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00:16.38JFeustelThis organization list is quite overwhealming. Anyone have advice on how I choose the one that would work best for me?
00:17.36dfighterJFeustel, you choose something that you are interested in
00:19.21hugoibYou think its a good approach to the organization to just come like Hi, Im here for the GSoC thing, or you think I should be more friendly and introduce myself in other way, or it doesn't matter? Thanks.!
00:19.55JFeustelAh, that sounds good.
00:19.58dfighterJFeustel something that you can imagine becoming a long term contributor of, since the aim of GSOC is getting these projects contributors
00:20.01JFeustelJust poke around their IRC channels
00:22.14ojwbhugoib: it's probably more important that you make contact than exactly how you make contact
00:22.31anth_rJFeustel: also, the tags can help narrow down the search some.
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00:23.36anth_rhugoib: what ojwb said. but beyond that, i (as a mentor/admin) generally find it easiest when students show up with an idea about what they'd like to work on.
00:23.57anth_reven just "hey, i saw this on the ideas page and it sounds kinda interesting; can anyone tell me more?".
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00:24.18anth_rjust something to indicate you've done more than seen the org name on a list. ;-)
00:24.31dfighter+1 to anth_r
00:24.37dfighterthat sounds about the best approach
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00:26.26ojwbyeah, asking the org which projects you should apply for is oddly common
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00:26.34ojwbbut hard to usefully answer
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02:57.49mithromorning people
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02:58.13Guest52075Haha. It's 10:00 p.m here.
02:58.43thiagoIRC time
02:58.51thiagoit's always morning when people arrive, it's always evening when they leave
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03:03.09constantthiago: true
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03:07.25meflinthat is untrue .. .its always OMG early when they arive and OMG late when they leave
03:07.38meflinirc is like a time black hole
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03:13.57RedJ_my proposals are almost done. going to submit them as soon as application opens on Monday! :)
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03:19.55johndoe_can anyone help in choosing an organisation to apply for gsoc?
03:20.20meflinthere are 177 orgs ... so .. no
03:20.27meflinyou can search on tags
03:20.54RedJ_johndoe_:Go to and look at whichever organizations and projects you feel you are qualified for and would like to work on.
03:20.55johndoe_i did that..but there are too to decide which one suits me?
03:21.07thiagochoose one that works on a language you know, does something you like, produces software you use
03:21.16meflinfind one that does something you find fun
03:22.48johndoe_okay..any examples or sugg of orgs which work on developing mobile apps?
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03:23.06meflinthere are 177 orgs ....
03:23.49RedJ_okay, WordPress has a mobile app so if you like that then apply
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03:24.20RedJ_if you can'd do your own research, i'm afraid you're not qualified for GSOC.
03:24.24johndoe_ok thanks..i'll look into it
03:25.51RedJ_i'm surprised to see PHPBB in the list of organizations (no offense to PHPBB). didn't know people still used that!
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03:29.41meflinI use several forums that use that
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03:30.50RedJ_my favorite forum software would have to be Discourse, which is still in beta but it's open source also
03:31.12meflinthe forums I use are not forums I run
03:31.37meflinI have no idea why oss games get gsoc slots
03:31.44meflinand I am an oss game dev
03:32.05RedJ_is there any reason oss games shouldn't get gsoc slots meflin?
03:32.29meflindoesn't seem to me to the most important projects
03:32.53meflinthis is why and you are not in charge ;)
03:33.03RedJ_i have to agree with you on that actually.
03:34.06meflinits easy to get stuck in your view .... hard to be the one who needs the wide vision
03:34.36RedJ_it would have been fun to work on a game like this
03:34.56meflinI'm a lot more old school
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03:41.20meflinso far is smells like some good students this year ? you?
03:43.10RedJ_i'm a student
03:43.16meflinheh ::)
03:44.01RedJ_any tips on how to negotiate a good salary for the GSOC internship?
03:44.27meflinyes argue with your org ;)
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03:49.16thiagoRedJ_: there's no negotiation
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03:49.45RedJ_thiago: i know, just joking :)
03:50.27RedJ_it's not an internship either
03:50.42meflinwibble wobble timey winey it is
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06:15.41kblinoh dear
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06:16.14kblinnot only is this code broken, it's also untested and breaking the design of the rest of the code
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06:34.56scorche!queue testorg
06:34.57gsocbotscorche: I queued you at position 1 in the queue
06:35.39scorche|sh!queue testorg2
06:35.40gsocbotscorche|sh: I queued you at position 2 in the queue
06:36.00gsocbotscorche: Next in line is scorche with notice 'testorg'
06:36.05gsocbotscorche: Next in line is scorche|sh with notice 'testorg2'
06:36.49gsocbotscorche: Next in line is scorche|sh with notice 'testorg2 sdfsdfsdfsdff'
06:36.53gsocbotscorche: There's nobody queued up right now.
06:37.04scorcheok - ready for tomorrow then  =)
06:37.31swookis this for people who want to leave messages?
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06:37.58scorcheswook: no - this is for the IRC meeting tomorrow
06:38.10scorcheplease leave the bot alone until we tell you  ;)
06:38.17swookoh don't worry about that
06:38.23swookmay I ask what the IRC meeting will be about?
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06:38.44scorchefeedback for orgs who were not accepted
06:39.18swookAh, I see. Thank you
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06:40.46*** topic/#gsoc by ChanServ -> Google Summer of Code 2013 mentoring organizations have been announced! Visit to see the list of participating organizations for this year (once they fill out their profile). | The feedback session for organizations will be held at 16:00 UTC - make yourself comfortable until then!
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06:42.02swookmmm UTC
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06:43.37kblinscorche: I gave carols my mobile number, if gsocbot should give trouble, feel free to give me a call and I'll hop online to see if I can help
06:43.57scorchekblin: ok thanks - it should be fine
06:44.10scorcheworst-case scenario, i do it manually like the old days
06:44.21kblinI don't expect problems, but I once ran this manually and that wasn't fun
06:44.21scorchenot an issue  =)
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07:04.49jarturomoraGood morning from Spain, does anybody know if the time for the meeting today is 9:00 am UTC?
07:05.42jarturomoraI have read the advice at the top of the Channel, sorry for my dumb question :P ... regards!
07:05.42stefanhajarturomora: From /topic: "The feedback session for organizations will be held at 16:00 UTC"
07:06.01jarturomoraThanks stefanha
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08:35.12kai"Click <a href='...'>here</a> for more details." <-- the 90s called and want their user interface back
08:35.35kaiall that is missing is a blink tag
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08:42.50swookkai: That's intuitive design, buttons aren't obvious enough! Both action word (Click) and target (here) are defined as well as what the target will offer (more details). How much more complete can a link be?
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09:10.01dileepajhi guys anybody here?
09:11.37kai360 people, I'd guess
09:12.59banasI really wanted to ask. Organizations get code and developers, students get experience and some money. What's in it for google?
09:13.10*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (
09:13.14swookA more open world
09:13.20swookand perhaps some recruitment
09:13.28swookpositive sentiment to all developers
09:13.38swookand possible support from organisations in the future
09:13.54banasYes, that sounds good! :)
09:14.13sunuAnd it convinces people that google is awesome :)
09:14.33dileepaj:) hi kai name is Dileepa from Sri Lanka, I'm looking forward to participate in gsoc this year..I'm going to register for my Msc by mid may at University of Moratuwa
09:14.39dileepaji have a question regarding
09:14.51dileepajeligibility to apply for gsoc
09:15.39dileepajsince I'm not yet registered as a student
09:15.50swookacceptance letters are enough
09:16.00dileepajthanks swook
09:16.07swooklet me confirm that with a link
09:16.08swookjust a moment
09:16.10patrickgand the relevant date is may, 27th or something (see timeline)
09:16.25ollyhmm, not that
09:16.39gsocbotsunu: "goodenough" is Am I good enough to be a student for GSoC?
09:16.45gsocbotolly: "eligibility" is Follow this handy flowchart to see if you are eligible (text version at
09:16.58ollyhmm, and that one is for last year
09:17.14dileepajthanks olly,swook
09:18.08*** join/#gsoc weltallAnd (~AndChat@planeshift/developer/weltall)
09:18.23*** join/#gsoc michaelni (
09:18.28olly!forget eligibility
09:18.31gsocbotolly: The operation succeeded.
09:18.47*** join/#gsoc Aditya (~chatzilla@
09:19.37swookhmm... about 1200 students each with USD 5500 being funded... equals USD 6.6M. Add operating cost and such and that goes up to USD 7M. I do love Google.
09:21.03*** join/#gsoc anivar (~anivar@
09:21.03*** join/#gsoc anivar (~anivar@unaffiliated/anivar)
09:21.04olly!learn eligibility as
09:21.05gsocbotolly: "eligibility" is
09:21.14ollyold version was for 2011
09:21.34ollythe budget's in a blog post somewhere
09:22.12ollynot all students pass, so it's not the full $5000 for all of them
09:22.34ollybut the mentor summit can't be cheap
09:22.40swookdon't they get funded until the project is deemed failed?
09:22.58ollyyes, so some get $500, some $2750, some $5000
09:23.19swookoh but $500 is for mentors right?
09:23.39ollythe org gets $500 per student (and some pass that on to mentors)
09:23.56*** join/#gsoc santa_ (
09:23.57ollythe student gets the money in three chunks (assuming they pass evals)
09:24.05*** join/#gsoc asasher (6f4467a3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
09:24.22*** join/#gsoc weltallAnd2 (~AndChat@planeshift/developer/weltall)
09:26.18swookyes, I am aware
09:26.31DrinkMachineI really hope I can finish my proposal in time
09:26.56*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan_ (
09:30.22*** join/#gsoc marhaban (
09:32.21*** join/#gsoc alberto (
09:33.24*** join/#gsoc harshadura (~harshadur@
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10:07.47*** join/#gsoc kallisti5 (
10:09.37*** join/#gsoc vedant__ (~vedant@
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10:10.59*** join/#gsoc Darrel (~Darrel@
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10:34.11*** join/#gsoc haseeb (~haseeb@unaffiliated/haseeb)
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10:51.27*** join/#gsoc AndreiDuma (~duma@
10:51.47*** part/#gsoc Silox| (
10:53.17*** join/#gsoc samxan_ (~sam@kde/developer/bairagya)
10:54.50*** join/#gsoc filipesaraiva (~filipe@
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10:58.35*** join/#gsoc AndreiDuma (~duma@
10:58.44*** join/#gsoc andbluer (~andbluer@
11:00.57*** join/#gsoc bahaa (~bahaa@
11:04.31*** join/#gsoc Skoder (~Skoder@
11:09.06PerduHow do proposal posting works ? When I submit my proposal, will mentors give me feedback so I can improve it or is it definitive ?
11:09.23Perdudoes* work*
11:09.51*** join/#gsoc korek_ (~korek@
11:10.48*** join/#gsoc BlankVerse (~pankajm@
11:12.09dfighterPerdu that depends on whether you give them the link and ask them for feedback or not
11:12.31dfighterI wouldn't expect feedback just because you submitted it into the system
11:12.41dfightersome orgs get hundreds of them...
11:12.54PerduOK but I can ask feedback to the mentors?
11:13.10dfighterPerdu why couldn't you ask?
11:13.45PerduI read they have lot of demands and are likely not to accept
11:14.06dfighterlikely not to accept what exactly?
11:14.10dfighteryour request for feedback?
11:14.59gevaertsdfighter: uhm, mentors can see applications...
11:15.31*** join/#gsoc kkthecoder (~kk@
11:15.31dfightergevaerts yea I know
11:15.47gevaertsSo why would you give them a link?
11:15.58PerduYea... I will just ask and see
11:16.04dfightergevaerts because it makes it faster?
11:16.33dfighteraltough granted with filtering they can find the proposal in question quiet fast
11:16.39gevaertsI I have doubts though :)
11:16.49dfighterwhy gevaerts?
11:16.54*** join/#gsoc diadara (~diadara@
11:16.55gevaertsWell, it depends on how big the organisation is probably
11:16.56PerduBut can you change an uploaded proposal?
11:17.02dfighteryes Perdu
11:17.07dfighterup until the deadline
11:17.11Perduok thanks
11:17.13gevaertsdfighter: because I never had trouble finding any proposal I wanted to look at :)
11:17.59dfightergevaerts ok, however I don't see how that's an incompatible with a link being faster :P
11:18.14*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@
11:18.14*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@unaffiliated/anivar)
11:18.40dfighterI mean you get a link in IRC, you just have to click VS. going to Melange, searching for the student's proposal
11:18.58dfighterthat's all I meant by it being faster
11:19.00gevaertsThat depends on lots of details
11:19.25gevaertsIf you have melange open anyway, it doesn't make any difference
11:19.39gevaertsAnd you have control over which browser window you get it in :)
11:19.56gevaertsAlso, irc clients that launch web browsers are broken ;)
11:20.01*** join/#gsoc weltallAnd (~AndChat@planeshift/developer/weltall)
11:20.03gevaertsdoesn't have that!
11:20.56dfighterthat's ofc your perogative :)
11:22.06gevaertsAnyway, "getting feedback" is one of the many "it depends on the organisation" things :)
11:23.47*** join/#gsoc chandankumar (~chandanku@
11:29.23*** join/#gsoc kkthecoder (~kk@
11:29.30*** join/#gsoc cgogn (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
11:29.49*** join/#gsoc otaciliofl (~Otacilio@
11:33.00*** join/#gsoc harshadura (~harshadur@
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11:35.20*** part/#gsoc unixander (~unixander@
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11:35.27*** join/#gsoc sharmavarun (~sharmavar@
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11:38.59*** join/#gsoc BlankVerse (~pankajm@
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11:53.34*** join/#gsoc dark-al (~dark-al@
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11:59.04*** join/#gsoc Talad (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
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11:59.12*** join/#gsoc sashi (~sashi@
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12:03.52*** join/#gsoc dhruvasagar (~dhruvasag@
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12:05.22*** join/#gsoc billybob_han (~billybob@2001:da8:201:1036:21e:68ff:feae:c1cb)
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12:12.41*** join/#gsoc rishabh (~rishabh@
12:14.04*** join/#gsoc stemount (
12:15.24*** join/#gsoc kpolosin (~kpolosin@
12:16.45BranoHi! I have one question about coordination.
12:17.05BranoI am working in RedHat (internship) and studying too.
12:17.17BranoCan I work on project from Fedora Project?
12:17.24*** join/#gsoc semmu (
12:17.25BranoThe mentor is from Red Hat too.
12:18.57swookI think GSoC is assumed to be full-time
12:20.27*** join/#gsoc anant (~errorcode@
12:20.29stefanhaIn theory it's possible but in practice there may be qualified candidates who are available full-time.
12:20.48stefanhaSo it depends on how the mentors select students,
12:20.51stefanhathey may be okay with part-time.
12:21.32*** join/#gsoc hired_afk (hired777@
12:21.39*** join/#gsoc marius1309 (
12:21.55*** join/#gsoc hybrid (
12:22.15*** join/#gsoc TheNightOwl (~TheNightO@
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12:38.33*** part/#gsoc Talad (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
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12:57.25*** join/#gsoc pranjal710 (ca4eafc7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
12:58.47pranjal710hi, Is any mentor from funf available here? I am unable to get the IRC contact information for them.
12:59.43*** join/#gsoc Aayush251 (~aayush251@unaffiliated/aayush251)
12:59.45gevaertsHave you tried their mailing list?
13:00.17*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (
13:00.19*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (~guile@unaffiliated/drinkmachine)
13:00.24gevaertsNot everyone uses irc
13:01.11*** join/#gsoc amesists (~quassel@2607:f878:1:351:0:11:6111:1)
13:02.07*** join/#gsoc dmichelsen (
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13:05.38*** part/#gsoc hiker (
13:07.41*** join/#gsoc SeriousWorm (
13:11.46gsocbotsunu: "goodenough" is Am I good enough to be a student for GSoC?
13:13.04*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@
13:14.06*** join/#gsoc arun (~arun@unaffiliated/sindian)
13:15.45*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (
13:15.46*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (~guile@unaffiliated/drinkmachine)
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13:28.03*** join/#gsoc vedant__ (~vedant@
13:28.18*** join/#gsoc Asix3 (452f9490@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:29.49Asix3are we still able to communicate with mentoring organizations after monday? I mean are we allowed to communicate up to the application deadline of may 3?
13:31.13perepujalAsix3: You are allowed to communicate all the time
13:31.42Asix3perepujal: great -- thanks!
13:31.47*** join/#gsoc Halino (
13:31.53perepujalIn fact it is recommended...
13:31.59*** join/#gsoc robbyoconnor (~wakawaka@guifications/user/r0bby)
13:35.00*** join/#gsoc imeim (
13:35.28*** join/#gsoc DeNiS_M (
13:35.46*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91_ (~quassel@
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13:36.54*** join/#gsoc Immanuel (~Manu@2001:4c00:893b:1717:602c:45c2:9221:a080)
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13:37.41*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@unaffiliated/anivar)
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13:40.02*** join/#gsoc shantanu1227 (~quassel@
13:43.25kaiman, that code is awful
13:43.52*** join/#gsoc Varun (7c7bbb60@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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13:49.42*** join/#gsoc carols (
13:49.50*** mode/#gsoc [+o carols] by ChanServ
13:51.11*** join/#gsoc mehitabel (
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13:51.56*** join/#gsoc johndoe_ (0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:52.12johndoe_is wireshark a good org to work with for gsoc?
13:55.02johndoe_anyone there?
13:55.18carolsjohndoe_: have you asked them?
13:55.45*** join/#gsoc sharmavarun (~sharmavar@
13:55.46johndoe_they haven't given any contact information at all on their ideas page
13:56.12johndoe_no irc channel, no mailing list or anything like that
13:56.28carolsjohndoe_: well, this is where a little googling might help you out.
13:56.49gevaertsjohndoe_: there is contact information on their melange profile page
13:57.07johndoe_although i am interested in the ideas they propose to implement but i am unsure of whether there will be any active participation from them at all or not
13:57.26carolsjohndoe_: and btw i see a mail, google+, blogger, and Facebook link on their hoempage.
13:57.44*** join/#gsoc nroxana (
13:58.22*** join/#gsoc jiabao (~baby@
13:58.36johndoe_but they seem to be for general communication and not for gsoc applications specifically
13:58.42*** join/#gsoc Zerion (
13:59.15ansgarjohndoe_: "Either way, if you are a student you should contact the submitter/mentor or the wireshark-dev mailing list for background information or clarification before submitting your proposal. More information about wireshark-dev and complete list archives can be found on the mailing lists page." --
13:59.42*** join/#gsoc robbyoconnor (~wakawaka@guifications/user/r0bby)
13:59.57*** join/#gsoc saste (
14:00.41*** join/#gsoc damith (dcff0272@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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14:06.03*** join/#gsoc otaciliolacerda (~Otacilio@
14:06.58*** join/#gsoc tyage_ (
14:08.30carolshi saste
14:08.54*** join/#gsoc TheNightOwl (~TheNightO@
14:10.43*** join/#gsoc fracting (~fracting@
14:13.12*** join/#gsoc harshadura (~harshadur@
14:15.36*** part/#gsoc andbluer (~andbluer@
14:15.43*** topic/#gsoc by carols -> For the IRC rejection feedback meeting, please change your nick to the format {org}|{nick}. You can see the tutorial on queueing yourself for the meeting here: Once we have muted the channel for the meeting you will need to PM an op to get voice privileges. Google Summer of Code 2013 mentoring organizations have been announced! Visit to see the li
14:15.45*** join/#gsoc vedant__ (~vedant@
14:16.16Naman22_hey carols
14:16.21carolshey Naman22_
14:16.46Naman22_carols, who maintains the GSoC facebook page?
14:17.00carolsNaman22_: i do, however we haven't updated it for internal reasons.
14:17.11carolsi will probably just delete it, actually.
14:18.07*** join/#gsoc rishabh (~rishabh@
14:19.24carolswhy do you ask?
14:21.04*** join/#gsoc globalDFA (
14:21.04*** join/#gsoc nigelb (~nigel@ubuntu/member/nigelb)
14:21.42Naman22_i though it's not authentic. kinda misleading since no updates
14:21.58KolibriOS|yogev!queue KolibriOS Project Team
14:21.58gsocbotKolibriOS|yogev: I queued you at position 1 in the queue
14:22.06*** join/#gsoc ankurankan (6a4e229f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:24.35*** join/#gsoc imeim (
14:24.59carolsNaman22_: yeah, i should delete it all together. we don't use Facebook anymore.
14:25.16gsocbotsunu: "next" is (#1) April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens., or (#2) April 19th 16:00 UTC: Rejected org feedback meeting
14:25.20*** join/#gsoc mmorsi (
14:26.31MATE|stefano-k!queue MATE Desktop Environment
14:26.32gsocbotMATE|stefano-k: I queued you at position 2 in the queue
14:26.41*** join/#gsoc oflacerda (~Otacilio@
14:27.59ffmpeg|saste!queue FFmpeg
14:28.00gsocbotffmpeg|saste: I queued you at position 3 in the queue
14:28.22*** join/#gsoc Czarconius (~quassel@
14:30.03*** join/#gsoc ced117 (~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117)
14:30.37*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
14:31.08*** join/#gsoc otaciliofl (~Otacilio@
14:31.11carolsserves some friday tea and coffee
14:31.45*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
14:32.01*** join/#gsoc chro (~Magma@unaffiliated/chrome/x-455334)
14:32.49*** join/#gsoc josevalim (
14:33.14ffmpeg|ux!queue FFmpeg
14:33.14gsocbotffmpeg|ux: I queued you at position 4 in the queue
14:33.19sunuand where are the cookies ?
14:33.41gevaerts!this cookie | sunu
14:33.41gsocbotsunu: "this cookie" is for you
14:34.41*** join/#gsoc TimNich (
14:34.44*** join/#gsoc Compn (~notabot@
14:34.55gsocbotsunu: "cookie" is omnomnom
14:35.32*** join/#gsoc JEEB (~kanakana@unaffiliated/jeeb)
14:37.52*** join/#gsoc iive (~iive@unaffiliated/iive)
14:38.59chroI'm interested in this idea:
14:39.12chrohow can I contact the guys from apache pig?
14:39.44*** join/#gsoc natalie (cb6ef315@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:39.48gsocbotgugu: "next" is (#1) April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens., or (#2) April 19th 16:00 UTC: Rejected org feedback meeting
14:39.50*** join/#gsoc Deep_Blue_win7 (~Deep_Blue@
14:40.16Compnchro : why not register for that apache bug tracker and post a reply there ?
14:40.32*** join/#gsoc SkyR0ck3R (~akash_r@
14:40.41gsocbotgugu: "next" is (#1) April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens., or (#2) April 19th 16:00 UTC: Rejected org feedback meeting
14:40.42gsocbotgugu: "prev" is Previously on #gsoc … Nah, let's not go there.
14:41.25sunugugu: !cookie
14:41.47gugusunu, I love cookies
14:41.50sunu!cookie | gugu
14:41.50gsocbotgugu: "cookie" is omnomnom
14:42.00*** join/#gsoc thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
14:42.17sunuthis cookie | gugu
14:42.29sunu!this cookie | gugu
14:42.30gsocbotgugu: "this cookie" is for you
14:43.04gugugsocbot, im grateful
14:43.09*** join/#gsoc fracting (~fracting@
14:43.11*** join/#gsoc bahaa (~bahaa@
14:43.41*** join/#gsoc himsin (~x@
14:44.07*** join/#gsoc aku (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:44.29*** join/#gsoc jishnu7 (~jishnu7@
14:44.53*** join/#gsoc gh__ (c810100d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:45.07*** join/#gsoc tcl|aku (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:45.24*** join/#gsoc nemo (
14:46.09*** part/#gsoc Deep_Blue_win7 (~Deep_Blue@
14:46.29tcl|aku!queue tcl/tk
14:46.30gsocbottcl|aku: I queued you at position 4 in the queue
14:46.41koda!queue hedgewars
14:46.42gsocbotkoda: I queued you at position 5 in the queue
14:46.43feepk!queue VLC Team at VideoLAN
14:46.44gsocbotfeepk: I queued you at position 6 in the queue
14:46.52kodajust in time
14:46.53darcs|gh!queue darcs
14:46.54gsocbotdarcs|gh: I queued you at position 7 in the queue
14:46.57kodahi feepk
14:47.22nemokoda: what's the queue for?
14:48.19kodanemo, it's the order of orgs to be addressed
14:48.35*** join/#gsoc salamthomas (~salamthom@
14:48.39kodacarols will run through the list and explain the reasons in that order
14:48.48feepkhello koda
14:48.56nemokoda: woah. VLC too? Oo
14:49.13*** join/#gsoc xyzabc (~xyzabc@
14:49.35*** join/#gsoc marhaban (
14:49.56*** join/#gsoc claymore (~claymore_@unaffiliated/claymore)
14:50.10*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
14:50.25*** join/#gsoc MarkAtwood (~mark@unaffiliated/fallenpegasus)
14:50.52scorcheyou might not want to queue up for now...i will be clearing the queue in a bit...
14:50.53nemohedgewars|koda: does that nick change screw up the queueing?
14:51.02hedgewars|kodahopefully not
14:51.15sunuThis is kind of off-topic, but can anyone explain to me why many orgs have their code hosted in their own git/hg servers ?
14:51.19*** join/#gsoc funman (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
14:51.20scorcheit wont screw it up, but it will make things more complicated  =) i said though, it will be cleared shortly
14:51.29ibotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.
14:51.39hedgewars|kodascorche, ok
14:51.40ibotAll conversations are logged to Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.
14:51.41sunuI find github/bitbucket etc much more beginnerfriendly :/
14:51.41carolsxyzabc: you need a bang.
14:51.54hedgewars|kodareadies the queue command
14:52.01carolsserves some more coffee and tea
14:52.30gsocbothedgewars|koda: "cookie" is omnomnom
14:53.11kaiactually it will screw with the queue
14:53.26*** join/#gsoc marhaban1 (
14:53.29gsocbotkai: "next" is (#1) April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens., or (#2) April 19th 16:00 UTC: Rejected org feedback meeting
14:53.41carolsi thought you wouldn't be here, kai? :-)
14:53.42kaiis the 16:00 UTC correct?
14:53.48*** join/#gsoc hedgewars|sheepy (
14:53.58kaicarols: I'm leaving in half an hour, actually
14:54.04carolsah, ok
14:54.09*** join/#gsoc Kiryx (~Kiryx@
14:54.32*** join/#gsoc damith (dcff0283@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:54.32*** join/#gsoc lovetocode (31ee3254@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:54.39*** join/#gsoc tcl|aku_ (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:54.44kaibut of course the "screw with the queue" bit just means you can't change your message
14:54.48carolskai: yes, the 16:00 is correct.
14:55.14carolsit starts in about an hour
14:55.25*** join/#gsoc talien (d5fdc822@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:55.38kaiI'm sure scorche is smart enough to figure out that 'nick for org' might now be 'org|nick for org'
14:55.45lovetocodeHi! How many organisations can one apply for @ GSOC 2013?
14:55.55kailovetocode: <= 5
14:56.08*** join/#gsoc lemora (~lemora@2001:4ca0:0:f221:1293:e9ff:fe0d:5e94)
14:56.08carolslovetocode: in theory 5. because you can submit up to 5 proposals, so you could do a different one for each org.
14:56.16*** join/#gsoc darcs|gh_ (c810100d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:56.16lovetocodeohh.. thanks @Kai
14:56.32kailovetocode: I recommend less than that, tough
14:56.44kailovetocode: it's about quality not quantity
14:57.45liorihave you actually calculated whether there was in the past any relation between students' acceptance and number of proposals submitted? that would be interesting to find out
14:58.09carolsliori: nope. a project for a research student one day...
14:58.32*** join/#gsoc thresh (~popa3d@videolan/developer/thresh)
14:58.33lioriif you could provide me some anonymized data, i'd love to try
14:58.37*** join/#gsoc kierank (uid5955@gateway/web/
14:58.53kailiori: I'm sure there's a reasonable anti-correlation'
14:59.12carolsliori: we have a bunch of projects for a research student at some point. not right now, though :-)
14:59.39*** join/#gsoc tcl|aku (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:00.20gsocbotteammates|damith: I queued you at position 9 in the queue
15:00.27*** part/#gsoc kierank (uid5955@gateway/web/
15:00.30gsocbotVideoLAN|thresh: I queued you at position 10 in the queue
15:00.38gsocbotbalabit|talien: I queued you at position 11 in the queue
15:00.59hedgewars|koda!queue hedgewars
15:00.59gsocbothedgewars|koda: I queued you at position 12 in the queue
15:01.14*** join/#gsoc umccullough (
15:01.14hedgewars|kodaisn't the queue going to be cleared anyway?
15:01.18*** join/#gsoc illtura (b024a476@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:01.21*** part/#gsoc lemora|baumanna (~lemora@2001:4ca0:0:f221:1293:e9ff:fe0d:5e94)
15:01.24*** join/#gsoc lemora|baumanna (~lemora@2001:4ca0:0:f221:1293:e9ff:fe0d:5e94)
15:01.35carolshedgewars|koda: i believe scorch is clearing it, yes.
15:01.43carolsup to him, he is the master of all things today.
15:01.46carolsi'm just a bureaucrat.
15:01.47gsocbotlemora|baumanna: I queued you at position 13 in the queue
15:02.01gsocbotVideoLAN|thresh: Removed you from the queue as requested
15:02.31*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
15:02.56*** join/#gsoc _Naphatul (~Naphatul@
15:03.10hedgewars|nemoMC scorch
15:03.14*** join/#gsoc kevinkal (
15:03.18*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen (739b4c77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:03.31*** join/#gsoc Naman22_ (~Naman@
15:03.57VideoLAN|funmantopic too larg?
15:05.00*** join/#gsoc lovetocode (31ee3254@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:05.02*** join/#gsoc rihen_ (~rihen@
15:05.21*** topic/#gsoc by carols -> For the IRC rejection feedback meeting, please change your nick to the format {org}|{nick}. You can see the tutorial on queueing yourself for the meeting here: Once we have muted the channel for the meeting you will need to PM an op to get voice privileges.
15:05.30carolsthat better, VideoLAN|funman?
15:05.51weltallyeah :D
15:05.54*** join/#gsoc hugoib (
15:06.17*** join/#gsoc imeim_ (
15:06.27*** join/#gsoc vadz (
15:06.58VideoLAN|funmancarols: thanks!
15:06.59*** join/#gsoc sasasasasa (31ee3254@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:07.06KolibriOS|yogevscorche:  Sigh. When will the queue be cleared? I came the earliest possible for a reason, since I need to leave shortly after 16:00UTC. After clearing I might end up 50th or something, so I just won't make it :-(
15:07.14*** join/#gsoc marhaban (
15:07.36*** join/#gsoc Tatoeba|liori (531686f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:07.42carolsKolibriOS|yogev: how about this. i'll just pm you now and we can do feedback and then you don't have to worry about it.
15:07.53*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
15:08.00carolsit's friday, let's not get too stressed out.
15:08.04carolssips some tea
15:08.09*** join/#gsoc anant (~errorcode@
15:08.09VideoLAN|funmanhands scorche a 50฿ banknote to go up in the queue
15:08.16KolibriOS|yogevcarols: That would be awesome, I really appreciate it.
15:08.19*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen_ (739b4c77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:08.50*** join/#gsoc tcl|aku_ (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:08.53hedgewars|kodacarols, i'd have to go at 16.40 too, so i'd really appreciate if we could have a word before :)
15:08.55*** join/#gsoc vhotspur (
15:09.05wxwidgets|VZ!queue wxWidgets cross-platform C++ GUI library
15:09.06gsocbotwxwidgets|VZ: I queued you at position 14 in the queue
15:09.43*** part/#gsoc pengjingwen_ (739b4c77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:10.22*** join/#gsoc dhruvasagar (~dhruvasag@
15:10.35haiku|umcculloug!queue Just here to listen
15:10.35gsocbothaiku|umcculloug: I queued you at position 15 in the queue
15:10.36carolshedgewars|koda: didn't your org email me for feedback?
15:10.56hedgewars|nemoVideoLAN|funman: 50Ƀ - whew. might as well just use that to fund a student :D
15:11.43VideoLAN|funmanhedgewars|nemo: to be fair it was the thaï baht symbol, not worth much for a student :)
15:12.13hedgewars|kodacarols, i think it mailed to pledge for some last minute slots but not for the rejection reasons
15:12.39Compnis that B for bitcoin ?
15:12.52diadarawhy was no. of allowed proposals cut from 20 to 5 ,I dont think many would have applied for more than 5 last year
15:12.56Compncant tell, characters are messed up here
15:13.07*** join/#gsoc roser (
15:13.08gevaertsCompn: I recommend reading what he said later
15:13.09*** join/#gsoc teammates|damith (dcff0271@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:13.15*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
15:13.29*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@
15:13.37Compnoh baht, dont know that one
15:13.40carolshedgewars|koda: you spoke to memo, yes? i have an email from memo titled "dealing with rejection"
15:13.41hedgewars|nemoVideoLAN|funman: yeah, that's why I try to use Ƀ these days as was proposed recently :)  you know. so poor Thai don't get their symbol taken over
15:13.46carolssorry, *nemo
15:13.53*** join/#gsoc balabit|tusavik (d5fdc822@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:14.35gsocbotKolibriOS|yogev: Removed you from the queue as requested
15:14.35*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
15:14.59VideoLAN|funmanCompn: well yeah it was really baht but meant as bitcoin
15:15.05carolshedgewars|koda and hedgewars|nemo, are you two talking to each other?
15:15.06*** join/#gsoc DonDiego (~diego@
15:15.17carolsbecause i thought you had resolved in email :-)
15:15.21carolsis there more to know?
15:15.36*** join/#gsoc sera (~quassel@gentoo/developer/sera)
15:15.49hedgewars|nemocarols: well. I'd asked a secondary question in the e-mail about hosting.  that didn't really answer primary "why" question
15:15.53hedgewars|nemowhich is I imagine why koda is here today
15:15.55hedgewars|kodacarols, yes we are, but there is a particular subject i'd like to ask you about
15:16.03carolssure, then pm me.
15:16.11carolssips some more tea
15:17.21*** join/#gsoc kreceiv (b024a476@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:17.30*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
15:18.17*** join/#gsoc darcs|gh (c810100d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:18.42*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert (43ba84a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:20.09*** join/#gsoc florianf (
15:20.41*** join/#gsoc ahuillet (
15:20.49hedgewars|nemoCompn: you should probably set UTF-8 in your IRC client btw.  Pretty much standard these days
15:21.45ahuillethello - one has to !queue to get in the queue, right?
15:21.58carolsahuillet: please ask scorche :-)
15:22.03carolsmaster of all things today.
15:22.06carolsexcept for typing.
15:22.10carolswhich i am flexing my muscles at now.
15:22.16*** join/#gsoc Dhruv (~Dhruv@phpbb/developer/dhruv)
15:22.29scorche|shi will be resetting the queue 30 minutes before the meeting
15:22.33scorche|shso, in about 8 minutes
15:23.20ahuilletso in about 8 minutes, we have to do !queue, but not before, is that it?
15:23.23tierrawxwidgets|VZ: so you'll handle this?
15:23.41Compncarols : you arent using voice to text ?
15:23.44*** join/#gsoc AndreiDuma (~duma@
15:23.52carolsCompn: nope!
15:23.53Compngoogle should be on that by now, voice2text irc
15:23.55carolsall keys and hands here.
15:24.31scorche|shahuillet: actually, the instructions are a bit different than currently in topic - !queue will queue you, but we ask that you include certain information in the message - as well, the channel will be muted once the meeting begins, so you will need to send a PM to gsocbot
15:24.42hedgewars|nemoCompn: you know, my SO's job experimented w/ that, and the need to enunciate clearly even in the best software out there, plus the subtle homophone errors meant it was still faster to type :)
15:24.52*** join/#gsoc SeoZ (~DanielJuy@
15:24.53*** join/#gsoc SeoZ (~DanielJuy@enlightenment/developer/seoz)
15:25.20ahuilletscorche|sh : this is getting somewhat complicated, I guess you'll update the topic because I must not be the only person to be confused.
15:25.42scorche|shyes - the topic will make all things clear  =)
15:25.46*** join/#gsoc edwardk (~edwardk@pdpc/supporter/professional/edwardk)
15:26.11carolsi made the topic this morning when i hadn't had coffee, so i probably make scorche's life harder.
15:26.17scorche|shits alright
15:26.21*** join/#gsoc elena (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:26.28scorche|shahuillet: does this make things clearer for you?
15:26.31scorche|shThe feedback session for organizations is about to be held. If you are an organization that wishes to participate, please send the following command (replacing the necessary information) to place yourself in the queue: /msg gsocbot NameOfOrg  |  To see the current queue, please see
15:27.14*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen_ (739b4c77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:27.18scorche|shnot to anyone else, please do not queue up for now
15:27.26scorche|shnote, that is  ;)
15:27.31*** join/#gsoc phillipuniverse (~Adium@
15:27.45phillipuniverseam I late to the rejection discussion meeting?
15:27.48phillipuniverse**too late
15:27.54scorche|shphillipuniverse: it hasnt yet begun!
15:27.54gevaertsAnd if you're just here to listen, do not place yourself in the queue :)
15:27.55carolsphillipuniverse: in fact, you are a half hour early.
15:28.01*** join/#gsoc Czarconius (~quassel@
15:28.26*** join/#gsoc VishwaA_ (dfe00e05@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:28.39lemora|baumanna!queue lemora project
15:28.40gsocbotlemora|baumanna: You're queued at position 10 already, I've updated notice to 'lemora project'
15:28.58phillipuniverse!queue phillipuniverse project
15:28.59gsocbotphillipuniverse: I queued you at position 16 in the queue
15:29.07phillipuniverseI assume I need to queue myself?
15:29.14scorchethe queue will be reset very soon
15:29.20gevaertsphillipuniverse: yes, but not yet :)
15:29.29phillipuniversecool cool
15:29.42ahuilletare there any statistics about number of accepted orgs, number of orgs having applied, veteran vs. new, that sort of thing?
15:29.58*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen (739b4c77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:30.16*** join/#gsoc riccardomurri (823c2c27@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:30.18Halinohow to get in queue?
15:30.30carolsHalino: i think scorche can help you.
15:30.38scorche|shclearing the queue now...
15:30.42ensonichmm, if I submitted for two orgs, should I login twice?
15:30.42*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@
15:30.51*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (
15:31.02carolsensonic: just once is fine. i can give you feedback for both in the same time.
15:31.11carolsyou don't have to get in line again.
15:31.16carolswe're not that bureaucratic.
15:31.29gstreamer|ensonicarols, thanks
15:31.35carolsgstreamer|ensoni: yw
15:31.45lemora|baumanna!queue lemora
15:31.45gsocbotlemora|baumanna: I queued you at position 5 in the queue
15:31.53MATE|stefano-k!queue MATE Desktop Environment
15:31.54gsocbotMATE|stefano-k: I queued you at position 6 in the queue
15:32.02tcl|aku_!queue tcl
15:32.02gsocbottcl|aku_: I queued you at position 7 in the queue
15:32.14elenaCan one tell me if I am in line or not?
15:32.16darcs|gh!queue darcs
15:32.17scorche|shPlease stop queueing yourselves
15:32.17gsocbotdarcs|gh: I queued you at position 8 in the queue
15:32.20*** mode/#gsoc [+m] by scorche|sh
15:32.21kai!unload Queue
15:32.21gsocbotkai: The operation succeeded.
15:32.23gstreamer|ensoni!queue gstreamer
15:32.34scorche|shkai: oh - that makes thing easier - gsocbot is ignoring me for now  =)
15:32.49*** join/#gsoc globalDFA (~hackee@
15:32.56*** topic/#gsoc by scorche|sh -> The feedback session for organizations is about to be held. If you are an organization that wishes to participate, please send the following command (replacing the necessary information) to place yourself in the queue: /msg gsocbot NameOfOrg | To see the current queue, please see | To dequeue yourself: /msg gsocbot dequeue
15:33.14*** part/#gsoc TimNich (
15:33.40kaiscorche|sh: the nextinline command wasn't working?
15:33.45*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
15:33.55scorche|sh<gsocbot> You've given me 12 commands within the last minute; I'm now ignoring you for 5 minutes.
15:34.05*** join/#gsoc shantanu1227_ (~quassel@
15:34.06scorche|shluckily, i have 2 clients
15:34.15*** join/#gsoc matthiaskrgr (
15:34.18*** part/#gsoc Halino (
15:34.19*** join/#gsoc pikpik (uid4366@gateway/web/
15:34.20carolssilly gsocbot.
15:34.22carolsgetting tired.
15:34.32scorche|shkai: can you reload the queue module?
15:34.37kaiI wasn't aware it had a spam protection
15:34.41kai!load Queue
15:34.42gsocbotkai: The operation succeeded.
15:34.48kaithere you go, sir
15:35.03carolsserves everyone waiting in the wings some tea and coffee while they wait
15:35.04*** join/#gsoc sunweaver (
15:35.19carolswe'll be starting in 25 minutes by my watch.
15:35.22scorche|shEveryone - please start queueing up
15:35.28scorche|shthe instructions are in the topic
15:35.32scorche|shPM me if you are haivng issues
15:35.45*** join/#gsoc Ninux|Halino (
15:35.47carolsand do what scorche|sh says.
15:36.08*** part/#gsoc matthiaskrgr (
15:36.33*** join/#gsoc zqzas (~zqzas@
15:37.02*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
15:37.54*** join/#gsoc PeteyKun (~PeteyKun@
15:38.07*** topic/#gsoc by scorche -> The feedback session for organizations is about to be held. If you are an organization that wishes to participate, please send the following command (replacing the necessary information) to place yourself in the queue: /msg gsocbot queue NameOfOrg | To see the current queue, please see | To dequeue yourself: /msg gsocbot dequeue
15:38.24*** part/#gsoc elena (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:38.28scorche|shwhoops - sorry aboout the instruction mess-up - "queue" needs to be in that command
15:38.35*** part/#gsoc claymore (~claymore_@unaffiliated/claymore)
15:38.38*** join/#gsoc dhruvasagar (~dhruvasag@
15:39.05carolsi'll get to everyone, so it's no problem if there are queue issues.
15:39.13carolsi will be here until everyone has had their turn :-)
15:39.20*** join/#gsoc TheNightOwl (~TheNightO@
15:39.21carolsso don't worry, and have some more tea.
15:39.25*** join/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
15:39.25kai!this cookie | carols
15:39.26gsocbotcarols: "this cookie" is for you
15:39.31carolsthanks kai :-)
15:39.35carolsmuch appreciated.
15:39.45*** join/#gsoc ericbodden (
15:40.04*** join/#gsoc rihen_ (~rihen@
15:40.40*** join/#gsoc soot|elena (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:41.19*** join/#gsoc orange-biolab (orange@
15:41.38*** join/#gsoc sabs (
15:43.43*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
15:43.50*** join/#gsoc jwe (~user@octave/developer/jwe)
15:44.09*** part/#gsoc scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
15:44.13*** join/#gsoc scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
15:44.13*** mode/#gsoc [+o scorche] by ChanServ
15:44.23*** join/#gsoc valeri_nistor (
15:44.53*** join/#gsoc guest1764 (4db7dbc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:46.52*** join/#gsoc mauricio (
15:46.58*** part/#gsoc mauricio (
15:47.02carolsin case you're just joining us, we're starting the irc feedback meeting for rejected orgs in about 15 minutes.
15:47.28carolswe've muted the channel. if you're having trouble please PM scorche or read the channel topic again :-)
15:47.44carolsbut regardless, i will be here for as long as it takes to get through our whole queue
15:47.49carolslast year it was about 3 hours.
15:47.56carolsso, get some more tea. :-)
15:48.20*** join/#gsoc ChipX86 (~chipx86@galago/ChipX86)
15:48.23*** join/#gsoc Trang (
15:48.37*** join/#gsoc bitfighter|ducky (
15:49.48*** join/#gsoc chewy (
15:49.57*** join/#gsoc nathan7_ (~nathan@unaffiliated/nathan7)
15:50.18*** join/#gsoc Talad (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
15:50.25*** join/#gsoc moorepants (
15:50.35*** join/#gsoc Sylvestre (~sylvestre@2001:660:3013:3:a2e:5fff:fe2b:252)
15:50.41*** join/#gsoc alberto (
15:50.41*** join/#gsoc bitfighter|watus (
15:51.06*** join/#gsoc LISPmob|arnatal (
15:52.07*** join/#gsoc badlogic1 (
15:52.42*** join/#gsoc bitfighter|rapto (~raptor@unaffiliated/greenmachine)
15:53.48carolshi everyone, we're going to start the irc feedback meeting in 7 minutes.
15:53.48*** join/#gsoc tgloeggl (
15:53.55*** join/#gsoc sumitk (
15:54.11*** join/#gsoc arun (
15:54.11*** join/#gsoc arun (~arun@unaffiliated/sindian)
15:54.16carolswe've muted the channel, so if you're not here for the meeting and you're just looking to ask questions about gsoc, i would recommend you email our discussion list instead.
15:54.24carolsor wait three hours to ask your question :-)
15:54.34*** join/#gsoc j4ke (jake@gateway/shell/
15:54.40*** join/#gsoc m_conley (
15:55.51*** join/#gsoc bruening (
15:56.24*** join/#gsoc slashrsm (
15:57.26*** join/#gsoc cryos|laptop (
15:58.02*** join/#gsoc globalDFA (~hackee@
15:58.29*** join/#gsoc chandankumar (~chandanku@
15:58.35*** join/#gsoc ryanstewart (
15:58.53*** join/#gsoc webchick (
15:58.53*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
15:58.55carolsalright, we're starting in 2 minutes
15:59.15webchickHey, folks. :)
15:59.38carolshi webchick
15:59.45carolswe're having an irc meeting in a minute
15:59.53*** part/#gsoc webchick (
16:00.00*** join/#gsoc cgogn (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:00.08*** join/#gsoc cmedina (1f04f07e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:00.10carolsok, i have 16:00 UTC by my watch.
16:00.11*** join/#gsoc SkyR0ck3R2 (~akash_r@
16:00.15carolsso i'm going to start the meeting.
16:00.29carols=========Begin IRC Rejected Organizations Feedback Meeting======
16:00.33*** mode/#gsoc [+v minix3|beng-nl] by scorche|sh
16:00.33carolsthanks everyone for coming.
16:00.37carolsa few announcements:
16:00.48*** mode/#gsoc [+v minix3|sambuc] by scorche|sh
16:00.50*** join/#gsoc mfe (~mfe@
16:00.53*** mode/#gsoc [+v minix|arun] by scorche|sh
16:01.00carols1) Please PM scorche for any problems related to the queue or to getting voiced/devoiced.
16:01.04*** join/#gsoc vedant (~vedant@
16:01.06*** join/#gsoc renstar (
16:01.09*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen (~pengjingw@
16:01.14*** join/#gsoc tyage_ (
16:01.22*** join/#gsoc KokaKiwi (
16:01.24carols2) the channel is muted, and only ops can grant you voice, so you'll need to PM them when your turn comes up if you haven't gotten voiced.
16:01.30*** join/#gsoc pengjingwen (~pengjingw@
16:01.33*** join/#gsoc zhaoqin_wl (zhaoqin@nat/google/x-xaninmcsvlthsgsu)
16:01.34*** mode/#gsoc [+o zhaoqin_wl] by ChanServ
16:01.52carolswe're of course sorry that every year we have to reject a lot of organizations we would have loved to accept.
16:01.56carolsthis year was no exception.
16:02.02*** join/#gsoc webchick (
16:02.02*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
16:02.12webchickHuh. Not sure what happened there.
16:02.17webchickWow, I still have ops in here. :D
16:02.22*** kick/#gsoc [webchick!] by carols (webchick)
16:02.30carolswe had a lot of applications, a lot of hard decisions, and we particularly were aggressive about rejected orgs that had participated before
16:02.45carolsso, please have your ideas page ready when you are called from the queue.
16:02.48*** join/#gsoc webchick (
16:02.49*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
16:02.51*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:02.55webchickHm. Why am I getting kicked? :(
16:02.57*** join/#gsoc axeld (
16:02.59*** kick/#gsoc [webchick!] by carols (webchick)
16:03.00scorche|shwebchick: meeting now
16:03.01carolsi will be here as long as needed to get everyone through the queue.
16:03.03*** join/#gsoc adrocknaphobia (uid11055@gateway/web/
16:03.04scorche|shi will PM her
16:03.20carolswith that, our first org.
16:03.25gsocbotcarols: Next in line is minix3|beng-nl with notice 'minix3 - i am here for the rejection feedback meeting on behalf of minix3'
16:03.28*** join/#gsoc webchick (
16:03.29*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
16:03.29carolsminix folks.
16:03.52minix3|beng-nlhello carols!
16:03.59carolshi minix3|beng-nl!
16:04.03minix3|beng-nlit's us, the minix folks :)
16:04.11carolslet me pull up my notes
16:04.18*** join/#gsoc allman (
16:04.34*** join/#gsoc buddycloud (
16:04.35*** join/#gsoc aklassen1 (
16:04.38minix3|beng-nli guess my question is whether we can improve on our application / ideas page in any way in order to improve our chances in the future
16:04.44carolsso, firstly, we had a *ton* of OSes apply this year.
16:04.51*** join/#gsoc t4nk179 (89301698@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:04.58*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan_ (
16:05.12carolsand we were very careful about 1) making sure we had breadth in types of orgs this year and 2) making sure we got a lot of new orgs.
16:05.39carolsand so you guys have participated in the past quite a bit, which is great, but we needed to make some space for folks who hadn't participated this year.
16:05.45*** join/#gsoc benlangfeld (~Adium@unaffiliated/benlangfeld)
16:05.52carolslooking over your ideas page, it looks great.
16:06.04carolsso this was a matter of numbers this year, minix3|beng-nl.
16:06.08minix3|beng-nlokay, it is very good to hear that you like our ideas page
16:06.14minix|arunthanks a lot, carols
16:06.18*** join/#gsoc RDM__ (
16:06.19carolsyep, application looked good.
16:06.22minix3|beng-nlanything noteworthy w.r.t. our application?..
16:06.24minix|arunwe'll try again next year.
16:06.51*** join/#gsoc Xoppa (
16:06.55carolsi suppose you could have fleshed out the ideas page with some possible mentors.
16:07.03minix3|beng-nlaha, that is a good tip!
16:07.12carolsbut really, this was more about us making decisions for the whole of the program.
16:07.18minix3|beng-nlto improve the confidence of it being mentored well i suppose
16:07.19*** part/#gsoc RDM__ (
16:07.25carolshope that helps. :-)
16:07.35minix3|beng-nlokay, i understand, it's something of a relief that there wasn't something especially wrong with us this year
16:07.38minix|arunit does. thanks again, carols
16:07.39*** join/#gsoc soot|elena_ (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:07.43carolsgreat, you're welcome.
16:07.49carolshope you all have a nice rest of your summer.
16:07.54minix3|beng-nlthank you very much for your time, i hope to be able to try again next year
16:07.59*** join/#gsoc ravigarg27 (~ravigarg2@
16:08.00carolscool :-)
16:08.05carolsalright, onward!
16:08.06minix3|beng-nlyou too carols! thanks.
16:08.12*** join/#gsoc bach (
16:08.13gsocbotcarols: Next in line is scorche|sh with notice 'rockbox'
16:08.19carolsrockbox folks.
16:08.21scorche|shhi  =)
16:08.27*** mode/#gsoc [-v minix|arun] by scorche
16:08.30*** mode/#gsoc [-v minix3|beng-nl] by scorche
16:08.34*** mode/#gsoc [-v minix3|sambuc] by scorche
16:08.52carolshi scorche :-)
16:09.02carolsso a few things on rock box.
16:09.10carolswe liked the ideas page a lot.
16:09.39carolsactually, application overall looks good.
16:10.13*** join/#gsoc bahaa (~bahaa@
16:10.17carolsbut again, we were really aggressive in accepting new orgs this year and rejecting old ones.
16:10.27carolsand i think you guys fell victim to this, unfortunately.
16:10.29scorche|shcompletely understandable
16:10.51*** join/#gsoc yo_mama (~yo_mama@unaffiliated/yo-mama/x-1013086)
16:11.02carolsi would encourage you guys to apply if we have the program next year.
16:11.04*** join/#gsoc orange-biolab (
16:11.17*** join/#gsoc rishabh (~rishabh@
16:11.20carolswe just made some difficult cuts, as we do every year, really :-(
16:11.50carolssorry my answer probably isn't more satisfying.
16:11.55scorche|shit happens
16:12.13carolsany particular questions i can answer?
16:12.24carolsagain, looking over your app, it all looks very thorough.
16:12.24*** join/#gsoc dhruvasagar (~dhruvasag@
16:12.25scorche|shnot really - this was more a closure thing  =)
16:12.30carolsof course :-)
16:12.36carolswell, thank you guys for applying anyway.
16:12.38*** join/#gsoc rivanov (~rivanov@
16:12.46scorche|shthanks for the feedback! - you may continue with the next org  =)
16:13.04gsocbotcarols: Next in line is tcl|aku_ with notice 'tcl'
16:13.15*** mode/#gsoc [+v tcl|aku_] by scorche|sh
16:13.16carolstcl folks.
16:13.18tcl|aku_hi carols, present and listening
16:13.25carolslet me pull up our notes :-)
16:13.27*** join/#gsoc arun (~arun@unaffiliated/sindian)
16:14.01*** join/#gsoc globalDFA (~hackee@
16:14.08carolsreally liked your ideas page.
16:14.10*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (
16:14.10*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (~guile@unaffiliated/drinkmachine)
16:14.15*** join/#gsoc systemsbiologist (
16:14.20tcl|aku_glad to hear that
16:14.32carolssome of them were more fleshed out than others, but that's understandable..
16:14.33tcl|aku_Worked quite a bit on that since last year
16:15.03carolsfrom the notes it looks like we cut you guys when we were making decisions about how many new orgs to accept.
16:15.06*** join/#gsoc perepujal1 (
16:15.11tcl|aku_I see
16:15.17carolsso i think i have similar feedback for you all that i did for rockbox :-(
16:15.29tcl|aku_that's ok.
16:15.38carolsyou had participated in the past, and we made some hard decisions :-(
16:15.40tcl|aku_luck of the draw and all that.
16:15.45carolsyeah, i'm sorry.
16:15.46*** join/#gsoc atapiador (~atd@2001:720:1500:55:223:aeff:fe02:2715)
16:15.48*** join/#gsoc kodane (
16:15.57carolsi do hope you'll apply again next year if you choose to.
16:15.57*** join/#gsoc whodaman (~whodaman@
16:16.05tcl|aku_me too, me too. and yes, we plan to apply again
16:16.12carolslooks like you guys have had some good participation in the past :-)
16:16.30*** join/#gsoc hybridivy (hybridivy@
16:16.31carolslet me just take a quick look at the app and see if there's anything else
16:16.42tcl|aku_ok. hit me
16:17.22carolsnope, all looks good to me. i appreciate your ideas for getting students to get inolvd in the community tying into getting students to stay afterward.
16:17.25*** join/#gsoc rv_sandeep (~rv_sandee@
16:17.27carolsso looks good
16:17.34carolssorry, this was another hard choice :-(
16:17.40*** join/#gsoc xpra|totaam (~antoine@
16:17.49tcl|aku_ok, glad to hear about that too (not the hard choice, the app being good ;)
16:18.00carolsany other questions?
16:18.06tcl|aku_at the moment, no.
16:18.10carolsok, great.
16:18.13tcl|aku_If I come up with some I will email
16:18.20carolsgreat, please do.
16:18.23carolshave a nice weekend.
16:18.29tcl|aku_you too
16:18.33gsocbotcarols: Next in line is helenos|vhotspur with notice 'helenos'
16:18.34*** join/#gsoc Alezandr (
16:18.38*** mode/#gsoc [+v helenos|vhotspur] by scorche|sh
16:18.39carolshelenos folks
16:18.44helenos|vhotspurhi, Carol
16:18.44*** mode/#gsoc [-v tcl|aku_] by scorche
16:18.53carolsjust a sec while i look everything over
16:19.21*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
16:19.33carolsso did i mention that we got a *ton* of OSes applying this year?
16:19.37carolsyeah, we got a ton.
16:19.38*** join/#gsoc darcs|gh (c810100d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:19.41*** join/#gsoc lionel_ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:19.49*** join/#gsoc aadi025 (75d6bb9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:19.56helenos|vhotspurI know we weren't the only ones
16:20.02*** join/#gsoc kpolosin (~kpolosin@
16:20.10*** join/#gsoc SkyR0ck3R (~akash_r@
16:20.10*** join/#gsoc chandankumar (~chandanku@
16:20.16*** join/#gsoc Skipp_OSX (
16:20.22*** join/#gsoc kodane_ (~ikoda@
16:20.27carolsyeah, looking over your ideas page and app those all look good.
16:20.34helenos|vhotspurglad to hear that
16:20.53carolswe try really hard to get a wide range of projects, and i think you guys applied in a year when everyone else wanted to have an OS project too :-/
16:20.56helenos|vhotspurdo you have suggestions how to make them better?
16:21.08helenos|vhotspurokay, understood
16:21.21*** join/#gsoc chx (
16:21.25carolsno, actually, i think your ideas page is quite good.
16:21.26*** join/#gsoc lionaneesh (~aneeshdog@
16:21.35helenos|vhotspurnd one more question - last year we failed 3 students (out of 5), one of them even asked for review (though our decision was confirmed) - was this taken as a failure on our part as well and did this influenced that we were not accepted this year?
16:21.41carolsi like that you have it broken down with required skills and possible mentors and all that.
16:21.43*** join/#gsoc santa_ (~santa@
16:21.46carolshelenos|vhotspur: no, it was not.
16:21.54helenos|vhotspurgood, thanks
16:22.04carolsthere have been cases where we got poor feedback from the students about the org.
16:22.08carolsthis was not a case of that.
16:22.08*** join/#gsoc nroxana (~nroxana@
16:22.10*** join/#gsoc tzikis (
16:22.14*** join/#gsoc haseeb (~haseeb@unaffiliated/haseeb)
16:22.22*** join/#gsoc imeim (
16:22.33helenos|vhotspurso, there was basically just too many os teams around, right?
16:22.33carolsi'd encourage you to apply again next year if we run the program
16:22.38carolsyeah, pretty much.
16:22.39helenos|vhotspurwe plan to
16:22.45helenos|vhotspurokay, that's it
16:22.50helenos|vhotspurthanks a lot for your time
16:22.53carolsagain, we have to do a lot of balancing amongst *types* of projects as well as who they are.
16:22.55carolsyou're welcome.
16:23.00carolshave a great weekend.
16:23.02helenos|vhotspuryou too
16:23.11gsocbotcarols: Next in line is Ninux|Halino with notice ''
16:23.13*** join/#gsoc webchick (
16:23.13*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
16:23.18*** join/#gsoc gwty (~gwtyawe@
16:23.22*** mode/#gsoc [+v Ninux|Halino] by scorche|sh
16:23.27*** join/#gsoc boltrix (
16:23.27Ninux|Halinohi carols
16:23.30*** mode/#gsoc [+v Ninux|Immanuel] by scorche|sh
16:23.30*** part/#gsoc minix3|beng-nl (
16:23.34carolshey there
16:23.43*** mode/#gsoc [-v helenos|vhotspur] by scorche
16:23.49*** join/#gsoc banas (~chatzilla@
16:24.14carolsso i think the first thing is that your ideas page is good, but not great.
16:24.31carolsfor example, we'd like to see required skills for some of the ideas more fleshed out.
16:24.31Ninux|Halinoany suggestion?
16:24.36carolsand possible mentors listed.
16:24.42carols(from your community)
16:24.56carolsyou've definitely got the right idea, but this was some stiff competition you were up against this year.
16:24.57*** join/#gsoc shivshnkr (~xyzabc@
16:25.24carolssome of them are better than others, i would say.
16:25.33carolssome have required languages and that sort of thing, but not all.
16:25.33*** join/#gsoc vijaykalyan (~vijaykaly@
16:26.29carolsif i remember correctly i feel like your ideas page last year was a bit more extensive?
16:26.51carolsanyway, regardless, we were making a lot of hard decisions this year :-(
16:26.53Ninux|Halinoyes, it was a bit more extensive
16:26.59*** join/#gsoc jsc (
16:27.11Ninux|Halinothis year we proposed more ideas
16:27.16carolsalright, then i think that's really the crux of it. your application otherwise looks good.
16:27.24*** join/#gsoc mobidevelop (
16:27.29carolsi hope that helps.
16:27.39*** join/#gsoc cmedina (1f04f07e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:27.48*** part/#gsoc tcl|aku_ (ccf46602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:27.56carolsany further questions?
16:28.05carolssure :-)
16:28.18Ninux|Halinowe have friend from freifunk and other wireless community like guifi
16:28.25Ninux|Halinobut no one was accepted
16:28.38Ninux|Halinowe didn't found any wireless community at all
16:28.38*** join/#gsoc etix (~etix@videolan/developer/etix)
16:28.47Ninux|Halinoit's a coincidence?
16:28.50*** part/#gsoc helenos|vhotspur (
16:28.54carolsi believe so.
16:29.04carolsi'd need to look at their applications individually, but yes, i think so.
16:29.12carolsalso, freifunk has participated in the past, i believe?
16:29.19Ninux|Halinolast year
16:29.22*** join/#gsoc Czarconius (~quassel@
16:29.24Ninux|Halinoi was a student
16:29.28carolsif i remember correctly, we again were making space for new orgs this year.
16:29.29Ninux|Halinowith them
16:29.37carolsah, cool :-)
16:29.57carolsanyway, you all can email me offline if you'd like to talk about it more extensively?
16:29.59Ninux|Halinothere is a close partnership between ninux and freifunk
16:30.07Ninux|Halinoi will email you
16:30.28carolsgreat, thanks :-)
16:30.33carolshave a nice rest of your weekend
16:30.44Ninux|Halinothx, you ti
16:30.54gsocbotcarols: Next in line is gc3|riccardomurr with notice 'gc3'
16:30.58scorcheAs a quick note between projects, as a lot of people have been asking...if you would like additional people voiced besides who queued up (and I dont voice them), please just ask me in-channel when I voice you
16:30.59carolsgc3 folks
16:31.03*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:31.05*** join/#gsoc callkalpa (~kalpa@
16:31.05*** mode/#gsoc [+v gc3|riccardomurr] by scorche|sh
16:31.10carolsthanks scorche
16:31.12carolshey there
16:31.14*** mode/#gsoc [-v Ninux|Immanuel] by scorche
16:31.17*** mode/#gsoc [-v Ninux|Halino] by scorche
16:31.32gc3|riccardomurrhello, there's just me -- the other already left for the weekend :-)
16:31.42carolsok :-)
16:31.52*** join/#gsoc arekm (~arekm@pld-linux/arekm)
16:32.02carolsso looking over your ideas page first...
16:32.12*** join/#gsoc NameFILIP (
16:32.13carolswe'd have liked some more extensive information on each
16:32.27carolsnamely, not just a summary of the idea, but also required languages and skills for each one
16:32.33carolsmaybe use cases or background on the idea
16:32.42carolsand then possible mentors from your community for the idea
16:32.50*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
16:32.55*** join/#gsoc Chamilo (4de07919@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:33.21carolsyour group seems to be a little specific, which is fine, :-) but it means you need to make your ideas page easier to "bite into" for students who don't know anything about you.
16:33.52*** join/#gsoc nurupo (
16:34.01gc3|riccardomurri see -- would it still be acceptable to require more prerequisites?
16:34.21*** join/#gsoc k0p (
16:34.23carolsyes, requiring prerequisites is fine.
16:34.30gc3|riccardomurrsince the project is quite specific, as you said, it's not for everybody probably
16:34.36carolsjust make all of that very clear and fleshed out from the get-go
16:34.45carolsalso, just as a side note:
16:35.19carolsthis didn't work against you, but if you spent the next year getting to know an org that's participating in the program and/or working with them, you could see if they'd be willing to vouch for your org next year.
16:35.25carolswhich might help you, well, at least a little :-)
16:35.31*** join/#gsoc cgogn__ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:35.39carolsbut our decision this year was primarily based on your ideas page.
16:35.44carolsi hope that helps.
16:35.59gc3|riccardomurryes, it does -- thanks!
16:36.03carolsyou're welcome.
16:36.06carolsany other questions for me?
16:36.07gc3|riccardomurrany further feedback?
16:36.22carolsnot that i can see. the rest of your application looks good.
16:36.36*** join/#gsoc smacleod (steven@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fedf:ab5f)
16:36.36gc3|riccardomurrok, thank you very much for your time
16:36.37carolsi'd encourage you to apply again next year if we run the program :-)
16:36.40carolsyou're welcome
16:36.45carolshave a nice summer/winter
16:36.51carolsalrighty then
16:36.53gsocbotcarols: Next in line is xpra|ahuillet with notice 'Xpra'
16:36.57*** mode/#gsoc [-v gc3|riccardomurr] by scorche
16:37.01*** mode/#gsoc [+v xpra|totaam] by scorche|sh
16:37.01carolsxpra folks
16:37.05*** mode/#gsoc [+v xpra|ahuillet] by scorche|sh
16:37.09xpra|ahuillethello hello
16:37.41carolshey there folks
16:37.46*** join/#gsoc bitfighter|rapto (~raptor@unaffiliated/greenmachine)
16:37.50carolsso firstly, your ideas page looks great, thanks for that :-)
16:38.19*** join/#gsoc tzikia (b2807a86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:38.49*** part/#gsoc Ninux|Halino (
16:38.57*** join/#gsoc fracting (~fracting@
16:39.12carolssecondly, you'll see we accepted this year. it looks when we were discussing the tough decisions for this year, we thought maybe you all would be willing to work with as an umbrella situation?
16:39.36xpra|totaamyes, that would work for us
16:39.37carolsi don't know if that would work for your team, but we did consider both applications and hoped you might be able to get some slots through them if you could work it out.
16:39.38xpra|ahuilletthat's definitely a possibility, although I did not notice as being accepted, so haven't contacted them yet
16:39.48carolsyes, they were accepted.
16:39.57*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:40.03xpra|totaamhow would we proceed?
16:40.03carolsunfortunately, given our constraints, we couldn't really accommodate both of you :-(
16:40.09xpra|ahuilletI've got some relationships with so I think it's feasible indeed. The fact that we're a project *not* from the X community means that we applied separately.
16:40.19xpra|ahuilletbut we've had in mind of getting closer to them for months.
16:40.20carolsso firstly, please email them and mention this conversation :-)
16:40.34xpra|totaamok, will do
16:40.34*** join/#gsoc asion (
16:40.36carolsand if they'e amenable, please have them list your org as well on their ideas page/homepage
16:40.38xpra|ahuilletwill you please let me know who the org admin is this year?
16:40.47carolsand we'll make sure that in slot allocations we allow for both orgs.
16:40.51*** join/#gsoc leavengood (
16:40.53carolsyeah, i'll pm it to you.
16:40.57carolshold on just a sec.
16:41.54carolsother than that, your application looks good.
16:42.05*** join/#gsoc asmeurer (
16:42.06xpra|ahuilletso that leaves us with only one question: would you advise us to apply again if GSoC 2014 takes place?
16:42.07carolsi hope we can accommodate you through them somehow.
16:42.15carolsyes, absolutely.
16:42.30carolswe never know what the makeup of the apps will be, so we make these different decisions every year.
16:42.34carolsyou're welcome :-)
16:42.39carolshave a nice weekend, let me know how it goes.
16:42.46xpra|totaamyou too, bye
16:42.49carolsalrighty then
16:42.52gsocbotcarols: Next in line is wxwidgets|VZ with notice 'wxWidgets'
16:42.53*** mode/#gsoc [+vv wxwidgets|tierra wxwidgets|VZ] by scorche|sh
16:42.55*** mode/#gsoc [-vv xpra|ahuillet xpra|totaam] by scorche
16:42.59wxwidgets|VZhi Carol
16:43.03wxwidgets|tierrathanks scorche and carols
16:43.06*** part/#gsoc ahuillet (
16:43.30*** join/#gsoc bhavesh_ (
16:43.33carolsalright, so my feedback page says our main complaint was with regard to your ideas page this year.
16:43.33*** join/#gsoc derdon (~derdon@
16:43.57wxwidgets|VZah, that's disappointing... we worked hard to improve it since the last year
16:44.04wxwidgets|tierrainteresting, we were curious about that as we moved it off the wiki this year and into a little more easier to follow page
16:44.16*** join/#gsoc nanook (~nanook@
16:44.21carolsi'm fine with the *number* of ideas, since you are a bit smaller, but i really would have liked possible mentors, background information on the ideas (maybe use cases?) and then a more fleshed out summary
16:44.40*** join/#gsoc burcin (
16:44.42carolsoh, and level of the expertise required for the idea
16:44.53wxwidgets|VZerr, just to be sure: did you follow up the ideas links?
16:45.02wxwidgets|VZi.e. the page at is not all that we have
16:45.21wxwidgets|VZe.g. the first idea (wxAndroid) links to and so on
16:45.29*** join/#gsoc ajs (~ffledglin@
16:45.32carolsyeah, i mean, some are better than others :-)
16:45.33*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (824f5b41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:45.44carolsbut overall, it's sort of a B- to us .
16:45.54carolsit is easy to follow, i don't have a problem with the format
16:46.05*** join/#gsoc qwebirc509533 (dcff0292@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:46.20*** join/#gsoc Matt-McCormick (
16:46.21carolsalso, no reason not to just put it on one page btw :-)
16:46.22*** join/#gsoc Tatoeba|liori_ (531686f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:46.22*** join/#gsoc dwcramer (
16:46.26wxwidgets|VZI understood the mentors part but I'm a bit puzzled by the rest -- what could we provide there, could you perhaps give some (even made up) example?
16:46.56*** join/#gsoc soot|elena_ (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:47.00carolshow about this one:
16:47.04wxwidgets|VZOK, we didn't want to overwhelm people so we tried to organize it better... again, pity that apparently it worked against us
16:47.20carolsyou've got two question marks for difficulty and importance. and no "see also"
16:47.25carolsfair enough, maybe it didn't need any
16:47.36carolsbut as i said, some are better than others :-)
16:47.48*** join/#gsoc O01eg (~o01eg@
16:48.04wxwidgets|tierraI just had one question
16:48.10*** join/#gsoc tzikia_ (b2807a86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:48.10wxwidgets|VZso would it be better to have less ideas and not put those that we're not 100% sure about, like this one?
16:48.19wxwidgets|tierramainly how it may have reflected against our rejection last year as well
16:48.37carolswell, how about this for next year. if you have some ideas that are not well-fleshed out, put them in another section.
16:48.58*** join/#gsoc malaverdiere (
16:48.59wxwidgets|tierrathat sounds like a good idea
16:49.00*** join/#gsoc ananana (~ana@
16:49.08carolshave two sections: things that are easy to understand and start, and then things that we think we want to do but are looking for a good student to be able to envision
16:49.18*** join/#gsoc xyzabc_ (~xyzabc@
16:49.29carolswe're happy to give you the benefit of the doubt, but this page looks like you spent some time on it and then walked away from it.
16:49.43carolsat least, that's what it looks like when you've read 417 proposals :-)
16:49.48wxwidgets|VZI see
16:50.12*** join/#gsoc ravigarg27 (73f88294@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:50.18wxwidgets|VZwe did spend quite a lot of time on this but mostly trying to flesh out the important (for us) proposals, we didn't know that even the last one could count against us
16:50.21wxwidgets|VZlive and learn
16:50.26wxwidgets|VZwe'll fix this the next year
16:50.30carolsyeah, i'm sorry about that :-(
16:50.40carolsof course. i do hope you'll apply again next year.
16:50.52wxwidgets|VZit's just really unexpected because I thought our ideas page this year was many times better than during the years when we were accepted :-/
16:51.02wxwidgets|VZanyhow, thanks for the feedback
16:51.06wxwidgets|VZdo you have any other remarks?
16:51.09carolsyou're welcome.
16:51.11wxwidgets|VZe.g. about our application or anything?
16:51.24*** join/#gsoc kalyan (~vijaykaly@
16:51.25carolslooking over the rest of the app it looks fine.
16:51.40carolsthe feedback i have is about the ideas page.
16:51.57*** join/#gsoc atapiador-ging (
16:52.00carolsany other questions?
16:52.00wxwidgets|tierraalright, thanks carols
16:52.05*** join/#gsoc tionx (b024a476@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:52.09wxwidgets|VZthank you and have a good GSoC!
16:52.09carolsyou're welcome.
16:52.18carolshope you have a nice summer/winter
16:52.21*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv VideoLAN|funman VideoLAN|feepk VideoLAN|thresh] by scorche|sh
16:52.23wxwidgets|tierrayou too
16:52.23gsocbotcarols: Next in line is VideoLAN|feepk with notice 'VLC Team at VideoLAN'
16:52.24*** mode/#gsoc [-vv wxwidgets|tierra wxwidgets|VZ] by scorche
16:52.27carolsvlc folks
16:52.32VideoLAN|feepkhello :)
16:52.36VideoLAN|threshhey there
16:52.41*** join/#gsoc kodane_ (~ikoda@
16:52.44*** join/#gsoc globalDFA (~hackee@
16:52.49carolshi there
16:53.16carolswho from the org should i PM if i need to give feedback in private?
16:53.22VideoLAN|feepkme, please
16:53.26VideoLAN|feepksince I sent the application
16:53.51*** join/#gsoc Cervator (d048ca07@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:53.52*** part/#gsoc lionaneesh (~aneeshdog@
16:53.55VideoLAN|feepkdo you have any generic feedback on our ideas page or the application?
16:54.04*** join/#gsoc sdfasd (4db7dbc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:55.43*** join/#gsoc durandal11707 (
16:56.15*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert (43ba84a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:56.19VideoLAN|funmanmy question is also related to other applications: which method did you use to reject projects having participated previously, to make room for new projects?
16:56.30*** join/#gsoc thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
16:56.35*** part/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
16:56.42*** join/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
16:56.45*** part/#gsoc nanook (~nanook@
16:57.24*** join/#gsoc ankurankan (6a4c87e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:58.54carolswe use the complex method of balancing a percentage of new orgs vs. old orgs, orgs with good ideas pages vs. great ones, orgs in a wide variety of spheres to give the students the most options for different kinds of projects, and then feedback from students about veteran orgs, etc etc.
16:59.02*** join/#gsoc cardinot (~cardinot@
16:59.20*** join/#gsoc teammates|damith (dcff0292@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:59.22*** join/#gsoc j2shar (~TUSHAR@
16:59.34carolsit's not science, really, it's art.
16:59.45*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
16:59.53VideoLAN|threshis there a reserved percentage for some kinds of applicants, like OS, web frameworks, languages, multimedia?
17:00.01carolsreserved? no.
17:00.11VideoLAN|threshI mean, it's kinda weird to see almost noone from multimedia world this year in SoC.
17:00.24carolswe just have to make sure we have a bit from all the buckets (assuming we have the applications) and then not too many of any
17:00.35*** join/#gsoc Mollymus (
17:00.43carolsany further questions?
17:01.17VideoLAN|funmanis the # of available slots for projects going to increase next year?
17:01.20VideoLAN|threshI'd like to know why we were rejected and how to improve, but I guess feepk has the answer already
17:01.32carolsnumber of available slots per project?
17:01.32VideoLAN|feepkVideoLAN|thresh: correct, yes
17:01.46carolsdo you mean slots for accepted orgs, or the space we have for total number of orgs?
17:01.46VideoLAN|funmancarols: no, number of organisations
17:01.55carolsi don't know :-)
17:01.57*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
17:02.03*** join/#gsoc tzikia (b2807a86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:02.06carolswe haven't set the budget for the program, nor have we decided to do it
17:02.11carolsso i have no idea.
17:02.12VideoLAN|funmanthank you, have a pony:
17:02.17*** join/#gsoc kodane (
17:02.23carolsthanks very much
17:02.27carolshope you all have a good weekend
17:02.31VideoLAN|feepkcarols: thanks a lot for your time!
17:02.36carolsyou're welcome
17:02.42*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv VideoLAN|funman VideoLAN|feepk VideoLAN|thresh] by scorche|sh
17:02.43gsocbotcarols: Next in line is darcs|gh with notice 'darcs'
17:02.43*** mode/#gsoc [+v darcs|gh] by scorche
17:02.47carolsdarcs folks
17:02.53*** part/#gsoc VideoLAN|thresh (~popa3d@videolan/developer/thresh)
17:02.58darcs|ghhi carols, how do you do?
17:03.04carolsgood thanks.
17:03.25*** join/#gsoc thresh (~popa3d@videolan/developer/thresh)
17:03.34carolsso a couple things on your app.
17:03.42carolsfirstly, your ideas page is nicely sorted but a bit short.
17:03.52*** join/#gsoc dark-al_ (~dark-al@
17:03.56carolsi understand you're probably a small project?
17:04.26*** join/#gsoc KirarinSnow-pyon (
17:04.28*** part/#gsoc DeNiS_M (
17:04.28darcs|ghthat's true, now that we saw more gsoc pages from other projects :)
17:04.41carolsalso, in terms of the ideas that are there, we would have liked expected skill level and maybe even some more information.
17:04.55darcs|ghyes, let's say we don't have as much active developers as other bigger projects, it can be felt on the projects page
17:05.02carolshowever, would your org be open to working under the haskell umbrella this year?
17:05.12carolsi don't know if your orgs could do that, but we think it might be an option.
17:05.24carolsif you're not interested, that's of course your prerogative.
17:05.40darcs|ghcarols: we did it in the previous years. I'm going to ask the folks of if it can be done again this year.
17:05.46carolsok, great.
17:05.50carolslet me know how that goes.
17:06.01carolswe'd be happy to give haskell some extra slots to accommodate you guys
17:06.10carolsa couple, at least :-)
17:06.16darcs|ghyes wea are interested, but some people at feel it's not the best use of their slots
17:06.31darcs|ghoh, I didn't know you could do that :)
17:07.00carolswell, then, please have them email me directly to let me know when we do slot allocations what their 1) desired number of slots for haskell is and 2) what their desired number would be to accommodate you.
17:07.14carolsand we'll make our decisions based on information :-)
17:07.49darcs|ghawesome :)
17:07.56carolsany further questions?
17:08.10*** join/#gsoc cryos (~marcus@gentoo/developer/cryos)
17:08.19darcs|ghwith 1 or 2 slots we would be very happy already.
17:08.55carolsanything else?
17:08.56darcs|ghone questino, any feedback about our application in general?
17:09.01carolslet me check.
17:09.10darcs|ghnot the project ideas page
17:09.25*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91_ (~quassel@
17:09.35carolsno, the rest of the application looks fine to me.
17:09.46carolswe had a lot of good apps this year, i was impressed :-)
17:09.56darcs|ghalright then. we'll do better on the project ideas page for the next time.
17:09.57carolsideas page could have been a bit more extensive and fleshed out, though
17:10.06carolshope you have a nice rest of your day.
17:10.12darcs|ghthank you very much.
17:10.20carolsyou're welcome.
17:10.21darcs|ghyou too, bye.
17:10.23*** mode/#gsoc [+v lemora|baumanna] by scorche|sh
17:10.25*** mode/#gsoc [-v darcs|gh] by scorche
17:10.26gsocbotcarols: Next in line is lemora|baumanna with notice 'lemora'
17:10.29lemora|baumannahi carol
17:10.31carolslemora folks
17:10.53lemora|baumannado you have any feedback on our application?
17:10.55*** join/#gsoc dark-al_ (~dark-al@
17:11.17*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
17:11.44carolsyeah, looking it over now.
17:12.36*** join/#gsoc s_a_m|comunes (~Intie@
17:12.36carolsfirstly, i realize that strictly speaking on your ideas page you have all the information we require for an ideas page, but it's organized in a way that made it a bit difficult to understand
17:12.36carolsat least for me :-)
17:12.46carolslike idea A, for example.
17:13.05carolsi guess it's just a bit…hard to grok if you don't have the context on the project?
17:13.21*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (~guile@unaffiliated/drinkmachine)
17:13.22carolsand are the prerequisites for all the projects, i assume?
17:13.39carolsyeah, ok.
17:14.04carolswere you only expecting students from the university to participate?
17:14.07lemora|baumannawhen writing the ideas page, i tried to balance between the minimum of background information and not-to-much text
17:14.07*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@
17:14.08*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@unaffiliated/anivar)
17:14.23carolsi guess i feel like the ideas page was sort of written for someone who already has context on the project, and we didn't. :-)
17:14.23lemora|baumannaas students don't like to read to much at one time
17:14.32carolsyeah, it's true. they don't.
17:14.37carolsit is a hard balancing act
17:14.59carolsanyway, it was a bit difficult for us to "bite into" and so we didn't know if it would be for students as well or not.
17:15.17*** join/#gsoc berber (
17:15.19lemora|baumannaok. any advice from your experience?
17:15.19*** join/#gsoc DLPeterson (
17:15.49carolswell, i realize it will make it more wordy, but i think you need more information.
17:15.59carolsfor example, what lecturers are you referring to?
17:16.08carolsany professor anywhere, or do they have particular use cases?
17:16.23*** join/#gsoc reepeecheep (~antonio@
17:16.32lemora|baumannaah, ok, i get what you mean. thank you.
17:16.33*** join/#gsoc malaverdiere (
17:16.33carolsand i actually think prerequisites for each idea would be good, even though it makes it longer.
17:16.41carolsyou're welcome.
17:16.47*** join/#gsoc TimeToPlay (
17:16.50carolslet me just take a quick look at the rest of the app.
17:17.14carolsi can tell you it would have helped your case a bit to have an older or established org vouch for you
17:17.25carolsbut i don't know if that would have guaranteed you'd get in :-)
17:17.30carolsjust something to consider.
17:17.32lemora|baumannathank you. very good advice
17:17.40lemora|baumannai have a last brief question
17:17.57lemora|baumannai was looking at the list of accepted organisations
17:18.04lemora|baumannahow much does the size of the org matter?
17:18.10carolsnot much at all
17:18.17lemora|baumannawe're just a small university project
17:18.26lemora|baumannacompared to the big players, even tiny
17:18.27carolsone of the other considerations we make when choosing orgs is having a nice balance of small to large organizations.
17:18.39carolsit's all about giving the students the widest possible set of options
17:18.52carolsso sometimes we're particularly favorable to small orgs :-)
17:18.54carolssometimes not.
17:19.00carolsit all depends on what apps we receive
17:19.12*** join/#gsoc rishabh (~rishabh@
17:19.20carolsi hope that helps.
17:19.23lemora|baumannaok, so that's some sort of lottery
17:19.29carolspretty much, yeah.
17:19.43*** part/#gsoc krats (uid11137@gateway/web/
17:19.45lemora|baumannayes, thank you.
17:19.55carolsyou're welcome. have a nice rest of your day.
17:20.00carolsmoving along
17:20.02lemora|baumannayou too, carol
17:20.02*** mode/#gsoc [+v phillipuniverse] by scorche
17:20.03*** mode/#gsoc [-v lemora|baumanna] by scorche|sh
17:20.05gsocbotcarols: Next in line is phillipuniverse with notice 'Broadleaf Commerce'
17:20.12carolsbroadleaf commerce folks
17:20.14carolshello :-)
17:20.19carolsjust a sec while i review the app
17:20.22phillipuniverseok great
17:20.51*** join/#gsoc t4nk955 (2729a43c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:21.03carolsso i don't know if you've seen any of the feedback i've been giving to other folks about ideas pages?
17:21.06carolsbut a lot applies here too.
17:21.27phillipuniverseso more fleshed out, easier for people that don't know what's going on to grep, perhaps list available mentors?
17:21.36carolswe would like any language prerequisites for each idea, potential mentors, an idea of expected skill level for each
17:21.41carolsyep, exactly.
17:22.02phillipuniverseso for the mentors
17:22.24*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@
17:22.24*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@unaffiliated/anivar)
17:22.29phillipuniversesince we are an established organization already (12 full-timers) all of our mentors would be pulled from that pool
17:22.37phillipuniverseand I was a little unsure about having mentors already pre-selected
17:22.53carolswell, i wouldn't so much call it "pre-selected."
17:22.56phillipuniverseI saw both in past applications; some orgs had mentors already selected, some had lists of possible mentors
17:23.10*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert_ (43ba84a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:23.15carolsi would call it "giving the student an idea of who they're going to be working with so that they can interact with that person and interview you as well."
17:23.27carolspossible mentors is fine.
17:23.31carolswe're not going to hold you to it :-)
17:23.32*** join/#gsoc chandankumar (~chandanku@
17:23.54carolsbut see it from the students' perspective: they know nothing about you, and now they have to decide if they want to spend 3 months doing development for you
17:23.54*** part/#gsoc reepeecheep (~antonio@
17:24.02*** join/#gsoc fairmat|mat (~hackee@
17:24.06carolspart of that decision-making process if figuring out if they like you as people
17:24.14carolsmuch as you would if you were interviewing at any job.
17:24.21*** join/#gsoc reepeecheep (~antonio@
17:24.37carolsso on the application, just a couple notes.
17:24.50phillipuniversedo tell
17:25.02carolsin terms of retaining students, i'd like you to consider more what about the way you would administer the program do you think would keep the students around.
17:25.14carolsstudents participate in gsoc generally because of the career opportunities.
17:25.29carolsbut making your organization welcoming and helping with on boarding is what will keep them around.
17:25.56phillipuniverseI see
17:25.59carolsalso, just as i've said to other orgs, having a larger org vouch for you probably would have helped your case just a tad.
17:26.04carolsagain, not a huge thing.
17:26.15phillipuniversedo you know of other orgs that are like us that we might try to partner with next year?
17:26.17carolsjust something to consider this year if you work with any other open source projects.
17:26.26phillipuniverseit didn't look like there were many other eCommerce projects
17:26.28carolsemail me offline and i'll see if i can pull some out for you?
17:26.30*** join/#gsoc LISPmob (43ba84a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:26.35phillipuniverseor Spring-based one
17:26.46carolsdo you have my email?
17:26.49phillipuniverseI do not
17:26.56*** join/#gsoc Tatoeba|liori_ (531686f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:27.01phillipuniversegreat, thanks
17:27.05*** join/#gsoc oflacerda (~Otacilio@
17:27.06carolsand i'll mine the archives to see if there's anyone.
17:27.09carolshope that helps.
17:27.17phillipuniverseanother question
17:27.54phillipuniverseso in gauging our participation level for next year, does it hurt us at all that we built a commercial company around our open-source software?
17:28.00phillipuniversewe pointed that out a fair amount in the applications
17:28.12phillipuniverseand I guess we're a less "pure" OSS org
17:28.16*** join/#gsoc andralex (
17:28.20carolshurt? no. but it does make the barrier to entry higher.
17:28.31*** join/#gsoc soot|elena (84b20240@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:28.39carolsin other words, you need to make a convincing argument why you need google's money to help recruit student developers
17:28.43phillipuniversejust because there is a higher level of quality expected since we've got actual full time resources?
17:28.46phillipuniverseah gotcha
17:28.47phillipuniversemakes sense
17:28.49carolswhy couldn't you do it on your own in other words?
17:28.52*** join/#gsoc DLPeterson (
17:29.01phillipuniversethat makes sense
17:29.07phillipuniverseso if I'm hearing your feedback correctly:
17:29.24phillipuniverse1) better ideas for retaining students
17:29.38phillipuniverse2) make the ideas page easier for students to discover what we do
17:29.55phillipuniverseand come at it from the perspective of someone who knows NOTHING about Broadleaf
17:30.00phillipuniverseand nothing about our technologies
17:30.09phillipuniverse(Spring, Hibernate, etc)
17:30.17carolsyes, i would say that is all absolutely spot-on.
17:30.25phillipuniverseok great
17:30.26phillipuniverseanything else?
17:30.32*** join/#gsoc xyzabc_ (~xyzabc@
17:30.43carolsemail me about those other orgs.
17:30.48phillipuniverseyes definitely will
17:30.51carolsno guarantees, but i'll try to dig some stuff up
17:30.56phillipuniverseok awesome
17:31.01carolshope you have a nice weekend.
17:31.04phillipuniverseyou too
17:31.06phillipuniversethanks for your time!
17:31.11carolsyou're welcome
17:31.13carolsalright, moving along
17:31.17gsocbotcarols: Next in line is fairmat|weltall with notice 'fairmat'
17:31.19*** mode/#gsoc [+vv fairmat|weltall fairmat|mat] by scorche|sh
17:31.21*** mode/#gsoc [-v phillipuniverse] by scorche
17:31.22carolsfairmat folks
17:31.24fairmat|weltallhi carols
17:31.27carolshi :-)
17:31.49fairmat|weltallso did we do something wrong? :D
17:31.51*** join/#gsoc AndroUser (
17:32.33carolsnot at all :-)
17:32.49carolsso we liked your ideas page.
17:32.53carolsi like the way it's laid out
17:33.14*** join/#gsoc AndreiDuma (~duma@
17:33.26carolswould have liked some more info on that last idea, but overall, that's ok :-)
17:33.45carolsso you guys so analytics stuff?
17:34.06fairmat|weltallyeah well it was a lower interest idea and probably would have needed some development too
17:34.13carolsyeah, from what i'm seeing, we had a lot of applications in the analytics/mathematics/statistic sphere.
17:34.23*** join/#gsoc vedant (~vedant@
17:34.39carolsi think we did some rebalancing that didn't work in your favor unfortunately :-(
17:34.40*** join/#gsoc ITK|Matt-M (
17:34.47fairmat|weltallwe allow people to model a contract or a real option (like a product development) and analyze the risk by using the various modelling tools available in the field
17:34.49*** join/#gsoc warthog9 (~warthog9@2001:470:1f05:1c0e:224:d7ff:fee3:3984)
17:34.59*** join/#gsoc Merio (~merio@
17:35.07fairmat|weltallaw shame :(
17:35.14carolsit sounds like a cool project :-)
17:35.23carolsyou just feel victim to the hard decisions this year.
17:35.40*** join/#gsoc tzikia (b2807a86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:35.42carolsyour application overall looks good
17:35.48fairmat|weltallyeah and we are trying to make available what happens under the hood with the mathematical models in opensource form :)
17:36.05*** join/#gsoc AndroUser (
17:36.06carolsalthough i would have appreciated a little less emphasis on money in the student incentives section :-)
17:36.08fairmat|weltallwould you suggest to find some other org to act as umbrella?
17:36.08*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:36.19carolswe try to give students incentives other than economic ones.
17:36.38carolswell, the first one that comes to mind (which might not work out for you) is do you know any of the Sage folks?
17:36.50fairmat|weltalleh well the problem is that we don't really have a noticeable community yet and in this field we find troublesome to find people who are good at coding and finance
17:37.05carolsif not, i'm happy to look more extensively at the list or orgs and email you offline to suggest some.
17:37.15carolshow about you email me and we talk about it further?
17:37.19*** join/#gsoc rops (~rops@2605:6400:2:fed5:22:d6b4:2c9e:a44c)
17:37.21*** join/#gsoc santeyio (
17:37.23fairmat|weltallsure ok thanks a lot
17:37.37carolsany other questions?
17:37.40fairmat|weltallone last thing do you have any suggestions on the incentives for next year?
17:37.49*** join/#gsoc pvrks (~ravi@
17:37.51carolswell, don't think of them like incentives.
17:37.59carolsthink of them like ways to grow a community.
17:38.14*** join/#gsoc ankurankan (6a4e4f5c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:38.21*** join/#gsoc Zerion (~zarin@
17:38.24carolsso think about structuring your community in such a way that the participants feel a sense of connection to the people and the development their doing
17:38.36*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
17:38.42carolsit's true that a lot of students come to gsoc for the money, but we want them to *stay* for the communities.
17:38.43*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m (
17:38.53carolsthe friendships, really.
17:38.57carolsthat's the most important part.
17:39.06carolsand now i'm done with my soapbox :-)
17:39.10carolshope that helps.
17:39.15fairmat|weltallthanks :)
17:39.20carolsyou're welcome.
17:39.22*** join/#gsoc sumanah (~sumanah@mediawiki/sumanah)
17:39.25fairmat|weltalli think that's all *gives chocolates and tea*  :D
17:39.38*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
17:39.39carolsi hope you have a nice summer/winter
17:39.45fairmat|weltallyou too :)
17:39.51carolsmoving along
17:39.51*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv ffmpeg|durandal_ ffmpeg|michaelni ffmpeg|saste] by scorche
17:39.52*** mode/#gsoc [-vv fairmat|weltall fairmat|mat] by scorche|sh
17:39.53gsocbotcarols: Next in line is ffmpeg|saste with notice 'FFmpeg'
17:39.58carolsffmpeg folks
17:40.05ffmpeg|sastehi carols
17:40.09carolshey there
17:40.11*** mode/#gsoc [+v ffmpeg|ux] by scorche
17:40.31carolswho from the org should i PM?
17:40.43ffmpeg|sasteme i suppose
17:40.56*** join/#gsoc anivar (~quassel@unaffiliated/anivar)
17:41.34*** join/#gsoc cmedina (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:41.42*** join/#gsoc automata (
17:41.51*** join/#gsoc kierank (uid5955@gateway/web/
17:43.28*** join/#gsoc akshay_r (~akshay@
17:43.45*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert (
17:44.25*** join/#gsoc bobdaduck (
17:45.07*** join/#gsoc santa_ (
17:45.44*** join/#gsoc mcb30 (
17:45.45*** part/#gsoc AndroUser (
17:45.47ffmpeg|sastedo you have some specific remarks about our application text and/or ideas page?
17:45.59carolsi'd say your ideas page is quite good. i appreciate that you broke out the ideas into mentored and unmonitored categoried.
17:46.49*** topic/#gsoc by scorche -> The feedback session for organizations is currently being held. If you are an organization that wishes to participate, please send the following command (replacing the necessary information) to place yourself in the queue: /msg gsocbot queue NameOfOrg | To see the current queue, please see | To dequeue yourself: /msg gsocbot dequeue
17:47.09*** part/#gsoc minix3|sambuc (
17:47.39ffmpeg|uxwe were told our page wasn't good enough last year; we tried to improve it for this year, any suggestion on potential improvements?
17:47.48carolsyes, i think it was a great improvement.
17:48.03carolsi actually think it looks just fine in terms of the organization.
17:48.10*** join/#gsoc PulkoMandy (
17:48.23*** join/#gsoc friedger (6d81f5d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:48.30carolsi hope that helps.
17:48.40ffmpeg|sasteyes thanks
17:48.47carolsyou're welcome.
17:48.51carolsi hope you have a good weekend.
17:49.03*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
17:49.06ffmpeg|sasteyou too :)
17:49.11carolscheers :-)
17:49.18carolsalright moving along!
17:49.20*** mode/#gsoc [+v JordiGH] by scorche|sh
17:49.21gsocbotcarols: Next in line is JordiGH with notice 'octave'
17:49.22*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv ffmpeg|durandal_ ffmpeg|michaelni ffmpeg|saste] by scorche
17:49.27*** mode/#gsoc [-v ffmpeg|ux] by scorche
17:49.32carolsoctave folks
17:50.05carolsalright, so this appears to have been another numbers issue.
17:50.38carolshave you guys worked under the gnu umbrella before?
17:51.07*** mode/#gsoc [+v jwe] by scorche|sh
17:51.14JordiGHcarols: Hey.
17:51.19JordiGHSorry, I was afk.
17:51.20jweWe've participated as part of the GNU project in the past.
17:51.23carolsno problem.
17:51.24*** join/#gsoc stefano-k (
17:51.48carolsit looks like we got a lot of gnu projects this year, and i was wondering if you guys would be willing to work under the gnu project again this year.
17:51.56JordiGHcarols: I'm actually surprised Octave got rejected but Mercurial got accepted. I wrote the applications for both, and it looked to me like Octave looked like a much stronger candidate than Mercurial.
17:52.06*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (
17:52.07*** join/#gsoc DrinkMachine (~guile@unaffiliated/drinkmachine)
17:52.09JordiGHOh, so is it just a matter of Octave going under GNU?
17:52.15carolswell, then this is a great example of it not only being about the application :-)
17:52.23*** join/#gsoc Naman22_ (~Naman@
17:52.24carolsit's also about the balancing between *types* of projects.
17:52.32carolsyes, indeed.
17:52.41carolsif that's possible.
17:52.43JordiGHScilab got rejected too, they're kind of our closest "competitors".
17:53.05JordiGHYeah, we've already been talking to GNU and telling people that we will be participating but under GNU.
17:53.09carolswell, that could have been the application or numbers or their ideas page. i haven't refreshed my memory on them.
17:53.11*** part/#gsoc reepeecheep (~antonio@
17:53.18*** join/#gsoc burek (burek@unaffiliated/burek)
17:53.28JordiGHWould you prefer it stayed this way for next year, under GNU, or should we try again to apply next year?
17:53.37carolsplease have them email me when were doing slot allocations to let me know what their desired slots for themselves and what their desired slots for you are.
17:53.39*** join/#gsoc friedger_ (6d81f5d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:53.50carolsi think you should apply again next year.
17:54.02*** join/#gsoc guestss (4db7dbc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:54.07carolsthe worst that will happen is you get rejected, but you can't be accepted on your own if you don't apply in the first place.
17:54.16*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (~pitchoilc@
17:54.34carolsyour application looks fine to me.
17:54.37*** join/#gsoc j2shar (~TUSHAR@
17:54.40JordiGHOkay, it hurts morale a little to get rejected, but if Sage can do it a zillion times, so can we. :-)
17:54.50carolsain't that the truth.
17:55.06JordiGHSo that's all? We're not doing anything wrong?
17:55.06carolsdoes it help if i tell you it's really nothing personal?
17:55.23*** join/#gsoc haseeb (~haseeb@unaffiliated/haseeb)
17:55.56carolsyeah, i agree with you, it's a strong application.
17:55.57*** join/#gsoc Dhruv1 (~Dhruv@
17:56.05carolswe just got to balancing orgs and had to reject you because of that.
17:56.15carolsas we did with a lot of older orgs this year, a lot of OSes, etc.
17:56.31*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (~pitchoilc@
17:56.56JordiGHOkay, we'll polish it again for next year and try again. In the meantime, we'll be with our GNU/Friends.
17:57.00carolsi know it's not very satisfying.
17:57.04JordiGHSeems fine to me.
17:57.07*** join/#gsoc atapiador-ging (
17:57.09carolsplease let me know if you need any help with that.
17:57.22carolsany other questions?
17:57.52JordiGHI'm good. jwe?
17:57.59jwenone from me.
17:58.14carolsi hope you both have a nice rest of your day.
17:58.28jweSame to you.
17:58.34carolsmoving along!
17:58.36*** mode/#gsoc [+vv Tatoeba|Trang Tatoeba|liori_] by scorche
17:58.36*** mode/#gsoc [-vv JordiGH jwe] by scorche|sh
17:58.38gsocbotcarols: Next in line is Tatoeba|liori with notice 'Tatoeba'
17:58.43carolstatoeba folks.
17:58.50Tatoeba|Tranghello carols
17:59.03*** join/#gsoc cmedina (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:59.33*** join/#gsoc friedger (~chatzilla@
17:59.45carolsso looking over the ideas page, i see that overall we thought it was very well-structured.
17:59.51*** join/#gsoc mkuettler (
18:00.14*** join/#gsoc aadi025 (75d6bb9b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:00.52*** join/#gsoc salam (~salamthom@
18:00.53carolsso another type of project we got a lot of applications for this year was translation and internationalization :-)
18:00.55*** join/#gsoc Guest12345 (4f2cd2fb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:01.08*** join/#gsoc jpk (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:01.11Tatoeba|liori_bad luck, then (-:
18:01.18*** join/#gsoc thelikar_ (
18:01.24*** part/#gsoc Ninux|Immanuel (~Manu@2001:4c00:893b:1717:602c:45c2:9221:a080)
18:01.27carolsand yes, i would agree, i think this was just bad luck
18:01.48carolsit just looks like in doing our cuts you guys didn't make it :-(
18:02.04Tatoeba|TrangSo we would have better luck next year? :)
18:02.16carolsi would encourage you to apply, for sure :-)
18:02.16*** part/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
18:02.32carolsno guarantees, of course.
18:02.36Tatoeba|TrangIs there anything else we can do to increase our chances?
18:02.39*** part/#gsoc kierank (uid5955@gateway/web/
18:02.52carolsum, knock off the other internationalization projects?
18:02.54carolsno, i'm just kidding.
18:03.06carolsi think it's just a matter of numbers this year.
18:03.27carolsplease do try again next year if we have the program again :-)
18:03.37Tatoeba|Trangwe will
18:03.42carolsi'm sorry the answer's not more satisfying.
18:03.51*** join/#gsoc baba (~fire@unaffiliated/security)
18:04.02carolsi hope that helps a little though
18:04.06Tatoeba|Trangdon't worry :)
18:04.08carolsdid you have any specific questions?
18:04.13carols(other than that)
18:04.34Tatoeba|Tranghmm, I don't have any
18:04.49carolswell, i hope you have a nice summer/winter
18:04.56carolsand thank you for waiting so long :-)
18:04.58Tatoeba|Trangthank you, you too :)
18:05.04Tatoeba|Trangno problem
18:05.14carolsalright, moving along
18:05.15*** mode/#gsoc [+v scuttlemonkey] by scorche|sh
18:05.16*** mode/#gsoc [-vv Tatoeba|Trang Tatoeba|liori_] by scorche
18:05.17gsocbotcarols: Next in line is scuttlemonkey with notice 'Inktank'
18:05.21carolsinktank folks
18:05.23scuttlemonkeyhey carol
18:05.31scuttlemonkeymy first thought was rejection was based on relative difficulty and (lack of) number of ideas...beyond that, would love to hear feedback for next year.
18:06.04carolshi there
18:06.05*** join/#gsoc dwcramer (~dcramer@
18:06.17carolsyes, i would absolutely agree with you that we would have liked to see at least a few more ideas.
18:06.24carolshowever, the structure of your ideas page looks good.
18:06.34scuttlemonkeyyeah, was a small dispute between our engineering mgr and myself
18:06.51scuttlemonkeylive and learn I suppose
18:07.08scuttlemonkeythankfully several students have contacted us directly with a desire to work on Ceph projects independent of GSoC, so we may run our own mini-program this summer depending on how workload is.
18:07.15*** join/#gsoc RedJ_ (c01e202f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:07.21carolsi'm glad that you had a googled vouching for you, and i can tell you that certainly worked in your favor.
18:07.27carolswell that's good to hear!
18:07.34scuttlemonkeyand, barring all else, the ganeti folks are going to use Dan Mick to mentor some ceph stuff under their umbrella I think
18:07.36carolsi always like it when that happens.
18:07.51scuttlemonkeyjust looking to see if there is anything else I should polish for a resub next year to maximize our chances?
18:08.08carolsum, i can say that this probably didn't affect your application too much, but i was a little confused where the line between inktank and ceph fell?
18:08.24scuttlemonkeyhehe yeah, we're working to do a better job of that in general
18:08.30carolsit was hard to assess who was doing what and who we were assessing
18:08.33carolsit wasn't a huge deal.
18:08.37carolsjust something to think about.
18:08.57scuttlemonkeyceph == LGPL 2 open source project && inktank == cloudera || red hat model commercial support org
18:09.06carolsah, yeah, i don't think i got that.
18:09.14carolsthen again, i had 416 other applications i was looking at.
18:09.16scuttlemonkeythe new governance stuff I'm working on for ceph should alleviate that by next year
18:09.21scuttlemonkeyhehe, understandable
18:09.48carolsyeah, the only other thing i'd say is that we would have liked the ideas to make have some supporting information or background
18:09.57carolslike, where you got the idea for the project from. :-)
18:10.14carolsbut overall, it was just a bunch of minor nitpicks that added up to you guys not getting picked
18:10.19scuttlemonkeysuppose a redmine link and supporting code/history would be good
18:10.27scuttlemonkeyfair enough
18:10.36scuttlemonkeyI'll make the notes and pick it up again next year
18:10.40carolshope that helps.
18:10.50*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan_ (~pitchoilc@
18:10.51scuttlemonkeyglad it wasn't anything glaringly terrible
18:10.56carolsno, it wasn't.
18:11.02scuttlemonkeythanks for the feedback, I'll let you speed along to the other patient folks
18:11.12carolsgreat, thank you for waiting :-)
18:11.14carolsmoving along!
18:11.19gsocbotcarols: Next in line is soot|elena with notice 'Soot'
18:11.22carolssoot folks
18:11.24*** mode/#gsoc [+vvvv soot|berber soot|eric soot|malaverdier soot|elena] by scorche|sh
18:11.25*** mode/#gsoc [-v scuttlemonkey] by scorche
18:11.28soot|erichi carols
18:11.29soot|malaverdierHi carols
18:11.40carolshi there :-)
18:11.48*** join/#gsoc dhaun (
18:12.19*** join/#gsoc sunpy|keith (
18:12.20soot|malaverdierSo we'd like to know what we should improve for next year
18:12.26carolsso amongst all the other orgs we got a lot of this year, did i mention we had a lot of java-project applications?
18:12.39soot|ericwell, I can see that :-)
18:12.41*** join/#gsoc chandankumar (~chandanku@
18:12.52carolsfirstly, i like the structure of your ideas page, but we would have appreciated a couple more ideas?
18:12.56soot|berberwe have to switch to another programming language
18:13.00*** join/#gsoc bobdaduck (
18:13.08soot|elenawhat do you mean under java-project applications?
18:13.10carolsyeah, you had a lot of stuff competition.
18:13.20carolssorry, i just mean a lot of java implementations of things.
18:13.25soot|ericsince it was our first application, we were trying to keep it small - maybe that was a mistake
18:13.34*** join/#gsoc rishabh (~rishabh@
18:13.44soot|ericwould you say the more ideas the better?
18:13.47carolswell, maybe one or two more ideas would have helped your case?
18:14.11soot|elenaI think we did have couple more.
18:14.12carolsin addition to wanting to have a wide breadth of organizations, we want to have a bunch of different ideas within the organizations to give students variety.
18:14.21soot|ericok, that's good advice for the next round
18:14.23*** join/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
18:14.30soot|ericanything else we could improve?
18:15.11*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (
18:15.17carolsthe other thing i noticed was that you mentioned in your application that you didn't have a wide set of developers right now
18:15.23carolsi appreciate the honesty, of course :-)
18:15.43soot|ericright. why would you see that as a negative point?
18:15.44*** join/#gsoc rday (
18:15.45carolsbut it's a little worrisome in terms of us thinking about you being able to support the students and have a viable community
18:15.55soot|malaverdierI was curious on whether the fact that we are not formally organized changed the assessment
18:16.02*** join/#gsoc augiedoggie (~cpr@unaffiliated/cpr420)
18:16.04carolsit did a bit, yeah.
18:16.17soot|erichmmm, I just wonder what it would take to improve this
18:16.27soot|ericdo you have any suggestions?
18:16.29carolsi'm fine with small projects, but we need to feel confident that students are going to have a "safety net" of a community when they go to work for you.
18:16.44soot|malaverdierAs a rule of thumb, how many active contributors give you more confidence?
18:16.47soot|elenahave a couple dedicated developers :-)
18:16.56carolsmaybe 4 or 5?
18:17.06carolskeep in mind GSoC is always more work than people think it will be
18:17.11*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:17.16soot|malaverdierThat's a good point
18:17.16soot|ericwell, then I think we are almost there
18:17.19carolsand so you usually end up leaning on the community more than you think you will.
18:17.38carolsso maybe spend this year polishing up the ideas page just a bit and growing your community a bit.
18:17.38soot|ericok, we will keep working on this in the next year
18:17.43carolsand try again next year :-)
18:17.50soot|ericwe will, thanks!
18:17.54soot|malaverdierOk. Thanks a lot
18:17.55carolsyou're welcome :-)
18:17.57soot|ericanything else that comes to your mind?
18:18.00*** join/#gsoc Dhruv (~Dhruv@phpbb/developer/dhruv)
18:18.06carolsnot that i can see for now.
18:18.13soot|elenaThanks for feedback, Carols!
18:18.15carolsplease feel free to email me if you have any questions.
18:18.18carolsof course
18:18.20soot|ericok great
18:18.26soot|ericthanks so far
18:18.27carolsalright, moving along
18:18.29*** mode/#gsoc [+v sunweaver] by scorche
18:18.30*** mode/#gsoc [-vvvv soot|berber soot|eric soot|malaverdier soot|elena] by scorche|sh
18:18.31gsocbotcarols: Next in line is sunweaver with notice 'X2Go'
18:18.37carolsx2go folks
18:18.50sunweaverthanks for taking your time on this btw!
18:19.03*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:19.23*** part/#gsoc malaverdiere (
18:19.28sunweavercarols: you start with some basic feedback first?
18:19.32*** join/#gsoc camert2 (2729a43c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:19.35carolsyes :-)
18:19.39carolsfirstly, the ideas page
18:19.43*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
18:19.51carolsit's a bit hard to parse.
18:20.08*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert (
18:20.17carolsi'd like to have prerequisite languages or knowledge, potential mentors from your community, a clear summary, and then any supporting information
18:20.31carolsnot necessarily in that order, but certainly divided up and easy to navigate
18:20.36*** join/#gsoc Naeblis_2 (~Naeblis@
18:21.06carolssecondly, your project is a bit niche :-/
18:21.14carolsnormally this wouldn't be such a bad thing
18:21.15*** join/#gsoc edwardk (~edwardk@pdpc/supporter/professional/edwardk)
18:21.18carolsas we like a wide breadth
18:21.37sunweaverterminal server solutions are a niche? Why do you think that?
18:21.56carolsbut we just had so many apps this year, we were both trying to balance orgs that would appeal to a wide variety of students as well as things that would be "fun"
18:22.13sunweaverah, ok, getting what you mean...
18:22.18*** join/#gsoc yashshah (~yash@
18:22.40sunweavermostly people contributing are people who deploy terminal services or SaaS with X2Go to customers (or students at Uni)
18:22.42*** part/#gsoc JordiGH (~jhermoso@octave/developer/JordiGH)
18:22.49carolsyeah, understandable.
18:22.53*** join/#gsoc ankurankan (6a4e4f5c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:23.04carolsbut combined with the nitpicks about the ideas page, they worked together against you :-(
18:23.14*** join/#gsoc vruiz (57df1da7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:23.18*** part/#gsoc berber (
18:23.32carolslet me just check your app for anything else.
18:23.34sunweaverso for next year, we have to work hard on the ideas page and hope we will not fall into the niche again?!?
18:23.41*** join/#gsoc akshay_r (~akshay@
18:24.15*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:24.17carolswell, that also has to take into consideration the other apps we get.
18:24.41carolsbut yes, please spruce up the ideas page for sure.
18:24.48sunweaverhow many code project ideas do you recommend? simply as many as possible?
18:24.57carolsno, not as many as possible.
18:25.10carolsi actually like the *quantity* of ideas on your page.
18:25.19carolsjust not the way they are structured.
18:25.26*** join/#gsoc LISPmob_Albert_ (43ba84a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:25.42sunweaverok... the project core team is not that strong so any more would be hard to handle anyway...
18:25.50carolsalso, as i've said to a couple other folks, having someone to vouch for you would have given you a nice little bonus.
18:26.02carolsit didn't make or break the application, but would have helped.
18:26.07sunweaveryeah, I did not get how that could be done.
18:26.27carolswell, it would mean collaborating in some way with another org that has participated in gsoc.
18:26.29*** join/#gsoc sinhayash (~quassel@
18:26.33carolswhich may or not may even be possible for you.
18:26.35*** join/#gsoc gizmo17 (
18:26.41sunweaverso I have to advertise X2Go to other applying projects and hope they vouch for me? Or how does it work (in short).
18:26.43carolswhich is why it's not something we hinge the application on.
18:26.52*** join/#gsoc Naman22___ (~Naman@
18:27.07sunweaverah, ok.
18:27.19carolshope that helps.
18:27.29sunweaverI will do a BoF on DebConf2013 on the project, so maybe we find some supporters there.
18:27.39carolsthat's a great idea.
18:27.40*** join/#gsoc cryos|laptop (
18:27.44carolsanything else?
18:27.48sunweaverthe application?
18:28.08carolsthe only thing i saw a problem with in the application was the vouching.
18:28.12carolseverything else looks fine.
18:28.16sunweaverok, thanks!
18:28.24carolsyou're welcome.
18:28.35sunweaverlast question: is it ok to quote our part of the meeting and post it to our dev mailing list?
18:28.35carolshope you have a nice summer/winter
18:28.47carolsit's a logged channel, you can quote all of it
18:28.51*** join/#gsoc cgogn__ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:28.54*** part/#gsoc soot|eric (
18:29.03sunweaverhave a nice summer/winter, as well, maybe more next year!
18:29.09carolsyes, for sure!
18:29.15carolsmoving along!
18:29.17*** mode/#gsoc [-v sunweaver] by scorche
18:29.19gsocbotcarols: Next in line is gstreamer|ensoni
18:29.20*** join/#gsoc ignatiev (~ignatiev@
18:29.21gstreamer|ensonihi carols, got some nice inspiration from the other orgs pages already (org intro + mentor intro at the top)
18:29.24carolsgstreamer folks
18:29.27carolsok cool :-)
18:29.31carolslet me take another look
18:29.48*** join/#gsoc dieend (b4fde982@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:30.02*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@
18:30.17*** join/#gsoc Naman22 (~Naman@
18:30.20carolsyes, i would agree with what you said, gstreamer|ensoni.
18:30.34*** join/#gsoc vitoriha (~vitoriha@unaffiliated/vitoriha)
18:30.41carolsbut really, i can tell you, you were one of the last cuts we made. we liked your application overall
18:30.54carolsand just really ended up having to make hard rejection decisions this year.
18:31.03gstreamer|ensonidoes not look good for multimedia at all this year though
18:31.16carolsevery year is different.
18:31.35carolsso yes, some tweaks to your ideas page
18:31.43carolsi'd encourage you to apply again next year though.
18:31.49carolsyou were just one of our hard decisions.
18:32.07*** join/#gsoc vruiz (57df1da7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:32.09*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m (
18:32.09*** join/#gsoc banas (~chatzilla@
18:32.18gstreamer|ensoniI also applied with my one-man project buzztard, but I understood that these projects have little chance - maybe that can be more explicit
18:32.28carolsah! buzztard.
18:32.32*** join/#gsoc j2shar (~TUSHAR@
18:32.33carolsthat one was way different.
18:32.42carolsyou need to rename the project if you want that one to be viable.
18:32.51*** part/#gsoc burek (burek@unaffiliated/burek)
18:33.51*** part/#gsoc arekm (~arekm@pld-linux/arekm)
18:34.01gstreamer|ensoniwell then it is not going to happen, sorry, but we'll apply with gstreamer again
18:34.16carolsi hope you have a nice rest of your weekend
18:34.22gstreamer|ensoniI'am going to mail you regarding the name, don't need to spend more time on i here
18:34.32carolssure, sounds good.
18:34.40carolsthanks for waiting as well.
18:34.40gstreamer|ensoniyou too, hope you are done soon as well, cu
18:34.47carolsmoving along!
18:34.49*** mode/#gsoc [+vv haiku|leavengood haiku|umcculloug] by scorche|sh
18:34.51gsocbotcarols: Next in line is haiku|umcculloug with notice 'Haiku'
18:35.00haiku|umccullougscorche, also axeld
18:35.04carolsaw man, did i mention we got a lot of OSes this year?
18:35.08haiku|umccullougyep :)
18:35.10*** mode/#gsoc [+v axeld] by scorche|sh
18:35.11haiku|umccullougwe already suspected
18:35.44haiku|umccullougbut, we had a great run, and last year was one of our most successful GSoC, so we greatly appreciate your time and energy put into this program
18:35.45carolsi'm sorry, guys. this was just a combination of so many OSes applying and the fact that we were making way for new orgs this year.
18:35.46haiku|leavengoodWe had quite a good run of acceptances, at some point we would get rejected I guess
18:35.54carolsyeah, i'm sorry about that.
18:35.58carolsyour ideas page looked great.
18:36.01haiku|umccullougwe will, of course, apply again next year
18:36.06carolsgreat, please do.
18:36.19haiku|leavengoodAlso thanks for all the hard work you do on this carols
18:36.26carolsof course. more than happy to.
18:36.28haiku|leavengoodMuch appreciated
18:36.42carolssorry guys, hopefully we'll hear from you in other ways throughout the year.
18:36.49haiku|umccullougjust a quick note
18:36.58*** join/#gsoc Naman22 (~Naman@
18:37.06haiku|umcculloughave our applications quality decreased compared to competition?
18:37.07*** join/#gsoc ishaan (~ishaan@
18:37.19carolsum, let me ruminate on that for a second.
18:37.31haiku|umccullougi assume they have gotten better across the board
18:37.59*** join/#gsoc lh (~lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh)
18:37.59*** mode/#gsoc [+o lh] by ChanServ
18:38.07*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:38.14carolsthe applications have gotten better, yes. these feedback sessions seem to be working :-)
18:38.28carolswell, i guess i could say that some of your ideas on your ideas page are more fleshed out than others.
18:38.29axeldSince there are so many OSes maybe we should try to separate us from them :-)
18:38.30*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (~j0ni@
18:38.45carolsbut really, you're allowed some room to have ideas that aren't entirely totally ready for primetime on there.
18:38.52carolswe give allowances for such things.
18:38.53*** join/#gsoc lionaneesh (~aneeshdog@
18:39.06haiku|umccullougin any case, we have suggested our students infiltrate other projects like abiword and libreoffice ;)
18:39.11carolsand your list is extensive enough that a few that are short in comparison to the others isn't such a big deal.
18:39.13haiku|umccullougand port them to haiku :D
18:39.17carolscool, i hope so :-)
18:39.31carolsso i guess the answer is no, your application quality hasn't slipped.
18:39.51haiku|umccullougthanks, we can let others have their turn now i think :)
18:39.51carolshope that helps.
18:39.54*** join/#gsoc Naman22_ (~Naman@
18:39.56carolsgreat :-)
18:39.59carolsthanks for waiting
18:40.04carolshave a nice weekend
18:40.07haiku|leavengoodyou too
18:40.08haiku|umccullougyou as well
18:40.10carolsalright, moving along
18:40.12*** mode/#gsoc [+vv libav|DonDiego libav|lu_zero] by scorche
18:40.12*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv haiku|leavengood haiku|umcculloug axeld] by scorche|sh
18:40.13gsocbotcarols: Next in line is libav|DonDiego with notice 'libav'
18:40.13*** join/#gsoc kiuz (
18:40.22*** part/#gsoc augiedoggie (~cpr@unaffiliated/cpr420)
18:40.30carolswho from libav should I PM?
18:40.33libav|DonDiegocarols: you can pm me
18:40.36libav|DonDiegoabout the ideas page ... i know it could use more work; in fact, more work on it was planned, but i missed the deadline
18:40.41libav|DonDiegoi was just scatterbrained and had a lot of stuff going on, so i confused two dates
18:40.44libav|DonDiegospecific feedback nonetheless welcome
18:42.08*** join/#gsoc Naman22 (~Naman@
18:42.42*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:45.56carolsalright, moving along!
18:46.01*** mode/#gsoc [+v orange-biolab] by scorche|sh
18:46.01gsocbotcarols: Next in line is orange-biolab with notice 'Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun'
18:46.04*** mode/#gsoc [-vv libav|DonDiego libav|lu_zero] by scorche
18:46.05carolsorange folks
18:46.37carolshey there.
18:46.52carolsso i have to say, your ideas page is good, but we weren't "wowed"
18:47.14*** join/#gsoc cryos|laptop (
18:47.21orange-biolabhm, we'll try to be more creative next year
18:47.27carolsi would have liked a stronger summary, more extensive information on each
18:47.30*** part/#gsoc funman (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
18:47.32carols*each idea that is
18:47.44carolsi'm glad that you rated the ideas, that was good.
18:48.18orange-biolabthey could use a bit longer summary
18:48.30carolslet me see
18:48.49orange-biolabanything else with the application in general?
18:49.03*** join/#gsoc Naman22 (~Naman@
18:49.13carolsas i've said to a couple other folks, it would have certainly helped you to have someone vouch for you. i know you guys participated under python before?
18:49.39orange-biolabwe participated successfully in 2011 and 2012
18:49.47carolsright, ok.
18:49.58orange-biolaband I think in 2006 under python
18:50.18*** part/#gsoc ishaan (~ishaan@
18:50.18carolsso there was the other other problem of us getting rid of old orgs this year to make way for new ones
18:50.39carolsi think if you guys had fleshed out your ideas page more it might have gone in your favor
18:50.44carolsno guarantees, of course.
18:50.53*** part/#gsoc lemora|baumanna (~lemora@2001:4ca0:0:f221:1293:e9ff:fe0d:5e94)
18:50.54carolsbut anyway, the rest of the application looks fine.
18:51.10orange-biolabthanks, we'll be back next year :)
18:51.14carolsi do hope you'll apply again next year if we do the program again?
18:51.21carolsgreat minds thinking alike :-)
18:51.36*** join/#gsoc MarkAtwood (~mark@unaffiliated/fallenpegasus)
18:51.39carolsdid you have any other questions for me?
18:51.54orange-biolabnot really, I'll make room for the others in line :)
18:52.02carolsgreat, thanks for waiting.
18:52.16carolshave a nice weekend
18:52.22carolsmoving along!
18:52.24*** mode/#gsoc [+v jasebo] by scorche
18:52.25gsocbotcarols: Next in line is jasebo
18:52.26*** mode/#gsoc [-v orange-biolab] by scorche|sh
18:52.31carolsah, ok
18:52.33carolsthanks :-)
18:52.33jasebohi carols
18:52.42*** join/#gsoc atapiador-ging (
18:53.08*** part/#gsoc orange-biolab (
18:53.22carolsyour ideas page looks good.
18:53.28*** join/#gsoc dwcramer (
18:53.31carolsi really like the organization and structure
18:53.36carolsand the amount of ideas as well :-)
18:54.01jasebothanks, we've got some good people collating them :-)
18:54.09*** join/#gsoc rihnapstor (~rihen@unaffiliated/rihnapstor)
18:54.27carolsagain, one thing i've said to other orgs that i'll say to you too is that we were rejecting a lot of orgs that have participated before to make way for new orgs this year.
18:54.35carolsyou guys definitely had that problem :-(
18:54.47carolscan i PM as well?
18:55.15*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
18:56.00*** join/#gsoc salamthomas (~salamthom@
18:57.28carolsok, moving along!
18:57.32gsocbotcarols: Next in line is mailman|florianf with notice 'mailman'
18:57.34*** mode/#gsoc [+v mailman|florianf] by scorche|sh
18:57.35*** mode/#gsoc [-v jasebo] by scorche
18:57.36carolsmailman folks
18:57.39mailman|florianfhi carols
18:57.43carolshey there
18:58.07*** join/#gsoc durandal_1707 (
18:58.11mailman|florianfwould you like to start with some feedback?
18:58.16*** join/#gsoc nexsoftware (
18:58.22carolsyeah, actually, your ideas page looks good.
18:58.33mailman|florianffine! good to hear that.
18:58.49carolswhat i'm seeing on the feedback is that we had some students who participated for you in the past who didn't have wonderful experiences with you.
18:59.08*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
18:59.27carolsand while this wouldn't be a deal breaker normally, we were trying to get a lot of new orgs in this year as i'm sure you saw
18:59.34mailman|florianfoh. i wasn't aware of that. although we had to fail one last year
18:59.37carolsand so we were aggressively rejecting older orgs.
18:59.43*** join/#gsoc fidencio (
18:59.47carolsno, this wasn't from students who failed.
18:59.50carolswe take that into account.
19:00.01carolsanyway, it's not the end of the world.
19:00.10carolsi would recommend you try again next year.
19:00.26carolsand maybe speak to your potential mentors directly about their commitments
19:00.31mailman|florianfok. is there anything we can do to make up for that?
19:00.32*** join/#gsoc aetherlux (~aetherlux@
19:00.35carolsand make sure they're on board to take care of the students.
19:00.55*** join/#gsoc cgogn__ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:00.58carolsit sounds like you have some folks over there who may have taken on more with mentoring than they could chew.
19:01.12mailman|florianfok thanks. that's a good hint.
19:01.20carolshope that helps.
19:01.29mailman|florianfwe're taking part under the psf this year. I'll see that this won't be the case this year.
19:01.42carolsgreat, thank you.
19:01.49*** join/#gsoc KirarinSnow-pyon (
19:01.51mailman|florianfthank's for your feedback!
19:01.58carolsyou're welcome :-)
19:02.05carolsi hope you have a good summer/winter
19:02.11carolsand thanks for waiting
19:02.11mailman|florianfthanks! you too.
19:02.17carolsmoving along!
19:02.20*** mode/#gsoc [+vv LISPmob_Albert LISPmob|arnatal] by scorche
19:02.21gsocbotcarols: Next in line is LISPmob_Albert with notice 'LISPmob'
19:02.21*** mode/#gsoc [-v mailman|florianf] by scorche|sh
19:02.28carolswe're now three hours into it :-)
19:02.29LISPmob_AlbertHi Carol
19:02.31carolshi lispmob folks
19:02.35LISPmob|arnatalHi there
19:02.49LISPmob_Albertwe´d like to have some feedback on the proposal, and how we can improve it
19:03.04carolsyes, of course
19:03.35carolsso firstly, i understand you're probably a small project, but we would have appreciated if you had at least a couple more ideas on your ideas page.
19:03.46carolsthe structure of the page is great though!
19:03.52carolsi like that, keep that the way it is.
19:03.56LISPmob_Albertthanks, we follow the recommended structure
19:04.09LISPmob_Albertwe didn´t add more ideas just because we didn´t expect to receive more than 1/2 students
19:04.26LISPmob_Albertgiven that we are a new/small project
19:04.29carolsyeah, i understand.
19:04.35carolsmaybe just one more idea?
19:04.40carolsanyway, it wasn't a huge deal.
19:04.48*** join/#gsoc russelnickson (7aae50e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:04.53carolsdid i mention that we got a lot of lisp projects this year too?
19:05.03LISPmob_Albertreally? that´s cool
19:05.15carolsyeah, unfortunately that also didn't work in your favor.
19:05.26LISPmob_Albertmay I ask you why?
19:05.37carolsagain, as i mentioned, we go for breadth as much as possible in the organizations we choose
19:05.42*** join/#gsoc wizard_A (~chatzilla@
19:05.44*** join/#gsoc manugupt1 (~manugupt1@
19:05.44*** join/#gsoc manugupt1 (~manugupt1@opensuse/member/manugupt1)
19:05.55carolsso we try not to accept too much of any one thing
19:05.56LISPmob_AlbertI understand, you´re refering to LISP the language or LISP the protocol
19:06.06carolsum, yes. both :-)
19:06.11*** join/#gsoc tiotio_go (
19:06.11*** part/#gsoc mailman|florianf (
19:06.43LISPmob_Albertso you mean that other LISP (the protocol) projects were accepted
19:06.46carolsanyway, it was probably a couple different small things that ended up being the overall rejection.
19:07.12carolsit's more about the bigger picture of providing a lot of different options to students.
19:07.33*** join/#gsoc gwty (~gwtyawe@
19:07.33LISPmob_AlbertI understand
19:07.37*** join/#gsoc AndChat|206976 (~russel@
19:07.38carolswe have to both choose projects specifically based on their merit but also generally based on where they fit in the overall open source ecosystem :-)
19:07.50*** join/#gsoc fairmat|mat (
19:07.51carolsanyway, i would encourage you to apply again next year for sure
19:07.54LISPmob_Albertit would be great if you could point out such small things so we an improve the proposal?
19:08.13carolslet me look at the rest of the application
19:08.28LISPmob_Albertsure, thanks
19:09.15carolsthe only other thing i would say is that relying on your org admins to be backup mentors is a little difficult.
19:09.33carolsmostly it speaks to the question of how large your community is and if you can support the students.
19:09.43carolsbut again, this a small thing that just in sum total didn't work in your favor
19:09.55*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m (
19:10.02carolsthe rest of the application looks fine
19:10.07LISPmob_Albertwell backup mentors were other mentors
19:10.20*** join/#gsoc rfonseca (
19:10.21LISPmob_AlbertI understand
19:10.23carolsit was not the deciding factor for us.
19:10.35carolsjust something to consider.
19:10.44LISPmob_Albertbut we are indeed a small community
19:10.45carolsanyway, i hope that helps.
19:10.52carolsright, and that's ok.
19:10.55LISPmob_Albertsure, I have another question
19:11.07*** join/#gsoc zamn (~zamn@unaffiliated/zamn)
19:11.14LISPmob_Albertyou mentioned that you try to (wisely) balance the topics
19:11.33LISPmob_Alberthowever I didn´t find any LISP (the protocol, not the language) project
19:11.38*** join/#gsoc bach (
19:11.49*** part/#gsoc DonDiego (~diego@
19:12.02carolsso, again, keep in mind, this is also about the larger balance of projects.
19:12.19carolsso it's not just about lisp
19:12.36*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:12.36carolsits about how many niche projects so we have vs. how many wide-range projects do we have
19:12.40carolsevery year a different makeup.
19:12.47LISPmob_AlbertI understand that limited resources mean hard decisions :)
19:12.50*** part/#gsoc phillipuniverse (~Adium@
19:12.53carolsit's not just that we didn't accept you but did accept other lisp projects.
19:12.57*** join/#gsoc imeim_ (
19:13.05carolsit's the other 416 applications and where they fall on the continuum :-)
19:13.31carolscool :-)
19:13.36carolsi hope you have a nice rest of your day.
19:13.42LISPmob_Albertthank you very much for your time
19:13.48carolsyou're welcome.
19:13.54carolsmoving along!
19:13.56gsocbotcarols: Next in line is sabs with notice 'Senes Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison'
19:14.01*** mode/#gsoc [+v sabs] by scorche|sh
19:14.03*** mode/#gsoc [-vv LISPmob_Albert LISPmob|arnatal] by scorche
19:14.04carolssenes lab folks
19:14.04sabshi carols
19:14.34sabswhat is the feedback for us?
19:14.38carolsso a couple things.
19:14.49*** part/#gsoc Skipp_OSX (
19:14.50carols1) i personally think you are working are very interesting stuff :-)
19:14.54carolsjust a cool project.
19:14.59*** join/#gsoc vedant (~vedant@
19:15.10carolsbut anyway, your ideas page was nicely structured but overall a bit sparse.
19:15.43sabsthanks... should we have more details?
19:15.44carolsthis project in particular i think needs to give students more context and information on each project idea so they can understand it
19:15.57carolsyes. more details. a lot more background on where the idea came from.
19:16.12carolspotential mentors as well so the student can ask questions if he/she needs to
19:16.43*** join/#gsoc cgogn__ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:16.43sabsok.. is that all?
19:16.48carolsthis is the sort of project that you need a lot of context to dig into.
19:16.54carolslet me look over the rest of your application
19:17.07sabswe understand that
19:17.17*** join/#gsoc singhabhinavds_ (~androirc@
19:18.05carolsso as i've said to a couple other folks, it would have worked a bit in your favor if you'd had another org to vouch for you.
19:18.06*** join/#gsoc LigH (~contact@planeshift/bugs/LigH)
19:18.13carolsi realize you might not have that, but just something to think about
19:18.22carolscross-collaboration in open source is nice :-)
19:18.28sabswould be great
19:18.30*** join/#gsoc system64 (~system64@
19:18.38sabswe are not aware of a similar org
19:18.41sabsany suggestion?
19:19.19carolsalso, i appreciate your answers on your application about not expecting mentors to disappear, but unfortunately, we've seen a lot of cases where mentors go away, someone steps in, and the student doesn't have a good experience.
19:19.19sabsI mean, are there current GSoC orgs that do molecular modeling by any chance?
19:19.33carolsso if you think that wouldn't be the case here because you're all so familiar with the projects you should call that out
19:19.49carolsum, i think there are some people in related fields. you'll need to email me offline for that.
19:19.49sabsOK, we should remark it next time
19:20.02carolsthat's all i can see for now.
19:20.19carolsany other questions for me?
19:20.30carolsthank you for waiting, btw.
19:20.37sabsOK, thanks, we'll try again next year, we'll put the feedback to good use
19:20.42sabsjust to makes
19:20.42carolsgreat. glad to hear it.
19:20.50sabsjust to be sure
19:21.05sabsif we fixed those problems we would have a chance?
19:21.25carolsoh, you had a chance without those problems.
19:21.32carolsit's just a matter of who your competition is as well :-)
19:21.41sabsthanks for your feedback, we do understand it is competitive
19:21.47carolsgreat, thank you.
19:21.53carolsi hope you have a nice weekend.
19:22.18sabsone last question
19:22.18carolsalright, moving along
19:22.20carolsoh sure
19:22.32sabsthere is no org this year that we could work with?
19:22.38carolsthere might be
19:22.47*** join/#gsoc cmedina (1f04f07e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:22.49carolsjust please email me, because it will take a more in-depth look for me to figure out
19:22.55*** part/#gsoc thresh (~popa3d@videolan/developer/thresh)
19:22.55sabsgreat thanks
19:22.58carolsand we have 30 people in queue :-)
19:23.06gsocbotcarols: Next in line is Talad with notice 'AtomicBlue'
19:23.07*** mode/#gsoc [+v Talad] by scorche
19:23.09*** mode/#gsoc [-v sabs] by scorche|sh
19:23.11carolshi atomic blue
19:23.17*** join/#gsoc samxan (~sam@kde/developer/bairagya)
19:23.18Taladhow are you
19:23.31*** join/#gsoc bobdaduck (
19:23.41carolsgood thanks.
19:23.52Taladwe have been happily part of GSoC 2011
19:24.01carolsso in addition to all the other applications, did i mention we got a lot of games and video engines this year?
19:24.01Taladfor one year only
19:24.25carolsi really liked your ideas page, i think it is great.
19:24.26TaladI've seen a few
19:24.33*** join/#gsoc aetherlux (~aetherlux@
19:24.36Taladwe worked quite a bit on the ideas page, thanks.
19:24.57carolsyes, i agree, it looks great.
19:25.03Taladdo you have a max number of games you plan to have in each GSoC?
19:25.25carolsmax number? no. but in proportion to all the other types of orgs, we try to make it roughly equal
19:25.38carolsbut then also take into account that students are probably more likely to like games.
19:25.40carolsso we favor that.
19:25.44carolsso it's a balancing act.
19:25.59carolsyeah, all the feedback here says this was about the numbers for this year.
19:26.02TaladI understand
19:26.13Taladis the fact you have another mmorpg engine selected a blocker?
19:26.39Talador you can have also 2 projects in the same domain?
19:26.41carolswell, i can tell  you there were other ones that have participated in the past and applied this year that didn't get in.
19:26.51carolswe don't go into the process assuming we'll accept anyone.
19:26.56*** join/#gsoc aetherlux (~aetherlux@2001:720:1214:8e04:76e5:bff:fe08:eb74)
19:27.07Taladok, anything we can improve?
19:27.15carolsactually, not that i can see.
19:27.20carolsi think your ideas page is great.
19:27.35*** join/#gsoc kaen (~master@unaffiliated/hail)
19:27.42Taladwill you like to see us appliying next year?
19:27.47carolsthis was just about cutting to balance our participation this year.
19:27.53carolsyes, absolutely. please do.
19:27.58Taladok, we will!
19:28.03*** part/#gsoc rfonseca (
19:28.04carolsgreat, thank you!
19:28.05Taladhappy GSoC.
19:28.09carolsand thank you for waiting.
19:28.11carolshappy GSoC.
19:28.17Taladbye :)
19:28.21carolsalright, moving along
19:28.23gsocbotcarols: Next in line is badlogic1 with notice 'libgdx'
19:28.25*** mode/#gsoc [+v badlogic1] by scorche|sh
19:28.27*** mode/#gsoc [-v Talad] by scorche
19:28.27badlogic1hi carols! scorche: please also +v bach and Xoppa as well
19:28.35carolshello :-)
19:28.37*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv badlogic1 bach Xoppa] by scorche|sh
19:28.46*** join/#gsoc samxan_ (~sam@kde/developer/bairagya)
19:28.48bachhi carols :)
19:28.53Xoppahi carols
19:28.59carolsah, right.
19:29.01carolshi :-)
19:29.10carolsso a few things
19:29.21carolsfirstly, your summaries on your ideas could use a little more information.
19:29.30carolssome of them are a bit sparse
19:29.40carolsbut also, did i mention we got a lot of applications for games this year?
19:29.52badlogic1understood, we tried to provide links to further discussion, but i guess more meat on the page itself doesn't hurt
19:29.54carolsand game frameworks and video engines and and and...
19:29.59badlogic1yes :)
19:30.16carolsyeah, a little more meat would have been good here.
19:30.18badlogic1we'll try to sabotage ogre and wesnoth next year (and bribe you with chocolate)
19:30.44badlogic1apart from that, is the idea list page ok structuracll?
19:30.49carolsaw, but i am unbribeable :-)
19:30.53*** join/#gsoc private (
19:30.55*** part/#gsoc LigH (~contact@planeshift/bugs/LigH)
19:30.57carolsyes, structurally i think it looks great.
19:31.11carolsoh also
19:31.21*** join/#gsoc tyage (
19:31.34carolsdid you possibly talk to catroid about them being an umbrella for you too?
19:31.44carolsi don't know if you work together or not.
19:31.54badlogic1not yet, but i'll talk to them sometime next week (i work at the campus)
19:32.04carolsok, great.
19:32.15badlogic1last question: anything we need to improve in our application form?
19:32.22carolsapplication looks good.
19:32.26carolsquite extensive answers.
19:32.31badlogic1can trim those down
19:32.40badlogic1i understand you have a "few" more projects to judge :)
19:32.40carolseh, i like it that way :-)
19:32.52carolsi like the fact that you've thought extensively about it.
19:32.52badlogic1goody, i think that's it from our end, others are still waiting
19:33.02carolsanyway, i'd have liked that much meat on your ideas page.
19:33.07carolsgreat, thanks :-)
19:33.09carolsthanks for waiting
19:33.12carolshave a nice weekend
19:33.19badlogic1you too ciao!
19:33.22carolsalright, moving along
19:33.25gsocbotcarols: Next in line is tgloeggl with notice 'Stud.IP'
19:33.27*** mode/#gsoc [+v tgloeggl] by scorche
19:33.28*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv badlogic1 bach Xoppa] by scorche|sh
19:33.32carolsstud.ip folks
19:33.36tgloegglHi. Could you give studip`aklassen voice as well
19:33.38tgloegglHi carols
19:33.51carolshey there
19:34.20tgloegglI followed the discussion so far, from what i've read - our ides list is not that good i guess...
19:34.32carolsyeah, indeed. i was just about to say that.
19:35.01tgloegglWell, we'll work on that next year. What about the application itself, was that ok?
19:35.14carolsin an ideas list we're looking for a fleshed out summary of the idea, background information, potential mentors from your community, difficulty level, prerequisites for the students to have, etc
19:35.22carolslet me look at that.
19:35.46*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:36.16carolsapplication looks ok.
19:36.21carolsthis was really about your ideas page.
19:36.49*** part/#gsoc durandal_1707 (
19:36.50tgloegglYeah, we had to little time to flesh it out.
19:36.53carolsi would recommend you restructure and flesh it out for next year and try again.
19:37.04tgloegglYes, we will do that.
19:37.10carolsany other questions?
19:37.18tgloegglThanks for the feedback, i guess that was it from me.
19:37.24carolsok, thank you for waiting so long
19:37.30carolsi hope you have a nice rest of your day.
19:37.49carolsmoving along!
19:37.52*** mode/#gsoc [+v cryos] by scorche|sh
19:37.53gsocbotcarols: Next in line is cryos|laptop with notice 'VTK'
19:37.56*** mode/#gsoc [-v tgloeggl] by scorche
19:37.58carolsvtk folks
19:38.02cryosHi Carol
19:38.31carolshey there
19:38.36cryosThanks for taking the time to do this, we would appreciate your feedback.
19:39.02carolsof course. happy to.
19:39.08*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
19:39.21carolsi really like your ideas page, so i'm sorry to say you were not rejected because of that.
19:39.39*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:39.39cryosThat is great to hear you liked the ideas page.
19:39.42carolsthis looks like another unsatisfying case of us trying to accept new orgs and reject old ones.
19:39.54*** part/#gsoc bach (
19:39.56carolseven though i know it seems like participating once doesn't make you "old"
19:40.03*** part/#gsoc studip`aklassen (
19:40.19*** join/#gsoc cgogn_ (513820f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:40.24cryosI have seen a pattern, are open source science type projects still acceptable and exciting areas for the program?
19:40.35carolsyes, indeed they are.
19:40.47carolsand in fact, i believe we accepted a few of them this year?
19:40.56cryosWe would really like to get more undergrads and grad students into open source scientific visualization and data processing, so it is disappointing to miss out.
19:41.03carolsi know, i'm sorry.
19:41.17carolsi can completely understand why it's disappointing, and i don't blame you.
19:41.17cryosYou did, so I was curious what we might have improved, but can understand on the numbers.
19:41.18*** join/#gsoc muellisoft (
19:41.54cryosVTK is one of the oldest and most extensive toolkits in this area, and we really want to get more students involved. If it is worth applying again next year I will push for us to do so.
19:41.56carolsif you have an org that you see on the accepted list that might be interested in working with you you could email me about that and see?
19:42.09carolsi think it's absolutely worth applying.
19:42.28*** join/#gsoc Azbruh (
19:42.33cryosI can have a think about some projects that might fit the bill, and would love to get VTK back in next year if the program runs again.
19:42.45carolssure. email me and let's see if we can find something for you.
19:42.46cryosThanks for your encouragement Carol.
19:42.59*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
19:43.03carolsof course. thank you.
19:43.10carolsand sorry it wasn't a more satisfying answer
19:43.15carolsdid you have other questions for me?
19:43.19cryosWill do - thanks once again, we appreciate all the work you guys do in running the program and making the tough decision on which orgs get in and which don't
19:43.30carolsof course. it's difficult every year.
19:43.30cryosNo, I think you told me everything I need to know.
19:43.35*** join/#gsoc Deep_Blue_win7 (~Deep_Blue@
19:43.38carolsgreat, have a nice summer/winter
19:43.40cryosThanks, and have a great weekend.
19:43.46carolsalright, moving along!
19:43.48*** mode/#gsoc [+v DrMemory|qin] by scorche
19:43.49gsocbotcarols: Next in line is bruening with notice 'Dr.Memory'
19:43.49*** mode/#gsoc [-v cryos] by scorche|sh
19:43.52carolsdr. memory
19:44.01carolshey, didn't i see an email about you guys
19:44.01DrMemory|qinthanks for your time
19:44.09carolslike, this morning?
19:44.37carolsok…you were talking to another org about an umbrella option?
19:44.54DrMemory|qinour tool is used for chromium
19:45.08DrMemory|qinso we emailed and ask about the possible of working with chromium
19:45.10carolsok, cool.
19:45.16carolslet's pursue that offline.
19:45.29DrMemory|qinso this is the first time we apply,
19:45.47carolsin terms of your application, what i can say is this: you seem to have provided a nice wrapper on your ideas page around your bug tracker :-)
19:45.48DrMemory|qinwe would like to have some feedback about the why it is reject
19:46.02carolsbut the bugs aren't that fleshed out
19:46.12carolsand don't have a lot of the information we're looking for on them.
19:46.44DrMemory|qinwhat kind of information on the idea list would be helpful?
19:47.17carolsi'd recommend that if you apply again next year that you make an ideas page that only uses the bug tracker for supporting documentation and then has potential mentors, difficulty level, expertise required, and an extensive summaryon the page itself for each idea.
19:47.46DrMemory|qinI see
19:47.52*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:47.57carolsyou've got a great introduction for students on that page but then the ideas themselves are hard to understand.
19:48.01*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
19:48.56carolsalso, just a side note from your application
19:49.13carolsthe fact that both administrators are googlers actually worked slightly not in your favor. :-/
19:49.29carolssince you'd be relying on folks with full time jobs to take up the slack if mentors disappear
19:49.46carolswhich probably wouldn't be easy or give the students the best experience.
19:49.53DrMemory|qinI see
19:50.07carolsi'd have liked to have seen you list people from your community who are willing to mentor if someone goes on vacation or whatever
19:50.33carolsi hope that helps.
19:50.42carolsany other questions?
19:50.43DrMemory|qinwe make sure the people will be aviable then put name there
19:50.48carolsi assume we'll talk offline.
19:50.48DrMemory|qinthat's is very useful
19:50.55carolscool, glad to help.
19:50.58carolsthanks for waiting.
19:51.02DrMemory|qinno, I do not have other questions
19:51.05carolsi hope you have a nice weekend.
19:51.09carolsmoving along!
19:51.11*** mode/#gsoc [+v mfe] by scorche|sh
19:51.12gsocbotcarols: Next in line is mfe with notice 'TuttleOFX'
19:51.13*** mode/#gsoc [-v DrMemory|qin] by scorche
19:51.16carolstuttleofx folks
19:51.23mfeHello Carol :)
19:51.33mfeFirst application for us
19:51.58mfeNeed some feedback on what we didn't do right
19:52.08carolson a very personal side note, i just watched brazil for the first time this past week.
19:52.24carolsanyway, on your ideas page, i would have liked like…1 or 2 more ideas?
19:52.34carolsi know you're probably small, but the list was a little short for my taste.
19:52.50carolsi like the structure though, that was great.
19:52.52mfewe had but thought that as we are small it would be too much
19:53.15mfeso more ideas and what else ?
19:53.33carolscan i PM?
19:53.39mfeyes of course
19:54.45*** join/#gsoc marhaban (
19:55.14*** join/#gsoc Watusimoto (~quassel@
19:55.45carolsok, thank you for waiting mfe.
19:55.48carolsany other questions?
19:55.54mfeno I'm good
19:56.04mfethanks you very much for your time !
19:56.07carolsgreat, i hope you have a nice day
19:56.08carolscheers :-)
19:56.10mfeand have a great WE
19:56.18carolsi will, i hope :-)
19:56.22carolsmoving along!
19:56.24*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv bitfighter|ducky bitfighter|kaen bitfighter|rapto] by scorche
19:56.25gsocbotcarols: Next in line is bitfighter|rapto with notice 'bitfighter'
19:56.25*** mode/#gsoc [-v mfe] by scorche|sh
19:56.29carolsbitfighter folks
19:56.54carolsso did i mention we got a lot of game applications this year?
19:56.59bitfighter|duckyI heard that!
19:57.02bitfighter|raptoThanks for you patience carols
19:57.07carolsit appears us supporting a lot of games has meant an overflow for us :-)
19:57.14carolsyes, and thanks for waiting, i appreciate it.
19:57.19bitfighter|raptoAfter following along here (and seeing other's GSOC ideas pages).  I've determined that our ideas page is horrid and makes me want to gag  :)
19:57.36carolswell, i don't know if i'd say that :-)
19:57.42carolsbut yes, it could use a bit of improvement.
19:57.50bitfighter|raptoI gather we need at least:  skill level/mentors/backups/prerequisites/better organization/fuller ideas
19:57.58carolsyes, indeed.
19:58.04carolsyou have summarized quite nicely.
19:58.28carolsso combined with the fact that we got a lot of games this year, we were pretty harsh
19:58.44carolsbut i'd encourage you to apply again next year for sure
19:58.56bitfighter|duckyIf we had those, would it improve our chances or would the amount of games and such just spoil it anyway?
19:58.59bitfighter|raptook, was there anything specific about the application?
19:59.00*** join/#gsoc slashrsm (~slashrsm@
19:59.07carolsit would have absolutely improved your chances.
19:59.20carolsand who knows, maybe we would have accepted you because we were emphasizing new orgs so much this year.
19:59.28carolsor maybe not, maybe there would have been something else entirely.
19:59.29*** join/#gsoc tofu (
19:59.36carolssure, let me look at the app
19:59.57bitfighter|raptowe had two vouchers:  hedgewars and copyleft (both didn't get in, good folks)
19:59.58carolsi very much like your organization description.
20:00.02carolsplease keep that.
20:00.08bitfighter|raptoand messed that part up in the application..
20:00.41carolsoverall, i would just say your application could have been more fleshed out?
20:00.51carolsjust some more extensive thought and answers to the questions?
20:01.00carolsgsoc is a lot of work and we want you to recognize that in the app.
20:01.00bitfighter|raptoall right
20:01.08carolshope that helps.
20:01.13bitfighter|duckyIs there a fleshed out threshold?  Like is there such thing as "too much info"?
20:01.22bitfighter|raptowe had a positive experience with GCI and so we'd thought we give GSoC a shot
20:01.27carolsno, i would say not, actually.
20:01.32carolsmore information, the better
20:01.35carolson the ideas page, too.
20:01.42carolsso long as it has structure, make it long.
20:01.51carolsgive it a table of contents and go to town :-)
20:02.11bitfighter|raptoI must become a salesman!
20:02.12carolsit will make it easier for the students too
20:02.26carolsindeed :-)
20:02.31carolsany other questions?
20:02.31bitfighter|raptoOh, one other question - would be considered too small an org.?
20:02.37carolsno, not at all.
20:02.44carolswe try to balance big and small orgs as well.
20:02.46bitfighter|raptowe have 4 active developers and thought that we could maybe handle 1 student  :)
20:02.55bitfighter|raptoah ok
20:03.01carolsyes, that's understandable, and i think there's a place for you.
20:03.07carolsjust fix up the ideas page and try again.
20:03.10carolsno guarantees
20:03.12carolsbut there you go
20:03.19bitfighter|kaensure. thank you very much :)
20:03.21carolsof course
20:03.23carolsthanks for waiting
20:03.30carolshope you have a nice weekend.
20:03.33*** join/#gsoc cadair (56a84c91@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:03.34bitfighter|raptothanks!  I release you..
20:03.40carolsmoving on!
20:03.41*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv sunpy|cadair sunpy|keith sunpy|renstar] by scorche|sh
20:03.42*** part/#gsoc mfe (~mfe@
20:03.42*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv bitfighter|ducky bitfighter|kaen bitfighter|rapto] by scorche
20:03.43gsocbotcarols: Next in line is renstar with notice 'SunPy'
20:03.47carolssunpy folks
20:04.09*** part/#gsoc bitfighter|kaen (~master@unaffiliated/hail)
20:04.17*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
20:04.27carolsi just want to start off by saying i like the sun.
20:04.45carolsyou're ideas page looked great.
20:04.47*** part/#gsoc raptor (~raptor@unaffiliated/greenmachine)
20:04.52carolsloved the structure and the ideas.
20:05.05sunpy|renstargreat, thanks!
20:05.22sunpy|cadairThanks, I was worried there wasn't enough.
20:05.31carolsno, that was about right.
20:05.40carolsany shorter and it probably would have been a problem
20:05.52carolsbut anyway, you seem to be a large org, maybe you could have had even more?
20:06.00sunpy|renstaractually we are quite small
20:06.06carolsah, ok
20:06.13*** join/#gsoc Gentlecat (~Roman@
20:06.14carolsi was just going based on something from your app i saw
20:06.28carols"The SunPy project is large enough that it will not be difficult to find another mentor that is familiar with the project."
20:06.38sunpy|renstarahhh, yeah, i see
20:06.50sunpy|renstarperhaps 'tight' is better than 'large'
20:06.54carolsanyway, regardless. it would have helped you a bit to have another org vouch for you
20:06.55sunpy|keithhmm. perhaps "friends of SunPy" would have been a better phrase
20:07.04carolsnot the end of the world, just something to consider
20:07.15sunpy|renstaryeah, this is our first time with gsoc
20:07.26sunpy|renstarwe've had other soc students from other programs last summer
20:07.46*** join/#gsoc dnk-88 (~dnk-88@
20:07.57sunpy|renstarbut we can definitely look for an org to vouch next year
20:07.58carolsit looks like we just had a lot of space this year as well :-)
20:08.04carolsi'm feeling like a broken record here.
20:08.26sunpy|cadairThere is an awful lot of space.
20:08.31carolsi actually don't see any other problems with the app or the ideas page.
20:08.35carolsindeed there is :-)
20:08.42sunpy|keiththat's good to know
20:08.54carolsi would encourage you to apply again next year for sure.
20:08.57sunpy|cadairvery encouraging.
20:08.59sunpy|keithanything that might help set us apart in the future?
20:09.07carolsa couple more ideas might help?
20:09.12carolsa vouch from another organization?
20:09.26carolsmaybe try to find an org to umbrella you this year and then use them to vouch for you next year?
20:09.46sunpy|keithyea, we applied with the PSF this year
20:09.46sunpy|cadairWe are under the PSF now :)
20:10.00carolsah, cool :-)
20:10.14carolsso then work with them this summer and see if you can reapply with a vouch from them next year.
20:10.30carolseverything else looks good to me
20:10.36sunpy|keithsounds good. thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, carols!
20:10.42sunpy|keithkeep up the good work with GSoC
20:10.43carolsof course!
20:10.47carolshappy friday, and thanks for waiting
20:10.48sunpy|renstarok, so vouch plus hope to come up on the right side ofthe numbers game
20:10.50*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m2 (~androirc@
20:10.51sunpy|renstarthanks again!
20:10.55carolsyep, indeed
20:11.00carolsmoving along!
20:11.02*** mode/#gsoc [+v benlangfeld] by scorche
20:11.03sunpy|cadairyes, thanks a lot, I have driven how 50% of the Uk while this has been going on:)
20:11.03*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv sunpy|cadair sunpy|keith sunpy|renstar] by scorche|sh
20:11.03gsocbotcarols: Next in line is benlangfeld with notice 'AdhearsionFoundation'
20:11.10carolsadhesion foundatioion
20:11.11benlangfeldHello there carols :)
20:11.17carolsthere we go
20:11.19carolshi :-)
20:11.41*** join/#gsoc renstar (
20:11.48carolscan i pm?
20:11.52benlangfeldof course :)
20:11.59*** part/#gsoc renstar (
20:12.47*** join/#gsoc burcin (
20:14.11*** part/#gsoc Guest96239 (56a84c91@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:14.39*** join/#gsoc Azbruh (
20:15.48benlangfeldSo, I've noted your comments about extra background data on the ideas page, along with details of prereqs on ideas. I get the impression that the approach should be to throw everything relevant on the ideas page instead of leaving it up to further research?
20:16.21*** join/#gsoc tzikia (~tzikisipa@
20:16.31carolsum, the idea scenario would be that you research all the ideas further and then put those all on the page :-)
20:16.45*** part/#gsoc keith3 (
20:16.45carolsanyway, your page looks pretty good overall.
20:17.58carolshope you have a nice weekend :-)
20:18.01carolsmoving along!
20:18.05gsocbotcarols: Next in line is buddycloud with notice 'buddycloud'
20:18.06*** mode/#gsoc [+v buddycloud] by scorche|sh
20:18.08*** mode/#gsoc [-v benlangfeld] by scorche
20:18.09carolsbuddycloud folks
20:18.10buddycloudHi Carol!
20:18.12*** part/#gsoc nexsoftware (
20:18.18carolshi there
20:18.29carolsah, so
20:18.38carolshave you guys ever worked with wordpress?
20:18.50buddycloudno besides setting up a blog.
20:19.03buddycloudAre you thinking of buddypress?
20:19.17carolsoh jeez
20:19.19carolsyes i am
20:19.20carolsi'm sorry.
20:19.23carolsmy mistake
20:19.24carolshold please!
20:19.31carolsit's been 3 and a half hours :-)
20:19.43buddycloudno worries. I admire your dedication.
20:20.07*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:20.21scorche|shcarols: 4 and a half hours  ;)
20:20.30carolsyes, well, who's counting? :-)
20:20.35carolsok, so on the ideas page.
20:20.36*** part/#gsoc benlangfeld (~Adium@unaffiliated/benlangfeld)
20:20.56carolsstructure is good, but i would have liked like maybe 1 or 2 more ideas?
20:21.39carolsi appreciate that you mentioned on your ideas page that this is a real job
20:21.46carolsi completely agree, you should keep that :-)
20:22.06buddycloudI think that's important! We pushed hard last year (under the XSF)
20:22.15carolsalso, i would have liked more (less) difficult ideas as well
20:22.37*** join/#gsoc keith3 (
20:22.49*** part/#gsoc bobdaduckie (
20:22.50*** part/#gsoc keith3 (
20:23.01carolsone of the questions we get a lot from students is if they don't know much coding, can they participate? and so in each ideas page we're looking for easy, medium *and* hard problems to answer to as many students as possible
20:23.28buddycloudThat's good to know - we'll definitely apply next year with more of a spread.
20:23.57carolsother than that, i think we liked your ideas page but just weren't wowed, and so when it came down to numbers you got cut :-(
20:23.59*** join/#gsoc DeNiS_M (
20:24.15buddycloudthanks for the feedback.
20:24.24carolsof course. any more questions?
20:24.29carolssorry about the mixup.
20:24.32carolsspradsheet issues.
20:24.34buddycloudThat's useful. Thanks.
20:24.38carolsspreadsheet issues.
20:24.43carolshas more coffee
20:24.52carolswell, have a nice weekend :-) thanks for waiting.
20:25.00carolsmoving along!
20:25.00buddycloudThanks for the feedback.
20:25.01*** mode/#gsoc [-v buddycloud] by scorche|sh
20:25.04gsocbotcarols: Next in line is webchick with notice 'Drupal'
20:25.07webchick|drupalHi! :)
20:25.15carolshi webchick
20:25.19carolssorry about kicking you earlier
20:25.24carolsbut i was doing my schpeal :-)
20:25.34webchick|drupalNo, *I'm* very sorry, I didn't realize what was going on.
20:25.39webchick|drupalthanks scorche for filling me in. :)
20:25.46carolsnow i thought i'd already provided feedback to someone about drupal's app?
20:25.47webchick|drupalwe have two other Drupalists here: slashrsm|drupal and sumitk
20:25.58carolsright, didn't sumitk already get the lowdown?
20:26.00webchick|drupalcarols: Yes, we understand why we were rejected. It was for not having a proper ideas list.
20:26.03*** mode/#gsoc [+vv slashrsm|drupal sumitk] by scorche|sh
20:26.06carolsright, ok.
20:26.08webchick|drupalSo we will definitely work on that for next year.
20:26.10*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (~pitchoilc@
20:26.11carolsso is there something i can help with?
20:26.13carolsok, great
20:26.22webchick|drupalI mostly wanted to communicate that we took this really seriously.
20:26.32carolsoh, good, i'm glad to hear that.
20:26.32webchick|drupalAnd the Drupal Association is gearing up to be able to add strong support for GSoC management next year
20:26.42carolseveryone's human. we understand.
20:26.48carolsbut competition is stiff.
20:26.51webchick|drupalSo we no longer have to rely on poor GSoC alumnis who are trying to carry the ball forward when the "old guard" is busy building Drupal 8. :)
20:26.54webchick|drupalYes, of course.
20:26.56carolsso there's no room for error :-)
20:27.03carolscool glad to hear it.
20:27.05webchick|drupalWe're also doing some detailed analysis of past GSoC years
20:27.17webchick|drupalto try and put together some marketing material around the benefits of the program for Drupal over the years
20:27.23webchick|drupalAnd drum up better community support
20:27.23carolsthat's good to hear!
20:27.42webchick|drupalAnd finally, I was just going to mention I added a feature request for melange for maybe a "template" of the ideas list
20:27.49webchick|drupalSince i notice most of the feedback here is about not enough details there
20:27.57carolsso i have a solution that you can implement for that!
20:28.00webchick|drupalOh? :)
20:28.17*** join/#gsoc MarkAtwood (~mark@unaffiliated/fallenpegasus)
20:28.25carolsyou just like anyone else can edit this:
20:28.28carolshowever you see fit
20:28.36webchick|drupalOh, sweet.
20:28.38carolsso if you'd like to make it different, please go ahead and do so :-)
20:28.48webchick|drupalGreat, I'll take a look.
20:28.49carolsand then other orgs can benefit as well.
20:28.52carolsthank you
20:29.03webchick|drupalAnyway, that's all I wanted to say, thanks for giving us the opporutnity, and hope we can participate next year! :)
20:29.13carolsof course. thanks for waiting as well :-)
20:29.18carolsi hope you all have a nice friday
20:29.44carolsalright, moving along.
20:29.46*** mode/#gsoc [+v cgogn_] by scorche
20:29.46*** mode/#gsoc [-vv slashrsm|drupal sumitk] by scorche|sh
20:29.50gsocbotcarols: Next in line is cgogn_ with notice 'CGoGN'
20:29.55cgogn_hi carols !
20:29.55carolscgogn folks
20:30.01cgogn_hiw are you ?
20:30.02carolshey, thanks for waiting
20:30.04*** join/#gsoc badlogic1 (
20:30.11carolsgood thanks except for the impending carpal tunnel
20:30.31*** part/#gsoc slashrsm|drupal (~slashrsm@
20:30.31cgogn_:) so, what is the feedback for us?
20:30.40*** join/#gsoc akshay_r (~akshay@
20:30.49*** part/#gsoc kalyan (~vijaykaly@
20:30.56carolsso as with a couple orgs, i love the structure of your page and think it's great, and you could have used like maybe 1 or 2 more ideas :-)
20:30.56*** join/#gsoc yogev_ezra (~androirc@
20:30.58cgogn_we are a newbee org
20:30.59*** part/#gsoc wizard_A (~chatzilla@
20:31.26*** join/#gsoc skyred (
20:31.41*** join/#gsoc lemora (
20:31.45*** join/#gsoc AndreiDuma (~duma@
20:31.50cgogn_so what did we wrong ?
20:32.07carolssecondly, on your app, i know that you aren't anticipating people leaving the gsoc stead, but we wanted you to take into consideration that people can do things other than leave the project voluntarily
20:32.14carolsand that the students can be left in the lurch on that
20:32.25carolsthe bus phenomenon, if you're familiar with it.
20:32.28*** part/#gsoc buddycloud (
20:32.37*** part/#gsoc yogev_ezra (~androirc@
20:32.59cgogn_ok i understand
20:33.03carolsalso, i would have appreciated more information about your community and how you would use *that* to help retain students
20:33.22carolsso all of those little things combined
20:33.27*** join/#gsoc haseeb (~haseeb@
20:33.27*** join/#gsoc haseeb (~haseeb@unaffiliated/haseeb)
20:33.31cgogn_we are effectively a little community
20:33.34carolsand things didn't work out well for you this year
20:33.44carolsa lot of our orgs are.
20:34.18carolsi hope that helps a bit?
20:34.26cgogn_we are scientific oriented
20:34.27cgogn_is this a cause to ?
20:34.35carolsnope, not at all.
20:34.38carolsi like science.
20:34.43carolsi prefer it to some other things :-)
20:34.55carolsbut anyway, this was about the application and a little bit about the ideas page
20:34.56*** part/#gsoc sumanah (~sumanah@mediawiki/sumanah)
20:35.08carolsi would encourage you to brush up on both and try again next year
20:35.22cgogn_ok, we will try, thanks for all
20:35.30carolsany other questions?
20:35.46cgogn_no questions, thanks !
20:35.50carolsok great
20:35.56carolshope you have a nice summer
20:35.59carolsmoving along!
20:36.01*** mode/#gsoc [-v cgogn_] by scorche
20:36.03gsocbotcarols: Next in line is teammates|damith with notice 'teammates'
20:36.05scorche|shI do not see damith anymore - is there anyone else here representing the teammates project? - please PM me in the next 30 seconds before we move on to the next in the queue
20:36.13carolssure, i can wait
20:36.17carolsi need more coffee anyway
20:36.24carols30 seconds is about how long that will take :-)
20:36.51*** join/#gsoc Bojhan (
20:37.31carolsplays the jeopardy theme music
20:37.42scorche|shok - moving on - anyone from the teammates project can re-queue when they come back - otherwise, email carols
20:37.48carolsalright, moving along
20:37.49gsocbotscorche|sh: Next in line is rivanov with notice 'sevntucheckstyle'
20:37.55*** mode/#gsoc [+v rivanov] by scorche|sh
20:38.00carolssevntucheckstyle folks
20:38.32carolsso let's see
20:38.45carolsi very much like the format of your ideas page
20:38.54carolsbut would have very much liked more ideas overall
20:39.00carolsi assume you're probably a small group?
20:39.17rivanovyes we are small, we have only two ideas
20:39.21carolsbut do you think your codebase could use more than two projects to improve it?
20:39.41rivanovbut under that ideas we have bunch of work (as small well defined tasks)
20:40.01carolsindeed. that's great.
20:40.10*** part/#gsoc Bojhan (
20:40.11carolsand i'd love to see that sort of supporting material for all your tasks
20:40.16carolssorry, projects
20:40.17rivanovso it will be better to have more ideas?
20:40.21carolsbut more project ideas overall, yes
20:40.29rivanovIs it good idea, at next year, to register a organization could combine all derivatives from main Checkstyle project ?
20:40.30rivanovand each depended sub-project will have its ideas.
20:40.59carolsyes, that i think is a great idea actually
20:41.09carolsi would definitely encourage you to do that.
20:41.13rivanov>>supporting material for all your tasks
20:41.24rivanovcan you explain this ?
20:41.25*** join/#gsoc koda (
20:41.52carolssupporting material, like links to bugs, use cases for the project, background on why you want it done, any mailing list archives that the project was discussed on, etc.
20:42.12rivanovok, I see, thanks a lot
20:42.21carolsyou're welcome.
20:42.24carolsany other questions?
20:42.26rivanovanything else to improve ?
20:42.35carolsno, the rest of the application looks good.
20:42.44carolsthank you for your work on that :-)
20:42.45rivanovok, thanks.
20:42.58carolsyou're welcome.
20:43.01carolsthanks for waiting.
20:43.02rivanovno more questions - thanks.
20:43.06carolsi hope you have a nice weekend.
20:43.11carolsmoving along!
20:43.13scorche|shI do not see whodaman anymore - is there anyone else here representing the project? - please PM me in the next 30 seconds before we move on to the next in the queue
20:43.14gsocbotcarols: Next in line is whodaman with notice ''
20:43.23*** mode/#gsoc [-v rivanov] by scorche|sh
20:43.27carolsi got an email about trade link i believe
20:43.32carolswe can move along on that one
20:43.37*** mode/#gsoc [+v umit|k0p] by scorche
20:43.46gsocbotscorche|sh: Next in line is boltrix with notice 'UmitProject'
20:43.50*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m2 (~androirc@
20:43.51carolsumit folks
20:44.09scorche|shumit|k0p: i assume you will do? - i didnt not see a PM
20:44.22carolshi :-)
20:44.24*** join/#gsoc mmadia (~mmadia@pdpc/supporter/active/mmadia)
20:44.26carolsthanks for waiting
20:44.36*** join/#gsoc aetherlux (~aetherlux@
20:44.36*** join/#gsoc andrei1089 (
20:44.37*** mode/#gsoc [+v boltrix] by scorche|sh
20:44.41scorche|shoh, sorry
20:44.41umit|k0pit is our idea pages :)
20:44.44boltrixthat is very important for us :)
20:44.55*** join/#gsoc cmedina (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:45.09carolsyour ideas page looks good.
20:45.10umit|k0phi folks!
20:45.30carolsi can tell you that this was entirely another veteran org falling victim to us wanting to make space for new orgs.
20:45.39carolswe had this in a few places this year
20:45.43carolsand you guys were one of them :-(
20:46.09boltrixwhat do you think we could have done not to fall victim this year?
20:46.46carolsnot have been an org that had participated in the past?
20:47.05carolsthis was just a matter of making space for orgs that hadn't participated before.
20:47.15carolsi'm sorry it's not more satisfying :-(
20:47.37*** join/#gsoc ignatiev (
20:47.42carolsbut in some ways maybe it's good news, you did everything right on your application and your ideas page.
20:47.57boltrixI asked because there are orgs (like nmap) every year since 2005, and I thought that maybe there was something that we could have done different that would have made us look more interesting than the other veteran that stayed
20:48.18boltrixI'm glad to hear that :)
20:48.25carolswe do have some orgs who have participated every year, but really only a handful.
20:48.34*** join/#gsoc pvrks (~ravi@
20:48.42carolsand even they are subject to the whims of the gsoc balancing act too
20:49.00carolsno one's guaranteed a spot.
20:49.05*** part/#gsoc chx (
20:49.09carolsso i'm sorry about that
20:49.12boltrixI'm sure, and I think this is a very good practice.
20:49.25carolsi would encourage you to apply again next year.
20:49.25boltrixDon't be sorry, we're glad that we got the previous chances
20:49.27boltrixwe're glad to had this chance
20:49.28carolsthat's great.
20:49.28carolsthank you.
20:49.40umit|k0pyeah, it is good for the program for sure. :)
20:49.40boltrixand we think this was great for us anyways
20:49.40carolsawesome :-)
20:49.41carolsi'm glad to hear it
20:49.49carolsthanks for waiting so long
20:49.59boltrixnot a problem! we'll apply again next year
20:50.04boltrixwish you all a great summer!
20:50.11carolsi hope you have a nice summer too :-)
20:50.15umit|k0pwe will stay keep an eye on the program anyway :)
20:50.23carolsmoving along!
20:50.23*** mode/#gsoc [+vvv reviewboard|mcon reviewboard|Chip reviewboard|SMac] by scorche|sh
20:50.24*** mode/#gsoc [-vv umit|k0p boltrix] by scorche
20:50.26gsocbotcarols: Next in line is reviewboard|Chip with notice 'reviewboard'
20:50.28*** part/#gsoc boltrix (
20:50.31carolshi reviewboard folks
20:50.37carolswho can i pm from your org? :-)
20:50.51reviewboard|mconPM me
20:51.30*** part/#gsoc Xoppa (
20:53.54*** join/#gsoc imeim (
20:54.52carolsalright, moving along!
20:54.52*** mode/#gsoc [+v tzikia] by scorche
20:54.53*** mode/#gsoc [-vvv reviewboard|mcon reviewboard|Chip reviewboard|SMac] by scorche|sh
20:54.56gsocbotcarols: Next in line is tzikia with notice 'codebender'
20:55.03tzikiaHi carols
20:55.19carolshey there
20:55.40carolsso in general, i can say i liked your ideas page
20:56.00carolshowever, i think the execution was very well-meaning and fell a little far of the target.
20:56.22carolsfor example, the ideas page would be a place where you'd welcome students to your project and tell them about you and what you do.
20:56.29*** join/#gsoc mcb30_mobile (~AndChat@
20:56.41carolsgive them an application template if they decide to apply
20:56.47tzikiaI see
20:56.49carolsthat sort of thing
20:57.09carolsi like the format and the structure and the ideas
20:57.20carolsbut maybe just make it more of the cohesive experience of getting to know your project?
20:57.34*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
20:57.53carolsalso, next thing.
20:58.00carolssounds like you guys are new and small?
20:58.07tzikiaI get your point. Thanks for the feedback carols.
20:58.29carolsthat's ok, we like that sort of thing. however, we were a little concerned about your ability for your community to support the influx of students and worklaod
20:58.46carolsi believe that you can probably handle it
20:58.51carolsbut you should speak more to that in the application
20:59.18carolswe like what you're doing though. i appreciate the maker/arduino/etc space right now.
20:59.22*** join/#gsoc Merio (~merio@
20:59.25carolsi'd encourage you to apply again next year.
20:59.52carolskeep the format of the ideas page though :-)
20:59.54carolsthat was good
20:59.57carolsjust add more
21:00.11tzikiaSounds right. We do have a tight community, partly due to our size, but I guess we should communicate the full-time commitments of most of our members better
21:00.17carolsand btw, you don't have to make it a google doc just to impress us :-)
21:00.30tzikiaThanks a lot!
21:00.31carolsjust so you know.
21:00.44carolsyou're welcome. thanks for waiting
21:00.52tzikiaWe use docs for everything anyway
21:00.55carolsi hope you have a nice friday
21:00.58carolsfair enough :-)
21:01.05carolsany other questions?
21:01.16carolscool :-)
21:01.24carolsmoving along!
21:01.25*** mode/#gsoc [+v ITK|Matt-M] by scorche|sh
21:01.26*** mode/#gsoc [-v tzikia] by scorche
21:01.29gsocbotcarols: Next in line is ITK|Matt-M with notice 'ITK'
21:01.36carolsITK folks
21:02.12scorchepokes ITK|Matt-M
21:02.41scorche30 seconds until we move on
21:02.51carolsi guess not?
21:03.00*** join/#gsoc Kiryx (
21:03.13carolswell, you folks can email me if you find you'd still like feedback.
21:03.18gsocbotscorche: Next in line is comunes|s_a_m with notice 'comunes!'
21:03.20carolsmoving along
21:03.22*** mode/#gsoc [+v comunes|s_a_m] by scorche
21:03.23carolscomunes folks
21:03.29*** join/#gsoc j4nu5 (~j4nu5@
21:03.53carolsalright, so a minor point first.
21:04.03carolscomunes|s_a_m: you're there, right?
21:04.31carolsi'll wait a beat before starting
21:04.49*** mode/#gsoc [-v comunes|s_a_m] by scorche
21:04.51*** mode/#gsoc [+v w9|copyleft|ipxe] by scorche|sh
21:04.52carolshums the jeopardy music again
21:04.56gsocbotscorche: Next in line is w9|copyleft|ipxe with notice 'copyleftgames'
21:04.58carolsalright…moving along
21:05.10*** join/#gsoc anmol (~anmol@
21:05.13carolshey guys, did i mention that we had a lot of games apply this year?
21:05.24w9|copyleft|ipxeonly about a bajillion times
21:05.33carolsalright, so that didn't help your case.
21:05.45carolswhat also didn't help your case is we were really disappointed with your ideas page.
21:06.13carolsincluding, but not limited to, the fact that you used mockups from GCI for a GSOC project page
21:06.35carols:-( <--- I made this face.
21:06.53w9|copyleft|ipxenot a good face for you to be making, no
21:06.53*** join/#gsoc automata (~automata@
21:07.04*** join/#gsoc skinder (
21:07.06carolsi know you guys participated in gci, which is great.
21:07.10carolsbut this is a different program.
21:07.17*** part/#gsoc skinder (
21:07.21carolsand has different requirements and standards.
21:07.37*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:07.44carolsany specific questions i can answer?
21:07.47carolsthank you for waiting, btw.
21:07.53*** join/#gsoc raptor (~raptor@unaffiliated/greenmachine)
21:07.55w9|copyleft|ipxegot time for ipxe too?
21:08.00carolsyes i do.
21:08.03carolshold on just a sec.
21:08.10w9|copyleft|ipxe(sine I'm the nominated stand-in for both orgs)
21:08.26carolsah, so this was a different case.
21:08.38carolswe really liked ipxe's ideas page and ideas.
21:08.41carolsand application.
21:08.54*** join/#gsoc jenmylo (
21:08.57carolsbut this year, like most years, we always struggle with the open source hardware space.
21:09.22carolsi completely understand that a lot of it can be done without hardware.
21:09.38w9|copyleft|ipxethat being said at least having a chunk of hardware does help
21:09.42carolsbut it's sort of a point not in your favor if the students might need hardware in order to participate.
21:10.00carolsand the bar was already set high this year from the other orgs' applications.
21:10.04w9|copyleft|ipxefair enough, would it help (in the future) if we offered to provide hardware?
21:10.17w9|copyleft|ipxewe'll keep that in mind
21:10.20carolsbut what about customs issues getting it to remote places?
21:10.26*** join/#gsoc jk__ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:10.29carolsand what if it's broken in shipping?
21:10.29*** part/#gsoc raptor (~raptor@unaffiliated/greenmachine)
21:10.39*** part/#gsoc lionaneesh (~aneeshdog@
21:10.58w9|copyleft|ipxewell network cards are fairly small, but the point is taken
21:10.59carolsand how does the student prove they've got the chops for the project without the hardware? and do you delay the project if it gets stuck in shipping somewhere?
21:11.11carolsit's not insurmountable
21:11.15carolsbut it's just a higher bar
21:11.27carolsand so when we were making tough decisions already…
21:11.34w9|copyleft|ipxefair enough :-)
21:11.39w9|copyleft|ipxewe'll try again next year
21:11.48carolsawesome, please do.
21:11.53w9|copyleft|ipxeand might find another umbrella org to hide under again
21:11.53carolsthanks again for waiting.
21:11.57w9|copyleft|ipxeno prob
21:11.58carolscool :-)
21:12.05carolsi hope you have a nice weekend
21:12.09w9|copyleft|ipxeyou too!
21:12.11*** join/#gsoc webchick (
21:12.11*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
21:12.16carolsmoving along
21:12.19gsocbotcarols: Next in line is DLPeterson with notice 'PyDy'
21:12.21*** mode/#gsoc [+v DLPeterson] by scorche
21:12.21*** mode/#gsoc [-v w9|copyleft|ipxe] by scorche|sh
21:12.22carolspydy folks
21:12.41carolshi there
21:12.51carolswe'll get your other rep voiced here in just a sec.
21:12.53carolsthanks for waiting.
21:12.57carolsyour call is important to us.
21:12.59DLPetersonOk, no problem :)
21:13.15*** mode/#gsoc [+v moorepants] by scorche
21:13.26carolsscorche, could you voice moorepants too?
21:13.28*** join/#gsoc Pierrick_ (
21:13.29carolsthere we go
21:13.34scorchesorry for the delay
21:13.41DLPetersonnot a problem
21:13.44carolsalright, so
21:14.25carolswe seem to have gotten applications in about 5 different types this year :-P
21:14.29carolsone of them was science projects
21:14.30*** join/#gsoc ITK|Matt-M (
21:14.33carolsanother was python projects
21:15.00carolsi love your ideas page. i think you did a great job with it
21:15.09carolsright amount of ideas, and structured well
21:15.26carolsi can tell you're a smaller project, but you've still got a lot of breadth and depth there.
21:15.34carolshave you guys participated under PSF before?
21:15.41moorepantsWe are talking with them now.
21:15.47moorepantsHaven't done so before.
21:15.47DLPetersonI was a GSoC student under PSU in 2009
21:15.55DLPetersonbut not with PSF.
21:15.59carolsoh, cool!
21:16.06carolsdid you and i meet in portend?
21:16.16carolsmaybe that's someone else i'm thinking of
21:16.21DLPetersonI don't think so :(
21:16.33carolswe liked you guys, i would be happy to provide PSF some extra slots to accommodate you
21:16.42moorepantsThat sounds great.
21:16.44DLPetersonWell, that would be wonderful.
21:16.46carolsyou were rejected mostly as a matter of numbers.
21:17.11carolsi would encourage you to apply again next year as well.
21:17.12moorepantsOk, I've been in contact with Terri and Florin and we've been trying to get something going with PSF.
21:17.13DLPetersonWe had a hard time trying to figure out how to differentiate ourselves from SymPy
21:17.20carolskeep the ideas page format, it's great.
21:17.24carolswell, cc me on the email.
21:17.27DLPetersonThanks, that is really good to hear.
21:17.28carolswe can take it up offline.
21:17.31moorepantsOk, sounds good.
21:17.37carolsthanks for waiting so long.
21:17.40*** join/#gsoc webchick (
21:17.40*** mode/#gsoc [+o webchick] by ChanServ
21:17.47DLPetersonNo problem.
21:17.48*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:17.51carolshave a nice weekend.
21:17.54moorepantsYou too.
21:18.02DLPetersonWas there anything else you could suggest about our app?
21:18.06*** join/#gsoc ryanstewart (
21:18.11carolshonestly, no. it looks great.
21:18.14*** join/#gsoc Crystallis (~boolivar@
21:18.16DLPetersonOk, thanks.
21:18.18*** join/#gsoc embs (~embs@
21:18.22carolsyou're welcome.
21:18.23DLPetersonWe'll be in touch via email.
21:18.30carolsmoving along!
21:18.33*** mode/#gsoc [+v systemsbiologist] by scorche|sh
21:18.34gsocbotcarols: Next in line is systemsbiologist with notice 'Cell Collective'
21:18.34*** mode/#gsoc [-vv DLPeterson moorepants] by scorche
21:18.38carolscell collective folks
21:18.48carolsthat's a great nick you've got there.
21:18.56systemsbiologisthaha thank you
21:19.17carolsso a couple things.
21:19.18systemsbiologistthanks for all the time you've been providing feedback on all these projects
21:19.25carolsof course, i'm happy to.
21:19.38carolsa few things on your ideas page.
21:19.59carolsi like the structure and the pretty pictures but would have appreciated at least a couple more ideas generally
21:20.29*** join/#gsoc jk___ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:20.36carolsi would have also liked you to list potential mentors from your community for the projects (which would also have the double benefit of reassuring us you have a community to support the influx of students)
21:20.36systemsbiologistdo you think the ideas we do have follow the expected format/depth/etc?
21:20.46*** part/#gsoc moorepants (
21:21.07carolsformat and depth look good to me.
21:21.10*** join/#gsoc sumanah (~sumanah@mediawiki/sumanah)
21:21.16carolsbut i would have liked a couple more ideas.
21:21.22carols2-3 is really a bit sparse :-(
21:21.26systemsbiologistwe had them listed for the specific ideas, but perhaps we should've provided a complete list at the beginning?
21:21.28carolseven if they're fleshed out.
21:21.33carolsyeah, i think so.
21:21.58carolsalso, as i've said to a couple other folks, it would have certainly given you a +1 if you had an org who could vouch for you.
21:22.17systemsbiologistoh ok
21:22.18carolsnot a dealbreaker, but maybe something to consider for the summer. see if you can collaborate with anyone.
21:22.25carolsjust an idea.
21:23.03carolsfinally, you also suffered from the fact that we had a lot of applicants in this realm this year :-(
21:23.10carolsso combined with the other stuff i mentioned...
21:23.17carolsit didn't turn out well for you
21:23.18systemsbiologistalso, when completing the app, we were concerned about a potential issue with not having an active IRC channel or mailing list -- we communicate with everyone through our forum...
21:23.26carolsno, that's ok.
21:23.31carolswe didn't penalize you for that.
21:23.36*** join/#gsoc system64 (~system64@
21:23.41carolsgood question though.
21:23.53carolsanyway, i'd encourage you to apply again next year
21:24.03systemsbiologistit was the first time we applied, so this is a learning experience and we hope to be more successful next year
21:24.08carolsgreat :-)
21:24.10carolsi hope you do
21:24.16carolsyou've got super cool visualizations :-)
21:24.25systemsbiologistthank you!
21:24.28carolsyou're welcome
21:24.31carolshave a nice weekend
21:24.37systemsbiologistthanks, you too!
21:24.50systemsbiologistand thanks for the feedback
21:24.53carolsof course.
21:25.01carolsmoving along!
21:25.03*** mode/#gsoc [+v friedger] by scorche
21:25.03gsocbotcarols: Next in line is friedger with notice 'openintents'
21:25.03*** mode/#gsoc [-v systemsbiologist] by scorche|sh
21:25.11carolsopenintents folks
21:25.33carolshey there
21:25.54carolsyeah, this was another new vs. old orgs thing.
21:26.10carolsi really like your ideas page, and you were in the running under our later cuts.
21:26.32carolsbut we pruned some orgs that have participated before and yours was one of them :-(
21:26.47friedgerwe should have had some fresh ideas
21:26.50carolsi'm sorry that's not very satisfying
21:26.52*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
21:26.58carolsyeah, maybe so.
21:27.04carolsin general, though, your ideas page looks good.
21:27.14carolsas does your application.
21:27.20*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:27.50friedgerok, next year maybe
21:27.51carolssome of our decisions really are just about making way for new orgs.
21:27.58carolsyes, please do apply again next year.
21:28.11carolsyou're welcome. thanks for waiting.
21:28.22carolsi hope you have a nice weekend.
21:28.29friedgeryou too
21:28.36carolsalright, moving along
21:28.38*** mode/#gsoc [+v stefano-k] by scorche|sh
21:28.39*** mode/#gsoc [-v friedger] by scorche
21:28.41gsocbotcarols: Next in line is stefano-k with notice 'MATE Desktop Environment'
21:28.44carolsMATE folks
21:28.45*** join/#gsoc weltallAnd (~AndChat@planeshift/developer/weltall)
21:28.48stefano-khi Carol :)
21:28.56carolsyou guys were in line early, i'm sorry you got moved in the queue
21:28.58carolsthanks for waiting
21:29.09stefano-knp :)
21:29.29*** join/#gsoc dan408 (VICODAN@bitchx/fedora/vicodan)
21:29.34carolsso i think i have a couple notes on your ideas page:
21:29.41carolswe'd like the ideas to be more fleshed out.
21:30.03carolsmore background, information for a newcomer to get to know your project.
21:30.13carolsthe formatting is good, but you could use potential mentors listed as well
21:30.29stefano-kok, we listed mentors before ideas indeed
21:30.52carolsthe number of ideas is pretty good. i surely wouldn't go less than that.
21:31.00carolsmaybe even more for next year :-)
21:31.13stefano-kthank you!
21:31.24carolsyou're welcome
21:31.32carolsjust one more thing
21:31.45carolsi would have liked a more extensive answer about your plans for disappearing mentors
21:31.49stefano-kluckily we got a collaboration with fedora for this year
21:31.53carolswe like to know you've really thought it out
21:31.55carolsok, great
21:31.58carolsglad to hear it
21:32.10carolsscorche, could you voice dan408?
21:32.22*** mode/#gsoc [+v dan408] by scorche|sh
21:32.25dan408hi, and thanks
21:32.42carolsso please have fedora email me when we're doing slot allocations and i'll make sure you're both accomodated
21:32.43dan408sorry i missed the beginning of the discussion. my name is Dan Mashal and I'm the MATE maintainer for the Fedora project
21:32.48carolshi there
21:32.50carolsno problem.
21:32.53scorche|shAs a note folks, please PM me rather than carols for any concerns - she is busy typing  ;)
21:32.54carolsit's been a long day.
21:32.58dan408im sure
21:33.00stefano-kcarols: about disappearing mentors, you would like a precise plan about it?
21:33.16carolsyes, indeed. we're really worried about the student experience here
21:33.26carolsand while i'm sure you don't anticipate people leaving, you just never know.
21:33.32carolswe want to make sure there's a safety net
21:33.37dan408carols: we have a plan for disappearing mentors, probably the same plan for disappearing coders and packagers.
21:33.42*** join/#gsoc cmedina (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:33.44stefano-kok thanks
21:34.01carolswell, so you allude in your application to having a plan.
21:34.01dan408in regards to background, what were you looking for? background on the project itself? or the ideas?
21:34.06carolsbut don't actually say what it is.
21:34.21carolspart of the application is telling us what your plans are so we can assess you :-)
21:34.29stefano-kcarols: yes, I forget to describe the plan, and the backup mentors
21:34.40carolsyeah, so that in tandem with the ideas page.
21:34.52carolsi'd encourage you to spruce it up for next year and apply again.
21:34.59stefano-kof course!
21:35.03carolsgreat :-)
21:35.06dan408carols: would you have any suggestions on ideas?
21:35.17dan408or were we rejected mainly on lack of filling out the application properly?
21:35.36carolswell, the ideas themselves are fine. but i would like more information on each, background for the students on why you want it as a project, potential mentors, etc.
21:35.49carolsit's too sparse as it stands.
21:35.53dan408i agree.
21:35.58stefano-kme too
21:36.05dan408but i was asking if you had any ideas you would like to see added
21:36.15*** join/#gsoc j4nu5 (~j4nu5@
21:36.16carolsonly you can decide that :-)
21:36.25carolswho am i to tell you what you need worked on? :-)
21:36.46dan408suggestsions aren't insults ;)
21:36.48stefano-khehe :)
21:37.07carolsyeah, but i don't know your community or the intricacies of your codebase well enough to make that assessment.
21:37.14dan408oh ok
21:37.24dan408i guess maybe that's a question i could ask you offline
21:37.25*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (~j0ni@
21:37.32carolssure, you're welcome to email me.
21:37.35carolsyou're welcome.
21:37.38carolsthanks again for waiting.
21:37.49carolsi hope you have a nice friday.
21:37.56dan408so basically have a contingency plan for awol students/mentors
21:38.00stefano-kthank you carols
21:38.03dan408elaborate on the ideas
21:38.06carolsyou're welcome.
21:38.11dan408anything else?
21:38.17carolstry again next year :-)
21:38.21stefano-ka vouching org, I believe :)
21:38.31carolsyou have a googler.
21:38.38carolsat least, you list one on your application.
21:38.42carolswhich is good.
21:38.48carolswe like that.
21:38.53dan408we like google
21:38.54carolsso you're good there.
21:38.56carolsi do too.
21:39.12carolsand they don't even pay me to say that.
21:39.18carolsanything else i can help with?
21:39.28stefano-kI think it is enough
21:39.39dan408nothing that i can think of now
21:39.41dan408thank you carols
21:39.46carolsthanks to you both
21:39.51carolsfeel free to email if you think of anything
21:39.53dan408thank you carols
21:39.56carolsmoving along!
21:39.59*** mode/#gsoc [+v ryanstewart] by scorche
21:39.59*** mode/#gsoc [-vv dan408 stefano-k] by scorche|sh
21:39.59gsocbotcarols: Next in line is ryanstewart with notice 'Brackets /w adrocknaphobia'
21:40.03carolsbrackets folks
21:40.05carolsthanks for waiting
21:40.10carolswe're in the home stretch
21:40.40scorcheryanstewart: poke
21:40.46carolsdo we have brackets folks here?
21:41.08carolssips some coffee
21:41.21carolsalright, 30 more seconds and then we'll move on.
21:41.52*** mode/#gsoc [+v friedger] by scorche|sh
21:41.55*** mode/#gsoc [-v ryanstewart] by scorche
21:41.59gsocbotscorche: Next in line is friedger_ with notice 'OpenIntents'
21:42.05carolswe did openintents?
21:42.09carolsdidn't we?
21:42.15*** join/#gsoc Phantomas (~Phantomas@ubuntu/member/phantomas)
21:42.17scorchei thought so, at least
21:42.28carolsso the brackets folks can email if they like
21:42.32carolsnext in line?
21:42.40*** mode/#gsoc [+v dhaun] by scorche
21:42.40gsocbotcarols: Next in line is dhaun with notice 'Geeklog'
21:42.42*** mode/#gsoc [-v friedger] by scorche|sh
21:42.44carolsgeeklog folks
21:42.50dhaunhey carols :)
21:42.54carolshey there dirk
21:42.55dhaunhope the caffeine still works
21:43.02carolsthanks again for all your help on the mailing list.
21:43.08carolsit really helps me out.
21:43.34carolslet's see.
21:44.16dhaunI guess the revision of the ideas page you were looking at when doing the reviews was
21:44.33carolsthis was another terribly unsatisfying decision.
21:44.44carolswe had you in until our last round of cuts.
21:45.00carolsi was quite happy with (both versions of) your ideas page.
21:45.15carolsyour application looks good as well.
21:45.29dhaunthat's certainly good to hear
21:45.37*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (~j0ni@
21:45.44carolsyeah, i'm sorry, i don't have a lot of good feedback for you.
21:45.46dhaunso what, if anything, could we have done better?
21:45.54carolsi suppose a couple of your ideas could have had a touch more information?
21:46.03carolsbut really, that's splitting hairs.
21:46.09*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m2 (~androirc@
21:46.19dhaunI had that feeling with one or two myself - noted
21:46.20carolswe really had to just cut some orgs that had participated before to make way for new ones.
21:46.38carolsi'm sorry that's probably not very helpful :-(
21:46.47carolsi would encourage you to try again next year.
21:46.48*** join/#gsoc felipe_ (~felipe@unaffiliated/felipe)
21:46.51dhaunit's okay, I figured as much
21:46.56dhaunwill do
21:46.58carolsalright, i'm glad.
21:47.09dhaunso the format of the ideas page with ideas being on separate pages is okay?
21:47.13carolssorry to make you wait for such an unsatisfying outcome.
21:47.18carolsyes, that's fine.
21:47.27dhaunas I saw most other orgs put it all on one page
21:47.30carolswe don't have any trouble clicking through :-)
21:47.35dhaunokay, great
21:47.43carolswell, you managed to divide it out so it's obvious
21:47.49carolsyou didn't hide it at the bottom of the page
21:47.53carolsso that's considerate
21:48.01dhauncool, thanks
21:48.04carolsanyway, try again next year?
21:48.17*** join/#gsoc vruiz (4473817d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:48.27carolsi hope you have a nice weekend regardless.
21:48.30dhaunwill do - and thanks to Fedora, we'll be in GSoC 2013 with 1 slot
21:48.38dhaunthanks, you too :)
21:48.40carolsgreat, glad to hear it.
21:48.43carolscheers :-)
21:48.48carolsalright, moving along
21:48.50*** mode/#gsoc [+v jk_] by scorche|sh
21:48.52*** mode/#gsoc [-v dhaun] by scorche
21:48.53gsocbotcarols: Next in line is jk_ with notice 'Simbios'
21:48.58carolssimbios folks
21:49.05*** join/#gsoc jk__ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:49.11*** mode/#gsoc [+v jk__] by scorche
21:49.16*** join/#gsoc cmedina_ (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:49.29scorchejk__: hi
21:49.37jk__Hi there
21:49.45carolshey there
21:49.46*** join/#gsoc deadlytea (
21:49.59carolsso we got a lot of applications in the biology sphere this year :-)
21:50.21jk__You've mentioned that you all were trying to include new orgs this year - do you have actual numbers of new vs. old orgs (accepted)?
21:50.36carolsyeah, we accepted 177 orgs of which 40 are new.
21:51.04carolsi loved your ideas page. and i love the stuff you are working on.
21:51.07jk__Great to hear that lots of biology applications came through
21:51.21carolsare there any other accepted orgs on the list that you've worked with in any capacity?
21:51.51carolsif you were able to set up an umbrella situation with any of them, that'd be great. but i realize it may or may not be possible for you.
21:52.18carolsoh, ok
21:52.33carolsum, i guess i'll move along then?
21:52.41*** join/#gsoc sbalneav (
21:52.54*** join/#gsoc jk_ (ab415ceb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:52.55scorchecarols: jk__ is still here
21:52.55carolsanyway, let it be said for the record the simbios folks can email me if they have further questions.
21:53.01*** join/#gsoc cmedina (d9d8636b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:53.02*** mode/#gsoc [+v jk_] by scorche
21:53.05*** part/#gsoc DeNiS_M (
21:53.06jk_sorry about that - lost connection
21:53.10carolsno problem
21:53.27carolsanyway, so i was just wondering if you could set up with another org this year.
21:53.33jk_can we somehow contact other rejected apps in the bio field for collaborations (both inside and outside SoC)?
21:53.34*** part/#gsoc DrMemory|derek (
21:53.55carolswell, you're more than welcome to reach out to any org that came here today for feedback to collaborate with them.
21:54.13carolsby virtue of them being in a logged irc channel they have said they'd be ok with people knowing they applied :-)
21:54.21jk_And yes, the idea of looking for possible collaborations with exisiting SoC mentors is a good idea
21:54.42carolsin terms of soc, though, please email me if there's any orgs who are participating who you might want to work with.
21:54.47*** join/#gsoc j4nu5 (~j4nu5@
21:54.47carolswe can handle the logistics offline.
21:54.50jk_Just curious if it might be something SoC could organize - in terms of promoting open-source collaborations in general
21:54.52*** part/#gsoc DrMemory|qin (zhaoqin@nat/google/x-xaninmcsvlthsgsu)
21:54.56jk_Lastly, any specific feedback about our app?
21:55.06carolsi have a very tiny thing
21:55.12carolsthat really didn't matter to your application
21:55.16carolsbut just something to keep in mind
21:55.34carolsyou mention a name for a person who can vouch for your organization but don't list an email.
21:55.45carolsit just would have helped to have an email is all :-)
21:55.54jk_no problem - easily fixed in the future  :)
21:55.54carolsi don't specify it on the app, it was just a little thing
21:56.03carolsother than that we loved your ideas page and your project
21:56.11jk_great to hear!
21:56.19carolswe can chat offline
21:56.27jk_yes, thanks.
21:56.31carolsi hope you have a great weekend, and thanks again for waiting.
21:56.36jk_you too!  :)
21:56.40carolsmoving along!
21:56.42*** mode/#gsoc [+v vruiz] by scorche|sh
21:56.43gsocbotcarols: Next in line is vruiz with notice 'Luxunda'
21:56.43*** mode/#gsoc [-v jk_] by scorche
21:56.47carolsluxunda folks
21:57.03vruizHey there
21:57.11carolshey there
21:57.13carolscan i PM?
21:57.34carolsprivate message.
21:58.28*** join/#gsoc Watusimoto_ (~quassel@
21:58.51*** join/#gsoc aetherlux (~aetherlux@
21:59.39*** join/#gsoc felipe_ (~felipe@unaffiliated/felipe)
21:59.57*** join/#gsoc DiJuMx (~dijumx@
22:00.07*** part/#gsoc fidencio (
22:00.59*** join/#gsoc yashshah (~yash@
22:01.11carolsmoving along
22:01.14gsocbotcarols: Next in line is aetherlux with notice ''
22:01.18*** mode/#gsoc [-v vruiz] by scorche|sh
22:01.19*** mode/#gsoc [+v aetherlux] by scorche
22:01.20carolsclimate prediction folks
22:01.26carolshey there
22:01.47aetherluxwe would like just to know first if our project fits in the GSoC
22:01.52aetherluxwe had some doubts
22:02.17carolsyeah, for sure. any project that's producing open source code already fits gsoc.
22:02.33carolshowever, there are a lot of influences that decide if you get _selected_ for gsoc
22:02.43aetherluxsay us
22:02.52aetherluxwhat about the ideas?
22:03.03carolsanyway, i was going to say that we like the way you formatted your ideas page but we would have liked a few more ideas.
22:03.32carolsit's a bit short for a student to look into.
22:03.45aetherluxwe'll have it into account, just that the guide said to put only one or two if you are new in the GSoC
22:04.07aetherluxmaybe, the idea was to let them to propose a technical sounding solution
22:04.21aetherluxwithout too much conditioning from us
22:04.25*** join/#gsoc devajmitra (~quassel@
22:04.28carolsso we're also fine with the idea of students selecting their own projects.
22:04.57carolsin which case, put that on there listed as a "blue sky idea" and give the students an opportunity to suggest their own.
22:05.12aetherluxwhich was the main problem?
22:05.18aetherluxthe ideas page?
22:05.20carolsbut even then, i still would have liked 2-3 more ideas from you about what sorts of things you'd like the students to work on.
22:05.27aetherluxany other thing to note?
22:05.27carolsyes, that was the main problem.
22:05.52carolsno, that was the main one.
22:06.01carolswe really consider the ideas page the crux of the application.
22:06.05carolseverything else looks fine.
22:06.10aetherluxwill try it the next year
22:06.13aetherluxmany thanks
22:06.15carolsplease do
22:06.19carolsand thank you for waiting
22:06.31carolsany other questions?
22:06.32aetherluxthank you for replying
22:06.38carolsok great
22:06.41carolshave a nice weekend
22:06.46gsocbotcarols: Next in line is gjr with notice 'CloudNets'
22:06.47*** mode/#gsoc [+v gjr] by scorche|sh
22:06.48*** mode/#gsoc [-v aetherlux] by scorche
22:06.50carolscloudnets folks
22:07.28scorchegjr: ping
22:07.32carolsgjr: are you with cloud nets?
22:07.49*** join/#gsoc atapiador-ging (
22:08.01gjrYes, I am
22:08.06carolsthanks for waiting.
22:08.23carolsi have feedback for you guys about your application much like for a lot of the other orgs.
22:08.27gjrHappy to - I am curious after all
22:08.44carolsthe ideas page generally needs some sprucing up
22:09.06*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
22:09.10gjrMore ideas?
22:09.29gjrOr more guidance on how to submit proposals?
22:09.31carolsyou need to flesh out a summary of the idea, and then include potential mentors from your community, prerequisite languages the student needs to know, difficulty level, and then any applicable background to get the student up to speed on the idea and your project.
22:09.37*** join/#gsoc comunes|s_a_m2 (~androirc@
22:09.40carolsa couple more ideas would be nice.
22:09.57carolsbut if you had fleshed out the ones you had that would have been a big improvement in and of itself.
22:10.10gjrOk, we can do that the next time.
22:10.42gjrBoth of it really - there's a whole bunch of things that need doing in there.
22:11.11carolsindeed. it's more about giving the students a lot of well-structured information in order to get them up to speed on what you do quickly.
22:11.17gjrI figured we might have to include more guidance already - looking at a few other ideas pages while waiting for my turn :-)
22:11.21carolsand there isn't enough here as it is.
22:11.34carolswell, i would encourage you to work on that and apply again next year :-)
22:11.43gjrSure thing :-)
22:11.58carolsdid you have other questions?
22:12.26gjrYes...did you manage to look at the rest of the project page?
22:12.35carolsi did.
22:12.44*** join/#gsoc PioneerAxon|N4 (~AndChat49@
22:12.55gjrWe're a bit lacking in the documentation and number of developers departments - I was wondering whether that was a factor, too
22:13.24carolsthe documentation not as much. because if your ideas page is well fleshed out that can make up for a lot
22:13.38gjrGetting it out there in time for the registration deadline was a bit of a rush job, so that should be better next year, but I'm curious
22:13.39carolshowever, yes, we want to make sure you have enough developers to support the onslaught of students
22:13.53gjrWell, we were aiming for one or two anyway
22:13.55carolsso the size of your community is important to us
22:14.04carolswell, try again next year :-)
22:14.10gjrWe're working on that :-)
22:14.23carolsthanks again for waiting as well.
22:14.29carolsi hope you have a nice weekend.
22:14.40gjrThanks, you too!
22:14.47carolsmoving along!
22:14.49*** mode/#gsoc [+v jjj] by scorche
22:14.50*** mode/#gsoc [-v gjr] by scorche|sh
22:14.53carolswe're almost there, folks
22:14.56gsocbotcarols: Next in line is jjj with notice 'bbPress'
22:15.00carolsbbpress folks
22:15.02carolshello there
22:15.06carolsthanks for waiting
22:15.13jjjty for doing this
22:15.15*** part/#gsoc lemora (
22:15.30carolsof course, i'm happy to.
22:15.44carolsso we were a bit disappointed with your ideas page.
22:15.57carolsyou've given a nice structure and wrapper to your bug tracker :-)
22:16.16carolsthat's good for supporting documentation, but listing out bugs does not an ideas page make.
22:16.25*** part/#gsoc sumanah (~sumanah@mediawiki/sumanah)
22:16.34carolswe need a summary of the idea, potential mentors, difficulty, languages, etc.
22:16.44jjjGood feedback.
22:16.50carolsand then and only then would I recommend you link to bugs that help shape the idea.
22:17.13carolsin terms of the number, though, it looks good. you just need to flesh each one out with all that info :-)
22:17.21jjjThat makes sense.
22:17.57carolsyour answers on your application were a little bit terse.
22:17.59jjjWe tend to use Trac for our development discussion; seemed superfluous to copy/paste the bits; but tacking on specific mentors to ideas was lacking.
22:18.14carolsyeah, the ideas page is really something that needs to be crafted.
22:18.18carolsit takes time and thought.
22:18.23carolsit's difficult.
22:18.32carolsso i'd encourage you to flesh it out this year and try again next year.
22:19.04*** join/#gsoc allisterb (~allisterb@
22:19.08carolsdid you have specific questions for me/
22:19.30*** join/#gsoc stefano-k (
22:19.40carolshas some coffee
22:19.58carolsstill there?
22:20.02jjjYep; typing...
22:20.06carolsah, ok
22:20.18carolsi've had too much coffee, i'm getting punchy.
22:20.50jjjNo specific questions; WordPress has offered to allow us to participate under them, if they're allotted enough slots; so it seems we may not be totally out? Does that make sense?
22:21.00jjj(Same with BuddyPress, also)
22:21.16carolsyes, that does make sense.
22:21.20carolsand i think that would be great.
22:21.32carolsplease have them email me when we do slot allocations and remind me of this fact :-)
22:21.39jjjWill do; thanks.
22:21.40carolsi forget these details sometimes.
22:21.48carolsbut id be happy to accommodate you under them
22:22.06carolsanything else?
22:22.11jjjI'll be chiming in during BuddyPress feedback also; the dev that did the application is time-zone impaired at the moment. :)
22:22.19carolsfair enough :-)
22:22.23carolswe're down to five in the queue
22:22.25jjjNope; not for bbPress. Thanks!
22:22.29carolshope you have a nice weekend regardless
22:22.35carolsthanks for waiting
22:22.37carolsmoving on!
22:22.39*** mode/#gsoc [+v ojwb] by scorche|sh
22:22.40jjjYou as well; thanks.
22:22.40*** mode/#gsoc [-v jjj] by scorche
22:22.42gsocbotcarols: Next in line is ojwb with notice 'Xapian'
22:22.47carolshey xapian folks
22:23.09ojwbonly joined the queue recently, so if you'd rather i emailed, do say
22:23.20carolsno problem at all.
22:23.33carolsi actually don't have much of a satisfying answer for you :-(
22:23.39ojwbyou started 4am local time, so I'm amazed to find it still going
22:23.48ojwbah, i suspected as much
22:23.49carolsi don't know if you saw that we rejected a lot of veteran orgs this year to make way for new orgs?
22:23.53carolsanyway, yeah.
22:23.59carolswe liked your ideas page a lot
22:24.03ojwbyeah, i've seen a lot didn't get accepted
22:24.05carolsand everything looks fine on your app
22:24.14carolsit was just a numbers game this year :-(
22:24.38carolsi don't have much more satisfying things to say than that, actually :-(
22:25.00carolsdid you have questions for me?
22:25.15ojwbsure, i've been around for long enough to know it's just that way sometimes
22:25.34carolsalright, i appreciate your understanding.
22:25.39carolsi hope you will apply again next year.
22:25.43ojwbnothing really - looks like we've managed to accommodate our very keen student via debian at least
22:25.51carolswell that's good to hear.
22:26.02ojwbwe couldn't really see anyone appropriate to umbrella under though
22:26.11carolsi suppose not.
22:26.16carolsbut feel free to email me if you do.
22:26.32carolssorry about that
22:26.33ojwbthanks for your time
22:26.35carolshope you have a nice weekend.
22:26.47carolsmoving along...
22:26.49*** mode/#gsoc [+v comunes|s_a_m2] by scorche
22:26.50gsocbotcarols: Next in line is comunes|s_a_m2 with notice 'comunes!'
22:26.50*** mode/#gsoc [-v ojwb] by scorche|sh
22:26.55carolsah, did you come back?
22:27.00comunes|s_a_m2hi :)
22:27.03carolshi :-)
22:27.11carolsso a couple points for you
22:27.13comunes|s_a_m2sorry, had some troubles
22:27.20comunes|s_a_m2with the connection, i mean
22:27.23carols1) we all had a lot of trouble loading your ideas page.
22:27.35carolsin some cases it would take 30 seconds to a minute to load
22:27.41carolsin some cases it timed out entirely
22:27.59carolsso our review committee was…having a difficult time reviewing your app.
22:28.32comunes|s_a_m2it sometimes happen because of server load :-/ If i new, I'd had given a gdocs page
22:28.59carolsyeah, it's sort of one of those things that has to be perfectly perfect the first time around
22:29.12carolsyou had stiff competition from 416 other orgs.
22:29.24comunes|s_a_m2yes, i understand
22:29.27carolsand we have 5 days to review apps.
22:29.30carolsso i'm sorry about that
22:29.36carolsi managed to get your ideas page to load once
22:29.41carolsand the ideas looked good
22:29.48carolsbut we do multiple review rounds
22:29.55carolsand well, it wasn't loading every time for everyone.
22:30.17comunes|s_a_m2i see... :(
22:30.18carolsi hope you'll apply again next year
22:30.18*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
22:30.26*** join/#gsoc mihirrege (cb6ef616@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:30.30carolsjust moved the ideas page somewhere stable :-)
22:30.53comunes|s_a_m2we try to eat our own food, using our own server/software
22:31.00*** join/#gsoc PragTob (
22:31.04carolscompletely understandable.
22:31.05comunes|s_a_m2but sometimes it's messy
22:31.15carolswell, spruce it up this year and try again next year.
22:31.20carolsthe rest of your app looks good.
22:31.22comunes|s_a_m2sure we will
22:31.29carolsi also appreciate you waiting
22:31.35comunes|s_a_m2you said "a couple points"?
22:31.45carolsum, a couple points?
22:31.56carolshold on
22:32.25*** join/#gsoc skittza (~skittza@
22:32.30carolson the disappearing mentors question
22:32.41carolsi noticed that you mention having backup mentors
22:33.11carolsbut i don't have a sense of how large your community is or whether it's able to support more students who need help if some developers disappear
22:33.22carolsso i would just specifically mention that next year
22:33.37comunes|s_a_m2mmm sorry i dont understand
22:33.57comunes|s_a_m2we specified a mentor and backup mentor for each of the ideas
22:35.04comunes|s_a_m2what should we specify exactly?
22:35.43*** part/#gsoc rops (~rops@2605:6400:2:fed5:22:d6b4:2c9e:a44c)
22:35.43*** join/#gsoc carols_ (
22:37.17scorchehold on a moment - she may be having technical difficulties
22:38.06kblinyour feedback questions are important to us..... please hold the line.... feel free to hum 'par louise' if you feel like it
22:38.28*** join/#gsoc carols (
22:38.33*** mode/#gsoc [+o carols] by scorche
22:38.56*** join/#gsoc Guest87319 (
22:39.01*** mode/#gsoc [+o Guest87319] by scorche
22:39.03Guest87319wow, that was a pain
22:39.12Guest87319anyway, i'm having network issues
22:39.18Guest87319please email if you have further questions
22:39.26Guest87319i think we only had 4 people in the queue anyway?
22:39.31Guest87319i'll be on email
22:39.48*** join/#gsoc Gentlecat_ (~Roman@
22:39.52Guest87319have a nice day folks.
22:39.57scorcheGuest87319: ok - shall i end the meeting then?
22:40.00Guest87319yes please.
22:40.06*** mode/#gsoc [-m] by scorche
22:40.08comunes|s_a_m2oh ok
22:40.20scorche----------------------END OF MEETING---------------------
22:41.01scorchejenmylo: jjj: adrocknaphobia: atapiador-ging: davorb: kblin: please email carols about your concerns
22:41.05kblinthanks for flying #gsoc airlines, your captain today was carols, with take-off and landing being handled by the one and only scorche
22:41.29meflinthat was the most bizare thing of the day
22:41.43ojwbITYM the two and only?
22:41.43scorche|shsheesh - 6 hours, 40 minutes is definitely a record setter
22:41.58ojwbadrocknaphobia: carols has network problems
22:42.03adrocknaphobiaR U KIDDING ME?!
22:42.07ojwbadrocknaphobia: so email her for feedback
22:42.12kblinscorche|sh: I think 2008 was worse
22:42.23scorche|shadrocknaphobia: these things happen - pardon our dust
22:42.25meflinkblin: wasn't around :)
22:42.36scorche|shadrocknaphobia: she will address your concerns via email though
22:42.44meflinwasn't it 3.5 hours last year?
22:42.45adrocknaphobiaI waited 7 HOURS!
22:43.03meflinyea well you waited 7 :P but stuff happens
22:43.06adrocknaphobiasrsly google. get it together.
22:43.07ojwbhmm, you were after me and I joined the queue only an hour or two ago...
22:43.15scorche|shadrocknaphobia: and i managed it - you dont think i know your pain?
22:43.26scorche|shnow, i will use my first break in about 7 hours to go pee....
22:43.39PerduWow, 7 hours
22:43.44ChipX86I think you guys deserve to call it a week
22:43.47kodascorche: wow, that's another record breaker :D
22:43.56PerduSeriously, congratz to carols and scorche
22:43.56kodascorche|sh: ^
22:44.00meflinone person I know joined 2 hours late and was ialready handled
22:44.19kblinojwb: one might be an echo
22:44.48*** part/#gsoc atapiador-ging (
22:45.08ojwbkblin: btw, the single quote after the ideas page url is kind of annoying - it gets glued onto the URL, at least in xchat
22:45.22*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (~j0ni@
22:45.49kblin!unload Queue
22:45.50gsocbotkblin: The operation succeeded.
22:45.52kblin!load Queue
22:45.54gsocbotkblin: The operation succeeded.
22:46.24meflinfor "staff" this was unexpectedly huge my hat is off
22:46.27kblin!queue kai's cool project
22:46.28gsocbotkblin: I queued you at position 1 in the queue
22:46.37gsocbotkblin: Next in line is kblin with notice 'kai's cool project'
22:46.49*** part/#gsoc ryanstewart (
22:46.54kblinojwb: hm, ok, I'll file a bug :)
22:46.58ojwbyeah, the link i get is'
22:47.14kblin!unload Queue
22:47.16gsocbotkblin: The operation succeeded.
22:48.01*** part/#gsoc boxfire (~boxfire@unaffiliated/boxfire)
22:48.26scorche|shojwb: yeah - that is up to the regex your client is using to identify URLs
22:48.57*** part/#gsoc umccullough (
22:49.00ojwbscorche|sh: sure, just suggesting that it'd be more helpful not to have that character there
22:49.09scorche|shbut either way, it doenst *have* to have it, yeah
22:50.03*** join/#gsoc anish_ (0e8bc405@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:50.09scorche|shfor all of those that PMed me asking:
22:50.12gsocbotscorche|sh: "logs" is
22:50.17*** part/#gsoc Mollymus (
22:50.19ojwbscorche|sh: should you revert the topic?
22:50.41*** topic/#gsoc by scorche|sh -> Google Summer of Code 2013 mentoring organizations have been announced! Visit to see the list of participating organizations for this year.
22:51.38*** topic/#gsoc by ChanServ -> Google Summer of Code 2013 mentoring organizations have been announced! Visit to see the list of participating organizations for this year. | If your org did not get a chance to participate during the meeting, please feel free to email carols about your concerns.
22:52.22kblinojwb: I blame python.. ;)
22:52.57meflinwhat isn't there fault?
22:53.32nemoWow. that took a while
22:55.33*** join/#gsoc gsocbot (
22:57.36*** join/#gsoc gsocbot (
22:58.04kblinojwb: ok, done.. :)
22:58.09gsocbotkblin: Next in line is kblin with notice: test
22:58.14kblin!unload Queue
22:58.16gsocbotkblin: The operation succeeded.
22:58.47ojwbkblin: now that's what I call service
23:00.23kblinI figured it'd take about as much time to fix this right now as it'd take to write a bug report so I don't forget
23:00.57anish_that's kinda true..
23:01.49*** join/#gsoc fairmat|mat (
23:02.23kblinscorche|sh: I wonder if we can automate that a bit more next year, with the voicing and all
23:02.37*** join/#gsoc censorydep (censorydep@nat/google/x-yerqgafmcnxxobkl)
23:02.38*** mode/#gsoc [+o censorydep] by ChanServ
23:03.43scorche|shkblin: yes, i was thinking that, though there is still a fair bit of manual work
23:04.03scorche|shwhat with people being replaced, people changing nicks, other people from the org who need to be voiced, etc
23:04.08*** join/#gsoc gh_ (
23:04.11kblinscorche|sh: or arguably we can teach gsocbot to say "your ideas page was ok, it came down to a numbers game, please try again next year"
23:04.32kblinand then we just need to override for the orgs where that's not the case ;)
23:05.15*** join/#gsoc RedJ_ (c6d3748c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:05.36kblinbut yes, I agree, to do the voicing properly, you need something smart
23:05.42kblinlike a human
23:05.56kblinor a lot of time to implement rename tracking and whatnot
23:06.41RedJ_both of my proposals are done with HTML formating and all, but i haven't contributed anything to the organizations yet.
23:06.44ojwbvoicing the person who listed it would cover a number of cases
23:06.59scorche|shyeah - that would be easier at least
23:07.38kblinyou could probably go for orgname|* as well
23:08.50kblinI'll give this a thought
23:09.49kodaand to think this room was so quiet before the announcement
23:10.07scorche|shit ebbs and flows
23:10.14scorche|shand when this room flows, it really flows  ;)
23:10.24scorche|shwe have set off FreeNode network alerts before...
23:10.41kblinright, but that was for the slot allocation meetings
23:10.53kblinor right before accepted students were announced
23:11.29kblinI think the slot allocation meetings make this channel scroll fastest
23:11.48*** join/#gsoc zamN (~adam@unaffiliated/zamn)
23:11.59kblinclosely followed by students calling !next about 5 minutes before the emails are sent out
23:12.20scorche|shkblin: definitely - i was just talking in general
23:12.26gsocbotRedJ_: "next" is (#1) April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens., or (#2) April 19th 16:00 UTC: Rejected org feedback meeting
23:12.55gevaerts!forget next 2
23:12.56gsocbotgevaerts: "next" is April 22 19:00 UTC: Student application period opens.
23:14.17kblinanyway, off to bed I go
23:14.44*** join/#gsoc pitchoilcan (
23:16.38*** join/#gsoc harshadura (~harshadur@
23:17.08gsocbotharshadura: "logs" is
23:17.34*** join/#gsoc KirarinSnow-pyon (
23:17.35dfighterhmm need to hurry up, student applications almost open and I'm not done with my application yet :(
23:19.34harshadurathought that irc logs of yesterdat meeting was open :/
23:20.07ojwbharshadura: they are, though logs may not appear instantly
23:20.23ojwbthe meeting only ended a short time ago
23:20.28*** join/#gsoc RT|Chatzilla (~rt@reactos/tester/RT)
23:20.49harshadurathank u ojwb, then i will check again later
23:23.50*** join/#gsoc fracting (~fracting@
23:23.58*** part/#gsoc Talad (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
23:26.26*** join/#gsoc zamN_ (~adam@unaffiliated/zamn)
23:29.32*** part/#gsoc rivanov (~rivanov@
23:30.19*** join/#gsoc b10n1k (~j0ni@
23:33.17*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
23:34.00*** join/#gsoc hiker (~jhenrich@
23:40.02*** join/#gsoc shivshnkr (~shivshnkr@
23:44.40*** part/#gsoc tofu (
23:48.57*** join/#gsoc ravenlock (~ravenlock@enlightenment/developer/ravenlock)
23:49.19*** join/#gsoc hybrid (~R3n4t0@
23:52.03*** join/#gsoc brlcad (
23:54.56*** join/#gsoc vvu|Mobile (~ungureanu@
23:54.58*** join/#gsoc automata (~automata@
23:56.41*** join/#gsoc ungureanuvlad (~ungureanu@
23:59.36*** join/#gsoc piyushbansal (~solo@
23:59.38*** join/#gsoc SeoZ (~DanielJuy@enlightenment/developer/seoz)
23:59.58gsocbotpiyushbansal: "logs" is

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