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16:42.15FredjikrangThink many people will show up today?
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16:43.11Fredjikrangwell, a couple people at least. :D
16:43.21FredjikrangWho else is excited?
16:43.27whyisjakeI sure am...
16:43.44whyisjakeIt has been like 3 months since my last hardware purchase...
16:43.48whyisjakeTime for something new...
16:44.00Fredjikranglol, yeah
16:44.36FredjikrangIt has been like, five years since I last bought something that wasn't used, but still, I am excited. :D
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16:49.13whyisjakeDo you know if there is any IRC of the event live?
16:51.05FredjikrangI don't
16:51.11feutetejsdI don't know has a list of live places
16:51.22Fredjikrangbut I haven't really looked at it
16:55.13FredjikrangGuess I'll try to start my laundry before it starts. :D
16:58.25wpsgood morning, feutetejsd
16:58.30feutetejsdhey wps
17:00.19wpsa new version of SSH Key Chain has been released, btw
17:02.12wpsthe store is down:
17:02.27FredjikrangOf course that always happens.
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17:04.00FredjikrangYay for imac updates!
17:05.49Fredjikrangalluminum, glass
17:06.00ryoujoubrushed metal
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17:06.24Fredjikrangmuch thinne
17:06.37FredjikrangI am so excited!
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17:07.02ryoujouupgradeable memory
17:07.14FredjikrangI think it is going to be as thin as their displays. :D
17:07.15bjhomerwhere are you guys watching it?
17:07.29ryoujoutuaw, engadget, and slashphone
17:07.37Fredjikrang20 and 24"
17:07.42Fredjikrangslashphone is the best today.
17:07.55ryoujouyeah, everyone else is slow
17:08.17Fredjikrangis that the keyboard or the mac?
17:08.35wpsoh…  gag… no
17:08.41wpsnot dedicated keys on the keyboard
17:08.43wpsplease, Apple, no
17:08.47wpsthat is SO Microsoft
17:09.15FredjikrangI'm sure it will be done in a very apple way.
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17:09.36ryoujouwhere are the pics?!
17:09.43wpsglossy displays are garbage
17:09.46feutetejsdwps, what do you mean "not dedicated keys on the keyboard"?
17:10.00wpslike a special email, music, or web key
17:10.04Fredjikrangdedicated media keys
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17:10.15wpsthat launches/controls those respective apps
17:10.34ryoujoupics on engadget
17:10.44Fredjikrang17" too, yay!
17:11.01Fredjikrangurl for engadget?
17:11.28bjhomergood pics there
17:11.33wpswow… 1 TB in an iMac
17:11.39Fredjikrangstill has a chin
17:11.55wpsyeah, that'd've been nice if they could have dumped the chin
17:12.08wpswow… even thinner
17:12.12Fredjikranginteresting that the back is black
17:12.17wpsyeah, very
17:12.20bjhomerOnly $1199 for a 17"
17:12.22bjhomernot bad
17:13.04ryoujouso up by $200
17:13.16FredjikrangI think the media keys are like play, pause, stuff like that.
17:13.16bjhomeris it really up?
17:13.23bjhomerdid they say there are media keys?
17:13.26ryoujouis slashphone down?
17:13.35wpsI still think media keys are stupid
17:13.38wpsjust adds clutter
17:13.45Fredjikrangno, it isn't
17:13.54ryoujouit stopped loading for me.. :(
17:14.12ryoujouoh, wait, no 17 inch?
17:14.20Fredjikranghold on, on gizmodo, the 20" is 1199
17:14.25Fredjikrangthey don't show a 17"
17:14.43ryoujouyeah, so its just a lower spec 20 inch
17:14.50ryoujouavailable today
17:15.02Fredjikrangthe keyboard doesn't look cluttered.
17:15.02bjhomerengadget says "Well, today we're replacing the 24-inch, lowering price by $200, 20-inch at same $1499. replacing 17-inch with $1199 model."
17:15.06FredjikrangStill pretty tight.
17:15.09wpsmy iPod just had a hearattack
17:15.14wpshe's going to be alright though
17:15.44Fredjikrangsoftware now!
17:16.17FredjikrangI don't know if I like the black frame on the iMac.
17:16.31whyisjakeLooks a lot like an iPhone...
17:16.33ryoujougrr! nothing will loard for me
17:17.02bjhomerI can't get slashphone, but engadget still comes
17:17.11bjhomerit came
17:17.11ryoujouengadget seems to be slow
17:17.21bjhomeryeah it does
17:17.25ryoujougizmodo dead for me too..
17:17.51Fredjikrangooo, new ilife!
17:18.24Fredjikrangslashphone is swamped
17:18.48whyisjakenew iLife app...
17:19.20ryoujoumacobserver wont load either
17:19.59ryoujouengadget has pics of the specs
17:20.20bjhomerI saw that
17:20.38Fredjikranghmm, replaceing an app in iLife
17:20.38bjhomerI wonder what ilife app will be replaced
17:20.43bjhomergarageband, perhaps?
17:20.45wpsI don't like the black back
17:20.49wpsfeels too Dell-ish
17:20.55FredjikrangI think iDVD
17:21.05bjhomerActually, you're probably right.
17:21.30ryoujoupic of box on engadget.. too blurry to see
17:21.52bjhomerrefresh engadget
17:22.45Fredjikrangeverything is swamped!
17:23.00whyisjakeiPhoto events...
17:23.08*** join/#byumug ArchAngelNix (
17:23.13whyisjake10:19AM: Sounds like a fancy way to organize albums, doesn't it?
17:23.23ryoujoucould be useful
17:23.27FredjikrangI agree
17:23.35ryoujoui have too many tags as it is
17:24.43FredjikrangI hate that you can't add comments to a group of photos. Most annoying thing ever.
17:24.51ArchAngelNixI don't really care much about iLife, I want iWork!
17:24.53wpswhat Apple really needs is a media browser
17:25.00ArchAngelNixNo kidding
17:25.04wpsthere is really no good way to manage your videos
17:25.05ArchAngelNixAbout the media browswer
17:25.10wpsiPhoto for videos
17:25.16Fredjikrangeh, all I use from iLife and iWork is iPhoto.
17:25.26Fredjikrangwps, that is iTunes
17:25.35wpsor just iMedia that does it all (photos/music/videos)
17:25.49bjhomerAlso, with the new Quick Look thing in leopard, things should get a little eaiser.
17:25.51ArchAngelNixiTunes is suppose to do it, but I don't like how it does it for non-iTunes downloaded stuff.
17:26.04bjhomerIt's still not a full media browser with meta-tags and stuff..
17:26.25Fredjikranghide photos feature?
17:26.30FredjikrangThat is helpful?
17:26.33ArchAngelNixTrue. And if you record video on your digital camera, then it is stuck in iPhoto, and iTunes has no idea it is there.
17:27.29ArchAngelNixWhat sources are people following? Is there an IRC channel following it? I am on Engadgets site.
17:28.04FredjikrangEngadget, Gizmodo, slashphone (it is swamped right now), MacNN, Macworld, Stuff, etc.
17:28.56Fredjikranghmm, ability to copy/paste edits on photos, that is cool.
17:29.39Fredjikrangand a skimming feature? I don't quite understand the description of that.
17:29.56ArchAngelNixI wonder if iPhoto is taking a more Aperture way of dealing with images, the base image with a series of filters applied, not an actual modification of the image.
17:30.00wpsmost of these are features that are in Aperture that they are bringing over to the consumer app
17:31.27FredjikrangI'm fine with that.
17:31.31wpsI will be very sad if this all isn't shipping today
17:31.39wpsthat is (has been) one of Apple's greatest strengths
17:31.49Fredjikrangooo, .mac now!
17:31.56bjhomer.mac needs help.  :)
17:32.10Fredjikrangwoah now, what happened to the rest of iLife?!?
17:32.22ArchAngelNixNot that cool I guess.
17:32.32Fredjikrangoh, iPhoto .mac stuff
17:32.34Fredjikranggot it.
17:33.17ryoujouimacs are shipping today.. we shall see about ilife
17:33.58Fredjikrangmacobserver is updating the fastest right now I think
17:34.23ryoujouthat wont load for me either...
17:34.24Fredjikrangstill not very often
17:34.40ryoujouooh, ooh, got it!
17:35.20ArchAngelNixI found Engadgets site is handling the load the best. It is just annoying that I have refresh then scroll down to get the latest details.
17:35.29ryoujouyeah, i hate that
17:35.59ArchAngelNixThe email posting is pretty cool
17:36.20Fredjikrangthe iPhone integration is cool
17:37.09ryoujouyeah, if i only could afford one.. :(
17:37.10Fredjikrangcoverflow online. I think Apple is really in love with coverflow!
17:37.10ArchAngelNixI just wish .Mac would be an actual webhosting service, that will allow me to point my domain to it. I would pay $99 /yr for .Mac if it was a moderately competitive hosting solution.
17:38.44bjhomerA tip for engadget: before you refresh, find a phrase at the bottom of the page.  Then when you refresh, search for that phrase.  You'll jump to the bottom without having to do page down a bunch
17:39.16ryoujouhah, thanks bj... silly me
17:40.33Fredjikranghmm, new iMovie
17:40.43FredjikrangI guess that is the one that is being replaced?
17:41.05bjhomeroh interesting.
17:41.09bjhomer(Come on, engadget...
17:42.26bjhomermore pics on engadget
17:42.34Fredjikrang"One library for all your video."
17:42.47ArchAngelNixI wonder what that means?
17:43.00bjhomerI was just thinking the same thing.
17:43.01Fredjikrangmore like iPhoto I would guess
17:43.06ryoujoumaybe itunes video will be there? that makes more sense than it does now...
17:43.14ryoujoubut i guess then it would have to be free... nm
17:44.39Fredjikrangscub video thumbnails, nice!
17:45.10Fredjikrangand select sections of a video from the thumbnail, then drag and drop ity
17:45.23Fredjikrangand publish directly to YouTube!
17:45.29Fredjikrangthat is interesting
17:45.44bjhomereasy to make ipod video too
17:45.58ryoujoushares with itunes.. interesting
17:48.00ryoujoupossible excel competitor?
17:56.06ArchAngelNixThis is why I wouldn't mind Apple being a monopoly:
17:56.11ArchAngelNixSomebody asked me, you guys are so far ahead of everyone else, why are you obsoleting your own products? I's because we really care about this stuff. To be able to put movies and libraries out there for everyone to enjoy, it's just great. We think more wonderful movies will be made and shared.
17:56.44FredjikrangNew iWeb
17:56.48wpsobsoleting their own products is one of Apple's greatest strengths
17:57.11ArchAngelNixOkay the last sentence doesn't apply generally, but that is the essence of Apple, we make great products, even though we don't have to keep pushing the bar higher.
17:57.47Fredjikrang"Also, personal domain support and theme switching, so you're not locked into one theme." for iWeb
17:58.07Fredjikrangis there finally the option to ftp to another domain?
17:58.34Fredjikrangwow, he is flying now
17:59.03ArchAngelNixHmm... I hope .Mac has personal domain support.
18:00.09Fredjikrangdoesn't sound like it
18:00.27Fredjikranghe said that you could point it to your .mac site as well, so, yeah
18:00.45Fredjikrangmaybe they are trying to make .mac into content hosting instead of web hosting?
18:01.05FredjikrangiLife available today!
18:01.11Fredjikrangsame price!
18:01.17wpsgood work, Apple
18:01.34ArchAngelNixDid he mention any tie-ins with Leopard?
18:01.52Fredjikrangnot that I have seen
18:02.55Fredjikrang10GB of .mac storage
18:03.08wpsApple has been busy
18:03.13wpsthese are some real updates
18:03.15wpsnot just fluf
18:03.21ArchAngelNixNo kidding
18:03.22Fredjikrangno kidding
18:03.44Fredjikrangnice trick wps
18:03.56wpsjbot is my slave
18:04.01ryoujoumy sister is friends with a guy who is in charge of one of the software departments.. she says he has been staying at work until 10 or 11 every night lately
18:04.10Fredjikrangsounds like no news on iWork?
18:04.19Fredjikranglol wps
18:04.34wpsif there isn't, there will be quite a rumble across the rumor-sphere about that icon in Steve's dock
18:05.34Fredjikrangnvm, new iWork!
18:05.51Fredjikranganimated text effects?
18:06.09Fredjikrangoh, keynote
18:06.41Fredjikranggot it. I thought he started with Pages! I was very confused about why someone would want animated text in a document!
18:06.52ArchAngelNixHa, ha, ha...
18:06.57bjhomerPerhaps in a paperless world...
18:07.18Fredjikranglol, yeah
18:07.29bjhomerbetter engadget trick: just search for the phrase "Permalink"
18:07.32ArchAngelNixA to B animation is that selecting a start and an end and Keynote animating it's path?
18:07.38bjhomerI think so
18:07.54ArchAngelNixThat is one thing I wanted in Keynote
18:08.07ryoujoutoo bad engadget has nothing!
18:08.11ryoujouon iwork
18:08.28ryoujouthere is it
18:08.33ryoujouswitch those
18:09.23ArchAngelNixTrack Changes!!!11
18:09.47ArchAngelNixApple must have listened to my many feedback requests!
18:09.53Fredjikrangmodes in pages, yay!
18:09.59bjhomerI wonder how many people actually use iWork... I've nere actually seen it in production.
18:10.09bjhomeror, as wps says:
18:10.19ryoujoulets freaking ditch office... now that its delayed? no more need
18:10.20wpswow…  finally
18:13.18Fredjikrangnot working for you, eh bj? :D
18:14.05FredjikrangiWork available today!
18:14.06bjhomerit appears not.
18:14.08Fredjikrangsame price
18:14.57Fredjikrangilife demo on apple's site
18:15.16ryoujoudoes that mean downloadable or just like quicktime videos?
18:15.39Fredjikranglol, the macobserver guy is posting from his iPhone
18:16.21Fredjikrangprobably just videos
18:16.25ryoujou-z +a
18:18.08ArchAngelNixIf I didn't use SVN all the time I wouldn't have gotten the -z +a thing
18:20.04bjhomerrefreshing mac mini today
18:20.09Fredjikranglol, Steve: "We've got a phenomenal customer base, they show their friends and their friends get jealous."
18:20.15wpsholy crap
18:20.21wpsnew Mac Mini's too?!?!?
18:20.26bjhomerseems so
18:20.37wpstoday's events were more significantly than MacWorld
18:20.38Fredjikrangjust a speed bump though
18:20.43FredjikrangI agree wps
18:20.51wpssignificantly more significant
18:25.42Fredjikrangnews about the apple TV soon?
18:26.11ryoujouwho thinks we will see one last thing?
18:26.25Fredjikrangnot me
18:26.27wpsI love Christmas
18:26.37ryoujouwe have seen quite a bit
18:26.39wpsit's so nice that Apple brought it early
18:26.54ryoujoui think i might go buy iwork very soon
18:27.14bjhomerYou'll have to show me sometime if you do
18:27.28ryoujouget rid of every last piece of microsoft software on my mac
18:27.57bjhomeryou know, ryan, you'll probably never speak to me again if I do a microsoft internship next year.
18:28.18bjhomerWhich thing I have considered.  (I'd place it right behind the Apple internship)
18:28.36Fredjikrangmutlitouch mac a reseach project for now
18:28.39ryoujoui would love an apple internship myself
18:29.02ryoujouso i would probably not speak to you if you got that too
18:29.24bjhomerlooks like I'm in trouble.
18:30.27FredjikrangI'll still talk to you either way bj
18:31.10bjhomer:) Oh good.  I won't be left friendless, at least.
18:31.45bjhomerout of curiosity, what IRC clients are you guys using?
18:32.10FredjikrangI used iRC on my old lappy though, it was easier on the proc
18:32.22bjhomerI really like colloquy
18:32.36bjhomerand the "Novel" view makes me laugh
18:32.51bjhomerI'm at work on a linux box, though, so I'm actually using Pidgin.
18:33.08bjhomerRyan, are you on colloquy too?
18:34.15bjhomerLooks like he's gone.  Well, I'm off to lunch.
18:34.18bjhomerSee ya'll
18:34.43Fredjikrangthe end
18:34.51Fredjikrangsee yah! I want some pizza!
18:41.20ryoujousounds good to me
18:41.29ryoujousee ya'll
19:02.43feutetejsddoes anyone have any idea why they left the number pad off of the wireless keyboard?
19:04.31ArchAngelNixSo the wired keyboard has the number pad?
19:04.56feutetejsdit's a 110+ key, and the wireless looks like they lifted it from a laptop

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