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18:01.33drewbonowps: so the php/mysql combo stopped working this morning on the server
18:01.44drewbonoi can connect via the terminal but not through the webpage
18:04.16wpshmm… that's no good
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18:21.29drewbonowps: all better
18:21.32drewbonothey upgraded to 10.4.4
18:21.39drewbonoand that broke php/mysql connections
18:21.48wpsah, on the XServe?
18:21.53drewbonoDood--Apple's server offering gets a LOW score for me on reliability.
18:22.13drewbonoI'd never use it in a production environment.
18:22.15wpsnice of them to tell you
18:22.30drewbonoit's simply too flaky and you're too dependent on them to fix junk they break.
18:22.36drewbonoYeah, I found out b/c of
18:22.48drewbonoI had remembered reading something about it when 10.4.4 came out
18:22.59wpswhoever admin's that box has got send out notices when they do stuff
18:23.00drewbonoso when I talked to danny and asked him what happened to the server, he said they upgraded
18:23.05drewbonoand I knew what was up.
18:23.08drewbonoYeah, no kiddin.
18:23.11drewbonoFor them it's just a test box though.
18:23.13drewbonoSo they don't care.
18:23.28drewbonoAnd since they're letting us use it for free, I don't wanna complain.
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22:39.23ArchAngelNixHey Drew sup?
22:39.29drewbonoHow's it going?
22:39.34ArchAngelNixPretty good.
22:40.09ArchAngelNixI have been getting on the IRC the past few days to find members of the leadership, and it seems Wade is the only who ever gets on.
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22:43.47ArchAngelNixAfter the last MUG I have been inspired to start researching template driven webdesign applications. Who do I talk to about it?
22:45.37ArchAngelNixDrewbono how can I get that copy of After Effects 7. My friend said he would love to write a review about it and wont be around till Thrusday.
22:46.02drewbonoI'll bring it in.
22:46.14drewbonowe can meet up next tues
22:46.32drewbonoAbout your first question, wade's always a good place to start
22:46.42drewbonoor you could also hop over into #uphpu
22:46.50drewbonothey'd be a much better resource
22:47.41ArchAngelNixNo I am referring to as a MUG meeting.
22:48.25ArchAngelNixI work Tuesday. I am only on campus around 1:15 - 3. I have class from 1:30 - 3
22:59.51drewbonoArchAngelNix: not sure I'm understanding
23:00.03drewbonoWhat are you referring to about a MUG meeting?
23:00.25drewbonoAnd you're remembering that we have monday classes this tues, right?
23:00.31drewbonoI always forget that.
23:00.34drewbonoI'll be on campus most of Tues.
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23:14.03guest_3930i have the intel imac and downloaded frontrow for itunes. however, it said i needed i g5 to run the program. any suggestions?
23:16.14drewbonoguest_3930: what is frontrow for iTunes?
23:16.22drewbonoDoes frontrow come on your mac?
23:16.45guest_3930next question, but this is a dumb one: how do i change the seeting in intunes so that the next song doesn't start playing before the current one is finished?
23:17.15drewbonoopen the iTunes preferences under the iTunes menu
23:17.28drewbonothen choose playback
23:17.29guest_3930no, frontrow is a program that just enhances how your current song is shown in the now playing window
23:17.42drewbonoand deselect the crossfade playback
23:17.50drewbonodo you have URL for frontrow
23:18.30guest_3930i got frontrow from
23:18.36guest_3930thanks on the crossfade help
23:19.14drewbonois that what you're talking about?
23:20.24guest_3930sorry, last was a misspell
23:20.26drewbonoI did
23:20.29drewbonoand searched for frontrow
23:20.32drewbonoand that's what came up
23:20.57drewbonoFrontrow is apple's media center solution
23:21.03drewbonoAre you sure the application is called frontrow?
23:21.51guest_3930yeah, that's it. when i got it from the other site, i didn't see the enabler. i'm going to downlad that right now

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