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00:02.14jakespurlockI jsut started the update
00:02.19jakespurlockThe download that is....
00:02.40jakespurlockI held of on itunes, and quicktime so I could package it all together.
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19:39.14feutetejsdwell, cboyack, it's you and me....
19:46.24feutetejsdand apparently, it's just me....
19:54.53cboyacki'm back
19:55.06cboyackand, per your question yesterday, no, my quad is still dead in the shop
19:55.12cboyackthey put a new logic board in, didn't work
19:55.21cboyackso they DOAd the board, ordered a new one, and new processors
19:55.32cboyackthey arrived yesterday (macdocs is closed on monday for some strange reason)
19:56.00cboyackand so i'll call here in a bit to see if it's working yet.. if i don't get it back today, applecare is going to get a pretty terse call from yours truly, demanding a new computer
20:00.56feutetejsdsorry to hear man
20:06.58cboyackyeah, lame
20:24.01cboyackyay, looks like my computer is working now, they're just running some tests.  hallelujah
20:24.13cboyackguess i'll just have to ditch my class so i can go set it up again :)
20:24.20cboyackah, fanatacism..
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20:41.39wpswelcome, guest
21:04.52cboyackwahoo, computer is fixed!  time to ditch class and head over to macdocs :)
21:05.03wpswhat was it?
21:05.24cboyackwell, good question. they thought it was the logic board, so they ordered a new one, it got there the next day, and they replaced it
21:05.28cboyackbut, it kernel panicked again
21:05.36cboyackso they DOA'ed the board and ordered a new one, and also new processors
21:05.53cboyackso they put in a new board and processors, and now it works.. so it's prob the board, but since they also put in new procs, it's hard to say with accuracy
21:05.57cboyackas long as it works, i'm fine :)
21:06.25cboyackheading out, adios
21:06.28feutetejsdi'll hold off on having jbot lart your quad until you have it home and running for a few days....aren't I nice?
21:06.44cboyack[away]ah, you are too kind
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