we do have filters but they are lacking in developer resources
20:42.06aseigoparph: if you are suggesting using that as the native format, that's the worst thing we coudl do
20:42.21aseigoparph: the word and excel filters aren't half bad these days, but they aren't as good as the OOo ones yet
20:42.36parphI just mean it should be able to read, write word and exel files
20:42.39parphthat is a must
20:42.42aseigoright... i agree
20:43.21aseigoreally one of the worst things that OOo has done is deliver a half-assed office suite that works just good enough to draw attention and resources off of the much more valuable KDE and GNOME office aps
20:43.24aseigoer, apps
20:43.40parphwindows users hate change generally, I suggested installing linux on my friends computer, because she kept getting viruses, trojans etc even with a firewall and anti-virus, every few months she got problems.
20:43.43Theoryhowever, it does run on windows
20:43.51aseigoTheory: and?
20:43.51parphI installed gaim on her machine to give her a taste of linux apps and she hated it
20:43.54chrisx2aseigo: ill try it
20:43.58parphit don't look like ym yahoo she ays :)
20:44.13aseigoparph: yeah, the "linux apps on windows makes converts" is a myth
20:44.44parphI said look, how convenient, msn, yahoo all in 1 program, she wouldn't even try using it
20:44.47lauriand you know, so many people are just sheep
20:44.51lauriand use what they're given
20:45.05lauri(I've installed a number of KDE desktops on people at work's machines)
20:45.26lauriabout 2/3rds spend their first half hour looking where you change the colours and wallpaper, and then don't hardly notice it's any different
20:45.27aseigowhat a difference a single word can make
20:45.34parphshe barely knows how to use windows, and learning a new program, however easy is not something she wants to do. She is terrified of her computer
20:45.46laurithe other third spend their first couple of hours bitching like mad, until they realise I'm not going to give them windows back
20:45.47benJImanrefusing to support windows can work well, as long as they know that no matter what viruses/adware/etc they get on their system you'll fix it they won't change
20:46.05laurithen they get on with doing their work, hardly noticing it's any different, once they actually start using it
20:46.06parphlauri, are these work users?
20:46.13lauriparph: yes :)
20:46.24lauribut the reason they get KDE is we have a web bloxy
20:46.27parphhow come you are able to force them to use something
20:46.31lauriaka a REALLY restrictive proxy
20:46.34laurino hotmail
20:46.36laurino google
20:46.44laurino *nothing*, no chat, no private email, nada
20:46.49*** join/#kde Venson (
20:46.52parphthat kinda sucks ass
20:46.53doleybno google, why even give internet?
20:46.58lauriif they're using windows, they have a whitelist of websites, the corporate mail server, nothing
20:47.13laurithey don't need internet to work (just access to our webserver)
20:47.14benJImanmany people seem to learn how to use things by the exact look of icons/names of things, so the slightest change throws them off completely
20:47.19lauribut the KDE users don't have to go through the proxy
20:47.25parphcan they even listen to audio cd's while they work
20:47.26laurionly the windows users
20:47.32lauriparph: not on windows
20:47.38laurithey can if they opt for KDE though :)
20:47.45parphyeah that audio cd might give them a virus
20:47.56doleybso kde users don't have to work??
20:48.00laurithis lot, that wouldn't surprise me
20:48.10parphwhat a ridiculous restriction
20:48.14lauriKDE users go through another proxy, it is quite a lot less strict
20:48.26aseigolauri: hm. i like that strategy. a lot.
20:48.38lauriwhy? they're their to work (and I have a radio license for internal streaming, they can give me cd's to rip and still listen)
20:48.44lauri(don't assume things :)
20:48.55parphoh yes
20:49.20parphthey use kde on what, dumb terminals or real machines
20:49.34aseigowe prefer the term "thin client" versus "dump terminal" ;)
20:49.37laurisome of both (it's turned into a good way to recycle some of the older machines too)
20:49.43aseigoone sounds more chic, the other less intelligent
20:50.03aseigoyeah, dumb.. sorry
20:50.20aseigogood thing i don't type for a living!
20:50.21aseigooh wait.
20:50.34parphI like dumb terminal better, it sounds more blunt
20:50.42lauridepends what I've got, and who it is (the production and packing people, they don't need much software, just a browser to get at the intranet reports telling them what stuff to pack next, and the media player, so they can fight over what to stream next)
20:50.52Swedish_Chefkolla_: i don't necessarily like the windows interface better
20:51.08Swedish_Chefit's just that i don't want my filemanager taking up more space than what it's displaying
20:51.23lauriand anyway, you wouldn't believe how silly corporate desktop users can be
20:51.25parphI'm trying to convince my friend to install suse linux on her desktop, but she want to buy a mac just because of all her virus problems. I'm like save your $2000 man
20:52.38laurirestricting them as hard as possible, is the only possible way to keep the viruses off their machines (and the reason to restrict the audio cd's is actually that most of hte machines have had their cd drives physically removed, because they were bringing in home burnt cd's of all sorts of weird shit, and giving themselves viruses)
20:52.38kolla_parph: why do you care? you want to be her helpdesk, huh? *nudge nudge* :)
20:52.49*** join/#kde Pupeno (
20:52.49laurior, giving them KDE
20:53.21parphall my friends/family end up coming to me with SOS flags waving
20:53.38lauri(we're talking people who in one case, had every mail he ever got, since 1997 *in his inbox* in outlook - when he logged in, the whole network came to a halt)
20:53.39*** join/#kde Solak (
20:53.57lauriwhen he logged in from china, and it timed out, and he logged in again, by the fifth or 6th time, it took out the mail server
20:54.06parphyikes, tell him dude, delete something
20:54.15laurii would, but he's the CEO :)
20:54.30*** part/#kde Venson (
20:54.32*** join/#kde chrisx3 (
20:54.34kolla_parph: she could get a mini-mac and live happy ever after
20:54.38chrisx3hmm any1 know why my menu applications aint showing on my bar on mdk ?
20:54.40parphdon't walk on eggshells
20:54.52lauriparph: I don't (don't assume)
20:54.56parphKolla_, I don't want my friend to needlessly waste her money
20:55.02laurihe's also a good friend of mine, or I wouldn't put up with working for him
20:55.10kolla_parph: why would it be a waste?
20:55.16*** join/#kde GraveDigger (
20:55.25parphBecause she has a perfectly functional machine
20:55.33SolakI remember settings in KView that allowed to use certain keys (in this case ctrl-left/right) to browse through all available images in one directory, but for some reason these settings are gone and I'm unable to find them in the docs. anyone know the trick to get that feature back?
20:55.35parphDude, $2000 is alot of money
20:55.42kolla_parph: she could sell it
20:55.57lauri(and the only reason he's my boss, is he bought out my company when I was going to close it, and hired my old staff, and nagged me into staying on to help out, I only work part time now though)
20:56.00parphfor what, $200?
20:56.15GraveDiggerhi folks! i've got a little issue about the libusb - i want to see the battery status of my wireless mouse in kcontrol - but it tells me about missing permissions, it all works as root - so what is wrong? could anyone help please?
20:56.15parpha 1 ghz celeron will not go for much these days
20:56.30kolla_what about the 2000?
20:56.38*** join/#kde soulreaper_ (
20:56.39kolla_you could make her a fileserver from it
20:56.52kolla_or whatever
20:56.54parphkolla_ thats silly speak
20:57.20*** join/#kde wsjunior (wsjunior@wsjunior.user)
20:57.55kolla_the mini-mac isnt $2000 anyways
20:58.02*** join/#kde AaronCampbell (~AaronCamp@
20:58.15GraveDiggeranyone got a idea about the usb mouse issue?
20:58.16parphyour missing the point whatever the cost is, it's a cost.
20:58.18kolla_more like $500
20:58.27Ravenskymac minis are $500, $600 if you want faster processor and slightly larger HDD
20:59.00Ravenskycanllaith, you around?
20:59.02*** join/#kde Moody (
20:59.17kolla_parph: so you rather want her ot waste time messing around with linux? or will you do that for her? :)
20:59.27parpha celeron 1ghz is perfectly able to web browse, listen to mp3's, and read emails. There is no reason to ditch it
20:59.51parphIf I set up everything nice in linux she won't need to change a thing
20:59.53Ravenskywell, anyone really. Doesnt somebody know what style this is?
21:00.02*** join/#kde robin (
21:00.44parphclick web browser button, click email button, click amarok button, thats all she will be doing
21:00.47aseigoRavensky: that's the linspire style
21:00.48kolla_parph: sure, but can you? will she be satisfied with it?
21:00.55Ravenskythought so
21:00.59*** join/#kde Shaikun (
21:01.13aseigokolla_: "messing around with linux" that's what hobbyists and geeks do, not ends users =)
21:01.17aseigoer, end users
21:01.30Solak<shame> *duh* </shame>
21:01.35aseigokolla_: people just turn their machines on, get their work done, shut if off.
21:01.44kolla_aseigo: linux turns end users into hobbyists very quickly :)
21:01.49SolakI found the missing option, sorry.
21:02.07Theorymy parents are sucessfully remaining end users :-)
21:02.11*** join/#kde dun3 (~doc@
21:02.22kolla_aseigo: yes I know, only with these fancy OSes of today, turning the machine off is for some odd reason bad :)
21:02.53aseigokolla_: hehe.. yeah, i'm an always-on guy too
21:03.09parpha linux machine should be no different than an xp machine to my friend, she uses the computer to write documents, and web browse mostly, linux is no harder than windows in that respect. She's not going to be compiling programs in the command prompt
21:03.31Solakhmm, except that alt -> and alt <- don't work :-(
21:03.43aseigoparph: in fact, in some ways i'd suggest it's easier
21:03.45*** join/#kde Dirus3960 (
21:03.48dun3I wrote a script and need to impliment a GUI for it.  I want to use kdialog but am trying to figure out if I can.  My problem is i need to have check boxes and right now --checklist is doing it more as a list.  The boxes is key.  Does the --style option let me change this?, and if so where can I find out more?
21:03.50aseigoparph: sesson management alone is a godsend for those people
21:03.50lauriaseigo: ditto
21:03.51*** join/#kde _pierre_ (~pierre@
21:03.55parphaseigo, exactly, my friend is kinda high strung, every time she gets viruses she freaks out
21:03.57chrisx3any1 know why my menu applications aint showing on my bar on mdk ?
21:04.04*** join/#kde K3V (
21:04.12Ravenskyis there any way to get rid of the big bottom border thing on Linspire Clear window deco?
21:04.18lauriaseigo: ssh in and fix is a godsend to me too
21:04.23kolla_parph: but.. perhaps she'd like to burn a CD with music at some point, or create a DVD with a picture slide show or even movie clips on
21:04.29parphhaving a solid stable linux desktop she won't get a freaking nervous breakdown every few months
21:04.34*** part/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
21:04.41_pierre_hi, where is a good place to write all the things that should be ran when i log into a KDE session?
21:04.45parphkolla these are non issues, she never does those things
21:05.00benJIman_pierre_: ~/.kde/Autostart
21:05.14chrisx3no1 can help me?
21:05.17parphshe can't even find files in her computer with explorer she uses search in xp to find things
21:05.32kolla_personally I'd wanted to do full screen 2D animations on linux for like.. 10-12 years.
21:05.33lauriaseigo: the trick, really, is to make it something very desirable, not to browbeat people into it because "it's cooler"
21:05.47parphI imagine having a big home button in kde might be simpler even
21:05.56aseigolauri: yep.
21:06.04kolla_sounds like KDE is overkill for her :)
21:06.21Solakhmm, some options are hard to find in kde...
21:06.31parphthere is no such thing as overkill, you use what you need
21:06.32lauri(and a couple of people have asked to switch, not because they cared about the proxy restrictions, but they literally noticed that at the lunchtime bitch sessions about the computers, the KDE users weren't joining in anymore, that kind of thing)
21:06.45laurigrassroots word of mouth beats fanatical evangelism every time
21:06.45kolla_so give her fvwm
21:06.55kolla_or whatever light weight window manager
21:06.55_pierre_benJIman: thanks again :) i think for the second time today
21:06.58*** join/#kde thk (
21:07.13parphkde looks similar to windows, that is a plus
21:07.19Solakkolla_: or IceWM... xfce4 perhaps, but that's growing too.
21:07.30kolla_parph: fvwm95 then :)
21:07.36Solakparph: you can make it look that way :-)
21:08.18kolla_parph: KDE looks like windows, but does not work like windows, that might be very confusing
21:08.18aseigohow is fvwm2 or icewm in any way an improvement?
21:08.18lauriKDE doesn't look like any windows I ever saw
21:08.19aseigoother than providing an environment that isn't as integrated and which makes starting up kde apps slower?
21:08.23lauriother than having like, windows, and things
21:08.24kolla_aseigo: over twm? oh, I dont know.. :)
21:08.27aseigoboth of which are minuses for most end users
21:08.36*** join/#kde rehash (~Nando@
21:10.02aseigono, over a full KDE env
21:10.02*** join/#kde robin (
21:10.02parphI stick with kde, it's good
21:10.02kolla_aseigo: it provides less? we talked about a user that only would browse, read email and write documents
21:10.02kolla_that's 3 applications
21:10.26lauriand this is #kde
21:10.30lauriwe like kde in here :)
21:10.35laurioddly enough
21:10.44parphlauri, what kinda company do you work in
21:10.46TheoryI find my parents get confused by anything which involves the k menu
21:10.48*** part/#kde evilrob (
21:10.49kolla_yes, it's really strange :)
21:10.58lauriparph: what kind of companies are there?
21:11.07parphlike what do they do
21:11.20laurioh, textiles and furnishings
21:11.25kolla_Theory: same here, and same with the windows menu btw, and every time they change it, it just gets more confusing :)
21:11.29parphoh yes, that is what I was asking
21:11.42aseigokolla_: yes, and the integration of the desktop, panels, etc is important to those sorts of people
21:12.18*** join/#kde _hector (
21:12.20*** part/#kde _hector (
21:12.41kolla_aseigo: especially panels that are dragable and that might vanish by a few unintende mouse clicks
21:12.46kolla_oh yes
21:13.07kolla_and the darn settings are even _stored_ - alwyas
21:13.19kolla_so it wont even help if they log out and back in again
21:13.20aseigokolla_: i'm not following you. are you dissing kicker?
21:13.28kolla_aseigo: sure
21:13.35parphI have 2 hard drives on my computer, one with linux, the other with windows, the windows one has all my mp3's. I want to ditch the hard drive i'm using for linux and put everything on that other drive. Trouble is, I have so many mp3's I don't know how to back them up.
21:13.43aseigokolla_: do you know you can lock kicker?
21:13.44parphMy linusx drive is super loud and I think it is dying
21:13.55kolla_aseigo: nope, there is no huge "lock me" icon in the menu
21:14.01aseigokolla_: and have you also tried moving the panel in the last couple of releases? it's not a matter of moving a few pixels
21:14.06kolla_so how my parent would have known, I have no idea
21:14.07aseigokolla_: well, there is in 3.5
21:14.17aseigokolla_: and prior to 3.5, it's been there known as "kiosk"
21:14.31parphwhat to do with 60+gigs of music
21:14.35kolla_how.. intuitive.. not :)
21:14.35aseigokolla_: when i set someone's system up, if they have problems with moving the panel, i usually just lock it FOR them
21:14.51kolla_aseigo: arent they lucky to have YOU around :)
21:14.55aseigoyeah, like your parents would've found a Lock Me entry in the menu either
21:15.35kolla_aseigo: why is it not in the panel preferences where it belongs?
21:15.36aseigokolla_: so this happened for them? they moved a panel and coldn't find it again?
21:15.41parphany ideas what I should do
21:15.55aseigokolla_: because if you lock the panel, you can't easily get to the preferences!
21:15.59*** join/#kde decOding (~binarian@
21:16.01aseigolock --> no changes
21:16.06aseigono changes --> no preferences
21:16.17*** part/#kde GraveDigger (
21:16.31aseigoand no, i'm not about to go spending a bunch of time making the config dialog check for it being locked and putting a "click here to unlock your panel so you can use this dialog" butotn
21:17.01kolla_I dont see why those should be related
21:17.13aseigofair enough. trust me: they are
21:18.19kolla_I also _really_ dislike how I cannot snapshot the icons to a certain position, a position that they will _remember_, so that if they for some reason are moved around, I could "clean up" and have them go to their saved position
21:19.00kolla_aseigo: how daft :)
21:19.23*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
21:19.26rr73l8 aseigo
21:19.29*** part/#kde rr73 (
21:19.33aseigoin 3.4 you certainly can do that. and in 3.5 you can do it via the GUI even
21:19.44*** join/#kde Pupeno (
21:19.49kolla_aseigo: really now.. how?
21:19.54*** join/#kde Arixx (
21:20.07*** join/#kde Enso (
21:20.28aseigokolla_: put a [$i] next to the group for that button in kickerrc
21:20.41kolla_I talk about the desktop
21:20.48kolla_icons.. not docks
21:20.58benJImanooh I'd not noticed that new locking icons option, that's nice
21:21.17benJImanassuming they stay there after logging out and back in
21:21.48aseigokolla_: ah.. desktop icons. well, that'll be fixed in kde4 as i've annexed the desktop in kde4
21:22.53*** join/#kde kilrae (
21:23.04oGALAXYokolla_: heya..
21:23.14kolla_oGALAXYo: woo :)
21:23.40oGALAXYoaseigo: is it possible to make the taskbar bubbles as big as the ones of the launcher in the panel ? the clock and launchers are all same size but the ones in taskbar are smaller..
21:23.44kolla_aseigo: I dont understand the "put a [$i]..." part
21:24.01kolla_oGALAXYo: yikes.. you want more bubbles?
21:24.30kolla_took me forever to find out that they were "effects" and not "help text"
21:25.25Ravenskyweee, the bug reporter timed out on me
21:25.39Ravenskythere it goes
21:25.55kolla_oh.. in kickstartrc
21:26.11kolla_sorry.. kickerrc
21:26.21*** join/#kde wsjunior (wsjunior@wsjunior.user)
21:26.23kolla_finger macros going havoc
21:27.17*** join/#kde sarah03 (
21:27.22benJImanoGALAXYo: the taskbar ones depend on the length of the titlebar text
21:27.30*** join/#kde munzir (~munzir@
21:27.40benJImanthe taskbar bubble for this window is particularly big as it includes the topic
21:27.58*** join/#kde vi4m (
21:28.05kolla_aseigo: you know if the menuline applet for kicker is being fixed?
21:28.10munzircan any one tell me how to play a file in one PC and direct the sound to another PC?
21:28.24aseigooGALAXYo: unfortunately no.. =( those icons come from the applications, and the spec doesn't have multiple icon sizes by default
21:28.36aseigooGALAXYo: kde apps tend to AFAIK, but it makes non-kde apps look fugly
21:28.42PhilRodmunzir: network transparency with artsd - there's a howto online somewhere
21:28.50PhilRodI got it working once, several years ago
21:29.04oGALAXYoaseigo: i see.. well it doesnt matter much...
21:29.57kolla_aseigo: could you fix kicker so that you can assign hotkeys bring up a hidden panel?
21:30.23kolla_I didnt intend to make that look like a naging wish request
21:30.41oGALAXYokolla_: hahahaha :)
21:30.50oGALAXYokolla_: i still recall you from mos channel :)
21:30.53aseigokolla_: didn't get around to that yet, not.. too many other broken things =(
21:30.55*** join/#kde kjalil (
21:30.56oGALAXYonot nagging is your second name :)
21:30.56kolla_can one set up kicker to bring up a hidden panel on a hotkey
21:31.01aseigokolla_: patches welcome though.
21:31.07aseigokolla_: and remember that you can have more than one panel =)
21:31.16aseigokolla_: i do agree that would be nice, though
21:31.30kolla_aseigo: I have 3 already, used to have 4
21:31.39munzirPhilRod: I have a humble knowledge here but haven't I heard before that artsd is obsoleted in favor of somethin?
21:31.44kolla_but due to buggy menu applet, I'm now down to 3
21:32.08aptarts is unmaintained, for KDE 4 (and not before) there will probably be a backend independent architecture allowing you to choose what sound engine (or none) to use via an abstracted API, if you want to know more, you should read the 5 or 6 hundred post long thread on the kde-multimedia mailing list archives
21:32.16PhilRodmunzir: ^^^
21:32.39kolla_one at the bottom with newticker, one at the top with tray, special menues, clock etc.. then one popup at the bottom with launcher docks, and then I used to have one popup at the top with menu applet
21:33.14kolla_also... a depth gadget on the windows is missing
21:33.30kolla_for us who prefer click to focus
21:34.36oGALAXYoheh osnews is such an retarded place..
21:35.18aseigodepth gadget?
21:35.24kolla_one can define what shal happen when one click with a given mouse button on an active/inactive window, but I'd really like to only have double click bring windows to front
21:35.24aseigo"take the reading, mccoy!"
21:35.28*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
21:35.28oGALAXYobedtime.. talk to you people later
21:35.36aseigooGALAXYo: g'nite
21:35.45aseigoheh ... double click. ick
21:36.18kolla_aseigo: yes, depth, a gadget on the window bar that will bring windows to the front if there is some other window over it, and bring to the bottom if it's already at the top
21:36.46kolla_s/bottom/most below/
21:36.55aseigokolla_: sort of like middle clicking on the title bar?
21:37.04kolla_sort of
21:37.27munzirPhilRod, apt: so until kde comes with something superior, do I have any other option besides artsd (even if not kde-related)?
21:38.02aseigomunzir: not really
21:38.11aseigomunzir: some specific apps support other engines...
21:38.36aseigomunzir: e.g. juk and amarok support gstreamer (or at least, versions of gstreamer) ... and you can use an external command line palyer for knotify noises
21:38.44kolla_aseigo: not all devices/systems have a usable middle mouse button
21:38.59kolla_also, midle mouse button doesnt bring windows up front
21:39.24*** part/#kde Enso (
21:41.09kolla_aseigo: also.. If I click _inside_ and active window, it is brought frontmost.. I hate that
21:41.19PhilRodmunzir: no idea what other options there are. Ask in #yourdistro, or some audio-related channel
21:41.49aseigokolla_: i agree that it's hard to make a window manager that works for every esoteric taste
21:41.56PhilRodI think the NMM framework will do it
21:42.00aseigokolla_: i'd suggest using a non-kwin window manager with kde then
21:42.32Ravenskyyay, Konq crashed when trying to open a new tab!
21:42.39*** part/#kde Solak (
21:43.03*** join/#kde _max (
21:43.33kolla_Ravensky: a new empty tab, or one with a inline mpeg? :)
21:45.04*** part/#kde _max (
21:46.09*** join/#kde rechka (
21:53.38*** join/#kde tuxxman (
21:53.51tuxxmanwhat is the battery manager that is at the bottom of kicker
21:54.36*** join/#kde praseodymium (
21:54.44tuxxmanhello there
21:54.56tuxxmando u know what the battery manager is for kde?
21:55.15*** join/#kde _root__ (
21:55.41PhilRodthe kicker applet?
21:55.45*** join/#kde fabiofb (
21:56.01*** part/#kde _root__ (
21:56.12PhilRodthere's kbatmon, or something equally prosaically named, I think
21:57.35RavenskyI wish I styleclock could show 12-hour time
22:02.27kolla_why kpowersave and not klaptop?
22:02.46tuxxmanboth are not commands
22:03.07kolla_kicker applets
22:03.29tuxxmanhow do i start them w/o kicker
22:03.47tuxxmanlike from a diff wm
22:03.53kolla_no idea
22:04.20aseigoappletprox nameofapplets.desktop
22:04.22aseigoer, appletproxy
22:04.28aseigoor just run kicker.
22:04.38aseigoyou CAN do that even if you don't run kwin =)
22:05.23tuxxmanwhats a battery manager
22:05.24tuxxmani need one
22:05.32tuxxmantired of battery dying at random times
22:05.55kolla_random times?
22:05.58*** join/#kde grepper (
22:06.07tuxxmanaseigo: it doesnt work
22:06.13kolla_mine only "dies" when it is empty :)
22:06.18tuxxmanthat too
22:06.23aseigotuxxman: it certainly does.
22:06.27tuxxmannot here
22:06.28aseigotuxxman: what's the applet you are trying to run?
22:07.09tuxxmani did appletproxy klaptop.window
22:07.21tuxxmanand it said error failed to load applet
22:07.37aseigo.window? heh.. ok.. no, klaptopdaemon uses the system tray
22:07.52tuxxmanwhats my window
22:07.54tuxxmanim lost
22:08.00aseigoso what you want to do is: appletproxy systemtrayapplet.desktop
22:08.16aseigothen klaptopdaemon's icon will apear in there .. happy chanukah
22:09.33kolla_it should work with ther trays too though, right?
22:09.47aseigowell, gnome's tray
22:11.42*** part/#kde tuxxman (
22:15.05rr72kaffeine wont let me put in the path to win32 codecs
22:15.17*** join/#kde wsjunior (wsjunior@wsjunior.user)
22:15.22rr72i put it in then i open a wmv and it doesnt work
22:15.30rr72i go back in and its changed
22:16.17rr72any ideas kde peaple?
22:17.15*** join/#kde linuxman (
22:17.58rr72any ideas kde peaple?
22:18.02*** part/#kde spiral (
22:18.29*** join/#kde deban (
22:18.36*** join/#kde asgeirf (
22:19.02*** join/#kde brayra (~brayra@
22:26.30*** join/#kde wolffc (
22:28.21*** part/#kde Swedish_Chef (
22:30.06*** join/#kde stibby (
22:30.14stibbyi have a question about kdevelop
22:30.25stibbycan i get the file browsing-sidebar to show files in tree-view?
22:30.31*** join/#kde langenberg (
22:30.38stibby(the setting is present in konqueror as well as Quanta-Plus IDE)
22:33.53*** part/#kde brayra (~brayra@
22:36.11*** join/#kde rumanzini (~RMS@
22:37.28*** join/#kde sema4 (~jcook@
22:40.05*** join/#kde simcop2388 (
22:40.33simcop2388is there any way to make konqueror open mp3's with an external program rather than with the embedded player?
22:42.34*** join/#kde CondorDes (
22:44.04grepperjust reconfigure the filetype
22:44.17simcop2388i can't seem to put in my own custom command (at the moment i'm only running kde 3.2.3)
22:44.25rumanziniHi, does somebody know how to protect applications with a password?? for example, that when I try opening kmail it demands user pass
22:44.28grepperr-click on a mp3 file and hit the gear icon
22:44.43grepperr-click ->properties
22:46.22simcop2388grepper: thats just it, i've got the general section going but it wants to use the embedded section (its in a frame in an html page...)
22:46.23grepperrumanzini: you mean the password to access your mail server ?
22:46.38greppersimcop2387: and how is it configured ?
22:46.59grepperits set to open if external app and the app you want is at the front of the list ?
22:47.10greppers/if external/in external/
22:47.34simcop2388grepper, it works fine outside of the html page like i want but i'm using the html frames to create my own sidebar
22:48.08*** join/#kde ViRgiLiO (
22:48.53simcop2388grepper, you know a way i can create my own sidebar?
22:48.54rumanziniI refer to access to the application, it would be kmail or another program, that a pass would be demanded to open the program
22:49.01rumanziniI hope you understand me :)
22:49.27canllaithRavensky: I'm around now, why did you ask ?
22:50.18grepperchange the perms so that only a specific user or group can use the app I guess
22:51.47*** join/#kde Arixx (
22:52.09Ravenskycanllaith, nevermind
22:52.23rumanziniok, I'll try change it for the root, what I want is that my family don't be able to access to kmail while I'm going out, because I leave turned of the computer
22:52.39rumanzini*turned on
22:53.30canllaithRavensky: k :P
22:53.50*** join/#kde edmetric (
22:55.13*** join/#kde crashbg (
22:57.17grepperrumanzini: just remember that it is already owned by root group root most likely
22:57.49grepperso chown root:root `which kmail` is not going to cut it :)
22:57.49doleybrumanzini: maybe kiosk mode is what you want?
22:58.00grepperyou will need to change the perms
22:58.51grepperwhy don't you just create user accounts for them and not let them use your account ?
23:00.46rumanziniI let them using the computer, but I wouldn't like they can read my email, and I usually leave the computer downloading in p2p and in this way my session is open and they can access to kmail o whatever they want, it's that I want to avoid
23:01.30rumanziniI have done chmod 700 /usr/bin/kmail and then (copying from the icon that launches synaptic) this: /usr/sbin/su-to-root -X -c kmail
23:02.08rumanzininow it demands the root password for opening the program, I introduce it but kmail doesn't open, I don't understand :(
23:02.30rumanzinidoleyb I don't know what kiosk mode is, I'm going to investigate :)
23:04.03grepperlock your session and let them open another session
23:04.08madpenguin8kpov r0Xors
23:04.51grepperyour solution is not going to be good for you anyway, as you will end up running kmail as root
23:05.10*** join/#kde CondorDes (
23:05.18rumanziniyes, it is true...
23:05.51rumanzinihow could I mantain my machine working but with the session locked?
23:06.00*** join/#kde wsjunior (wsjunior@wsjunior.user)
23:06.39doleybrumanzini do you have a padlock icon on the taskbar?
23:06.45grepperdoesn't your lock session dialog give an option to run a new session ?
23:06.50greppermine does
23:06.58grepperthat is what this is for
23:07.07grepperthis kind of situation
23:07.26grepperkmenu->lock session
23:07.34doleybI used to have one of those, but not anymore (new session button)
23:07.41grepperyou use kdm ?
23:07.55doleybme, i use kdm yes.
23:08.17doleybi have debian.  long ago, an auto-upgrade added choices for new session, and then later they went away again.
23:08.39doleybits not important for me, i was just curious what enables that button.
23:09.00rumanzinijejje it works perfectly, I've just tested it, I had never fixed in that option...
23:09.50rumanzinithank you very much grepper and doleyb
23:10.01grepperrumanzini: ok, great
23:10.07grepperdoleyb: check kdmrc
23:10.13greppergrep ReserveServers kdmrc
23:10.52simcop2388how would i add a new application for previewing files (in the file association dialog it is the embedding tab)
23:16.08*** join/#kde mobtekl (
23:20.56*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
23:22.32Ravenskyumm, apparently I dont have kde-config
23:23.58*** join/#kde DanielOliveira (
23:24.00*** join/#kde jahbul0n (
23:24.30jahbul0nboy, this place sure is silent :|
23:24.41*** part/#kde DanielOliveira (
23:33.40*** join/#kde rg58sma (~root@
23:33.50*** part/#kde factor (
23:34.04jahbul0nrg58sma, are you logged into irc as root?
23:34.17rg58smacan translate kde to spanish in arch???????''''
23:34.37jahbul0nrg58sma, first things first
23:34.51jahbul0nyou're not supposed to use xchat while logged in as root
23:34.58*** join/#kde welson_ (
23:35.20rg58smaim like user but not changee the name
23:35.22rg58smaim user
23:35.34jahbul0nhah. in that case, its ok-
23:35.38welson_kdeinit could not launch, i get my movie file to open successfully if i use 'open with' (konqueror).. something i'm missing?
23:35.58jahbul0nand btw, i dont see anyone talking in here either- i am just idling around
23:36.01*** join/#kde abc (
23:37.53rg58smacan translate kde to spanish in arch???????''''
23:38.02*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
23:38.41RoeySo this columnist here proposes that KDE abandon Qt for its next release:
23:40.17HuntsManrg58sma: install kde-i18n-es
23:41.09*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
23:42.00*** join/#kde AaronCampbell (~AaronCamp@
23:43.13HuntsManRoey: sounds like pure FUD
23:43.58RoeyHuntsMan:  this guy is proposing that kde switch over JUST BECAUSE of the license?
23:44.58Roeysilly columnist.
23:45.09Roeyhow many times have I heard the counterarguments to this fud before.
23:45.15Ravenskyhow does KDE get permission to use Qt anyhow? I thought Qt didnt have a public lisense
23:45.15HuntsManRed Hat, Sun and Novell. None of them, that is right, zero out of three, use KDE for their enterprise desktop
23:45.18HuntsManyeah right
23:45.25HuntsManRavensky: GPL license
23:45.28canllaithQt does have gpl license
23:45.36Ravenskyit does? heh
23:45.38canllaithand KDE have made negotiations with Qt to ensure there will always be a free Qt for KDE
23:45.51Ravenskyhas it always been GPL?
23:45.51*** join/#kde mvincent (~mvincent@
23:45.57HuntsManRavensky: no
23:46.30Ravenskyhmm, I guess I never noticed that it switched to GPL before
23:46.48CondorDesThe author's main point seems to be that commercial developers can't release closed-source software for KDE without paying for the Qt license. I'm not seeing a problem here... ;P
23:46.56Roeycanllaith:  also, he uses insure incorrectly.
23:47.00Roeycanllaith:  instead of 'ensure'
23:47.05canllaithRoey: heh you pedant you
23:47.16canllaithI know of at least 2 businesses in NZ that use a commercial Qt license
23:47.21Ravenskyhmm. I dont get how Linspire gets away with making people pay for free software
23:47.22Roeyoh I thought you said "how pedantic of you"
23:47.23Roeymy bad.
23:47.28Roeycanllaith:  it really bothered me :(
23:47.33canllaithBecause interestingly enough, it's not free software!
23:47.34Roeycanllaith:  but you used it correctly!
23:47.48canllaithThey brand it, package it, add nice things to it and ask you to pay for their work. No problems.
23:47.51canllaithThey also release all the sources
23:48.00canllaithI'm currencly using linspire themes for example that I grabbed the sources of and built on slackware
23:48.04HuntsManyeah, no problem
23:48.12Ravenskyya, I'm using the Linspire theme right now too
23:48.15canllaithNothing stopping you from downloading free linspire if you wanted to.
23:48.25Ravenskybut the CNR thing
23:48.29canllaithThey don't exactly flash neon lights about it, but it's all there as per gpl terms.
23:50.19*** join/#kde teske (
23:51.12*** part/#kde teske (
23:51.41*** join/#kde Darkintent (
23:55.55*** join/#kde sema4 (~jcook@
23:56.11*** join/#kde theobroma (
23:56.57mvincenthey guys, looking for pointers on how to get involved in a project
23:57.04annmamvincent: yes
23:57.15annmadid you choose which project?
23:57.21annmaor what area you want ot help in?
23:57.44mvincentam looking for smaller project, has been a while since I have last coded
23:58.02annmaso it's for coding?
23:58.17annmawhat is your area of interest?
23:58.33annmasmall projects are basically games and kdeedu
23:58.52mvincentannma: games possibly
23:59.00annmaor something like KsCD
23:59.11annmaok, we have plenty of games that would need love
23:59.27annmado you have KDE from svn?
23:59.29mvincentwhat would i need to do to get started
23:59.38annmayou need KDE from svn HEAD
23:59.45annmakdelibs kdebase and kdegames
23:59.50annmathen have a look at the games

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