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17:02.03wpsand it begins…
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17:02.58cboyackah, _that_ party...
17:04.45wpsdang, 5,000 attendees
17:05.06wpsjust shy of 1 million ADC members
17:05.10wpsApple is rocking
17:05.41cboyackwhat feeds are you guys watching?  i'm on
17:05.58wpsthey have the best track record
17:06.55wpsno way
17:06.57wpsnew products!
17:07.00wpsapple store is down
17:07.06cboyacklooks like they're using a push AJAX technology to get the updates out
17:07.07wpsI wasn't expecting the store to go down
17:07.13cboyackvery nice.. last time it was just a refresh every 15 secs or so
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17:08.53wpsgood gesture, giving that award to Intel
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17:09.13Fredjikrangwhat sites you guys watching?
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17:09.17danielwsmitheehey I got on!
17:09.27wpswelcome, danielwsmithee
17:09.40wpsElectronic Arts are coming back to the Mac platform
17:09.42wpsmore games for mac
17:10.20FredjikrangWhere are you guys watching?
17:11.02cboyackmy cousin is a lead designer for EA, and a huge mac fan.. i'm sure he's wetting his pants
17:11.09wps#macrumors on
17:11.53FredjikrangAh, yes. I was wondering what the name was.
17:12.24danielwsmitheeThat is pretty big news.  Something I didn't see coming.
17:13.47wpswow, and another game company too
17:13.54wpsID games
17:15.07FredjikrangMan, they sure are trying to get over that "no games for Mac's" myth aren't they?
17:15.08_psychic_whoa John Carmack
17:15.15_psychic_its not a myth :)
17:16.34wpsplease oh please a pro skin for 10.5
17:16.41FredjikrangLeopard already!
17:16.46FredjikrangThat was fast!
17:17.14wpsI can't believe that we have to wait until October to get this
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17:19.05wpsnew desktop?
17:19.05cboyackmoving "beyond" leopard?
17:19.06ryoujouhowdy all
17:19.06Fredjikrang"300 new features"?
17:19.06FredjikrangNever heard that before . . .
17:19.24wpsmenu bar transparent?
17:19.54cboyackstacks.. kinda like the grouping we've seen on the visual interfaces, such as microsoft's surface?
17:20.05wpsah, the rumored stacks are finally implemented
17:20.12wpsthose have been rumored for years and years
17:20.40ryoujou(where are other people watching updates? macrumorslive seems to be a bit behind)
17:20.42wpsbrushed metal 100% out
17:20.44cboyackgoodbye metal
17:21.03cmkilgerbout time
17:21.06wpshallehuiah! 10.5 will finally have a consistent uI!!!
17:21.06Fredjikrangmacrumors IRC channel
17:21.10cboyack#macrumors on
17:21.15Fredjikrang#macrumors on
17:21.29cboyackman, text just doesn't do it.. i need to see the demos!  
17:21.50cboyackso stacks reside in the dock?
17:22.29Fredjikrangsounds kinda like there is a stack of docks. . .
17:22.48wpsfirst photo
17:22.52Fredjikrangbut that would be just weird
17:22.53wpsalthough it doesn't show much
17:22.57cboyackwhoever is taking photos needs to have the people in front of him duck
17:23.31cboyackstack = app launcher?
17:24.25wpsit sounds like stacks can be about anything you want
17:24.36wpsa grouping of whatever you want to group together
17:26.25wpswait, the reported just mentioned "new finder" in his review of what has been covered so far
17:26.38wpsI didn't see anything about a new finder yet
17:26.46wpsoh… wait… perhaps they are covering that now
17:26.52wpsah, interesting
17:26.57wpsCoverFlow in Finder
17:27.33wpsI wonder if that will be useful at all or just pretty
17:27.44danielwsmitheeMan this is better then chirstmas
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17:27.55FredjikrangWell, I've never used the iTunes one, but it might be nice for folders full of images
17:28.13wpsyeah, I don't use it in iTunes at all
17:28.53danielwsmitheeI use it all the time in iTunes.  I like to listen to whole albums at a time though.
17:29.50danielwsmitheeSo does the Bac to my mac require .Mac?
17:29.59bjhomerLooks like it
17:30.04FredjikrangI usually just have it shuffle all songs, though I do have a bunch of playlists as well. I rarely listen to a whole album straight through.
17:30.26cboyackwhat does back to my mac do..?
17:30.43cboyackshare when not on a network?  huh?
17:30.56wpsFinder appears to still have aqua scroll bars
17:31.01bjhomerWeird... the new Finder looks a lot like iTunes
17:31.05bjhomerThat will take getting used to
17:31.12danielwsmitheeIt sounds like an easy to use version of dynamic dns that works for all your machines.
17:31.21wpsI was hoping that aqua was out with brushed metal
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17:32.21ArchAngelNixAnybody watching the WWDC text streams?
17:32.44bjhomerEngadget has some great pictures
17:32.48Fredjikranglol, WoW crashed aparently.
17:32.56wpsduring the presentation?
17:33.03ArchAngelNixArstechnica has an IRC up
17:33.03wpsouch #wwdc
17:33.17Fredjikrangmacrumors has a IRC as well
17:33.28ryoujouyeagm engadget's pics are much better than macrumor's
17:35.19Fredjikrangcan't join that IRC channel.
17:35.21ArchAngelNixSo what do people think about coverflow in the Finder?
17:35.31FredjikrangI hope there is better stuff to come
17:35.44ryoujoumostly eye candy so far it seems
17:35.47ArchAngelNixNot impressed with Coverflow in the Finder?
17:35.49FredjikrangThis quick view seem decent.
17:35.58ArchAngelNixI am excited about Stacks.
17:36.38Fredjikranger, "Quick Look" seems pretty cool.
17:36.56bjhomerstacks and cover flow will probably take some getting used to, but I think they'll probably end up being nice
17:37.11danielwsmitheeyeah at least you still have all the other views list columns icons etc. So I'm fine with it.  Use whichever views makes the most sense for the documents.
17:37.19ArchAngelNix64bit top to bottom? Will it work on G4's?
17:37.45FredjikrangI doubt they would do something like that.
17:38.07FredjikrangMost of the intel machines that they have sold aren't 64bit either.
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17:38.14ArchAngelNixOh... it seems it can run on both archs.
17:38.45FredjikrangApple likes compatibility.
17:39.16danielwsmitheeSounds like the mini will be updated or dropped.
17:39.17bjhomerI wonder if they'll start offering 64-bit cpus soon.  the Apple store is down, after all...
17:39.37danielwsmitheeCore 2 Duo is 64-bit Core Duo is not
17:39.47Fredjikrangaren't the new C2duos 64bit compatibal.
17:39.51ArchAngelNixThe G5 has 64bit extensions
17:44.53Fredjikrangboot camp time!
17:45.30danielwsmitheeWhat could be new I thought they just updated it like 2 days ago to 1.3.  Virtualization?
17:45.51Fredjikranglooks like nothing new
17:46.06wpsI really thought that they'd do more with it then just a bootloader
17:46.33danielwsmitheeIt looks like they are just going to support Parallels and VMWare.
17:46.51wpsI'm actually fine with that personally
17:46.58FredjikrangWhen is all the "top secret" stuff going to be announced?!? I mean, we already knew about everything here except cover flow and stacks, which are neat, but notr really a big deal.
17:47.13wpsWindows will and windows apps will never be on my mac, so I'd rather Apple spend their time working on other things
17:47.32wpsthe good stuff is always at the end
17:47.41danielwsmitheeThey were top secret though.  Along with the 64-bit thing (but you could have guessed that)
17:48.01FredjikrangMan, why does my meeting have to be at noon on Monday's?
17:48.06ArchAngelNixI don't like the fact that audio only plays on the space you are on. I like to turn on iTunes in one virtual desktop and work in anohter.
17:48.24wpswho schedules meetings for noon?
17:48.29FredjikrangI wonder if there is a way to have an app in every space. . .
17:48.32FredjikrangMy boss.
17:49.02ryoujouit would seem like there would be the ability to have apps in all spaces.. or have an app play audio in all spaces
17:49.20danielwsmitheeI would think so.
17:50.27danielwsmitheeThe movie thing was one of my favorite features of the old sherlock.
17:51.12FredjikrangI guess you could always minimize iTunes to the dock, but that could be annoying.
17:51.15wpsI'll actually use Dashboard more with this web clip thing
17:51.24ryoujousigh... most of this was on apple's website from a year ago..
17:51.41FredjikrangYeah, but they are almost out of that stuff. :D
17:51.49wpshang in there
17:51.50ArchAngelNixYeah... I guess the top secret features was just the Finder mainly.
17:51.56wpsthis Keynote is scheduled for two hours buddy
17:52.05ArchAngelNixIs it?
17:52.07ryoujoui thought it was only 1.5..
17:52.12danielwsmitheeman I'm not going to get any work done today.
17:52.21ArchAngelNixHe said he wanted to go over 10 features, and he is almost done.
17:52.24wpslast I heard it was blocked out for two hours
17:52.44FredjikrangThey are usually two hours, aren't they?
17:52.47ryoujouhuh, well, we can only hope
17:52.56danielwsmithee10 features in Leopard, but he could still talk about iLife, iWork, and hardware :)
17:53.22FredjikrangWho cares about those! We want OS news! ;)
17:53.22wpsno, usually between 1.25 and 1.5
17:53.32ryoujoubut it all looks a lot more polished than last year
17:53.35wpsI was a pro theme, dang it
17:53.38ArchAngelNixThey said there was 300 new features for Leopard at the begining.
17:54.09ArchAngelNixWade at least there isn't any more brushed metal
17:54.13FredjikrangYeah, like there were 200 in Tiger.
17:54.19bjhomerI wonder if they'll have fixed the memory leaks with widgets
17:54.27bjhomerthe weather widget drives me crazy
17:54.49FredjikrangiChat?!? Groan.
17:56.21wpscongratulations, Apple
17:56.21rsabeyWhat feed are you looking at that brought up iChat almost a full minute before I saw it on
17:56.25danielwsmitheePhotobooth features in iChat!!! The MySpace kids are going to love that!
17:56.30wpsiChat finally does tabs… five years after everyone else
17:56.34Fredjikrang#macrumors on
17:56.55wpsI love ham
17:57.16ArchAngelNixI like the iChat theater option. To be able to show people what I chatting about.
17:57.31FredjikrangYeah, that is kinda neat.
17:57.44FredjikrangOf course we already knew about it. . .
17:57.54bjhomerIf iChat supported more protocols, a la Adium, I'd care a lot more.
17:58.13ArchAngelNixThey also built VNC controls into iChat so you can view or take control of a remote computer in iChat. Great tech support option for mothers living far away.
17:58.15FredjikrangOh, hi BJ!
17:59.22danielwsmitheeYeah the VNC thing will be pretty useful for my parents who are 800 miles away from me now.
17:59.22bjhomerHuh. That is nice.
17:59.22ryoujouagreed... all of these great features wasted on just other AIM users...
17:59.56ArchAngelNixiChat supports Google Talk as well.
18:00.04danielwsmitheeOh common they just want you to buy .Mac and get your whole family to sign up as well.
18:00.09FredjikrangDoes google support video?
18:00.18ryoujouwhere is built in gchat support??
18:00.24ryoujoumaybe on windows
18:00.50ArchAngelNixIn iChat you can create account that uses Google Talk servers.
18:00.50danielwsmitheeYeah I use the jabber all the time at work.  I think it supports video too.
18:00.52ryoujoui've used it over jabber... just didnt feel very smooth (file transfers, etc)
18:01.18ryoujoumaybe i should try it again...
18:01.39bjhomerry, we'll have to try that sometime.
18:01.47Fredjikranggr, Time Machine.
18:01.54FredjikrangI was hoping for something new!
18:02.22ryoujouwell, 30 (possibly 60) min to go
18:02.52ryoujouplease not much on the iphone... save that for its own event steve
18:03.44bjhomerI'm excited about Time Machine; it will be incredibly useful for non-tech-savvy people.  But still.  We did this last year.
18:03.49ryoujouno mention of zfs yet like all the rumors sites..
18:04.15FredjikrangBackup to airport is nice though.
18:04.33FredjikrangOne big drive for all your computer backups. . .
18:05.09danielwsmitheeyeah that is a nice feature.  I wonder if it will work with any shared volume on a Mac?
18:05.20ArchAngelNixFrom what I have read about ZFS it isn't a bootable file system. So it will probably only be used for Timemachine drives.
18:05.35wpscorrect, not bootable… yet
18:05.55danielwsmitheeMy understanding was that Sun just released a version that allowed booting in Sollaris
18:06.33ryoujoutime machine is nice...
18:06.39rsabeyI read that about solaris, too.  Now bootable from zfs, but tricky.
18:07.32Fredjikranguh oh
18:07.33ArchAngelNixSame price point. That is good
18:07.38FredjikrangBasic Version?
18:07.41wpsha ha ha
18:07.43danielwsmitheeOh it was added to open solaris not solaris.
18:07.44wpsgo Apple
18:08.20wpsthat was a well-deserved jab
18:08.20ArchAngelNixFeels like it is ending...
18:08.22bjhomerVs. Server version probably
18:08.30ryoujouone more thing...
18:08.38*** part/#byumug Fredjikrang (
18:08.46bjhomerhahaha... basic version $129... premium version $129
18:08.52*** join/#byumug Fredjikrang (
18:09.03rsabeyThats a great jab at MS!
18:09.14danielwsmitheeVery whitty
18:09.20*** join/#byumug cmkilger (
18:09.22ArchAngelNixI heard a rumor today that Safari is being ported to WIndows.
18:09.42wpsit's true
18:09.44rsabey"Most people are goinna buy the ultimate version" -- that cracks me up.
18:09.48wpsnever dreamed
18:10.14ArchAngelNixI wonder why.
18:10.18rsabeyHow soon can I download it??!!!!
18:10.18danielwsmitheeIf it was available on Linux too I would use it across the board.  Instead I use firefox
18:10.20Fredjikrangdoesn't make any sense to me.
18:10.28bjhomerI've heard those rumors too, but where is it confirmed?
18:10.37bjhomerThe main reason would be to get windows users using it
18:10.39ryoujoubetter support? (just thinking of the safari vs firefox discussion  on the list.._
18:10.41bjhomermore users = more website compatibility
18:10.45FredjikrangYeah, but why would they?
18:10.55bjhomerAh.  That's wehre it's comfirmed.
18:10.59FredjikrangThere is no motivation for a windows user to use it.
18:11.01bjhomerSafari is pretty quick
18:11.01wpsSafari supports more features than nearly any browser… the more people they can get using it, the more then can use advanced features
18:11.14bjhomerAlso supports standards better than most browsers
18:11.28danielwsmitheeGood point.  Automatically many mac user will use it on windows will close to double market share.
18:11.29wpsbetter user experience
18:11.31FredjikrangBut even on the mac half of the people don't use it, they use Firefox.
18:11.40ryoujoulooks fast
18:12.11ryoujouwhat are safari 3 features though.. that is a deal breaker
18:12.14bjhomerProbably because there aren't enough users; web developers don't make their websites compatible
18:13.01FredjikrangYou know, if they just followed the standards it wouldn't be a problem. . .
18:13.02wpsyou can finally drag tabs!!!
18:13.06danielwsmitheeEven with half on the mac they are at 4.9% though
18:13.14wpsand peel them off
18:13.18wpsabout freakin time
18:13.23wpsI've been doing that in Adium and Colloquy for years
18:13.26Fredjikrangno kidding!
18:14.34ryoujoutwice as fast eh? might move back from camino then...
18:14.53bjhomerI wonder when Safari 3.0 launches
18:15.00bjhomerToday?  Or with Leopard/
18:15.25ryoujoutoday would be nice..
18:15.39wpsbeta today
18:15.42Fredjikrangpublic beta today
18:15.43danielwsmitheeToday build more hype for Leopard
18:15.49Fredjikrangbleh, iPhone now.
18:15.54bjhomerDistribute with iTunes now?
18:16.15bjhomerpublic beta today
18:16.32ryoujou3rd oparty apps??
18:16.46Fredjikranglooks like it. Probably just widgets though.
18:17.16ryoujousafari page is still pointing to v2
18:17.36danielwsmitheeI think they will announce some type of MS Word support.
18:17.45Fredjikrangit won't update until after the keynote ends.
18:17.49bjhomerSo... why is the apple store down?
18:17.58Fredjikrangthey always do that.
18:18.04ryoujouprob always take it down..
18:18.11bjhomerRight, but usually because they're going to update it
18:18.18bjhomerit always goes down before a product update
18:18.18FredjikrangThey might sitll.
18:18.29bjhomerMac Mini needs something, if it's not dying
18:18.34ryoujounew imacs???
18:18.42FredjikrangYeah, just web aps for the iPhone.
18:19.04danielwsmitheenew Macs, dropping the 17" iMac and mini?
18:19.06bjhomerimac rumorshave been floating
18:19.38wpsno way
18:19.49ryoujouiphone.... if only i was rich..
18:19.50wpsit sounds like everything in the iPhone is widgets
18:20.19bjhomerAgain... hopefully they've stopped the memory leaks in widgets.  Wouldn't want your phone slowing down...
18:20.23ryoujouyeah.."all apps run within safari"
18:20.27danielwsmitheeThat is what it sounds like.
18:20.52wpsI never would have guessed
18:20.57wpsiPhone is a mobile Dashboard
18:21.03Fredjikrangwell, I gotta go. Still hoping fore something super sweet though. . .
18:21.06bjhomerinteresting... they won't be able to enforce the "apple look" if it's all just AJAX
18:21.18danielwsmitheeHow is this going to support 3rd party hardware though on the expansion dock?
18:21.19ryoujou10 min left...
18:22.15wpsor 40, depending on if the rumor was right
18:22.29danielwsmitheeI was hoping for a GPS expansion, that is integrated with GMaps!!!!
18:22.34bjhomerthat could be fun
18:23.00ArchAngelNixI want to see iWorks '07
18:23.21bjhomerheck, iLife even.
18:24.23bjhomerstill wondering about .mac too
18:24.37wpsthey have to talk about iLife
18:24.41cboyackdoes anybody else feel that this WWDC is kinda "meh"?
18:24.53wpseverything Apple will continue to get more and more meh
18:25.09danielwsmitheeSo far I'm ok with it.  Not too exciting but decent.
18:25.24wpsas more and more people convert and more and more rumors come out… it will all become less exciting
18:25.36ArchAngelNixI am sure Leopard will rock, but Jobs is only showing off the eyecandy.
18:25.45wpsno way
18:25.47wpstheir done?
18:25.55wpsI can't believe nothing about iLive
18:26.14wpsno way
18:26.18wpsyeah, that was a let down
18:26.55danielwsmitheetoo bad iLife would be interesting.
18:27.02wpsI was being optimistic because I really thought it would be two hours
18:27.06wpsthat was sad though
18:27.10wpsbarely anything that we didn't already know
18:27.20ArchAngelNixWell to get Jobs a break, iWork/iLife isn't really a Developers topic.
18:27.33wpsthey are so long overdue for updates though
18:27.39wpsand why is the Apple Store down?
18:27.47bjhomerexactly my question
18:27.50danielwsmitheeThat is true.  I hope it doesn't take till January to update iLife though
18:28.01ryoujoucome back on stage steve! encore encore!
18:28.55ryoujouended 4 minutes early..
18:29.01cboyacktime for a nap
18:29.13ryoujouits 3:30 am here...
18:29.15ryoujoutime to sleep
18:29.28danielwsmitheeTime for lunch
18:29.54ArchAngelNixTime for work.
18:31.06ryoujouso when is the safari beta going to be up?? no sign of it yet
18:31.17ryoujouapple stores going back up
18:34.51wpsI don't understand why the Apple store every goes down
18:35.01wpsto me that is a sign that Apple doesn't have their IT crap together
18:35.22wpshow hard is it to have a second server all prepped and ready to go and then simply flip a switch on your load balancer?
18:35.24ryoujouwho knows
18:35.29bjhomerProbably just so that customers don't get mad that they ordered something 5 minutes before the new product was out
18:35.42ryoujoumaybe to build hype?
18:35.51bjhomerSince apple doesn't usually do free upgrades
18:35.58rsabeySafari 3 beta site is up.
18:36.24danielwsmitheeIt is all about the hype!!
18:36.44rsabeyI downloading that sucker now!!!! (I'm on windows at work -- yuck!)
18:37.27wpswait one minute
18:37.30wpsnew website nav?
18:37.45wpsnew home page
18:37.49wpsdump your cache boys!
18:38.02wpsApple finally updated their website after seven years!
18:39.02wpsabout dang time
18:40.16bjhomerLooks like it's still propogating... Support is still on the old nav
18:41.41wpsI love the new look
18:42.33bjhomerOooh... Safari now has inline find a la Firefox
18:43.11bjhomerThat's big for me
18:43.26danielwsmitheeResizable text fields looks nice.
18:44.02wpsI HATE inline find
18:44.17bjhomerwhy's that?
18:44.26danielwsmitheeyeah I prefer it.
18:44.28wpsyou know… I'm not sure exactly why
18:44.33wpsprobably just not used to it yet
18:44.36wpsI just hate it
18:44.43bjhomereven in firefox?
18:44.53wpsthe few times I use FF and hit command + F I don't even notice that it came up
18:44.58wps…because no window appears
18:45.08rsabeySo here is the beauty of Safari on Windows -- Safari is the iPhone browser.  Soon there will be 8 million PC users using the iPhone.  How they can have a browser on their PC that gives them the same experience as the iPhone does.
18:46.30rsabeyOf course that just continues the discovery of PC users to the beauty and functionality of Apple products.
18:47.46rsabeySweet!  Safari!  Running right here on my XP PC!  Oh the joy!
18:49.46bjhomerInstalling right now...
18:49.56cboyacksite won't even come up for me...
18:57.27rsabeyGotta run!  Gotta get Safari all set up and configured!  <O Joy!>
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