irclog2html for #kde on 20050317

00:00.08canllaitha bit of both
00:00.15njaardanyone like some cake?
00:00.22jadrianI have kdebase 3.3.2 and kdelibs 3.4
00:00.23*** join/#kde klw (
00:00.28njaardrich_B: you cannot spell diet without die
00:00.45*** join/#kde MrPingouin (
00:00.48canllaithI think I've been stood up *sniff*
00:00.55canllaithI was going to skype with someone tonight but it doesn't look like he's home yet
00:00.57rich_BAs long as I lose some kilo's, at least I will look fine in my coffin:-)
00:01.05njaardjadrian: khtml proper is entirely in kdelibs
00:01.05canllaithMan, I had no idea you could get stood up online ;)
00:01.09MrPingouincanllaith: kdedir is okay, qtdir is okay and i've runned kbuildsyscoa --noincrementalblah
00:01.18canllaithMrPingouin: still no joy?
00:01.22MrPingouincanllaith: kcontrol still doesnt' control anything :(
00:01.25njaardcanllaith: that's because you're probably sitting down when on irc
00:01.26Oleg_I remember how cool I felt when I kissed a girl on the cheek in high school.
00:01.37canllaithTry as another user, create an entirely new one and make sure KDEDIR/bin is in your PATH
00:01.48MrPingouinkdedir/bin is in my path
00:01.51canllaithand that QTDIR KDEDIR etc etc is fine
00:01.56canllaithNew user :)
00:01.59Oleg_I kissed girls on the cheek only to cool or to receive the sexual pleasure.
00:02.03MrPingouinI have a backup of my ~/.kde
00:02.03jadriannjaard: thank, nice :)
00:02.19MrPingouinwhen I mv .kde .kde_ it works... I guess
00:02.21Oleg_only to look cool
00:02.23Vensoncanllaith: you checked out the lullaby quote on bash recently?
00:02.26njaardthere's my new journal entry
00:02.28MrPingouinbut I don't want to reconfigure everything !
00:02.30njaardI feel relieved
00:02.32canllaithhahaha bad babies get rabies and have to be shot?
00:02.36canllaithI love that one
00:02.43Vensoncracked me up too
00:02.53canllaithCan't wait to go back to Australia at christmas time to repeat that to my littlest brother ;)
00:02.56Vensoni mean...i have nothing against babies or rabies or both or neither
00:02.58Vensonor shooting
00:03.15Oleg_It's like we men own women, this is what this custom is about.
00:03.18Vensoncanllaith: :O
00:03.30VensonOleg_: wtf are you talking about?
00:03.33canllaithOleg_: come on dude, can it. We all know where you rambling about this kinda rubbish gets you
00:03.44canllaithMy foot, your ass, out the door. On topic please.
00:03.58Vensonoh yeah...don't feed the pigeons
00:03.59canllaithSo, how is your LFS going for you?
00:04.10Oleg_Venson: can't say it. I gotta stay on topic
00:04.21VensonOleg_: fair enough...let's move on
00:04.30Oleg_canllaith: It's beautiful. I absolutely have ZERO problems with LFS.
00:04.36canllaithNice to hear it :)
00:04.40njaardheh, I've had girls (yes! I know a couple) think I was a real weirdo because I said (honestly) that I didn't mind my hypothetical wife to keep their own last name
00:04.48MrPingouincanllaith: funny issue, with no more ~/.kde kde 3.4 starts okay, but the kcontrol still controls only gtk look and feel
00:04.49*** join/#kde jcook (~jcook@
00:04.57njaardI'm allowed to be off topic
00:04.59njaardI'm channel founder :)
00:05.13Vensoni'm allowed to be off
00:05.16canllaithnjaard: indeed, although that wouldn't stop me trying to ban you ;)
00:05.19canllaithIt just might stop it working :P:P
00:05.29canllaithahahahaha bloody konversation has this stupid bug
00:05.33canllaithwhere it doesn't ban the person you right click on
00:05.36canllaithbut some random other person
00:05.40njaardah, that's a fun one
00:05.41canllaithso like, the day after you gave me ops I banned lauri :$
00:05.50njaardnice shot!
00:05.58canllaithhow embarrassing lolol
00:06.05Vensoncanllaith: that's sounds like an irc game...."Guess who's going to be banned next!"
00:06.16njaardheh, I used to do that
00:06.17njaardin here
00:06.21canllaithVenson: oh you're not wrong. I can't *believe* it picked lauri of all people.
00:06.23njaardI would have a random kicking of the day
00:06.35Vensoncanllaith: hehe..she's a programmer dudette, innit?
00:06.36Oleg_Speaking on the topic, I wonder if I should download the latest version of kmplayer.
00:06.36njaardthis was a long time ago
00:06.41njaardwhen I had to pick someone manually
00:06.46njaardI didn't have a cool irc client bug to do it for me
00:06.49canllaithVenson: lauri ? She is *the* kde documamma
00:06.59Vensoncanllaith: i see
00:07.04*** join/#kde AnotherData_ (
00:07.18canllaithnjaard: It's amazing how modern software makes things so much easier for us ;)
00:07.28canllaith... and gives us a great excuse when the person comes back and whinges.
00:07.45canllaithlol Venson
00:07.45Vensonis there a Zack Rusin in here?
00:07.52njaardVenson: no
00:07.54canllaithNah, I've never seen him in here with us peons
00:07.58njaardVenson: he's on rarely, his nickname is zrusin
00:08.14Vensonhmm.....this dude's sposed to give a talk in our college tomorrow...thought i'd find him in here
00:08.16canllaithOh, nice! :)
00:08.23Vensonnjaard: ah ok...danke
00:08.27canllaithThree of my stylesheets are going in there :D
00:08.42rich_Bahh cvsup has finished
00:08.46njaardzrusin is the one facing away from the camera
00:08.55canllaithI find it amazingly freaky though that everything, absolutely everything I've done for KDE is in XML
00:08.57MrPingouinherm herm, someone under archlinux here ?
00:09.08canllaithnjaard: Zack is the really cute one isn't he?
00:09.21njaardcanllaith: I can't judge that, I'm male
00:09.31canllaithnjaard: oh of course you can you just choose not to =p
00:09.39njaardno, really, I can't
00:09.43canllaithI can judge if females are cute or not......
00:09.44Oleg_I need to create a soap opera game for kde
00:09.56njaardcanllaith: yeah, I can too
00:10.17canllaithOf course, I like girls about the same way you do so that's prolly not so surprising :)
00:10.20njaardcanllaith: you know that I have an infatuation with a cartoon character?
00:10.31canllaithand oh my, he is terribly cute.
00:10.35Vensoncanllaith: the temp in this room is already high
00:10.36canllaithnjaard: which? :)
00:10.40njaardsecond :)
00:10.45Oleg_In soap opera, men are handsome
00:10.51Oleg_and women are beautiful
00:11.20Vensonthe term beautiful can be applied to men too.....apparently, it was a controversial term to use for a long time
00:11.25njaardthe girl in black
00:11.27TronicCuteness is in the eye of the viewer. However, I guess that one can learn to judge that from the POV of the majority, no matter which gender (s)he or the the target is.
00:11.28Vensonthat's evolution for ya
00:11.29njaardman, she's hot
00:11.38njaardif she were real, I'd track her down and marry her
00:11.43Oleg_Venson: and I read somewhere handsome woman
00:11.57njaardshe's sarcastic and a vegetarian
00:11.58Oleg_the term handsome woman was applied in that book
00:11.59njaardshe's made for me
00:12.21canllaithSo that's what I'm doing wrong - I cook with meat and am nice to all the men I know
00:12.30TronicI personally can somehow estimate the perceived cuteness of males by females by estimating how gay they look to me.
00:12.36njaardI like the headline though "Prince Charles marries his handsome steed"
00:12.55njaardI mean, I don't even have an opinion on her appearance, I just think the wording's funn
00:13.12Oleg_It's good for a woman to be nice to men and for a man to be nice to women because they belong to opposite sexes.
00:13.21canllaithbille_dinner: aw, you didn't want the emoticons set I put together for hotnewstuff too? :(
00:13.23njaardI'm rude to everyone
00:13.24canllaithTronic: LOL!
00:13.27njaardthat's why people hate me
00:13.44canllaithnjaard: you haven't been rude to me yet, so I reserve the right to like you in a grudging kinda way.
00:13.47Oleg_and the beauty of belonging to different sexes is that a MAN and a WOMAN can fall in love like in a soap opera
00:14.10njaardcanllaith: in person, I become almost a nice person, but then I'm just totally socially awkward
00:14.25njaardI mean, I'm socially awkward on IRC,yes, but in person, it's to a whole new level
00:14.59njaardcanllaith: that's because I know you're a girl and I'm a sexist pig who will treat you in a domineering way like helping you cross streets
00:15.19canllaithnjaard: oh right. I'm probably taller and heavier than you are, so I wouldn't try it outside of irc =p
00:15.30kbrookslol this is evil
00:15.30Oleg_It's good to help a woman, and it's good to help a man
00:15.34kbrooksicon zooming
00:15.40njaardcanllaith: that's unfair, everyone is taller and heavier than I
00:15.44jadrianis there a shortcut to go to the "search" adress bars?
00:15.50canllaithnjaard: even aseigo ? :P
00:15.59grepperis Oleg_  looona transplanted to #kde ?
00:16.14njaardcanllaith: 55kg, 120lb, 8.5st
00:16.17njaardpick your unit ;)
00:16.25Oleg_and loona means?
00:16.46grepperwas a bot on #kde-users
00:16.52canllaithand before some skinny canadian or european tells me how fat I am
00:16.52njaardcanllaith: your ability to not mix units is amusing
00:16.54*** part/#kde morkeleb (~morkeleb@
00:17.01TronicHow tall is that in SI?
00:17.04canllaithWe're *bigger* in Australia
00:17.10njaardthat's about 178cm
00:17.16canllaithSI? Not sure. I'm 176cm
00:17.22njaardno, no no
00:17.25canllaithI'm not 100% sure.
00:17.33njaardI'm exactly 175 and 5'9"
00:17.37Oleg_canllaith: I miss slayerbob
00:17.46canllaithOleg_: he's off drinking with his brother lol
00:17.46njaardand 2.54cm = 1in
00:18.10canllaithnjaard: that puts me at closer to 5'10 than anything else though. Or shall I pull out some fractions and decimal places?
00:18.18njaardlet's ask google
00:18.19*** join/#kde Simkin (
00:18.34njaard5 foot 10 inches = 177.8 centimeters
00:18.36njaarddamn, I'm good
00:18.37canllaith <--- me and my gorgeous baby 12" laptop
00:18.38njaardI'm good
00:18.39njaarddamn good
00:19.03canllaithnjaard: ok so I'm 1.8CM off 5'10 so that makes me 5'9 and a bit. So we're more or less the same height give or take a cm
00:19.06njaardkunne ikke starte «kuickshow»
00:19.38njaarduno momento, gotta apt-get some stuff
00:19.51grepperheh, only on freenode would the geeks be drooling more about the laptop then the girl :P
00:20.03canllaithgrepper: Hey, I know my laptop is sexier than I am
00:20.03njaardcanllaith: is hot
00:20.05Troniccanllaith: Either way, you are probably taller than most Finnish male basketball players.
00:20.07njaardI mean her laptop
00:20.08canllaithI'm dealing with that.
00:20.25canllaithI'm not 12", 3.3lbs and silver!
00:20.31*** join/#kde gregday (
00:20.35gregdaycongrautlations on 3.4 :)
00:20.36njaardI'm sorry
00:20.38canllaithTronic: prolly =p
00:20.46njaardcanllaith: you know that filter between your brain and your mouth?
00:20.50Oleg_canllaith: OMG, I told you before that you were good looking and I am telling this again now. Not that I am an animal who only pays attention to good looks
00:20.55canllaithnjaard: The one you were born without? :)
00:21.11njaardcanllaith: the one that keeps you from saying things like "canllaith is hot" in front of canllaith?
00:21.14njaardyeah. yeah ;)
00:21.23SteamedPenguinheh heh
00:21.29canllaithThat's a bad pic. Remind me to show you a good one next time I feel I need an ego boost
00:21.37SteamedPenguinthat's a bad pic?
00:21.44kbrooksi need to create a new k menu
00:21.44njaardSteamedPenguin: glad you said it.
00:22.04SteamedPenguinI don't know if I could handle an average one, not to speak of a good one.
00:22.16njaardthat's me
00:22.31njaardI'm one sexie fungus
00:22.40grepperis that when you are excited ?
00:23.01SteamedPenguinhey, look, /me takes fungues makes tomato, mozarella, mushroom salad
00:23.26njaardSteamedPenguin: I've literally learned more in my kitchen than I have in my university the last two years
00:23.32canllaithAccording to kopete, I'm hot 3 times over. Look at all that hotnewstuff with my name on it ;) :P
00:23.56Oleg_canllaith: and your face really has this soap opera feel, all you need is just more make up on your face
00:24.07canllaithOleg_: I don't wear any makeup at all and I never have
00:24.08Oleg_canllaith: and you would be totally  a soap girl
00:24.10canllaithwhat a silly idea that stuff is
00:24.11njaardcanllaith: I don't get it
00:24.22njaardcanllaith: wowsers, that's without makeup?
00:24.25canllaithnjaard: Kopete now has hotnewstuff, mostly populated with my stylesheets
00:24.26njaardcanllaith: er, I mean: I see.
00:24.35canllaithnjaard: lolol perhaps you can install a third party filter?
00:24.49*** join/#kde _chris (
00:25.12SteamedPenguinnjaard: real women don't need makeup bud. :)
00:25.45njaardI really like my hair ;)
00:26.03njaardand I think eyebrows are really cool in general, not my own in particular
00:26.04njaardI must say
00:26.07gregdayso we have khotnewstuff what about koldandbusted
00:26.12Oleg_women should care if they are soap opera looking or not. Canllaith is soap opera looking, she just needs make up to be completely soapy.
00:26.23Oleg_this is my standard of female beauty
00:26.24canllaithgregday: we already have that. It's called 'releases'
00:26.24SteamedPenguingregday: koldandbusted resolves to
00:26.26njaardcanllaith: can we  have an eyeball action shot of you?
00:26.30gregdaySteamedPenguin: i was thinking that too :)
00:26.35gregdayif canllaith is getting all soapy i want pictures
00:26.39canllaithnjaard: lol .... erm...
00:26.39njaardOleg_: you mean slutty?
00:26.53njaardcanllaith: totally serious, I am
00:26.55*** join/#kde bobbyz (
00:26.57canllaithyou're lucky I'm laughing my ass off
00:27.05canllaithsame place as all the rest
00:27.11bobbyzare any of the kde download mirrors up with the 3.4 sources yet?
00:27.23thiagomost of them, bobbyz
00:27.28njaardcanllaith: you look welsh
00:27.33bobbyznone of the ones I've checked have kdevelop-3.2.0.tar.bz2
00:27.34canllaithnjaard: Close, scots :)
00:27.35AnotherData_no slack packs yet :/
00:27.46*** join/#kde Desiac (
00:27.51njaardcanllaith: oh, three vowels, my mistake ;)
00:28.37njaardcanllaith: ooh, redhead :)
00:28.42njaardoooh.. snow :)
00:29.11canllaithI like snow :D
00:29.16njaardsnow rocks
00:29.21canllaithThat's my house in Hanmer Springs, it's a ski resort town in the south of New Zealand
00:29.31canllaithI'm in Wellington right now though :( No pretty snow here :(
00:29.33Oleg_canllaith: now you look like a girl from the 1950s judging by andrew_dessa.jpg
00:29.38mobtekhaha my sister is |--| close to asking me to put KDE on her work machine :)
00:29.46canllaithThat was the day after I went out sailing with the boys
00:29.51njaardsleepy andrew looks... sleepy
00:29.55canllaithMy nose was *bright* red, like... kedit icon red
00:29.58Desiacdeploying kde for a number of users, is there a tool that i can use to setup the profiles, like what applications they can run and their menu setout, basically just want to give them access to Open office
00:30.00canllaithSepia hides that well ;)
00:30.05canllaithDesiac: kiosk!
00:30.13thiagobobbyz: I can see it in some of them
00:30.15mobtekI removed 239 objects off her machine yesterday, worms, trojas, virii etc hehehe
00:30.18Desiaccanllaith: thnx
00:30.19qfhbobbyz: can you tell me mirrors that have the other 3.4 stuff? a torrent tracker would be fine as well...
00:30.36Oleg_canllaith: and now I know your first name is Dessa.
00:30.48canllaithOleg_: actually, it's not. That's a nickname my best friend gave me
00:30.49qfhah got oen
00:30.56canllaithand for some strange reasons, all my male friends really like it
00:30.59canllaithand perpetuate it
00:31.02njaardcanllaith gets my eye-rubberstamp-of-approval
00:31.09mobtekkeke canllaith
00:31.12canllaithThank you may I frame it and hang it on my wall?
00:31.17njaardof course
00:31.24canllaithAs you can imagine, the opinion of random single males on IRC is *terribly* important to me :D
00:31.59njaardcanllaith: I obviously need to learn how to talk to girls :)
00:32.06gregdayJes, right?
00:32.18canllaithgregday: yes :)
00:32.32gregdayi gain +2 stalker pts
00:32.36canllaithnjaard: lol I'm just teasing, if I wasn't sarcastic occasionally the guys in here would walk all over me
00:32.43canllaithgregday: there is actually a canllaith stalkers club yknow
00:32.48mobtekgregday: hahaha
00:32.49canllaithIt currently has... 3 members?
00:32.53njaardcanllaith: see, I believe you're being totally honest
00:32.59mobtekcanllaith: I'm in that club too :P
00:33.13canllaithmobtek: oh wow, you should ask brucehoult for a membership badge next time he's in here
00:33.16canllaithand not reading over my shoulder, laughing.
00:33.19canllaithYes, you.
00:33.32Oleg_canllaith: me_no_sleep.jpg. There is make up on your face!
00:33.33mobtek <-- mobtek finding out where canllaith lives
00:33.39canllaithOleg_: No, there isn't any at all
00:33.40*** join/#kde jcurry (
00:33.43njaardhey, everyone, switch your irc client to utf8 :)
00:33.43mobtekcanllaith: kewl :P
00:34.06mobteknjaard: already is :)
00:34.10njaardok, good
00:34.19njaardI'm just enjoying this song
00:34.21canllaithOleg_: no makeup, and being awake for 24 hours too.
00:34.29njaardmobtek: wow, you're interested ;)
00:34.30Oleg_canllaith: ok
00:34.33bobbyzqfh: the one I found that finally had most of the 3.4 stuff is
00:34.41mobteknjaard: hehehehe
00:34.46mobtekbobbyz: is that a gentoo?
00:35.03qfhbobbyz:  i just figured that i probably need a gentoo distfiles mirror with kde 3.4...
00:35.04canllaithmobtek: omg that is just *classic*
00:35.11njaardmobtek: #kde-devel is practically entirely utf8, which is good, because I addde lots of stuff to my keymap, like ∫, ſ, √ and π :)
00:35.16Oleg_canllaith: Andrew is a lucky boy because he's with you.
00:35.21mobtekhahah that was a 04:30 when my mate claire was on E
00:35.26mobtekI was keeping her company
00:35.33canllaithok so we have.... 4 members now. Gosh. I'm getting popular!
00:35.36*** join/#kde jsubl2 (~jsubl2@
00:35.37mobtekhence why I look sooooo knackered
00:35.41canllaithmobtek: lol ok
00:36.10jcurryanyone for a bit of #trivia?
00:36.16newcomernjaard, how did u type the integral, root and pi signs
00:36.21*** join/#kde AnotherData__ (
00:36.26bobbyzqfh: not a gentoo mirror, but you can hand-grab the files into /usr/portage/distfiles
00:36.31njaardnewcomer: custom keymap :)
00:36.42njaardfound my camera!
00:36.55*** join/#kde jsakalos (
00:37.06qfhbobbyz:  yep i hoped i could just set GENTOO_MIRRORS accordingly
00:37.11*** join/#kde |DeuX| (
00:37.15*** join/#kde AnotherData__ (
00:37.55Oleg_I also want to have a good girlfriend
00:38.05njaardheh, oleg has more social disfunction than me
00:38.07Oleg_I want her to be good and smart
00:38.12njaardand that's not easy..
00:38.14canllaithnjaard: you don't know the half of it baby
00:38.24jcurryanyone for a bit of #trivia?
00:38.25canllaithOleg_: yknow, you should try just walking up to a girl and saying 'Hey, lookin for a fun time?'
00:38.30canllaith99 out of 100 will slap you....
00:38.35njaardcanllaith: what, he's a frequenter of #kde?
00:38.37canllaithbut heck, that leaves 1
00:38.43Oleg_canllaith: muhahahaha
00:39.17MrPingouinhow do you launch the utility of the "new user" ?
00:39.26mobtekcanllaith: the line "Hi, wanna make out?" has worked too many times :P
00:39.35canllaithmobtek: hahaha but you're Australian!
00:39.41canllaithShouldn't it be 'Hey love, you after a fuck?'
00:39.45canllaithOr even better
00:39.53canllaith'Wanna root?'
00:39.54njaardI bet that'd work a lot better if the person who said it were female
00:39.58*** join/#kde BlackHand (~blackhand@
00:40.00Dhraakelliannow, just because that one girl won't slap him doesn't mean that she won't do something worse
00:40.08Dhraakellianmajor deja vu
00:40.10canllaithDhraakellian: shhhhhhhh
00:40.16mobtekhaha canllaith
00:40.31mobtekcanllaith: and I'm married :P
00:40.40mobtekj/k'ing :P
00:40.42njaardthat's the way to really get girls
00:40.50njaard"Hi, wanna make out?"
00:40.54njaard... "And I'm married"
00:40.56Oleg_This is how I'll become involved with someone. First, I will get to know that special someone, and then...
00:40.59canllaithahahahaa yes
00:41.00mobteknjaard: scarily though, the wedding ring really works
00:41.05canllaithmy ex husband still wears his wedding right out clubbing
00:41.11canllaithbecause, women throw themselves at him when he's wearing it
00:41.14njaardmobtek: I thought that was just fiction
00:41.14mobtekhaha canllaith BINGO
00:41.22Oleg_I want to have the kind of love that exists in the movie.
00:41.41mobteknjaard: nope, it's weird I am like totally oblivious of it then claire or elaine go hahahahahah at me not even noticing half the time
00:42.02mobtekOleg_: hopefully not the sort of movie that involves gimp masks :P
00:42.14Oleg_oh my God, I sound so dumb to myself!
00:42.16mobtekand bec my wife just glares :P
00:42.24Oleg_mobtek: hehe
00:42.29njaard#kde is a lot more fun than #kde-devel, I must say
00:42.29canllaithI remember trying to *give* Drew away at a pub
00:42.35*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
00:42.43jcurrynjaard, #trivia is even better :)
00:42.49canllaith"Me? I'm his wife. No, don't mind me. Keep going, look if you *really* want him to follow you home just tell him you can cook"
00:42.59Dhraakellian#idlerpg is where it's at
00:43.09canllaithDidn't work though :(
00:43.26Oleg_2pac f....d many women
00:43.32Oleg_that's what I read
00:43.39Oleg_the BLACK MAN is GOD
00:44.11njaardI have a little experiment
00:44.14*** part/#kde damjan (
00:44.15Dhraakellianhe has root?
00:44.16Oleg_One of my favorite 2pac's songs is Hell For a Hustla
00:44.47mobteknjaard: does this cloth smell of Chloroform? <-- best pick up line EVA!
00:44.49njaardA professionally designed UK social survey questionnaires dealing with human behaviour
00:45.10njaardmobtek: "would you like this bottle of chloroform" ? :)
00:45.47Oleg_canllaith: Do you think a woman is just a sexual prize for a man, or is she something more to him?
00:46.08mobtekhaha njaard
00:46.09canllaithDo you think that's the most ridiculous leading question of the year, or will someone manage to top it ?
00:46.19Oleg_because 2pac has mixed opionions about it
00:46.26njaardcanllaith: answer it ;)
00:46.30Dhraakellianwhat's changed between 3.4 rc1 and 3.4 final?
00:46.34canllaithHe doesn't have breasts. I'm not so interested in his opinion on the subject.
00:46.45njaardDhraakellian: fewer bugs? ;)
00:46.52Oleg_In his song, Me And My Girlfriend, he actually says that woman is not just a sexual prize, but a LOT more
00:46.53canllaithand my answer is, I'm more than a sexual prize to a real man.
00:46.59njaardDhraakellian: and all the bugs we fixed were called "showstoppers" if that's a hint
00:47.02Oleg_that women are kind and sweet
00:47.04canllaithLittle boys can think what they like.
00:47.17canllaithOleg_: well, that's terribly nice of him I'm sure.
00:47.24jcurryDhraakellian, show-stoppers, duh :)
00:47.32njaardRap Shmrap
00:47.56njaardif the music isn't a person shouting at the top of his lungs about death
00:48.03njaard... then there's just no point
00:48.14canllaith[13:44] <mobtek> njaard: does this cloth smell of Chloroform? <-- best pick up line EVA!
00:48.22Oleg_"nigga, my girlfriend"
00:48.24canllaithJesus, don't tell me you frequent the pubs on Hindley St :|
00:48.31canllaithWhere are you again?
00:48.33mobtekhahaha nope
00:48.38canllaithAhhhhhhh ok :)
00:48.39Oleg_"all I need on a bloody day is me and my girlfriend"
00:48.41*** join/#kde _apollo2011_ (
00:48.47mobtekI frequent the Wig & Pen and The PotBelly
00:49.00mobtekbest pub ever :P
00:49.00canllaithNever been drinking in Canberra
00:49.15mobtekmates from sydney came down and I took them to the WIg
00:49.16Oleg_I became fascinated by blacks in high school
00:49.20canllaithDon't go out drinking much actually these days. I kinda wore off the novelty of drinking too much and dancing on tables before I was legal to do so
00:49.26mobtekand they are like, wow this is nice, a real pub, we don't have this in sydney kekekek
00:49.29*** join/#kde StoffBox-Steve (
00:49.36njaard"Old, old medieval ballad. Rike Rodenigår is out riding horses with his kids, when he meets a sinister, cruel eagle. The eagle demands of Rike to give to him his children, or else Rike will be thrown misfortune upon. The song is about Rike trying to trick the eagle into believing that he is not the father of the children, and thus avoiding losing them to the eagle."
00:49.42njaardand that's the summary of this beautiful song
00:49.46Oleg_because they seemed to be naturally cool unlike whites and whites were too much peer-pressured
00:50.18njaardOleg_: you seriously think there's any real difference between anyone?
00:50.27Oleg_njaard: no
00:50.28mobtekdamn cvs konvi
00:50.38Oleg_only racial differences, that's all
00:50.51Oleg_I judge a person by his personality, not his color
00:51.14mobtekOleg_: racial differences really are skin deep, physically things such as races do not exist anymore
00:51.30mobtekand haven't for quite some time
00:51.33Oleg_mobtek: absolutely
00:51.34njaardOleg_: define "race" -- you'll find that there's just no such thing
00:51.47*** part/#kde jcurry (
00:51.47Oleg_njaard: you're right too
00:52.26Oleg_But an average black male's height in the States is six feet
00:52.39Oleg_and a white male's average height is only 5'10
00:52.42Oleg_as far as I know
00:53.19Oleg_that means that I admire tall people
00:53.46njaardOleg is really weird
00:53.56njaardand I know quite a bit about weird
00:54.10Oleg_canllaith: you also think I am weird?
00:54.40canllaithOleg_: most definitely, there is no doubt.
00:55.01Oleg_canllaith: I will become normal
00:55.14njaardOleg_: maybe you just enjoy being weird on IRC because you're so damn normal and average in real life?
00:55.15Dhraakellianthere is no normal
00:55.24Dhraakellianexcept for 90 degrees
00:55.29*** join/#kde eisregen (
00:55.35eisregenhi ^^
00:55.48njaardDhraakellian: not 90° but cross-product
00:55.48Oleg_In real life, I also consider myself weird
00:56.40eisregenmDNS <- do I have to install this before compiling KDE ? I've managed to compile it ... but there is no install target ... ls
00:57.01njaardeisregen: it is not critical
00:57.04Oleg_o, I haven't used xmms in a LONG time, but now I'm gonna use it
00:57.21njaardeisregen: I don't have it...
00:57.22Oleg_Be back, people, I wanna listen to music
00:57.38eisregennjaard: yes ... but I would like to have the features provided by it ^^
00:57.57njaardeisregen: well, it's just part of my distro.. what can I say ;)
00:58.02njaarddon't know how to install it..
00:58.18*** join/#kde SadEagle (
00:58.28njaardhi sadeagle :)
00:58.33SadEaglehi njaard
00:58.41njaardwhat brings you here?
00:58.53*** join/#kde soulreaper_ (
00:58.54njaardtime for a cup of tea
00:59.13SadEagletoo tired to do research-type thinking.. might as well help people
00:59.26njaardhelp oleg
00:59.29njaardhe needs it :)
00:59.45njaardI'm only here because I'm bored and curious about what people want to say about 3.4
00:59.52SadEagleis he vessh'iy?
00:59.58canllaithoh well, if that's what you wanted
01:00.08canllaithMultiple macintosh users have told me they think 3.4 is getting pretty nice
01:00.14canllaithone of them raves about how nice the fonts look now :)
01:00.23canllaithand from a mac user, that's high praise. He loves his KDE 3.4
01:00.26SadEaglecanllaith: that's interesting.
01:00.47*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
01:00.47mobtekwhy of why is OpenOffice suddenly segfaulting
01:00.53canllaithSadEagle: KDE + linux in general
01:01.16eisregenholy shit
01:01.28SadEaglemight be FreeType going on a "may be I should work well again" mood swing, then
01:01.41canllaithSlackware fonts are always gorgeous
01:01.42SadEaglenice timing for dirk to pull anoncvs down for maintenance ;-)
01:01.51canllaithAlthough, 9.1 was far better than 10.1
01:02.08canllaithI switched him from Mandrake KDE 3.2.3 to Slackware 10 KDE 3.4 beta
01:02.16canllaithSo I guess that's also a large jump in features, usability etc
01:02.23AnotherData__anybody find any slackware packages for kde 3.4 yet?
01:02.32Oleg_my niggas make the papers, baby, my niggas make the front page
01:02.48njaardvessh'iy ?
01:02.53eisregencanllaith: ah .. a slackware user ... have you bothered/managed installing mDNS ?
01:03.07njaardSadEagle: ah, you noticed that too? ;)
01:03.10*** join/#kde Flawless (
01:03.16Oleg_and I didn't say it to attract someone's attention
01:03.18canllaitheisregen: Nah.
01:03.18*** part/#kde Flawless (
01:03.23eisregenk ^^
01:03.39DeuXmobtek: in the opendialog ?
01:03.58DeuXmobtek: is it seg faulting when you try to save and open a file ?
01:04.00SadEaglenjaard: well, I particularly loved how it decided to draw a random vertical line in the y glyph for some releases
01:04.09njaardSadEagle: that's a new one
01:04.31eisregenthe patch in the 3.4 src dir (/stable/3.4/src/kdepim-fix-imap-resource-type.diff) ... is it for 3.4 or is it already applied ?
01:04.44*** join/#kde mjunkiexl (~allaboutd@
01:04.47njaardSadEagle: I love how it randomly performs AA on completely vertical lines
01:04.48DeuXnjaard: I find that 3.4 is pleasant to eyes :)
01:05.16mjunkiexlDoes anybody have any tricks to make the external taskbar transparent?   I'd really appreciate any tips to get it transparent.
01:05.20DeuXI like the improvement in KPDF
01:05.37eisregenyes KPD rulez =D
01:05.47Oleg_I am black
01:06.00eisregenonly needs support for forms and i can dump that stupid adobe thing =D
01:06.10*** join/#kde AnotherData_ (
01:06.17*** join/#kde Theory (
01:06.28DeuXI can copy and paste from pdf now :)
01:06.44mobtekDeuX: nope starting up
01:06.48eisregenDeuX: I liked the little darker blue theme from beta2 better ... =(
01:07.22njaardI think I want to make the splashscreen for KDE 3.5 beta again
01:07.28njaardmaybe this time I'll do a summer theme :)
01:07.30*** join/#kde biquillo (
01:08.58*** join/#kde Simkin (
01:09.01DeuXwell... the color doesn't really matter I think
01:09.30njaardour dialog boxes and applications are too complex
01:09.33njaardthat's my gripe
01:09.40DeuXreally ?
01:09.40thiagonjaard: shouldn't it be autumn?
01:09.46thiago"before the freeze" ?
01:09.48njaardbut how  do you fix that without removing features or configurability?
01:10.06Oleg_hey, does anyone remember how to increase the volume in timidity?
01:10.22canllaithI have a small page I did up of new features when beta 1 came out
01:10.26njaardthiago: the last picture was taken in winter, and my next will be when I'm in california in the summer :)
01:10.29canllaithif anyone is interested
01:10.36Oleg_Kmid should include timidity
01:10.50DeuXcanllaith: just paste the link here
01:11.31biquillohi, how can i use kcompmgr features? i switchted on Use translucency/shadows but nothing happens
01:11.35canllaithI love that konqueror photo gallery plugin. It generates clean, nice html that's easy to read and modify ....
01:11.42canllaithbiquillo: you need to either restart KDE or manually run kompmgr
01:11.53canllaithIt doesn't apply straight away.
01:11.54njaardcanllaith: I was the one to remove support for non-xhtml from that :)
01:12.01Oleg_people, tell me how to increase the volume in timidity
01:12.20canllaithnjaard: well, it generates beautiful html. It is the *only* tool that generates html that I'll use. At all. Other tools annoy me.
01:12.38biquillothx canllaith but i think i dont have any binary file of kompmgr
01:12.42njaardcanllaith: I want to remove how it requires me to enforce a font
01:12.43Oleg_KMID and timidity should be merged
01:12.52canllaithbiquillo: You should have, check your PATH
01:13.00canllaithnjaard: yeah, I prefer not to specify a font at all.
01:13.08*** join/#kde chavo (
01:13.15njaardcanllaith: maybe I'll get around to it
01:13.22canllaithheh gosh, it took me *ages* to take those kicker tooltip screenshots
01:13.53*** join/#kde K3V (
01:14.05biquillocanllaith: i find it with locate :D thx its works really nice!!
01:14.06njaardcanllaith: and I want to make a text input box for adding captions
01:14.11canllaithbiquillo: cool :)
01:14.15canllaithnjaard: ooh, that would be nice
01:14.49njaardcanllaith: I had to (!!!) read the source code to figure out how the caption thing worked
01:14.51njaardand how to use it
01:14.57canllaithlol sounds like me and kconfig_compiler....
01:15.11njaardoh, I don't know how to use that :)
01:15.34njaard... I predate that party of kdelibs and haven't written a dialog box since it was introduced ;)
01:15.40*** join/#kde Goose (
01:15.40canllaithNo-one seems to agree on how to use that =p
01:16.27canllaithmmmm this is the thing that impressed me the most:
01:16.34canllaithWell, lots of things have impressed me
01:16.43njaardkde apps really are integrated
01:16.48njaardmore than I've ever seen
01:16.50canllaithThat is just so *nice* though, kudo's to kdepim/kopete guys for just tightening that integration a wee bit more
01:16.52DeuXnods nods
01:16.55canllaithIt's fantastic, it makes so much transparent to the user
01:16.59DeuXI like the translucent windows :)
01:17.19DeuXand konqueror akregator is fantastic too
01:17.40canllaithAlthough the thing I'm most impresed with
01:17.45canllaithis how far kontact has come as a groupware solution
01:17.54canllaithlauri, phil and I have shared to do lists and calenders for docs
01:17.58canllaithIt's great
01:18.13canllaithNot only do I see what they're up to, because it's imap and stored on the kolab server I can access it anywhere
01:18.18DeuXKNewsTicker should merge with Akregator :(
01:18.43DeuXcanllaith: what groupware server are you using ?
01:18.47njaardDeuX: lots of the code is shared...
01:18.51canllaithDeuX: Kolab v 2
01:18.59DeuXcanllaith: ah...
01:19.14dwangothis splitting up of KDE in gentoo is horrible
01:19.16Oleg_yo, how do I increase the volume in timidity?
01:19.31DeuXnjaard: yes... but I just run a test now... it seems like Akregator doesn't use the same news source as KNewsTicker
01:19.58Goosehas kopete been fixed yet?
01:20.02DeuXOleg_: no idea... didn't use it myself... but didn't changing the volume in kmix do the trick ?
01:20.11DeuXGoose: what problem do you have with kopete ?
01:20.31canllaithGoose: Ullo there.
01:20.33Gooseit would never show my own addy in aim, tabbed windows were weird
01:20.40Oleg_DeUX: no
01:20.40Gooseullo canllaith =)
01:20.51canllaithHow's der SuperGoose?
01:21.00DeuXGoose: uh... never use it untill that complex...
01:21.09Gooseweird = each tab preserved their own sizes
01:21.13mobtekcanllaith: how did you get nice big user pics in kopete? or is that just in final?
01:21.22Goosesupergoose has been axed =)
01:21.23canllaithmobtek: that has been there my friend for months
01:21.34mobtekcanllaith: ok weird
01:21.42canllaithmobtek: Basically, you set your buddy list to show detailed view with contact photos
01:21.55canllaithThen I assign all my contacts to a person in the addressbook
01:21.56mobtekcanllaith: OOHHH
01:21.59canllaithand set a photo for them in the addressbook :)
01:22.00mobtekfound it
01:22.08canllaithSo I get to *choose* the pic I want for them, which is nice :)
01:22.11Goosei wish they'd fix their basic problems in kopete... irc used to crash all the time
01:22.43Gooseand did logging even work?
01:22.53canllaithYeah it's worked for ages.
01:22.58canllaithBit slow when it hits the disk though
01:23.13Gooseirc used to crash if i left it on for more than a day
01:23.24mobtekGoose: use Konversation :P
01:23.37Goosebut then i don't get integration =)
01:23.51mobtekok something is chewing swap again
01:23.53mobtekso weird
01:24.01mobtekhappening during an emerge
01:24.14Goosekde is almost perfect... that's what bugs me...
01:25.03Gooseand did konqueror get any upgrades on the ad, java, and flash blocking side of things?
01:25.34mobtekhehe Goose
01:25.41mobtekGoose: irc client :)
01:25.59Goosewhat about ksirc?
01:26.00DeuXGoose: or KVIrc :)
01:26.16mobtekDeuX: don't make me have you killed :)
01:26.27Gooseyea ksirc craps out after a while on my distro not sure if it's the compilation or what
01:26.49mobtekDeuX: I really hate that irc client hehe
01:27.06Gooseuse naim =)
01:27.20Gooseit's been running non-stop for 17 days :D
01:27.25canllaithGoose: Konqueror has always blocked popup adds....
01:27.35Goosenot the clever new flash ads
01:27.47canllaithmmm ok. I have flash disabled globablly cause it shits me
01:27.54Gooseah ok
01:27.56mobtekI liek teh flash
01:27.59*** join/#kde cbb (
01:28.00canllaithand wow, wasn't that a mess when kbinaryviewer ended up as the default app for all/allapps???
01:28.01mobtekcept for that jabber ad :P
01:28.02DeuXmobtek: really ?
01:28.08DeuXit's not really that bad you know
01:28.10cbbjust installed kde 3.4, but my konqueror still says "K Desktop Environment. Release 3.4.0 Level "a" "...what to do?
01:28.22Gooseme wants firefox like behavior on konqueror
01:28.22mobtekDeuX: what the interface is sane now?
01:28.27canllaithAny flash got downloaded then showed in the embedded binary viewer :| Annoying
01:28.52Gooseadblock, flashblock and like =)
01:28.53DeuXmobtek: still a bit bloated
01:28.55Oleg_level a?
01:28.57mobtekDeuX: the gui was an absolute mess the last time I looked
01:29.12cbbOleg_: yes...I had the alpha installed before
01:29.17canllaithIntegration is so cool
01:29.28DeuXmaybe because I don't use most of it :) so it doesn't really matter
01:29.30Oleg_so rm -r .kde
01:29.36Oleg_and start kde again
01:29.37canllaithDon't rm -r anything
01:29.46canllaithOleg_: don't ask people to do damaging things to their data please.
01:29.53DeuXmobtek: conversation doesn't come with irc through ssl when I started using KVIrc
01:29.56canllaithmv ~/.kde ~/.kde-bak is better.
01:30.01cbbOleg_: Won't I lose my "custom" KDE settings?
01:30.03DeuXnow I simply doesn't bother to change
01:30.08canllaithcbb: Yes you will, don't do it.
01:30.11mobtekDeuX: yeah ssl irc would be nice in konvi
01:30.18mobtekbut thats what ssh forwarding is for :)
01:30.24DeuXmobtek: konversation does have it now rite?
01:30.26njaardcanllaith: I like how all your pictures are totally unrelated to their associated person :)
01:30.30cbbcanllaith: so what do you suggest?
01:30.32Goosefish: doesnt work too well either in 3.3
01:30.39Gooseit wouldn't follow links
01:30.41DeuXI remember reading konvi having irc through ssl
01:30.42canllaithnjaard: what do you mean? :P
01:30.53Gooselinks = symbolic links
01:31.07canllaithFish follows symbolic links here... interesting.
01:31.17Goosewhich rev?
01:31.25mobtekDeuX: ahh really? using cvs #2075 here
01:31.27canllaithYeah, but I've been using fish for quite a while.
01:31.33Goosei'm still using 3.3
01:31.37Gooseand it does not work
01:31.46Gooseatleast it's fixed in 3.4
01:31.47DeuXmobtek: let me see the version that I have
01:31.50mobtekhmm maybe it was kaffeine using the swpa with a paused dvd
01:32.21njaardcould someone read for me a nice bedtime story?
01:32.28DeuXGoose: fish has never been a problem for me
01:32.32canllaithOnce apon a time, there was a magical land called KDE.
01:32.38DeuXsince 3.2 all the way to 3.4
01:32.39Goosethat's the only problem with fish
01:32.44Goosesymbolic links
01:32.54Gooseshows up as a little file
01:33.01canllaithKDE was such a magical and beautiful land, that sometimes trolls from the evil land of osnews would try to come and disturb their serenity.....
01:33.14njaardooh, a villian!
01:33.15*** join/#kde Tpo1 (
01:33.31Tpo1I'm bug hunting tonight... Its bug-hunt night
01:33.37canllaithTelling them they needed to be more 'user-centric'
01:33.48mobtekhehe I just love smb:/ :P
01:33.50mobtekso handy
01:33.52canllaithWaving torches and pitchforks
01:33.55DeuXGood always triumph againts evil :) in the long run
01:33.58*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
01:34.11mobtekhahah canllaith
01:34.22Goosedoes 3.4 have a 2.6 kern conf interface?
01:34.38canllaithSo KDE raised up powerful wizards to go and smite the evil trolls, in an epic battle warred in digitally encoded characters called 'email'
01:34.41njaardbut it's scary! I hope it doesn't give me nightmares
01:34.51DeuXChanges in 0.15:
01:34.53DeuXImproved settings dialog.
01:34.55DeuXNew network based server settings.
01:34.57DeuXSSL IRC server support.
01:35.03canllaithThe most powerful of this wizards was called Waldo, and he had a pointy hat ;)
01:35.06DeuXmobtek: there you have it :)
01:35.13Tpo1How come kde shuts down so fast?
01:35.25Gooserm -Rf
01:35.28Goosethat's the secret
01:35.31*** join/#kde finbert (
01:35.35Tpo1It cuts off the closing music, and I get all sorts of broken-pipe errors
01:35.37canllaithand my word, I almost stopped breathing when reading through that thread and saw 'whore' 'goat' and 'mother' in the same sentance
01:35.53mobtekDeuX: ahh cool, hmm does it automagically does it?
01:36.13finberti just installed kde3.4, but whenever i try and log into it, my xserver reboots, however my previous version of kde (3.3.2) still works fine
01:36.14canllaithSo with the power of these magical words, the evil trolls were enraged and exploded, splattering blood everywhere. The end.
01:36.39njaardcanllaith: yeah. that was the strangest email I've ever read :)
01:36.50canllaithoh, and these trolls like to sleep under KDE developers beds, just waiting for them to doze off so they can reach up with a clawed hand and grab your ankle while you sleep
01:36.51aseigounfortunately, each piece of the troll grew into a whole new troll.
01:36.53canllaithSleep well :)
01:37.03canllaithDream better.
01:37.06njaardsuper :)
01:37.14njaardit's ok, I haven't had a decent night's sleep for years
01:37.17canllaithaseigo: heh too true :(
01:37.19mobtekhaha aseigo: are you the Troll Slayer now :P?
01:37.22aseigowhen i read that email i knew it was going to get quoted
01:37.35mobtekwhich email?
01:37.38canllaithHopefully in my sequel a new wizard on a shining white horse will come along and destroy all the trolls forever.
01:37.42Oleg_who here likes the band Scorpions?
01:37.43aseigoit just required way to much intelligence and wit to grok
01:37.58canllaithaseigo: Indeed, I literally stopped breathing. I grokked it, but I *knew* it would be misinterpreted
01:37.58aseigomobtek: email by waldo bastian ... was quoted in that article
01:38.05aseigomobtek: the best part didn't get quoted though.
01:38.14aseigocanllaith: yep. i think he just didn't fucking care anymore.
01:38.22canllaithOf course, having seen pics of Waldo as wild-eyed scary man helped me see how it was meant ;)
01:38.26Gooseas long as i still have feathers the world will still have a place for trolls
01:38.30canllaithaseigo: I certainly sympathise.
01:38.33aseigocanllaith: heh.. indeed
01:38.38*** join/#kde _deux (
01:38.58canllaithIt's ok Goose we know secretly you admire and respect girls and have a passion for learning and discovery.
01:39.14canllaithI wont tell the #physics boys your secret though, we'll let them continue to believe you're a hard-core troll
01:39.22Gooselearning and discovery is for nerds
01:39.52canllaithOther people have seen you agree with me.
01:39.54*** join/#kde annma (~annma@annma.developer.kde)
01:40.00*** join/#kde underlord (
01:40.00Oleg_who likes the band Pixies?
01:40.03canllaithand in #trollcentral too!
01:40.06canllaithYou've blown your cover.
01:40.18canllaithWe know the truth, you're a nice guy.
01:40.21canllaithIt's all over now.
01:40.22aseigothe pixies are cool
01:40.27*** part/#kde Goose (
01:40.37*** part/#kde Flu-Shot (mrflu@
01:40.41canllaithaseigo: how's you? :)
01:40.42_deuxhmmmm I think I like KVIrc better :)
01:40.52aseigocanllaith: bad day. fuck the world. blah blah blah. you?
01:41.12Oleg_who's trolling?
01:41.17Oleg_I like the cool word troll
01:41.27canllaithI've spent most of the day so far in bed, chatting on IRC. Yesterday I was uber busy so today I'm bludging.
01:41.29*** join/#kde codifex (
01:41.36codifexHello all
01:41.39canllaithfuck yes. Chocolate goes with anything worth eating.
01:41.43mobtekaseigo: url?
01:41.51annmaaseigo: if you're 14 years old, it does
01:41.51aseigobludging? is that like blogging, only in kiwiland?
01:41.55aseigoannma: heh
01:41.59canllaithbludging is like... being lazy and not doing any work
01:42.04aseigomobtek: url? for?
01:42.32codifexHey, did they get rid of CD ripping in KDE?  I get errors when I try to browse an audio cd.
01:43.05canllaithYesterday I upgraded my kernel, got a new version of ndiswrapper working with some trial, error and research, updated my latitude pages, emailed some people, cooked a large pot of spaghetti sauce, made rissoles, cleaned the kitchen
01:43.07canllaithclened my room
01:43.25canllaithand had a phone interview for a job
01:43.43codifexwhat the heck is a rissole?
01:43.59annmayeah, what is it?
01:44.00canllaithIt's like a hamburger patty
01:44.06annmaoh uh
01:44.08canllaithBut with spices and stuff in it to make it nice enough to eat by itself
01:44.13canllaithinstead of having to put it in a burger
01:44.20canllaithLots of flavour, very yum
01:44.39njaardwhew, thought you were talking about vegemite there for a second
01:44.46annmahow do you cook it? fry?
01:44.52canllaithannma: yep or grill
01:45.08codifexHmm... never tasted vegemite... must be soybean.
01:45.10canllaithIt's just ground beef, spices, herbs, bread crumbs, and the secret ingredient - a packet of powdered french onion soup
01:45.24canllaithVegemite is a concentrated yeast extract
01:45.24*** join/#kde je4d (~je4d@je4d.developer.kde)
01:45.28aseigo"lyin' in a den in bombay.. slackjaw and not much to say"
01:45.29canllaithvery salty, Australians have it on bread.
01:45.38*** join/#kde brucehoult (
01:45.38canllaithand Kiwi's
01:45.40codifexHey, did they get rid of CD ripping in KDE?  I get errors when I try to browse an audio cd.
01:45.43mobtekaseigo: that article, mebbe I didn't read it :)
01:45.48canllaithbrucehoult: ullo :) Nice eggs.
01:45.50annmaVegemite is Marmite, njaard?
01:46.03mobtekvegemite tastes NOTHING like marmite
01:46.05*** join/#kde finbert (
01:46.07mobtekmarmite is foul :P
01:46.09njaardvegemite is like marmite, except the australians like it
01:46.14canllaithannma: It is similar.
01:46.16SadEaglecodifex: no
01:46.20Oleg_I think it's cool when people curse in movies, songs, and in books, but it's not cool to curse in real life?
01:46.24Oleg_without ?
01:46.29Oleg_I meant to put .
01:46.32brucehoultcanllaith: you're welcome
01:46.33codifexSadEagle: Got any ideas on how to fix it SE?
01:46.39mobteknjaard: my friend had a japanese xchange student who ate a spoonful of vegemite thinking it was chocolate sauce
01:46.46canllaithOH NO
01:46.50mobtekSO FUNNY
01:46.53canllaithpoor thing
01:46.53SadEaglecodifex: nope, sorry. but is the device set right?
01:46.55mobtekthe poor girl almost died
01:47.01mobtekspread it on THIN
01:47.02canllaithFeeding American tourists vegemite is terribly amusing
01:47.09canllaith'What the... are you trying to POSION ME?'
01:47.11codifexSadEagle: dunno.  I get an error... lemee get specifics.
01:47.14njaardcanllaith: I tried to have it one but stopped after smelling it
01:47.22mobtekonly those born in the southern hemisphere can eat it :)
01:47.23njaardcanllaith: and I've tried repeatedly and the smell just...
01:47.27aseigomobtek: and...
01:47.28canllaithnjaard: The reason Australians like it so much is we're fed it as babies
01:47.34canllaithWe all grew up on buttered toast with vegemite
01:47.36mobtekta aseigo
01:47.37annmaoh noooooooooo
01:47.43njaardI love the tiny itty bitty little jars it comes in
01:47.44codifexSadEagle: Protocol not supported.  audiocd
01:47.44mobteknjaard: it smell yummy
01:47.46njaardhere in uk
01:47.53*** join/#kde quinn (
01:47.55njaardlike for people who have never tried it before
01:47.58njaardand never will again...
01:47.58canllaithmmmm mashed potato and pumpkin with a little bit of vegemite
01:48.04canllaithBabies LOVE that
01:48.05SadEaglecodifex: well, do you hade kdemultimedia installed?
01:48.09canllaithnjaard: LOL
01:48.23brucehoultI think you'd be hard pressed to argue that vegemite is worse than national delicacies such as caviar or lutefisk or sauerkraut
01:48.31codifexSadEagle: I *think* I do.  Any way to check for sure?
01:48.34canllaithbrucehoult: oh my word, I can hear you typing from *here*
01:48.34Oleg_aseigo: whassup, white boy, chilling?
01:48.41SadEaglecodifex: what system are you om?
01:48.48codifexSadEagle: Gentoo
01:48.48annmabrucehoult: indeed it's worse
01:48.57annmaahh, the G word
01:48.59SadEaglecodifex: don't know. any gentooies here?
01:49.13canllaithbrucehoult: Do you have some kind of oven proof dish? I was going to make potato bake but I don't think you have one :(
01:49.14Oleg_annma: G means gangsta in 2pac's vocabulary
01:49.26mobtek> *think* Your father must have mistaken the whore that calls herself your
01:49.28mobtek> mother for a goat. In that regard it's positive that you were named after
01:49.28mobtek> your mother, and not Goatmann after your father ;-)
01:49.35mobtekgo waldo
01:49.42codifexSadEagle: Well, is there any application I can check for which would cinch it?
01:49.43mobtekso funny
01:49.55canllaithOf course, everyone didn't *get it*.....
01:49.59SadEaglecodifex: juk? but gentoo splits the packages (what a pain...)
01:50.12codifexok checking for juke
01:50.12canllaithapt: split-ebuilds
01:50.14aptIf you didn't build the whole of a KDE module, we can't offer support. See for the reason. Try #gentoo if you don't want to install the full KDE module.
01:50.15*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
01:50.38mobtekgrepper: sacrificing neighbours works better than a chicken :)
01:50.41canllaithGuess philrod got a bit tired of typing that one over and over
01:50.58*** join/#kde underlord (
01:51.07*** part/#kde Quinn_Storm (
01:51.36mobtekis it just me or does using xdeltas seem to speed up the compilation process?
01:51.46greppermobtek: chickens taste better though
01:52.00*** join/#kde Quinn_Storm (
01:52.07mobtekgrepper: true
01:52.17njaardcanllaith: ♪ party like it's 3pm
01:52.28Quinn_Stormokay, quick question, just installed 3.4, turned on translucency effects in control center, but nothing happened...have the composite extension I need to run xcompmgr myself or something?
01:52.42brucehoultcanllaith: why, when people keep bringing you toast and tea and scrambled eggs?
01:52.44grepperthat was probably lucky
01:52.47canllaithQuinn_Storm: You either need to restart KDE
01:52.47mobtekQuinn_Storm: restart kde
01:52.52canllaithQuinn_Storm: Or manually run kompmgr
01:53.28MrGrimcanllaith: so even if the issue is not related to split packages and is an actual kde bug you will ignore it, despite that it is something that the kde team needs to fix
01:53.28MrGrimand not the distribution?
01:53.29MrGrimsee... it's crap like this that makes me unwilling to tell ppl I use gentoo and the split ebuilds
01:53.38canllaithMrGrim: If you can file a bug against KDE that's fine
01:53.53canllaithI'm not going to spend hours with a newbie who isn't sure what he's installed to find out if he has *all* of kdebase though
01:54.04Oleg_canllaith: Do you want to eat now?
01:54.07canllaithand.... really, given that no-one is paying me there is no reason why I should have to.
01:54.08brucehoultcanllaith: or are you planning to make Oleg_ happy and get soapy?
01:54.09Oleg_canllaith: I do
01:54.20Oleg_brucehoult: hehe
01:54.21canllaithbrucehoult: gosh darn it you just *had* to start something didn't you :|
01:54.34MrGrimcanllaith: don't get me wrong I'm not demanding you do
01:54.40canllaithSo 'crap like this' from a volunteer?
01:54.51canllaithIf you don't like it bub you know where the door is. You know I'm always happy to give a hand if I can
01:54.59canllaithbut if you make it hard for me to help you, I'm going to get bored and go away.
01:55.00Quinn_Stormcanllaith: any way to speed up Kompmgr?
01:55.03MrGrimit's just gets old ppl blaming a problem with an app I have, a problem that is clearly the apps problem, on gentoo the second I tell them I run gentoo
01:55.08canllaithQuinn_Storm: Yes, it's in the faq two secs
01:55.34MrGrimit's discrimination :/
01:56.04annmaMrGrim: no, we usually check your bugs
01:56.08canllaithMrGrim: Not even slightly. I also refuse to help people with kde on aix becauase it takes up too much of my time
01:56.13annmawe who have KDE compiled from kde cvs
01:56.20canllaithIs this also discrimination, or just a reflection that some things are too damn hard for me to want to do in my spare time, unpaid?
01:56.41MrGrimcanllaith: as usual you are missing my point and finding offense where none is intended
01:56.52annmawe discriminate because people refuse to believe the bug might be <almighty>Gentoo</almighty>
01:56.55MrGrimso I'm just gonna go elsewhere till you've had time to calm down
01:56.58canllaithPerhaps you should work on your english comprehension if you think I'm taking offence :P
01:57.02canllaithI'm perfectly calm, and you're projecting.
01:57.27codifexSo, am I the only one having a audiocd error in KDE 3.3?
01:57.36canllaithand I really wish that q textbox widget wouldn't want to redraw the *entire* widget instead of just what's on screen
01:57.55canllaithcodifex: Do you have cdparanoia and lame and any other codecs you need?
01:57.58Oleg_people, help me with Apollon
01:57.59eisregenhi annma =D
01:58.08Oleg_Files Shared:
01:58.10Oleg_Total Size Shared:
01:58.12Oleg_0 GB
01:58.15annmaOleg_: please stop
01:58.20SadEaglecanllaith: qtextbox -> in a webpage, I guesS?
01:58.21Oleg_I get this bull, but can't connect
01:58.21annmaeisregen: hi!
01:58.22codifexchecking for them... lame and oggenc
01:58.25Tpo1I just got audio working... I'm the expert
01:58.30*** join/#kde oggb4mp3_ (
01:58.30Oleg_annma: it wasn't flood yet
01:58.47canllaithSadEagle: I'm not sure which exact widget it is, konversation and kopete and konsole. Rich text I guess
01:58.49annmaOleg_: hmm, maybe not flood but not agreeable either
01:58.51mobtekcodifex: cdparanoia would help
01:58.59Oleg_annma: ok
01:59.04canllaithI just know on a 300MHz it starts to get pretty slow to redraw once there's lots of text in the scrollback! :P
01:59.05SadEaglecanllaith: hmm, they all use different widgets
01:59.05eisregenannma: I'm sorry of accusing amarok of beeing crahy ... it was my stupidity ... I had a cvs version of taglib installed *g* ... it's running for 3 days without a crash ^^
01:59.07mobtekcodifex: if you need to rip and audio cd, do it in k3b, it's sooo easy :)
01:59.13Oleg_annma: now I am gonna ask you a weird question
01:59.20codifexcdparanoia instralled
01:59.24mobtekeisregen: hahaha
01:59.25annmaeisregen: cool
01:59.51annmain fact few kde apps crash nowadays
01:59.56MrGrimamarok's not crashy... just ugly and clunky :P
01:59.56Oleg_annma: Would you like to get pregnant by the man who switches your birth-control pills with other pills without your knowledge?
02:00.05mobtekheheh MrGrim
02:00.09Oleg_annma: it would make you HIS object
02:00.18aseigoOleg_: dude.
02:00.24mobtekOleg_: you are a weird one man :)
02:00.34codifexWhat are the dependancies of audiocd then?
02:00.35aseigoOleg_: you are crossing lines again. don't make me whip out my can of ops.
02:00.36njaardOriented Objects!
02:00.40annmaOleg_: I get sure I always take the right pills
02:00.43mobtekOleg_: to answer, yes :P
02:00.45Oleg_ok, sorry
02:00.53Tpo1codifex, pop in an audio CD, and type in 'cdparanoia -B' on a console
02:01.02codifexok brb
02:01.05Tpo1if it works, fine, kill it out
02:01.05MrGrimOleg_: ya be careful here... the ops here are religious fundamentalists and also tightasses
02:01.16canllaithuh yeah, whatever you reckon
02:01.19annmaMrGrim: lol
02:01.30codifexOk.  Now that I've done that... wtf does it do?  heh
02:01.34annmaMrGrim: nobody is never banned
02:01.38Tpo1did it throw an error?
02:01.41annmanot like in some other chans
02:01.42mobtekand most of them are gnomes, not wiards or elves :P
02:01.44MrGrimannma: give me time...
02:01.48mobtekso they are quick to anger :)
02:01.52codifexno error
02:01.54annmaMrGrim: I have the power
02:02.01canllaithFunnily enough
02:02.07canllaithso does every other person MrGrim goes out of his way to annoy
02:02.20Tpo1make a wave and type in lame -h input.wav output.mp3
02:02.21MrGrimwell it's kinda hard to tell
02:02.21annmaOleg_: the day I am an object has not come yet
02:02.26canllaithI see a pattern ;)
02:02.29aseigocanllaith: hey, if you're gonna play chicken, do it with the big rigs
02:02.30MrGrimops on freenode tend to never be opped
02:02.32MrGrimit's kinda annoying
02:02.36Tpo1cdparanoia makes wavs from tracks on audio cds
02:02.36codifexcdparanoia's outputting the waves just fine... it just dont work with the kioslave in KDE
02:02.43aseigocanllaith: it isn't as fun playing chicken with the kids on bikes ;)
02:02.46canllaithMrGrim: I know, it means you have to be civil *all* the time. It's terrible.
02:02.59Oleg_reference to C++ objects?
02:03.02canllaithannma: I was talking about kdeedu with someone at a LUG recently
02:03.05codifexTpo1: Ogg man oggs!
02:03.06annmaOleg_: you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:03.13Oleg_ok :)
02:03.14*** join/#kde Super-Fly (
02:03.15SadEagleannma: right, I don't think you're gonna stay around waiting for people to give you orders on what to do ;-)
02:03.15canllaithannma: Are there any apps for babies? Like, really tiny ones?
02:03.15annmacanllaith: yeah?
02:03.33njaardcanllaith: actually fscking parenting?
02:03.36MrGrimwth is a newly born gonna do on a pc?!
02:03.37annmaKard in kdenonbeta is for 2 years old
02:03.40Tpo1I finally got my own audio working fine, I'm making a comparison test
02:03.42canllaithannma: ok then :)
02:03.43codifexyeah... mr potatohead
02:03.52MrGrimother than dirty up the keyboard
02:03.55MrGrimand possibly monitor
02:03.56annmaMrPotato requires the mouse control
02:03.57MrGrimif they can reach it
02:03.57canllaithMrGrim: they like to press buttons and have pretty colours and sounds happen on screen
02:04.15annmaKard is a memory game and with only 4 cards a 2 years old can play it
02:04.15MrGrimcanllaith: hmm... I'd be worried out of my mind
02:04.24canllaithannma: ok :)
02:04.30MrGrimif the app caught every key and key combo that'd worry me, and if it didn't that'd worry me
02:04.32MrGrimso I'd be worried
02:04.35annmacanllaith: but we need to do one as you say
02:04.39njaardthese are games you play /with/ your kid
02:04.42annmathere was one in Linux
02:04.44aseigoMrGrim: ever use vmware?
02:04.44Tpo1I'll see for myself, codifex
02:04.45njaardthey don't mind you using the mouse for them
02:04.54codifexheh k
02:04.58aseigoMrGrim: they have a special key combo for releasing mouse / keyboard control
02:04.59njaardpractically any game you can play for them and they'll find it interesting
02:05.02MrGrimaseigo: there's always at least one active key combo in vmware to switch out of it :)
02:05.03njaardfor a couple seconds :)
02:05.11annmalol, yes
02:05.16canllaithbrucehoult: so, what would I have to do for a cup of tea and a timtam? ;)
02:05.16aseigoMrGrim: easy enough to make it really hard/impossible for random slapping to activate the unlocker
02:05.17codifexTux racer is kinda fun for kids.
02:05.19MrGrimaseigo: and with my luck, a baby on my pc would hit it
02:05.20MrGrimfirst try
02:05.29MrGrimthen second try
02:05.31aseigothat's because you aren't nice on irc
02:05.35MrGrimwould be the super secret kde rm -rf / combo
02:05.35canllaithYou can always require a password to quit the app
02:05.37aseigoand so your karma bank is fucked
02:05.41MrGrimthat nobody remembers is buried in the code somewhere
02:05.44canllaithThere is an app my kid sister used to use
02:05.46MrGrimcause my luck sucks THAT MUCH
02:05.50annmacodifex: kids who could play TuxRacer go to nowadays
02:05.56canllaiththat locks the pc down and only lets her use like, typing tutorials, notepad, mspaint and the kids apps
02:05.58canllaithIt's rather cool
02:06.05canllaithRequires a password to exit so she can't really do any harm
02:06.17aseigocanllaith: actually, KDE toddlerware would be cool
02:06.19canllaithOf course, I used to supervise her but sometimes you can't quite get the keyboard away from them quick enough =p
02:06.29annmacanllaith: woow, cool
02:06.33canllaithand as a baby in my lap she used to suck the mouse :\
02:06.39MrGrimcanllaith: ROFLMAO
02:06.40canllaithand try to chew on the keyboard
02:06.42canllaithwhile I was IRC'ing
02:06.52canllaithso I'm typing one handed, alt tabbing cause she's teething and likes this mouse.
02:06.54aseigointeractive screensaver like crud w/sounds that react to the keyboard.
02:07.01canllaithThat would be sooo cool
02:07.09canllaithHas peyton ever tried to eat a mouse? ;)
02:07.24canllaithMy friends son Jack does it too, I think someone deliberately designed them to look delicious to babies or something
02:07.24mobtekhehe kids shouldn't use machines that use logic like computers do until they are at least 12-14 :)
02:07.25MrGrimcanllaith: damn I just got an image of you (which involves a complete fabrication of what you look like, cause I don't know) screaming "NO DON'T PRESS THAT!" while yanking a keyboard out of a baby's hands
02:07.33mobtekbut thats my radical opinion :P
02:07.34MrGrimand it was hilarious
02:07.38aseigomobtek: pffft
02:07.41canllaithMrGrim: uhuh, and I wouldn't have any babies around me for long if I did that =p
02:08.04canllaithI mean, if you don't babyproof things it's your own damn fault not the poor kids
02:08.04MrGrimthe best part
02:08.07MrGrimwas the fabrication
02:08.08aseigomobtek: i have no idea where people get the "children shouldn't be exposed to logic" concept... but it's scarily common these days =/
02:08.22*** join/#kde Nocturno01 (
02:08.27aseigo"don't want to stunt them"
02:08.32codifexHow do you baby proof with a couple of 13yo knuckleheads?
02:08.41MrGrimaseigo: agreed
02:08.50Oleg_When I was in high school, I kissed only one girl on the cheek. I was happy about it and looked around to see if anybody had noticed it.
02:09.02canllaithWell.... I find physically picking up a 13yo knucklehead and carrying it to it's room and telling it not to come back out until it's less stupid works.
02:09.11Oleg_Kissing the opposite sex on the cheek makes a person cool
02:09.13canllaithThey immediately bounce back up and go to walk out again. So you pick them up and throw them on their bed again.
02:09.18canllaithThey get tired before I do.
02:09.31canllaithPoor Zoe, she's going to be traumatised for life having me as a sister.
02:09.39annmaOleg_ might get tired then :>
02:09.44aseigocanllaith: i just gain their respect and then use it to make them feel like shit
02:09.49codifexWell... I'd like to do that but there are issues.  Anyway, I'm stuck with em for 5 more years.
02:09.52aseigocanllaith: "wow. that was really lame. i'm totally dissapointed in you."
02:09.53Tpo1I can't hear a difference... the mp3 is almost twice as large
02:09.53MrGrimcanllaith: I imagined you about 5'1" or so, short "I am a woman but don't wanna look like one" hair cut, blonde hair, brown eyes with the always pissed off look (born that way I guess)
02:09.54MrGrimam I close?
02:09.58canllaithaseigo: ahahahahaha yep you're a father......
02:09.59aseigocanllaith: fewer callories spent, much quicker.
02:10.01canllaithMrGrim: ROFLOL
02:10.05annmaaseigo: hoow, how mean
02:10.16canllaithMrGrim: I'm 5'10 with long hair and I wear skirts.
02:10.17aseigoannma: hey, only when necessary. it's The Big Gun.
02:10.17codifexTpo1: Ogg is free... the mp3 aint.
02:10.25aseigoand boy. does it work. =P
02:10.32codifexcanllaith: You scottish?
02:10.48canllaithcodifex: on my mother's side
02:11.02aseigoMrGrim: that's exactly what she looks like.
02:11.08aseigoMrGrim: if she tells you otherwise, she's making up stories.
02:11.09MrGrimI knew it!
02:11.26aseigoyou just missed the face jewelry
02:11.30codifexI'm gonna let my uh ex whatever talk to you guys for a while... don't hold it against me ok?
02:11.59*** part/#kde Nocturno01 (
02:12.01canllaithaseigo: oh and all the tattoo's
02:12.16Tpo1I've had issues streaming ogg files before though :x
02:12.17canllaithDon't forget those
02:12.23aseigoyeah, but those are really visible until you roll up your sleaves
02:12.28canllaithand the really butch way I dress, skin tight leather etc
02:12.45aseigoand constant smoking and drinking. shit.
02:12.52aseigos,and,and the,
02:13.03canllaithMrGrim: red hair, green eyes, uber pale skin. Sorry to disappoint dude.
02:13.07canllaithaseigo: fuck yes
02:13.13canllaithI know, and I really need to get that crack habit of mine under control too
02:13.27*** join/#kde Nocturno01 (
02:13.39aseigommm. .tea.
02:13.43canllaithbrucehoult: ty :P
02:13.44*** part/#kde Nocturno01 (
02:14.15aseigoyou know you have a problem when you thank people who physically bring you things via irc
02:14.20canllaithhahaha well he's 2 rooms down
02:14.23codifexcanllaith: this is the ex whatever he wants to call me
02:14.31brucehoultcanllaith: yw :-)
02:14.33canllaithcodifex: lol I see. What do you call yourself?
02:14.36aseigo"ex whatever"?
02:15.10brucehoultaseigo: weeeell .. she *does* have headphones on
02:15.14codifexcanllaith: the bitch of th year
02:15.26aseigocodifex: i think i know you
02:15.28SadEaglecanllaith: not green hair and red eyes? ;-)
02:15.44canllaithSadEagle: I save that for halloween
02:15.58njaardcanllaith: did lauri ever tell you the catsuit story?
02:16.01SadEaglecanllaith: any weapons to go along?
02:16.06canllaithnjaard: no but I bet I'm about to hear it ;)
02:16.12njaardyou should ask her :)
02:16.18njaardbut it amusing, yes :)
02:16.18canllaithSadEagle: Definitely, that's when I pull out the skin tight leather, whips and chains
02:16.20codifexcanllaith: i don't think you do
02:16.22MrGrimcanllaith: red hair and green eyes?... seriously?
02:16.37canllaithMrGrim: dead serious, well they're kinda aqua
02:16.40canllaithbrucehoult: what colour are my eyes?
02:16.46njaardSadEagle: I'm a natural redhead apparently, when bleached :)
02:16.47canllaithYours are more green than mine, mine have lots of blue.
02:16.52MrGrimcause.. that's like 2 very important requirements for the perfect woman
02:16.52SadEaglecanllaith: I would think an axe or something would be more impressive ;-)
02:16.53brucehoultgreenish in the middle, blue around the edges
02:16.57MrGrimtoo bad about the personality tho...
02:17.15SadEaglenjaard: heh, I am sort of like that, too, I think. I clearly have the red pigment, but it gets hidden by darker ones
02:17.17codifexcanllaith: No. light brown hair , and green eyes
02:17.38njaardSadEagle: I think I'm going to continue to bleach it
02:17.45canllaith* like four seasons in one day... *
02:17.52brucehoult[15:15] * aseigo wishes she'd at least put a quieter muffler on that Harley Davidson
02:17.57SadEaglenjaard: that can't be handy
02:18.03canllaithheh only bike I've been on lately was a BMW
02:18.06brucehoultaseigo: gosh .. my BMW really *must* need a tune-up :-(
02:18.08canllaithI have *some* class k thx ;)
02:18.20njaardSadEagle: I don't bleach the rootrs
02:18.26aseigobrucehoult: damn straight. i can hear it all the way up here in canada ffs
02:18.28njaardbecause you see, I want to /keep/ my beautiful hair :)
02:18.30canllaithbrucehoult: you should take a pic of me on your bike so I can fit the butch bitchy chick image MrGrim has going for me there
02:18.39brucehoultyeah, ok
02:18.40canllaithSince my feminine delicate appearance belies my inherent nastiness
02:18.41MrGrimthe two best hair colors for women don't occur naturally
02:18.58MrGrimpurple and blue..
02:19.04codifexcanllaith: where you at?
02:19.09canllaithcodifex: I'm in Wellington NZ
02:19.11njaardpurple, oh yess
02:19.14aseigocanllaith: i think your feminine appearance suits your inherent nastiness quite nicely.
02:19.23canllaithMrGrim: I was purple for a while at Uni, that was... interesting.
02:19.28MrGrimI must agree with aseigo to an extent
02:19.29canllaithI've never tried blue.
02:19.35MrGrimwomen are inherantly nasty
02:19.36canllaithaseigo: why thank you *curtsies*
02:19.44MrGrimso femininity (is that a word) mixes well with it
02:19.46canllaithI'm *so* delighted you noticed.
02:19.48aseigoMrGrim: uh. i didn't say THAT
02:19.51codifexcanllaith: my ex whatever wants to go to NZ
02:19.58canllaithI'd hate to think all that effort was in vain :) *flutters eyelashes*
02:20.07aseigocanllaith: hehehe
02:20.10MrGrimaseigo: no, I mean that it suits the inherant nastiness part
02:20.20canllaithmmmm I managed to make my sound in amarok a bit thin when I tweaked it for skype
02:20.20MrGrimaseigo: I just explained why I agree with that part
02:20.36canllaithI remember that
02:20.46canllaithYou showed me those aaaaaages ago
02:20.47aseigobrucehoult: nah, that's the way it SHOULD be
02:21.04codifexcanllaith: what do you like to do for fun?
02:21.04aseigobrucehoult: remember reading william gibson and just aching for that globality of information?
02:21.19aseigocanllaith: do you come here often?
02:21.19brucehoultaseigo: I know .. it rocks, really
02:21.35canllaithcodifex: sing, play flute, photography, cooking, sketching, hiking, reading ....
02:21.45MrGrimgod I love beer
02:21.47canllaithhack on KDE and meet people from other cultures over the net.
02:21.48aseigo"do you like pina colladas?"
02:21.54aseigo"and walks in the rain?"
02:21.58brucehoultlol aseigo
02:22.02codifexMrGrim: hello.
02:22.17canllaithI'd *never* heard it before
02:22.20aseigoand getting stuck ing the rain
02:22.22aseigocanllaith: what?
02:22.28codifexI gotta change her nick... she's gonna ruin my rep as a nerd.
02:22.28MrGrimshe didn't know about it before the other day?!
02:22.28aseigobrucehoult: thank GODDESS someone is looking out for her!
02:22.37MrGrimcanllaith: get out of the cave sometime :/
02:22.43canllaithI don't watch TV
02:22.44canllaithlisten to the radio
02:22.50canllaithor watch movies unless forced
02:22.54canllaithso.. where would I hear it? :P
02:23.07aseigohum. good point.
02:23.11MrGrimahh... an unreasonable aversion to electronic forms of entertainment
02:23.15MrGrimas if I haven't seen THAT before
02:23.19mobtekaseigo: wow that whole article and the email has turned into one HUGE spat :)
02:23.47exwhatevercanllaith: I like to country dance I am true redneck woman.
02:23.52annmaaseigo: so you know Schnappi?
02:23.54canllaithI'd much rather read a book :)
02:24.01aseigoannma: i have 3 different versions of it
02:24.06MrGrimthere are few things better than a brilliant work of fiction or beautiful and emotional music
02:24.09aseigooh god. country dancing.
02:24.18canllaithahahahaha brucehoult horrified a German girl at the LUG the other night by mentioning Schnappi
02:24.19aseigoexwhatever: come up to calgary... lots of that up here =/
02:24.20brucehoultMrGrim: we'd just been discussing a news story about a couple in Iran or somewhere who met clandestinely, only to find they were actually man & wife.  And the guy stands there in the street and shouts "You are divorced!  You are divorced!  You are DIVORCED!".
02:24.31brucehoultWHich is, legally, all the process required in that country...
02:24.33njaardline dancing
02:24.43MrGrimbrucehoult: wow
02:24.44canllaithMrGrim: I enjoy brilliant works of fiction and beautiful music (especially given I used to work as a musician)
02:24.45MrGrimnice law
02:24.54canllaithI just don't like the telly much :)
02:25.01MrGrimcanllaith: but you avoid a great source of great work sof fiction
02:25.03exwhateverThat guy is a bonafide dick.
02:25.12canllaithMrGrim: it's just the medium I don't like.
02:25.19canllaithStaring passively at a screen
02:25.21mobtekwho is schnappi?
02:25.30aseigomobtek: a crocodile
02:25.32canllaithI get bored really quickly with it - books work ok though.
02:25.35annmamobtek: dunno but it seems to be the latest hooty
02:25.36aseigomobtek: or rather, a krokodile
02:25.38MrGrimcanllaith: not much different than staring passively at a person telling a story
02:25.38njaard♪ Schnii Schna Schnappi, das kleine krokodil
02:25.39exwhateverMrGrim: what kind of movies do you like?
02:25.42MrGrimonly the tv can do a better job :)
02:25.43canllaithSchnappi das kleine krokodil
02:25.46aseigonjaard: hehehe
02:25.49canllaithMrGrim: Which is another thing I don't do
02:25.58aseigotv? pffft
02:26.01aseigotv sucks ass.
02:26.06exwhateverHow little is he?
02:26.11aseigono. if it did, i might find a way to enjoy it
02:26.20canllaithI like to read. Then the book paces me, and I can read as slow or as fast as it does.
02:26.22aseigotv doesn't even approach that level of relative goodness.
02:26.28aseigofilm though... mmmmmm.
02:26.31MrGrimexwhatever: I LOVE fantasy and "mind game" movies... Identity, A Beautiful Mind, The Matrix Trilogy, Memento, etc.
02:26.38canllaithaseigo: baby, that's siggable
02:26.46canllaith'Tv sucks ass.... no. If it did, I might find a way to enjoy it'
02:26.53aseigocanllaith: ;)
02:26.55canllaithoops, remember to use aseigo-style capatilisation
02:27.00njaardcanllaith: none?
02:27.12brucehoultaseigo: most movies are total boring *crap.  But one in a hundred (maybe) has sufficient depth that it's *worth* concentrating on every little thing that is happening
02:27.20MrGrimaseigo: just stick with shows created by Joss Whedon on TV and you'll be ok
02:27.21exwhateverMrGrim: I like to read the book then watch the movie.
02:27.22MrGrimnot much else is any good
02:27.23aseigobrucehoult: i just watch the 1%
02:27.30aseigobrucehoult: well, except for when i don't get to choose.
02:27.33canllaithAlthough, mattr linked me to a cvs commit somewhere you actually used normal sentence style capatilisation
02:27.39canllaithHe was in shock ;)
02:27.59njaardcanllaith: I never capitalize except the word "I"
02:28.05aseigohahaa.. yeah, keep 'em guessing i say.
02:28.06brucehoultMrGrim: Joss Whedon is pretty goo, although I've only seen Buffy in this prt of the world
02:28.17njaardcanllaith: ... because I'm an arrogant person, you see
02:28.17mobtekfirefly was great
02:28.19aseigobuffy? good? pffft.
02:28.23MrGrimAngel is a much better show than buffy
02:28.31mobtekaseigo: buffy was very well written
02:28.32aseigonjaard: you lack the self-depricating humility of the poet
02:28.34MrGrimfor the same type of show
02:28.35canllaithnjaard: Lazy enough to accept tab completed capatilisation though
02:28.49njaardcanllaith: yeap
02:28.49aseigonjaard: personally, hold the entire world in contempt^Hhumility
02:28.49MrGrimone of the few good science fiction shows created
02:28.51aseigos,hold,i hold,
02:28.54MrGrimif not the only..
02:28.56mobtekMrGrim: yuppers, then canned
02:28.59MrGrimwell, ok BSG is good
02:28.59aseigofirefly was iffy
02:29.01MrGrimthe new one
02:29.05mobtekMrGrim: Battlestar is doing ok :)(
02:29.05aseigowhich is good as far as t.v. goes
02:29.07SadEaglenjaard: dude, you name yourself after a Norse god, and you think the I think is showing arrogance? ;-()
02:29.14MrGrimbut other than those two
02:29.19MrGrimmost scifi is just so shitty
02:29.24njaardSadEagle: bah! :)
02:29.31mobtekMrGrim: haha yes just look at Stargate
02:29.36mobtekthat is Laaaammmme
02:29.41MrGrimI mean, and what's messed up is ppl like crap like stargate sg-1, farscape, and andromeda
02:29.53exwhatevercanllaith: my ex likes capitolize the word Bitch when he talks to me imagine that.
02:30.03aseigoSadEagle: space. it's the final frontier. DUH! ;)
02:30.04mobtekhaah farscape was bad, very bad
02:30.09MrGrimSadEagle: well because the science to do what those shows do is fictional
02:30.20MrGrimscience fiction
02:30.20aseigoexwhatever: just so you know he's using it as a proper pronoun? ;)
02:30.27exwhateverFarscape rocked... the ladies were the only reason to watch.
02:30.38aseigo"you're not just a bitch. you're the Bitch. you're welcome."
02:30.59MrGrimSadEagle: true
02:31.04MrGrimit's still science fiction
02:31.18exwhateveraseigo: aren't we all?
02:31.24aseigoexwhatever: only the good ones.
02:31.28njaardSadEagle: that's what made farscape good
02:31.38MrGrimI can't wait for BSG season 2... the cliff hanger was such a bitch
02:31.43canllaith* from the earliest days... we were dancing in the shadows.... *
02:31.49MrGrimoh ya
02:31.56MrGrimthere was another great scifi show
02:31.57aseigothey ended with a cliff hanger? woah. bet you didn't see that one coming.
02:32.05MrGrimhow could I forget
02:32.09MrGrimbabylon 5 :D
02:32.26exwhateveraseigo: I think that I am a good bitch, I put up with his shit>
02:32.39MrGrimaseigo: they ended on a cliff hanger w/o knowing if they'd get a season 2
02:32.42MrGrimthat shit is dangerous
02:32.46exwhatevershe's full of it
02:32.49MrGrimand REALLY pisses me off when they don't get it
02:33.02njaard♪ these feelings I have never shown, remain unknown
02:33.14MrGrimnjaard: how did you do that?
02:33.16*** join/#kde xorg (
02:33.23exwhateverMrGrim: how are you tonight?
02:33.23MrGrimthat is awesome
02:33.29njaardMrGrim: hah, that's the best reaction I've ever recieved
02:33.34njaardWhoa, how did you do that?
02:33.36r00tsh3lljust wondering.. does anybody knows how could i increase the transparency level of amarok's OSD?!
02:33.58MrGrimexwhatever: um.. fine
02:34.04xorghello .. just wanted to know what soft could load a html file on a desktop .. ?
02:34.17MrGrimxorg: kde has that capability
02:34.24MrGrimI forget what part exactly
02:34.26MrGrimor how to enable it
02:34.32MrGrimbut it has it!
02:34.32*** join/#kde je4d (~je4d@je4d.developer.kde)
02:34.49exwhateverMrGrim: I am doing okay myself considering I have two more days here.
02:34.54xorgMrGrim, yeah I know but the things is I am using xfce4 as main interface ..
02:34.58*** join/#kde chavo (
02:35.13MrGrimxorg: you do know this is #kde, right?
02:35.27dwangoI'm really disappointed with the slashdot articale about the release... not enough flaming.
02:35.38njaarddwango: they accept our superiourtiy
02:35.49xorgyeap that's a question about kde .. because I am looking for a kde app :P Mafteah
02:35.51MrGrimdwango: that's because the fickle /. crowd is midway through it's mob movement of kde conversion
02:35.58xorgsorry Mafteah it was MrGrim
02:36.07MrGrimxorg: well I've never done it in kde
02:36.10MrGrimso I dunno
02:36.31xorgoki ..
02:36.33MrGrimdwango: a few ppl said good things about kde while sounding official
02:36.43MrGrimso suddenly /. realized experts say kde is good
02:36.57MrGrimand the sheeps followed
02:37.01exwhateverMrGrim: I am going to take my ex out tomorrow night to a club for the first time. I don't think he will be able to handle it.
02:37.06MrGrimmost of /. will use kde, even if they hate it
02:37.12MrGrimforcing themselves to believe they like it
02:37.31*** join/#kde dStruct (me@dstruct.user)
02:37.36MrGrimexwhatever: why do you say that?
02:37.47njaardIt's late
02:37.49njaardI should go to sleep
02:37.54njaardor my mother may call and tell me to go to sleep
02:38.03aseigooh look! heh.. sweet.
02:38.21aseigoyay! now my day's complete.
02:38.29SadEagleMrGrim: most of ./ users use windows
02:38.34exwhateverMrGrim: He just never went out with me before to the club, imagine that. lol
02:38.40MrGrimSadEagle: lol yes that is true
02:38.48MrGrimfor all their evangelizing
02:38.56canllaithnjaard: sleep well... and dream well :)
02:39.10njaardI hope it's something paranoid
02:39.16njaardthose are the fun ones
02:39.22njaardI'm not disturbed enough while awake
02:39.34MrGrimexwhatever: well, I know I wouldn't handle going to most places well with my ex
02:39.41aseigoSadEagle: heh.. i see you say './' too..
02:39.47MrGrimexwhatever: simply because seeing her is a constant reminder of loss
02:39.57MrGrimworse feeling ever
02:40.06aseigoSadEagle: you can spot the unix users by their propensity towards "dot slash" versus the meaningless "slash dot"
02:40.39exwhateverMrGrim: we might be ex's but we get along great with each other we are like best friends do to our children.
02:41.35MrGrimwell that does have an effect on the landscape
02:42.33aseigoexwhatever: children, plural?
02:43.09exwhateveraseigo: we have five kids.
02:43.36aseigoexwhatever: wow. that's a handful.
02:43.45canllaith* like four seasons in one day... *
02:44.08exwhateverannma: Yes, and I love everyone of them 4boys, and 1 girl.
02:44.10*** join/#kde koruptid (
02:44.28annmaexwhatever: 3 girsl and 1 boy here
02:44.50canllaiththree boys, three girls, then me.
02:45.13annmacanllaith: ah! second of 10 here!
02:45.13aseigoMrGrim: i dunno.. loss... you can't lose the time you had together.
02:45.25exwhateverannma: the girl is the baby , so she's lucky to have all of those older brothers.
02:45.36mobtekannma: thats just scary mmkay :P
02:45.39annmaexwhatever: cool :)
02:45.57canllaithdamn, I want some smokes
02:46.19*** join/#kde oggb4mp3_ (
02:46.25canllaithworst thing about being in  party mood :(
02:46.33MrGrimaseigo: that's one way of looking at it I guess
02:46.39MrGrimaseigo: but I live in the moment
02:46.43mobtekcanllaith: I have smokes
02:46.43*** join/#kde AaronCampbell (~AaronCamp@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:46.43*** join/#kde redeeman ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:46.44*** join/#kde Tomasu ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:46.44*** join/#kde Octane ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:46.44mobtekfor once
02:46.44MrGrimand it's meaningless w/o the moment
02:46.52MrGrimall that time was a waste in my view
02:46.57*** join/#kde AnotherData (
02:46.58canllaithmobtek: shuddup :P
02:46.59mobtekbut I knicked them off my friend at the party on Saturday jehehe
02:47.00MrGrimtime I could have spent on something that would have lasted
02:47.04MrGriminstead of something that died
02:47.06exwhateverannma: I don't want the boys to think they can just kick somebodys ass just for the hell of it, only when their sister cannot defend herself.
02:47.08mobtekbugger paying for them :)
02:47.17aseigoMrGrim: if you live in the moment, how can it be a loss? doesn't pining imply living in, or at least for, the past?
02:47.23canllaithmobtek: I usually get mine from my mother in law
02:47.28canllaith1000 won for a pack of 20's
02:47.31MrGrimaseigo: I am kinda drunk
02:47.34canllaithso.. what's that, about a buck 20?
02:47.35annmaexwhatever: yeah, what ages are the boys?
02:47.38mobtekhaha canllaith good to see another serious bludger of smokes :)
02:47.40*** join/#kde kayali (
02:48.03aseigo(you forgot "my name is _______ and i've been using kde for _____")
02:48.05MrGrimaseigo: when I see the past I only see the time and effort put into a failure
02:48.23annmaMrGrim: hmm, that's grim
02:48.24mjunkiexlI found a way to FINALLY make the KDE taskbar transparent... anybody want a screenie?
02:48.25aseigoMrGrim: bah. life is not a failure unless we regret.
02:48.25exwhateverannma: set of twins that are 13, 10, and 8.
02:48.42annmawoooooooooooooow even
02:49.06canllaithmobtek: of course, it's no fun if you have to pay for them yourselves
02:49.13mobtekmjunkiexl: <-- like that? :P
02:49.16mobtekcanllaith: bingo :)
02:49.46exwhateverannma: my doctor put a end to that for me, so I can play but not get pregnant again.
02:49.57MrGrimaseigo: regret is an important part of being human... something to be embraced.. as much as happyness, misery, pain, love, and all the other thing that make us human
02:50.06*** join/#kde gregday_ (
02:50.06AnotherDatamobtek:nice desktop
02:50.07mobtekexwhatever: heh
02:50.09*** join/#kde jsubl2 (~jsubl2@
02:50.25annmaMrGrim: regrets are vain
02:50.27*** join/#kde underlord (
02:50.30aseigoMrGrim: for me, regret is the alarm that goes off when we are wasting our precious time
02:50.56MrGrimthere are things I have done I wish I had not... to view it any other way would be a lie
02:50.59MrGrimI cannot change that
02:51.06aseigoMrGrim: happyness, misery, pain, love, anger, joy ... emotion is beautiful.. regret is the realization of chances lost.
02:51.20exwhateverMrGrim: do you not want talk to me again?
02:51.29mobtekI hope 3.4.0 final is going to play well with xorg 6.8.2 with transparency and shadows, ie not randomly crashing xorg :P
02:51.44mobtekAnotherData: I like me eye-candy
02:51.44aseigoyou can not change what you did .. but you can change how you feel about it.
02:51.53xorgbut dosn't seems to work with xfce4 :(
02:51.54aseigothe whole "coming to terms" with it thing
02:51.59AnotherDatayeah same here
02:52.01MrGrimexwhatever: um did you ask me smthn?
02:52.04MrGrimor say smthn to me?
02:52.07MrGrimI might have missed it
02:52.07AnotherDataim still waiting to upgrade to 3.4
02:52.08annmaexwhatever: interested in coding?
02:52.16annmatesting? designing?
02:52.39MrGrimaseigo: but the only way to not regret it is to justify it
02:52.45aseigonot at all.
02:52.45MrGrimor is there a way you know of that I do not?
02:52.48aseigoone can accept.
02:53.03exwhateverMrGrim: I wanted to know if you still wanted to talk to me?
02:53.04aseigoat a certain point, regret teaches us nothing more.
02:53.05MrGrimthe way I define regret I can regret and accept at the same time
02:53.19*** join/#kde biskut (~biskut@
02:53.19*** join/#kde Latem (
02:53.26MrGrimexwhatever: do I know you from somewhere? have we talked before?
02:53.29aseigoand so we simply accept that at a certain point in time we did that thing. which led us here.
02:53.55aseigolife is a path to the present. nothing else.
02:53.59annmaregret conveys the thought you cannot get it again
02:54.00MrGrimaseigo: yes, but I may always wish I had not done it, and it is important I do if I am to learn from it
02:54.19exwhateverMrGrim: if you know redneckwoman yes you have talked to me before
02:54.20*** join/#kde _chavo (
02:54.26mjunkiexlmobtek -- will let you know when it loads
02:54.36aseigoand if you hadn't done it, you wouldn't be where you are. and if you don't like where you are, then you've got bigger things to worry about.
02:54.47mjunkiexlmobtek -- no, that taskbar is not truly transparent
02:54.51aseigoone can learn and not be saddled with eternal regret.
02:54.53mjunkiexlI am talking a TRANSPARENT desktop
02:54.58mobtekmjunkiexl: no it isn't ahhh
02:55.08aseigomjunkiexl: how do you see it if its transparent?
02:55.08mobtekmjunkiexl: I am still compiling 3.4.0 :)
02:55.08mjunkiexlTRANSPARENT taskbar
02:55.12*** join/#kde grivell (
02:55.26mobtekaseigo: if something is updated underneath it
02:55.29mjunkiexlIt's *impossible* to make the taskbar transparent in KDE without some trickeration :)
02:55.30mjunkiexli.e. - a mod
02:55.43_chavomjunkiexl, get taskbar2 from for a trans taskbar
02:55.46*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
02:55.47mobtekcya annma
02:55.48MrGrimaseigo: I am the kind of person who finds comfort in depression... I fear we have incompatable world views :)
02:55.49*** part/#kde annma (~annma@annma.developer.kde)
02:55.53mjunkiexl_chavo -_ I think that's it
02:55.58mjunkiexlis the name
02:55.59aseigomobtek: but if its truly transparent, wouldn't that imply you can't see it? by definition? ;)
02:56.02mobteki need more coffee ")
02:56.14_chavoyeah you have to have a good imagination :)
02:56.16Latembeing a pessimist is wanderful. you are either proven right, or pleasently surprised.
02:56.17mobtek~lart aseigo
02:56.23_chavommmm coffee
02:56.30mobtek~seen epiphanni
02:56.32apti haven't seen 'epiphanni', mobtek
02:56.35aseigo_chavo: want some too?
02:56.36mobtek~seen epiphanny
02:56.37aptmobtek: i haven't seen 'epiphanny'
02:56.37_chavojust got back with a big glass full.
02:56.43mobtek~seen phanni
02:56.44aptphanni <> was last seen on IRC in channel #kde, 30d 22h 28m 59s ago, saying: 'canllaith what video card do you have and which drivers are you using?'.
02:56.47exwhateverMrGrim: my ex is not feeding me, what kind of shit is that?
02:56.56mjunkiexlHere's a screenie ... it's got a babe on it, so this link is rated PG-13 ...  ... taskbar is just to left of tray  it's blurred in one spot b/c a new window came up when I took the screenie
02:56.58MrGrimexwhatever: ok who are you?
02:57.28MrGrimYou don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected.  You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.
02:57.29aseigoMrGrim: she's your conscience. like jimminy cricket. only on irc.
02:57.36mjunkiexldwango:  "You don't have permission to access the requested directory."
02:57.40*** join/#kde RocDoc (~Larry@
02:57.47mobtekkekek dwango
02:57.53aseigoMrGrim: and with 5 kids.
02:57.53MrGrimexwhatever: no offense or whatever but out of the blue you started telling me personal things and I have no idea why
02:58.06dwangotry again =)
02:58.07MrGrimexwhatever: you act like we know each other, and if we do I'm sorry for my poor memory but I don't remember you
02:58.27MrGrimwhat's up?
02:58.50mobtekis taskbar2 in 3.4.0 or in HEAD?
02:58.55mjunkiexldwango -- assuming you didn't slap a b/g color on it.. then yep :)
02:58.58*** join/#kde Alethes (pennywise@alethes.user)
02:59.13aseigomobtek: i'm in touch with the author though. hopefully they'll get a patch together someday
02:59.19mjunkiexlmobtek -- do a google for Taskbar_V2
02:59.28aseigogoogle? pft
02:59.33dwangoor, in gentoo, "emerge mtaskbar"
02:59.34kayalicanllaith: ping
02:59.48aseigokayali: pong.
02:59.53mjunkiexlI didn't see it in portage... so I used the SIMPLE installer  (# ./install )
02:59.53exwhatevermr.g: I am 34, who likes to get along with everybody until they start to get on my nerves, that takes alot. I like to meet new people anywhere anytime except certain places if you know what I mean. I just don't just go out with anyone either. I am very scaerd of what is out there.
03:00.05mjunkiexldwango -- how many decades you give 2005.0 to come out? ;)
03:00.20aseigo"anywhere anytime except certain places" <-- prison?
03:00.22dwangoi don't know
03:00.34dwangoafter initially installing, the release doesn't matter anymore
03:00.39dwangoor it shouldn't, at least.
03:00.46kayaliIf I remember well canllaith was considering purchasing an ibook, but got afraid when she learned (learnt?) that wifi was unsupported under Linux
03:00.50MrGrimyou also seem to have very few walls put up between you and the world
03:01.04MrGrimit's an unusual thing
03:01.12dwangoi can't say i'm a fan of these new split ebuilds for KDE 3.4, though.
03:01.23MrGrimdwango: I LOVE them
03:01.26dwangotoo much time wasted on configuring every little thing.
03:01.32MrGrimI wish the kde team would do it with kde itself
03:01.33kayalidwango: and they're still not ~ppc keyworded...
03:01.41exwhateveraseingo: no, I am saying like at a new club that I would go to for the first time. I know everybody at the clubs I go too.
03:01.42MrGrimthese monolithic packages are a gd waste
03:02.02MrGrimI ended up only installing a third of the apps I woul dhave with the monolithic ones
03:02.03kayaliI wish kde would be a single big package. who needs splitting ?
03:02.27MrGrimI don't like installing 10 things I'll never use to get the 1 thing I will
03:02.54MrGrimespecially when I'm compiling them
03:03.10canllaithkayali: indeed
03:03.13kayaliwell, you'll never discover new exciting sides of kde if you only install konqi, kate and kdevelop ;)
03:03.33canllaithWifi is sooo important
03:03.42MrGrimkayali: I know what every app in kde does, and I keep close track of kde development
03:03.43dwangowell, i'll bne damned if i'm going to go through and select every ebuild i actually want.
03:03.45MrGrimI know what's there
03:03.45canllaithat any rate, I now have a 12" notebook lighter than an ibook so I'm happy :)
03:03.52dwangoi just did the *-meta ones
03:03.58slackd00ddwango: i aggree
03:03.59MrGrimdwango: I did :)
03:04.12*** join/#kde quiet (
03:04.42MrGrimanother insightbb user
03:04.57*** join/#kde df00z (
03:04.57kayalicanllaith: oh, so the driver would have been too late anyway ;) It's under heavy dev, but at least it nearly exists now ;)
03:05.15canllaithkayali: indeed, and sleep support for ati based powerbooks too :D
03:05.20MrGrimquiet: mind if I send you a file? you're the perfect person to test my traffic shaper with.. you can delete it if you want, but it'll be a song so youmight wanna listen to it because I have GREAT taste
03:05.23df00z  Hey.  Does KDEartwork need ot be patched for something? Gentoo wants to patch it with some file that doesnt exist on my hd
03:05.33kayalicanllaith: which laptop is that by the way? (I love laptops too, especially 12" ones :)
03:05.36canllaithIt doesn't need to be patched
03:05.50MrGrimdf00z: gentoo patches many apps.. usually they fix bugs
03:05.53MrGrimor inconsistancies
03:05.53quietMrGrim, why am I perfect?
03:05.58MrGrimin general the patches are non invasive
03:06.01mobtekyay my credit card rewards just came in the mail!
03:06.01canllaithYou'd best ask in #gentoo since I bet they'd know immediately what it is
03:06.01mjunkiexlawllllll man I missed MythBusters ... ****
03:06.08df00z#gentoo isnt responding
03:06.08canllaithunless MrGrim happens to know exactly what it is
03:06.15MrGrimquiet: you are on the insightbb network, I will likely reach my max speed with you
03:06.24quietahh.. where ya at?
03:06.26exwhateverMrGrim: I will be right back I need to go get something to eat.
03:06.26df00zbut googling shows it to fix some bug when kdeartwork is compiled with --without-opengl
03:06.34MrGrimquiet: bowling green, ky?
03:06.35*** join/#kde Vladi (
03:06.37MrGrimminus the ?
03:06.39quietRockford, IL
03:06.43MrGrimanyways, is it ok if I dcc you a file?
03:06.48Oleg_what's wrong with Apollon?!!
03:06.51canllaithkayali: second hand, mostly because I prefer pentium III notebooks that will use APM well
03:06.52quietsure.. i think :/
03:07.10canllaithI do have a pentium 4 that uses acpi, but it was a real pain to get everything working 12 months ago when I got it
03:07.15MrGrimdf00z: I recommending trying to sync again
03:07.15canllaithnow 2.6 has matured it's a bit easier
03:07.21MrGrimpatches are kept in the portage tree
03:07.30quietMrGrim, do I have to do anything, or will it pop up??  (I'm on X-Chat..)
03:08.19MrGrimquiet: can you tell me the speed you are getting it at?
03:09.01quietit's sitting at about 30 - 33 KB/s
03:09.04*** join/#kde jsubl2 (~jsubl2@
03:09.05illogic-alanyone here have an idea of why screensavers won't start when Make aware of power management is turned on?
03:09.16quietyou on 4 Mb?
03:09.19canllaithabsolutely none
03:09.20MrGrimwhat part of 320 kbps does this thing not understand :/
03:09.31*** join/#kde daum (
03:09.34MrGrimquiet: ya... but the upstream for 4mbit is 384
03:09.39daumwhere are the cookies equivalent kept for konqueror?
03:09.45quietMrGrim, ahh..
03:09.56MrGrimI am trying to limit it to 320
03:10.02quiet30% DONE
03:10.12MrGrimbit it is limiting it closer to 240
03:10.58aseigodaum: in the cookie jar.
03:11.06_chrisis " metabar " in kde 3.4 ?
03:11.11aseigodaum: `kde-config --localprefix`/share/apps/kcookiejar/cookies
03:11.13daumwhere is that? since i need to delete a certain site...
03:11.25kayaliaseigo: I listen to *your* show on LugRadio, it was fine, except that you really speak too fast. Next time, try to take this funny british accent, it makes things much clearer for us frenchies ;)
03:11.34illogic-al_chris: no
03:11.36aseigodaum: why not just do it via Settings -> Configure Konqueror on the cookies page?
03:11.58aseigokayali: hahaha
03:12.18daumaseigo, i am on the page how do i tell it to delete all cookes on the current webpage
03:12.20daumwell pertaining to it
03:12.22aseigokayali: yeah, i tend to talk quickly. i was even talking slowly (for me) on that one
03:12.47*** join/#kde AnotherData_ (
03:12.48kayaliaseigo: well, also my understanding of spoken english is somehow lacking ... :(
03:12.50aseigodaum: go under the Settings menu. Configure Konqueror. go to the Cookies page (icons on the left side... scroll down till you see it)
03:12.57canllaithaseigo: your accent is amazingly adorable, but you already knew I thought that
03:13.02daumhaha totally missed that
03:13.06daumi swear i'm not a newb to linux=p
03:13.17aseigodaum: 'tis all good =)
03:13.23aseigodaum: welcome to linux and kde =)
03:13.31aseigocanllaith: heh... =P
03:13.38mobtekcanllaith: hahaha
03:13.54*** join/#kde grepper (
03:14.21canllaithaseigo: uhuh, of courrrrrrrrrse not.
03:14.34quietMrGrim, done
03:14.40canllaithObviously I'm wrong aboot that :)
03:14.40MrGrim(JuK) [Rushes] 1 - The Fireman - Watercolour Guitars [0:03/5:48] [OGG/320kbps/12.3MB]
03:15.06*** join/#kde sycofly (
03:15.08aseigocanllaith: hahahaah.. pfffft....
03:15.24kayalistill... I remember at one point, you said "I love their logo". That seemed very funny as everyone laughed. I've listened to it again and again, but still I couldn't understand... Which logo is that? ;)
03:15.32canllaithInterestingly enough, you don't sound all that canadian to me
03:15.40canllaithJust the occasional 'aboot'
03:15.42brucehoultwhen you're oot and aboot in a boat, you mean?
03:16.03aseigokayali: hula.
03:16.21*** join/#kde rickyw_ (
03:16.32mobtekoh dear
03:16.40aseigokayali: the joke was that some people were totally hyping Hula as being so amazing and i basically said the best thing it had going for it was it's logo ;)
03:16.42MrGrimgod I can't wait until tomorrow
03:16.43aseigomobtek: you can click through it
03:17.17mobtekaseigo: yeah but still good on them :)
03:17.34aseigomobtek: oh indeed. lovely logo. great marketing.
03:17.36MrGrimI get to have a doctor cut holes in the back of my head
03:17.38MrGrimit's gonna be GREAT
03:17.59df00zscary :(
03:18.09aseigoMrGrim: hair plugs?
03:18.15aseigoMrGrim: or just your basic trepanation?
03:18.26canllaithYikes :| untarring kdelibs/base/network/pim/multimedia/amarok/konversation into /opt/kde-unstable is taking a wee while
03:18.28grepperaseigo: underhanded ?
03:18.36mobtekaseigo: heh I will not turn the other cheek Sporto McChief :P
03:18.45aseigogrepper: backhanded.
03:19.25*** join/#kde Asta (
03:19.36MrGrimaseigo: two cysts
03:19.46grepperwhat do those guys smoke before the show ?
03:19.52MrGrimthe hair has fallen out over them... I got two hairless bumps on the back of my head
03:19.52aseigoMrGrim: i'd just name them and draw eyeballs on them.
03:19.56MrGrimsurrounded by a skin infection
03:19.58MrGrimit's quite nasty
03:20.03MrGrimand I can't WAIT for them to dig them out
03:20.18mobtekMrGrim: ewww nice mental image :P
03:20.26MrGrimI try :)
03:20.29mobtekhahah aseigo
03:20.37aseigoMrGrim: are they oozing pus syet?
03:20.44MrGrimone has a few times
03:20.52MrGrimI didn't notice it until I felt it dripping down the back of my neck
03:20.55MrGrimAFTER my hair was soaked
03:20.57MrGrimI mean..
03:20.59MrGrimthat was a LOT of puss
03:21.10aseigowhat colour was the puss?
03:21.20MrGrima mix of red, white, and brown
03:21.32aseigodid you taste it?
03:21.48MrGrimit had a bit of a sou rmilk flavor
03:22.04aseigoi always thought head cyst puss would taste like that
03:22.18mobtekaseigo: hehe liked the scratch-your-itch blog post
03:22.24aseigohave you ever seen "how to get ahead in advertising"?
03:22.27aseigomobtek: ;)
03:23.01illogic-ali'd rather scratch aseigo's itch
03:23.25illogic-alfar more fulfilling
03:23.41AlethesI wouldn't wanna scratch MrGrim's itch
03:23.46mobtekthen there's NeroLinux, which K3B utterly takes to school. K3B is generally faster, has more features and looks better. bah.
03:23.51mobtekhaha so true
03:25.18*** join/#kde kyron (
03:26.17AnotherData_adobe reader for linux has been fast tho
03:26.23*** join/#kde jorgp (
03:26.35*** join/#kde canllaith (~dessa@jhall.developer.kde)
03:26.47aseigomobtek: i write the soundbites that make the young coders cry
03:27.30kyronArrgl!!..HELP!, I am typing a huge e-mail (well,not that huge but long). So I save it as a draft, come back to open it and all accented characters are mangled: became é ..I tried changing the encoding using utf-8 or iso-8859-1 change...the horrible characters stay..Anyone can help me with this one??! (running kmail from kontact 3.4.0 under gantoo)
03:28.03mobtekhaha mission accomplished!
03:28.25*** join/#kde SuperLag (
03:29.14*** join/#kde Mully (
03:29.29*** join/#kde tcaira (
03:30.03MullyWhere can i find out how to integrate a terminal window into my kde desktop?
03:30.09*** join/#kde ptfd9100 (
03:30.42tcairaMully: You're probably looking for something like `xterm' or `konsole' which you most likely already have
03:30.57Mullybut i want it to be part of the desktop
03:31.05illogic-alkyron: Options -> Set Encoding in the compose window
03:31.06tcairaOh, ok.
03:31.25illogic-alMully: kuake
03:32.16Mullyi already have xplanet with clouds and stuff, but i want to have a terminal in there as well
03:32.37tcairaMaybe there's some SuperKaramba dealie with what you want?
03:32.37*** part/#kde zack (
03:32.41kyronillogic-al, as stated in my help yelp...that didn't change anything..
03:32.49kayaliso basicly you want a borderless and decorationless terminal?`
03:33.00aseigogod bittorrent still sucks.
03:33.11aseigowhy the fuck can't people write software that doesn't blow goats.
03:33.16Mullyi am able to to do what, but it still raises and covers my desktop ikons
03:33.17illogic-alMully: with konsole you'll always have a top and bottom border :--/
03:33.25aseigoi suppose if you're a goat it's a great thing. too bad i'm a human being. =(
03:33.34exwhatevermrg; are you still there?
03:33.35illogic-albt is awesome.
03:33.41tcairaaseigo: Do you have any... specific criticism?
03:33.48Mullyillogical it still floats avove the desktop icons.
03:33.49aseigoa) the GUI is horrid
03:33.51tcairaSaying that it blows goats gets noone anywhere
03:33.53aseigob) the protocol is a joke
03:33.55*** join/#kde SeanReloaded (
03:33.56illogic-alyou need to stop downloading stuff people aren't sharing anymore aseigo
03:33.58aseigothe concept is good
03:34.02mobtekaseigo: have you read the bittorrent python?
03:34.05aseigothe implementation is ... frightening
03:34.05illogic-alaseigo: azureus
03:34.07aseigomobtek: in detail
03:34.09mobtekaseigo: it's very very scary :P
03:34.22mobtekaseigo: you found it spaghetti code too?
03:34.24SeanReloadedanyone here used Konstruct before?
03:34.44aseigobrucehoult: behind a firewall?
03:34.45mobtekhehe I have
03:34.46illogic-ali have
03:34.46kyronAnother problem, typing in the kmail interface is excruciatingly _slow_.... hell, this is a P4 and I type faster than it can display (and disabled auto-spellchexk to make sure it wasn't killing it all)
03:34.55illogic-aland got bless it :-)
03:34.58brucehoultaseigo: behing NAT
03:34.59aseigobrucehoult: or are you just into the really niche porn?
03:34.59exwhateveraseigo: where I am it is very scary right now.
03:35.06aseigobrucehoult: yeah, you need to open up the ports
03:35.12aseigoexwhatever: oh?
03:35.31aseigotcaira: you involved w/bt devel?
03:35.33SeanReloadedI just did a clean install of Suse 9.1, then wanted to use Konstruct. Will it correctly overwrite existing KDE packages?
03:35.44exwhateveraseigo: everybody is yelling at each other.
03:35.45SeanReloadedOr should I do a clean install without KDE, then use Konstruct?
03:35.49brucehoultaseigo: well I *do* get data, but at typically 1k - 3k per second.  And then as soon as I've got some data, people grab it from me at 40 KB/sec
03:36.05brucehoult.. despite the NAT
03:36.13illogic-althat always happens in the beginining
03:36.16aseigotcaira: if so, i could provide some suggestions. like how IP addrs are 32bit words so you don't have to pack individual 8bit bytes as chars to send it across the network?
03:36.35tcairaNo, I'm not.
03:36.40mobtekaseigo: make it compatible with Qt3 and release it dude
03:36.44illogic-ali use bt behind a router at home with the correct security holes, er ports, open and all is well
03:36.46brucehoultillogic-al: well, it happens for *hours*, when I can usualyl just grab the damn file at 100 - 250 KB/sec conventionally
03:36.49aseigoor how one should not send size informatoin AFTER the data has arrived on the wire
03:37.11mobtekaseigo: not that I am one to talk, I need to really get started on enKode as well heheheeh
03:37.12tcairaaseigo: There is always #bittorrent, I'm sure they'd be happy to hear your suggestinos
03:37.16_chavoSeanReloaded, by default konstruct installs in your home dir.
03:37.20aseigotcaira: been there done that
03:37.22illogic-albrucehoult: all i can suggest is to use azureus, that's the client that performs best for me
03:37.24tcairaaseigo: Ah
03:37.27mobtekwell I've sortof started hehehe
03:37.32mobtekillogic-al: same
03:37.36illogic-ali used to used shadow's client but that's ugfly too
03:38.01exwhateveraseigo: I sometimes wish I could just runaway sometimes from everybody.
03:38.02mobtekhmm mebbe the Handbrake code base won't be the right one
03:38.06SeanReloadedchavo, so when it compiles and installs KDE, it is not system-wide?
03:38.11aseigotcaira: after reverse engineering the protocol by reading the python (after being pointed multiple times to the out dated joke of a spec doc >:-| ) i asked some questions, got very few answers.. and my devel partner got told to basically piss off
03:38.14Octaneif my panel crashed, how can i reaload it
03:38.15tcairaaseigo: Well, just use a different protocol, or implement the changes you want to see yourself, if they don't want to hear anuthing of it.
03:38.19aseigoexwhatever: hum... that's not so good
03:38.24tcairaaseigo: I guess... :^P
03:38.24chavoSeanReloaded, you can, but it's not the default setting.
03:38.33illogic-althe only time i get 1-3 k is when i'm downloading from school and i KNOW that they're specifically blocking bt ports
03:38.36*** join/#kde aeddan__ (~aeddan@
03:38.45illogic-alsince i kinda the reason they're doing that }:-)
03:38.46aseigo"look, i have a better protocol. only nobody uses it. hum."
03:38.55SeanReloadedchavo, hmm, I see. So perhaps it would just be easier to download updated Suse packages?
03:39.04tcairaOctane: Hit Alt-F2, and then type kicker, then hit enter
03:39.32Octanetcaira, thank you :)
03:39.38tcairaOctane: No problem
03:39.41chavoSeanReloaded, it depends. Yes packages are easier, but if you like to install from source konstruct is very easy as well.
03:39.48exwhateveraseigo: how do you deal with your ex yelling at you, and your children?
03:40.01chavoI used it to build KDE on this Mandrake 10.1 box.
03:40.03aseigoexwhatever: she doesn't yell at me. or peyton.
03:40.11tcairaI'm actually having a bit of trouble installing 3.4 from source. I'm getting the following error message configure: error: /usr/X11R6/bin/xmkmf (imake) failed.
03:40.15aseigoexwhatever: we like each other =) she was over for dinner last night.
03:40.20tcairaGoogle has probed to be no help.
03:40.23chavoI didn't install KDE from mandrakes packages though.
03:40.27illogic-alxorg error!
03:40.33tcairaIt hasn't proved to be a help either.
03:40.45tcairaillogic-al: Well, the libraries appear to be where they should be
03:40.55exwhateveraseigo: I like to try to deal with the fact that my ex doesn't care how I feel.
03:41.11aseigoexwhatever: that's really quite unfortunate. nobody should be treated in such a manner.
03:41.24SeanReloadedchavo, ok, well thanks for the info :)
03:41.53tcairaillogic-al: Actually, I have no idea.
03:41.59mobtekexwhatever: yo slap a AVP on his ass :)
03:42.02mobtekyou even
03:42.10brucehoultaseigo: yeah but how do you *not* put up with it?  By threatening to leave?
03:42.16tcairaillogic-al: How might I go about trying to fix this?
03:42.16exwhateveraseigo: I plan on going back to Fort Worth, Tx tommorow. Maybe that will help out alot.
03:42.22aseigobrucehoult: people are malleable.
03:42.28illogic-altcaira: do you have xorg 6.8.1-2 installed?
03:42.37*** part/#kde SeanReloaded (
03:42.38grepperSeanReloaded: why konstruct when there are 3.4 packages ?
03:42.39chavoaseigo, they always bend back.
03:42.42*** join/#kde AnotherData__ (
03:42.53aseigochavo: good one =)
03:43.09tcairaillogic-al: How do you check its version?
03:43.11aseigobrucehoult: fiendly? well, THERE's the problem
03:43.17aseigobrucehoult: you should try friendly instead
03:43.18illogic-alX -version i think
03:43.23tcairaAh, one -
03:43.28*** join/#kde finbert (
03:43.43brucehoultaseigo: that btw was an in-joke tyop :-)
03:43.46finbertanyone having problems with sound not working after upgrading to 3.4?
03:43.58finbertbesides me...
03:44.08tcairafinbert: Nope. Just you.
03:44.22aseigomost of my ex's don't get mad at me.
03:44.23mobtekfinbert: restart alsa?
03:44.23tcairafinbert: ;-P
03:44.35tcairafinbert: How did you install 3.4?
03:44.39illogic-altcaira: can you send me your configure.log?
03:44.39exwhateveraseigo: I love my boys, but they don't like to mind.
03:44.45tcairaillogic-al: Hell no!
03:44.48tcairaillogic-al: Just a min...
03:44.53finberti used gentoo and emerged it by seperate packages
03:44.58finberti know it installed arts
03:45.08finbertand everything _says_ sound should work
03:45.11finbertbut nothing happens
03:45.21finbertand if i log into kde3.3.2 it works
03:45.27finbertgood idea
03:45.42tcairaillogic-al: How do you want me to send it?
03:45.57tcairaillogic-al: I am highly WM-less ATM
03:46.07kayalifinbert: is the sound server enabled ?
03:46.43finbertyes sound server is enabled
03:46.55finbertand kmix had showed it muted, but unmuting dind't work
03:47.00finberti remember this happening though before
03:47.03tcairaillogic-al: Did that work? I totally guessed the dcc syntax
03:47.05illogic-altcaira: that doesn't seem to be working
03:47.05finbertkmix coudln't unmute it
03:47.10finbertand i had to use alsamixer
03:47.14illogic-alare you firewalled?
03:47.15finbert....lets try that
03:47.19tcairaDCC SEND request sent to illogic-al: config.log
03:47.26exwhateveraseigo: I will probably email you when I get to Fort worth will that be Okay?
03:47.43aseigoexwhatever: sure
03:47.50tcairaillogic-al: Yeah... but I have DCC'd in the past
03:48.06illogic-altcaira: me too
03:48.32exwhateveraseigo: I really can't talk that much about what is going on here right now.
03:48.38finberthehe sound :O)
03:48.50finbertkmix should come default not off
03:49.52AnotherData__us slackware users always get kde packages last :/
03:49.52finbertwhat program is kde using to give gtk programs its theme?
03:50.10finbertthe gtk-qt-theme?
03:50.19finberthehe, i installed kde3.4 last night
03:50.50kayaliI spent the past few weeks running OSX... and what can I say... this is such an inferior OS... It's incredible apple still sells some. The Mac Cult is really a mystery to me...
03:50.59exwhateveraseigo: I am wanting a real strong drink right now. Like Jack and coke.
03:51.13kayaligood idea
03:51.16aseigoexwhatever: make mine a scotch =)
03:51.20kayalisome ruhm for me
03:51.53exwhateveraseigno: I say we all get togeither and get drunk>
03:51.55finbertkavali: you dind't like osx?
03:52.08finberti love it...fully integration of everythign out of the box
03:52.14finbertno drivers, no configuring...just done
03:52.16illogic-ala can of 7-up just fell right off of my desk turn upside in mid-air in just the perfect position at the perfect time to be directly over the sole hole in the top of my case for the fan
03:52.30illogic-alluckily the can was empty, that almost didn't end well
03:52.52finbertlol...ya  that would have sucked
03:53.37exwhateveraseigo: what kind of drink would you like? I use to bartend.
03:53.49aseigoscotch. i'm a simple person =)
03:54.11aseigotonight i could go for a nice Oban ...
03:54.19dwangoi've got some cheap scotch here that nobody wants
03:54.29kayalifinbert: it's cute, but if feels retarded. The Finder is terrible when dealing with samba networks, the whole UI feels sluggish (not everyone has a powermac G5), the finder polls like crazy (really, that still exists in commercial software), Safari can't do FTP (can you bellieve it??) ... what else can I say? Oh yeah, every app you may find interresting costs at least 30Euros... Heck. Yuck. Beurk.
03:54.31aseigodwango: how cheap?
03:54.42exwhateveraseigo: would you like just a shot or just a nice tall glass of scotch?
03:54.52dwango$15/L? =)
03:54.57mobtekI have Oban here heheh
03:55.03aseigoexwhatever: i usually drink it an ounce or three at atime in a heavy tumbler.. mmmmm..
03:55.08dwango$15 USD
03:55.10aseigodwango: that's not scotch. that's peat water.
03:55.15kayalifinbert: but I would recommand it to the people who don't like computers, since it actually just works.
03:55.24dwangoaseigo, hence nobody wanting it =)
03:55.33aseigodwango: which distilerie?
03:55.46mobtekaseigo: I haven't opened my oban yeah jejeej
03:55.49canllaithIf people don't like computers I wouldn't recommend any OS at all.
03:55.52canllaithI'd tell them not to buy a computer.
03:55.54mobtekyet even
03:56.11*** join/#kde _chris (
03:56.12mobtekkayali: an abacus
03:56.22mobtekbut with another c methinks
03:56.25aseigomobtek: damn. slide me a glass when you do open it
03:56.26exwhateveraseigo: I usually like to drink moonshine with my grandfather.
03:56.29kayalimobtek: abacus?
03:56.44mobteka manual binary counting tool :)
03:56.53mobtekexwhatever: can you still see?
03:56.55finbertok, heres another question...i have sound working in kde, however system notification sounds dont work
03:57.05mobtekyou could use it for binary :P
03:57.08aseigoyou mean "manual digital"?
03:57.12mobtekit just sounded cool :P
03:57.13finberti've narrowed it down to this:  the system (kde) can't play .ogg files, but can play .wav
03:57.21kayalimobtek: oh... the chinese acestor to the calculator?
03:57.22aseigoit's not particularly binary. but it is digital. as in "uses digits" ;)
03:57.25mobtekmanual-digit digital
03:57.26exwhateveraseigo: are you male or female?
03:57.29Mullyi guess what would work is be able to give konsole a transparent background that does not obscure the desktop icons.
03:57.30finbertim assuming ikde just needs ogg libraries, but where are they?
03:57.41Mullyi guess what would work is be able to give konsole a transparent background that does not obscure the desktop icons.
03:58.00finberthmm, ya thats already installed
03:58.02mobtekMully: download and install basKet
03:58.05Mullyi hit back by mistake
03:58.08mobtekthen put all your desktop icons in there
03:58.19mobtekand make a dcop call for a keyboard shortcut :P
03:58.24Mullynever heard of that
03:58.32mobtekand you suddenly have desktop real estate again :)
03:58.48canllaithaseigo: I'm impressed with kicker refactoring
03:58.52exwhateveraseigo: you didn't answer my question.
03:58.56canllaithI've removed my 'killall -9 kicker' keyboard shortcut
03:59.02mobtekMully: :P
03:59.04kayaliDCop? is this kde's ripoff of dbus?`
03:59.09canllaithand my 'dcop kicker kicker restart' shortcut rarely gets used now ;)
03:59.23canllaith* and I've seen a lot of sun's going down.... *
03:59.30mobtekkayali: thats funny
03:59.37Octaneanyone know of a good ftp client?
03:59.39canllaith* so let me tell you something... sister... remember your name... *
03:59.43OctaneKasalbanca sucks :X
03:59.45AlethesOctane: konq :)
03:59.46aseigocanllaith: just wait till i get back to hacking on it agai n;)
03:59.47exwhatevermobtek: are you male or female?
03:59.51_chrislol dcop ist the grandpa of dbus
03:59.56OctaneAlethes, besides konq :)
03:59.57mobtekexwhatever: I am a neuter dwarf paladan
04:00.11aseigomobtek: what alignment?
04:00.16aseigooh wai.t
04:00.17mobtekmy true name is Ganzr
04:00.19aseigolawful good
04:00.43illogic-ali've got the 3.4 source tree. woot
04:00.44mobtekaseigo: haha I changed that to fighter and made my alignment totally evil :P
04:00.52exwhateveraseigo: what the hell are you talking about?
04:00.55canllaith* sister... you've been on my mind... sister.. we're two of a kind.... so .... sister... I'm keeping my eyes on you... *
04:01.01kayaliOctane: Nautilus ?
04:01.10aseigoexwhatever: paladins are lawful good... though i think they can also be neutral good, though that's uncommon
04:01.11mobtekcanllaith: incestilicious :P
04:01.24canllaith* I hope you think that you're something too.... *
04:01.25Alethesmobtek: hahaha
04:01.41exwhateveraseigo: oh, okay whatever you say>
04:01.54mobtekexwhatever: roleplaying nerds, ignore them
04:01.59aseigochaotic <something>
04:02.00mobtekI am male, sometimes :)
04:02.30exwhatevermobtek: tell me a little about yourself.
04:02.30canllaith* my sister... we sure aint got a whoooole lot of time... *
04:03.16mobtekexwhatever: ex radio announncer, advertising person with chronic fatigure syndrome trying to finish his software development diploma at CIT :P
04:03.35Aletheschronic fatigue=lazy ass :D
04:03.45*** join/#kde avuton (
04:03.50aseigoAlethes: on the mouse? suuuuuuure
04:03.55Alethesaseigo: *nod*
04:04.01mobtekAlethes: hahaha yeah since 1988 :P
04:04.03Alethesit'd be majorly handy -- no pun intended hah
04:04.31mobtekexwhatever: oh and I also have a fetish for mailboxes :P
04:04.40avutonHas anyone noticed that konqueror 3.4.0 doesn't work with gmail/javascript? I've looked for a bug, unsucessfully.
04:04.47Alethesmale box (_*_)
04:04.53exwhatevermobtek: sounds interesting. I am a homehealth nurse, I use to work at the hospital, but not enough pay where I worked.
04:04.53mobtekdamn friends and their cigarettes
04:05.05mobtekAlethes: lets party :P
04:05.18mobtekgo the man love :P
04:05.23Alethesno thanks
04:05.32mobtekexwhatever: yeah same everywhere for that profession
04:05.37mobtekAlethes: damn
04:05.46exwhateverAlethes: are you scared?
04:06.12Alethesyes, getting within 10 feet of an exposed penis that isn't mine scares me
04:06.47canllaithAlethes: you don't have any boy children then?
04:06.48*** join/#kde illuminata (
04:06.58AlethesI have a dibilitating case of phalliphobia -- or something
04:07.03Alethescanllaith: nope
04:07.08exwhatevermobtek: I use to be a bartender, waitress, assistant manager, then broke down down to be a stripper.
04:07.08AlethesI'm in a house full o' chicks
04:07.11canllaithI see :)
04:07.48*** join/#kde chad|david (
04:07.51exwhateverAlethes: getcha sum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:07.59*** part/#kde avuton (
04:08.01Alethesexwhatever: they're my wife and step-daughters :P
04:08.28exwhateverAlethes: I am so sorry, please forgive me.
04:08.40*** join/#kde Quinn_Storm (
04:08.55Alethesactually, she's in bed with a migraine
04:09.02canllaithoh lord
04:09.04aseigocanllaith: sure it isn't vegamite? ;)
04:09.11illogic-alyou animal
04:09.12canllaithI read that as 'in bed with a migrant' and had to look twice
04:09.26canllaithI'm thinking hey, Alethes is a pretty relaxed dude!
04:09.33exwhateverAlethes: your funny. I wish I could get some good luck for me right?
04:09.34finbertdoes anyone know what package gets you kcontrol>peripherals>keyboard?
04:09.45aseigodamn wife steasling migrants
04:09.51finberti have kcontrol, but no keyboard under peripherals (i have mouse though)
04:09.52aseigodon't even bother to go somewhere quiet anymore
04:10.14Alethesaseigo: stealing our jobs _and_ our wives, goddammit
04:10.18canllaithaseigo: Sure as I can be, chocolate is the only thing that gets smeared around and sometimes not cleaned off
04:10.22aseigoAlethes: damn THEM!
04:10.28canllaithtongues being terribly inefficient for that task
04:10.36canllaithfun though :)
04:10.43finbertkxkb --- thats what its called
04:10.50mobtekI've found them rather efficent :)
04:10.52aseigocanllaith: oh, depends on how persistent you are, i've found
04:10.54exwhateveri like whip cream.
04:11.03canllaithok both of you boys are invited around for dessert tonight ;)
04:11.22aseigodoes it come with one of your crazy good looking pies?
04:11.26exwhateverI am female.
04:11.28canllaithaseigo: baby you've had a standing invitation for a while
04:11.32canllaithand sure it does
04:11.40Alethesexwhatever is female, is a stripper, and uses kde
04:11.42canllaithI just didn't mistake your boredom for interest ;)
04:11.53Alethesisn't this every geek's dream?
04:11.54aseigoAlethes: well, kde IS the sexy desktop
04:12.06canllaithAlethes: if that's all you look for in a woman... well, I do know you better than that.
04:12.26canllaithDarn, I can't even dis you cause I know you too well now.
04:12.31aseigoyeah, at least look for one that also hacks on kde =P
04:12.34canllaithWhat is with all these trolls turning out to be nice guys???
04:12.49aseigohey, who you callin' nice?
04:12.52canllaithaseigo: ahahahaha so when was that ticket booked again?
04:13.04canllaithaseigo: no, not you. Alethes :P
04:13.18aseigooh, good. cuz i was gonna say.
04:13.23canllaithYou're not nice. You're absolutely deliciously devastatingly not nice.
04:13.35canllaithIn exactly the right ways to be not nice :)
04:13.38Alethesok, you called me nice, but you tend to ignore my not so nice comments
04:13.47exwhateveraseigo: I don't dance anymore except every now and then. It's not all it's made out to be 'cause of all the jerks I have to deal with., for instance? :)
04:14.01canllaithAlethes: heh the thing is, I know you live in a house full of women
04:14.06canllaithif you were really that much of a pig they'd have killed you by now.
04:14.09canllaithOr at least enslaved you.
04:14.21Alethes'tis true
04:14.23aseigoexwhatever: i can imagine. i had an acquainance who's girlfriend was a dancer.. difficult job
04:14.32Alethesalthough I do a hell of a lot of housework around here
04:14.41*** join/#kde persist1 (
04:15.01exwhateveraseigo: sometimes the boss can be a real jerk too!
04:15.05canllaithAlethes: heh that's cause you're a daddy. That's terribly sexy, btw.
04:15.08canllaithaseigo: lol funny that
04:15.18*** part/#kde persist1 (
04:15.19Alethescanllaith: doing housework is sexy??
04:15.53aseigoAlethes: if you do it right
04:16.01Alethesugh, my lungs are feeling kinda irritated and my asthma inhaler is empty :/
04:16.03canllaithIn a little maids outfit
04:16.05Alethesin my boxers? hehe
04:16.11mobtekmuhaha canllaith
04:16.23*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
04:16.24aseigo(now what will she wear! bwuhahaha!)
04:16.28mobtekhaha now thats a disturbed image :)
04:16.47Quinn_Stormwtf? I should really learn not to randomly tab onto this channel
04:16.50exwhateveraseigo: i would like to see that. lol
04:16.53Alethesit's not so bizarre if you pictured aseigo as kinda fem anyway :D
04:16.54aseigoQuinn_Storm: lol
04:17.15mobtekcanllaith: you're my kind of girl :)
04:17.28aseigoer, rear end
04:17.30canllaithdear god
04:17.46*** topic/#kde by canllaith -> || R rated Role Playing Tonight! ||
04:18.06canllaithaseigo just got a pic of me scantily clad at my laptop actually ;) ;)
04:18.15canllaith* noooo noooo noooo.... so let me tell you something... sister... *
04:18.18aseigooo lala
04:18.20*** topic/#kde by canllaith -> KDE 3.4 released | KDE FAQ: - the answer to your question might already be here! | Please don't flood the channel, use a paste service: |
04:18.22exwhateveraseigo: I have a better one for you I am not wearing anything right now.
04:18.35Alethesdayum, aseigo
04:18.45mobtekexwhatever: I'm glad I'm not the only one who irc's nekkid :P
04:18.49Alethesyou  do an interview, and the women just throw themselves at you ;)
04:18.51canllaithmobtek: LOL PIC PIC!
04:19.02mobtekcanllaith: you first :P
04:19.05canllaithactually.... aseigo saw scantily clad pics of me quite a while ago....
04:19.06canllaithI think :|
04:19.31aseigoAlethes: the life of a high profile hacker. you know how it is. mock sigh
04:19.42exwhatevermobtek: where do you live?
04:19.50mobtekexwhatever: Canberra, au
04:19.54aseigocareful of the pixies!
04:20.00*** join/#kde eisregen (
04:20.09Alethesaseigo: you're in canada, right?
04:20.15aseigoAlethes: correc
04:20.18canllaithlol hey hey hey, I'm not THAT much bigger than him
04:20.21canllaithOnly like 50% again ......
04:20.27mobtekcanllaith: hhah
04:20.35mobtekcanllaith: thats cause he is a skinny little dude :)
04:20.36Alethesaseigo: I just got my canadian permanent residence card yesterdya
04:20.43aseigoAlethes: oh? sweet.
04:20.48Alethestook long enough :)
04:20.54aseigoAlethes: where are you?
04:21.00Alethesnow north america is like one big country for me
04:21.01canllaithmobtek: I know:P and Aussie's do tend to be bigger I've noticed
04:21.04AlethesI'm in North Bay, ON
04:21.12exwhatevermobtek: I am still trying to get my ex to go get me, and the kids something to eat. I know one thing he won't get to eat
04:21.59illogic-alif kdebase won't build even though arts and kdelibs do build without any useful info being in xorg's version.def file is that a kde build problem?
04:22.07aseigoexwhatever: maybe if you put it that way to him he'd respond better.
04:22.08dStructexwhatever: yeah, i'm just about to get myself something to eat too
04:22.16exwhateverAlethes: Like I told him he don't feed me he won't get nothing from me.
04:22.23dStructexwhatever: no one to convince for me though =)
04:22.53pankeykweather still doesnt work
04:23.06Alethesaseigo: you in calgary?
04:23.09aseigoAlethes: yes.
04:23.16Alethesaseigo: I've been trying to convince my wife that we need to move out that way
04:23.18AlethesON sucks
04:23.40grepperTo rocks
04:24.02aseigoAlethes: B.C. is gorgeous, but the economy is this shit out there
04:24.13aseigoAlethes: Alberta's not bad... i miss the ocean though
04:24.14Alethesaseigo: is it? I figured it was doing well like alberta
04:24.27aseigothe economy is good here
04:24.36Alethesalberta is cool like that
04:24.53aseigoTexas of the North
04:25.05aseigooil, cows, conservatives, guns. we got it all
04:25.09Alethesyeah, I'm from texas, so I think I'd be more at home there
04:25.18aseigoi keep waiting for them to put a star on our flag.
04:25.25Alethesyou even have decent mexican food there ;)
04:25.32exwhateverAlethes: I am about to start walking out of this house in about five minutes.
04:25.53aseigoexwhatever: i suggest putting on clothes first
04:26.00aseigoaahaha.. Alethes beat me to it. DAMN YOU
04:26.27AlethesI r fast
04:26.41AlethesI think I'm gonna need glasses soon
04:26.51exwhateverAlethes: I already did 'cause I knew my ex was going to come in here.
04:26.54AlethesI can tell my eyes aren't focusing right -- not as fast or something
04:28.00canllaithOh, so no nude piccies for aseigo then?
04:28.21canllaithDarn, you're a cruel woman. Get a lonely developer's hopes up and then dash them to pieces.
04:28.30exwhateverAlethes: no not until i get into fort worth. okay?
04:28.39Alethesexwhatever: you mean aseigo, right?
04:28.51Alethesexwhatever: where are you anyway? I'm from Dallas
04:28.55canllaith* I'm mad about the boy.... and I know it's stupid to be mad about the boy... *
04:29.52exwhateveraseigo: I will e-mail you when I get into fort worth tomorrow.
04:30.13aseigohrm. faux oriental music, some odd mix of Chinese melody and Japanese phrases, sung in german.
04:30.20aseigoexwhatever:  cool =))
04:30.56exwhateveraseigo: somebody please kidnap me please>
04:31.33aseigo"but officer, she asked me to. i swear. look, here's an IRC log."
04:31.48*** join/#kde _chris (
04:31.51Alethesit's a long drive from calgary to ft worth :)
04:32.12aseigoin soviet canuckistan the kidnapped get YO!U
04:32.14aseigoer, YOU!
04:32.16exwhateveraseigo: I was only joking I plan on running away tomorrow anyway.
04:34.27exwhateverexcuse me everybody I need to use the little girls room right now, I will be right back I promise.
04:35.20*** join/#kde tim_h (
04:36.33kayaliwhat does it mean to use the little girls room? is she gone to the toilets or what?
04:36.53exwhateverokay I am back
04:36.53illogic-alkayali: yup
04:37.00Alethesshe's taking the kids to the pool
04:37.16*** join/#kde _chris (
04:38.20exwhateveraseigo: are you ignoring me now?
04:38.55Aletheswe're _all_ ignoring you now
04:39.33exwhateverAlethes: I can't beleive you would ignore me. waht did I do?
04:39.45*** join/#kde _chris (
04:40.00exwhatever_chris: hello.
04:40.07pankeyok...kweather doesnt work at all now
04:40.07Alethes*insert witty response here*
04:40.18AlethesI can't think of a good reason, exwhatever
04:40.44exwhateverAlethes: thentalk  to me please.
04:40.49Alethesabout what?
04:41.10exwhateveralethes; anything I guess.
04:41.15kayalican I talk about vicky?
04:41.32Alethestell us about vicky, kayali
04:41.45exwhateverkayali: what about vicky?
04:42.02pankeyok...kweather doesnt work at all now....the KWeather* file is correct
04:42.07pankeysame as beta2's
04:42.09kayalishe's my dog. I don't know how to say her race in english, but it's a pretty huge white dog from argentina. I hope you see what I mean...
04:42.17pankeybut it still cant find the station some how
04:42.37kayalithey're used to hunt Pumas, but in here she only hunts Rats I guess
04:42.41*** join/#kde redduck666 (redduck666@
04:43.05redduck666  does the link to this tracker work? someone claims it works but all i get is connection refused when attempting to connect....  any help appriciated
04:43.13kayaliI'm affraid she's a little hot too, since we're between 29 and 32 celcius degrees all year long
04:43.20exwhateverkayali: I was thinking vicy was your girlfriend I am sorry.
04:43.36kayaliexwhatever: you wanna hear a real sad story?
04:43.41pankeyis this the support channel?
04:43.54exwhateverkayali: sure
04:43.57canllaithpankey: well, if someone actually knows the answer to your question
04:44.00canllaithwhich someone might not
04:44.03Alethespankey: yeah, but nobody's being really supportive right now
04:44.07pankeycanllaith, they can say that at least
04:44.08*** join/#kde SuperLag (
04:44.12canllaithpankey: why?
04:44.16pankeyinstead of blatantly ignoring
04:44.20canllaithWhy should I waste both of our time telling you that I don't know?
04:44.30pankeycanllaith, your wating it now either way right?
04:44.34canllaithShall I also inform you every time I get up from my computer or go to get a drink? :)
04:44.46pankeynow your going over board
04:44.48canllaithAsk your question, if we don't know we wont answer.
04:44.54pankeykweather hasnt worked since beta1
04:45.02canllaithHave you filed a bug report?
04:45.05kayalipankey: is there a bug filled?
04:45.15exwhateverSuperLag: how are you tonight?
04:45.20canllaithmm do I even have kweather
04:45.21pankeysomebody in here gave me a fix
04:45.23SuperLagtired, but good
04:45.23pankeyand i used it
04:45.29pankeyand now its not working for 3.4.0
04:45.59exwhateverSuperLag: I'm sorry things will get better for you I hope.
04:46.00illuminataand if anybody has a quick hookup with the gentoo kde maintainers tell them to get on kdeartwork 3.4.0 eclass bug pronto!
04:46.12canllaithWhy don't you go and ask them? :)
04:46.20kayaliexwhatever: she got her first manifestation of feminity last month, and got f****d by some raceless dog from the neighborhood. This was a bad thing since it resulted in a pretty huge infection.
04:46.36kayaliexwhatever: we nearly lost her
04:46.39*** join/#kde tim_h__ (
04:47.06kayalihow do you call the part of female anatomy where babys grow?
04:47.17canllaithThe womb ?
04:47.28canllaithor uterus for medical term
04:47.39kayaliuterus, same word in french.
04:47.43canllaithmmm where is kweather?
04:47.49canllaithkayali: they're probably both from latin I suspect
04:47.55pankeykdetoys canllaith
04:47.59canllaiththanks pankey
04:47.59exwhateverkayali: It seems like everything in this world today is going all to hell, and there's no stopping it all . agree?
04:48.11*** join/#kde jorgp_ (
04:48.12Alethes"thanky pankey"
04:48.15Alethesshoulda said that
04:48.18kayaliok, so we had to take her uterus out, now she won't have any baby in her whole life
04:48.21Aletheswoulda been  much more entertaining :)
04:48.40canllaithkayali: aw that is sad
04:48.40kayaliexwhatever: I generally think life sucks, but you're not allowed to say that today
04:48.54kayaliexwhatever: it's release day ;)
04:48.57*** join/#kde Simkin (
04:49.01Alethesmy life rocks
04:49.15Alethesand I'm even wearing clothes!
04:49.20exwhateverkayali: you can't hardly say anything these days.
04:49.25mobtekmine has air-guitar solo's of the like you have never seen before :)
04:49.56mobtekhmm where do I set the default xsession as kdm?
04:50.01canllaith* gone, my lovers dreams... lovely summers dreams.. gone and left me hear, to weep my tears into the stream.... sad as I can be, hear me willow and weep for me.. *
04:50.07kayaliexwhatever: so you're canadian?
04:50.50exwhateverkayali: No, I am American.
04:50.56canllaithbrucehoult: I feel like chicken :(
04:51.02kayaliexwhatever: oh, sorry about that ;)
04:51.14canllaithAll feathery ;)
04:51.26AlethesI was thinking slimy and bumpy
04:51.31mobtekhaha brucehoult
04:51.34canllaithAlethes: :O:O:O where the heck are you feelin me boy? ;)
04:51.35*** join/#kde Sho__ (
04:51.47canllaith* Fever.... I'm afire... fever yea I burn forsooth.. *
04:51.51brucehoultmobtek: I take it they have the same product and ads in Aus then :-)
04:51.54exwhateverkayali: I have part Irish, and Indian in me.
04:52.03mobtekbrucehoult: not for years thankfully :P
04:52.14Alethes"do you have any irish in you?" "would you like some?"
04:52.15brucehoultexwhatever: have you got any kiwi in you?
04:52.39canllaithNow, where have I heard *THAT* before?
04:52.48canllaith* what a lovely way to burn..... what a lovely way to burn... *
04:52.51Alethes...I made it up
04:53.28Aletheskde needs to be easier to write styles and windecs for
04:53.30illuminatawho let janis ian out?
04:53.32kayaliexwhatever: at least you live in a great big country where things happen...
04:53.44exwhateveryou guys are making me laugh so hard my kids are telling me to shut up.
04:53.46mobtekAlethes: we need a theme creation tool
04:53.48Alethesadios aseigo
04:53.56kayaliexwhatever: I live in a small boring island no one ever heard of
04:53.59mobtekincluding window decs that then creates the code :)
04:54.10kayaliaseigo: see you
04:54.13Alethesmobtek: yep -- you get on that, ok?
04:54.18AlethesI'll give you a couple of months
04:54.19mobtekAlethes: ta dude :P
04:54.26exwhateverAlethes: can I come join you?
04:54.41Alethesare you talking to aseigo again?
04:54.59Alethesjoin me where?
04:55.03Alethesat my house?
04:55.12Alethesmy wife might have some issues with that
04:55.16exwhateverhell yes!!!!!!!!!!!
04:55.22Aletheshell, I'd probably have some issues with that
04:55.26mobtekoh werd to DiFm
04:55.36mobtekgoa chan has some cool stuff atm
04:56.04exwhateverI am only kidding. I don't want to leave my home.
04:56.32kayaliexwhatever: are you bored or what?
04:56.32Alethesare you in texas?
04:56.40AlethesI saw you talking about Ft Worth earlier
04:57.55exwhateverno, just trying to get the pain I have in the top of my hand. I accidently put my hand through a window last night.
04:58.50canllaithkweather just crashed kicker
04:58.52canllaithI mean, smashed it
04:59.25AlethesI haven't heard any compelling reasons to upgrade to 3.4 yet
04:59.27chavokweather's working for me
05:00.38canllaithIt doesn't seem to want to work very well for wellington
05:01.22*** join/#kde Minuo (
05:01.53*** part/#kde illuminata (
05:02.46exwhateverAlethes: I'm back beleive it or not my ex finally got us something to eat.
05:03.07Aletheswhat'd you get?
05:03.40exwhateverchicken, rice it sure is good too.
05:05.17exwhateveralethes; my ex does not eat pork so we have to eat what he eats. I wanted a nice big salad, but i can't complain right?
05:05.56exwhateverkayali: what is the definition of love?
05:06.21kayaliexwhatever: the closest I can guess is how much I like/love vicky ;)
05:06.57kayalior well, how much I LOVED her. cause without an uterus, she's useless.
05:07.12Alethesshe can't bear your children now?
05:07.33kayalier... wait...
05:07.58exwhateverkayali: I use to love my ex, but not like that anymore he is the father of my kids i will always love him for that.
05:08.33kayaliexwhatever: I understand what you mean. I see this with my parents.
05:09.13exwhateverkayalis: the kids don't see it that way .
05:09.46kayaliexwhatever: how old are they? (sorry if you said that earlier)
05:09.56kayalioh wait
05:10.00kayalia set of twins
05:10.05kayali13 10 8 ?
05:10.15kayalior something like that?
05:10.56kayaliI have good ram in my brain ;)
05:11.07*** join/#kde marcusU (
05:11.09exwhatevertha's good
05:11.18MinuoI'm having a bit of an issue - no KDE programs make their notification sounds
05:11.29kayalibut how can they be twins if they're not the same age?
05:11.54exwhateverthe 13 year olds
05:12.20kayaliyou must be pretty old so ;)
05:12.35marcusUupdating kdelibs to KDE_3_4_0_RELEASE causes crashes in the printer dialog box. I hope it stops after I update kdebase.
05:13.20exwhateveri am not old
05:13.49kayaliexwhatever: well... i'd love to have that many kids, and twins too. No you're not that old. I thought you'd be 45 at least
05:14.07exwhateveryou can have mine
05:14.15kayalihow much?`
05:15.11exwhateveri was only kidding i want to keep my children, I love them to much
05:15.36kayaliof course you were kidding...
05:15.53kayali250$ each? I handle shipping?
05:16.21tcairaAnybody get 3.4 running on Slackware?
05:16.26canllaithyup me
05:16.33exwhateverI could not live without my children, they are my life.
05:16.38MinuoIs there a way to force KDE to output everything through Alsa?
05:16.44tcairacanllaith: Ok, any troubles compiling kdebase?
05:16.52canllaithnone at all
05:17.00kayaliexwhatever: this is why I want children. I think they bring a meaning to all of this.
05:17.01canllaithMinuo: should do already
05:17.16Minuowithout going through aRts?
05:17.24tcairacanllaith: Hm, ok, are you using Pat's Xorg packages?
05:17.35canllaithahhh yes
05:17.39canllaithmissing right?
05:17.42canllaithI just created one by hand
05:17.45canllaithoh ok
05:17.46tcairaI dunno
05:17.48canllaithwhat was the problem then? :P
05:17.53MinuoI don't get any system sounds then
05:17.57tcairaconfigure: error: /usr/X11R6/bin/xmkmf (imake) failed.
05:18.12canllaithMinuo: so tell it to put the system sounds through aplay or something
05:18.16canllaithtcaira: got x-devel installed?
05:18.18Minuofirst thing I did
05:18.19tcairacanllaith: It's a very very vague error
05:18.24exwhateverThey are so cute when they are babies, but once they grow up you wish they were babies again.
05:18.27Minuobut aplay can't do ogg
05:18.34canllaithMinuo: so make it something that can
05:18.46MinuoWhat can do that?  No one in #alsa knows
05:19.00Alethesadios boys and girls
05:19.03canllaithtcaira: got lesstif installed?
05:19.04canllaithnight Alethes
05:19.09Minuoonly suggestion is mplayer... and I think thats a big excessive for every sound
05:19.15tcairacanllaith: no
05:19.17canllaithoh no, that's not it anyway
05:19.27canllaithtcaira: do you have a /usr/X11R6/bin/xmkmf is the first thing to look at
05:19.27exwhatever_chris: are you still with us?
05:19.37canllaithwhich if you're using x11-6.8.2-i486-1 you should....
05:20.02kayaliexwhatever: I held a baby in my arms for the first time last week... My cousin's daughter, somehow my nephew. But she started crying... I felt a bit bad to tell you the truth :(
05:20.14tcairacanllaith: Mind if I PM you a more complete error?
05:20.17canllaithgo for it
05:20.24canllaithalthough paste service generally works better (in topic)
05:20.47tcairaPaste service? Like a pastebin?
05:21.03canllaithThere is one in the topic :)
05:21.07tcairaAugh, pain in the ass in CLI
05:21.12canllaithfair enough
05:21.14canllaithpm away
05:21.23tcairaHere's how I'm invoking configure, btw ./configure --x-includes=/usr/X11R6/include/
05:21.24exwhateverkayali: when i see a baby cry i want to start crying 'cause they are so helpless.
05:21.41canllaithtcaira: to be honest on slackware I only use --prefix=/blah and that's it
05:21.52canllaithIt has superbly sane library paths and I've never needed to use anything else.
05:22.06tcairacanllaith: It won't find my includes others
05:22.12kayaliis slackware still maintained?
05:22.20canllaithtcaira: Then you have some problems.....
05:22.42canllaithJustWorks here
05:23.00canllaithtcaira: are you doing this as root?
05:23.07tcairaI uninstalled all the X pacakges and reinstalled them
05:23.11tcairaNot the configuring, no
05:23.15exwhateverkayali: are you there?
05:23.22tcairaShouldn't be necessary
05:23.27canllaithecho $PATH - is /usr/X11R6/bin in the path?
05:23.28kayaliexwhatever: oui :)
05:23.32tcairaBut the package management, and X configuration, yess
05:23.41kayaliexwhatever: yes
05:23.46tcairacanllaith: It's there
05:24.04tcairaI know
05:24.22canllaithI'm not so good at debugging slackware build problems, I'm more used to redhat/mandrake one s- because slack doesn't generally have build problems lol
05:24.31canllaithYou sure you got all the libraries you need installed?
05:24.51tcairaBut I /think/ I do
05:25.01canllaithMay I see your config.log ?
05:26.43*** join/#kde jesterod (
05:27.27*** join/#kde Kuser (
05:27.56tcairacanllaith: Got it?
05:28.28canllaithIt is lesstif that's the problem
05:28.38canllaithlook on your slackware install cds or for
05:28.41tcairaI need lesstif for KDE? Weird.
05:28.48tcairaI'll install it then
05:28.52KuserThis probably isn't the best place to ask, but I want to give KDE 3.4 a spin. Are there any standout distros that use unmodified (or least modified) versions of KDE?
05:29.05canllaithSlackware uses vanilla unmodified sources
05:29.09canllaithThere is binner's Klax live cd
05:29.11KuserI use Debian, but it'll be a while before KDE 3.4 gets into testing
05:29.21aseigoyes, deb will be stuck at 3.3 for a while
05:29.23canllaithtcaira: Yeh :)
05:29.49illogic-ali think it was
05:29.52tcaira`twould seem otherwise
05:30.09canllaithFor some reason his KDE is failing on it, his config.log shows that clearly
05:30.12illogic-ali installed lesstif-devel after kdelibs and kdebase when i was compiling xscreensaver for kdeartwork
05:30.17tcairaI guess
05:30.26canllaithIn file included from Imakefile.c:35:
05:30.26canllaith/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl:2109: LessTif.rules: No such file or directory
05:30.26canllaith/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl:2122: LessTif.tmpl: No such file or directory
05:30.26canllaithimake: Exit code 1.
05:30.28aseigoaaaaah... for xscreensaver
05:30.46illogic-alyeah. i dont have gtk2 devel libs installed
05:31.00illogic-also i get the motif interface for xscreensaver. yay
05:31.01mobtekklax was nice :)
05:31.02tcairaKuser: Give that a spin.
05:31.17KuserWas there any major changes between RC1, and the official release?
05:31.21tcairaKuser: It has my personal thumbs up behind it.
05:31.26tcairaKuser: Yeah, you can get them on the ftp.
05:31.46tcairaKuser: Not all the packages are different, like aRts remained the same
05:32.23canllaithI think the best distro's for KDE are slackware, suse, and to a lesser degree mandrake and gentoo
05:32.25tcairacanllaith, illogic-al: Thank you immensely
05:32.32canllaithtcaira: You're very welcome.
05:32.39mobtekcanllaith: can't fault gentoo here for getting just KDE :P
05:32.48illogic-alyeah. even though i didn't do anything :-)
05:32.55tcairaIt's people like you that make me proud to be in the KDE community :)
05:33.03canllaithmobtek: It's not unmodified, unpatched sources.
05:33.06tcairaillogic-al: Yeah, right
05:33.13mobtekcanllaith: ahh ok
05:33.15canllaithThe only distro that does that is Slackware. Every other one modifies it in some way
05:33.17illogic-allol. shhhhhh
05:33.31illogic-ali'm in danger of being percieved as a nice person
05:33.31tcairaYou mean except for those 90 minutes we discussed the issue
05:33.33mobtekcanllaith: well you can't tell whats been modified with gentoo
05:33.39canllaithmobtek: How is that relevant?
05:33.43canllaithI don't particularly care.
05:34.06mobtekcanllaith: I mean I can't tell that they have changed anything from what the devs did etc
05:34.09canllaithI'm not saying that's good, bad or otherwise. It's a simple fact. Gentoo is among those distros that modify KDE.
05:34.27mobteknah I knew you weren't saying it was bad :)
05:34.35canllaithCause if I said that
05:34.36tcairaAll I have to say is, Pat Volkerding does a good job.
05:34.38canllaithIt would be 'Gentoo is fucking lame'
05:34.42canllaithI'm not subtle ;)
05:34.58canllaithhahaha oh wow, did I meet a kid at the lug the other night that cracked me up
05:35.03illogic-ali like that word
05:35.06canllaithHe was that real stereotype gentoo user
05:35.14aseigocanllaith: a virgin?
05:35.14canllaithWild-eyed enthusiastic zeal
05:35.18canllaithaseigo: that too ;)
05:35.18mobtekcanllaith: oh dear fullroll-loops kinda kid?
05:35.20tcairacanllaith: Lesstif made everything all better
05:35.22canllaithmobtek: yeah baby
05:35.23kayaliexwhatever: are you running linux ?
05:35.27mobtekcanllaith: rofl
05:35.38tcairaGood night.
05:35.39canllaithmobtek: "when I tried to use fedora I had all these dependancies problems, always dependancies just to install a simple app"
05:35.54illogic-also now i'm curious. canllaith is this only a slackware issue?
05:35.59mobtekI just love the freebsd like portsism :P
05:36.14canllaithillogic-al: Is what only a slackware issue? There is no issue, you need to install the damn libraries for something to compile on any distro
05:36.19tcairaMy favorite part about FC3 was yum. *LOUD COUGH*
05:36.23aseigoyum? ick
05:36.37tcairaDid you not hear that cough?
05:36.37canllaithIf you choose to do a custom install and leave out important libraries, that's your silliness and not the OS :P
05:36.39tcairaIt was loud.
05:36.39slackd00dany .debs for 3. yet   =)
05:36.43slackd00d3.4 i mean
05:36.50canllaithI absolutely *love* how Slackware lets you untick the linux kernel during the installer
05:36.57aseigoi mean, yum is better than what RH had.. but.. yeah
05:36.58canllaithI think, that has to be one of my favourite things about it.
05:37.08canllaithtcaira: Well, you hit spacebar and the tick goes away =p
05:37.09aseigoslackd00d: i thought you were off using e?
05:37.09tcairaaseigo: I detest yum
05:37.23slackd00di am, but on my debian box i want 3.4
05:37.25tcairacanllaith: I don't get it. Oh well, I'm running my own kernel
05:37.27slackd00dits not my main desktop
05:37.39canllaithtcaira: When you install Slackware if you do an expert install
05:37.40illogic-alcanllaith: i thought he was installed the header files, not the libraries. but now the question comes up of how I compiled kde without having header files for lesstif
05:37.43canllaithIt will allow you to not install a kernel at all.
05:37.51tcairacanllaith: Oh, I remember that screen
05:37.52mobtekI think we need to get the local government here using KDE
05:37.57KuserKcontrol3, is that an actually KDE app, or is it specific to Kubuntu?
05:37.59canllaithillogic-al: Slack doesn't generally seperate headers and runtime libraries
05:38.00mobtekthey were thinking of moving their workstations to linux
05:38.07tcairacanllaith: I love how Slackware puts you in control
05:38.09mobtekand of course all the lug boys were like GNOME! :P
05:38.19tcairacanllaith: You use checkinstall?
05:38.21canllaithOne of the exceptions to that is X11, there is an x-devel package.
05:38.25canllaithtcaira: I don't, no.
05:38.31tcairacanllaith: Wow.
05:38.33tcairaJust, wow.
05:38.34mobtektcaira: yeah I get that with gentoo too, it's nice hey
05:38.41mobtekslackware was my first distro
05:38.52canllaithcheckinstall ... well, for one thing it bombs on complex things
05:38.52tcairacanllaith: I don't understand how you can use Slackware without checkinstall.
05:38.55mobtekin 97 or 98 I think it was :)
05:38.56illogic-almaximum wootage!
05:39.02canllaithIt wouldn't work very well on gwydion-dylan or GCC
05:39.05mobtekillogic-al: w00t stylez biatch!
05:39.06illogic-algnome 2.10! weeee!
05:39.06tcairacanllaith: It has always worked for me.
05:39.13canllaithtcaira:I doubt you were packaging a compiler.
05:39.15tcairacanllaith: You just need to tweak :-P
05:39.26tcairacanllaith: Oh, no, never  tried that
05:39.37canllaithtcaira: I'm the linux x86 binary maintainer for a really obscure programming language
05:39.38tcairacanllaith: you can always do it by hand
05:39.39mobtekat least now I know if I go blind I have ktts
05:39.50canllaithtcaira: Yes, that's *why* I don't use checkinstall - I do it by hand.
05:39.56illogic-althe accessibility stuff is really cool
05:40.02aseigomobtek: where is "here"?
05:40.03tcairacanllaith: Mhm.
05:40.08canllaithI use rpmbuild on slackware to make nice generic RPM's that work on redhat/suse/mandrake
05:40.11mobtekaseigo: ACT, Canberra, au
05:40.13illogic-ali'm using the icon theme now. 'tis that good
05:40.16canllaithFunny how slackware is better at being redhat than redhat is ;)
05:40.19mobtekaseigo: but this was a while ago now
05:40.28mobtekaseigo: never heard anything more on it
05:40.33mobtekshould find out
05:40.37illogic-alscrew nuvola. Monochrome is where it's at!
05:40.39kayalicanllaith: which programming language is that?
05:40.45tcairacanllaith: I do it semi-by-hand, but only when necessary, like, I'll make a bash script that does the install, and source that w/ checkinstall
05:40.47canllaithand I use makepkg
05:40.51aseigomobtek: ask them why Linus and Tridge both use KDE then ;)
05:41.00mobtekillissius-: RADE8
05:41.02*** join/#kde agentunix (
05:41.04mobtekaseigo: BINGO :P
05:41.05canllaithI don't like automated borkage tools
05:41.09mobtektridge is a really nice guy
05:41.19tcairacanllaith: Borkage?
05:41.23mobtekhaven't been to CLUG for AGES
05:41.31mobtekAndrew Tridgell
05:41.32aseigo"they use KDE because they are amazingly brilliant people and you are folks are semicompetant goofs. learn from superior beings."
05:41.37mobtekbut I think I spelt that wrong :)
05:41.38canllaithtcaira: Yes, borkage :) If you want something done right, do it yourself.
05:41.41*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
05:41.46tcairacanllaith: Ok, gotcha.
05:41.47canllaithOr, use Pat's packages cause he rocks.
05:41.51mobtekillogic-al: think SAMBA
05:41.53tcairacanllaith: woot woot
05:42.06canllaithaseigo: the LUG here is almost entirely gnomey
05:42.09mobtekhe lives here :)
05:42.14canllaithThe newbies all love KDE
05:42.16mobtekstill I think
05:42.27mobtekcanllaith: I have been getting ooohs and ahhhs from windows users
05:42.28tcairacanllaith: again, checkinstall has never borked on me (yet)
05:42.28illogic-albah. silly newbies.
05:42.29canllaiththen there is a group of guys who use fedora/gnome and think they're l33t3r for not using a n00b desktop
05:42.33tcairacanllaith: I swear by it
05:42.33mobtekmoved two friends over to kde 3
05:42.33kayaliPat rocks? as when he updates udev without reading the release notes, and leaves the unusable package unpatched for 8 full days?
05:42.37mobtekthey LOVE it :)
05:42.40canllaithtcaira: It's fine for very simple things
05:42.47mobtekto the point of hating their windows machines hehehe
05:43.01*** join/#kde jme-59 (
05:43.03canllaithkayali: I fixed that myself on my systems - and no-one is saying that he's infallible.
05:43.13canllaithIn 8 years though I've very rarely had problems with Slackware.
05:43.23tcairacanllaith: Well, I guess I'm lucky that everything I have ever needed to install is very simple :D
05:43.25canllaithCertainly not the bugs I've found in redhat/fedora/mandrake
05:43.26aseigoi've never had any problems with it.
05:43.27kayalicanllaith: yeah true enough. sorry ;)
05:43.30aseigobut then. i don't use it either.
05:43.36mobtekillogic-al: I might move my sisters scrapbooking business over to KDE if I have my way :)
05:43.38aseigothose two facts may be related.
05:43.42kayaliaseigo: :)
05:43.46SteamedPenguincanllaith: "GNOME is difficult to use, it must be better. I am now inscrutable in my ways and will appear superior to those easygoing proles."
05:43.47mobtekshe is throughly sick of windows stuffing her over
05:43.54canllaithSteamedPenguin: Exactly.
05:43.55mobtekSteamedPenguin: hahahah
05:44.02aseigowell, GNOME was seen as the "cool" desktop...
05:44.11mobtekyeah you need to change all the configs by hand, how useful
05:44.12aseigothey had "cool", outspoken people leading the project
05:44.14canllaithYes, KDE is for n00bs because it's 'windows-like'
05:44.18canllaithaseigo: You mean like you? :P
05:44.20mobtekdo they have a menu editor that works yet? :_)
05:44.21aseigothey promised the moon... knew how to make cute art and brand well
05:44.31SteamedPenguinaseigo: and those wilting, shy, KDE people.... tsk tsk
05:44.35aseigocanllaith: this is BA ... before aseigo ;)
05:44.39canllaithI see :)
05:44.45canllaithmobtek: Nope.
05:44.51tcairaI really gotta sleep now, haha, it's getting late. I'm in one of those sane time zones, you see :^P
05:45.02aseigoSteamedPenguin: heh... well, more like engineering type folk who are more interested in and comfortable with compilers than press conferenes
05:45.08aseigotcaira: take care =)
05:45.13canllaithaseigo: I really want to walk into this lug with a notebook running KDE in some way that requires serious engineering skill
05:45.14tcairaGood night aseigo
05:45.19canllaithlike KDE on irix or KDE on aix
05:45.27jme-59on windows, i'm using TortoiseSVN for SVN. i heard there are graphical kde clients, but which one is mature, and works just like TortoiseSVN?
05:45.30SteamedPenguinaseigo: hence kolab
05:45.40mobtekcanllaith: heh
05:45.45mobtekgo kolab
05:45.47canllaithI was really amazed through at the low level of skill :|
05:45.54canllaithEg, there was a talk on the basic redhat courses
05:46.06canllaithand the guy had NO information on RHCA, the only one I'd even think about bothering with
05:46.10aseigoSteamedPenguin: yep
05:46.14canllaith'Oh that's like... high end stuff. Clustering and.... stuff'
05:46.21canllaith"ooooh do you know what's in the course???'
05:46.26canllaith"Um... no, no idea sorry"
05:46.31aseigohahah.. clustering.
05:46.33aseigo"high end"
05:46.36canllaithI know.
05:46.44canllaithIt was all I could do not to put on my most innocent blonde look
05:46.45marcusUUmmmmm. Coconut clusters.
05:46.58canllaithand tell him about my redhat 9 box at franz
05:47.12canllaithload balanced, fallover, multi-path routing... ok, so it's a simple box
05:47.35canllaithbut still :P He was tempting me to ask him questions about the most efficient way to acheive fallover with my setup
05:48.40SteamedPenguinwe need a KDE roadshow.
05:49.11marcusUHas anyone actually compared compiling KDE with GCC 3.4.x versus 4.0pre?
05:49.16aseigoif we got a few of the Right People together i think KDE could have a wicked show
05:49.20*** join/#kde illissius_ (
05:49.21SteamedPenguinone summer, 4-5 weeks across cities in the US.
05:49.32*** join/#kde Chambers- (
05:50.04aseigoooooh.. ROAD TRIP
05:50.10aseigoi get to be tom green!
05:50.19SteamedPenguinyou /are/ tom green
05:50.25aseigoSteamedPenguin: ;)
05:51.05aseigoi just about fucking lost it laughing when i stumbled across that in the changelog
05:51.22SteamedPenguinheh heh
05:51.28marcusUOh well. I just don't get it.
05:51.47aseigomarcusU: you've never seen tom green?
05:51.56marcusUaseigo: No. I don't know who that is.
05:52.05mobtekhhah Asta
05:52.08mobtekaseigo even
05:52.25aseigomarcusU: did you see Charlie's Angels? the semirecent remake?
05:52.35marcusUaseigo: No. I didn't.
05:52.44aseigohm.. ok.. did you see Road Trip?
05:52.44mobtek[16:52:11] <azzazz|n> im waiting for kde.exe <-- rofl
05:53.06mobtekwhere is the url for kde on windows
05:53.16mobtekis there a project page?
05:53.36mobtekmarcusU: yuppers
05:54.30mobtekta marcusU
05:55.32marcusUI don't watch many movies. The last one I attempted to see was Spiderman 2, but I walked out after 10 minutes cuz someone was talking about his cell phone. I thought after a minute or two, he would quit talking, but he didn't.
05:56.06mobtekmarcusU: I throw shit at people like that
05:56.22mobtekor grab their mobile and throw it out of the theater :)
05:56.38*** join/#kde Minuo (
05:56.42marcusUI've given up on movies. Every time I go, there's either someone on the cell phone or a screaming child.
05:56.43mobtek<-- has been known to attack peoples cars with faulty alarm systems :P with bricks :)
05:56.52*** join/#kde Panzerboy (~panzerboy@panzerboy.user)
05:57.06mobtekor do what my wife does, she'll just scream STFU!
05:57.11mobtekthat was funny as
05:57.20mobtekbubblegummers in the back row
05:57.35mobtekwhole theatre cracked up :)
06:00.47*** join/#kde qfh^ (
06:03.44*** join/#kde underlord (
06:15.18*** join/#kde Frost^ (
06:17.24*** join/#kde TheMonoTone (~tom@themonotone.user)
06:18.02TheMonoTonedid they ever change the default in kopete so that when you send it a message
06:18.12TheMonoToneits using return, instead of ctrl+return
06:18.26canllaithctrl+return was the default in KDE 3.2.x
06:18.33canllaithThe default was changed to enter a wee while ago now
06:18.53TheMonoTonehaven't used that app since it was ctrl+enter
06:18.59TheMonoTonesolely because of that annoyance
06:19.02mobtekwhat! I love ctrl-return
06:19.07canllaithWhy didn't you just change the keybinding?
06:19.16TheMonoToneI DID change the keybinding
06:19.20TheMonoTonebut then things acted funky
06:19.23canllaithah, ok then.
06:19.44TheMonoToneI'll give it a shot again, now that 3.4 is out
06:19.53canllaithIt's changed amazingly much
06:20.38*** join/#kde Venson (
06:20.41TheMonoTonethat and xchat are the last of the gtk apps I really use
06:20.53canllaithI recently switched from xchat to konversation, simply to be using all qt
06:21.05TheMonoTonenow, be honest
06:21.08TheMonoToneis it as good?
06:21.11Vensonthe konversion is finally komplete :D
06:21.14canllaithIt depends on what you use
06:21.25canllaithI don't tend to download a lot of files over IRC
06:21.35TheMonoTonesweet kopete looks really nice now
06:21.44TheMonoToneme either...
06:21.46mobtekdcc works fine in konvi
06:21.46canllaithSo I have absolutely no idea if DCC is any good.
06:21.57canllaithI find it lovely to use just to IRC with though
06:22.10mobtekscripting is getting there :)
06:22.13TheMonoToneit looks like there's been tons of clean up work
06:22.21canllaithYeah, that's another thing I don't do anything of to it ;) Scripting
06:22.37TheMonoTonefrom when I used 3.2 and recently 3.3
06:22.48mobtekcanllaith: mine?
06:22.50TheMonoTone(I switch all the time...)
06:22.58*** join/#kde mikecd (
06:23.04TheMonoToneoh yeah
06:23.12TheMonoTonewhat about windows network browsing
06:23.20TheMonoTonethat never seemed to work for me before
06:23.21canllaithWorks absolutely flawlessly for me when I do use SMB
06:23.24canllaithThat's not terribly often though.
06:23.24TheMonoToneeven with lisa running and all that
06:23.36TheMonoToneis that a recent change
06:23.37mobtekTheMonoTone: works fine here :)
06:23.43TheMonoTonebecause even in 3.3 I had issues :-/
06:23.48canllaithYou might be interested in this page TheMonoTone :
06:23.53mobteknah worked for me in 3.3. too :)
06:24.01canllaithThere are hundreds more new features than that - those are just a few I chose to highlight.
06:24.06TheMonoTonehmm... maybe I set it up wrong
06:24.45mikecdHas anyone managed to compile kde3.4 with gcc 4.0?  My compile jumps to 100% mem somewhere in kmail, haven't tried --disable-final yet though.
06:24.48TheMonoTonetaking a que from M$ and their troubles
06:24.56TheMonoToneis all of the integration necessarily good for security?
06:25.14canllaithI'm not sure how 'integration' and 'security' are related, could you explain?
06:25.24*** join/#kde sycofly (
06:25.40*** join/#kde s3m10s (
06:25.45marcusUmikecd: Does it compile any faster than 3.4.x?
06:25.46TheMonoToneif one domino falls
06:25.54TheMonoTonethe whole setup goes down with it
06:25.55canllaithTheMonoTone: what do you mean by 'falls'
06:26.02TheMonoToneI guess is my worry
06:26.03mikecdmarcusU: Don't know, I have gcc 3.3, 3.4, and 4.0 going in parallel so there's no way to say :)
06:26.05canllaithKeep in mind, KDE is designed to run on a Unix-like environment
06:26.06*** join/#kde straw (
06:26.08TheMonoToneno longer works as it should
06:26.08s3m10sanyone have trouble with kdelibs?
06:26.14TheMonoToneI understand that
06:26.18canllaithIf a single application crashes, no others will
06:26.29canllaithIf I remove kdepim, which kopete has 'integration' with
06:26.31marcusUAre you talking about password management?
06:26.35canllaithKopete will still function properly
06:26.45canllaithIt simply wont have those integration features that require KDEPIM to be installed
06:27.03TheMonoToneso although there is integration, it can still act on its own accordingly
06:27.16TheMonoTonenice :-)
06:27.23aseigoKDE: Not Your Grandfather's Integration.
06:27.31canllaithObviously if it depends on another app or framework or library then the feature will be disabled.
06:27.43canllaithIt's not going to make the app unstable though, assuming you have a sane setup
06:27.44mikecdI think the concern is that integration opens new attack vectors.  Using html in email, for example.  Not unsurmountable, but it needs consideration.
06:27.54canllaithEg, all of kdelibs/arts/base installed.
06:27.58s3m10scanllaith: in konstruct, did I put fvisibilit=hidden correctly in
06:28.05aseigomikecd: it's already been considered
06:28.09canllaithAs far as security is concerned, this is a unix. It has few vulnerabilities.
06:28.24aseigomikecd: if you look at the code, you'll see that javascript is turned off. external references are off by default.
06:28.25canllaith... and man do I hate html email </tangential>
06:28.29aseigomikecd: etc, etc, etc...
06:28.40canllaithhtml mail in general is off by default isn't it?
06:28.42aseigomikecd: it isn't even rendered as html by default. there is no active contents, etc..
06:28.52aseigogod. what am i still doing up. jesus.
06:28.55canllaithI rather like how Kmail handles that actually
06:29.01canllaithaseigo: get your ass back into bed boy before I smack it.
06:29.06mobtekaseigo: go to bed spotty!
06:29.08mikecdaseigo: Yes.  Like I said, security considerations were made.
06:29.14canllaiths3m10s: mmm not sure.. ?
06:29.20canllaithaseigo: any people in particular?
06:29.37marcusUaseigo: Don't look at my. I'm very boring.
06:29.44Vensonyou know what'd be a cool app to have? Since KDE has txt2speech integrated now, we should create a character that introduces the desktop to people..."Meet Kate. She helps you write your notes for class and other things"
06:30.02mobtekcanllaith: are you using nvidia's drivers?
06:30.07canllaithmobtek: on some machines yes
06:30.10aseigoerg. klippy.
06:30.13TheMonoTonedoes kde have any tablet support?
06:30.16mobtekfor those screenshots?
06:30.18canllaithYes :)
06:30.26canllaithmobtek: ah, the fancy translucency? Yes, most of them.
06:30.32Vensoni know i know...klippy...doesn't make people happy...but kids and n00bs will like it for an introduction
06:30.33marcusUDo you need Qt compiled with tablet support, though?
06:30.38TheMonoTonesweet :-)
06:30.41mobtekin rc1 it was very unstable on xorg 6.8.2 :)
06:30.44aseigomarcusU: preferably
06:30.49canllaithmobtek: I've found it to be very stable.
06:30.52marcusUI thought klippy was being replaced by the Desktop Maid.
06:31.09aseigoheh. the kinky desktop maid.
06:31.17s3m10sbtw, are there no changes between rc1 and this release? only one file dates newer than 3/08
06:31.19mobtekcanllaith: which nvidia driveer 6111-jp3?
06:31.22canllaithThere are two reproducable KA-BOOM's I can trigger when I'm feeling malicious.
06:31.27canllaithmobtek: two secs
06:31.44mobteksince 7176 or whatever it is crapped out completely on kde startup :)
06:31.50aseigos3m10s: lots of changes
06:31.56mobtekwith shadows and translucency enabled heheh
06:32.05aseigowell, not LOTS LOTS but enough to be noticeable
06:32.15*** part/#kde underlord (
06:32.19Vensoncanllaith's babies will play with them *ducks*
06:32.21strawso did theme-able kdm happen in 3.4 or no?
06:32.31canllaithmobtek: I am using 1.0-6629
06:32.38mobtekcanllaith: ok cool
06:32.40canllaithstraw: It sure did.
06:32.45mobtekI will see how it goes :)
06:33.01TheMonoToneif kde keeps this up, they'll be whooping the competition :-)
06:33.01strawcanllaith: hrm, where do i turn in on?
06:33.12mobtekgod I hate nvidia now :)
06:33.12aseigoTheMonoTone: we aren't already? ;)
06:33.26mobtekthey need to get their arses severly into gear
06:33.31TheMonoTonewell, the "competition" began gaining territory lets just say
06:33.52TheMonoToneor so it seemed imo
06:34.12mobtekhehe they looked to be standing still to me :P
06:34.35canllaithWhy on earth is nuvola inheriting from hicolor instead of crystal? :|
06:34.41strawcanllaith: it's not exposed in kcontrol, or have i missed it
06:34.51canllaithstraw: [19:33] <canllaith> kdmrc
06:35.06TheMonoTonecan the various panels be arranged to different parts of the screen?
06:35.15TheMonoToneor is it still all on the same kicker
06:35.25TheMonoTone(that is what its called right?)
06:35.43TheMonoTonetime to try it out
06:35.48TheMonoToneI'll be back
06:36.40*** part/#kde mikecd (
06:43.27s3m10sanyone know why when I'm compiling with fvisibility=hidden , kmcups wants to use kpreload?
06:46.00*** join/#kde rickyw__ (
06:46.34*** join/#kde Mazda-MX5 (
06:46.42*** part/#kde Mazda-MX5 (
06:47.26Octanewhast the KDE calculator called
06:47.31Octanei cant find it anywhere
06:48.02Octanethanks lauri , i couldnt find it cuz its not installed :X
06:48.20*** join/#kde Simkin (
06:48.39marcusUThe Desktop Maid should ask if you want to install it.
06:49.18Octaneim using packages -- do you knwo if its part of another package?
06:49.28*** join/#kde epiphanni (
06:49.47marcusUOctane: It should be in kdeutils.
06:49.59marcusUIf the packer split kdeutils into smaller parts, I don't know.
06:50.29Octanealright  thank you, marcusU
06:52.46Octaneyea it was kdeutils :)
06:52.53Octanedidnt have it installed!
06:52.58Octanei wonder what i've been missing :)
06:55.22*** join/#kde nofpu (
06:55.39marcusUOkay. Time to restart kde to see if the printing dialog still crashes in 3.4.0.
06:56.12s3m10sim having trouble with compiling kdeprint
06:57.19Octaneis there somewhere that lists what all the KDE packages are
06:57.30canllaiththe faq does does
06:57.39Octanecanllaith, thanks
06:57.51canllaithIf you want a short description what is in them check the faq that's listed in the topic, under 'installation'
06:57.57*** join/#kde marcusU (
06:58.33marcusUOkay... KDE_3_4_0_RELEASE crashes when I try to change the print range from "all" to "selection"
06:59.04SteamedPenguinmarcusU: file bug reports.
06:59.17marcusUI get a segfault, no Dr. Konqi.
06:59.53marcusUBut now I can't print selections anymore.
07:00.26marcusU#0  0x41839578 in _int_free () from /lib/i686/
07:00.26marcusU#1  0x4183822f in free () from /lib/i686/
07:00.26marcusU#2  0x421ace7e in httpClose () from /usr/lib/
07:00.29marcusUI don't know why.
07:00.57marcusUIt just started when I updated kdelibs to the release version.
07:01.04canllaithupdated kdebase etc as well?
07:01.13*** join/#kde luci (
07:01.20marcusUYeah. I just rebuild kdelibs and kdebase today.
07:01.31lucihello, any unofficial mandrake binaries of kde 3.4 ?
07:01.44s3m10ssounds like a joke
07:01.52marcusUIt started when I updated kdelibs, but I went ahead and updated kdebase just in case there was some kind of sync problems.
07:01.53s3m10swait for thac
07:02.08luciok :D, just tried
07:02.35s3m10si use mandrake anc compile my own kde
07:02.39s3m10sits so far behind.
07:03.27lucii always wonder connectiva and suse can have them at time of release
07:03.48s3m10sI don't really know how, else I would consider doing it.
07:03.53marcusUHas anyone else tried to change the print selection type in 3.4.0?
07:04.16luciwill try to compile it tonight too
07:04.23*** part/#kde luci (
07:05.07marcusUNot sure where to report it. It's in all applications that use the KDE print dialog.
07:05.47*** join/#kde TheMonoTone (~tom@themonotone.user)
07:05.54SteamedPenguinmarcusU: it is a kprint problem
07:05.59TheMonoTonewell, I like it a lot more
07:11.25marcusUDang. gdb produces a 50 call frames of backtrace with this crash.
07:14.28Octanewhat's kdeadmin ?
07:15.11marcusUkpackage is the big app in kdeadmin.
07:15.19marcusUkcron and some other stuff, too.
07:15.36Octanei wonder if i need it
07:15.49Octanekde-redhat repos have been really good about updating their packages recently
07:15.50Octanewhich is nice
07:16.11Octaneim starting to think though that one should compile their own wm to optimize it for the system
07:17.39*** join/#kde rickyw_ (
07:19.25marcusUIt also prints "Alarm clock" when it crashes.
07:20.27*** join/#kde Ci-Dev_ (
07:20.35marcusUSomeone else reported this crash on the debian lists, but I didn't see a report on
07:33.08*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
07:35.41Tpo1does lisa set up a device in the /dev folder or something?  I can't manage to get it to work
07:35.55*** join/#kde frerich (~frerich@raabe.kde)
07:38.59*** join/#kde sarah03 (
07:41.49*** join/#kde straw (
07:49.34*** join/#kde heloo (
07:49.45heloocan anyone tell me how to mount a usb cdrom drive?
08:04.43*** join/#kde alexissoft (
08:05.36*** join/#kde iblechbot (
08:05.38*** join/#kde _pw (
08:07.13*** join/#kde tuxyRochefort (~tuxyRoche@
08:07.58tuxyRochefortcan anyone point me a  good aqua theme ?
08:12.02*** join/#kde ADminS (~Whisky@
08:13.52ADminSkdebase3-3.4.0-12.i586 (due to unsatisfied
08:14.01ADminSi can't find
08:20.41*** join/#kde kolla_ (
08:27.16*** join/#kde MrPingouin (
08:31.32*** join/#kde radiohead (~Ware@
08:34.19*** join/#kde tuxyRochefort (~tuxyRoche@
08:36.34we2byo -lkio -lnoatun -ldb_cxx
08:36.34we2by/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldb_cxx
08:36.34we2bycollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
08:36.34we2bymake[4]: *** [] Error 1
08:39.45*** join/#kde slayerbob (
08:40.07*** join/#kde Oleg_ (~oleg@
08:40.19*** join/#kde marcusU (
08:40.49Oleg_help! I can't connect to any of the plug-ins like fastTrack and etc. using apollon
08:41.53*** join/#kde tuxyRochefort (~tuxyRoche@
08:43.11*** join/#kde infowolfe (infowolfe@infowolfe.user)
08:43.36*** join/#kde huliganz (~huli@
08:45.00*** join/#kde jadrian (
08:46.06*** part/#kde huliganz (~huli@
08:47.00Oleg_I am a poor soul!
08:47.14Oleg_I wanna download Van Halen-Right Now
08:47.23infowolfeare you in the right channel?
08:47.31Oleg_but apollon can't connect to any plug-ins
08:47.40Oleg_yeah, because apollon is a kde app
08:48.00infowolfewhat distro are you using?
08:48.22*** join/#kde marcusU (
08:48.35infowolfeso fix it, uber-geek ;-)
08:50.53infowolfeOleg_: what plugin isn't working?
08:51.08Oleg_all of them
08:51.25infowolfewhich one do you WANT to work?
08:51.33Oleg_all of them
08:51.54infowolfewhat version of kde are you running?
08:52.37we2byI'm getting this
08:52.38we2byC3 kdeaddons-3.4.0]$ ld -ldb_cxx
08:52.38we2byld: cannot find -ldb_cxx
08:52.39infowolfewhat version of appolon?
08:53.17Oleg_o-o, 1.0.1
08:53.27Oleg_it's an old version
08:54.12infowolfeOleg_: so why dont you update apollon?
08:54.36infowolfeand/or ask in #apollon for help?
08:55.58Oleg_infowolfe: you are absolutely right
08:56.06Oleg_sometimes I forget about common sense
09:02.08slayerbobawww no canllaith :(
09:02.13*** join/#kde war- (
09:06.05Tpo1man ldconfig
09:08.27*** part/#kde heloo (
09:09.11infowolfeTpo1: wrong window ;-)
09:09.27Tpo1just very late
09:09.52*** join/#kde ch-b (1000@ch-b.mod.unixboard)
09:10.07ch-bhi ..
09:11.10ch-bjust a question are there no more Slackware packages "from"
09:16.45Tpo1#!/usr/bin/rm :p
09:17.56Tpo1night all
09:21.32*** join/#kde Simkin (
09:25.06Octaneise there any way to integrate firefox's bookmarks + history with konqi's?
09:26.36ch-bhmm Ive done it once from konqi to firefox
09:29.55*** join/#kde StevenR (
09:30.01marcusUIn case anyone actually listens to me, I think my problem with the mysterious error was the result of an old install/new install of CUPS.
09:30.09Octaneyou fixed your printer?
09:30.23OctanemarcusU, i had a problem with cups too, it was ghostscript actually and bad fonts
09:30.59marcusUOctane: Yeah. Actually, I moved to GS 8.15 to fix PDF-creation bugs in 7.07, but then i had other problems, so I moved back to GS 7.07.
09:31.32Octaneugh that sucks
09:31.39Octanedid you turn on debugging in cups
09:31.56marcusUI found out that the version of GS most distros has some CUPS stuff intregated into it that's not in mainline GS anymore.
09:32.01marcusUOctane: It's working now.
09:33.09Octaneglad to hear it
09:33.20marcusUOctane: In other words, CUPS needs a patched version of GS, which is what most distros include now. Official GS will not work with CUPS.
09:33.56*** join/#kde we2by (
09:34.15we2byany one knows how to add kde to the list of sessions at gdm?
09:34.56marcusUOctane: Am I making sense, or it my medication kicking in already?
09:35.06*** join/#kde Quinn_Storm (
09:36.24*** join/#kde canllaith (~dessa@jhall.developer.kde)
09:36.26OctanemarcusU, that makes sense -- i had a problem wi tht he same apps
09:36.53marcusUOctane: The big thing with me is that GS 7.07 produces bad PDFs -- the fonts are not aligned properly sometimes.
09:37.26marcusUI tried moving to GS 8.15, and I think I tried a newer CUPS, too, and then i ended up with some other problems (but PDFs looked good).
09:37.47we2byI just installed kde
09:37.49marcusUYou sound nice, Octane
09:37.51we2bybut dunno how to use it
09:37.58Oleg_white people
09:38.00we2byI mean with startx
09:38.02we2byor gdm
09:38.05Oleg_I need your help
09:38.30OctanemarcusU, thanks, i try to be :)
09:38.43Octaneplus its 4:40 am and i have to be up in less than 4 hours :(
09:38.45Oleg_how can I make the apollon connect to fastTrack, gnutella, openFT?
09:39.05infowolfeOleg_: rtfm, ask in #apollon
09:39.06Quinn_StormOleg_: you need to run gift-setup
09:39.14marcusUOctane: I have to get up at 3:30pm.
09:39.38marcusUI wasn't joking about my meds... I took some Ambien 20 minutes ago.
09:39.56Oleg_Quinn_Storm: how can I run it?
09:40.13Octanei didnt think you were
09:40.16Octanealright im gonna go to bed
09:40.27marcusUGood night
09:40.41Quinn_StormOleg_: go into a shell and run gift-setup
09:42.47*** join/#kde thefish (
09:42.54*** join/#kde than (
09:44.16Oleg_Quinn_Storm: ok, I need to know how to configure it correctly, please
09:46.18thefishhas anyone successfully used the "import evolution mails and folder structure" feature in kmail/kontact?
09:47.55*** join/#kde minh (
09:49.46Oleg_I dunno how to configure it
09:49.56thefishOleg_, what are you trying to configure?
09:50.42*** join/#kde illissius- (
09:53.40thefishsorry, never heard of it :'(
09:54.31Oleg_  Gnutella
09:54.31*** join/#kde dh (
09:54.34Oleg_Files Shared:
09:54.38Oleg_Total Size Shared:
09:54.40Oleg_0 GB
09:54.42Oleg_  OpenFT
09:54.44Oleg_  OpenFT
09:54.54Oleg_Files Shared:
09:55.00Oleg_Total Size Shared:
09:55.01Oleg_0 GB
09:55.05Oleg_connecting, but it doesn't connect!
09:56.06*** join/#kde Nebukadn1za (
09:57.29Oleg_apollon is a kde app
09:58.10*** part/#kde marcusU (
09:59.34Oleg_ok, I don't care. I am gonna download apollon again and run its setup
09:59.46Oleg_that's the simple solution
10:00.08Oleg_first, I am gonna uninstall it
10:00.30Oleg_maybe because I have both 3.3.1 and 3.4 kdes, I get this bull
10:03.09*** join/#kde nvd (
10:03.30Quinn_Stormanyone have any idea why kdesu (Qt 3.3.3 KDE 3.4.0 KDE su 1.0 from -v) doesn't work? (always says the password is invalid)...gksu seems to work, and su does
10:06.03*** join/#kde InsomniaCity (
10:06.16*** join/#kde lippel (~konversat@osterfeld.developer.kde)
10:06.20InsomniaCityHey... does anyone here know of a cross desktop-environment (so I assume its a project) to create a system tray notifier capable of receiving notifications from any app over XML:RPC ?
10:06.41thefishQuinn_Storm, try "tail -f /var/log/messages" and then kdesu in another console, to see what is failing
10:06.52Quinn_Stormthefish: thank you, will do
10:07.39Quinn_Stormthefish: nothing is sent to that log...should I look in another? security maybe?
10:07.50Quinn_Stormerr, syslog or something that is
10:08.14thefishQuinn_Storm, which distro?
10:08.26Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: depends on what logger you installed... maybe there's an "all" file
10:08.28Quinn_Stormthefish: debian-based
10:08.52*** join/#kde o__o__o__h (~o__o__o__@
10:08.54thefishk, not sure where those messages would be logged to (if they are) - its not a CD based distro is it?
10:09.04Kryczek_InsomniaCity: sorry, no :|
10:09.04Quinn_Stormthefish: nope, installed
10:09.30thefishQuinn_Storm, what files do you have in /var/log?
10:09.45thefishmaybe security?
10:09.47*** join/#kde Unbeliever (~Unbelieve@
10:09.55*** join/#kde we2by (
10:10.06we2bywhat do I install to get the screensavers?
10:10.31Kryczek_we2by: kdeartwork
10:11.07Quinn_Stormthefish: I don't seem to have a security...I do have acpid, aptitude, btmp, daemon.log, debug, dmesg, kdm.log, kern.log, lastlog, lpr.log, mail.err,, mail.log, mail.warn, messages, scrollkeeper.log, syslog, user.log, uucp.log, Xorg.0.log
10:11.32thefishmessages is *probably* the one you want
10:12.14Quinn_Stormthefish: well nothing is printed in messages when I run the kdesu.  I enter the root pw, and just get the "invalid password" dialog.  I've made sure I'm typing it right and such, and both gksu and su work...
10:12.35Quinn_Stormthe kcheckpass program doesn't work right either, also has the same problem kdesu does
10:12.44thefishtry "grep session /var/log/*"
10:12.56Quinn_Stormah, auth.log
10:13.04thefishdidnt see that
10:13.28thefishthat may give you more clue where the error is
10:13.58Quinn_Stormcan I paste the log entries here?
10:14.12o__o__o__hin kde, should i use arts or alsa, w arts, the mix of to streams in the sound card is made without any problem, but w alsa, i have to configure a mixing device, but w arts xmms works worse than w alsa
10:14.12Kryczek_maybe you need to be in the wheel group ?
10:14.19thefishi think you may get shouted at ...
10:14.34thefishcheck the title
10:14.37o__o__o__hhej!! in kde, should i use arts or alsa, w arts, the mix of to streams in the sound card is made without any problem, but w alsa, i have to configure a mixing device, but w arts xmms works worse than w alsa
10:14.46Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: http//
10:14.53thefishbingo ^
10:15.01*** part/#kde rich_B (
10:15.19Kryczek_o__o__o__h: i don't know, i use OSS
10:16.21o__o__o__haha, i ll try that as wel.......
10:16.38thefishQuinn_Storm, have you edited any pam files?
10:16.46*** join/#kde gnumdk (~gnumdk@
10:16.59thefishit seems to honestly believe that it is an incorrect password
10:17.16*** join/#kde nh (
10:17.24Quinn_Stormthefish: nope, it should be pristine...that is odd...tried changing the password and using a different (shorter) pass too since my usual pass is 11 characters (made it 7 just in case)
10:18.09Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: isn't the keyboard mapping different in kde? :p
10:18.09Quinn_Stormthe other oddity is its logging as though its "sudo" though that may be meaningless (shouldn't it log as "su"?)
10:18.11Quinn_StormKryczek_: well if I run gksu or su I don't have trouble so I doubt that's it :-P
10:18.23Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: check /etc/sudoers
10:18.33Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: check if you are in the wheel group
10:18.46Quinn_StormKryczek_: well its not sudo in the first place, and the require wheel isn't present in my /etc/pam.d/su
10:18.54Quinn_StormKryczek_: like I said, su and gksu work
10:19.08Kryczek_does sudo work ?
10:19.15Quinn_StormKryczek_: no, and I want to keep it that way
10:19.39Kryczek_if kdesu is a wrapper to sudo, no wonder it doesnt work
10:19.46Quinn_StormKryczek_: kdesu should be a wrapper to su, not sudo
10:19.53Kryczek_i don't care
10:19.58Quinn_StormKryczek_: at least according to its manpage
10:20.00Kryczek_try to make sudo work and we'll see
10:20.26o__o__o__hQuinn_Storm, oss seems to have the same problem alsa had; no mixing
10:20.39Quinn_Stormo__o__o__h: I think you meant to direct that at someone else
10:20.42*** join/#kde w00dst0ck (
10:20.48Kryczek_you only need to uncomment a line in /etc/sudoers, and make sure you are in the wheel group (try the id command)
10:21.20*** join/#kde PhilRod (
10:22.17Quinn_Stormhmm, it looks like the ubuntu version of libkdesu is patched, o_O strings reveals the presence of the word 'sudo' in it...bleh, I don't like really breaks down security...if you can compromise my user that's -all- you should be able to get at! not the whole system!
10:22.31o__o__o__hoooopps sorry
10:22.47o__o__o__hKryczek_, oss seems to have the same problem alsa had; no mixing
10:22.58Kryczek_lol, forbids me access with lynx
10:22.59Kryczek_You are a bad robot!
10:23.19Kryczek_o__o__o__h: and with arts it works ?
10:23.40o__o__o__hKryczek_, yep
10:23.43Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: why does sudo break down security ?
10:23.52Kryczek_o__o__o__h: do u use amaroK ?
10:24.01Quinn_StormKryczek_: because if someone gets your user pw they can go in through sudo and do anything root could without root's pw
10:24.24o__o__o__hno i use xmms
10:24.42Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: there are so many local holes in the linux kernel, that you need not feel concerned about root privileges escalation
10:24.53Kryczek_when people can get kernel privileges escalation
10:24.59Quinn_StormKryczek_: local holes yes but what about remote?
10:25.01Quinn_Stormyep they did patch it, guy who patched it just confirmed it...trying to find out a way around that now...I'd hate to have to build kdesu from source...
10:25.23Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: sudo is not accessible remotely
10:25.43Quinn_StormKryczek_: ahh, I see.  well in that case I guess its not so bad, I never knew that
10:25.43Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: when I am talking about local holes, I am talking about what somebody could do once he/she has a shell on your machine
10:25.48Kryczek_even from 3000km away
10:26.04Quinn_StormKryczek_: well if they can only run sudo from a physical terminal its not quite so bad
10:26.10o__o__o__hKryczek_, i use xmms, would amarok do the trick?
10:26.12Quinn_Stormthat is from the machine itself
10:26.16*** join/#kde epiphanni (
10:26.30Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: don't get me wrong, sudo can be run via ssh
10:26.54mobteko__o__o__h: give it a try, use the gstreamer oosink or alsaink plugins perhaps
10:26.59mobtekoss even
10:26.59*** join/#kde humphrey (
10:27.05Kryczek_o__o__o__h: no no... I was just asking cause I was using xmms and don't remember having any problem with mixing, like I got system sound notifications while playing songs
10:27.19Kryczek_o__o__o__h: but with amaroK it completely locks my sound device
10:27.31Quinn_StormKryczek_: bleh, thats exactly what I want to avoid...I understand there are holes in the kernel but what I am worried about is "friends" that turn out to be not-so-friendly
10:27.49Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: just don't add them to the wheel group, and they won't be able to run sudo
10:28.03Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: wheel should only contain system administrators
10:28.16o__o__o__hKryczek_, no clue, does it make any difference that i am using a laptop?
10:28.21Quinn_StormKryczek_: what I mean is if they get my password and use my account
10:28.30Kryczek_o__o__o__h: i have no idea :)
10:29.05Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: then it's indeed a problem
10:29.27Quinn_StormKryczek_: not to mention my sudoers has no commented out lines and only two lines that are not just text comments - Defaults        !lecture,tty_tickets,!fqdn      and      root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
10:29.32Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: but my point was that even if you do not enable sudo, you are far from being safe with people who you do not trust completely on your machine
10:29.39Kryczek_nobody has access to my linux machines
10:29.54Kryczek_the only OS on which I feel quite safe to give ppl accounts is OpenBSD
10:30.26Quinn_StormKryczek_: I see, I do have FreeBSD installed on here too (multi-boot), but right now I'm feeling like linux for various reasons.  any thoughts on what I should do to make sudo work?
10:30.30Oleg_wow, I love this apollon installer
10:31.05Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: to make sudo work you only need to make sure that you are in the wheel group (with the "id" command) and
10:31.18Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: uncomment the %wheel  ALL=(ALL)       ALL
10:31.25Kryczek_line in /etc/sudoers
10:31.30Quinn_StormKryczek_: as I said such a thing isn't there commented or otherwise
10:31.39Kryczek_then copy it from irc :)
10:31.42*** join/#kde markey (
10:31.47Kryczek_your distro is weird :p
10:32.01Quinn_StormKryczek_: I agree its uses a patched kdesu to force me to use sudo O_o
10:32.13Quinn_StormKryczek_: but its the only debian-based with xorg and kde3.4
10:32.14Kryczek_oh, ubuntu it is
10:32.23Kryczek_well, now i know i won't try it :p
10:32.28Quinn_StormKryczek_: yep...and I want to shoot them for their sudo-ness
10:33.04Quinn_Stormbtw...why does a command called visudo call nano? that just hurts my head...I mean...shouldn't it be vi?
10:33.22InsomniaCityyou'd think wouldn't you.
10:33.34InsomniaCitypossibly because your EDITOR is set to nano
10:33.44Quinn_StormInsomniaCity: yuck, I need to fix that
10:34.19Quinn_Stormyech, ubuntu has no wheel group
10:34.32Quinn_StormI tried to add my user to it and it told me it doesn't exist
10:34.46Kryczek_Quinn_Storm: visudo is indeed vi, normally
10:34.47Quinn_Stormdoes wheel need a specific gid?
10:35.02InsomniaCitynot if apps work as they should :)
10:35.18Quinn_Stormheh my $EDITOR isn't set, so its yet another ubuntu patch I guess
10:35.45thefishQuinn_Storm, kubuntu?
10:35.49*** join/#kde njaard (~charles@charles.kde)
10:35.51Quinn_Stormthefish: yeah
10:35.54Quinn_Stormah, I found it
10:35.57Quinn_Stormits just a debianism
10:36.27Quinn_Stormanyway, groupadd wheel is all I need right?
10:36.53Quinn_Stormsorry, irc chomped it b/c it began with a / - /etc/alternatives/editor was set to nano
10:37.49sarah03Quinn_Storm: Yes, wheel *should* be fine as any gid, though the typical values I usually see for it are 0 and 10.
10:38.04Quinn_Stormsarah03: thanks, I guess I can modify it later...already added it
10:38.16*** join/#kde luke-jr_ (~luke-jr@
10:38.28luke-jr_Is Kontact supposed to use 100 MB of RAM?
10:38.34Quinn_Stormgotta go so my login session reflects my correct groups, brb
10:38.36canllaithullo njaard :)
10:38.44canllaithdid you sleep well
10:38.51njaardI didn't sleep long enough
10:38.57njaardI went to bed at 3 and got up at 8
10:39.03Kryczek_luke-jr_: well, be happy, that means you have a lot of friends
10:39.13canllaithnjaard: :(
10:39.14njaardcanllaith: but thanks for asking
10:39.23luke-jr_Kryczek_: How are friends involved?
10:39.31njaardI shouldn't have gone to that lab hour
10:39.32Kryczek_your contacts
10:39.39luke-jr_Kryczek_: not that many, actually
10:39.44njaardI should have slept instead
10:40.02luke-jr_hmm... does Akregator keep all its stuff in RAM? :/
10:40.18lippelluke-jr_: yes, it does atm
10:40.27luke-jr_ouch... that's probably why
10:40.32lippelluke-jr_: which is not the most intelligent solution ;-)
10:40.41*** join/#kde bluesceada (~itsjustme@bluesceada.user)
10:40.52*** join/#kde Quinn_Storm (
10:40.53lippelluke-jr_: we're working on a better one
10:41.04luke-jr_my ~/.kde-cvs/share/apps/akregator/Archive is 17 MB o.o
10:41.41luke-jr_until then, can I tell Kontact not to load it and run it seperately?
10:41.46lippelluke-jr_: not bad, mine is 24 MB ;-)
10:42.02lippelyou can disable the kontact plugin
10:42.18Quinn_Stormbleh, well kdesu works now but not where I needed it to (prob. b/c they shoehorned it into running sudo).  it won't properly luanch kcontrol applets (administrator mode button)
10:42.30lippelluke-jr_: it should only get loaded when you select it
10:43.20lippelluke-jr_: as long the plugin is not loaded, you can start akregator seperately (binary is "akregator")
10:43.43Quinn_StormI think I'm taking wheel back out of sudoers for the moment, no need to have it insecure when it doesn't work anyway!
10:44.36luke-jr_even w/o it, there's only a 1%-of-total drop in RAM usage
10:44.52luke-jr_Kmail doesn't keep headers in RAM, does it?
10:45.14lippeli don't think so.
10:45.46luke-jr_oh well
10:45.56luke-jr_restarting it got me 4%, so I'll deal w/ it
10:45.58Quinn_Stormbtw did they ever fix the slow cpu leak in kmail? I haven't used it for a long time, so I don't know
10:46.17luke-jr_Quinn_Storm: the 4% i just regained suggests not
10:46.30Quinn_Stormluke-jr_: 4% ram or 4% cpu?
10:46.46*** join/#kde Nebukadneza (
10:46.47luke-jr_how can you leak CPU? O.o
10:46.54Quinn_StormI dunno but kmail figured out how
10:46.59Quinn_Stormit slowly climbed until it was 100% cpu usage
10:47.08luke-jr_then it's likely fixed
10:47.15luke-jr_Kontact is nice w/ my CPU usually
10:47.44Quinn_StormI figured they'd fix it eventually
10:47.45Nebukadnezakde 3.4 runs on cygwin, right?
10:47.57luke-jr_Nebukadneza: just as much as 3.3 did
10:48.11luke-jr_I don't think anything's changed there lately
10:48.27Nebukadnezaluke-jr_: k :)
10:48.39Nebukadnezathere arent any cygwin 'repositories' with precompiled bins, right?
10:48.48luke-jr_highly doubt it
10:48.55luke-jr_maybe check the kde-cygwin project
10:49.22*** join/#kde ponto (
10:49.24Nebukadnezanot yet ...
10:49.29*** join/#kde Bille (
10:49.40luke-jr_lippel: BTW, know anyone on the KHTML team?
10:49.46Nebukadnezahm ... so i gotta compile everything *argh*
10:49.55luke-jr_Nebukadneza: or use a real OS :)
10:50.06Nebukadnezaluke-jr_: its not for me :)
10:50.11luke-jr_Nebukadneza: so?
10:50.22Nebukadnezaa teacher asked me to set a kde (for umbrello) up in school
10:50.29Quinn_StormI can't wait till xorg finally hits debian sid...then I'll probably drop ubuntu...I really really don't like their sudo robs me of control I feel I should have over my own system.  /however/, I want to say kde3.4 is great! far more polished than 3.3 was and I love that they dropped keramik as the default in favor of plastik, plastik is just so much less ugly
10:50.33lippelluke-jr_: there are some khtml people in #kde-devel
10:51.05njaarddon't bother #kde-devel unless it's development related, please
10:51.56luke-jr_njaard: My problem pertains to the lack of khtml API docs, mainly, and usage of the API in an app
10:52.05njaardone second
10:52.23njaardthat's a web browser
10:52.30luke-jr_in a non-X app
10:52.35njaardnot sure exactly what you need
10:52.35lippelluke-jr_: heh, i know that problem ;-)
10:52.39njaardluke-jr_: ah..
10:52.51luke-jr_njaard: Basically, I want to go directly from khtml to postscript printer
10:53.03njaardluke-jr_: look at how the html preview thing wrks
10:53.04*** join/#kde sko (
10:53.19njaardluke-jr_: I can't help you more..
10:53.56njaardtry #khtml
10:53.58*** join/#kde dh (
10:54.00njaardthey're usually idle in there
10:54.39canllaithmmm they need to invent some kind of stand for laptops so you can use them in the bath without getting them soggy
10:54.55njaardcanllaith: uhm... laptops don't get "soggy" :)
10:55.10luke-jr_IIRC, the print code accessed internal things that a seperate app doesn't have access to :/
10:55.13xzzLaptop in the shower <3
10:55.29canllaithIt does however, end up with bubbles on it
10:56.38canllaithDidn't apple have a newton that was water resistant at one stage?
10:58.20*** join/#kde maor (
11:04.41*** join/#kde Billthe4th (
11:07.29PhilRodtaking a laptop in the bath? I can't tell if that's crazy or incredibly brave
11:07.54canllaithwell my pda broke
11:08.14canllaithand this way i can read textbooks while i soak
11:08.23thefishpda had water damage?
11:08.26canllaithand no
11:08.37canllaithi did not drop pda in the bath :P
11:08.53canllaithmy b/f chipped the screen :'(
11:08.55*** join/#kde theobroma (
11:10.58Quinn_Stormcanllaith: that sucks
11:11.36canllaithah it is a 200MHz and you can get 600+ now
11:12.50canllaithgood excuse to splurge
11:12.54*** join/#kde qfh (
11:13.05canllaithof course then it will be almost as fast as my laptop and I'll have a good excuse to drop a new processor in the laptop ;)
11:23.37*** join/#kde canllaith (~dessa@jhall.developer.kde)
11:25.41*** join/#kde Frost^ (
11:26.43*** join/#kde StoffBox-Steve (
11:33.26*** part/#kde Nebukadneza (
11:39.59lilalinuxI read in the release notes, that kopete can be integrated in kontact?
11:40.49canllaithLike this?
11:40.55*** join/#kde ARTMAN (~ARTMAN@
11:41.00canllaithSimply right click on a contact in kopete and go 'properties'
11:41.56canllaithThen assign it to a contact in your addressbook
11:43.11ARTMANupgraded to 3.4 last night for suse 9.2, using provided packages. now instead of kde loading I get fvwm. tried 'startx kde', get fvwm, rebooted and kdm starts up. if I try to login the screen garbles and kdm restarts. if I login as root kde 3.4 will run fine, just not as user
11:43.30ARTMANany suggestions?
11:44.09Quinn_Stormhey, question, k3b works fine but when I click on one of the cd drives in the devices it gives me a "malformed URL" dialog, though when I click it away everything works anyway
11:44.10*** join/#kde [mf]liltux (
11:44.13Quinn_Stormany idea why?
11:46.33*** join/#kde xonicx (~rakesh@
11:52.15r00tsh3llwhere could i find this tool to 'get hot new stuff' ??
11:52.26r00tsh3llseems cool :)
11:52.26xzzARTMAN: 'echo "startkde" > ~/.xinitrc
11:52.34Kryczek_r00tsh3ll: i think
11:52.47r00tsh3llKryczek_, this
11:52.51Kryczek_xonicx: why not configure your konqueror ?
11:52.59*** join/#kde Doktoreas (
11:53.04canllaithr00tsh3ll: it has to be built into the app
11:53.05*** part/#kde theobroma (
11:53.07*** join/#kde theobroma (
11:53.09*** part/#kde theobroma (
11:53.11*** join/#kde theobroma (
11:53.12canllaithKdesktop & Koepte currently have support for it
11:53.13*** part/#kde theobroma (
11:53.15*** join/#kde theobroma (
11:53.19r00tsh3llcanllaith, r0x!
11:53.27canllaithOn kopete under emotes
11:53.29canllaithand under stylesheets
11:53.33canllaithand kdesktop under wallpaper
11:53.37canllaithclick on the 'get new foo' button
11:53.59*** join/#kde Shaikun (
11:54.01xonicxkryczek: do u mean i can do that my configuering konqueror? how to configure it then?
11:54.45Kryczek_xonicx: i don't know, i never did it and i am compiling kde 3.4 now so i cannot look right now, but i know it's possible
11:54.59Kryczek_to add support for shortcuts in the address bar
11:55.04Kryczek_and probably what you say
11:55.19ARTMANxzz, alright. brb
11:55.28*** join/#kde GraveDigger (
11:56.14*** part/#kde GraveDigger (
11:56.51r00tsh3llcanllaith, setting contact list to show contacts with photo is there a way to change the size of the photos showed?!
11:57.36Quinn_StormI know its a bit heretical to say it but I still don't think kopete measures up to gaim...I really do hope it eventually will though, I like kde and gaim is kinda clunky to use with kde
11:57.46*** join/#kde ARTMAN (~ARTMAN@
11:57.52ARTMANthat did the trick, back up and running
11:57.59ARTMANso what happened exactly?
11:58.07lilalinuxcanllaith: i see
11:58.19lilalinuxI thought kopete could 'run' inside kontact
11:59.14StarScreemlilalinux: that would be....odd......
12:05.50lilalinuxStarScreem: why?
12:06.04lilalinuxkmail and korganizer also run inside kontact
12:06.24lilalinuxthat's what kontact is therefor
12:06.39*** part/#kde xonicx (~rakesh@
12:07.10StarScreemlilalinux: it would be inconvenient to have to open a whole kontact sized window just to view your contact list, or to receive a message
12:07.53StarScreemlilalinux: but you can link your contacts in Kontact with your Kopete buddies
12:07.56lilalinuxI have xinerama, 1 monitor reserved only for kontact :)
12:08.19StarScreemheh well then its not so inconvenient for you :)
12:08.40StarScreemyou can probably make a kpart to do it
12:08.53StarScreemif you wanted that specifically
12:10.15lilalinuxnot that important, just wondered :)
12:11.33lilalinuxwhere can I find themes for kopete?
12:12.40*** join/#kde ringerc (
12:12.44Billelilalinux: running kde cvs?
12:13.14lilalinuxno, experimental packages for debian
12:13.18lilalinux3.4b2 I think
12:13.53lilalinuxbut I know how to handle cvs, if that was the question
12:14.46*** join/#kde lippel (~konversat@osterfeld.developer.kde)
12:15.22*** join/#kde toggg (
12:21.21r00tsh3llnot working :(
12:23.16xorghelo all ..was looking for a command line that could launch a webpage as a desktop (I mean background and fullscreen. thx for ur help
12:23.17*** join/#kde Quinn_Storm (
12:24.16Quinn_StormI'm having the same "error parsing providers list" problem on the get new wallpapers button
12:28.25xorghello do u know any application that could help me ? I try to use for a desktop a webpage .. oki I am not using kde but I would like to try a trick on another desktop and like I got all the kde app and lib ..
12:29.10jadrianalthough the idea of having the selected sorted column stand out is nice, it looks pretty bad IMO :-|
12:29.21jadrianmaybe it's my color scheme or something
12:29.38jadrianbut I really dislike it...
12:31.03jadrianjust click on the top of a column of the filemanager, kmail or something to sort a list by that field
12:31.15jadrianthe color on that column changes
12:32.12jadrianit's a nice idea, but I don't like the way it looks... either it's my color scheme or the way the new colors are calculated
12:37.54*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
12:40.02mobtekwoohoo 42 packages left to compile
12:40.08*** join/#kde Worf (
12:40.44*** join/#kde marcusT (
12:41.32*** join/#kde chii (chii@chii.utility.freenode)
12:41.59marcusTever thought of a global offline switch or detecting system for KDE? Because when I start my notebook offline with the same session as I used when I was online all hell breaks loose because everything starts complaining (KMail, Kopete, Konqueror, KWeather, Konversation)
12:47.11BillemarcusT: coming in 3.4
12:47.38BillemarcusT: we have the system there, but atm it's only used in kopete groupwise
12:48.24BillemarcusT: it's very complicated, and we don't want 3.4 to be the 'broken networking' release
12:48.30Kryczek_heh :)
12:49.19Kryczek_some small watchdog with a panel docklet, to see the state of the network, as in windows
12:49.23Kryczek_that would be sweet
12:49.51marcusTok, but I think kopete it the most broken app anyway...  because the ICQ plugin complains continously and it starts eating up al memory
12:50.10*** join/#kde _570RM_ (~Miranda@
12:50.17Kryczek_marcusT: why don't you just shutdown kopete ?
12:50.42*** part/#kde _570RM_ (~Miranda@
12:50.45marcusTKryczek_: I don't mean something to show me wether the network is up or not, I mean something that tells me that the network is down and therefore the following services won't succeed and giving me a list instead of any application complaining independently
12:51.19marcusTKryczek_: because I shut down my machine as it is, that's one of the reasons I use Linux/X11/KDE, Session management
12:52.24marcusTand the least thing I want to do is having to boot up my machine and start killing and closing apps because they can't handle that I don't have a internet connection
12:55.38*** join/#kde vegai (
12:55.55vegaiHello. I was wondering if there is or ever will be anything like Adblock for Konqueror?
12:56.35*** join/#kde grepper (
12:58.07laurithere's been popup blocking for years, there probably won't be an ip based blocker built into KDE, but someone might write a plugin one day
13:01.48togggPfff... that's langage :)
13:02.15*** join/#kde lippel (~konversat@osterfeld.developer.kde)
13:06.18Kryczek_marcusT: I perfectly understood what you meant the firsttime, but making a docklet with that system would be sweet :)
13:06.50marcusTKryczek_: do you know KNemo?
13:06.55tcairaHooray, kdebase compiled (after 4 hours)
13:07.15vegaiperhaps I could use privoxy instead... though firefox's adblock is *extremely* handy
13:07.17Kryczek_marcusT: no, what is it
13:07.40marcusTKryczek_: basically what you want, a dock applet that show network state
13:07.49tcairalynx's adblock is infinitely superior
13:07.55tcaira0 ads, 0 popups
13:08.22Kryczek_marcusT: based on if the network interface is up or down? that's uselss
13:08.48canllaithIt also shows things like mac address, essid, gateway etc in a tooltip
13:08.50canllaithwhich is handy enough
13:09.05marcusTand traffic
13:09.08Kryczek_that's ifconfig....
13:09.16Kryczek_I mean, for example
13:09.26Kryczek_when I shutdown my router
13:09.28canllaithKryczek_: Right, but if I ring up a customer and say 'Right ok, so what's your ip address so I can vnc in and fix it?'
13:09.31vegaitcaira: riight
13:09.34Kryczek_ifconfig thinks the interface is still up
13:09.41Kryczek_when it's not connected to a network anymore
13:10.00marcusTKryczek_: the interface is up... maybe the connection isn't there anymore, but that's something different
13:10.06Kryczek_windows detected that, when the switch went down, it automatically said something about it
13:10.56Kryczek_canllaith: it's easier to tell him to type ifconfig than to tell him how to add the applet ;)
13:11.10Kryczek_but i see your point
13:11.15canllaithNo, not if the applet is already there and I have disabled access to the konsole using kiosk :)
13:11.18marcusTbut it actually knows the connection state as well (KNemo), I believe
13:11.19Kryczek_it can be useful for the average user
13:11.39tcairavegai: When was the last time you saw a popup in Lynx?
13:11.40Kryczek_hrm ok, i'll try it
13:12.11marcusTwell I still don't know if you can get those "media link off" messages somewhere in userspace
13:12.20marcusTwould be a thing for HAL and dbus
13:12.25vegaitcaira: when's the last time you said something useful? =)
13:12.26Kryczek_tcaira: try to visit with lynx
13:13.02*** join/#kde The3_14ed|er (
13:18.16tcairaKryczek_: I didn't know they hated blind peopel
13:19.04*** join/#kde segfault2k (
13:19.10segfault2khi there
13:19.16segfault2kis there an spanish channel for kde?
13:20.35Kryczek_tcaira: maybe they didn't consider the case... you should mail them and explain :|
13:24.17Kryczek_yay! just finished compiling kdm
13:25.16Kryczek_eww, my new kdm is all ugly, like it is in Motif
13:28.36*** join/#kde oggb4mp3_ (
13:32.51tcairaKryczek_: Precisle wha tI had in mind
13:32.53*** join/#kde stgraber (
13:36.04*** join/#kde iblechbot (
13:36.14*** join/#kde dec0ding (~binarian@
13:37.18*** join/#kde bluesceada (~itsjustme@bluesceada.user)
13:42.39tcairaI bet they made that IRC client *just* so they could have that default away message
13:44.22*** join/#kde Japsu (japsu@japsu.user)
13:44.41JapsuHey, why can't I make the taskbar smaller than 24 pixels? :o
13:44.45Japsu(KDE 3.4)
13:45.04SuperLagany of you Gentoo users in here running KDE 3.4.0 yet?
13:45.36JapsuSuperLag: _o/
13:45.47mobtekSuperLag: 9 packages to go
13:45.56JapsuSuperLag: although I'm having (Gentoo-specific) problems with having certain KDE packages installed
13:46.19mobtekthen \o\ /o/ \o\ and \o/
13:46.20JapsuSuperLag: They wont compile because they're missing some of the patches, as I reported in
13:46.28Japsumobtek: \\o \o/ o//
13:46.35mobtekhah Japsu
13:46.38*** join/#kde Syph0n (~timothy@
13:47.08mobtekahh amd64
13:47.17SuperLagand I'm running AMD64 as well
13:47.46JapsuI'm running AMDXP
13:48.18JapsuGAH! I really have to upgrade my file system to reiserfs... this ext3 is painfully slow
13:48.27*** join/#kde Bille (
13:48.33Kryczek_you see the difference ?
13:49.12*** join/#kde cyrilo (
13:49.17SuperLagJapsu: looks to me like the the name of the patch in the ebuild needs to be changed, to remove the beta1
13:49.31JapsuSuperLag: yeah, most likely
13:49.38SuperLagJapsu: because the patch does reside in /usr/portage/kde-base/kdemultimedia/files
13:49.56Kryczek_SuperLag: i'm compiling it right now
13:50.05SuperLagif I was on the KDE team, I'd commit the fix, but I'm not yet
13:50.16*** join/#kde Trevelyan (~TJ@trevelyan.user)
13:50.25SuperLagtry putting it in your overlay with a modified ebuild
13:50.43JapsuSuperLag: It seems the Gentoo folks just handled my patch and found it a duplicate of and
13:50.57Japsu*handled my bug report
13:50.58Kryczek_mobtek: Japsu: ~20 packages to go, then \o/ <o> _o\ /o\
13:51.09Kryczek_(YMCA ;)
13:51.11JapsuI'm already running a bare-bones KDE 3.4
13:51.11mobtekKryczek_: 7
13:51.20mobtekstill running rc1
13:51.23Japsubut I'm missing kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim etc
13:51.36Kryczek_mobtek: does it unmerge previous kde version automatically ?
13:51.41mobtekhehe I emerged every meta package bar webdev :P
13:51.48mobtekKryczek_: yuppers
13:51.54Kryczek_mobtek: i still see kde 3.2.1 entries in /var/db/pkg
13:51.58Kryczek_mobtek: at the very end?
13:51.59mobtekwell the rc1 packages it did
13:52.05mobtekas it went along
13:52.11SuperLagwell... I'm still running 3.3.2, and the reason I was asking was because I wanted to get the kde sections of your package.* file from one of you guys so I don't have to work hard and type it all out :)
13:52.18Kryczek_mobtek: cause it already emerged the new arts, but both seem to be in/var/db/pkg
13:52.18mobtekI manually removed the 3.3.2 packages with a -C :P
13:52.29mobtekSuperLag: on gentoo forums
13:52.31mobteklemme find it
13:52.31SuperLagmobtek: is it slotting everything?
13:52.40Kryczek_slotting ?
13:52.55SuperLagKryczek_: yes, where you have 2 separate versions installed
13:53.32mobtekoops wrong on
13:54.08mobtek there
13:54.23mobtekthose are the packages you need in packages.keywords
13:54.31mobteknot the packages.unmask :)
13:54.51JapsuI find it very annoying that Gentoo slots KDE... I just noticed I have four KDEs installed.
13:55.14mobtekJapsu: yeah it is
13:55.33mobtekSuperLag: then cat /etc/portage/package.keywords | grep -i meta
13:55.37mobtekfor the meta package names
13:55.50mobtekwoot 4 packages to go :)
13:57.15Kryczek_is it then safe to prune kde ?
13:57.34JapsuKryczek_: I'd guess so
13:57.56JapsuKryczek_: or well, I think it might make some old KDE apps stop working
13:58.03JapsuKryczek_: those you've compiled against old KDEs
13:58.08JapsuKryczek_: you have to re-emerge them
13:58.13JapsuKryczek_: not sure tho
13:58.15Kryczek_I find it funny that the ebuilds in kdeartwork run a whole ./configure to test if your system will be able to have wallpapers installed
13:58.45*** join/#kde cyberb` (
13:58.45JapsuKryczek_: It's not only wallpapers
13:58.56JapsuKryczek_: There's stuff that really gets compiled in kdeartwork
13:59.02JapsuKryczek_: such as some widget themes
13:59.08Kryczek_i know
13:59.16Kryczek_but the first one, of the kdeartwork-meta split ebuild
13:59.21Kryczek_can't remember which one it is
13:59.27JapsuI don't do split KDE ebuilds
13:59.32Kryczek_spent more time doing the ./configure
13:59.40Kryczek_than copying those alien-night.jpg etc
13:59.41*** part/#kde vegai (
13:59.50Japsustill using the "old way" and I'm not going to start using the split ebuilds unless it becomes compulsory
13:59.56*** join/#kde cyberb` (
14:00.20Kryczek_Japsu: the old way, does that mean it still installs all the useless games etc ?
14:00.31JapsuKryczek_: well yeah, if you emerge kdegames :D
14:00.43Kryczek_i used to emerge kde before :p
14:01.04JapsuKryczek_: and when it comes to games, you never know... When you're really bored, a new KDE game you've never played before could save your day!
14:01.16Kryczek_Japsu: I have urban terror for that :)
14:01.21SuperLagJapsu: it is
14:01.32SuperLagKryczek_: so what do you do now?
14:01.35JapsuKryczek_: hehe
14:01.43JapsuETF is quite a strong choice also :D
14:01.44SuperLagcompile them all from source, manually?
14:01.56Kryczek_SuperLag: i emerge kdebase-meta, and then i'll pick what i want, like kopete and some more
14:02.55Kryczek_SuperLag: I use gentoo, so I only have to do "emerge kopete" to have kopete for example, installed, instead of the whole kdenetwork
14:05.18JapsuEh, did I get this straight... KDE has a framework for games?
14:05.34Japsulike a class KGame from which you just inherit things and poof, you have a basis for your game? :D
14:05.36*** join/#kde jc_ (
14:05.38*** join/#kde roshambo (~mhale@
14:05.42roshambohello all
14:05.49Japsuhi roshambo
14:05.57*** join/#kde segfault2k (
14:06.35roshamboive been looking into kde's thumbnailing system, and it seems to put the thumbnails into ~/.thumbnails/normal/<filename>.png... i am wondering if this is an md5 hash?
14:06.42roshambothe filename i mean
14:07.10*** join/#kde Chrizi (
14:07.14*** join/#kde Enforcer_JB (
14:07.14*** join/#kde Slackman (~am@
14:07.16Enforcer_JBHi everybody
14:07.37Enforcer_JBWhere is the "OSX style menubar" option in KDE 3.4.0's kcontrol? My kicker keeps crashing, I suspect it's because of this menubar
14:07.38jadrianwhi is it that konqueror now shows file:/// and not file://
14:07.40Enforcer_JBand I want to turn it off.
14:08.15Kryczek_jadrian: because you start at / ?
14:08.25Kryczek_jadrian: it's file://  /home/jadrian/..
14:08.57segfault2khaha :P
14:09.32*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
14:09.56Kryczek_it's sure less ugly than old netscape or IE who showed file://C:/ or i dont know
14:09.59*** join/#kde mobtek (
14:11.38r00tsh3llsomebody here using kde 3.4 under slackaware?!
14:11.48mobtekwow 3.4 final
14:11.49jadrianKryczek_: good point :)
14:12.30Kryczek_mobtek: finished emerging it? lucky you :)
14:13.26*** join/#kde t|zz (
14:13.34SteamedPenguinjadrian: I am pretty sure file:/// is part of spec or something like that
14:14.24mobtekKryczek_: the startup time over rc1 was very noticable
14:14.25*** join/#kde wildgoose (
14:14.30mobtekstarted up in about 5 seconds
14:15.59mobtekwow and it only took 12 hours to compile every meta package bar webdev
14:16.02mobtekman that was fast
14:17.33*** join/#kde buster (
14:20.48*** part/#kde Trevelyan (~TJ@trevelyan.user)
14:21.10*** join/#kde Trevelyan (
14:21.28*** join/#kde Trevelyan|Laptop (~TJ@trevelyan.user)
14:22.31*** join/#kde mobtek (
14:23.36jadrianI just wonder why there is no kdebase 3.4 for SUSE 8.2...
14:23.47jadrianI feel tempted to install SUSE 9.0 kdebase...
14:24.04mobtekgod I hate nvidia
14:24.06segfault2kwhy you dont use suse 9.1 or 9.2 ?
14:24.07mobtekI really really do
14:24.30jadriansegfault2k: can't afford to upgrade right now, can't mess up with the system too much
14:25.02*** join/#kde stdout (
14:25.10jadriansegfault2k: also 9.3 is just around the corner, about one month away
14:25.24stdoutis there anything special i need take care of while installing qt ?
14:26.24*** join/#kde pukyxd (
14:27.09*** join/#kde annma (~annma@annma.developer.kde)
14:27.31Doktoreasdoes kandy support bluettoth conenciton?
14:28.29*** join/#kde Simkin (
14:30.14dwangowas konqueror's search bar removed in 3.4 release?
14:33.32PhilRodit's part of kdeaddons
14:36.51*** join/#kde younker (~younker@
14:37.03annmaPhilRod: do you know Andrew Coles?
14:37.15annmais he part of the i18n team?
14:38.34PhilRodannma: he does en_GB translation and proofreading, although I haven't seen him around for a while
14:38.54annmaproofreading of all docs?
14:39.07annmahe just committed something wrong in Kalzium
14:39.33mobtekove KTTS
14:39.37mobteklove hehehe
14:39.41annmaif he reads i18n-doc mailing list he should know Kalzium author asked for soemone to review correctly all the strings
14:39.43*** join/#kde lasindi (~lasindi@
14:40.08lasindiHi all, I'm compiling KDE 3.4, but on kdepim and kdeaddons I get the following error:
14:40.20lasindigeo_xxport.cpp:41: error: `libkaddrbk_geo_xxport' was not declared in this
14:40.32PhilRodlasindi: put the last ~50 lines of the error on a pasteboard
14:40.52annmaPhilRod: his fixes generally are not bad but it seems that he just looks too quickly at things
14:41.23PhilRodannma: OK, I'll take a look now
14:41.41annmamaybe you could see with him how to be more efficient
14:41.58lasindiThat's from kdeaddons
14:42.01annmahe could also write a note about the most common mistakes
14:42.22*** join/#kde mart_k (
14:42.25PhilRodannma: indeed you're right ("noble gases", not "Nobel gases")
14:42.52annmaPhilRod: overall his way of fixing things does not seem the best
14:43.20annmaif he does not read i18n mailing lists then it's all wrong
14:43.42lasindiPhilRod: Any ideas about how to fix the error?
14:44.32annmalasindi: what's the error in kdepim?
14:45.22lasindiOoops, haven't built it yet. I guess it's a dependency for those two?
14:45.53PhilRodwell, the error is probably due to not having kdepim
14:46.02PhilRodalthough if it's required, configure should have stopped
14:46.15*** join/#kde mobtek (
14:46.49PhilRodannma: is this a one-off, or have his changes caused any other problems?
14:47.18annmalasindi: you're building a kaddressbook plugin so you need kaddressbook. However the compilation of that dir should have been skipped, can you post the whole config.log from kdeaddons please?
14:48.17annmaPhilRod: well overall I am not sure his changes are pertinent
14:48.45annmahe could write a doc about the most common mistakes and we all would be able to improve our english
14:48.47*** part/#kde younker (~younker@
14:49.04annmaPhilRod: I would prefer he takes one doc/app and looks at it more deeply
14:49.13annmanot just a , changed to a ;
14:49.44*** join/#kde enedhilwen (
14:49.53annmaand no need to invest on Kalzium when the author asked specifically for a deep review
14:50.02enedhilwenhi, how can i start a single child panel without the big panel?
14:50.32PhilRodannma: I think this would be a whole proofreading team thing. You could write to kde-doc-english asking how they work, and expressing your general concerns
14:51.04PhilRodannma: in the case of kalzium, provided he reads your message, it should be OK
14:51.25aseigoenedhilwen: why would you need to? just make the main panel smaller, move it, etc..
14:51.47*** join/#kde StarScreem (~am@
14:51.50enedhilwenaseigo: nice idea.
14:52.08enedhilwenaseigo: thanks
14:52.25annmaPhilRod: yes, a whole team work that's why I ask if he belongs to your team
14:52.40annmalasindi: so you have kaddressbook
14:52.40segfault2kthere is a mirror for debian with kde 3.4 final?
14:52.53PhilRodlasindi: hrm, line 2355 suggests that you do have kaddressbook - do you have an old KDE version on your system?
14:53.19PhilRodannma: also, I have to reprimand you for not using entities in your KLettres doc commits :-/
14:53.31annmaPhilRod: work in progress
14:53.33PhilRod(eg  "KLettres" instead of "&klettres;"
14:53.39annmaPhilRod: yes
14:53.44*** part/#kde stdout (
14:53.46lasindiPhilRod: yes.
14:53.48annmabut we neophytes need time
14:54.01annmalasindi: what is your KDE 3.4 install dir?
14:54.07lasindiWhat does "pim" stand for anyways?
14:54.13annmalasindi: what is your KDE 3.4 install dir?
14:54.16lasindiannma: /opt
14:54.25PhilRodand there's some presentational markup there too: <emphasis role="bold">
14:54.41annmaI canot use bold?
14:54.58annmalasindi: and the other kde version install dir?
14:55.08PhilRodannma: in general, you should use a tag that tells you what the item *is*, eg <guilabel> in that case, I think
14:55.26*** join/#kde k3k (~kk@
14:55.30lasindiannma: The same.
14:55.31PhilRodlet me check the particular example
14:55.32annmaPhilRod: ok but as with Carsten we cannot wait for something to be perfect before committing
14:55.49annmawe need to commit even if it needs further work
14:56.12*** part/#kde enedhilwen (
14:56.13annmathat's what's happening in HEAD at the moment as we are at the cycle beginnning
14:56.22annmalasindi: here you go then
14:56.38annmalasindi: kdeadons picks your old kde that you did not remove
14:56.48annmayour old kaddressbook
14:56.52lasindiIs the address book in kdepim?
14:57.22PhilRodannma: hrm, I'm not sure - the problems are with the docbook, rather than the content. It's just as easy to do that right first time, IMO.
14:57.27PhilRodI see your point though
14:57.48annmaPhilRod: it's easy for you but not for me
14:57.59annmaall those tags are quite tricky for us developers
14:57.59*** join/#kde b12arr0 (
14:58.10PhilRodannma: yes, I appreciate that. I'm trying to think what the best way to approach it is
14:58.12annmaI opened a few other docbook files to check things already
14:58.28annma(so it could have been worse)
14:58.59annmayou'll note I did use &kcontrol; though
14:59.19annmaI'll try to improve right now
14:59.34lasindiOK, thanks, I'll ask if I have problems after I get kdepim compiled.
14:59.57annmalasindi: as a rule you should not keep an old installation in the same KDEDIR
15:00.02PhilRodOK, just keep working on the klettres doc, and when it's finished, bug me to check the docbook
15:00.05PhilRodhow does that sound?
15:00.12*** join/#kde debianer (~debianer@
15:00.16annmawhy didn't you use /opt/kde3.4 as your new install dir, lasindi?
15:00.22lasindiannma: I know. =P
15:00.27annmaPhilRod: ok :)
15:00.44annmaPhilRod: my problem is that I do to many things
15:00.46*** join/#kde terra1 (
15:01.06PhilRodannma: but just for those two examples: almost all KDE apps have an entity, which is the name of the app in lowercase
15:01.43PhilRodand, always add markup that describes what things *are*. If you don't know the right tag, ask in #kde-docs or kde-doc-english
15:02.11mobtekhmm I wonder why ktts doesn't finish every sentence?
15:02.12PhilRodbut it's generally good work, and great to see coders writing docs :-D
15:02.30annmaI used &gt; and &amp;
15:02.41PhilRodmobtek: I tried setting up festival with it, but got that sort of behaviour. Didn't figure it out though
15:02.53PhilRodannma: cool :-)
15:02.59mobtekI feel like I'm in the movie Mission to Mars :P
15:03.23*** join/#kde kayali (
15:03.29kayalihi there
15:03.35*** join/#kde StoffBox-Steve (
15:03.44stgraberkayali: salut
15:05.47*** join/#kde siplus (
15:06.40*** part/#kde k3k (~kk@
15:09.15*** join/#kde Julianyus (
15:10.29mobtekhi beans
15:10.35mobtekthe regexp in ktts is great
15:10.48mobtekI can filter out all the <> around the names
15:10.58annmaPhilRod: via &kcontrol; -> System Administration -> Font Installer  <guilabel> for System AAdministration and Font Installer?
15:15.46*** join/#kde mikkel (~mikkel@
15:16.27*** join/#kde borndbad (
15:22.17dwangogentoo forgot to include "konq-plugins" in their kdeaddons-meta package, which means the konqueror search bar isn't installed.
15:23.07siplusI just set up a gnome-panel in my KDE desktop on Fedora Core 3, how can I have it set so gnome-panel will launch when KDE starts?
15:23.54dwangowhy are you using gnome-panel?
15:24.27*** join/#kde dec0ding (~binarian@
15:24.27mobteksiplus: thats just odd :)
15:24.36*** join/#kde estel (
15:25.00siplusi wanted the top panel to be transparent, while the bottom one regular, and i wanted all the gnome applets that i'm used to (and not finding any easy way to do this in KDE, i'm just going to run both.... hey-- i have the resources to do it:)
15:25.03estelwhen I try to run kde with arabic language I can only see squares instead of lettres - why?
15:25.12kayalisiplus: if you just log out, doesn't KDE remember that gnome-panel was in your last session and start it again?
15:25.29siplusit will?
15:25.33mobteksiplus: why don't you use the kde applets that are the equiv of the gnome applets
15:25.40mobtekbe a hell of a lot easier
15:25.57SteamedPenguinestel: salamat, do you have kde-i18n-ar installed?
15:26.20SteamedPenguinestel: is your system set up for localization and do you have Arabic fonts?
15:26.26sipluswell, the gnome-applets are a bit better imo. such as: system monitor. i can't stand the KDE one, the wireless monitor, and a few others
15:26.58annmaestel: your font is not correct
15:27.04siplusbut i like KDE a lot more as the desktop environment... i don't want to choose between the DE and applets--that's just silly. i want to have both
15:27.41mobtekheh whats more important ?
15:27.43estelSteamedPenguin: i have installed kde-i18n-ar and some fonts (ttf-arabeyes xfonts-intl-arabic xfonts-efont-unicode xfonts-efont-unicode-ib)
15:28.12kayalisiplus: you're so damn right ;) use whatever you like. I personaly don't want any piece of gnome on my box, but if you like their applets.... try quitting kde and see if the xxxxx-panel starts again :)
15:28.35mobtekkayali: good idea
15:28.49annmaestel: what app has problems specifically?
15:28.52mobtekI'd be interested to see if it remembers it
15:29.04estelevery kde application - kicker, kdesktop, kwin....
15:29.41annmaestel: what font is set in KControl?
15:29.46*** join/#kde RizeNine (~RizeNine@
15:29.52siplusalright, i'll just try relogging in and see if it automagically pops up. if not, i  just made a non-KDE app button that starts gnome-panel :)
15:30.17dwangosiplus, otherwise you can add it to ~/.kde/Autostart
15:30.19kayaliit should remember it
15:30.23siplusthat's a good idea
15:31.03estelannma: shell i install new fonts or what do you mean exactly?
15:31.18annmaestel: open KControl
15:31.44estelwhich section - which point?
15:31.45SteamedPenguinestel: in your kernel do you have arabic support?
15:31.45annmaestel: in Appearance & Themes, look at fonts
15:31.50mobtekheeh siplus
15:31.59annmaSteamedPenguin: isn't that enabled?
15:32.08siplusdwango: would i add gnome-panel to the bottom of the ~/.kde/Autostart/Autorun.desktop, or would i make a new file in ~/.kde/Autostart ?
15:32.19SteamedPenguinannma: it depends on whether the kernel is provided or self-compiled
15:32.20annmaestel: point me to an arabic website please
15:32.45annmaSteamedPenguin: so far I never had problems with cyrillic and japanese for example
15:32.50annmaor hebrew
15:32.59*** join/#kde redduck666 (redduck666@
15:33.05estelannma: i don't know an arabic site - i can't even speak arabic, but i have an internet kiosk ;-)
15:33.20dwangosiplus, not exactly sure, but since its a directory I would think you could just make a new file.
15:33.30estelinternet cafe
15:33.34dwangoor a link to gnome-panel, perhaps
15:33.49annmais arabic ar?
15:34.03*** join/#kde alexissoft (
15:34.03SteamedPenguinannma: yes
15:34.56*** join/#kde Oleg_ (~oleg@
15:34.57annmaestel: should be a few minutes until I compile it
15:35.05estelannma: ok, thanks
15:35.59Oleg_oh my God, anybody uses apollon?
15:36.10kayalihey, something I've been wondering since the day I've been using kde... I usually live my life in both french and english. How do I go about switching between those two languages spellchecker wise? For instance, launch kmail, write a message, spellcheck it in french. Start a new one, this one should be spellchecked in english. Different kopete windows, different spellcheck languages. Is that even possible? (using aspell)
15:36.13segfault2ki do Oleg_
15:36.50Oleg_segfault2k: you are able to connect to OpenFt, Fastrack, and etc.?
15:37.02Oleg_try it now
15:37.07segfault2kim conected in fastrrack
15:37.21segfault2kapollon init and connect with my kde
15:37.31*** join/#kde spike (~spike@spike.user)
15:37.34spikehi there
15:37.53Oleg_I can't connect for some reason
15:37.53segfault2know im downloading in fasttrack
15:37.57*** join/#kde siplus (
15:37.59segfault2kgiftd logs'
15:38.04sipluscool... it started up automatically
15:38.11Oleg_ok, how can I see them?
15:38.13*** join/#kde Gavrila (
15:38.20redduck666every time i reboot i need to go kmenu --> control center --> regional & accesibility --> keyboard layout --> xkb options and than uncheck "3rd level chooser --> press right win-key to choose 3rd level" than hit apply and than check that box and hit apply again to make that button do what i want it to do. is this a bug or do i simply need to store settings?
15:38.25spikeunfortunatly even on linux sometimes things b0rk, and ps aux | grep ... kill isn't exactly userfriendly. isn't there some kde app tat can help with that?
15:39.23Oleg_giftd logs'?
15:39.29annmaestel: ok, done
15:39.58annmaestel: as soon as I went to KControl and choose arabic as language, kcontrol displayed arabic
15:40.01*** join/#kde meadmaker (
15:40.11annmaestel: I had nothing to do for it
15:40.25*** join/#kde langenberg (
15:40.26kayaliestel: how did you install your fonts?
15:40.43esteli'm using debian - apt
15:40.57siplusthe only thing is.... the gaim system tray icon now shows up in the gnome-panel, and it won't go in the kde panel :-/
15:41.03annmaestel: I am running kde from sources
15:41.08segfault2kOleg_: run an giftd -v
15:41.13annmaestel: the best is to ask in #debian-kde
15:41.14segfault2kand then run apollon
15:41.16segfault2ktry to connect
15:41.26kayalibut did you update the X config file, or did you restart XFS ... are you sure the fonts are known about by the X server?
15:41.47esteli'll try
15:42.03*** part/#kde spike (~spike@spike.user)
15:42.22annmaestel: that's what I have
15:42.41estelok, thank you
15:42.42segfault2kwhat language is that annma
15:42.44segfault2kthe symbols
15:42.47*** join/#kde Skiver (~DebianLin@
15:42.48annmasegfault2k: arabic
15:42.51*** join/#kde skiold (
15:42.58annmasegfault2k: I just tried it
15:43.14estelannma: what fonts do you use?
15:43.30annmaestel: I like languages, I'd be thrilled to get KHangMan in arabic if that game exists in that language
15:43.43annmaestel: I did nto change anything at all in my kde
15:44.00annmaarial as general foont
15:44.16annmaarial almost everywhere in kde
15:44.23esteli'm using bitstream, so i'll try to change
15:44.46annmaestel: whit japanese or cyrillic or arabic the right font should be automatically used
15:45.03estelrussian language does work
15:45.07estelgreek does not
15:45.09annmaI can view anything without changing fonts
15:45.18Oleg_segfault2k: ok, Gnutella: No hosts to try. Looking in gwebcaches...
15:45.18Oleg_[10:45:12] Gnutella: Retrying to connect to nodes...
15:45.28annmaestel: however debian has a special way for languages
15:45.31*** join/#kde cmot (
15:45.36annmaestel: maybe google can help
15:45.44*** part/#kde cmot (
15:45.45Oleg_segfault2k: this is just one of the examples of the messages that still continue to run
15:46.15segfault2khow did you compile apollon and gift?
15:46.32Oleg_stTrack: fst_session.c:164(fst_session_disconnect): disconnected from
15:46.51Oleg_I compiled it using the graphical all in one installer
15:47.01Oleg_this problem happened recently
15:47.13*** join/#kde code_ (
15:47.15Oleg_before that I could connect to everything
15:47.48*** join/#kde Kew (~xcv@
15:48.00KewHi do you have webhosting or reseller ?
15:48.06*** part/#kde Kew (~xcv@
15:48.21segfault2kf&$&$ing spammer
15:49.19Oleg_so, you dunno?
15:50.20annmaOleg_: recently? so remove the config files
15:51.09*** join/#kde snicky (
15:51.27snickywhats the kde irc client ?
15:51.47*** join/#kde bluesceada (~itsjustme@bluesceada.user)
15:51.51snickyit krashes
15:52.01Oleg_ok, I just entered #apollon and I got this message: Problem connecting? Delete  ~/.giFT/<Plugin>/nodes
15:52.46snickylike in pops out of the screen and asks if you wanna send bug reports
15:53.03segfault2ksnicky: go to #konversation
15:53.48snickyi tought ksirc was the kde irc client
15:54.10segfault2kbut konvi is better :P
15:54.54snickyif you want KDE 2 = windows
15:55.24*** join/#kde mikkel (~mikkel@
15:55.32aseigoyes, it's ksirc
15:55.38*** join/#kde nh (
15:56.13aseigoand konvi is getting better... current devel is pretty good... still a little heavy on the cpu at times and the notifications aren't as well tuned as ksirc, but it's got a lot of other things going for it too
15:56.27kayaliaseigo: aren't they going to drop it in favor of konvi?
15:56.43aseigothe difference between the last stable release and the current devel is huge, so... i expect konvi to overtake ksirc sooner rather than later...
15:57.01aseigokayali: no such decision has been made, no
15:57.11Oleg_ok, I deleted ~/.giFT and now I am able to connect to OpenFT and FastTrack
15:57.31Oleg_but why can't I connect to Gnutella?
15:57.41snickypls j #kedora
15:57.51snickyit need more peeps
15:57.55kayaliso noone knows how to handle my spell checking annoyances?
15:58.41snickyi want a irc with speelcheking
15:59.00aseigokayali: i believe the kspell2 lib in development is capable of switching langs.
15:59.09aseigokayali: but not the current one
15:59.10*** join/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
16:01.09*** join/#kde oggb4mp3_ (
16:03.22*** join/#kde AnotherData (
16:05.11*** join/#kde ponto (
16:05.29*** join/#kde gyo (
16:06.16kayaliaseigo: ok thanks. I'll be waiting :)
16:06.49AnotherDataanyone find any slackware packages for kde 3.4 yet....?
16:07.00gyohi all
16:07.34gyoIs it possible to print more than 4 pages per sheet with kdeprint ?
16:07.54*** join/#kde gnumdk_ (
16:08.18gyognumdk, tiens salut
16:08.49annmaAnotherData: there will be Klax packages soon probably
16:08.59pontogyo:  use the appropriate filter
16:09.12gyoponto, how ?
16:09.41pontogyo: in the print dialog you can select a filter which allows you to print more than 4 pages on a sheet
16:10.21*** join/#kde sdnnvs (
16:10.23*** join/#kde _root (
16:10.52*** part/#kde sdnnvs (
16:11.03*** join/#kde gnumdk (~gnumdk@
16:11.42*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
16:11.54gyoponto, in properties dialog ?
16:12.04r00tsh3lldoes anybody already did slackpacks for kde 3.4 final?
16:12.10pontogyo:  what do you use,   kprinter?
16:12.26pontogyo: it is in the properties dialog of the printer
16:13.04gyoponto, yes but it is limited to 4 ...
16:13.17pontogyo:  then go to the filter  section
16:13.56pontogyo: and add the filter for multiple pages printing
16:14.21*** join/#kde gnumdk_ (~gnumdk@
16:14.27*** join/#kde thiago (
16:15.23*** part/#kde terra1 (
16:15.24*** join/#kde [miles_work] (
16:16.03[miles_work]Hi, can anyone tell me how to dissable the log windows on KDM in 3.4... its sitting in the top right of my display
16:16.07[miles_work]erm, top left
16:16.30*** join/#kde apokryphos (~apokrypho@
16:17.04*** join/#kde borndbad (
16:17.45gyoponto, mm when I select (not add) multipage filter, it says that its'nt available
16:18.05pontogyo: maybe you miss the needed program.  it is   psnup
16:18.18gyooh ok
16:20.38*** part/#kde [miles_work] (
16:22.04*** join/#kde alexissoft (
16:23.05*** join/#kde mobtek (
16:24.08*** join/#kde qmonkey (
16:24.21mobtekit be sleep time
16:24.28*** join/#kde DaBlade (
16:24.53DaBladeI'm running Fedora Core 3, KDE 3.3.1-2.6.FC3
16:25.09DaBladeI wanna update it, but I don't understand konstruct too well
16:25.33DaBladeIf I understand the readme correctly, it'll only update it for my account. I want a system wide update
16:25.33*** join/#kde radiohead (~Ware@
16:26.00*** join/#kde tue (
16:26.10DaBladeI have probably missed something, but I got too much to do read long guides
16:26.15DaBladecan anyone help me out?
16:28.01DeuXDaBlade: maybe you might want to try some other distro that comes with prebuilt KDE 3.4 :)
16:28.03annmawhere does it say it'll be just for your user?
16:28.04radioheadim using src for kde 3.4 but i get this err
16:28.05radioheadconfigure: error: xmkmf/imake not found. Please make sure it's in PATH!
16:28.10*** join/#kde peppelorum (
16:28.12*** join/#kde nutshell42 (
16:28.13DeuXbut well FC4 test 1 comes with it rite ?
16:28.14DaBladeDeuX: No thanks. I'm gonna stick to fedora
16:28.16radioheadi know i have imake on /usr/X11*
16:28.18*** join/#kde Simkin (
16:28.33DaBladeAnd I'm not gonna update to FC4 till FC4 reaches stable
16:29.02apokryphosDaBlade: kde 3.4 is in the repositories
16:29.03DeuXradi0head: it's part of xorg so you might be missing one or two stuffs
16:29.04DaBladeI downloaded and extracted konstruct in /home/dablade/downloads/konstruct/
16:29.11apokryphosDaBlade: rc1 is, at least.
16:29.33DaBladeapokryphos: installing through RPMs provided some serious problems when I updated to 3.3
16:29.40DeuXDaBlade: why don't you try the RPMS ?
16:29.48apokryphosDaBlade: the repos gave you problems?
16:30.14apokryphosDaBlade: then you should try it :). Two people in my house are using it, and it's working pretty smoothly there.
16:30.14DaBladeI downloaded the RPMs before they came out to the apt repositories, and tried installing them with rpm -ivh *
16:30.15DeuXradiohead: can I know what distro is this ?
16:30.20radioheadslackware DeuX
16:30.34radioheadand DeuX /usr/X11R6/bin/xmkmf
16:30.36DaBladeI don't wanna install every RPM manually. it could take ages. I'd rather have an automated process
16:30.56apokryphosDaBlade: I understand, and you surely won't have to if you fetch 'em from the repositories.
16:31.10DaBladebut it's not in the apt repos yet
16:31.10DeuXthat doesn't make sense radiohead... I'm not sure why it's complaining
16:31.16apokryphosDaBlade: konstruct will take much, much longer, and the chances of an error to fix are higher I'd say
16:31.23radioheadDeuX, do no man
16:31.27apokryphosDaBlade: rc1 is, yes.
16:31.32DaBladeokay...repositories it is
16:31.43DaBladeno...I don't wanna update to FC4
16:32.05DeuXradiohead: can you run "echo $PATH" ?
16:32.12apokryphosDaBlade: (not sure if that's addressed to me.. but you of course don't need to)
16:32.13annmaDaBlade: where does it say it'll be just for your user?
16:33.36DaBladeif I gotta install them manually, I gotta install them one by one, in a particular pattern because of the dependencies they have on each other
16:33.40apokryphosDeuX: there's not too much point him going through the whole process with rpms etc, if the repos have rc1.
16:33.54DaBlademind giving me a list of which ones to install first, and which after that?
16:34.06DaBladeZelda - Ocarina of Time; The best game ever :D
16:34.18annmaQt arts kdelibs kdebase
16:34.22annmais the order
16:34.31DaBladethere are a lot more packages than those
16:34.31annmaDaBlade: ^^
16:34.39apokryphosDaBlade: I don't think you need to do them one at a time. You can put them all in a folder and do "rpm -ivh *" I think. With dpkg you can at least; will resolve dependencies there.
16:34.45annmaafter that, order does not matter, DaBlade
16:34.53redduck666hi blade
16:34.57apokryphosDaBlade: but I'm still wondering why you wouldn't get it from the repos...
16:34.58DaBladehiya RD
16:35.08DeuXDaBlade: qt,arts, kdelibs, kdebase, the rest... then the last one is kdeaddons :)
16:35.29DeuXnods nods... rpm -Uvh * should work too
16:36.00DaBladeis there no way to make like a chain of commands? (once you finish doing that, do this, and after that, do this...)
16:36.20apokryphosDaBlade: have you been reading what's been written? :)
16:36.36gyoponto, ok thanks, it works now :)
16:36.39apokryphosDaBlade: you don't need to do that. Download them, put them in the folder, and use the wildcard. I'm pretty confident that that'll work.
16:36.39DaBladenot every message. It's hard to keep up with both a chat and TV
16:36.53apokryphoskill the TV then ;-)
16:36.56DaBladeapokryphos: it didn't when I installed 3.3
16:37.01DeuXrpm -Uvh arts* ; rpm -Uvh kdelibs*; blablabla
16:37.25DeuXyou can use && too instead of ;
16:37.36DaBladeI'll use ; since it's shorter
16:37.42DeuXand that double & is not a typo :)
16:37.42DaBladethanks for your help people :D
16:37.48DeuXnp :)
16:37.57DaBladeI'll go download the RPMs now
16:38.01DaBladeoh, just one more thing
16:38.01DeuXI hope it works well with you
16:38.07DaBladedo I need to exit X when updating?
16:38.12apokryphosDaBlade: no
16:38.20DeuXbut you need to restart after you update
16:38.23DaBladeokay, so I'll just do it in konsole
16:38.36DaBladeadios people
16:38.40apokryphosDeuX: well, not really :P
16:38.47apokryphosoh, restart x, yes.
16:39.05DaBladeI'll restart the entire computer
16:39.16DaBladeit's been on for ages anyway..won't hurt it
16:39.20apokryphosit's not needed, but it's your choice.
16:39.28DaBladeadios amigos
16:41.00*** join/#kde abc (
16:42.38*** join/#kde aramirez (
16:42.54DeuXapokryphos: well normally my konqy doesn't work well after update; unless I restart :)
16:43.22apokryphosDeuX: sorry, I was momentarily confused. A restart of x should be done, sure.
16:43.52DeuX:) nods nods... you made me confused there for a while too :)
16:43.58DeuXit's OK no biggies
16:44.17*** join/#kde trident3 (~tri@2001:610:63b:0:201:80ff:fe4f:2b1a)
16:44.27*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
16:44.52*** join/#kde PieD (
16:45.02r00tsh3llhow can i disable checksun in konstruct?!
16:45.13Oleg_canllaith is what, not here?
16:45.17*** join/#kde ptfd9100 (
16:45.20Oleg_oh, her nick is here
16:45.22annmar00tsh3ll: look in the script
16:45.45r00tsh3llannma, searching for... gonna look again
16:49.10r00tsh3llannma, cant find the related line.. can u help me?
16:49.28annmar00tsh3ll: I don;t have konstruct here
16:49.31*** join/#kde alexissoft (
16:49.39annmawhy would you do that in fact?
16:49.59r00tsh3lli already downloaded the tarballs
16:50.38annmaso compile them by hand
16:50.52annmauntar, ./configure make  make install
16:51.05annmafor qt, arts, kdelibs, kdebase
16:51.09annmaand the others
16:51.11*** join/#kde cm_patric (~bunt20@
16:53.10*** join/#kde Cerulean (~Cerulean@giannaros.developer.kde)
16:53.50*** join/#kde arnes (
16:54.00*** join/#kde ataxic (
16:54.30*** join/#kde m-e-t (
16:54.33*** join/#kde ijuma82 (
16:54.41*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
16:54.41m-e-tsomeone here to help me with konstruct?
16:54.49r00tsh3lli prefer to use konstruct cuz i still need kde 3.3 here
16:54.50*** join/#kde unkown (
16:54.50*** part/#kde unkown (
16:55.45*** join/#kde gjungle (~gjungle@
16:56.03annmam-e-t: what's up?
16:56.18m-e-tkonstruct claims that i don't have qt >= 3.3 but portage says i ha ve 3.3.3
16:56.47SteamedPenguinm-e-t: this is for KDE 3.4.0?
16:56.51annmam-e-t: konstruct does nto care about portage
16:56.52m-e-tSteamedPenguin: yes
16:57.00annmam-e-t: set QTDIR
16:57.07SteamedPenguinm-e-t: just emerge -uD kde
16:57.13annmaecho $QTDIR and paste
16:57.23m-e-tannma: ok
16:57.26annmathe proble with Gentoo is that it teaches nothing
16:57.56annmam-e-t: however you might want to 'emerge' kde as SteamedPenguin said
16:58.17m-e-tno. my portage is somehow broken
16:58.28SteamedPenguinannma: well, in Arabic we say "do you want the grapes or do you want to fight the vinyard guard?"
16:58.30kayaliannma: some people want to learn, some just don't care. which distro 'teaches' you about $QTDIR?
16:58.32m-e-talways behaves like emerge --pretend
16:58.35*** join/#kde qmonkey (
16:58.45m-e-teven when i just emerge
16:58.49annmakayali: Gentoo versus 'normal compilation'
16:59.00SteamedPenguinannma: normal my beeswax
16:59.04kayaliannma: oh of course :)
16:59.08annmathe first thing I learnt when 'compiling' Qt is to set QTDIR
16:59.50SteamedPenguinm-e-t: how is your portage broken?
17:01.06*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
17:01.15*** join/#kde adaran (
17:01.21r00tsh3llannma: got it :)
17:01.30*** join/#kde Beholders_Eye (
17:02.01*** join/#kde lymz (
17:02.28annmar00tsh3ll: compiling by hand lets you install where you want: you do that by choosing a KDEDIR
17:02.35annmaso you can keep your kde 3.3
17:02.45annma(just to let you know)
17:03.04chakiekonstruct is a big aid when compiling kde
17:03.17chakiei don't know if it's updated for 3.4 yet?
17:03.27xzzprobably ..
17:03.29SteamedPenguinportage lets you install where you want too for that matter.
17:03.41xzzDoesn't it fetch from cvs?
17:04.33annmaSteamedPenguin: how?
17:05.42*** join/#kde SlackUX (
17:06.14Beinerir00tsh3ll: why would you want to disable checksum checking?
17:06.24annmaSteamedPenguin: how do you set your install dir in Gentoo?
17:06.37annmaBeineri: he already downloaded the tarballs
17:06.43Beineriannma: and?
17:06.47SlackUXAnyone experiencing kicker using 1.0% CPU time every 5 seconds or so?
17:06.54*** join/#kde gronk (
17:06.59annmaBeineri: and I don't know as I don't have konstruct
17:07.17annmaBeineri: I told him to issue ./configure && make && make install
17:07.29Beineriannma: great ;-(
17:07.55annmaI think there's a way to use konstruct on sources you already have, isn't ti?
17:07.56Beinerir00tsh3ll: throw the tarballs into $(HOME)/kde3.4-sources or whatever you configured as GARCHIVEDIR
17:08.07*** part/#kde Beholders_Eye (
17:08.08annmaah, yes
17:08.22annmaBeineri: a konstruct channel is needed
17:08.33Beineriannma: people reading the README are needed
17:08.43SteamedPenguinannma: I am looking into it
17:08.54*** join/#kde Marrs|vroc (
17:09.06SlackUXkde 3.4 is no different to RC1,  oh well, still great release
17:09.17annmaSlackUX: well, bug fixes
17:09.26SlackUXI assumed :-)
17:09.43annmabut no new features, no
17:09.54SlackUXbut the kmenu bug is stilll there
17:09.59m-e-tannma: /usr/qt/3
17:10.09Beineriannma: and about "compiling by hand lets you install where you want" - guess what the "prefix" configuration option in README is good for
17:10.16DeuXKMenu bug ???
17:10.19Beineris/option/option described/
17:10.24SlackUXwhen you use kmenu for the first time
17:10.35SlackUXis draws to the right of the screen
17:10.59annmaBeineri: I just said that as information
17:10.59DeuXnot happening here
17:11.02m-e-tannma: qt is really in there
17:11.08DeuXSlackUX: at least it's not happening to me since rc1
17:11.17Beineriannma: sounded more like campaigning against Konstruct
17:11.19annmam-e-t: so what is your problem?
17:11.22SlackUXdamn, strange that then
17:11.29annmaBeineri: no! of course not!
17:11.35DeuXit might be distro related...
17:11.49annmaBeineri: I try to help with konstruct the much I can
17:11.49DeuXwell... let's see what others have to say about it
17:11.59m-e-tannma: well, konstruct doesn't seem to believe $QTDIR
17:12.02Beineriok, now we touched the first and the second option described under "Configuration" in the README. Let me look what's the third one...
17:12.15annmaBeineri: see what m-e-t said
17:12.22annmam-e-t: what error?
17:12.30BeineriKonstruct doesn't use a set QTDIR by default
17:12.35m-e-tannma: same as above
17:12.42m-e-tchecking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
17:12.45annmaI did nto see above, retell
17:13.03DeuXm-e-t... your qt and qt-devels are installed ?
17:13.04annmam-e-t: look in config.log where it looks
17:13.11DeuXI mean qt-devels
17:13.19Beinerim-e-t: do you try with or without HAVE_QT_3_3_INSTALLED set?
17:13.23annmaDeuX: presumably as it's qt from Gentoo
17:13.44DeuXwell... DeuX didn't play with gentoo... so I have 0 idea :)
17:14.11annmaDeuX: Gentoo is a compilation distro so all packages have devel files
17:14.28m-e-twhat does Beineri mean?
17:14.32annmam-e-t: with or without?
17:14.33SlackUXkde seems to be faster with CXXFLAGS optimized for athlon-xp
17:14.43Beinerim-e-t: you read the README, you know about ?
17:14.44annmam-e-t: he means you have to read the README
17:14.49m-e-tBeineri: yes
17:14.56*** join/#kde Tilos (
17:14.56Beinerim-e-t: do you try with or without HAVE_QT_3_3_INSTALLED set?
17:15.23m-e-twithout, i must confess
17:15.46Beinerithen Konstruct should install its own Qt
17:15.49m-e-ti activated it
17:18.50BeineriThis would require them to know about it and to read the README.
17:19.03Beineri(if they don't know that they have to do it)
17:19.19annmagood idea
17:19.42Beineriannma: really? I bet it would cause a flood of "Konstruct is broken" bug reports.
17:19.46m-e-ti really did with the unstable version some weeks ago
17:19.59*** join/#kde omnistegan (
17:20.02annmawe'll close the reports as INVALID
17:20.08r00tsh3llkonstruct is too r0x! :-p
17:20.15omnisteganhey guys I was trying to compile kde 3.4 and got this error:
17:20.24r00tsh3llgot to compile 3.4 final with it now
17:20.34annmaomnistegan: compiling how?
17:20.42omnisteganusing konstruct
17:21.13Beineriomnistegan: install xorg-x11-devel or xfree86-devel
17:21.56Beinerior whatever package of your distro contains imake
17:22.43omnisteganuse that command in stead of "cd meta/kde;make install"?
17:22.51*** join/#kde chavo (
17:23.11SlackUXAny you people hear about nerolinux?  lol
17:23.37gyooh yes
17:23.38srednaSlackUX: I heard that it sucks badly
17:23.51srednaLucky for me, I have k3b :)
17:24.06SlackUXI wouldn't touch it with my dads bargepoll
17:24.20*** join/#kde Theory (
17:24.43SlackUXWhy indeed would you want that over k3b
17:24.58omnisteganBeineri: use that command in stead of "cd meta/kde;make install"?
17:25.43m-e-tdoes anyone know how long meta/everything takes?
17:26.00lippelhmm, are gentoo servers hitten by the kde-updating crowd?
17:26.04SlackUXsredna: it even looks like the windows version, which is yuck
17:27.00Beineriomnistegan: what command?
17:27.02r00tsh3llm-e-t: depends of ur computer..
17:27.12m-e-t1,5 ghz p4
17:27.23*** join/#kde jc_ (
17:27.27omnistegani used: cd meta/kde;make install
17:27.43Beineriomnistegan: I told you no command
17:27.45r00tsh3lland ur connection speed do download the tarballs m-e-t
17:28.02srednaSlackUX: I haven't had windows in this century, I never tried it on windows :^)
17:28.03*** join/#kde mkerrin (~michael@
17:28.05Beineriomnistegan: you're missing development packages on your system apparently
17:28.17*** join/#kde swatch123 (~debianer@
17:28.29r00tsh3llm-e-t: i've a athlon xp 1.7 and it took almost 1 hour..
17:28.46SlackUXsredna: I cannot remember the last time I had to load it, (wife likes to play RCT3)
17:28.46omnisteganBeineri: I just installed slackware 10.1, is there easy access to these anywhere?
17:29.00m-e-tr00tsh3ll: one hour for meta/everything???
17:29.29Beineriomnistegan: try the Slackware repository? :-)
17:29.46r00tsh3llya this time just to compile.. after download...
17:29.51Beinerim-e-t: maybe a "0" missing behind the "1" ;-)
17:30.00m-e-ti assume so...
17:30.23omnistegandoes that error mentions which one(s) specifically I was missing? I couldnt see anything
17:30.51Beineriomnistegan: I told you which one was missing
17:30.57r00tsh3llBeineri: how long took for u? and which processor do u have? just wonderinfgg..
17:31.05*** join/#kde jeroenvrp (
17:31.07SlackUXIs it me or is the text wraping round the picture as you move the picture in kword just damn good!
17:31.11omnistegansorry, its early, thanks very much
17:31.41Beinerir00tsh3ll: can't remember, usually do it only incrementally and most times on slow laptop (hdd)
17:31.48jeroenvrphil all
17:32.17*** join/#kde tsb (
17:32.18swatch123Is salckware 10 easier to usr than uthers?
17:32.19jeroenvrpstrange things with Kontact
17:32.42jeroenvrpcrashes, but when I run it from another user on the same machine, no problems
17:33.06annmajeroenvrp: run it from konsole to se why it crashes
17:33.19jeroenvrpI deleted all  kontact related files under .kde/share/config and .kde/share/apps
17:33.27jeroenvrpannma: OK lets try that
17:33.37tsbAnyone here on Gentoo? I just emerged kdebase-meta, which went fine. Trying to emerge something else, say kdepim, requires kdebase, which is blocked my my metapackage, so I can't get it... Similar for other ebuilds. Do I have to inject, or what? Seems a simple emerge kde would be easier..
17:33.39*** join/#kde Flendor (Flendor@
17:33.42FlendorGood evening.
17:34.03annmatsb: and why emerge kde does not work?
17:34.12SteamedPenguintsb: you are trying to emerge KDE 3.4 ?
17:34.15jeroenvrp*** KMail got signal 11 (Crashing)
17:34.16jeroenvrpKCrash: Application 'kontact' crashing...
17:34.30tsbSteamedPenguin, yes, I emerge kdebase-meta-3.4.0, and this worked fine
17:34.31annmajeroenvrp: so it's KMail that's crashing
17:34.32Flendor:D Hello Linux mama!
17:34.40jeroenvrpKMail standalone and all other kontact-apps standalone are working great
17:34.42annmahi Flendor
17:35.05tsbSteamedPenguin, but If I try to emerge something else now, say kdepim or kdemultimedia, I get for instance.. (last for lines following:)
17:35.12tsb[blocks B     ] =kde-base/kdm-3.4* (is blocking kde-base/kdebase-3.4.0)
17:35.12tsb[blocks B     ] =kde-base/libkonq-3.4* (is blocking kde-base/kdebase-3.4.0)
17:35.12tsb[ebuild  N    ] kde-base/kdebase-3.4.0
17:35.12tsb[ebuild  N    ] kde-base/kdemultimedia-3.4.0
17:35.30tsbAll the kde-base packages are unmasked..
17:36.06annmaGentoo is a sort of Carnival if I get it
17:36.14omnisteganhmm, i installed x11-devel-6.8.1-i486-3.tgz but I still got the same error, did i overlook something?
17:36.14annmasome are masked, other not
17:36.25SteamedPenguintsb: are you using /etc/portage/package.unmask and .keywords ?
17:36.27tsbSo I'm thinking I *could* just inject kdebase, but this seems too hackish to be the best solution for this..
17:36.33tsbSteamedPenguin, indeed
17:36.45tsbi have like all 306 packages or whatever in there
17:36.59jeroenvrpindeed I can click on all teh components, but when I click Mail, Kontact crashes when I press a random other component
17:37.05SteamedPenguintsb: sweet, that makes it easy. paste me the relevent lines for kdebase from both those
17:37.42SteamedPenguintsb: don't jump to conclusions. injecting stuff willynilly just makes it less likely to track down the real issue
17:38.03tsbExcacly, which is why I haven't done it and came here to whine instead. :=)
17:38.04SteamedPenguinannma: that's because they are not 'stable' yet
17:38.07omnisteganBeineri: hmm, i installed x11-devel-6.8.1-i486-3.tgz but I still got the same error, did i overlook something?
17:38.16annmanot 'stable' /
17:38.19Beineriomnistegan: can you run imake and xmkmf?
17:38.21annmawhy not?
17:38.27annmaSteamedPenguin: what do they need?
17:38.38omnisteganimake: command not found
17:39.27Beineriomnistegan: does /usr/X11R6/bin/imake exist?
17:40.03SteamedPenguinannma: I don't know what they need. It is a process similar to debian where packages and software gets tested for stability. So that if a user wants to install a stable system gentoo has some guarantee of being able to say you'll have a stable system.
17:40.56Beineriomnistegan: according to the link I posted it should be even in the x11-6.8.1-i486-3 package - do you have an X-server installed? ;-)
17:41.09tsbSteamedPenguin, it is explained here, actually;
17:41.14omnisteganBeineri: sorry, i guess it does
17:41.32annmaSteamedPenguin: except debian packages are not source so one can understand they need testing
17:41.48annmain Gentoo however the source as shipped by KDE is used
17:41.54Beineriomnistegan: and /usr/X11R6/bin/xmkmf also doesn't exist?
17:42.35SteamedPenguinannma: sometimes gentoo provides patches for some archs or some compiler combos.
17:42.37omnisteganBeineri: they both do exist
17:43.05annmaoatches in the source?
17:43.06Beineriomnistegan: what now? do you have /usr/X11R6/bin in your PATH?
17:43.21*** join/#kde tzanger (~tzanger@
17:43.23omnisteganBeineri: for the install?
17:43.24SteamedPenguinannma: no, sources are virgin,
17:43.29Beineriomnistegan: always
17:43.33tzangeris there a way I can set a passive popup via DCOP?
17:43.40tzangerI'm scanning through kdcop but nothing's coming out at me
17:43.42SteamedPenguinannma: but as you emerge things get patched
17:43.44omnisteganBeineri: I don't know how, I'm not very familiar with PATH
17:43.46Beinerinobody wants to miss xeyes ;-)
17:44.05Beineriomnistegan: you're sure Slackware and compiling from source is the right thing for you?
17:44.11tsbSteamedPenguin, was that enough?
17:44.23SteamedPenguintsb: ok, hold on: >=kde-base/noatun-3.4.0_beta1 for package.unmask
17:44.27omnisteganBeineri, how else should i do this?
17:44.36omnisteganBeineri, i couldnt find a package
17:44.39Beineriomnistegan: use a newbie distribution, use binary packages
17:44.58*** join/#kde jaybuffet (
17:45.19omnisteganBeineri, you calling me a newbie? sheesh, i may be an idiot but i'm not new to linux
17:45.22jaybuffetstupid question... where do i go to change the color of the buttons in the taskbar ?
17:45.45srednaDoes anybody here know which kind of server is required to publish free/busy times with korganizer?
17:45.50SteamedPenguinannma: mind you, I rarely see KDE patched in gentoo unless it is security fixes or arch fixes.
17:45.59r00tsh3lljaybuffet: panel config?!
17:46.00Beineriomnistegan: how it's possible that you don't know how to add an application path to your PATH?
17:46.34omnisteganBeineri, I've never done it before? Nobody ever told me how, how about you be the first :p
17:46.34tsbSteamedPenguin, all the apps in packes.unmask are listed without any comparison-operator though.. is that okay?
17:46.42tsbSteamedPenguin, yeah? didn't change anything..
17:47.28tzangeromnistegan: I don't think that's what he was saying
17:47.36jeroenvrpso nobody can help me with my kontact crash
17:47.41jeroenvrpanother 3.4 problem
17:47.54annmaso SteamedPenguin the reason for the 3.4 not being stable is quite difficult to understand
17:48.00Beineriomnistegan: I would prefer someone else does it, like in #slackware-newbies (no, this is not distribution-specific)
17:48.06annmaexcept Gentoo scripts are not stable
17:48.42*** part/#kde omnistegan (
17:49.32*** join/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
17:49.47jeroenvrpwhen using knewstuff it syas "error parsing providers list"
17:50.11annmajeroenvrp: what app?
17:50.36SteamedPenguinannma: jesus, are you just trying to be antagonistic?
17:50.46jeroenvrpannma: everwhere where it is used, example when trying to get backgrounds
17:50.54annmaSteamedPenguin: I am trying to understand Gentoo
17:51.07SteamedPenguinannma: just because project A says 'stable' doesn't mean Gentoo has to jump and say stable.
17:51.18annmajeroenvrp: well it's not possible everywhere
17:51.28annmaSteamedPenguin: I thought so, yes
17:51.31jeroenvrpannma: in KDE 3.4 RC1 it was possible
17:51.42annmaas Gentoo use stable sources from project A
17:51.51jaybuffetr00tsh3ll:  I'm looking under Configure Panel - - Appearance..  can't find it.. am i blind?
17:51.57Beinerijeroenvrp: known problem
17:51.59annmajeroenvrp: each app has a different provider file
17:52.13annmaBeineri: what do you mean?
17:52.19annmahow is it known?
17:52.25SteamedPenguinannma: but gentoo only has project A's word for it.
17:52.35annmaisn;t that enough?
17:52.41Beineriannma: a report? I guess something broke when got upgraded
17:52.45tsbso if I release some application
17:52.50tsband tell gentoo, hey listen, this is stable
17:53.00annmaBeineri: I am asking only kde=look or all knewstuff?
17:53.01tsbthey should implement it and mark it stable RIGHT AWAY?
17:53.01jeroenvrpBeineri: ok in Quanta it is possible
17:53.17tsbWhat if I fucked up and theres 3 major memoryleaks in it, making the whole system unstable?
17:53.22annmawhy not? as they don't change the sources
17:53.27jeroenvrpbut why did it work in RC1 and not now
17:53.32annmatsb: they never changed the sources
17:53.45Beinerijeroenvrp: repeat, got upgraded
17:53.48annmajeroenvrp: so it's just the wallpapers, right?
17:54.10tsbBut my point is that just because *I* say my application is stable, doesn't mean it is!
17:54.14annmatsb: how will they fix the mem leak?
17:54.25tsbAnd certainly not on every distro avaliable
17:54.31annmatsb: yeah but they devclare it stable a few days after anyway
17:54.36tsbthey *won't*, but they won't mark it stable, either
17:54.39SteamedPenguinannma: maybe they won't fix the mem-leak, but then they won't mark it as stable.
17:54.45annmaeither it is from the start or it's not
17:55.05tsbdamn annma, go back to windows.. :=)
17:55.16*** join/#kde aseigo_work (
17:55.17tsbIt's unstable enough for you, eviudently. :)
17:55.19annmaSteamedPenguin: yeah, I agree it can be unstable, my point is it always go to stable in the end
17:55.20*** join/#kde cobra_ (
17:55.22jeroenvrpyes via backgrounds under look  and feel and under kdm-config
17:55.44annmatsb: I am a kde developer that's why I ask, as I know source code and tarballs
17:56.00annmajeroenvrp: other KNewStuff work OK, right?
17:56.11jeroenvrpannma: which ones,  quanta is ok
17:56.16cobra_excuse me, with xbindkeys or stuff like that, which command shoud i bind for having my kdemenu who appear when i touch the right key ?
17:56.17SteamedPenguinannma: in any case, the split ebuild thing makes things interesting. the gentoo KDE devs want to make sure that everything works right. So they mask those packages until they are satisfied.
17:56.19annmajeroenvrp: the provider.xml file on kde-look server got messed
17:56.30jeroenvrpannma: ok, so its an external problem
17:56.39*** part/#kde ponto (
17:56.41SteamedPenguinannma: regular users still install the straight forward monolithic KDE builds.
17:56.55annmaSteamedPenguin: and that's in stable?
17:57.02jeroenvrpannma: knewstuff in korganizer works
17:57.06srednaDoes anybody here know which kind of server is required to publish free/busy times with korganizer?
17:57.11jeroenvrpso it seems to be the backgrounds
17:57.21annmajeroenvrp: ok then, it's just kde-look file who got messed
17:57.33SteamedPenguinannma: masked packages are considered 'for development, risky, unstable, for testing'
17:57.34jeroenvrpok so I wait when that is fixed
17:57.41tsbannma, but a product *alwaus* contains one bug or another. Don't you agree that even if Project A sais something is stable, perhaps the Google-computers should wait a while to implement it, compared to some lone desktop-user? yes? why? becuase there's the chance it contains bugs even though it was marked stable!
17:57.41jeroenvrpits not a major issue for me
17:57.42annmatsb: KDE is unstable for me?
17:57.46*** join/#kde M-ThijZ (
17:57.46jeroenvrpkontact is
17:58.04annmatsb: I am saying exactly the contrary
17:58.05*** part/#kde tzanger (~tzanger@
17:58.22tsbin that context, google would probably wait a lot more than gentoo will (probably just a few weeks)
17:58.36*** join/#kde Blissex (
17:58.43annmatsb: but stable/unstable has a meaning ONLY if things are fixed
17:58.44SteamedPenguinannma: well right now KDE packages for 3.4 are marked '~arch' where arch is x86,ppc, etc etc
17:59.13annmawhat's the point of marking it unstable and then stable in a few days without any changes to the sources?
17:59.15SteamedPenguinannma: that means new packages, unstable, let them stabilize and move to 'stable'
17:59.28annmastabilize, yes, how ?
17:59.28SteamedPenguinannma: you see if there are issue
17:59.35annmayou see
17:59.41*** join/#kde chavo (
17:59.44SteamedPenguinif there are issue with the sources they stay unstable
18:00.10annmahow do they see that, I wonder
18:00.22SteamedPenguinwell, bug reports
18:00.36SteamedPenguinhow do KDE developers know about problems with kdebase ?
18:00.50annmathey test the tarballs
18:00.56annmathe release tarballs
18:01.01tsbannma, if the gentoo-maintainers don't get any bugreports for a while, they move it to stable, if they do, they wait for a fix before marking it. see?
18:01.03annmathey patch the code then
18:01.08*** join/#kde nofpu (
18:01.19annmaand if they get bug reports?
18:01.58cobra_hello excuse me ... i wish i know what command write to make a key binding on "kde menu" (the K in the down-left" of the screen
18:02.03cobra_what command write please
18:02.10tsbannma, if they get bugreports they wait for someone to fix it
18:02.22tsbif its kde-related, the kde-people..
18:02.26SteamedPenguinannma: then they evaluate the bug report. is it good, is it replicable, is it valid, what arch.
18:02.53annmaso if kde moves to stable and a security issue is discovered
18:02.59annmawhat happens?
18:03.07SlackUXcobra_: it's all in the kcontrol center, keyboard bindings
18:03.09annmathey move it back to unstable?
18:03.10CruX_how can i properly set include path in kdevelop for project ?
18:03.23cobra_ok; thx :)
18:03.26kayaliannma: no. they patch it and keep in in stable
18:03.29tsbannma, not unless it's really serious, but kde is such a huge beast, that they would rather get a fix out for it
18:03.32SteamedPenguinannma: then a new ebuild is created.
18:03.36annmathey patch kde sources?
18:03.41SteamedPenguinannma: kdefee-3.4.0-r1
18:03.58kayaliannma: yes. look for instance, kdelibs-3.3.2-r7 (notice the 7)
18:04.00tsbannma, but if it was a small app, they could move the version back to unstable again, and the next sync with a client would downgrade the package, yes
18:04.29tsbthis would be pretty silly with kde though, as it takes *hours* to install :)
18:04.30kayaliannma: all this with official patches most of the time
18:04.34jeroenvrpannma: when moving kmailrc out off the way kontact is not crashing
18:04.36annmagod, I have to go
18:04.51annmajeroenvrp: so I told you
18:05.08annmabye all, sorry to discontinue this nice konversation
18:05.09jeroenvrpyes but now I have to reconfigure again
18:05.10SteamedPenguinannma: this is standard distro stuff, what is so hard about it?
18:05.15jeroenvrpand that is wrong
18:05.17SteamedPenguinsee ya
18:05.26jeroenvrpbye annma
18:05.27annmaSteamedPenguin: no, it's about kde sources versus gentoo
18:05.35*** join/#kde ciga (~ciga@
18:05.37annmanot about rps
18:05.45*** part/#kde annma (~annma@annma.developer.kde)
18:05.59jeroenvrpso it seems when you have an old kde-configuration you get in troubles
18:06.07jeroenvrpand that is a very bad thing
18:06.29*** join/#kde t35t0r (~t35t0r@
18:06.29*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
18:06.35SteamedPenguinkde sources versus gentoo! the trillah in Compilah. Showdown in Tuebingen!
18:06.35jaybuffetis there a way to have transparency on the panel and auto hiding...    so when the panel is on top of applications whats underneath is visible and not the desktop?
18:06.41kayalianyway, I still wonder why gentoo slots kde releases...
18:07.18SlackUXjaybuffet: you mean true transparency?
18:07.43SlackUXI think the kicker is translocent
18:07.57*** join/#kde btb (
18:08.25SlackUXkcompmgr or xcompmgr should do it
18:08.54srednaI found an answer by trying: A ftp server :o
18:08.56SlackUXtransset 0.7 and then point it to the kickerbar
18:09.22jaybuffetill try that
18:09.41SlackUXuse xcompmgr to do it
18:09.56*** join/#kde bushwakko (
18:09.58SlackUXit's more stable
18:10.03jaybuffetok ill try that :-]
18:10.15*** join/#kde soulreaper (
18:10.31SlackUXyou know how to use it?
18:10.47jaybuffetbut google helps right :-)
18:11.05SlackUXhave you got xorg 6.8.1?
18:11.06jeroenvrpKontact problem found
18:11.21jeroenvrpwhen disabling bogofilter it works
18:11.44SlackUXjaybuffet: have you a nvidia card?
18:11.53jaybuffetSlackUX:  nope
18:12.06SlackUXdamn, thats a same
18:12.10bushwakkois it possible to get an ebuilde for 3.4 for the kde improvements patch?
18:12.11jaybuffetSlackUX:  a fat Monster Fusion 16mb card
18:12.17bushwakkothe rubberband selector adn stuff
18:12.40SlackUXxcompmgr does shadows as well
18:13.39SlackUXbut you need render acceleration for it to be fast
18:14.31BlissexSlackUX: one needs COMPOSITE and RENDER acceleration for it to be _usable_...
18:15.26*** join/#kde cobra_ (
18:15.36SlackUXwell yes but you can just enable the transet without the shadows surely?
18:15.38jaybuffetyeah.. i dont think my little pos can handle it
18:15.43cobra_excuse me... even in kcontrol
18:16.17cobra_i don't find the command that make "K_menu" open on the left down of the kde desktop
18:16.21*** join/#kde r00tsh3ll (
18:16.38SlackUXcobra_: then make one
18:16.45cobra_how ?
18:16.56cobra_i would like to know
18:17.00SlackUXleft down?
18:17.00cobra_what is the command
18:17.06cobra_that the system launck
18:17.24cobra_when i click on the "K" of down-left on the screen
18:18.09cobra_me to...
18:18.18cobra_would you like a screenshot ?
18:18.19*** join/#kde kayali_ (
18:18.26chavocobra_, dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu
18:18.34SlackUXI dont quiet understand what your wanting to do, I assumed you want the kmenu to be binded to a key?
18:18.39cobra_chavo, i try
18:19.25SlackUXyes a screen shot would be good
18:19.37chavocobra_, sorry it's dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0,0
18:20.01chavoyou need to give it coordinates, 0,0 will pop it up at the mouse pointer
18:20.07SlackUXsounds like I got the wrong end of the stick
18:20.42*** join/#kde njaard (~charles@charles.kde)
18:20.50SlackUXahhh, your a lazy one :-)
18:21.11njaardhow'd you know? we've not even met yet?
18:21.22SlackUXlol, not you
18:22.17t35t0rdoes anyone in here use kplayer? how do i save a playlist? and also is it possible to get the name of what is currently playing on a shoutcast station when i use the pls/m3u file from it?
18:22.18cobra_no, it does'nt seems to work... in my ~/.lineak/lineakd.conf
18:22.21cobra_iwrote :
18:22.24*** join/#kde illissius_ (
18:22.27jeroenvrpBogofilter bug:
18:22.33cobra_Custom1 = "dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0,0"
18:22.48cobra_(when i put Custom1 = "mozilla-firefox"
18:22.53t35t0ri'm ready to switch from xmms ..found out i could drag/drop url from konq into kplayer ..try making playlists with xmms its hell
18:22.53cobra_it launch firefox
18:23.34SlackUXpeople still using xmms?
18:23.45t35t0rxmms is broken in gentoo atm
18:23.49t35t0rwell with +flac
18:23.52Panzerboyhey all
18:24.00Panzerboyjust a quick question
18:24.12Panzerboyis it possible to build kde cvs with konstruct?
18:24.23Panzerboyas i understand from the web page, it's only for releases
18:24.47*** join/#kde soulreaper (
18:25.02SlackUXget beep-media-player or amarok
18:25.09Panzerboyamarok rocks
18:25.21Panzerboyi hope it will be in kde in 3.5 or 4.0
18:25.31chavojuk is nice if you just want to listen to music
18:25.31Panzerboythe default audio player
18:25.34SlackUXindeed it does
18:25.43SlackUXit owns all of us
18:25.50Panzerboyjuk it's ok
18:26.02*** join/#kde _Diavolo (
18:26.07Panzerboyi don't know though which one is more resource intensive
18:26.17_Diavoloi have just emerged kde but it does not start, nothing happens after login
18:26.22_Diavolothe whole computer freezes
18:26.23SlackUXamarok is the god of players
18:26.25cobra_SlackUX, chavo ....   wget
18:26.31chavoamarok is a little heavier, but that's not important to me
18:26.41cobra_the Kmenu...
18:26.50*** join/#kde ranto (
18:26.51PanzerboyDiavolos: did you have kde before?
18:26.56chavoI just don't like amarok's interface
18:26.56Diavoloskde 3.3.2
18:27.06Panzerboymaybe there's something b0rked in your .kde
18:27.15Panzerboymove your .kde
18:27.16Diavolosit links on .kde3.4
18:27.19Panzerboyand start with a fresh one
18:27.25Panzerboyso it's a fresh one
18:27.29Panzerboyone more thing
18:27.41Panzerboyare you starting with kdm or startx>
18:27.44Diavolosi reemerged kdelibs and kdebase
18:27.49Diavoloskdm Panzerboy
18:27.58SlackUXcobra_: what am I looking at?
18:27.58chavocobra_, what exactly are you trying to do?
18:27.59Panzerboybecause AFAIK there is a problem with kdm
18:28.07Panzerboytry starting with startx
18:28.08Diavolosi will try startx
18:28.11Panzerboyand see what's happening
18:28.24cobra_to open the kmenu (in left down) with a key
18:28.31Diavolosah now i see the setup
18:28.34cobra_and not by click with my mouse on it
18:28.49chavocobra_, alt-F1 will open it
18:29.02cobra_and your command : dcop kicker kicker.... 0,0   doesn't seems to work
18:29.16Panzerboychavo: well, for me, it doesn't
18:29.28cobra_no, it doen't
18:29.29SlackUXyou mean like the kicker hiding?
18:29.30DiavolosPanzerboy: it did not help :(
18:29.39Diavolostotal freeze
18:29.44DiavolosI ca't even change on the console
18:30.20SlackUXlater all
18:30.47PanzerboyDiavolos: strange
18:30.51DeuXjeroenvrp: you can get your wallpaper now :)
18:30.58PanzerboyDiavolos: check the gentoo forums
18:31.05*** join/#kde ra21vi_ (~ravi@
18:31.05Panzerboyi'm using debian
18:31.08jeroenvrpDeuX: Lets see
18:31.10DeuXping jeroenvrp... u there ?
18:31.30ra21vi_hello ppl, i m using Gentoo, and KDE-3.3.2-r1
18:31.40jeroenvrpDeuX: It works, great - Thanks!
18:31.54DeuXKDE teams are great :)
18:32.33Diavolosplease help
18:32.49ra21vi_i want sdsda12345llllllsdsdksdlassorry
18:33.10ra21vi_keyboard problem. :(
18:33.23Panzerboycobra_: do you still need help opening the K Menu from a shortcut?
18:33.31jeroenvrpthere seems to be a big problem with bogofilter and kontact as I say earlier
18:33.32cobra_Panzerboy, yes
18:33.46ra21vi_i have many things to learn from u ppl, in KDE.
18:33.46Panzerboycobra_: then do like this
18:33.51Panzerboycobra_: open control center
18:34.08jeroenvrpis there another anti-spam tool? Not spam-assasin, because it freezes kmail as you all know :-(
18:34.20ra21vi_1. How to change kde-panel-menu icon and put some text
18:34.22Panzerboycobra_: go to Regional & Accessibility
18:34.27Panzerboycobra_: then KHotKeys
18:34.55Diavoloskde 3.4 freezes my system when starting
18:34.59ra21vi_1. How to change kde-panel-menu icon and put some text?
18:35.01Panzerboycobra_: then click new action
18:35.12Panzerboycobra_: give it a name, like "Open K Menu"
18:35.13ra21vi_any one please help mr
18:35.54Panzerboycobra_: on tab General, choose Keyboard Shortcut -> DCOP Call (simple)
18:36.29Panzerboycobra_: then click on the tab DCOP Call Settings
18:37.08Panzerboycobra_: there put these: Remote Application: kicker, Remote object: kicker, called function: showKMenu()
18:37.23Panzerboycobra_: you can click on Try button and see if the menu appears
18:37.44*** join/#kde spiral (
18:37.52Panzerboycobra_: then go to the tab Keyboard Shortcut
18:38.02Panzerboycobra_: click on that button then press the shortcut you want
18:38.13Panzerboycobra_: (i choose Win+Q)
18:38.20Panzerboycobra_: then click Apply
18:38.24Panzerboycobra_: and voila
18:38.30Panzerboycobra_: it should work
18:39.45*** join/#kde terra1 (
18:40.00cobra_Panzerboy, the "try" work, i applied, it doesn't work yet
18:40.03cobra_i dellog
18:40.07cobra_and i come back
18:40.16cobra_it should be good
18:40.17ra21vi_Panzerboy: can u help  me in changing kpanel pic and put some text
18:40.24*** part/#kde theobroma (
18:40.25Panzerboycobra_: strange, for me it worked the first time
18:40.35Panzerboyra21vi_: nope, sorry
18:41.03Diavolosplease help me
18:41.04ra21vi_Panzerboy: ok, another one, using Win key to open kmenu
18:41.05Diavoloskde 3.4 freezes my system when starting
18:41.13Diavolosi don't even see the splash screen
18:41.20Panzerboyra21vi_: read what i wrote for cobra_
18:41.24Panzerboyi am not going to repeat it :)
18:41.26*** join/#kde cobra_ (
18:41.28Panzerboyit's way too much
18:41.28ra21vi_Diavolos: check the init of kde
18:41.42Panzerboyra21vi_: however, it won't work with only the win key
18:41.44ra21vi_Panzerboy: was that for Win kwy
18:41.45srednaHm, it would be nice if kaddressbook/korganizer custom fields and pages could be bound to a resource
18:41.52Panzerboyat least for me it didn't
18:41.55cobra_Panzerboy, it just work so fine...
18:41.56Panzerboyit wanted a combination
18:42.07Panzerboyra21vi_: so i choose win+q
18:42.13Panzerboycobra_: i'm glad :)
18:42.33ra21vi_Panzerboy: yup, initially it worked alone, but now it requires key-combination
18:42.45Panzerboyra21vi_: maybe they've changed something
18:43.47PanzerboyDiavolos: try to run kdeinit
18:43.53PanzerboyDiavolos: with strace maybe
18:44.23PanzerboyDiavolos: or, as i said, try with the nv driver
18:44.26Diavoloskdeinit aborting $DISPLAY is not set
18:44.38Panzerboyecho $DISPLAY
18:44.48*** join/#kde carmen (
18:44.51Diavoloswhat is $DISPLAY?
18:44.56carmenhow can i make konqueror not show /proc ?
18:44.57Panzerboystelu@paradise:~$ echo $DISPLAY
18:45.15*** join/#kde soulreaper_ (
18:45.26Diavoloswhere is display set?
18:45.28Panzerboyit should be something like : export DISPLAY=<your ip>:0
18:45.49Panzerboyor maybe just export DISPLAY=:0 ?
18:45.52Panzerboytry to do this
18:45.54Panzerboythen again
18:45.58*** join/#kde gronk (
18:46.03ra21vi_ANYONE here help me change my KDE-Menu button icon
18:46.11PanzerboyDiavolos: it should be set in some scripts
18:46.16*** join/#kde eworm (
18:46.26ra21vi_I want the Blue KDE icon instead of old one
18:46.45Diavoloskded: cannot connect to X server
18:47.00Panzerboythat's kdeinit or startx?
18:47.01DiavolosDCOP aborting call from 'anonymous-6576' to kded
18:47.05Panzerboytry with startx
18:47.10ra21vi_Diavolos: what command u use to start kde
18:47.25Diavolosi retry startx
18:47.28Diavolossame problem
18:47.45Panzerboythen export DISPLAY=:0
18:47.48Panzerboywithout the ip
18:47.51ra21vi_Diavolos: use "initx kdeinit -- :0" see it works
18:47.51Panzerboyand again
18:48.13ra21vi_Diavolos: "xinit kdeinit -- :0" see it works , sorry
18:48.23Panzerboyboy, something's really screwed up in your gentoo :)
18:48.40Diavoloseverything worked fine
18:48.41Beinerira21vi_: you want a new icon? upgrade to KDE 3.4 ;-)
18:49.00ra21vi_Beineri: oh, thats was so easy way :)
18:49.05Diavolosra21vi_: same problem
18:49.15Diavolosi only see the bottom part of the kde splash
18:49.21Diavolosand then i have to reboot
18:49.40ra21vi_Diavolos: ok, let me know, do u see the xstartup screen initialization
18:49.43PanzerboyDiavolos: did you try with the nv driver?
18:50.07*** join/#kde davux (
18:50.10Diavolosi also see the nvidia logo
18:50.11davuxhi :)
18:50.17Diavolosand i also saw the login screen
18:50.30*** join/#kde illogic-al (~orville@illogic-al.user.konversation)
18:50.34ra21vi_Diavolos: ok, after that i guess, kde not started, and the error in terminal is that  u cannot connect to display :0
18:50.43davuxDoes anyone know how to change Konsole's charset? I'd like to have it use UTF-8.
18:51.11*** join/#kde osoh (~imo@
18:51.15osohhi all
18:51.19ra21vi_davux: edit the terminals rc config
18:51.20osohand happy 3.4! :D
18:51.23*** part/#kde carmen (
18:51.33Diavolosi tried startkde
18:51.35davuxra21vi_: How do I do that?
18:51.39Diavolosunable to ope display ""
18:51.45Diavoloscannot connect to X server
18:51.51njaardexport DISPLAY=:0
18:51.52ra21vi_davux: what terminal u user
18:52.11davuxra21vi_: I'm using Konsole.
18:52.12ra21vi_Diavolos: ok, u have to go a lil long way,
18:52.20Diavoloslong way?
18:52.22ra21vi_davux: KDE konsole??
18:52.25davuxra21vi_: yes.
18:52.30PanzerboyDiavolos: try as njaard said
18:52.43ra21vi_Diavolos: yup, change the ~/.xinitrc
18:52.53davuxra21vi_: and I'd like to use UTF-8 instead of iso-8859-1
18:53.09Diavolosi have no xinitrc
18:53.19Panzerboyso i will ask one more time, maybe somebody answers this time :)
18:53.19ra21vi_davux: in the konsole settings, u can set any charset,
18:53.20njaarddon't listen to ra21vi_
18:53.36davuxra21vi_: I didn't find it :-/
18:53.42*** join/#kde ecentrik (
18:53.46Panzerboyany idea if konstruct can be used to build the HEAD ? :)
18:53.52DiavolosPanzerboy: can't get address for localhost:6000
18:53.54Panzerboylike in ... cvs HEAD ?
18:53.54davuxPanzerboy: No idea, sorry.
18:54.09PanzerboyDiavolos: wow, that's really a new one
18:54.31PanzerboyDiavolos: after exporting DISPLAY as :0 ?
18:54.35ra21vi_Diavolos: did u "echo startkde >~/.xinitrc
18:54.44Diavolosra21vi_: wait i will do that
18:55.12*** join/#kde Flendor (Flendor@
18:55.25davuxra21vi_: Are you sure I can change the charset in Konsole settings?
18:55.42Diavolosra21vi_: and then?
18:55.45ra21vi_davux: AFAIK, i use to set them frm there
18:56.17jaybuffetwhats a good tabbed text editor ?
18:56.36Panzerboyjaybuffet: kate?
18:56.42ra21vi_Diavolos: oh, buddy, sorry.. "nano -w ~/.xinitrc"
18:57.20Diavolosas i said, i get "can't get adress for localhost:6000: Name or service not known
18:57.31BeineriPanzerboy: not possible
18:57.34tcairara21vi_: I think he said `good' text editor, not `fisher-price' text editor :^P
18:57.42ra21vi_Diavolos: and there u put "exec startkde"
18:57.59ra21vi_Diavolos: just single line, delete previous entry
18:58.00BeineriPanzerboy: use a CVS build script for CVS ;-)
18:58.18ra21vi_Diavolos: now u need to edit ur /etc/rc.conf
18:58.34PanzerboyBeineri: thanks, where can i find one?
18:59.06jaybuffetPanzerboy: thanks
18:59.19ra21vi_tcaira: what u mean?
18:59.38BeineriPanzerboy: bottom
18:59.49ra21vi_Diavolos: remember to" nano -w /etc/rc.conf"
19:00.01Diavolosjust tell me what to write
19:00.11tcairara21vi_: For serious text editing you need something like vi(m). :-P
19:00.24PanzerboyBeineri: thank you
19:00.34Panzerboytcaira: :)
19:00.56ra21vi_Diavolos: XSESSION="kde-3.3.0"
19:01.15ra21vi_Diavolos: dont write, find if that is present, change it
19:01.25Diavolosi wrote there kde-3.4
19:01.34Diavolosand that is present
19:01.38ra21vi_Diavolos: also, use ur version of kde, mine is 3.3.0
19:02.11ra21vi_Diavolos: it shud be 3 digits, like 3.4.x
19:02.22Diavolosbut the session is called kde-3.4
19:02.44ra21vi_then as simple user, at prompt #startx
19:03.39*** join/#kde Nemezis (~lambert@
19:03.51Nemezishi, where can I read a howto for installing flash in konqueror?
19:04.07ra21vi_Diavolos: if again problem is there, then u now need to configure ur Vid. Device , i mean /etc/X11/xorg.conf
19:04.15PanzerboyNemezis: google for it :)
19:04.21PanzerboyNemezis: UTFG :)
19:04.31ra21vi_Nemezis: use Mozilla-Firefox, and there is plugin avail
19:04.38Diavolosi changed NOTHING
19:04.42Diavolosi only emerge kde 3.4
19:04.56Diavolosx starts, it hangs when kde tries to boot
19:05.28Nemezisra21vi_: it shows some error when installing Firefox :(
19:05.29Diavolosnothing changed...same problem here
19:05.54ra21vi_Nemezis: and for konqueror, i just know what u need is <flashplugin>.so into plugin directory
19:06.13ra21vi_Diavolos: what happened?
19:06.22Diavolosit freezd
19:06.29Nemezisra21vi_: not sure what is the valid path for what the installation asks
19:06.37*** join/#kde Mafteah (
19:06.59ra21vi_Diavolos: ok buddy, now u mess with the X, thats it, KDE is not the problem here
19:07.25ra21vi_Nemezis: what path & apps u talking abt, Firefox
19:07.36Diavolosi am not sure ra21vi_
19:07.49srednaDamned crashy kicker :/
19:07.59NemezisPlease enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,
19:08.00Nemezisor Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla):
19:08.02Nemezisra21vi_: ^^
19:08.25ra21vi_Diavolos: only way u be assure that X server running properly is trying another WM, like twm
19:08.57ra21vi_Nemezis: when u get this>?
19:09.13Nemezisra21vi_: when I start the installer of flash for linux
19:09.33Diavolosi don't get it
19:09.37Diavoloswhat a fucking problem
19:09.48Panzerboyra21vi_: in which folder should that be copied?
19:09.59Panzerboycause i've just noticed flash doesn't work in konqi
19:10.06Panzerboyit works though in firefox
19:10.15Diavolosare "xloadimage" and "xli" packages that have to be installed?
19:10.21Diavoloscan this be the problem?
19:10.37ra21vi_Nemezis: see, the path is of browser installed, where inside u must find a plugin directory, but i will tell u just to install Firefox and let me know where is prob
19:11.29ra21vi_Panzerboy: $your_browser_directory/plugins
19:11.54PanzerboyTuxmachines has a KDE 3.4 review and declares it to have "more shine and polish than ever experienced with any desktop environment in existance today."]
19:12.08Nemezisra21vi_:  This what I get when I try to install firefox: "free(): invalid pointer 0x81f4750!
19:12.08Nemezisfree(): invalid pointer 0x81f4728!
19:12.08Nemezis./firefox-installer: line 56:  4173 Segmentation fault      ./${BINNAME}-bin $@
19:12.16ra21vi_Panzerboy: or if u have Mozilla compt. browser, ~/<config_brow>/plugin
19:12.18*** join/#kde kayali (
19:12.55Panzerboyi have ff
19:13.22ra21vi_Nemezis: corrupt download
19:14.12Nemezisdamn :)
19:14.15Nemezisra21vi_: thanks
19:14.22Nemezisurpmi'ed it
19:14.41ra21vi_Panzerboy: then browse ur home for ~/.mozilla/plugin
19:14.58Panzerboywell, in ff it works
19:15.02Panzerboyit doesn't though in konqi
19:15.04Panzerboyit doesn
19:15.13Panzerboyit doesn't find the plugin apparently
19:15.21ra21vi_Panzerboy: I have used it in konq. some 6 months back
19:15.33Panzerboyi see
19:15.40Panzerboythere must be a setting somewhere
19:15.46kayaliPanzerboy: goto plugins preferences and check if the path to flash is in the list
19:15.47ra21vi_and what that plugin was GNU flash plugin
19:16.14kayaliPanzerboy: that's of course in konqi's prefs
19:16.26ra21vi_Although firefox has better repu to get macromedia involed
19:17.24ra21vi_Nemezis: wat happened? dl'ing firefox again
19:17.59Nemezisra21vi_: yes
19:18.30ra21vi_i came in this channel to get help on changing the icon of KDE-menu,disappointed / i m going now
19:18.46Nemezisi know that
19:18.50Nemeziswait :)
19:18.53Nemezisusing Mandrake ?
19:19.16Panzerboywell, the path is there
19:19.27*** join/#kde Billthe4th (
19:19.52ra21vi_Nemezis: attending me?>
19:19.57*** join/#kde paztulio (
19:20.16Nemezisra21vi_: ??
19:20.44*** part/#kde davux (
19:21.01ra21vi_Nemezis: i mean r u going to tell me the path???  :)
19:21.08ra21vi_Nemezis: shud i wait?
19:21.38Nemezisra21vi_: ok, I asked if u are using Mandrake cause I know how to change the stupid 'Star' that appears as KMenu icon
19:21.59ra21vi_Nemezis: no, i m using Gentoo
19:22.26ra21vi_Nemezis: and u can tell me the path, as kde path is almost same
19:22.30Nemeziswell u can change the icon in ~/.kde/share/icons/<the_theme>/kmenu.png with other icon
19:22.34SteamedPenguinra21vi_: there is an entry there that tells you how
19:22.59ra21vi_Nemezis: thanks :)
19:23.17Nemezisnp :)
19:23.21ra21vi_SteamedPenguin: hi, lets see what info bank u provided me, :) thanks buddy
19:23.58*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:24.08ra21vi_Nemezis: ok, wish u good luck in installing Firefox, and well i know u will love it more than any other
19:24.45NemezisI am using Firefox @home that's why I don't know how to install Flash in Konq
19:24.45ra21vi_BYE, see u ppl soon, i mean as soon as i get next problem
19:24.50NemezisFirefox rox
19:25.10Nemezishope Kecko will improve Konq. much more
19:25.40*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:25.50tcairaCould someone tell me the email address of the webmaster of
19:25.54Panzerboywell, unfortunatelly firefox integrates better with gnome than with kde
19:26.04*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:26.05Panzerboytcaira: ?
19:26.12NemezisPanzerboy: I have noticed that too, pity
19:26.15Panzerboyor :)
19:26.28tcairaI'd check, but this is the very reason I'm emailing
19:26.31Nemeziscould be :)
19:26.40*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:26.40Nemezisto ask him what is his mail ??
19:26.53tcairaBecause it doesn't work with lynx
19:27.04tcairaI can't access his site to check
19:27.12*** part/#kde ra21vi_ (~ravi@
19:27.36tcairaIs anyone up and running on a compiled version of release KDE 3.4
19:27.49*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:27.52tcairaNot counting developers.
19:28.36Panzerboytcaira: the gentoo people :)
19:28.52Panzerboytcaira: can you run an *uncompiled* version ?
19:29.01tcairaYou can run binaries
19:29.09tcairaLike RPMs
19:29.22tcairaI mean people who compiled it /themselves/
19:29.22Panzerboyoh, that's what you mean
19:29.27Panzerboyask gentoo people
19:29.32Panzerboythey are compilling everything :)
19:29.45tcairaIt took me all day yesterday to download KDE
19:29.51tcairaUntil I found
19:30.02tcairaWhich is 100x faster than
19:30.03Panzerboytcaira: mail is
19:30.08Panzerboyi've just checked
19:30.09tcairaPanzerboy: thanks
19:30.18Panzerboywell, that's the role of mirrors :)
19:30.23*** join/#kde spiral (
19:30.29tcairaOnly one mirror had 3.4
19:30.38*** join/#kde flux (
19:31.15Panzerboymaybe more will have it in the future
19:31.19r00tsh3lltcaira: already compiled?
19:31.25Panzerboyit takes a while to sync with the master server
19:31.30SteamedPenguinyah, ten more ebuilds and I am all upgraded
19:31.34tcairar00tsh3ll: No, I'm 5 packages in
19:31.35Mafteahkde3.4 works good?
19:31.46tcairaI dunno
19:31.47Mafteahi have problem to maximize
19:31.49t35t0ri use fluxbox with kde progs
19:31.51tcairaI haven't started
19:32.13njaardsredna: no more #kde-devel for you?
19:32.21t35t0rtcaira: yea i'm running gentoo
19:32.52SteamedPenguinMafteah: what's the problem? things work well here
19:32.54srednanjaard: I don't care to be patronized of better-knowing geniuses, so no :o
19:33.11njaardsredna: uh... I don't understand you :)
19:33.40srednanjaard: Doesn't matter. I didn't feel well in there in a couple of occations, so I decided not to waste my time there
19:33.50njaardsredna? :(
19:33.57srednaI come in there if I need to ask something, and leaves again
19:34.47tcairaHooray! KDE Multimedia compiled after 5 hours
19:35.37tcairaI'm making a semi-complete (everything except i18n) Slackware package set
19:35.43Tpo1doesn't match up to an OOo compile
19:36.01Tpo1I started it last nite, the build will be done when I wake up tomorrow
19:36.09tcairaFirefox :^)
19:36.10lippeltcaira: it took 5 hours to compile or 5 hours to fix problems?
19:36.14tcairalippel: compile
19:36.29Panzerboywell, for me was just apt-get install kde :P
19:36.32lippeltcaira: uh, slow box i suppose ;-)
19:36.33tcairalippel: Same as kdebase; libs took 4 1/2
19:36.35Panzerboyand voila!
19:36.38tcairalippel: 500 MHx
19:36.44Panzerboy20 minutes later i had 3.4 :)
19:37.00lippelkdelibs takes about an hour here
19:37.07kayaliPanzerboy: you'll make me switch... please stop ;)
19:37.22r00tsh3lllippel: which processor?
19:37.33lippelr00tsh3ll: pentium m 1.4mhz
19:37.49tcairaThat's pretty slow :)
19:37.56Panzerboykayali: heh :)
19:38.29tcairaI could compile by hand faster than tha
19:38.31kayaliPanzerboy: only reason I don't run debian on my ibook is the total lack of java support ;)
19:38.51lippeltcaira: lol
19:39.10lippelis there a tutorial to compile C code by hand? ;-)
19:39.22lippelfor the "i want full control" crowd
19:39.32Panzerboykayali: is it a ppc issue?
19:39.35kayalilippel: by hand it's pretty hard. you'll need a compiler....
19:39.50lippelkayali: compilers are girlish
19:40.03Tpo1man make
19:40.43lippelnah, mapping c code to asm manually
19:41.03Tpo1cut to the chase and code in asm
19:41.14kayaliPanzerboy: a debian-ppc issue :) I could still install those things by hand, but I like when the package manager does it all. PPC has the IBM-JDK (which can be distributed freely, not as sun's), and konqueror knows how to make good use of it. eclipse, java support in kdevelop... all this must be a pain in debian-ppc
19:41.46Tpo1or even better, machine language... 1s and 0s
19:41.53*** join/#kde illogic-al (~orville@illogic-al.user.konversation)
19:41.58*** join/#kde markey (~me@markey.user)
19:42.01*** join/#kde PieD (
19:42.20Panzerboykayali: i see
19:42.31Panzerboybecause in x86 is not an issue
19:43.27kayaliPanzerboy: anyway, my ibook is so slow at compiling everything, that I might as well install debian and take care of java manually, I'd still win a ton of time ;)
19:44.24njaarddeb unstable non-free
19:44.27njaardapt-get install j2re
19:44.30njaardapt-get install j2re1.4
19:44.32Panzerboykayali: :)
19:44.46illogic-alDEATH TO ARTS! MUAHAHAHAHAH!
19:44.46njaard(that's a UK mirror)
19:45.00Panzerboynjaard: yeah, but if you need the jdk ?
19:45.07*** join/#kde jsakalos (
19:45.11njaardapt-get install j2sdk1.4
19:45.12njaardI think..
19:45.19njaardI have it installed, and I used apt :)
19:46.01Panzerboyfrom which repo?
19:46.04Panzerboyofficial debian?
19:46.05njaardthat one.
19:46.09Panzerboyi see
19:46.14Panzerboyit's the blackdown version ?
19:46.26njaardit works, so it's not the Sun one :)
19:46.34*** part/#kde flux (
19:47.56Panzerboywell, i've found a repo with sun's
19:48.15*** join/#kde test (~oscar@
19:48.58tcairaI'm praying this install worked
19:49.00*** part/#kde nael_ (~oscar@
19:50.14*** join/#kde hayzel (
19:50.19*** join/#kde Pyre (~Pyre@
19:50.27*** part/#kde hayzel (
19:51.20*** join/#kde humphrey (
19:51.51Panzerboytcaira: well, i bet you do ... after all, you've waited for ... how many hours? :)
19:52.16tcairaMore than just waiting
19:52.33tcairaActively monitoring my system and trying to fix things
19:52.47tcairaWell, a lot of waiting too :^P
19:52.51tcairaAnd some sleeping.
19:52.57Panzerboyu're the official kde packager for slackware
19:53.08tcairaNo, that would be Pat Volkerding.
19:53.16tcairaHe's the only official Slackware anybody
19:53.21Panzerboyyeah, "The" Pat :)
19:53.30tcairaP. for short
19:53.31kayaliPat "The Slow"
19:53.36*** join/#kde Imperatorin (
19:53.39*** join/#kde Rocksteady_ (
19:54.32Rocksteady_Does anyone know of any Linux liveCD with 3.4 on it yet?
19:54.33Panzerboyso how much time it takes him, on average, to package someting like kde 3.4?
19:54.36Panzerboyi am just curious
19:54.43tcairaRocksteady_: Klax
19:54.47tcairaRocksteady_: But that's RC1
19:54.47Panzerboyi mean, after the release
19:55.08tcairaPanzerboy: He does't release Slackware versions based on KDE releases
19:55.19tcairaPanzerboy: Nobody knows when Slackware 11's coming out
19:55.23Panzerboyno man
19:55.33Panzerboyyou mean there are no official kde 3.4 packages?
19:55.35kayaliPanzerboy: slackware-current usually has the new KDE within a week or so
19:55.35tcairaI am going to distribute these packages.
19:55.43Rocksteady_thanks tcaira
19:55.55Panzerboykayali: i see
19:56.09tcairaPanzerboy: Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted your question. :$
19:56.13Panzerboywell, i'll go watch law & order: criminal intent :)
19:56.22tcairaPanzerboy: My apologies.
19:56.25Panzerboyso see you later
19:56.26kayaliPanzerboy: slackware-stable is stuck with 3.3.2 unless a remote root exploit hits it ;)
19:56.29Panzerboytcaira: no problem :)
19:57.15kayalisee you all later
19:57.58Oleg_people, why can't you merge kmix with timidity?
19:58.12Oleg_Timidity doesn't take a lot of CPU usage
19:58.58*** part/#kde eworm (
19:59.10Oleg_kmix without timidity is nothing for people who don't have midi on their cards
19:59.21Oleg_I mean kmid
19:59.22*** join/#kde raziir (
19:59.25Oleg_not kmix
19:59.38*** join/#kde sarah03 (
20:00.19*** part/#kde PieD (
20:00.36*** join/#kde zerraxys (
20:04.07*** join/#kde PieD (
20:06.05*** join/#kde tuxinou (~Simon@
20:06.48*** join/#kde cyberb` (
20:08.02Diavolosmy system crashed/freezes when starting kde
20:12.44*** join/#kde eisregen (
20:12.58eisregenhi ^^
20:14.56Diavolosit is really incredible
20:15.04tcairaWish me luck... testing my new install
20:15.51lippelDiavolos: when does it freeze?
20:16.25Diavoloslippel: when the kde splash screen appears, i only see a part of it and then it freezes
20:16.44lippelDiavolos: i have read about this problem several times...
20:16.51lippelDiavolos: but i don't know the final solution
20:16.56lippelhere, in forums etc.
20:17.01*** join/#kde jsakalos_ (
20:17.01lippeltry another user
20:17.20Diavoloswhere do i disable autologin?
20:17.39lippelif somebody knows what the problem is and how to fix it, we should write it down somewhere
20:18.20lippelDiavolos: either in your distribution-specific config tools or in kdm setup
20:18.57lippelkdm setup is in kcontrol->system administration->login manager
20:19.07Diavolosi wi don't have kde at the moment lippel :)
20:19.31[_]illogic-albah. wong chan.
20:19.32lippelDiavolos: ah, i thought you have an old kde running ;-)
20:19.40Billthe4thwhat is the best way to remove the extension from a filename?
20:19.44Diavoloswell i was so stupid to uninstall kde 3.3
20:20.13Billthe4thi have cut -d. -f1
20:20.38lippeli wonder if it's a problem with using old kde 3.3 settings
20:20.51Billthe4thbut that only returns everything before the first dot, which isnt the whole filename :(
20:20.51Diavoloswell i deleted .kde3.4 and .kde
20:21.15Diavolosordoes it always look for .kde3.3 and try to copy it?
20:21.26lippelDiavolos: is there any .kde* left?
20:21.56Diavolosi move it
20:22.03lippelyeah, try moving it
20:22.21lippelmaybe it has to do with ICE stuff in /tmp, /var/tmp
20:22.37*** join/#kde jsakalos_ (
20:22.41Diavolosno it did not help
20:22.53Diavolosi got the kwizard but now it freezed
20:23.43lippeli never followed the discussion completely... i am sure some users here would know what to do...
20:23.54lippelcanllaith: ping :)
20:24.12lippelDiavolos: well, you could try another user for a start
20:24.14Diavolosi am really frustaded
20:24.31Diavolosi only have me and root on that maschine
20:24.39*** join/#kde FrostByte (
20:25.26*** join/#kde epyon9283 (
20:26.04lippelah, yeah. try that.
20:26.12lippeli wonder how many people have that problem...
20:27.09Diavolosi wonder if i will ever see kde 3.4
20:27.51*** join/#kde Ashdurbat (
20:28.04Ashdurbatr00tsh3ll: It works
20:28.47*** join/#kde Minuo (
20:30.13AshdurbatI can send you the packages
20:30.29*** join/#kde Washuu (~Takumi@
20:31.57*** join/#kde Vladi (
20:32.47AshdurbatKDM didn't work though :(
20:32.56AshdurbatI don't know why... /opt/kde/bin was in my path
20:33.36Vladihi, what is the package/program name for the konqueror plugin that shows up in konqueror's tool menu and does w3c validation on the current page?
20:34.00AshdurbatI dunno, probably tidy something
20:34.27VladiAshdurbat: hmm it use's w3c's server not the tidy app
20:34.49AshdurbatThen I have no clue, sorry
20:34.57VladiAshdurbat: thanks anyway :)
20:35.06Vladijust that gentoo split their kde ebuilds
20:35.23Vladiand now im piceing together my own kde :)
20:35.34Vladiand looking for the package/plugin that adds that
20:35.37*** part/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
20:35.39AshdurbatI'm almost certain it's in KDE addons though
20:36.42Vladikate-plugins ? i doubt that
20:37.17AshdurbatKDE addons
20:37.18Ashdurbat iirc
20:37.40AshdurbatI downloaded it two days ago so that might not be right
20:37.45Vladiyeah im just looking at whats thats made up of
20:38.07*** join/#kde uga2 (
20:38.10*** part/#kde uga2 (
20:39.14*** join/#kde robin (
20:39.20*** join/#kde itscooly (
20:39.37AshdurbatI'm 100% certain this is what you want
20:39.56AshdurbatPlugins for Konqueror
20:39.56Ashdurbat* validators: validates a HTML or CSS file against W3's html validor
20:40.04AshdurbatHi itscooly
20:40.28itscoolycan somebody help me with screensavers? if german (because my english is very bad)
20:41.17VladiAshdurbat: plugins-for-konq is in kde-addons?
20:41.36itscoolyhmm.. ok.. can somebody help me in english? gggggggggggg
20:41.44lippelitscooly: what's the problem?
20:41.45apokryphositscooly: #ubuntu-de
20:41.51AshdurbatVladi: Yes
20:42.01lippelwhich is quite dead
20:42.08itscoolyi have installed all kde-screensavers.. but... no screensavers are there.. :-(
20:42.08apokryphoswhoops, sorry; wrong channel
20:42.32lippelitscooly: which distribution?
20:42.50itscoolyits like debian
20:43.15lippelcheck if there is a kanotix channel
20:43.20*** join/#kde HolyGoat (
20:43.36lippeljoin #kanotix
20:43.57itscoolyi did this before.. but.. no one can help me there
20:44.11lippelheh, the typo made sense
20:45.06lippelitscooly: are you sure you have the right package installed?
20:45.32itscoolyi installed the screensaver via apt-get install kscreensaver
20:46.19itscoolybut.. in .kde/applnk/system is no entry for the screensavers
20:47.01*** join/#kde elcuco (
20:47.22lippeli am not sure, but maybe that's only the screensaver program itself, without the actual screensavers
20:47.41lippelitscooly: check if there are other packages with "screensaver" in it
20:48.57itscoolyyeah.. there are.. but they are also installed
20:50.11itscoolyi think.. the problem are the entrys in .kde.... they missing..
20:50.20itscoolybut.. how can I installed them?
20:51.07*** part/#kde Rocksteady_ (
20:51.30lippelitscooly: the entries should be read from the system-wide files somewhere $KDEDIR/share
20:52.20lippelitscooly: i still think this is a kanotix issue
20:52.21Ashdurbatr00tsh3ll: You there?
20:52.43itscoolyok.. i go back to the channel.. thx anyway
20:53.43*** part/#kde itscooly (
20:55.46*** join/#kde Alethes (pennywise@alethes.user)
20:56.31*** part/#kde redduck666 (redduck666@
20:57.03*** join/#kde Frost^ (
20:57.16r00tsh3llAshdurbat: ya
20:57.30*** join/#kde dudley (
20:57.56*** join/#kde kaiowa (~kaiowa@
20:58.32Frost^kde's support for composite is real sweet now
20:58.37AshdurbatWhat is composite?
20:58.45Frost^well, with xorg 6.8.2 and the new nvidia drivers at least
20:59.05Frost^Ashdurbat, you know, translucent windows and other eye candy effect
20:59.46AshdurbatKopete is behavine real strangely
20:59.56AshdurbatI can't switch between tabs with Alt-right anymore
20:59.58Frost^as always :\
21:00.04AshdurbatAnd there are some duplicates in my buddy list
21:00.07Frost^can't use kopete unfortunately
21:00.10Frost^so I'm using sim
21:00.16Frost^good client, but quite some bugs
21:00.19AshdurbatI tried IMing someone, and the little accept message thing popped up with their response
21:00.33AshdurbatAnd it opened in another window
21:01.08AshdurbatApparently it's case sensitive
21:01.20AshdurbatAnd it likes capitalized
21:01.39Frost^hmm that's odd
21:01.41tuxinouH3ll0, !$ !t p0$$!bl3 t0 4dd H4x0r l4gu4g3 t0 Kd3 ???
21:01.51AshdurbatStop that
21:02.11PieDtuxinou: I don't think a lot of people will appreciate such jokes!
21:02.35*** join/#kde cdr (
21:02.44tuxinoubut H4x0r !$ $p0K3 b l0t 0f p30pl3 !lud!g m3, 4d .... m3
21:02.51AshdurbatYeah, stop that now
21:03.00PieDis there any op here ?
21:04.05Frost^that 1337 talk is one of the more annoying things in among the geeks
21:04.31PieDtue : that kind of language is for kids
21:04.46eisregenFrost^: it was cool a very long time ago ... =P
21:04.57PieDit is "spoken" by that kind of people needing a way do distinguish from others
21:05.01tueyah.. i meant how you actually pronounce an "1$" etc.
21:05.01tuxinouPieD, it's very interesting, there are also varriants
21:05.02SteamedPenguinFrost^: real geeks don't talk like that
21:05.20SteamedPenguinFrost^: kiddies on the other hand, or aollers...
21:05.21Frost^eisregen, well it's annoying nonetheless ;)
21:05.35AshdurbatSteamedPenguin: Or 12 year old CSers
21:05.44Frost^CSers is right
21:05.52SteamedPenguinAshdurbat: see AOLlers :)
21:06.01eisregenFrost^: I agree, well there were times when you didn't wan't your chan to be grepped ...
21:06.02Ashdurbatr0fl I pwnd t4ht newb!!
21:06.05Ashdurbatkill me first
21:06.42lippeleven microsoft calls it "kidtalk" in the url ;-)
21:06.55Ashdurbateisregen: How do you use grep with channel lists?
21:07.18eisregenAshdurbat: lol ^^
21:07.19tueverbose l337-speak might have something to it. imagine two twelve year olds: r-zero-f-one one p-w-bigN-d seven-four-h-seven n-three-w-8.
21:08.13AshdurbatThat's a terrible article
21:08.15Ashdurbat"joo" and "u": Used instead of "you." This is also commonly written as "j00" or "_|00."
21:08.17Frost^ThErE aRe AlSo ThOsE wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs
21:08.23Frost^which is also annoying
21:08.24AshdurbatNo tr00 haxx0r says u
21:08.29eisregentue: yes .. it's funny ?
21:08.32Ashdurbateisregen: ?
21:08.46*** join/#kde _Diavolo (
21:08.47eisregensorry ^^
21:08.51lippelAshdurbat: what do you expect from ms ;-)
21:09.10tueeisregen: it actually reminds me of the way my instructor in mathematics speak.
21:09.33*** join/#kde Imperatorin (~Johanna@
21:09.35eisregentue: sometimes it reminds me of ugly perl hacks ^^
21:09.43lippel_Diavolo: i suppose you're identical with Diavolos? ;-)
21:09.47*** join/#kde NoGodNoMaster (
21:09.55Ashdurbat(perl smiley)
21:10.23*** join/#kde Frost^ (
21:10.42AshdurbatNo laughs? :(
21:11.02AshdurbatThat was a clever joke.
21:11.05Frost^so what did I miss?
21:11.07tueyou came to close to the truth...
21:11.13tue( :-) )
21:11.13AshdurbatYou missed my kickass joke, FrostByte
21:11.27AshdurbatIt's lost now
21:12.35Ashdurbatlippel: I expect their article to be at least non-shit-
21:12.42*** join/#kde _apollo2011_ (
21:12.44AshdurbatPoint taken
21:13.26_Diavololippel:yes, but now my nick was free :D
21:13.43lippel_Diavolo: progress?
21:13.47*** join/#kde jc_ (
21:14.29Diavolox11 is compiling, i think the problem is really the nvidia driver
21:14.33Diavolothe new version
21:15.04m-e-tis there a new?
21:15.22Frost^nvidia is tricky
21:15.38Diavolonvidia has cost me many many hours :)
21:15.40Frost^it works much better for some and breaks everything for others
21:15.42m-e-tnvidia is not as trcky as ati
21:15.49Frost^fortunately I'm in the former
21:15.54Frost^...for now
21:19.09*** join/#kde Ashdurbat (
21:19.25*** join/#kde jsakalos (
21:19.28Ashdurbatr00tsh3ll: sorry, konversation crashed
21:21.22AshdurbatKonversation Terminated! Core dumped!
21:21.50*** join/#kde Ashdurbat_ (
21:25.41*** join/#kde antoniocristiane (~antoniocr@
21:27.45*** part/#kde ovirrede (~antoniocr@
21:28.19*** join/#kde meadmaker (
21:29.11tsbI've enabled trancluceny on inactive windows etc... yet I don't see any of it. I have direct rendering. What could be wrong?
21:29.47njaarddri doesn't do it, you need Xorg with the compose and a compose manager
21:30.03njaardand you also need to be tolerant of lots of bugs and crashes
21:30.03xzzxcompmgr ?
21:30.16PieDxzz: no, kompmgr :)
21:30.18Cerulean*Composite extension
21:30.27njaardcomposite, yes
21:30.29tsbnjaard, yeah? I probably won't use it, I just wanted to try it out
21:30.47Ceruleantsb: And if you don't have an NVidia you're pretty much out of luck :-(
21:30.56tsbShite, I'm on ATI
21:31.09*** join/#kde minh (
21:31.15tsbthat's a no-go then?
21:31.22Ceruleantsb: Yes :(
21:31.30tsboh well :)
21:31.32PieDtsb: ask ATI to do good  drivers
21:31.35Ceruleantsb: With a few windows semi-transparent it runs at around 1/0.5 fps
21:31.45PieDCerulean: great score :p
21:31.46tsbwhat about the rounded corners I keep seeing? xomposite ext as well?
21:31.54tsbCerulean, LOL
21:32.03njaardtsb: do consider that you're not actually losing out on anything :)
21:32.04PieDhere with nvidia I can run Looking Glass at around 50 fps :p
21:32.21PieD(no, more than 50 fps)
21:32.39tsbhaha, I'm not worried
21:32.43njaardnvidia cards probably run looking glass faster than "normal X"
21:32.49njaardbecause nvidia's 2d is incredibly slow
21:32.50PieDCerulean: you can take a look at screenshots if you want
21:33.12njaard(and yes, I use an nvidia chip, because it's the only card with actual drivers)
21:33.22tsbWhen will xorg add REAL 3d support? I want my hardware accelerated desktop like the maccers have!
21:33.37tsbFirst time I saw expos in action I almost wet myself
21:33.49tsbIt's pretty useless, but cool still. :)
21:33.51CeruleanPieD: Where?
21:34.03*** join/#kde ponto (
21:34.23*** join/#kde SuperLag (~aaron@
21:34.27tsboh, lookingglass?
21:34.30tsbdude4545, is that out?
21:34.37tsbi remember seing a movie of it like 2 years ago
21:34.50tsbeh, that should be "dude, is that out" :)
21:35.05*** join/#kde sarah03 (
21:35.31CeruleanI tried it out at the Linux Expo 2004 stand
21:35.34apokryphosit's nice to play around with; cool features.
21:35.41PieDLooking Glass isn't ready yet
21:35.43*** join/#kde kayali (
21:35.47PieDbut it is getting better :)
21:35.48Ceruleanapokryphos: Too bad you couldn't get it working though ;)
21:36.01tsbi realize it's not "released"; I'd have heard about it.
21:36.05PieDcurrently, they are working a lot at API design
21:36.17tsbis there a beta lying around?
21:36.20apokryphosCerulean: silence, mortal.
21:36.24Aletheswhat is looking glass?
21:36.25tsbguess you need nvidia hardware for it
21:36.27PieDtsb: look at my link
21:36.28apokryphostsb: there's instructions on the site for getting it working..
21:36.35tsbsuns 3d-desktop shot
21:36.40PieDyou'll find there any info you want
21:36.46tsbPieD, okay cool
21:36.52CeruleanPieD: Worth trying to get it working under an ATI using the open source radeon driver?
21:36.57tsbare you using it daily or just when friends drop by?
21:37.11PieDCerulean: this is not the LG3D folks work !
21:37.23tsbit doesn't use x does it?
21:37.30PieDThey have enough works with working together with Java3D folks
21:37.37*** join/#kde MANOWAR^ (~MANOWAR@
21:37.47PieDtsb: it uses 6.8.2, with small patches and special extensions
21:37.48CeruleanPieD: I meant is it worth me giving it a shot.
21:37.56tsbPieD, k
21:38.00PieDI'm using it when I've time
21:38.07Diavoloi get a message "API mismatch" for X and my nvidia driver
21:38.10Diavolohow can  fix that?
21:38.14PieDand when I really don't worry about crashes
21:38.28tsbit's like that 3d desktop switcher... funny a few times, but complete shit to use daily :)
21:38.31tsbjust gets in the way
21:38.55PieDtsb: I consider LG3D as better to use daily than a 2D desktop
21:39.03apokryphostsb: nice to show off momentarily, though ;-)
21:39.05AshdurbatI like KGet now
21:39.06PieDthe only problem is that it is quite unstable :(
21:39.22*** join/#kde dh (
21:39.47*** join/#kde grivell (
21:39.51apokryphoseisregen: water, water is good.
21:39.53eisregen3d desktopm in java ? what kind of hardware does one need ?
21:40.23PieDeisregen: because of java, it needs more memory
21:40.29*** join/#kde apow (
21:40.36PieDbut the bigger part of the work is the OpenGL one
21:40.49PieDit is done by the graphic card
21:40.56PieDyou need a decent graphic card
21:41.12*** join/#kde CrazyNorman (
21:41.21PieDso forget LG3D if you're using a Geforce 2 or such old card, with less than 64Mb !
21:41.24eisregenPieD: ok ... but you get the jni overhead when using OpenGL .. no ?
21:41.39PieDeisregen: it is really really small
21:42.08CrazyNormanDoes anyone know if its possible to get alt-tab to use a glass pane system similar to OSX (ie, all the windows from one process get minimized or raised, like the gimp) in KDE?
21:42.10PieDI think that the time lost in CPU is won with an easier development
21:42.24PieDCrazyNorman: do you mean kompose ?
21:42.29eisregenPieD: lol... for the hardware I'm running at home it's anything but small =P
21:42.36CrazyNormanI tried that.
21:42.41Diavoloit works
21:42.42CrazyNormanNot quite what i'm looking for, or else I configured it wrong.
21:42.47Diavoloit was the fucking nvidia driver
21:43.01CrazyNormanFor example, if I'm running Glade, and I click one window in it, only that window comes up.
21:43.12CrazyNormanI want it so, I click one window of Glade, and all the glade windows come up.
21:44.05CrazyNormanI'm probably thinking of the wrong term when I say "glass pane."
21:47.54CrazyNormanPieD: Have you gotten kompose to act like that?
21:48.24PieDI don't really understand what you mean
21:48.38CrazyNormanLets say in one desktop
21:48.43PieDyou mean, with MDI apps
21:48.56PieDwhen clicking on the main app "link" on the taskbar
21:49.03PieDall the windows from that app appears ?
21:49.10CrazyNormanI was thinking something like that
21:49.16Diavoloi don't get a login screen
21:49.19CrazyNormanExcept, they aren't all in one window, but are treated that way by alt-tab or something
21:49.22Diavoloit automatically logs in as root
21:49.24PieDok, that's not the kompose purpose
21:49.38PieDI only use K apps
21:49.40CrazyNormanThats what I thought.
21:49.44PieDso I don't have that problem
21:49.55PieDthey are all tabbed windows :p
21:50.12*** join/#kde w00dst0ck (
21:50.17PieDmy desktop is quite funny : all my apps have tabs !
21:50.19w00dst0ckhello folks
21:50.20CrazyNormanDo you know any good Form designers? (python compatible) that are K?
21:50.29eisregenPieD: what do you use as Gimp replacement ?*g*
21:50.31PieDQt Designer ?
21:50.51PieDeisregen: I don't do pictures edition
21:50.55eisregenk ^^
21:51.03PieDbut... krita seems to be a good projekt :p
21:51.15Diavolowhy does kde automatically login as root
21:51.23CrazyNormanDo you still need to pay a fee to distribute the app you made under windows
21:51.23w00dst0cksimple question. Haas anyone noticed a strange little bug in firefox under kde. When i'm surfing and I place my mouse of some images (forums especially) they shift over a tiny bit.
21:51.45illogic-alDiavolo: because you set it up that way?
21:51.52Diavolono :)
21:51.52w00dst0ckThis doesnt prevent me from using firefox normally, its just a little annoying.
21:51.59eisregenDiavolo: it doesn't, except you set up the conveinice options ..
21:52.05PieDCrazyNorman: the form designer integrated in kdevelop is good also, but the python compatibility is done with the latest versions
21:52.31PieD(perhaps only the CVS)
21:52.32HolyGoatI wonder if I can keep chatting while I burn this dvd. :)
21:52.32CrazyNormanI don't know.
21:52.32CrazyNormanI'd get a bucket of water first.
21:52.32*** part/#kde Kryczek_ (kryczek@3ffe:401d:201d:ffff:0:0:0:0)
21:53.19PieD(trying a new wireless card position... I hope it will be ok)
21:55.46*** join/#kde lethal_dose (
21:56.24lethal_dosehow can i view smb shares? why does smb:// with konquerer says protocol not suported
21:57.11njaardtry smb:/
21:57.27*** join/#kde _frostbyte (
21:57.27*** join/#kde _apollo2011__ (
21:58.04tsbBy the way what about rounded corners I keep seing on the screens? compmngr as well?
21:58.18njaardwhat rounded corners?
21:58.33njaardthat just might be the SHAPE extension
21:59.02*** join/#kde elcuco (
21:59.05*** join/#kde sundial (~cubical@
21:59.20tsbah, fine
21:59.32tsbdoesn't matter really, just wondered if these things were integrated
21:59.41sundialre topic : you do know that 4.0 is out right
22:00.21CrazyNormanI realized what I'm looking for
22:00.30CrazyNormanIs it possible to get Fluxbox style automatic window tabbing?
22:01.08*** join/#kde LS (
22:01.35sundialany way - which qt should be used with 4.0 - does qt 3.4 work?
22:02.00kayali4.0 isn't out ;)
22:02.01*** join/#kde Panzerboy (~panzerboy@panzerboy.user)
22:02.14sundial? i just downloaded it
22:02.23kayaliyou meant 3.4 I guess ;)
22:03.35sundialyes - sorry
22:03.53lethal_dosenjaard, smb:/ also doesnt work
22:04.06lethal_dosenjaard, it worked before i upgraded to 3.4
22:04.11sundiali was thinking gcc 4.0
22:04.31njaardlethal_dose: so install it :)
22:04.46*** join/#kde war- (
22:04.58lethal_dosenjaard, install what?
22:05.38njaardsmb support
22:05.54sundialwill the at 3.3.4 work with the kde 3.4?
22:06.03sundialwill the qt 3.3.4 work with the kde 3.4?
22:06.13lethal_dosenjaard, i use gentoo, i dont now the name of the package, i already searched
22:06.23njaardsundial: I run qt 3.3.3
22:06.36sundialnjaard - with the kde 3.4?
22:06.44njaardlethal_dose: I believe it is part of kdebase
22:06.50njaardsundial: yes
22:06.54njaardsundial: I run cvs HEAD
22:07.20lethal_dosenjaard, yes it is. but now kdebase was splited into several packages
22:07.40kayalilethal_dose: doesn't having 'samba' in your useflag push all required packages when you emerge kdebase or konqi ?
22:08.00njaardlethal_dose: I don't know about gentoo
22:08.15kayalilethal_dose: and the monolothinc ebuilds are still there until 4.0 btw
22:08.27*** join/#kde m-foxela (
22:08.32kayaliwhat a strange word
22:09.16njaardmono=one lith=stone
22:09.35sundialmonolith -> 2001 a space oddessy
22:11.37*** join/#kde LS (
22:11.51sundialwas konqueror originally an addon to kde or part of the 'plan'?
22:12.22elcucopart of the plan
22:13.11sundialis there a reason you never hear of konqueror when they talk of firefox, mozilla, ie  etc
22:13.36Alethesprobably 'cause konq doesn't use gecko like those other browser do
22:13.45njaardbecause we have virtually no market share
22:13.56njaardeven though Konqueror is the best web browser currently in existence
22:13.59sundialbut it 'seems' to be so much faster and cleaner
22:14.03lethal_dosekayali, konqueror doesnt have the samba flag, and i dont like the monolitic ebuilds
22:14.18PieDsundial: it doesn't only seem to be faster :p
22:14.37PieDit is the faster to start !
22:14.39pontokonqueror lacks ad  blocking,  besides that it is the best browser
22:14.45Ashdurbatnjaard: Excluding lynx, of  course
22:14.53AshdurbatWhich has the best ad blocking I've ever seen
22:14.57kayaliponto: ad blocking?
22:14.58PieDponto: ad blocking ? easy !
22:15.06*** join/#kde LS (
22:15.08pontoPieD: how?
22:15.10njaardif you don't want to see the ads, don't look at them :)
22:15.12PieDsquid is my friend
22:15.21pontoPieD:  without using any proxy
22:15.28PieDharder :/
22:15.33AlethesI use a custom stylesheet and /etc/hosts to block ads
22:15.34PieDedit /etc/hosts
22:15.53njaardbody { font-family: sans-serif ! important; }
22:15.55sundialhow can you see ads with javascript disabled?
22:15.58njaardthat is my custom stylesheet :)
22:16.05*** join/#kde apokryphos (~apokrypho@
22:16.36tsbadblocking is morally questionable imo. anyway, opera > all. =)
22:16.41*** join/#kde AnotherData (
22:16.53pontoPieD: one often  does not want to block the whole server.  only some folders on it.
22:17.03PieDdid somebody see the latest new about opera ?
22:17.10PieDthe opera8 beta3 su