irclog2html for #byumug on 20061201

00:47.52tierrathat was... interesting...
00:48.04tierrathanks for listening jbot
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17:11.00feutetejsdmorning all
17:12.11wpsgood morning
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18:19.19PogovinaLDS mac users group? nice :)
18:19.59PogovinaI saw BYU and was like "no way!" so I had to pop in. maybe I'll stop by again sometime :)
18:20.07*** part/#byumug Pogovina (
18:20.44gildedcageso only lds people can be in here? oh great!
18:21.28wpsheavens no
18:21.58wpsthis channel has nothing to do with LDS beyond that the group is sponsored by BYU, which is owned by the church
18:22.10gildedcageof course i'm kidding, i just thought that last pop-in was funny
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