irclog2html for #kde on 20040219

00:00.00ironfroggyin a checkbox, whats the state mean where its a box with a diagonal line through it?
00:00.37ironfroggyadvanced file permissions dialog with "apply to all subdirectories and files" checked.
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00:06.34andersironfroggy: What widget style? I dont' see anything like that
00:06.46andersironfroggy: Coult it mean disabled?
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00:10.17ironfroggyanders: it cycles through unchecked, that thing, and checked. im wondering if its a "this option will stay the same on all selected items" thing?
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00:11.55Brandencan someone please tell me how to change resolutions in 3.1.5?
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00:12.27ghconfigure > display
00:12.42ghor type, man randr, in a term
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00:12.47ghthats the easy way
00:13.04Brandenbash-2.05b# man randr
00:13.04BrandenNo manual entry for randr
00:13.09olszewsHey, anyone know what file it is that Control Center edits when I turn on antialiasing?
00:13.49Brandenahh, that worked
00:14.16Brandenthanks man
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00:14.36jcwhat's the Qt equivalent to a windows edit box?
00:14.43jcsingle line
00:15.16gholszews, it edits the font module
00:15.48ghjc, i have no idea what the windows edit box is.
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00:16.53jcgh i mean a standars windows(tm) edit box
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00:17.56Brandenblah... cant figure this xrandr thing out
00:18.28ghwhen you type xrandr it should pump out the modes your moniter supports
00:18.43ghtype xrandr -s (mode#)
00:18.56ghjc, i suppose the better question is. whats a edit box?
00:19.36Branden(mode#) is like 1280X1024 right?
00:19.46ghyou can do that
00:19.53ghbut do it like 1280x1024
00:20.16ghthere should also be a single digit number under the SZ heading
00:20.25ghdouble digit if you have a bunch of modes
00:20.25Brandenheh, confoozign
00:20.48ghjoin #flood i will show you
00:20.49Brandeni tried to emerge KDE 3.2... but it wouldnt let me =(
00:21.22jcgh i mean a standard input line (like the one i'm using right now in my xchat)
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00:22.08ghare you writing a qt application?
00:22.31ghwell damn it man
00:22.39ghyou using kdevelop?
00:22.47ghah ok
00:22.51ghmakes things much easier
00:23.38ghhold i will find the name of the dodad
00:23.38jchehe, thanks
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00:24.21Brandenoh yeah... one other question... when i do a startx on the commandline... it SHOULD have an nvidia splashscreen... but it doesnt come up... maybe thats my problem
00:24.27olszewsgh: what's the font module?
00:24.53Brandeni think my nvidia drivers got messed up or something
00:24.59ghits part of kde olszews
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00:26.30ghi want remeber the name
00:26.30olszewsgh: hmm, in suse the used to be a Xftconfig file somewhere in my homedir.  It's not there anymore.  I want to turn on antialiasing for bold fonts.  :(
00:26.30ghthere is a qt class that deals with that sort of thing
00:26.30olszews(by it's not there anymore, I mean in debian)
00:26.32jcgh where are you looking it up actually?
00:26.35gholszews, you can do that with the configure > font tool in kde
00:27.03ghjc, no. there should be a qt howto that states the common gui classes however
00:27.37ghi dont personally develop in qt. i figured there would be a api list though. cant seem to find it.
00:28.38AmantalathWhen i try to start KDE my computer crashes and i must reinstall mandrake...I start kde with the rm -rf / command (a friend told me to use that)
00:29.00ghhow do you start kde?
00:29.13ironfroggyAmantalath: trying to be a geek comedian?
00:29.23Amantalathnooooo =)
00:29.33ironfroggythe "a friend told me..." shows for sure you are joking.
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00:29.48ironfroggyotherwise, i might actually have believed you that hopeless.
00:30.56marcmhow can I keep KMAIL in system tray, but exit the program?
00:31.25ironfroggymarcm, try korn
00:31.35marcmironfroggy korn? what is that?
00:31.57gha common vegetable
00:32.17marcmgh ain't that funny now...
00:32.43ironfroggya musical group that will IM you when they're powers tell them you have new mail.
00:32.51ghi dont know how you would do that. probaly have to recompile that application to take advantage of that feature.
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00:34.20ironfroggyits in the internet folder in the menu
00:34.46marcmironfroggy how do  I do it?
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00:35.19eille-lahey there, anyone here knows well "konsole" ? i jsut want to know if there is any quick way to make the tabs names the ssh connected user@hostname
00:35.22ironfroggyopen it?
00:35.33ZwaX_KDE sysguard just went 'funny' on me.
00:35.46ZwaX_see for a screen-shot.  what do you think is wrong with it?
00:35.51ironfroggyfunny how?
00:35.53marcmironfroggy but where is that menu?
00:36.02ZwaX_like no processes, and only 8's in the statistics!
00:36.07ironfroggymarcm, usually in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen.
00:36.30ironfroggyZwaX_, ah, well, thats called the FUBAR syndrome. try reopening?
00:36.34gobbleZwaX_: It's not fully loaded!
00:36.34Brandenquestion: how do i get something like GAIM or Xchat to flash on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen when someone say something?
00:36.43ZwaX_ironfroggy, reopening doesn't help - it does it every time!
00:37.31marcmironfroggy in KMAIL?
00:37.34ironfroggyvery odd. no idea. FUBAR.
00:37.42ironfroggymarcm, its the damn k-menu, man.
00:37.45ZwaX_I'll try leaving it up and see if it starts properly in a few hours.
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00:39.49marcmironfroggy got it:) Is Korn setu-up to work with KMaiL?
00:39.55ZwaX_do you think maybe I need to restart the ksysguardd?
00:39.59ZwaX_(the daemon?)
00:40.14jcmy gimp2.0 binary is 44MB
00:40.32ironfroggymarcm, im not sure. check its configs.
00:40.41Brandenanyone know how to make the taskbar buttons flash when there is activity in an Xchat channel?
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00:41.38InfohawkHow did the kde developers speed up kde in 3.2?
00:41.39liquidk_jc: tried stripping it?
00:41.50InfohawkDid they just make the code more efficient or what?
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00:43.01Brandeni cant emerge kde 3.2.0 for some reason
00:44.04andersBranden: #gentoo
00:44.17Brandeni tried that... they arent very helpful in there =P
00:44.40andersHm, what is the problem then?
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00:45.52ironfroggyworld update?
00:47.41andersBranden: Please explain your troubles, and we will try helping (i and several others here are using gentoo as well)
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00:51.01crunge_I'm having a weird issue. With the generic "nv" driver, everything works peachy (except GL stuff, of course). But with the "nvidia" driver, the font sizes are annoyingly too big for root, and several inches high as a normal user.
00:52.19crunge_the normal user fonts are so large, that you can fit 2 lines of text on the 1024x768 screen. The only thing I can do is switch out and kill KDM
00:53.07ZwaX_sysguard came back after 10 minutes or so:
00:53.28ZwaX_notice how flat the graphs are - it's like it sampled all the points for those graphs at once point in time.
00:54.10crunge_any ideas what the problem could be?
00:54.18andersInfohawk: :)
00:54.34ZwaX_it turns out that the file I was copying was stopping sysguard from working.
00:59.30nyetzscheif I have ALSA on my Linux box, and thus do not want the SW mixing of audio by artsd, how do I configure KDE to just use ALSA?
00:59.52nyetzsche(ALSA will do the mixing in HW using my card...)
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