IRC log for #dbgc on 20101219

18:16.21*** join/#dbgc cralor (
18:16.21*** mode/#dbgc [+o cralor] by ChanServ
18:17.24cralorhi purl
18:17.37cralor~lart purl
18:17.37purlaccelerates a free AOL cd to 50,000 rpm and lets cralor feel it
19:08.21*** topic/#dbgc by cralor -> Welcome to the Official DelibarGaming Channel. | Stay tuned...
19:09.24*** topic/#dbgc by ChanServ -> Welcome to the Official DelibarGaming Channel | Stay tuned...
19:09.58cralordbgc is awesome
19:10.04cralorwhat is dbgc?
19:10.11cralorpurl, what is dbgc?
19:10.12purlcralor: what are you talking about?
19:10.19cralorpurl, dbgc is awesome
19:10.19purlcralor: okay
19:10.25cralorpurl, what is dbgc?
19:10.25purlhmm... dbgc is awesome
19:10.37cralorpurl, dbgc is fresh off the bus
19:10.37purl...but dbgc is already something else...
19:10.46cralorpurl, what is dbgc?
19:10.47purlhmm... dbgc is awesome
19:10.54cralorpurl, clear dbgc
19:10.59cralorpurl, dbgc
19:10.59purldbgc is probably awesome
19:11.14cralorpurl, dbgc is fresh off the bus
19:11.14purl...but dbgc is already something else...
19:11.37cralorhi purl
19:11.48cralor~lart purl
19:11.48purlshoves a crumpet down cralor's throat, happy now?! Huh? Want some JAM with that?
19:12.03cralor<3 purl
19:12.08cralori love pur
19:12.11cralori love purl
19:12.19cralordo you love me, purl?
21:19.59*** join/#dbgc cralor (
21:19.59*** mode/#dbgc [+o cralor] by

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