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20:12.48tierrahmm... goes to show how much mac users know about using IRC ;)
20:17.08wpswe actually do have some decently advanced users, but I can't seem to get any of them to hang out in here regularly
20:17.18tierrahas it always just been you in here, or do others pop in occasionally
20:17.28wpsusually two of us
20:17.33wpsused to be three regularly
20:17.38wpsbut it's just been me for a few weeks
20:17.54wpswe'll get ten people or so in here when there is a keynote, but then they go away
20:18.36tierrawell, I'll chill in here for now I guess, maybe entice some others to
20:21.10wpsdid you see the welcome message from chanserv when you joined the channel?
20:21.22wpsI set it but can't figure out why I didn't see it when I rejoined
20:21.30wpsI am wondering if it just doesn't show it to ops
20:21.42tierraI did, it popped up in my server message window
20:21.58tierra13:12 [freenode] -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- [#byumug] Welcome to the BYU Mac Users Group IRC channel. Please add your nick to your profile on the website so that it appears in the roster:

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