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00:03.07illogic-alrdancer: maybe you'd have more luck with that in #kde-docs
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00:14.24kouiskasheya, I've just changed from fluxbox to kde, I just wanted to know if it's possible to have an application start in a specific desktop even when launched from another? (a feature I liked in fluxbox
00:14.42chowellskstart can help, it hink
00:14.48Renzekouiskas: go to a konsole and type kstart --help
00:15.03kouiskasthanx I'll check that out
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00:18.36rdancerillogic-al: thx
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00:20.52kouiskasRenze, unfortunately I just tried it with gnucash, the splash window shows up in the desktop I want but then the main window appears on the active desktop :/
00:21.14Renzekouiskas: sorry, can't help there... I don't use gnome apps :)
00:22.08Renzekouiskas: the other option is to right click on the titlebar and select Advanced -> Special Window Settings, and set it in there
00:23.00Dhraakellianlet's see, I think i heard somewhere that the main reason that Firefox's preferences menu item is in the Edit menu is due to gnome's HIG
00:23.16Dhraakellianif this is true, would a Qt version have it in the Tools menu?
00:23.17illogic-alDhraakellian: aye.
00:23.36illogic-alIt has been bent to the gnome will. phear them.
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00:23.41illogic-alphear them harder.
00:24.51Dhraakellianthe Qt Firefox stuff is still alive and kicking, unlike the gecko kpart, right?
00:25.38Renzeillogic-al: only when you start swearing at opera :)
00:26.15Renzeis it less fugly than it used to be?
00:26.22illogic-alread my words ->
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00:26.31Dhraakellianah... opera
00:26.34illogic-altell your freinds. i got money if you go there
00:26.46illogic-alok. not really. but i can dream right?
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00:40.08LeStat-anyone know how to take a program like gdeskcal (the eyecandy desktop calender) and make it auto launch on each startup
00:40.38RenzeLeStat-: open a file manager window, go to the Go menu, select Autostart
00:41.34LeStat-damn thats easy
00:41.37LeStat-thanks renze
00:41.43Renzeno problem
00:42.20LeStat-i would copy the wrapper into that autostart dir it opens then?
00:43.09Renzeyou can put links, .desktop files, scripts, whatever in there, and they will start when you log in
00:44.49LeStat-now if i could just figure out how to take a window decoration file downloaded from kde-look and install it...i tried the directions there but it didnt work, theres no install new theme button in the control center as the directions say
00:45.11Renzewindow decorations aren't themes
00:45.24LeStat-well i mean the win dec section of the control center
00:45.30LeStat-dont see options for installing new ones
00:45.44Renzeof course not... window decorations need to be compiled
00:45.56Renzethey're native code, unless they're icewm themes
00:46.02Dhraakellianor have binary packages made
00:46.10Renzeor that, yes
00:46.45LeStat-yea i was looking into IceWM ones
00:47.02LeStat-and the directions said in the list of win decos there was one that said icewm, but its no where to be found
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00:47.23Renzeperhaps your distro chose to exclude it?
00:47.38LeStat-that is possible
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01:25.14vanRijnI have this really weird problem.  I have built kde 3.4 beta1 with konstruct and have it installed.  Whether I log in through kdm or gdm, I can only successfully start my kde session once--the first time after a reboot.  Any other time, ksplash (and my whole kde session) hangs when it's trying to start up.
01:25.24vanRijndoes this sound familiar to anyone?
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01:28.44DhraakellianI think i've had it happen a few times
01:28.52DhraakellianI have no idea what causes it
01:29.23vanRijnI can't get it to work!
01:29.28Dhraakellianmost of my X restarts have involved some teeth-gnashing since moving to 3.4beta1
01:29.44Dhraakellianmostly because it seems to be handling ~/.kde differently
01:30.06vanRijnI rm -rf /tmp/*gideon* (my userid is gideon), and rm $HOME/.ICEAuthority, and even kill every single one of my processes.  But it still hangs.
01:30.13Dhraakellianbut I suspect that the .kde issue is a gentoo thing
01:30.47vanRijnI can't figure out what it's doing different on other-than-the first time KDE starts per reboot, but something is different, and it doesn't look like it's caused by any leftover running processes, at least not for my userid.
01:31.08Dhraakellian(it renames ~/.kde to ~/.kdeX.Y after exiting instead of just using a symlink to ~/.kdeX.Y)
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01:34.41vanRijnyou're talking about your problem?
01:37.26DhraakellianvanRijn: yeah
01:38.14Dhraakellianbut, yes, I have had the thing where it seems to stop on the second icon of the splash screen
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01:38.23Dhraakellianit just sits and blinks
01:38.51Dhraakellianand doing ctrl+alt+F1 doesn't show much activity
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01:40.37gregday_check permissions on the audio devices
01:40.39gregday_and wipe out /tmp/kde*
01:41.48Dhraakellianhmm... I don't think I've restarted KDE since setting up dmix
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01:42.48zackwhen konqueror is launched without any arguments, which profile is it supposed to load?
01:42.55vanRijngregday_: I've wiped out /tmp/kde* and it still hangs on me
01:43.06vanRijnI just tried it with a new user to this machine and it doesn't hang.
01:43.19vanRijnso there must be something that's making it go nuts.  How can I figure out what it is?
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01:46.19aseigozack: webbrowser iirc
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01:52.42illogic-alaseigo recalls correctly
01:52.51Dhraakellianaseigo: what was the answer?
01:53.11aseigoto what?
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01:55.14zackaseigo: odd. i overwrote the "Web Browsing" profile, and when i launch konqueror it loads... i have no idea what profile it's loading. it's not in my list.
01:55.56zackaseigo: it thinks it's loaded "Web Browsing" but if i re-load that profile i get something different
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01:58.27Dhraakellianaseigo: the problem with kde not finishing its startup
01:58.57aseigoDhraakellian: ah... usually it's due to stale iceauthority or xauthority files
01:59.04receptorim trying to connect to kdm, getting XDMCP: manager not willing display not authorized to connect
01:59.22receptorwhat am i doing wrong/where to tweak?
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02:06.43receptori'm gonna stick here for a while, no need to rush with your answers... ;D
02:07.29annmaplease paste your question
02:08.45Renzereceptor: do you have in the [Xdmcp] section of kdmrc a line that reads "Enable=true"?
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02:12.35xeviouswhere is the K menu icon set? i'd like to change it.
02:14.17gregday_quickly approaching 10,000 messages in kmail and no slowness yet :)
02:14.42chowellsI have about 150k messages in kmail
02:15.02gregday_maildir i hope
02:15.31chowellsi think 40k is the max per folder
02:17.29DhraakellianYay! Netsplit1
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02:17.30illogic-alDhraakellian: make a wish
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02:18.52Dhraakellianif only in passing while asking for a way to turn off the preview pane at all
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02:19.55illogic-alDhraakellian should check b.k.o. and make sure
02:20.19illogic-alcause sure won't file that wish for you :-)
02:20.28Dhraakellianillogic-al: heh
02:21.18illogic-alof course upon it being file someone _could_ make it a junior job and some other benevolent _could_ decide to implement it...
02:21.57illogic-alinsert words as necessary for that to make complete sense :-)
02:23.42_poison*g* what hardware is kde intended to run on ?
02:23.53Dhraakellianillogic-al: not at peak performance at the moment, eh?
02:24.01annma128Mb RAM _poison
02:24.12Dhraakellianit can be done
02:24.16Dhraakellianalbeit slowly
02:25.12Dhraakellian_poison: heh
02:25.50DhraakellianI don't know how well I'd tolerate it now, even with a newer, faster KDE and a newer, faster kernel
02:25.56annmaI remember compiling KDE with 128Mb RAM
02:26.02annma1 year ago
02:26.03Dhraakelliannow that I'm used to this 2.4GHz p4
02:26.08Dhraakellianannma: masochist
02:26.20annmabroke you mean
02:26.26Dhraakellianor that
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02:26.33_poisonhmm .. kde 3.2 is slugginsh on a pII@66 with 224MB ram ...
02:26.51_poisondamn PII266 that is ..
02:26.54annmap2 66Mh
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02:27.29annmawell probably
02:27.44annmakde is a desktop environment, it's heavy
02:27.53_poisonannma: so was geos =P
02:28.04Renzeit still runs faster than windows on the same hardware :)
02:28.09gregday_annma: permission to LART people who call KDE a window manager?
02:28.11annmatrue, Renze
02:28.22annmagregday_: yeah, go!
02:29.44gregday_it's like windows for linux right
02:29.53gregday_it's a competitor to that other window manager, gnome
02:30.03Renzethank you mistress, may I have some more? :)
02:30.16annmaRenze: don't forget I practce karate
02:30.23Renzeooooo :)
02:30.30Dhraakelliangregday_: not funny and yes, if by competitor you mean "something that grinds the competition into the dust based on merit"
02:30.31gregday_annma: you should fight Tove
02:30.33annmain fact tomorrow I'll head for a intensive international session
02:30.44annmagregday_: she is black belt
02:30.52annmaI am not (yet)
02:31.23gregday_annma: would you fight Melinda Gates?
02:31.30annmalol, yes!
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02:32.00gregday_shes responsible for MS Bob
02:32.00gregday_that's your motivation
02:32.30_poisonannma: geos used about 20k ram with word processor and 'graphics editor' running and was more responsive on an 1MHZ processor.... thats why I'm really beginning to nwonder where all the RAM and CPU cycles get lost ...
02:32.38no0bis there any way to get the active task windows off of the panel and on to a seperate panel? (kde 3.3.1 sparc/solaris)
02:32.47Renze_poison: eye-candy
02:33.00annma_poison: and what did geos provide? all what kde provides/
02:33.18annma_poison: run a light w m
02:33.27annmanoody forces you to run kde
02:33.44annmait does not make sense anyway
02:33.49_poisonannma: yes ... the argument sounded a little stupid ... it is too ... but you get the idea what I wanted to say ?
02:34.00annmano, I don't
02:34.02illogic-aljust because.
02:34.08annma_poison: I don't get the idea at all
02:34.10Renzeillogic-al: you'd kick a man when he's down? :)
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02:34.25illogic-alRenze: glady
02:34.31annmaillissius-: hi man!
02:34.38annmaillogic-al I mean
02:34.49illogic-alillissius-: stop stealing my nick completions!
02:35.05illogic-alhey annma
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02:35.32illogic-alI'm doing excel stuff o_0
02:35.53illogic-allearning to use a spreadsheet for my biochem class.
02:36.05annmanot funnt
02:36.41illogic-alby learning i mean doing the pitiful intro exercises the teacher assigned thinking he'd actually be helping the class learn something
02:37.04illogic-alit's more an excercise in tedium.
02:37.11no0bis there a way to get the active window tabs off the main kde panel?
02:37.32annmano0b: main kde panel? you mean kicker?
02:37.36Renzeno0b: remove the applet
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02:37.48illogic-alit probably doesn't help that I go back and forth between irc and the web while doing this...
02:38.04no0bannma: yes kicker
02:38.28annmaactive window tabs: define that pease
02:38.37no0bRenze: not app icons, I want those, I want the active window tabs on a seperate panel
02:39.02no0bwhen you minimize an app, the window tab goes on the pane
02:39.11Renzeno0b: remove the taskbar applet from the main panel, and add it to another panel
02:39.23annmait goes on an applet called taskbar, no0b
02:39.28no0bthanks, I'll try that
02:39.44annmathis applet has a small handle on the left, right clcik on it, remove it
02:39.47Renzemaybe I should just type slower, or something
02:39.57annmathen add applet -> taskbar on your other panel
02:40.24annmaRenze: well I had trouble getting what he meant
02:40.44Renzeyeah, they all seem to assume we're psychic and know what they want
02:41.09annmano matter
02:41.43*** part/#kde porphiriY (~ded_mazay@
02:45.40no0bannma: I tried to explain what I meant to the best of my ability, You seem to have understood, because it is working exactly as I wanted. Thank-you.
02:46.19annmayou're welcome
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02:52.27illogic-al3rd problem finished (and probably wrong)
02:52.38illogic-alI'll have to check these when I can be arsed.
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03:02.50foobarwould someone be willing to help me on a konsole issue??
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03:06.15cbbvjfoobar: just ask your question, someone might be able to help
03:13.38foobarok :), well..i am a gentoo user and i recently rebuilt my box due to a harddrive crash :(. everythink seems to work properly, but konsole refuses to load my schema setting from the profiles file in my home dir. it keeps defaulting back to the konsole default (black text, white background)
03:14.45Renzefoobar: do you save defaults after selecting your schema?
03:15.04RenzeSettings -> Save as Default
03:15.59foobaryes, as i have done many times befor
03:16.19foobarthis is why it is confusing me so
03:16.30*** part/#kde rrohde (
03:16.47Renzeperhaps a permissions problem in ~/.kde/share/config/ ? check konsolerc
03:16.51foobarit has always just worked!! lol and i am not that great of a linux user yet to figure out thes issues
03:19.27foobarschema=Transparent_darkbg.schema << that is in that what you are talking about??
03:19.27foobarhowever the root one is blank
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03:19.35Renzeno, I mean the permissions/ownership of the file itself
03:20.53foobar-rw-------  1 foobar users 705 Feb  1 21:09 /home/foobar/.kde3.3/share/config/konsolerc
03:21.38foobarit writes to the file cause i can see my changes take effect
03:22.44Renzethen I'm at a loss
03:23.38foobarlol...just like everyone else i have asked!! lol
03:26.30Renzeyou've broken something... because it works fine here on my gentoo
03:27.51*** join/#kde mattr (~matt@mattr.kde)
03:28.02foobarhow can i have broken something, i haven't done anything!! lol
03:28.58foobarok, it has to be my user, cause it works in root
03:29.50*** join/#kde canllaith (
03:31.39aseigofoobar: it works with the exact same konsolerc? e.g. you just copied it over?
03:31.48canllaithwhat is the time Renze ?
03:32.01foobaraseigo, yes
03:32.02canllaithcool :) Just making sure
03:32.21canllaithI swear every time I cvs up, KDE seems to get faster
03:32.31aseigofoobar: hrm. oddness. that would seem to imply that Transparent_darkbg.schema isn't visible to your user
03:32.33Renzethat's a good thing :)
03:32.35foobarwhere else are settings pulled from ??
03:33.01aseigohave you seen that yet?
03:33.19aseigofoobar: if you do a `locate  Transparent_darkbg.schema` what do you get?
03:33.31canllaithso um yes.
03:33.40foobaraseigo, is..i can sellect it and any others all day long and it works...until i open a new tab or window...THEN it uses the defaults and i have to reset it
03:33.46aseigocanllaith: oh.. heh.. i see =)
03:34.06canllaithNot that I have contributed to the final design, but I did some graphics for frerich that ended up not being used
03:34.15canllaithbut basically, yes I have been hearing all about it and looking at in progress stuff forever.
03:34.17aseigofoobar: ah! you want to set it as the default schema then...
03:34.30canllaithand it is sooooo sexy and cool :)
03:34.31aseigocanllaith: ok fine, so you're bored with it =P
03:34.38canllaithNo no, not bored :)
03:35.19foobaryes..and in the config files i have seen for konsole as my user, they are exactly the same as root
03:36.12foobari coppied my user config directly to my root config and it works just fine, so something somewhere else has to be resetting it
03:37.53*** join/#kde ideafix (
03:38.37foobarwhat about /etc/profile ...would anything in there cause it??
03:39.45mattraseigo: btw, i like snapshot3
03:41.26*** join/#kde menteers (~menteers@
03:44.15menteersI have been using gnome as my frontend for awhile now...I have just started using KDE much out of curiousity...I was wondering what are somethings that KDE can do that gnome can't
03:45.04ideafixgnome can't miau
03:46.01*** join/#kde SuperL4g (~aaron@SuperLag.developer.gentoo)
03:46.57*** join/#kde ironfroggy_ (
03:48.01mattrmenteers: it's been awhile since i've used gnome, but i think kde integrates into itself better
03:48.06canllaithis unsermake -supposed- to do any compiling or linking on unsermake install if you have already run unsermake??
03:48.14mattrcanllaith: yes, if something changed, it will
03:48.22canllaithmattr: what could have changed?
03:48.31canllaithbetween me typing 'unsermake'  and 'unsermake install' ?
03:48.41mattrcanllaith: don't have a clue. which module is it?
03:48.56mattrand it's compiling again?
03:49.05ideafixkopete is the best kde app
03:49.40canllaithwhich sucks. Lots. I don't know why it is being so amazingly stupid.
03:49.46canllaithWhy compile it twice?
03:50.05mattrcanllaith: that's a good question. it shouldn't compile twice
03:50.17mattrcanllaith: especially if you did, 'unsermake' then 'unsermake install' right after
03:50.28canllaithunsermake; sudo unsermake install
03:50.35canllaithsorry I used su rather than sudo
03:51.03mattrthe difference between su and sudo could be what does it...
03:51.22canllaithWell, I also find it does it on unsermake DESTDIR=/foo install
03:51.26canllaithand I don't su or sudo before that
03:52.29canllaithWell, I'm sittin here watching it do it :) So it definitely exists.
03:52.35mattrexcept when switching between cvs branches. :)
03:52.42canllaithThis is a completely clean checkout
03:52.44menteersnewbie question, how do you change the volume in kde
03:52.53canllaithmenteers: kmix if it's installed :)
03:52.53Renzementeers: kmix
03:53.08canllaithlook in KMenu -> Mutimedia
03:53.27greppercanllaith: I had problems with unsermake redoing the compile in a loop, but I assumed it was because it was not compatible with the debian rules script
03:53.35canllaithgrepper: interesting.
03:53.38*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
03:54.02mattrerr, cvs up -D '1 day ago'
03:54.07canllaithmmm ?
03:54.12mattrbecause frerich changed some stuff and unsermake went all wonky
03:54.19mattrso i'm using like a two day old checkout
03:54.27canllaithfair enough, I'll just switch back to make for the moment
03:55.20canllaithCompiling it twice doesn't do anything for the performance either :)
03:55.23mattrhmm, let's see, what to start on next, webcams or file transfers...
03:55.51canllaithand now it's compiling it a third time
03:55.56canllaithwith make DESTDIR=/foo
03:56.06mattri wonder if you clock is broken...
03:56.12canllaith(ok so I did unsermake, then unsermake install, then unsermake DESTDIR=/foo install so that I can distribute it elsewhere)
03:56.16canllaithmy clock?
03:56.26mattryeah, sounds like a classic case of clock skew
03:56.32canllaith'clock skew' ?
03:57.19mattrbasically, something went all wonky with your clock, so *make thinks it needs to recompile.
03:57.39canllaithand what would cause something all wonky to happen with my clock between typing make and make install?
03:58.05mattri haven't a clue
03:58.05aseigoyou live in kiwiland. 'nuff said.
03:58.14aseigothat's sort of like living in the bermuda triangle.
03:58.31aseigoonly instead of being named after a cool pair of shorts, it's named after a fruit. cognito ergo sum.
03:58.42mattrcanllaith: this is a brand new checkout?
03:58.57canllaithmattr: yes
03:59.03canllaithfresh install of slackware on a blank hdd
03:59.09canllaithas brand new as it possibly can get
04:00.22mattrcanllaith: hmm, i don't know then. sorry
04:01.04mattrand now pardon me, i must dive into the fiery depth of code known as libyahoo2 so i can figure out how to make webcam receiving work
04:01.18mattrcallbacks. ick
04:04.15canllaiththere are days that I hate KDE, and continue using it simply because I cannot find anything I hate less :\
04:04.30*** join/#kde sparr (
04:04.31mattrhate is such a strong word...
04:04.32aseigosort like a bumb boyfriend huh?
04:05.05canllaithNo, I don't think I've ever been so pathetic as to be with someone simply because I can't find another person I despise less.
04:07.03Dhraakellianor if it already has it, how do I enable it?
04:07.34mattrDhraakellian: i think there's some exchange supporting stuff in kde 3.4 along with some other groupware things
04:07.37mattrnot sure though
04:07.57DhraakellianI've never actually used anything other than pop for email clients
04:08.20snugglemonkeyDhraakellian: I hear it's supported mainly if the server is posting the info as an imap server.
04:08.51Dhraakellian!order burnination to MCC IT staff who haven't apparently enabled IMAP for student email
04:09.12snugglemonkeyevil IT.
04:09.26*** join/#kde menteers (~menteers@
04:12.38Dhraakellianoutlook web access, on the other hand
04:13.36*** part/#kde snugglemonkey (
04:14.17*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
04:21.28*** join/#kde ag3ntugly (~ag3ntugly@
04:21.59*** part/#kde ag3ntugly (~ag3ntugly@
04:24.33_poisonhey ... somebody knows an app like kplato ... only finished ? ^^
04:25.28Renzeno idea what kplato is
04:26.25*** join/#kde mobtek (
04:27.53*** join/#kde Bluewolf (
04:28.30_poisonRenze:   ... project management ...
04:28.39mattr_poison: if you're looking for something that's finished, i think the only thing available is something called 'Planner' at
04:29.16*** join/#kde straw (
04:29.23mattr_poison: it's not KDE based, but it's the only thing i know of
04:30.09_poisonmattr: thank you ... was looking for that one ... couldn't google it cause the name is too generic =D
04:32.25_poisongnome =( *sighs*
04:35.15*** join/#kde tim_h (
04:36.35*** join/#kde marcusU (~marcus@
04:40.00*** join/#kde Dhraakellian (
04:43.56*** join/#kde moemar (
04:44.19moemarwhats the difference between themes/styles and color schemes?
04:44.20*** part/#kde _poison (
04:44.25*** join/#kde _poison (
04:44.36Renzemoemar: I'd think that would be obvious
04:44.38marcusUthemes are a combination on color scenes, widget styles, and backgroundds.
04:44.45marcusUNo it's not obvious.
04:45.04moemardo most themes come with sounds?
04:45.44marcusUmoemar: No, sounds are separate.
04:46.30marcusUmoemar: Think of "themes" in Appearance & Themes -> Theme Manager as being a collection of settings for the background, colors, widget style, icons, fonts, and screensaver.
04:46.34*** join/#kde tim_h__ (
04:47.37*** join/#kde canllaith (
04:47.47mattrwb canllaith
04:47.48mattrhi tim_h__
04:48.18*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
04:48.42canllaithoooh konversation has some new icons
04:49.02_poison0.15 ?
04:49.28canllaithcvs head
04:55.27strawwhat release, Dhraakellian?
04:55.40Dhraakellian3.4 beta1
04:55.52Dhraakellianand it's not the USE="-cdparanoia" problem
04:55.58DhraakellianI think
04:56.22strawhand built or packages?
04:56.37Dhraakelliangentoo monolithic ebuilds
04:57.25strawoh, i should've noticed the USE= flag
04:58.16*** part/#kde marcusU (~marcus@
04:58.32strawwhat's going wrong? and stop talking in the third person, it's unnerving ;)
04:59.37DhraakellianI was just observing
04:59.43DhraakellianI haven't actually tried to rip a CD in ages
04:59.58canllaithDhraakellian: btw, had to reboot that machine yesterday =p
05:00.02Dhraakelliancanllaith: heh
05:00.04canllaithso 308 days was as high as I got
05:00.42strawthere's so much evil in the world
05:05.43*** join/#kde foobar (
05:06.14strawthere you have it, folks. kde devs are known to be aligned with evil
05:06.26foobarjust to let you guys know...recreating my user fixed my konsole issue
05:06.52*** part/#kde foobar (
05:08.31*** join/#kde Kr0nd0r (
05:09.07Kr0nd0rI am not sure if this channel provides help at all, or if it is for developers.  I am looking for a kde applet to allow me to join and disconnect from available wifi networks.  Is there any?
05:09.21Kr0nd0rkwifimanager lets me look at networks that I am already joined to, but that's it..
05:09.39mattri think there's one under development, but i don't know if it's actually been released yet
05:09.43DhraakellianKr0nd0r: yes, this is the tech support and misc KDE discussion channel
05:09.45mattryou might try searching on
05:09.53Dhraakellian#kde-devel is the developer chan
05:10.03Kr0nd0rmattr: checking now thanks :)
05:13.41Kr0nd0rhmm looks like Kifi and Kwirelessmonitor may fit the bill.. thanks :)
05:15.49aseigoKr0nd0r: the devel channel is #kde-devel.. this is the users channel =)
05:15.59aseigowell, users and developers (because they're users too(tm))
05:16.52Dhraakellian"Hi, I'm aseigo, and I'm... I'm a user."
05:16.52Dhraakellian"Hi, aseigo!"
05:17.43aseigo"I've been using KDE for 6 years..."
05:17.55aseigo(quiet mumblings and nods ...)
05:18.07aseigo"I .. .I use it every day. and i can't get enough of it"
05:19.46Kr0nd0ris it possible for me to use the wifi section of the control center to setup profiles or something so it first tries to connect to a network I specify and if it fails then auto tries for any other open network?
05:20.50*** join/#kde az[a]zel (~damien@
05:22.25*** join/#kde chavo (
05:23.02jorgpthe way for various files? am I using a wrong cvs flag?
05:23.39jorgpC kresources/groupdav/groupdavcalendaradaptor.h
05:23.39jorgpcvs update: move away `kresources/groupdav/groupdavglobals.cpp'; it is in the way
05:32.31*** join/#kde Borg^Queen (~Borg^
05:32.41Borg^QueenHello humans
05:32.51Renze'lo borgy
05:33.17Borg^QueenHey Renze
05:33.57Borg^QueenWhat's the skinny?
05:34.08aseigojorgp: delete that file and try again
05:34.12Borg^QueenOh yes, and hello to "others"
05:34.17RenzeCalista Flockhart is kinda skinny
05:34.18strawnot much, Borg^Queen. you?
05:34.26mattrRenze: you're just noticing? ;)
05:34.33DhraakellianHey! What's brown and sticky?
05:34.34Borg^QueenWell off to bed soon
05:34.34Renzemattr: not at all :)
05:39.49Borg^QueenWell wanted say hello and good night.
05:40.06Borg^QueenGet your hands off my shiney metal ass
05:40.13Renze'twas a goodnight goose :)
05:40.13aseigoBorg^Queen: g'nite =)
05:40.26Borg^QueenOh ha Renze
05:40.31Borg^QueenNight aseigo
05:40.50Borg^QueenIf Flendor should turn up, ask him how his grandmother is doing. She was in the hospital.
05:42.15Borg^QueenRight, I'm off (literaly)
05:42.18*** part/#kde Borg^Queen (~Borg^
05:45.56*** part/#kde mattr (~matt@mattr.kde)
05:46.29*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
05:51.10*** part/#kde Kr0nd0r (
05:54.13*** join/#kde slayerbob (
05:58.46*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
06:17.01*** join/#kde weeti_ (
06:19.29*** join/#kde kendrick (
06:20.55Renze..nze :)
06:28.21*** join/#kde TheSimkin (
06:28.45*** join/#kde mxcl (
06:37.02*** join/#kde chimaera (
06:45.16*** join/#kde Pupeno- (
06:48.06*** join/#kde h (
06:48.22hhey eeverybody
06:49.54his there a way to get the stop, back, forward, refresh buttons toolbar to be on the same level as the address toolbar?
06:50.13hsimilar to the way firefox is configured?
06:52.37hand similar to the way k-meleon is set up as well
06:53.22aseigoh: settings -> configure toolbars =)
06:54.20hi'm there, but i can't figure it out
06:54.59aseigoyou want to take the location bar items off of the Location Toolbar, then add them to the Main Toolbar
06:55.21hthank you
06:56.53*** join/#kde kendrick (
07:14.01*** join/#kde eean (
07:17.24*** join/#kde Pupeno- (
07:19.24*** part/#kde h (
07:20.40*** join/#kde u-warter (
07:21.14*** part/#kde u-warter (
07:21.36*** join/#kde doctorwhite (~doctorwhi@deu-74-57.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU)
07:39.30*** join/#kde Celestar (
07:44.51*** join/#kde doctorwhite (~doctorwhi@deu-74-57.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU)
07:52.42*** join/#kde Ireul ([
07:55.34*** join/#kde doctorwhite (~doctorwhi@deu-74-57.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU)
07:57.20*** join/#kde iblechbot (
08:13.52*** join/#kde octan (~octan@
08:22.07octandoes anyone got a "creative zen touch" mp3 player? working under linux??
08:22.19octanits a hard drive based mp3 player.. 20 Gb.. usb v2,, how i i mount it as a mass storage?? mount /dev/sda? /mnt/mp3player
08:26.05Renzeoctan: send me one and I'll sort it out for you :)
08:26.15octanlol :)
08:26.31Renzecan't blame a guy for trying :)
08:26.43octanno,, it's worth a shot ;P
08:27.17Renzebut if I had to guess, not knowing what other scsi devices you might have, or what kernel version... sda1 might work
08:27.30octananyway.. i googles and fount out that i can use  gnomad 2,6,2 for it,,
08:27.54octanbut i get errors compiling it
08:28.01octanukebox.c:1890: error: `njb_playlist_track_t' undeclared (first use in this function)
08:28.01octanjukebox.c:1890: error: `track' undeclared (first use in this function)
08:28.01octanmake[1]: *** [jukebox.o] Error 1
08:28.01octanmake[1]: Leaving directory `/Backup/Tar-Gz/gnomad2-2.6.2/src'
08:28.01octanmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
08:28.09octan+++ more errors above
08:28.12*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
08:28.25Renzethe first error is the important one, not the last :)
08:28.48octanjukebox.c:112: error: structure has no member named `njbid'
08:28.52octan1 one
08:29.27Renzecan't help with that one...
08:29.33Renzeit's not a KDE app :)
08:29.48*** join/#kde Skiver (~DebianLin@
08:29.50octani know.. ;( do kde have a simelar app
08:30.20Renzehaving no idea what gnomad actually is, I can't answer that :)
08:30.37Renzebut it should be simple enough to just mount it as mass storage and copy files to it
08:30.57octani use k.2.6.9
08:31.03RenzeI'm guessing, of course, as I do not yet own a hd based mp3 player :)
08:31.23octando you think it sda1 ?
08:31.32octani shall mount it as
08:31.34Renzeit'll either be sda1 (assuming it's the first "scsi" device) or uba1
08:31.38octanerr dev
08:32.22octanmount: you must specify the filesystem type
08:32.24*** join/#kde Frost^ (
08:32.28Renzejust try it and see if it works... you'll know when it does, because it won't complain :)
08:32.35octani dont know what filesystem it uses
08:32.42RenzeI'm guessing vfat
08:33.17srednaHi *
08:33.24Renzehola anders
08:33.37octansda1 doe not exsists
08:33.45octansame with uba1
08:34.13Renzeoctan: try "modprobe usb-storage" as root
08:34.19srednaWhat is your device octan ?
08:34.19Frost^I noticed that with konqueror 3.4b1 I get a lot of pages to time out when I first try to access them. when I refresh it's all good. is that a bug or something which makes pages time out faster than ususal?
08:34.30*** join/#kde JayParadise (
08:34.42octansredna a creative zen touch
08:34.54octanhd based 20 gb mp3 player
08:35.14srednaConnected via usb?
08:35.39srednaAnd you are using kernel 2.6.9 and udev?
08:35.47Renzeand hotplug?
08:36.00octandont get so tekincal now ;P
08:36.13octanhotplug yea
08:36.15*** join/#kde alejandro (~alejandro@
08:36.19octanudev i dont know
08:36.19Renzeoctan: did you try modprobe usb-storage?
08:36.32Renzewhat error
08:36.38octanmodprobe usb-storage
08:36.38octanWARNING: Error inserting scsi_mod (/lib/modules/2.6.9/kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.ko): Invalid module format
08:36.38octanWARNING: Error inserting usbcore (/lib/modules/2.6.9/kernel/drivers/usb/core/usbcore.ko):Invalid module format
08:37.02Renzelooks like you have some messed up modules
08:37.20octandont sai that word ;C
08:37.27octanmessed up ;C
08:37.33srednaHm, food
08:39.07Renzeoctan: did you build your own kernel, or is this from a binary package?
08:39.28*** join/#kde soulreaper__ (
08:39.34*** join/#kde dnmoqf (~dnm@
08:40.02octanbuild my own.. im thinking of that,, maybe i didnt add usb support since i didnt have any usb devices at the time i compiled it
08:40.21Renzemight pay to check
08:41.42*** join/#kde tackat666 (
08:42.16octanhmm yea i did add support for it
08:42.24*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
08:42.33octanRenze look at this,, i did a lsusb
08:42.37Renzeoctan: and the scsi stuff it needs?
08:42.41octansh: line 1: lsusb: command not found
08:42.50octanroot@octan:/usr/src/linux-2.6.9# lsusb
08:42.50octanBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
08:42.50octanBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
08:42.50octanBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
08:42.50octanBus 001 Device 002: ID 041e:411b Creative Technology, Ltd
08:42.51octanBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
08:43.03Renzeso it sees it
08:43.37octanlooks like that yea
08:44.11octanwhat scsi stuff do i need?
08:44.25Renzehang on...
08:44.50RenzeI have a 2.6.10 kernel, but it should be the same
08:45.17octanyea.. just minor changes
08:45.41octani got scsi support too..
08:45.47*** join/#kde az[a]zel (
08:45.59Renzei have SCSI disk support and SCSI generic support as modules
08:46.09octansame here
08:46.35Renzeyou might just need to run make && make modules_install again
08:47.02Renzethey might have gotten corrupted somewhere along the way
08:47.53*** join/#kde radiohead (~dev_loop@
09:01.59*** join/#kde war- (
09:02.35*** join/#kde carles (carles@
09:05.24*** join/#kde slayerbob (
09:06.23*** join/#kde mustasj (
09:06.24*** join/#kde zbycho108 (
09:09.37*** join/#kde sarah03 (
09:12.21*** join/#kde OxFFFF (~binarian@
09:15.37*** join/#kde phanni (
09:20.04*** join/#kde Jerry-ku` (1000@
09:20.36*** join/#kde Kuwanger (
09:21.44*** join/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
09:22.16KuwangerAnother possibly stupid question, but does anyone here know the name of the 16x16 image display on a timeout?  I'm trying to locate the reason why said image is displayed if an image isn't d/led by 60seconds after the initial command to d/l the image is made.
09:26.16*** join/#kde gnumdk (~gnumdk@
09:29.32*** join/#kde than (
09:29.55*** join/#kde Smirftsch (
09:37.31*** join/#kde Winblowz (~Singleblo@
09:39.43Winblowzno one about then
09:40.02*** join/#kde marjo (
09:41.26srednaSure, Winblowz
09:42.40Winblowzjust wondering
09:42.49Winblowzhow i can make my kde desktop different
09:42.58Winblowzif uve ever seen slax
09:43.04Winblowzi really like the colour scheme used
09:43.18marjowhat in the ~/.kde or ~/.share has gone rye as one of the users complain that "home" button complains about "kfmclient: ERROR: Couldn't start konqueror from konqueror.desktop: could not find service 'konqueror.desktop'."?
09:43.24Winblowzand i want to make one the same
09:43.46RenzeWinblowz: why not just use the one on the slax disc?
09:44.56Winblowzcause i dont use slax
09:45.06Winblowzand im still very new to linux
09:45.06Renzeso? just steal the colour scheme file
09:45.14Winblowzhow can i do that
09:45.15*** join/#kde globbitz (~globbitz@
09:45.31Winblowz<-noob to linux
09:46.03*** join/#kde Worf (
09:46.21Winblowzits got a funky taskbar too
09:46.34*** join/#kde dannyK (
09:46.38Winblowzi assume thats part of the colour scheme
09:46.43*** join/#kde c-101 (~alex@
09:47.03RenzeWinblowz: no, it'll be in the setup... all of which can be done on any distro
09:47.25RenzeWinblowz: have a browse through the KDE Control Center to start with
09:47.46Winblowzsetup ?
09:47.52RenzeWinblowz: you might like Appearance & Themes -> Colors
09:48.12Winblowzsomeone was showing me about compiling a new kernel
09:48.27Winblowzthink i got that part faily understood
09:48.44Renzeconfiguring KDE is easier than compiling a kernel
09:50.59slayerbobit is ?
09:51.13Winblowzill have a play around
09:51.17Renzeslayerbob: it is
09:51.23Winblowzi forgot how to get into the kernel now
09:51.24slayerbobRenze: hmmm
09:51.28marjowhat in the ~/.kde or ~/.share has gone bad as "home" button complains about "kfmclient: ERROR: Couldn't start konqueror from konqueror.desktop: could not find service 'konqueror.desktop'." (can't find differences between user's .kde or .share dirs/files...)?
09:51.31Winblowzthe person who showed me
09:51.33slayerbobi have always found kernel compilation particularly easy
09:51.40Winblowzdid it all in the root shell
09:51.42slayerbobtype in the commands, wait for it to finish...
09:51.48Winblowzand ive forgotten all the cmds
09:52.02Winblowzi know its /usr/src
09:52.06Renzeyou can only build kernels as root
09:52.06Winblowzthats bout it though
09:52.08slayerbobconfiguring a kernel prior to compilation is of course a different matter :)
09:52.17slayerbobRenze: nonsense
09:52.27slayerbobit is recommended by linus that you not build them as root
09:52.30Renzeslayerbob: I count the configuration as part of the build
09:52.32*** join/#kde rian (~rian@
09:52.32srednaWinblowz: There are plenty of nice instructions for compiling your linux kernel on the internet
09:52.58Winblowzstill cant use my modem yet though
09:53.02Winblowznot until i buy a new one
09:53.23Winblowzi dont think it works
09:56.11Renzeslayerbob: you mean you change the ownership of /usr/src/linux before you build a kernel?
09:56.32slayerbobRenze: i do not build kernels in /usr/src as per linus' instructions
09:57.02Renzeslayerbob: care to point me to these instructions?
09:59.13*** join/#kde alejandro (~alejandro@
09:59.13*** join/#kde Washuu (
09:59.22sarah03Mm. "Installing the kernel", first bullet-point - "Do NOT use the /usr/src/linux area! This area has a (usually incomplete) set of kernel headers that are used by the library header files. They should match the library, and not get messed up by whatever the kernel-du-jour happens to be."
09:59.56sarah03[Granted, I've never followed that particular instruction.]
10:00.51Renzeah, sorry, it's halfway down
10:01.44RenzeI just find it easier to keep everything in one place
10:02.12slayerbobso do i
10:02.17slayerbobit is called my home directory :)
10:02.23*** join/#kde lippel (
10:02.44Renzeof course /usr/src/linux is a symlink to whichever kernel I happen to be running
10:02.53sarah03The kernel is the only thing I've got currently residing in /usr/src. My home directory is cluttered all to hell.
10:03.02Renzesame here
10:08.23KuwangerWell, I've tracked down the area where the problem might be, but I see only one thing timer related that'd give me any clue why it's a problem. :/
10:10.31*** join/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
10:14.06*** join/#kde canllaith (
10:14.43canllaithBeineri: hey there :)
10:15.17canllaithHow are you?
10:15.25Beineristressed? ;-)
10:15.33canllaithThis seems like your normal state! :P
10:15.45Beineriit will be better in one, two days
10:15.49canllaithYeah :)
10:17.02sarah03Hm. It would appear that the top of my monitor isn't a good place for chocolate.
10:17.12canllaithSo for what reason are you graceing us with your presence tonight? ;)
10:17.21Renzesarah03: melty?
10:17.39slayerbobLOL sarah03
10:17.45Beinericanllaith: me?
10:17.52canllaithBeineri: yes, you :)
10:18.13sarah03Renze: Not melty, just soft.
10:18.14Beinericanllaith: need distraction from boring wait on compilers, greps, ...
10:18.19sarah03*really* soft.
10:18.28Renzesarah03: leave it for a bit longer :)
10:19.14sarah03Nah, I want to actually be able to eat my chocolate... if I wanted to drink chocolate, I could have done that earlier.
10:19.24canllaithBeineri: heh you poor dear.
10:19.28Renzenothing wrong with drinking chocolate :)
10:19.43canllaithI am waiting for just kdepim to build and that alone feels like an eternitiy
10:27.22srednaBeineri: Did all your issues with akte go away?'s the site that's giving up. :/
10:28.05*** part/#kde Kuwanger (
10:29.42Beinerisredna: the Document List Settings dialog one seems to be still there
10:30.42srednaBeineri: If you disable the shading and press apply or OK, the shading is still there?
10:31.09Beinerisredna: when shading is disabled and you enter the dialog the lower widgets are not disabled
10:31.35srednaBeineri: Aaah... that slipped me
10:31.51srednaThe enabling horror.. I'll fix that
10:31.53*** join/#kde Washuu (
10:32.42canllaithyay kdepim is done finally
10:33.57*** join/#kde PhilRod (
10:34.13srednaBeineri: That is the sort of issue I don't catch, like when we get bug reports that 'copy' should be disabled when there is no selection.
10:42.32*** join/#kde Skiver (~DebianLin@
10:42.54*** join/#kde markey (
10:43.01*** join/#kde jcook (~jcook@
10:47.08*** join/#kde soulreaper (
10:51.06*** join/#kde kaptainouk (
10:51.15*** part/#kde kaptainouk (
10:55.25*** join/#kde AchiestDragon (
11:00.25mustasjAny other cool styles for a plastik fan?
11:00.38mustasjsuggestions, I know about ,)
11:06.08*** join/#kde Renze2 (
11:09.22*** join/#kde LostThePlot (
11:11.40AchiestDragonhaving problems compileing kdebase from cvs
11:11.48BeineriAchiestDragon: kicker?
11:12.08AchiestDragonfavicons.cpp:269: error: visibility arg must be one of "default", "hidden",
11:12.55AchiestDragon"protected" or "internal"
11:12.55mustasjSkiver: I like it, thanks
11:13.17BeineriAchiestDragon: too old kdelibs
11:13.22Skiverno problem
11:13.41AchiestDragondid kdelibs
11:13.57AchiestDragonfrom cvs last night
11:14.08AchiestDragonand arts
11:14.24BeineriAchiestDragon: btw, which favicons.cpp - there are at least two :-)
11:15.38*** join/#kde vladg_ (~dudu@
11:17.20BeineriAchiestDragon: /opt/kde3 contains your "last night kdelibs"?
11:17.37*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
11:18.28AchiestDragonno /usr/local/kde
11:18.43Renzewillwork4foo: I pity da foo you work for :)
11:18.45BeineriAchiestDragon: then fix your paths/prefix
11:19.08AchiestDragonbut i set $KDEDIRS
11:19.34willwork4fooRenze: because I've never ever heard that one before.
11:19.38willwork4foohonest, I haven't.
11:19.54Renzewillwork4foo: I guessed as much, but it was worth one more shot :)
11:20.04willwork4fooyou is a dayam foo.
11:20.43willwork4foothere is a Sun course I want to do. SA-225-S10.
11:20.49slayerbobso do it
11:20.57willwork4foosadly, it costs a lot of money. and my boss won't send me on it.
11:21.25PhilRodAchiestDragon: you possibly have /opt/kde3/bin in your $PATH. You should remove it
11:21.29*** join/#kde Shaikun (
11:24.44*** join/#kde bietch (~gen@
11:24.47slayerbobwillwork4foo: blackmail is your friend :)
11:24.56slayerbobbietch! :P
11:25.09bietchuncle bob!! ya doing ?
11:25.21willwork4fooslayerbob: nooooo. I am an intern. I need a decent reference from my boss.
11:25.23slayerbobstill alive :P
11:25.27willwork4fooergo I cannot blackmail him.
11:25.32bietchslayerbob: where is your lover ?
11:25.43willwork4fooplus - he is in Colorado USA, I am in UK. and I have nothing to blackmail him with
11:25.45slayerbobwillwork4foo: you could blackmail him for the good reference as well :)
11:26.06Renzelong-distance internship
11:26.21bietchhuh Renze
11:26.24Renzehiya anis busuk :)
11:26.39bietcharr..u start calling me busuk..just canllaith busuk..mine are not!
11:26.53Renzeanis busuuuuk
11:26.58slayerbobbusuk ?
11:27.14slayerboband various math dialects
11:27.38Skiversmelly it means
11:27.47bietcharr Skiver !
11:27.55slayerbobah i see
11:28.12slayerbobyou abusing my canllaith bietch ?
11:28.19Skiverhi bietch, m'sian ?
11:28.36bietchslayerbob: nope i dont
11:28.42bietchSkiver: sighs..i am anis lol!
11:29.37Skiverahh..hey u !
11:29.56slayerboblol Renze
11:31.02*** join/#kde BBRodriguez (
11:31.29*** join/#kde BBRodriguez (
11:35.03bietchRenze: no no..u are not!
11:35.15Renzesure I am :)
11:35.36*** join/#kde absinthe (~absinthe@absinthe.developer.gentoo)
11:40.03AchiestDragonwhat rc file holds the default $PATH ?
11:40.51srednaAchiestDragon: That is system dependant, but I'd say /etc/profile
11:42.57*** join/#kde delmonic1 (
11:42.58*** join/#kde jc_ (
11:43.32*** join/#kde rian (~rian@
11:43.35BeineriAchiestDragon: dunno if "configure" respects KDEDIRS
11:44.40AchiestDragoni set path with export and it works , just setting it so it will be there on next boot
11:45.04Skiverawwwwwwww, damn my housemate
11:45.14BeineriKDEDIR feels like a safer bet for compilation
11:45.38Beinerior --prefix=foo
11:45.48*** join/#kde Kuwanger (
11:47.13*** part/#kde Kuwanger (
11:48.15Skiverwinter whites is the dumbest hamster in this world
11:50.33srednaI set KDEDIR solely for convenience running configure scripts in kde apps
11:53.42PhilRodAchiestDragon: 'set | grep /opt/kde3' might also be another way to check that there are no other envars pointing to /opt/kde3
11:54.25AchiestDragonits ok , sorted it out now
11:54.35AchiestDragonbut thanks :)
11:55.31Renzeheavy petting?
11:56.32PhilRodperhaps I'll stick to light petting - this *is* a family channel after all :-)
11:56.45Renzeglad to hear it :)
11:56.54snugglemonkeywhat's the command to killall by a certain user?  I was looking through and there's kde programs still running from a dead user.
11:57.59sarah03pkill -u [name]
11:58.55PhilRodooh, I didn't know about pgrep and pkill. Useful-looking stuff
12:01.26lauri_there there
12:01.49Renzethat's a big job :)
12:02.04slayerbobit would also spoil unix
12:02.11lauri_most of them are entirely intuitive and logical
12:02.23lauri_if you're a long haired hippie from berkely at least
12:02.48lauri_f'rinstance: cat
12:03.26Renzechowells: throw them at the wall... anything that doesn't stick is fine :)
12:03.29*** join/#kde kapishonas (~mrb@
12:03.45chowellsRenze: haha
12:04.21Renzegrok? I use that fairly often :)
12:04.35PhilRodis there a word in standard English that means the same as 'grok'?
12:04.38Renzehad lecturers at uni that used "grok"
12:04.52Renzegrok == to understand completely
12:04.58slayerbobi think the whole point of "grok" is that there is no work in english
12:05.05slayerbobgrok == to drink
12:05.07lauri_no, that's why heinlein invented it :)
12:05.15slayerbobyup :)
12:05.26lauri_"To understand profoundly"
12:05.33slayerbobmore or less
12:05.35Renzethat's the one
12:05.41lauri_and literally martian for drink
12:05.57PhilRodoh dear, I'm going to start showing my complete ignorance of sci-fi very soon
12:05.59slayerbobhow is it that we have all read ancient scifi ?
12:06.04slayerboblol PhilRod
12:06.06lauri_and in the emphatic form, "to grok in fullness"
12:06.13RenzeI remember reading heinlein at school
12:06.16srednaBeineri: Why did you remove the elipsis in 'View Difference...'? It does eventually lead to a new window
12:06.18kapishonasdoes anyone know how i could make win98 bootable floppy disc?
12:06.23lauri_slayerbob: I once accidentally found myself in an email conversation with heinlein's wife
12:06.35Renzekapishonas: asking in the wrong place, man
12:06.36lauri_and had to fess up I'd read like one of his stories, when i was about 9
12:06.37slayerbobaccidentally ?
12:06.45slayerbobkapishonas: lots of people :)
12:06.46lauri_heh, yes, entirely accidentally :)
12:06.48Beinerisredna: leading to a new window is not a criteria
12:06.48kapishonaswell nobody's answering
12:06.59srednaBeineri: What is then?
12:07.02PhilRodkapishonas: waaaay off topic, but there's an option in the 'format floppy' dialog to "copy system files"
12:07.13slayerbobkapishonas: this channel is not #win98
12:07.14sarah03kapishonas: Download an image of one from somewhere. dd if=win98.img of=/dev/fd0.
12:07.15Beinerisredna: Requiring further input before the action happens
12:07.17lauri_anyway, she made me a reading list (and who could turn that down) so I actually read most of them not so very long ago for the first time
12:07.49kapishonasslayerbob, i don't think that ppl from #win98 could say how i can make bootable floppy in LINUX :)
12:07.52srednaBeineri: Thank you. I allways thought it would indicate that one more dialog would show up
12:08.21slayerbobkapishonas: whereas we can all tell you how to make a win98 boot floppy but few of us actually will :)
12:08.21kapishonassarah03, i'll try. thx
12:08.46lauri_heh, exactly :)
12:08.48slayerbobolden days ?
12:08.52slayerbobwhen was that ? :P
12:09.09lauri_usenet rocks for random celebrity interaction
12:09.13slayerbobon a wyse terminal
12:09.15PhilRodslayerbob: yeah, like five or ten years ago. So long ago
12:09.32slayerbobi am thinking of 15 years ago i think
12:09.36lauri_me too
12:09.59kapishonaswell PhilRod did but i don't have kde at the moment :) (this option is in kde right?)
12:10.08PhilRodkapishonas: no, in windows
12:10.10slayerbobkapishonas: no he means in windows 98
12:10.17kapishonasi don't have windows
12:10.21PhilRodyou didn't specify that you wanted to do it in !windows
12:10.29slayerbobthen why do you want a win98 boot floppy ?
12:10.36lauri_although it wasn't so long ago I talked to mrs heinlein (sci-fi people are big on usenet though, it was pretty cool to be able to post questions to people like Joe straczynski whlie watching a Babylon 5 episode, about a plot point, and get an answer back before the episode's over)
12:10.38kapishonasto install win98 :)
12:11.00slayerbobif not in windows, do what sarah03 said :)
12:11.14*** join/#kde ZeeGeek (
12:11.17lauri_many many sci-fi authors actively posting, lots of TV writers too
12:11.41lauri_if Renze remembers that, he must remember when all the internet traffic used to go out via the edu link up to waikato university
12:11.42slayerbobi have never frequented those groups :P
12:11.46sarah03Replace 'win98.img' with the name of the file you downloaded, of course.
12:11.49ZeeGeeki got problem shutting down kde's screensaver
12:11.52Renzelauri_: yup :)
12:11.54srednaBeineri: Well, I'm greatfull that somone is haunting down all my linguistic errors and style violations. I try to get better at it, but it seems I don't, judging from the number of corrections :(
12:12.06slayerbobi remember paying $10 per MB for international traffic through waikato
12:12.09lauri_slayerbob: oh well, I have met a few porn stars on usenet too, oddly enough (one of them in person even :)
12:12.14PhilRodZeeGeek: what's the problem exactly?
12:12.15ZeeGeekI've shut it down but it's still blanking the screen
12:12.18lauri_Renze: and the BOFH himself was the boss of it :)
12:12.29Renzelauri_: I found that out later :)
12:12.32slayerbobwell... boss might be overstating things a little :P
12:12.58lauri_me too (I knew his name, I didn't realise until many years later that the bofh had the same name, and thought "oh how curious, and that's not a very common name.."
12:13.00slayerbobalthough it does explain where the $10 per MB fee originated :)
12:13.02lauri_dense, me
12:13.31ZeeGeekPhilRod: actually, I've set a shortcut to poweroff the screen by "xset -dpms"
12:13.35slayerbobit is in some of the early bofhs :)
12:13.48slayerbobliquor man
12:13.53slayerbobpipes indeed
12:14.06Renzeyoung whippersnapper
12:14.14kapishonaserm. i have all system files needed (some1 made a win98 bootable floppy and put it to ftp), maybe somehow i can make that win98.img myself? ;d
12:14.31lauri_well, where I came across him, he was the go to guy for getting uplink to the proxies at the time, and since we were paying per kb for data traffic, and going overseas was enormously expensive... yeah, that's exactly where it came from :)
12:14.45ZeeGeekPhilRod: sorry, it's "xset +dpms". when I typed "xset -dpms", it should be kept on, but it starts to blank
12:14.58lauri_interestingly, that's where cachine proxies were not precisely invented, but certainly saw most of their early development
12:15.02*** join/#kde cirkit (
12:15.10lauri_cheaper pr0n websites for early adopter kiwi surfers
12:15.17cirkitwhat is the destination directory for the KDE icons????
12:15.18PhilRodZeeGeek: doesn't really sound like a KDE problem - what happens if you do it in a different window manager?
12:15.23sarah03kapishonas: If it's an actual floppy disk image, you just dump it to the disk. If not, find another.
12:15.25cirkitthe pixmaps
12:15.28PhilRodcirkit: KDEDIR/share/icons I think
12:15.38ZeeGeekPhilRod: in xfce there's no prob
12:16.18cirkithmm not there
12:16.28ZeeGeekPhilRod: actually, is there a command line to shutdown the screensaver or to show the state?
12:16.45slayerbobkillall -9 xscreensaver :)
12:16.46Renzecirkit: you mean where they're installed through kde control center?
12:17.18ZeeGeekslayerbob: I don't use xscreensaver, I mean the one kde comes with
12:17.50slayerbobkde has its own screensaver ? :|
12:18.09ZeeGeekslayerbob: then what's that in the control center?
12:18.57srednaLauri_,  Beineri, canllaith: Can I use the word 'unhandeled' in the sense 'not taken care of yet'?
12:19.16Beineriunhandled, think so
12:19.22*** join/#kde _Gil (
12:19.22srednaThank you
12:19.28snugglemonkeysredna: undone might be better.  :)
12:19.42lauri_yes, but you might spell it right (unimplemented maybe?)
12:19.50sredna"Removes the modifed flag from the selected documents. Closes the dialog "
12:19.52*** join/#kde Ironnads (
12:19.58srednaThe above is the context
12:20.14lauri_I'd say modified again
12:20.34lauri_Removes the modified flag from the selected documents, closing the dialog when the operation is complete.
12:20.35lauri_how's that
12:20.36srednaI didn't get to spellcheck yet
12:20.45srednaThat is fine
12:21.01srednaAh, and maybe not
12:21.36srednaIt's a list, and you can select one of 3 actions to apply to the selected items
12:21.49srednaSo the operation might not complete
12:23.32sredna"Removes the modified flag from the selected documents and closes the dialog "
12:23.39srednaIs that ok?
12:26.53srednaThanks for helping
12:26.56bietcharh..i cant burn cd using k3b
12:27.08srednaMaybe for once it will pass the language controls :o
12:27.09bietchk3b doest not copy multiple track ?
12:27.27srednabietch: What are you trying to do?
12:27.33bietchcopy a cd
12:28.00srednabietch: A audio cd?
12:28.18chowellsZeeGeek: you can do it using dcop i think, try kdcop
12:28.33ZeeGeekchowells: aight
12:28.36srednabietch: So, a data cd
12:28.55srednaOr a vcd?
12:29.01bietchyes vcd
12:29.14bietch[root@owned cdrom]# ls
12:30.03srednaIf it is mounted and shows that in a file listing, it would be just one filesystem
12:34.24bietchah ok
12:34.29bietchforget about it..done!
12:35.15*** join/#kde slackd00d (
12:39.19*** join/#kde chimaera (
12:40.16ZeeGeekchowells: sorry to bother u, i'm in kdesktop->KScreensaverIface, but which value am i lookin' for?
12:42.25*** join/#kde Frost^ (
12:42.26*** join/#kde code_ (
12:42.27*** join/#kde enric (
12:49.14*** join/#kde Takumi (
12:50.11*** join/#kde OxFFFF (~binarian@
12:50.24*** join/#kde straw (
12:50.24*** join/#kde JUDGE (
12:50.57*** part/#kde JUDGE (
12:54.16*** join/#kde PhilRod (
12:54.37*** join/#kde bluesceada (~itsjustme@bluesceada.user)
12:59.19*** join/#kde absinthe (~absinthe@absinthe.developer.gentoo)
13:00.21PhilRodmy turn to ask a dumb compile-related question:
13:00.48PhilRodI've used --disable-dnssd, so presumably it wouldn't try to do anything with dnssd
13:01.18*** join/#kde iblechbot (
13:04.04*** join/#kde watologo (
13:06.52srednaH, how come it I have two apps starting kdesktop doesnt juggle the icons? :P
13:07.57srednaPhilRod: If you have explicitly disabled the feature, then the makefile obviously fails to take advantage of that information
13:10.36*** join/#kde _Gil (
13:21.53*** join/#kde Gil_ (
13:31.10srednaThe dialog with the whatsthis strings from before
13:31.57*** join/#kde az[a]zel (
13:32.49*** join/#kde dh_ (
13:32.52*** join/#kde watologo (
13:37.12*** join/#kde bushwakko (
13:39.19*** join/#kde Theory (
13:41.24*** join/#kde robin (
13:43.09*** join/#kde dnmoqf (~dnm@
13:48.05*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
13:54.30*** join/#kde virgiln (
13:55.09*** join/#kde jm_ (
13:55.13jm_I forgot to ask - we have a KDE user, who has installed some recent KDE version and is now annoyed by the switch to adjacent desktop whenever mouse cursor approaches screen borders; how to disable this behaviour?
13:56.18jm_we looked in KDE control center but couldn't find anything about it
13:56.54Trevelyanwhat version? i've not seen kde do that since 2
13:57.38jm_he says that old version didn't do it, but new one does it, I'll ask him after he tries a suggestion by someone from #debian ("Desktop" -> "Window behaviour" -> "Advanced", "Active Desktop Borders")
13:59.54Trevelyanyour #debian peep is right, its there, just me getting it wrong. i was thinking you couldn't realy do that any more because it would conflict with multihead systems which is becoming more common
14:00.42*** join/#kde linX (
14:02.19*** join/#kde Big_Bozz (
14:02.24lauri_it's one of the things ex enlightenment users used to ask for alllllll the time
14:03.43*** join/#kde OxFFFF (~binarian@
14:04.17jm_ok thanks
14:07.06mobtekhehe I plan to remain an ex-e16 user :P
14:07.06Trevelyankde's edge virtual desktop aint half as nice as e16 was
14:07.12Trevelyanso i dont ues it
14:07.34lauri_the one that amuses me is mousewheel on the pager
14:07.45mobtekI use it with komposé
14:07.48lauri_who on earth uses that
14:07.52lauri_ok, mobtek does :)
14:08.00mobtekhehe yuppers
14:08.18mobtekmousewheel on thepager is fast and helpful :)
14:08.30mobtekkomposé kicks butt too :)
14:08.36lauri_I like middleclick on the desktop
14:08.59lauri_I don't have a taskbar, so I now and then lose a window :)
14:09.00Trevelyani use mouse wheel and pager and desktop. it means i can be lazy and just get pointer in gerneral area
14:09.21mobtekkomposé and ctrl-d :P
14:09.48Trevelyans/l and p/l on p/
14:10.08mobtekheh nice
14:11.17jm_what does that do?
14:11.20willwork4foolauri_: now THAT's classy.
14:11.24willwork4fooI LIKE that!!!!!!!!!!!
14:11.48willwork4foosingle-direction (vertical or horizontal) maximisation.
14:12.01jm_reminds me of larswm :)
14:12.33Big_Bozzdoes anyone know if Umbrello (the wonderful KDE UML modelling tool) will support using Interfaces in sequence diagrams sometime in the near future? or is there a rational why this is not supported?
14:12.44*** join/#kde bushwakko (
14:12.48*** part/#kde jm_ (
14:13.57lauri_Big_Bozz: I suggest you hunt down jonathan riddell and ask him that very nicely
14:15.27Big_Bozzlauri_: thanks - just trying #umbrello
14:15.35Trevelyanthat nice, but does kde do e16's fill remaining unused screen space as opposed to fill screen maximise?
14:16.35willwork4fooI dunno
14:16.57*** join/#kde _yansanmo (
14:20.15*** join/#kde mdo_ (
14:28.13willwork4foohiya sredna
14:28.35srednaHi willwork4foo
14:29.07willwork4foo<-- is studying for "Sun Certified Network Administrator"
14:29.18willwork4foomuch much brain hurty.
14:30.18*** join/#kde Tomasu (
14:31.42sarah03willwork4foo: That does sound painful.
14:34.59willwork4foosarah03: yep.
14:38.36*** join/#kde OxFFFF (~binarian@
14:45.21*** join/#kde Frost^ (
14:47.42*** join/#kde [TGA]KiLuMiNaTi (
14:50.04sagge^^hmm, I have a problem.. I have enabled tv-out in my xorg-config, and it works fine.. but the windows on the tv doesnt have any windowsborder :/ and kaffeine and such(mplayer to) cant go to fullscreen.. can it be something wrong with kwin? maybe worth to mention, it has worked before, but I can't recall anything i've done that may have screwed something up.. someone got an idea?
14:51.02*** join/#kde [Aura]kingwanj (
14:56.10*** join/#kde dh_ (
14:56.17*** join/#kde illissius_ (
15:03.44[Aura]kingwanjhad a job interview yesterday which would have been a comdey writers dream
15:06.52*** join/#kde robin (
15:08.56*** join/#kde tackat666 (
15:08.58*** join/#kde tuxipuxi (
15:09.15*** join/#kde flosch (
15:10.30[Aura]kingwanj\o sredna
15:10.37srednaHi [Aura]kingwanj
15:10.45[Aura]kingwanjhey there :)
15:11.01srednaWhich would have been a comedy writers dream, the job or the interview?
15:11.11*** join/#kde grivell (
15:11.15[Aura]kingwanjthe interview
15:11.27[Aura]kingwanjit was for an IT assistant is cardiff hospital
15:12.23[Aura]kingwanjthe interview went fine but then as you do .. my coat was on the chair and nearly forgot that **MIstake number 1*** and then as i left the one of the guys that were interviewing me , opened the door and i walked out and collided with a guy coming through with a trolley pushing boxes .. -_-
15:13.27[Aura]kingwanjI was saying the F word all day yesterday because of those little mistakes
15:13.36srednaEew :(
15:13.47sredna!order beer for [Aura]kingwanj
15:14.00sredna~order beer for [Aura]kingwanj
15:14.10[Aura]kingwanjI was cursing ... that guy with the boxes may have lost me that job and the hospital is huge and has a linux server also
15:14.22srednaToo bad
15:15.39[Aura]kingwanjwhy is it in interviews ppl dont want to know about qualifications , all they want to know is what you have done ?
15:16.35[Aura]kingwanjive had 10 interviews so far , no one seems to be bothered with papers , only what you have to say .
15:17.11*** join/#kde radiohead (~dev_loop@
15:17.13*** join/#kde nh (
15:17.26sarah03[Aura]kingwanj, Define 'papers' in this case.
15:17.28srednaA deadlock... you need work experience to get work ... that is stupid
15:17.42*** join/#kde praseodymium (
15:18.00srednaMaybe examn certificates?
15:18.12sarah03sredna: Yup. It is stupid. But that's the way it is. :\
15:18.41sarah03I'm thinking "papers" as in "certifications". Which IMHO are just papers that belong in the Round File.
15:18.52*** join/#kde benjamindees (
15:19.41srednaDoes anyone in here know how to trick a (kde) dialog with a richtext label to behave well wrt resizing?
15:20.29srednaIt seems that a layout with a richtext label in it looses it's abilty to calculate the correct minimumsize :(
15:21.45[Aura]kingwanjof course qualifications but then when i worked before as an IT support engineer , my boss said that people from uni havnt got a clue when it comes to real life work problems
15:22.41[Aura]kingwanjso he doesnt employ them because he said they think they know everything when they dont , he said
15:23.14*** join/#kde mohohaha (
15:23.19*** part/#kde mohohaha (
15:23.25*** join/#kde PotajiTo (
15:23.34[Aura]kingwanji guess im lucky in a way as ive worked as a schoo IT engineer and done alot , so i can waffle on and on , lol
15:23.35*** join/#kde jc__ (
15:24.05PotajiTowhere do i donwload kasbar?
15:24.16[Aura]kingwanjdo a google -_-
15:24.32srednaPotajiTo: Kasbar is part of KDE
15:24.47[Aura]kingwanjis it not on google @@
15:25.02PotajiToand how do i run it [Aura]kingwanj ¿
15:25.07srednaPotajiTo: When you add a panel, kasbar is one of the available types
15:27.27*** join/#kde AssociateX (
15:27.28*** join/#kde AssociateXx (
15:28.00*** join/#kde alejandro (~alejandro@
15:28.40*** join/#kde AssociateX (
15:28.42*** join/#kde AssociateXx (
15:29.00*** join/#kde AssociateX (
15:29.01*** join/#kde AssociateXx (
15:29.37*** join/#kde dnmoqf (~dnm@
15:30.28*** join/#kde AssociateX (
15:30.30*** join/#kde AssociateXx (
15:33.06*** join/#kde AssociateXxx (
15:34.54*** join/#kde radiohead (~dev_loop@
15:37.30*** join/#kde alejandro (~alejandro@
15:38.47*** join/#kde ariya (
15:39.49*** part/#kde ariya (
15:59.20sagge^^hmm, I have a problem.. I have enabled tv-out in my xorg-config, and it works fine.. but the windows on the tv doesnt have any windowsborder :/ and kaffeine and such(mplayer to) cant go to fullscreen.. can it be something wrong with kwin? maybe worth to mention, it has worked before, but I can't recall anything i've done that may have screwed something up.. someone got an idea?
16:00.07*** join/#kde borndbad (
16:00.12*** join/#kde Gil_ (
16:02.12srednasagge^^: It could be the output device you set, at least in the case of mplayer
16:04.07sagge^^sredna: okey.. but NO window has windowborders when they are "started" on the tv-out screen...
16:06.06praseodymiumwhats a good id3 editor for kde
16:06.15praseodymiumfor mp3 files u know
16:08.14srednapraseodymium: Juk or amaroK can edit tags internally
16:08.36srednasagge^^: Sorry, I dont' know why that would happen
16:08.50sagge^^sredna: okey, thanks anyway :(
16:09.07srednaNp, sorry I can't help more
16:09.21sagge^^it realy beats me :/
16:10.13praseodymiumsredna: but then I need to manually edit every file
16:10.33praseodymiumor not
16:10.42srednaI don't know, praseodymium
16:12.09*** join/#kde DeadS0ul (
16:12.44DeadS0ulin finally got my motherbaord back =D
16:12.49*** join/#kde Julianyus (
16:15.02srednaNothing like a good crash to clean up the memory...
16:15.36DeadS0ulnot even a kill `pidof <app name>`?
16:17.29sagge^^is there some way to bind the vnc-server in kde to a port belov 1024?
16:18.05PhilRodsagge^^: is it running as root?
16:18.35sagge^^PhilRod: nope.. thats why i wonder if there is some "hack" :p
16:19.06sagge^^the damn proxy at school only allows outbound connections to port web,ftp ans ssl.
16:19.44sarah03sagge^^: Add a port redirect via ipchains/iptables/ipf/pf, or add similar via inetd.
16:20.10sagge^^sarah03: ahh, i'll look into that :) thanks alot
16:21.09sagge^^or maybe use an other vnc-server?
16:21.37sarah03That is an option; you can always run Xvnc on a custom port.
16:21.57*** join/#kde Ci-Dev (
16:22.07sagge^^yeah, well.. thanks again sarah03
16:23.01*** join/#kde willwork4foo (
16:25.06*** join/#kde AchiestDragon (
16:27.22*** join/#kde ShereKhan (
16:27.44ShereKhanDoes anybody know what kind of compression settings is used on the LAN-preset in the remote desktop connection-viewer used in KDE? I have a FreeBSD-5.3-RELEASE-p5 server with TightVNC installed from ports. When connecting to it from KDE 3.3 with the LAN/high quality setting response is very smooth, but using the VNC-viewer from Windows is always sluggish no matter what kind of compression I use
16:28.02*** part/#kde grivell (
16:28.54*** join/#kde _Gil_ (
16:30.47*** join/#kde ethicsgradient (
16:31.09ethicsgradienthey, I'm trying to get my multimedia keys to work and having some trouble.
16:31.32ethicsgradientat this point the keys aren't generating any output in xev, so I know I have the wrong keyboard model defined, but I can't figure out the right one.
16:32.13DeadS0ulthose thigns actually work?
16:32.51ethicsgradientethicsgradient, for some people, it would seem
16:32.59ethicsgradientseems to be a matter of finding the right xeyboard model
16:33.33*** join/#kde Renze (
16:34.44*** join/#kde iblechbot (
16:34.58Trevelyanethicsgradient, wrong model may not be the porblem, to why you dont see them in xev
16:35.15Trevelyanit probably is because the scancode dont have a keycode set
16:35.47ethicsgradientI've read about that too, a bit.  Someone said I could see the scancodes on the console or in dmesg, but I haven't been able to get that to work
16:35.53Trevelyanto the a real console (ie atl+ctrl+f1) and press the keys see if the kernel says something (on screen or in dmesg)
16:36.06Trevelyan*go to...
16:36.49Trevelyanit may say it seen an unreciognised scancode and suggect you use setkeycodes to set a keycode for it
16:37.40Trevelyanalternately if its being quite, you can try "showkey" in a real console
16:38.22ethicsgradienthrm, maybe I don't know how to go to the real console....alt+ctrl+f1 gets me to a console where it looks like I could potentially log in, and I can't seem to get any system messages there
16:39.02Trevelyanthats the one (ie not an X console/term)
16:40.02Trevelyanlogin run showkey
16:40.08sagge^^talking about multimedia keys? try this app: mmkcd
16:40.49sagge^^btw, anyone know why my cpu starts working at 100% when someone connects to the vnc-server in kde?
16:41.02Trevelyani used xbindkeys to bring my extra keys to life (after i set a keycode for them with setkeycodes)
16:41.28ethicsgradientsomeone in the debian room also pointed me to lineak
16:42.47ethicsgradienthrm, showkey doesn't respond to thoes keys either
16:43.27Trevelyanthey may be acpi or some such
16:43.39Trevelyandid you try lineak?
16:44.43Trevelyanxbindkeys is just a general bind a command to a key (any) i have not heard of lineak but apt says its specifically for mm keys
16:50.14*** join/#kde wonko (
16:50.17*** join/#kde Khaii (
16:50.27wonkogood morning
16:51.40ethicsgradientI'm messing with lineak right now
16:51.40*** join/#kde enric (
16:51.54ethicsgradientseems it has support for my keyboard, but lineakd gives me xlib errors
16:52.36*** join/#kde cee (
16:53.56wonkoi've been looking for a deent rpm builder for KDE, I was using KRPMBuilder, but it has many problems, the most troublesome of which is that it seems to convert everything to lowercase before it tries to process, so if I giv e a title of "wxGTK" K RPMBuilder looks for/uses "wxgtk".  I've discovered that Kconfigure works pretty well to create packages using 'checkinstall'.  I'm wondering if tehre is another reccomended RPM builder (other than rpmbuild comm
16:55.55*** join/#kde mitchenjeep (
16:56.21PotajiTohow can i record a video of my desktop?
16:56.54sagge^^take screenshots at 25fps :)
16:57.16*** join/#kde nvd (
16:57.23mitchenjeepI need to fix kde on mandrake 10.1 official
16:58.14mitchenjeepis it possible ?
17:10.26*** join/#kde chakie (
17:15.41*** join/#kde Flendor (Flendor@
17:15.58*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:16.10*** part/#kde wonko (
17:17.04*** join/#kde t|zz (
17:28.16*** join/#kde Coax (
17:28.51Coaxdoes enyone know of a tray inbox monitor?
17:29.38*** join/#kde _Gil_ (
17:30.13*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:30.41*** join/#kde Blissex (
17:31.14BeineriCoax: the one of KMail? :-)
17:31.18*** join/#kde Jerry-ku` (1000@
17:35.17*** join/#kde wolffc (
17:36.35*** part/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
17:37.26*** join/#kde Crko (
17:38.46*** join/#kde ariya (
17:40.57*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:42.34CoaxBeineri, no... i use mozilla, so i just want to know of a app that is only a tray app
17:42.57BeineriCoax: korn
17:43.17*** join/#kde annma (~annma@annma.developer.kde)
17:43.24*** join/#kde qfh (
17:43.32BeineriCoax: kbiff
17:46.27*** join/#kde atomik (
17:47.52*** join/#kde we2by (~jinxi@
17:50.25ethicsgradientif I want to make kde hotkeys for certain shell commands, how can I do that?
17:53.00Beineriwith khotkeys ;-)
17:54.40Beinerihonestly, not joking :-)
17:55.53*** join/#kde jadrian (
17:57.00*** join/#kde l3m (
17:58.04*** part/#kde ariya (
18:03.22*** join/#kde plagerism2 (
18:03.37plagerism2How do I make a specific application load on startup??
18:03.50plagerism2Can I find that in control center??
18:03.55*** join/#kde Flendor (Flendor@
18:04.16Theoryplagerism2: you can add a desktop entry to ~/.kde/Autostart
18:04.43plagerism2Theory thanks
18:04.50*** join/#kde _root (~root@
18:05.16Theoryremember the session manager starts up apps you had running when you logged out anyway
18:05.27PhilRodapt: autostart
18:05.28apti guess autostart is question 9.10
18:05.34ethicsgradientkhotkeys?  I went into the konsole and looked around at the hotkey stuff, but couldn't figure out how I would run commands with them
18:05.34PhilRodplagerism2: and see that entry ^^^
18:06.56*** join/#kde lunderson (~lunderson@
18:12.38*** join/#kde eidolon (
18:13.16eidolonhey folks - KDE 3.3.1 new debian testing install.  acpi is active (apt-get install acpi), but i don't see a battery applet in the toolbar.  I've gone to kcontrol and 'show batteyr monitor' is enabled.  any ideas?
18:13.33*** join/#kde Theory (
18:17.55Beineridumb question :-), does someone know some sites which open onload-Popups?
18:18.31*** join/#kde Tilos (
18:19.06*** join/#kde Tjozan (
18:20.41*** join/#kde lyderic (
18:20.47*** part/#kde lyderic (
18:23.25*** join/#kde illissius` (
18:26.17*** join/#kde qfh^ (
18:26.55*** join/#kde KnamoR (
18:26.56*** join/#kde vanRijn (
18:27.12vanRijnre, all
18:28.09vanRijnwhere would one go to ask questions about kicker?  or, specifically, about systemtray/systemtray2?
18:28.43annmawhat is systray2?
18:29.05vanRijnit's an alternative to systemtray
18:29.10vanRijnhang on, I'll get the URL
18:29.11we2bysystemtray version 2
18:29.26we2bylised in
18:29.44annmaok so what's your question?
18:31.04eidolonhmm, any ideas on my battery monitor?
18:31.12vanRijnI would LOVE to see some of the features that systemtray2 provides (like customizing the arrow icon, like allowing for priority of icons in it (if I always want the power icon to be the left-most icon), like specifying an animation speed for the collapse/expansion) integrated into systemtray for KDE 3.4
18:32.30vanRijnIt's some VERY nice features that feel like they're missing from systemtray in 3.4 beta1
18:34.20annmajust use systray2
18:34.27annmathat's why it's there
18:34.43annmathe hide/show is already implemented
18:34.46PhilRodno new features will get into 3.4, but it could be on the cards for kde 4
18:34.52vanRijnwell, who's the maintainer of system tray?
18:35.01annmasee the bugs database
18:35.03vanRijnshould I file a WISH bug for this?
18:35.12annmasee if it's not already filed
18:35.20annmabut is it good for all users?
18:35.21vanRijnyeah, I did
18:35.42*** join/#kde ideafix (
18:35.42vanRijnyou're asking... is allowing for more configurability good for all users?
18:35.44annmakde cannot become bloated with eye candy
18:35.52annmaanimations for ex
18:36.02vanRijnyou mean like the kicker animation when it hides?
18:36.10vanRijnthis is no different
18:36.13annmaike specifying an animation speed for the collapse/expansion
18:36.20annmawhat you said
18:36.22eidolonhm, which is the best tool for KDE toolbar monitoring of wireless?  kwavecontrol? kwifimanager?
18:36.46annmavanRijn: you have also to think about not adding too much settings
18:36.51vanRijnannma: mmm. but that's a standard configuration setting that has been in other kde components for quite some time.
18:36.56annmavanRijn: see how KControl is bloated
18:37.09annmacustomizing the arrow
18:37.18PhilRodwheels wrote a good blog entry about this
18:37.18vanRijnannma: I understand what you're saying, but I disagree with the gnome/dumb-things-down approach quite strongly.
18:37.39annmaPhilRod: oh, I am gonna read it
18:37.53annmavanRijn: propose an exact way for doing things then
18:37.58*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
18:38.09vanRijnif you want a kcontrol interface that limits the available settings, I'm okay with that, but don't limit the power of the application itself.
18:38.20annmaas long as what you want exist, I don't see why it must be in kde official
18:38.57vanRijnjust seems kind of silly to have 2 apps that do the same exact thing, but with the second thing (the thing not in kde proper) having a couple of more configuration options....
18:39.09PhilRodannma, vanRijn:
18:39.13annmait's not silly, it's choice
18:39.38vanRijnI'm wondering if this author even offered a patch to the systemtray maintainer.
18:39.44vanRijnat any rate, do you guys know who that maintainer is?
18:39.54*** join/#kde x-faktor (~nwo@
18:39.55annmathe freeze is tonight
18:39.56*** join/#kde OsRo (
18:40.01annmain a few hours, vanRijn
18:40.08vanRijnahh. heh.  well, not 3.4, then, but maybe 4?
18:40.13annmamake it a bug wish, nothing more will go to 3.4
18:40.24annmabug wish will do, 4.0 is in 1 year
18:41.02vanRijnthat's fine.  I wasn't trying to convince anyone to cram code into a freeze, but was wondering if the maintainer of the system tray even knew that this alteration was available and see what he/she thought of it.
18:41.16vanRijnis kicker | systemtray the right component to put this request into?
18:41.28annmait's not possible to add anything in the code that is not in the feature plan
18:42.23vanRijnwhere is the feature plan?
18:43.31annmaand read the url PhilRod pasted please
18:44.00annmapersonnally I would not even have the idea of changing the arrow
18:45.18PhilRodI think the applet handles are too small, and they're a pain to explain in documentation
18:45.35PhilRodbut I don't have an alternative suggestion, so I'll shut up
18:46.02annmadon't they depend of the style?
18:46.17annmamine are quite easy to spot, 2 rows of dots
18:46.25PhilRodI mean the little arrows on the panel that display a panel menu when you click on them
18:47.41annmahmm, I don't see those
18:47.50annmaI have an hide panel arrow
18:48.01annmaand hide/expand systray icons
18:49.10*** part/#kde x-faktor (~nwo@
18:55.36*** join/#kde humphrey (
19:02.31*** join/#kde larry_cow (
19:02.35larry_cowhi there
19:03.15annmaPhilRod: ohhh, I never saw them
19:03.26annmabesides I use kicker transparent on black
19:03.47annmawhat's the point of these?
19:04.44larry_cowstrange thing: when I launch some kdepim-related apps (namely konversation and kabc) kmail is starting too. is there any reason to that?
19:04.48annmalarry_cow: launch from where?
19:05.02annmawhat about typing: konversation in konsole?
19:05.44annmavanRijn: what's up?
19:05.46vanRijnScott Wheeler's blog entry wasn't exactly enlightening to my question
19:06.02*** join/#kde _soeren (
19:06.02larry_cowannma: from K menu
19:06.13annmalarry_cow: try from konsole and see what happens
19:06.27annmatell me if kmail also starts
19:06.35larry_cowannma: yes, it does
19:06.40annmalarry_cow: lol
19:06.44larry_cowwhen running kaddressbook from konsole, kmail starts
19:06.54annmaand konversation?
19:06.57larry_cow(and kaddressbook too, hopefully)
19:07.26vanRijnahh. asiego
19:07.31annmapaste the konsole putput in a pastebin from when you type: konversation
19:07.39vanRijnaseigo: *ping*
19:08.04larry_cowsame for konversation
19:08.06larry_cowso strange
19:08.16annmalarry_cow: paste the konsole putput in a pastebin from when you type: konversation
19:08.21larry_cowand nothing special on the output
19:08.40larry_cowreally nothing
19:08.44annmavanRijn: bug report number/
19:08.55annmalarry_cow: how did you install kde/
19:08.56vanRijnannma: eh?
19:09.01larry_cowannma: through portage
19:09.03annmayour wish number?
19:09.05larry_cow(yeah, gentoo)
19:09.08annmalarry_cow: ah, ok
19:09.17annmawhat kde version?
19:09.21larry_cowactually, it worked all right before
19:09.26annmabefore what?
19:09.28vanRijnI wanted to ask aseigo if he even knew about systemtray2 before I went and put a wish bug in.
19:09.33larry_cowsome time ago, I mean
19:09.33vanRijnthough I suppose it doesn't matter too much...
19:09.37annmaof course he knows about it
19:09.46larry_cowI played a bit with kontact's groupware features
19:09.51larry_cowbut nothing too advanced
19:10.01annmalarry_cow: just try a new user to see what happens
19:10.03larry_cowand I certainly didn't ask for kmail to launch everytime ;)
19:10.06larry_cowgood ide
19:10.26PhilRodannma: clicking on them brings up a menu appropriate to the kicker item in question (move/remove item, panel menu, etc)
19:10.43annmalike right-click on the handle, PhilRod
19:11.05PhilRodoh yeah, so it is :-)
19:11.15larry_cowannma: is it ok to launch it on the same X session?
19:11.19PhilRod*I* never noticed *that* :-)
19:11.22larry_cowbecause it work OK this way
19:11.28larry_cowno kmail
19:11.28annmaPhilRod: seriously?
19:11.44larry_cowI wrecked something, cool...
19:12.01annmalarry_cow: yeah, dig in .kde and rename some files
19:12.31annmaor back up your whole .kde and restart configuring kde
19:12.42annmabon appétit !
19:13.15larry_cowone day, I'll store all my config files in a CVS repo
19:13.53*** join/#kde qfh (
19:14.01vanRijnthat's not a bad idea, really
19:14.07vanRijnI already do.  :)
19:14.12annmathere's a config backup tool in kdenonbeta
19:14.43annmaI have at least 8 .kde named .kde.ol, and so on
19:16.31vanRijnI have 2.  :)
19:16.36vanRijn.kde .kde.old
19:16.42vanRijn.kde.old == KDE 3.3.2
19:18.03annmaI test kde from tme to time with a new KDEHOME and a new KDEDIR
19:18.09annmathat's why
19:18.46vanRijnyeah, I did that too, but I have cron jobs that put stuff in ~/.kde/share/apps/kpilot/.../install....
19:20.42*** join/#kde _Gil_ (
19:21.33vanRijnthere.  I filed a wishlist.
19:22.56annmavanRijn: there was none already?
19:26.44*** join/#kde joe-sixpacks (
19:27.10vanRijnannma: I didn't see one.
19:27.28annmahmmm, so that's not very hot
19:28.15annmaif it was hot there would habe been a wish already
19:28.28annmathe hide/show had many many voters
19:29.14*** join/#kde fahren (
19:29.44*** part/#kde fahren (
19:32.31sagge^^uhmm.. when i create a "link to application" on the desktop, and them click it, it sais that the .desktop file is malformed.. shat can the problem be?
19:35.48*** join/#kde canllaith (
19:36.16*** join/#kde waltz^ (~WalterBru@waltz.user)
19:40.53canllaithgood mornin kde peoples
19:41.09*** join/#kde zinn (
19:41.23canllaithheya Renze :)
19:42.32*** join/#kde IpSwItCh_ (
19:43.09vanRijnre, canllaith
19:43.24IpSwItCh_excuse me folks, I have a problem that is really bugging me, I cannot physically move my windows to the top of the screen
19:43.33IpSwItCh_they snap
19:43.53IpSwItCh_but there is still a one pixel space between the top of the menubar and the top of the screen
19:44.16IpSwItCh_not menubar
19:44.19canllaith:) k
19:44.22IpSwItCh_title bar
19:44.26*** join/#kde Pupeno- (
19:44.31canllaithwhat version KDE
19:45.21IpSwItCh_3.3.2 level A
19:45.38Renzelevel A?
19:46.00IpSwItCh_thats what it says: K Desktop Environment. Release 3.3.2 Level "a"
19:46.12*** join/#kde solaries (
19:46.16canllaithwhat distro?
19:46.21IpSwItCh_suse 9.1
19:46.24canllaiththat's kinda weird
19:46.26canllaithmmm ok then
19:46.29IpSwItCh_it's an unofficial build
19:46.34IpSwItCh_but still...
19:46.37vanRijnwhen is beta2 targetted for?
19:46.38canllaithwell, I know for sure that it works fine here using cvs head.
19:46.44IpSwItCh_oh :(
19:46.47canllaithvanRijn: pretty soon, we're already in cvs freeze
19:46.52IpSwItCh_cvs head eh?
19:46.57Renzeand I know for sure it works here with 3.3.2 built from source
19:47.06vanRijnsweet mama
19:47.15canllaithIpSwItCh_: you can try as another user just to make sure it is not some strange config issue
19:47.18vanRijnI need a new 2.5" hard drive
19:47.20IpSwItCh_ok canllaith
19:47.49canllaithand try with defailt windeco borders
19:47.55canllaith:) just to see
19:48.10canllaithgah one handed typing, ignore spelling
19:48.29Renzeone handed, eh? :)
19:48.48IpSwItCh_canllaith, it works with the other user
19:49.03IpSwItCh_canllaith, not sure what config issue - maybe border size? maybe window decoration ?
19:49.23canllaithIpSwItCh_: not sure, I would change one and see if that helps, then change the other. Try and narrow it down to which exactly it is.
19:49.45*** join/#kde eean (
19:50.43IpSwItCh_I've discovered what it is
19:50.53IpSwItCh_it is the Thin Keramik theme
19:51.01IpSwItCh_it has a bubble in the title bar
19:51.10IpSwItCh_and that bubble is snapping to the top of the screen
19:51.44IpSwItCh_leaving the remaining (less bubble like) part of the title bar sticking down slightly
19:52.06*** join/#kde gnumdk_ (
19:52.24IpSwItCh_canllaith, can you verify that thin keramik does this for you aswell ?
19:52.37Renzethat's what thinkeramik is supposed to do
19:53.01Renzeyou can turn the bubble off or force it to the same size as the rest of the titlebar
19:53.19*** join/#kde mustasj (
19:54.38Renzea window decoration is always a rectangle, regardless of which parts are transparent
19:55.24vanRijnI have a funky question
19:55.52vanRijnwhy would the fonts inside KDE be smaller when started from KDM than they are when starting from GDM or startx?
19:56.13vanRijnand to answer your next question, yes, both kdm and gdm and startx are all using -dpi 75 when starting X
19:56.13Renzedifferent dpi setting for X?
19:56.30IpSwItCh_Renze, this one is not a rectangle :)
19:56.33vanRijnthat's what it is for the other scenarios too
19:56.35IpSwItCh_It's got a bubble!
19:56.37*** join/#kde null_ (
19:57.04null_How can I change the theme for QT when I'm using GNOME? Where do I need to copy the themes to?
19:57.04RenzeIpSwItCh_: it only looks that way... it's a rectangle with transparent bits around the edges. Trust me :)
19:57.07vanRijncanllaith: you sleep with your laptop?
19:57.22IpSwItCh_Renze, oh ok. u know ur stuff I guess
19:58.31vanRijnaseigo: *ping*
20:02.08*** join/#kde physos (~physos@endres.kde)
20:02.18*** join/#kde Skolem (
20:04.04SkolemI'm using the kde package that comes with Debian testing. About 5 minutes ago my load average went up to around 4, and has stayed there. A process called 'kio_file' is taking all my CPU. 'man kiofile' turned up nothing. What is this process and how can I configure it to use less CPU (or not to do anything at all, if what it's doing isn't important?)
20:07.55*** part/#kde OsRo (
20:09.13*** join/#kde morkeleb (
20:13.16PhilRodSkolem: it's the ioslave which does file access
20:13.49PhilRodtry closing as many kde apps as you can. If that doesn't fix it, you can probably safely kill (SIGTERM) the process
20:14.41vanRijnnobody has any idea on the font size difference thing?
20:14.42*** join/#kde absinthe (~absinthe@absinthe.developer.gentoo)
20:14.51SkolemThanks for the suggestion. Exiting firefox fixed it!
20:16.01teatimenull_: have a look at ~/.qt/qtrc
20:16.45teatimenull_: the style plugin needs to be in one of the paths in "libraryPaths"
20:16.51vanRijnI thought there used to be a qconfig or something application that let you specify qt settings?
20:16.59teatimeqtconfig, yes
20:17.09teatimenot always installed though
20:17.20Beinericanllaith: cvs freeze? you're in the wrong timezone ;-)
20:17.41vanRijnrpm -q --whatprovides `which qtconfig`?
20:19.43SkolemEvery so often in KDE, I'll type 'ctrl-d' in an rxvt to exit, and the window will "freeze". Hitting the "x" button won't close it. I'd kill it with kill(1), but I don't know its process id (since I have many rxvt's running). Is there any way to "force kill" a window in KDE, or, short of that, to get the ID of the process running in a window?
20:20.20vanRijntry xkill?
20:20.33vanRijnare you trying to kill the whole window?
20:20.41SkolemSweet. I wasn't aware of xkill. That worked. Thanks. :-)
20:21.10vanRijnsurely. :)
20:21.19*** join/#kde emiraga (
20:22.08PhilRodSkolem: also, Ctrl+Alt+Esc does the same sort of thing
20:22.23PhilRodin fact, it might just be a shortcut that invokes xkill
20:22.33*** join/#kde monsters (~monsters@
20:23.51*** join/#kde jc_ (
20:24.34*** join/#kde jc_ (
20:24.51*** join/#kde rombeh (~rombeh@
20:24.55emiragai want to modify kde ex. use fox-filer instead kdesktop etc... where are startup scripts?
20:25.22SkolemCtrl+Alt+Esc doesn't have any visible effect here. Though Ctrl+Esc works, oddly enough (brings up the Session Mgr)
20:25.22PhilRodemiraga: $KDEDIR/bin/startkde
20:25.50PhilRodwell, Ctrl+Alt+Esc is the default - it might be changed on your system
20:26.00emiragaPhilRod: tnx
20:27.52*** join/#kde markey (~me@markey.user)
20:29.52*** part/#kde monsters (~monsters@
20:31.46*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
20:35.12*** part/#kde Skolem (
20:44.33*** join/#kde tixo (~TiXo@
20:45.41*** join/#kde l3m (~l3m@
20:46.06*** part/#kde tixo (~TiXo@
20:46.18*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
20:47.50*** join/#kde bushwakko (~wakko@
20:47.54*** join/#kde tdi_away (
20:47.56tdi_awayhi all
20:47.59*** join/#kde sredna (~anders@alund.developer.kde)
20:48.26tdi_awaywhat can be the reason of absence of the Delete option in right click menu i konq in the ftp mode
20:48.51vanRijnum. it's in the konqueror preferences
20:49.02vanRijn"show delete in menu" or some-such.  I think it's in the top level of configuration options
20:49.24Beineritdi_away: reason? that you're using beta 1
20:49.53tdi_awaycan be that fixed ?
20:50.01Beineritdi_away: it's fixed in beta 2
20:50.30tdi_awayi have t w8 for that to appear in portage
20:50.34tdi_awaythank anyway :)
20:50.38*** part/#kde tdi_away (
20:51.04BeinerivanRijn: don't think that he understood your hint :-|
20:51.39*** join/#kde ChMaster (
20:51.48*** join/#kde radiohead (~radiO@
20:55.24*** join/#kde m1lkc0w (
20:55.40*** join/#kde cee (
20:56.09vanRijnI thought I spoke clearly enough
20:56.59*** join/#kde illogic-al (
21:00.21*** part/#kde joe-sixpacks (
21:01.59*** join/#kde praseodymium (
21:05.44*** part/#kde ChMaster (
21:11.31*** join/#kde CarlosAlex (~sander@
21:11.46CarlosAlexhow do I reset taskbar, my one is so strange
21:12.03*** join/#kde joe-sixpacks (
21:12.43vanRijnCarlosAlex: what do you mean?
21:13.18CarlosAlexThe taskbar is ugly
21:13.26CarlosAlextheres no KDE menu
21:13.26vanRijnif you want to completely start from scratch, just exit out of kde, go to a shell/console, and mv .kde/share/config/kickerrc to .kde/share/config/kickerrc.funky.  then the next time you restart kde, you will start with the default taskbar.
21:14.09Coaxhow can i make the taskbar transparent as my
21:14.14sredna... or move it and restart kicker
21:14.28vanRijnsredna: I thought kicker would save its settings on exit?
21:14.32vanRijnI'm pretty sure it does
21:14.43srednaCoax: It's in the configuration, in the apperance tab press the advanced button
21:14.52Coaxhow can i make the taskbar transparent as the rest f my panel?
21:15.19srednaCoax: The taskbar.. you need a replcacment, or patience (lots of that)
21:15.53srednaCoax: There is a taskbar v2 at that supports transperancy similar to the panel
21:16.01vanRijnyeah, I was just going to say...
21:16.04Coaxsredna, do you know of eny replacements?
21:16.16srednaCoax: Read above :)
21:16.31srednaCoax: Try this in konqueror: 'apps:taskbar'
21:24.11*** part/#kde Beineri (~Beineri@binner.kde)
21:25.01*** join/#kde huftis (
21:25.56*** join/#kde CarlosAlex (~sander@
21:27.10*** join/#kde nodie (
21:27.15*** part/#kde nodie (
21:30.45*** join/#kde slayerbob (
21:33.32*** join/#kde absinthe (~absinthe@absinthe.developer.gentoo)
21:44.33*** join/#kde bushwakko (~wakko@
21:44.46*** join/#kde K3V (
21:45.45*** part/#kde Pupeno (
21:47.20*** join/#kde l3m (~l3m@
21:49.37*** join/#kde bushwakko (~wakko@
21:49.55*** join/#kde mxcl (
21:52.49*** part/#kde vanRijn (
21:58.21*** join/#kde SuperSimkin (
21:58.38*** join/#kde rombeh (director@
22:00.22*** part/#kde joe-sixpacks (
22:01.22srednaWhy is this place so boring tonight?
22:01.43*** part/#kde Crko (
22:01.45Renzetonight? it's 11:01am :)
22:02.01sredna23:02 u mean, Renze :)
22:02.18Renzeno no, it's definitely 11:02am
22:02.22RenzeThu Feb  3 11:02:15 NZDT 2005
22:02.47srednaWhy is this place so boring this morning?, then
22:03.02Renzeno yowling newbies?
22:03.23*** join/#kde OxFFFF (~binarian@
22:03.30*** join/#kde Toronikk1 (
22:04.01sredna... or everybody beeing obssively adding new strings, it's 56 mins to the freeze :o
22:04.40Renzetoo warm for a freeze here :)
22:04.57bietchRenze no yowling newbies? <-- calling me de ruiter ?
22:05.04lauri_I'm quite sure I'm gonna win the "most new strings added on the last day" prize for this release
22:05.11srednalauri_: I thought your crowd postponed your part?
22:05.11bietchgo and take your showered
22:05.18Renzebietch: not specifically :)
22:05.21lauri_well, sorta
22:05.26RenzeI just got out of the shower :P
22:05.43bietchRenze: but why r u still busuk ?
22:05.58RenzeI'm not, you're smelling somebody else :)
22:06.43*** part/#kde CarlosAlex (~sander@
22:06.55praseodymiumhow do I put aspell in my path?
22:07.40Renzeum, you install it?
22:07.47PhilRodexport PATH=/path/to/aspell:$PATH
22:07.58praseodymiumwhere do I put that? I use gentoo
22:08.13Renzepraseodymium: if you have emerged aspell, it's already in your path
22:08.21*** join/#kde drzed (~drzed@
22:08.22praseodymiumRenze: it isnt :S
22:08.40Renzepraseodymium: open a konsole and type "which aspell"
22:08.53praseodymiumRenze: /usr/bin/aspell
22:08.59Renzethere you go, it's in your path
22:09.03*** part/#kde morkeleb (
22:09.04*** join/#kde morkeleb (
22:09.07*** part/#kde morkeleb (
22:09.09*** join/#kde morkeleb (
22:09.10drzedjust a quick question: is the rotation from the context menue (konqueror)  lossless?
22:09.14praseodymiumRenze: /usr/bin you mean
22:09.25Renzepraseodymium: /usr/bin is already in your PATH
22:09.36Renzepraseodymium: echo $PATH and see for yourself
22:09.44praseodymiumthen why does kmail give me this when I try to run the spellcheck: ISpell/Aspell could not be started. Please make sure you have ISpell or Aspell properly configured and in your PATH.
22:10.04praseodymiumbtw ops, put on topic protection
22:10.09*** join/#kde jtav (
22:10.17*** join/#kde tackat666 (
22:10.36Renzepraseodymium: I have no idea... do you have the "spell" USE flag set?
22:10.42*** topic/#kde by praseodymium -> KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4 Beta 1 are out - | How to ask smart questions: | Please don't flood the channel, use a pastebin! | Topic protection is handy if you don't want everyone to change the topic!
22:10.45praseodymiumRenze: yes
22:11.25m1lkc0wAnyone knows if there is any active development going on for KDE-PIM synchronization? I *really* need to sync my data with a Palm...
22:11.33Renzepraseodymium: before or after emerging kde?
22:11.55praseodymiumRenze: before probably
22:12.12Renzewell, it works in my kmail in gentoo
22:12.26Renzeso you've missed something
22:12.48praseodymiumkopete spellcheck doesnt do much either
22:13.03illogic-alpraseodymium: if they did that then we wouldn't be able to change the topic...
22:13.10Renzeadmittedly I'm using ispell rather than aspell, but it works here
22:13.11praseodymiumoh :/
22:13.26praseodymiumoh why do I get aspell then :S which is best
22:13.46illogic-aldunno. i've only got aspell to work.
22:14.13praseodymiumI cant get either working
22:14.23praseodymiumalthough I only tried aspell o_O
22:14.36PhilRodpraseodymium: change the topic back please
22:14.45*** topic/#kde by praseodymium -> KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4 Beta 1 are out - | How to ask smart questions: | Please don't flood the channel, use a pastebin!
22:14.51PhilRodthank you
22:14.58*** join/#kde xevious (
22:15.00*** join/#kde snugglemonkey (
22:16.13xevioushiya. i'm using mandrake 10.1 and kde 3.2.3 and i want to use ssh-agent. i was told in #mandrake that it should just work if i have my keys all set up, but when kde starts, it doesnt ask me for my passphrase. can anyone help me out?
22:16.36*** join/#kde chavo (
22:17.20PhilRodxevious: I don't understand - do you want to run some command at KDE startup that will ask for your passphrase?
22:17.33PhilRodor do you mean that ssh-agent doesn't work at all while running KDE?
22:17.53*** join/#kde nofpu (
22:17.53*** join/#kde matthew_ (
22:18.19*** join/#kde Renze2 (
22:18.34xeviousPhilRod: ssh-agent has to load startkde so that it can control all the child processes
22:19.19xeviousPhilRod: i have my ~/.ssh/id_rsa and and i'm trying to figure out how to make that happen
22:19.55PhilRodcan you put 'exec ssh-agent <ssh-agent-command-to-run-startkde>' in your ~/.xinitrc?
22:20.17*** join/#kde duffbeer (
22:20.22xeviousi could if i wasnt using mandrake.
22:20.47xeviousi suppose i should ask in #mandrake, but i've been trying there for days and no one's helped
22:20.57xeviousmandrake doesn't pay attention to ~/.xinitrc
22:21.46PhilRodare you using [xkg]dm to log in?
22:22.07PhilRodthen s/xinitrc/xsession/
22:22.54PhilRodalthough kdm uses some other method to define the session, which I don't know
22:23.05PhilRodsomeone else here would know, I expect
22:25.02PhilRodis this in the faq? cos it really should be
22:25.55*** join/#kde l3m (~l3m@
22:26.45PhilRodah, it's in the kdm docs:
22:26.51PhilRodxevious: take a look there ^^^
22:27.03*** join/#kde wolffc (
22:27.54duffbeerhello .. i actually did some  very stupid just now. deleted my kmail folders ... i somehow managed to restore my mail, but not all of it ... only the top directories showed up. all the subfolders are gone. any idea why subfolders would disappear but not main ones?  
22:29.14PhilRodthe actual messages are stored in ~/Mail. Is that what you deleted?
22:30.10illogic-alhalf an hour should be enough.
22:30.18illogic-alsooooooooo. what's up folks
22:30.19duffbeerphilrod i deleted /home/f2/ which had Mail/ in it
22:30.52duffbeerbut i somehow had a copy of the current top directories in  /mnt/hdg/newt-copy/Mail/
22:31.28PhilRodduffbeer: there's some sort of weird format where subfolders are stored in Mail/.<foldername>.directory, so make sure you copied everything including dot-files
22:31.29duffbeeralthough all the subdirectories (where the main info was) are gone. vanished. it's just so ... X-ed-out files.
22:31.53*** join/#kde piercey (
22:32.17duffbeerphilrod .. welll i did "cp -Rf /path/to/Mail/ /path/to/new/" ...  shouldn't that have taken care of it?
22:32.38PhilRods'pose so, but worth checking
22:35.26*** join/#kde Narg (
22:35.57duffbeerah hah! philrod i see ...
22:36.07duffbeerit did NOT copy the . directories
22:36.07NargHrm... this is slightly off topic, but on it to, since kde has k3b: Can you listen to an audio cd burnt with music files in mp3 format on a portable cd player?
22:37.00PhilRodonly if the player has mp3 support - afaik some do
22:37.44Nargmeh, time for reseach.
22:38.43duffbeerah hah .. ok ... i thinki saved my own butt here... but now i am just trying to tell kmail to use another location to read its files. how do i do that?
22:39.08illogic-alyou can't
22:39.19illogic-alyou symlink the old location to the new one
22:39.40duffbeerah yes symlink will do it. thanks.
22:40.36*** part/#kde m1lkc0w (
22:49.08illogic-ali suggest you vote for that bug.
22:49.33*** join/#kde jtav (
22:59.02*** join/#kde Ireul ([
23:00.05*** join/#kde Lazydog (
23:00.36*** join/#kde grivell (
23:01.13*** join/#kde rrohde (
23:01.13illogic-aldude4545: from reading some more bug reports it seems that there's a way to change the mail folder in kmailrc
23:01.17*** join/#kde K3V[cloned] (
23:06.20illogic-al <- dude4545 if you're still curious
23:06.28illogic-alNow i can get back to work :-)
23:14.33illogic-alblah. I'm goinna bad.
23:14.57Renzeyour goanna is bald?
23:16.11*** join/#kde The-eh (
23:21.24*** join/#kde AssociateX (
23:21.25*** join/#kde AssociateXx (
23:21.51Renzesend in the clones
23:22.22*** join/#kde mikmorg (
23:22.55mikmorgi was wondering if there is any way to move a window to a different screen without restarting the app?
23:23.33The-ehuse vnc :)
23:23.42*** part/#kde xevious (
23:23.48mikmorgeh... no thanks
23:24.16mikmorgi find it silly that there isn't a general tool built into kde to move windows between screens
23:24.23mikmorgif there isn't, that is
23:24.30Renzemikmorg: you mean virtual desktops, or physical monitors?
23:24.38mikmorgphysical monitors
23:24.47mikmorgdifferent desktops
23:24.54Renzemikmorg: xinerama? dual head? two separate logins?
23:25.00mikmorgdual head
23:25.03mikmorgsame login
23:25.12mikmorgsame session, 2 desktops
23:25.14mikmorggimp can do it
23:25.18The-ehthe xinerama should solve that?..
23:25.19mikmorgbut i haven't found a general option
23:25.22Renzesorry, can't help with that... I only have one monitor
23:25.42mikmorgthanks anyway
23:25.52mikmorgits the only prob i have w/ using dual mons & dual desktops
23:26.00mikmorgi can't on-the-fly move a window
23:26.28The-ehmikmorg: do you know if the programs are compiled with the xinerama extension_
23:26.42mikmorgno, i don't know jack about xinerama
23:26.56The-ehmikmorg: what distro are you using?
23:26.59mikmorgi'm dealing with binaries (most progs are rpm pkg'd)
23:27.21mikmorger.. 3 asap
23:27.24Renzeick, binaries :)
23:27.30mikmorgright now i can't spare downtime to reformat
23:27.35mikmorgyeah i know, i hate them too
23:27.41mikmorgbut i deal with whats given and make due
23:27.55The-ehI'm using gentoo where you can set a flag for most packages to compile in support for xinerama..
23:27.57*** join/#kde dstambou (
23:27.59*** join/#kde gregday (
23:28.09mikmorgif the distro is built around them, i feel its better to keep everything in them
23:36.21*** join/#kde _poison (
23:41.00AssociateXHello people
23:41.10*** join/#kde ExElNeT (
23:41.40ExElNeTheya ... krusader: is it possible to add icons with folder shortcuts in the icon / symbols bar?
23:45.07Coaxi have seen a screeshot where the window border vas transperent ( does enyone know how?
23:46.47mobtekinstall that theme :)
23:46.52mobtekan voila~!
23:47.19snugglemonkeyCoax: that theme I tried with KDE 3.4 and it was not a good thing.  I lost all of my toolbar and start menu icons.
23:47.34snugglemonkeyCoax: make sure you save your current theme before switching.
23:48.47slayerbobdo i know UML ?
23:48.56slayerboboh - canllaith not here :(
23:49.01slayerbober ?
23:49.06slayerbobanyone else know if i know UML ?
23:49.23Renzeslayerbob: do you know what a use case is?
23:49.32*** join/#kde mitchell (
23:49.57slayerboba use  case ?
23:50.01slayerbobdescribe it to me :P
23:50.38Renzethen you don't know UML :)
23:50.39slayerbobif canllaith was here i would just ask her "is knowledge of UML something that i could acquire in half an hour" :P
23:50.41ExElNeTand where can i tell krusader to mark files with rightclick and to pop up the menu with a long rightclick?
23:50.45slayerbobsince i know she knows what it is :P
23:51.56RenzeI have a textbook on UML...
23:52.16chowellsuml is t3h suckage
23:52.39snugglemonkeynot so current of a link, but hey... how much do languages change anyway?  :)
23:52.40Renzeuml is there to make non-programmers feel good about themselves :)
23:52.43chowellsI banged my head against the desk so much when I had to do a uni assigment on it
23:53.00slayerbobok so it is trivial then Renze :)
23:53.21Renzeslayerbob: extensive would be a better description
23:53.38slayerbobextensively trivial :P
23:54.08Renzeslayerbob: if you have kdesdk installed, have a look at umbrello
23:54.17slayerbobok i am just going to claim that i know it :)
23:54.23slayerbobi can worry about actually learning it later :P
23:55.53slayerbobRenze: i only have a 4.8GB hdd on this notebook
23:56.03Renzeslayerbob: ah, ok :)
23:58.31slayerbobi will just get canllaith to teach me uml when she returns :D
23:58.37slayerbob<-- lazy :)
23:58.43Renzeobviously :)
23:59.06slayerbobhave been writing applications for jobs :P
23:59.11slayerbobgotta acquire more cash :P

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