IRC log for #byumug on 20080616

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16:34.32feutetejsdyou lonely in here?
16:34.55feutetejsdsorry. it has been a while since I've come around
16:35.25wpsno worries
16:35.30wpsyou well?
16:36.09feutetejsdmore or less. Just got done moving to Lehi
16:36.18feutetejsdso, we're still digging out of boxes and such
16:36.40feutetejsdalso toying with finding new employment...good times all around
16:36.54feutetejsdhow about you? how's everything?
16:39.27wpswelcome to Lehi
16:39.30wpsthat's where I live
16:39.32wpswhat part of town?
16:39.50feutetejsdPointe Meadows, just south of Thanksgiving Point
16:40.01feutetejsdwhere are you?
16:40.12wpsby the round-about on Main
16:40.31feutetejsd's omniture?
16:40.56wpsgoing great
16:41.01wpsmaking some changes
16:41.34feutetejsdfor the better, I hope?
16:41.56wpsI hope so… just hard to let go of things
16:42.20feutetejsdindeed :s
16:42.38wpsI will be handing all design and graphic production over to our creative services team
16:42.48wpsand just focusing on technology and application development
16:43.22feutetejsdah. I assume you'd rather hold onto both?
16:43.36wps…which means that the quality of our stuff will go down, but this is a better move career-wise
16:43.41feutetejsdthat's good
16:44.10feutetejsdI'm a little the opposite. I'd rather leave the design to folks like you who can actually do it
16:44.21wpsI can make a lot more money managing things than I can as a production artist
16:44.29feutetejsdthat's good
16:45.48wpsyou lived in Sandy before, right?
16:48.17feutetejsdso, are you usually the only one in #byumug?
16:48.25feutetejsdor does anyone else come around?
16:48.37wpsno one else :)
16:48.53wpstwo or three people show up during a keynote, but that's only twice a year
16:48.53feutetejsdI'll have to start coming back more
16:49.04wpsI just keep the channel open :)

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