IRC log for #dbgc on 20110731

00:59.08*** join/#dbgc cralor (
00:59.08*** mode/#dbgc [+o cralor] by ChanServ
01:03.37cralorhi purl
01:03.45cralor~hi purl
01:03.46purlMany greetings, purl, most strange traveller, to this IRCdom of plenty.
01:03.57purlit has been said that purl is a far prettier chatbot than you.
01:04.05cralor~weather 02038
01:05.26cralor~weather KOWD
16:00.10*** join/#dbgc cralor (
16:00.11*** mode/#dbgc [+o cralor] by ChanServ
16:17.08cralor~weather KOWD
16:17.45cralor~w KOWD
16:17.45purlACTION hold her/his/its fingers/phalanges/appendages in the form of a "w" and says "\/\/hatever KOWD"
16:48.38purlTotal CPU usage: 472.8 s ... Total used: 0.26 % (parent/child ratio: 100.0 %) is at
16:49.26cralorwhere is
16:49.45cralorpurl, where is
16:49.46purlcralor: I think you lost me on that one
16:50.00cralorpurl, where is
16:50.01purlI think you lost me on that one, cralor
16:50.14cralorpurl, sleep
16:50.14purlwell, sleep is overrated, and a poor substitute for caffeine.
16:52.04cralor~topic add Welcome to #DBGC // Currently on backburner //
16:52.04purlerror: you do not have enough flags for that. (T required)
16:54.20cralor~topic Hello
16:54.29cralor~topic add Hello
16:54.29purlerror: you do not have enough flags for that. (T required)
16:56.11cralor~topic add Hello
16:56.11purlerror: you do not have enough flags for that. (T required)

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