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14:53.26feutetejsdhello vinzbn
14:53.48vinzbnsalut !
14:54.35feutetejsddo you know much about webcams with Mac OS X?
14:54.41feutetejsdnon-iSight webcams, that is
15:00.50vinzbnfeutetejsd > i'm sorry, I don't have any webcam on my Mac OS X ... sorry :)
15:01.18feutetejsdthat's appears that there are very few webcams out there that are designed for OS X....except the isIght
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22:40.26feutetejsdjbot, dance
22:40.28jbotit has been said that dance is ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' elive, stayin' elive..
22:40.38feutetejsdjbot, webcam for mac os x
22:40.53feutetejsdjbot, google webcam for mac os x
22:41.01feutetejsd~/lart jbot
22:41.06feutetejsd~lart jbot
22:41.27feutetejsd~lart work

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