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21:13.23feutetejsdhey wps, you there?
21:19.40feutetejsdi tried to open a private chat...did you see it?
21:27.39feutetejsdi got your email about that job opening at Doba, and i might have a friend who is you have any info about pay/benefits?
21:30.04feutetejsdbrb, then we'll talk
21:32.49feutetejsdcool. thanks man!
21:32.54feutetejsddo you work for them?
21:33.13feutetejsdbrb for reals now
21:48.19feutetejsdwhat kind of company is doba?
22:00.09wpsas in atmostphere or what we actually do?
22:07.19feutetejsdwhat you dfo
22:07.26feutetejsdboth, i guess
22:07.46wpsproduct sourcing
22:07.55wpswe connect small businesses with products to sell
22:08.37feutetejsdi see
22:08.40wpsentrepreneurs (generally web stores and eBay, but some brick-and-mortor) with distributors
22:08.52wpsthe drop shipping industry
22:09.01wpswe don't do drop shipping though, we help people to do it
22:09.04wpswe are a middle man
22:09.34feutetejsdi've seen several billboards along I-15...I guess business is good?
22:09.35wpswe have created a large web application that allows people to maintain virtual inventories and warehouses
22:09.41wpsyes, those are ours
22:09.45wpsyes, business is very good
22:10.16wpsthe biggest hurdle for starting a business is overhead and inventory, so eliminate both
22:11.26feutetejsdvery nice
22:12.25wpsyou think he'll be interested?
22:13.03feutetejsdpossibly....he has a lot of experience in design, although it's more in print than interactive/web
22:13.23wpsthat's fine
22:13.58wpsif he has the skills then web specifics can be taught
22:14.16feutetejsdhe is actually learning a bit about the web already...slowly but surely
22:14.18wpswe do print, dimensional, environmental, and identity work too
22:14.20feutetejsdI'm working on him
22:15.17feutetejsda lot of his experience is in corporate branding on many fronts
22:18.03wpswell, I'd love to meet him and see his work
22:19.12feutetejsdhe's currently employed but not doing as much design as he'd like...I know salary is a big deal for him. Do you know anything about the salary range? the page you linked me to was just benefits
22:19.47feutetejsdor, is it dependent on qualifications, etc?
22:34.00wpsdependent a little
22:34.08wpsprobably not more than $40,000
22:34.16wpswe're looking for a designer, not a senior design
22:34.33feutetejsdah....he's more looking for senior deisgner type position
22:35.22wpsif he's got the stuff though, we it might be an option
22:35.52feutetejsdok, I'll let him know
22:35.54feutetejsdthanks man

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