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04:59.15guest_0390-- info
04:59.45wpswelcome, guest
05:00.59wpsyou been here before?
05:01.02wpsyou a member of BYU MUG?
05:01.20guest_0390no, I was just searching for a web based irc client
05:01.25guest_0390havent done irc for years
05:01.44wpsgood 'ole IRC
05:02.04guest_0390you just hanging out?
05:02.21wpsyah, I am logged in 24/7
05:02.51wpsthis channel is for a university mac users group
05:03.06wpstraffic died down over the summer and then never picked back up when the new school year started
05:03.20wpsso there hasn't been much going on in here for months
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18:19.12feutetejsdhola, wps
18:20.25feutetejsdwe have to figure out a way to attract more folks to the IRC....maybe we need to discuss trivia in here and then ask questions about it in meetings...and award and I would win everything!!!
18:20.39wpsthat's an excellent idea
18:20.46wpsyes, I sure wish we had more people in here
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18:33.51wpswelcome, cboyack
18:34.06feutetejsdwe have another user!!!!
18:34.38wpsthis is a record high for channel participation in probably six months
18:35.02cboyackup until now i've been too lazy to IRC at all, but my senior capstone project has forced me to start using it :)
18:35.20feutetejsdheh heh
18:35.31feutetejsdsee? school IS good for something
18:35.32wpsyour what?
18:35.44*** join/#byumug drewbono (
18:36.01cboyacksenior capstone. bit senior project at BYU
18:36.18wpsand how is IRC involved?
18:36.32feutetejsdonly 20 more participants, and my userlist in colloquy will have to scroll!
18:36.39cboyackfor communication w team members
18:37.24cboyackso would it make this group jealous if i divulged the fact that i ordered a quad g5 yesterday?  :)
18:37.36wpsof course!
18:38.22feutetejsdfirst wps mocks us all with his dual G5, now cboyack with his quad....
18:38.28feutetejsdyou guys make me sick
18:38.44cboyackwhat if i told you i already have a dual, and then i'll also have a quad? ;)
18:38.52feutetejsd<-- hugs his PB G4
18:39.07feutetejsd~lart cboyack
18:39.13feutetejsdheh....take that
18:39.24wps~wedgie cboyack
18:39.25jbotACTION hangs cboyack from the flag pole by his underwear
18:40.54feutetejsdwell, cboyack, that concludes your IRC initiation. you're now a full-fledged user!
18:41.05cboyackthat hazing wasn't so bad
18:42.26cboyackanybody planning on buying a revA mactel?
18:42.46wpsgood question
18:43.01wpsI am not in the position to purchase a computer within the next six moths, so I haven't even thought of it
18:43.26feutetejsdi have to figure out my software issues....depends on how their PPC emulation thingy works (Rosetta?)
18:46.02cboyackyeah, it's called Rosetta... the huge transition somewhat worries me, which is why i just bought a quad and plan to use it for 4-5 years until the mactels are stable, and until i'm ready to buy a whole new slew of software that runs on that platform.. but with universal binaries being released in the next long time, i think the transition will go smoother.. i'd just rather wait for a revB after they work out any/all kinks
18:47.22feutetejsdyeah, probably not a bad idea....cboyack, what are you studying @ BYU?
18:47.40cboyackcomputer nerdology
18:47.53cboyack(formally known as information technology)
18:48.04feutetejsdis that in the CS department or the business dept?
18:49.58wpsso what do you all think of Google Base?
18:50.10wpsanyone interested in someone else hosting their db?
18:50.54feutetejsdI haven't read much (anything) about it except a headline on Slashdot, I think...can you fill us in?
18:51.28wpsthey provide free database for anything you want
18:51.38wpsand it's accessible from all Google's services
18:51.43wpssearch, froogle, etc
18:51.53feutetejsd....all your base are belong to us....
18:52.07cboyacki tinkered w/ google base this morning.. looked somewhat interesting
18:52.24cboyacki still prefer craigslist for ads though.. i'm curious to see if google base will end up being a strong competitor
18:52.43cboyackfeut - the IT major is in the college of engineering
18:53.03feutetejsdah, cool
19:01.13cboyackanybody have an ipod video?
19:01.38wpsdrewbono, you bought one, didn't you?
19:02.51drewbonosure did
19:02.56cboyackyour impressions?
19:03.03drewbonoIt's HOT.
19:03.05wpshe _loves_ it
19:03.08drewbonoVery viewable.
19:03.14drewbonoThe only downside is the battery life.
19:03.18drewbono~ 2 hrs
19:03.22feutetejsdso, here's something interesting...the largest iPod Nano (4GB) is only $50 less than the smallest iPod video (30GB)....can anyone come up with a reason to buy a Nano other than the fact that it's really tiny?
19:03.32cboyackwhen viewing video the whole time it's 2 hours?
19:03.45drewbonoon the 30gb
19:04.16cboyacki wouldn't get a nano for file size - i have a 40gig ipod photo.. i'd get it to take to the gym and take running - no moving parts, no risk of damage (unless i trip and fall, which has been known to happen) and it's very small
19:04.34wpsI wouldn't
19:04.51wpsIf I am going to drop several hundred on a unit, it'd better have _at least_ 30 GB of space
19:05.10cboyackwhat the freak?  pee and poo cuddly toys?  sick
19:05.17*** join/#byumug cmkilger (
19:05.21wpssick, huh
19:05.24feutetejsdwps, I'm a little worried about you ;)
19:05.31wpsI didn't find it
19:05.35wpsa coworker just sent the link
19:13.56drewbonoThe nano's hot though.
19:14.00drewbonoIt's so so so small.
19:14.13drewbonoEven though it's only 4GB, it's more than enough player for a lot of people.
19:14.22cboyacki don't like that the headphone jack is on the bottom
19:14.26drewbonoSo Apple's just trying to hit every segment they can, methinks.
19:14.38feutetejsdbut for the price, I'd be willing to pay an extra 50 and get the smaller iPod
19:14.38drewbonomy bro has a nano and loves the headphone jack on the bottom.
19:14.46cboyackany reason why?
19:15.02drewbonoI think b/c he wants the lanyard headphones.
19:15.22drewbonoAnd w/ those headphones the nano would still be facing the right way for him.
19:15.47cboyacki don't see myself wearing my ipod around my neck
19:16.29wpsif I click the small x when a burn process is in verifying state
19:16.45wps…will it skip the verifying and be done or stop the entire thing?
19:16.45drewbonoyour disc will still be fine
19:16.57cboyackskip verify  - burn is already done
19:17.04drewbonoand it should stop the entire thing
19:17.15wpsright, I know that verifying isn't a necessary part of the process
19:17.33wpsI was just wondering what would happen if I click the x
19:17.51wpsI've clicked it when copying files and it's cancelled the copy
19:18.04wpsI just have never clicked it during the verify portion of burning a disk
19:18.23cboyacki always do.. too impatient to wait for verification
19:21.01cboyackif you had the cash, would you guys prefer a 23" monitor or 30"?
19:24.29*** join/#byumug cmkilger (
19:24.56wpsif cash wasn't an issue, why wouldn't you get as large as you can?
19:25.06cboyacki thin 30
19:25.12cboyackoops - i think 30" is too big
19:25.19cboyackthe thing is a behemoth
19:25.33cboyackwhen i used it at the bookstore, i had to scoot back as far as i could
19:25.37wpsbut, if you are going to spend $1300 or more, when not get two 20"s (non-Apple) for a total of 40" ?
19:25.52cboyackbecause non-apple displays look like trash :)
19:26.27wpsI think that my ViewSonic LCDs are just as good as Apples
19:27.12cboyacki don't.. they're all too... plasticy.  imho
19:27.41wpsoh, are you talking the enclosure?
19:27.44wpsI was talking about screen
19:28.58cboyacki was implying the overall package.. unless there was an easy way to buy an apple display casing, and pop in somebody else's screen :-\
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19:30.30wpshere's the big quesiton
19:30.53wpsdo I buy a DVR or wait for Apple to come out with a Mac Mini Media?
19:31.28wpsI've been waiting for Panasonic to release their HD DVRs (should be any day now)
19:34.49cboyacknot as fancy, but i bought an AlchemyTV DVR PCI card for my tower - synchs with ical, and i can automate recordings of all my fav shows.. compresses them on the fly to h.264 or mp4 or whatever i want.. purty nifty
19:38.18wpsdoes it do HD? 16x9?
19:39.25cboyackmethinks no.. haven't looked into it too extensively since i'm too poor for HDTV
19:39.38wpsHDTV can be free
19:39.45wpsthere are many channels broadcasting free
19:40.08cboyackwell, don't you need a diff cable box and such?  to handle the HD data
19:40.24wpsnot all have HD all the time, but some do
19:40.54wps5, 7, 13 for example have dedicated HD sub-channels
19:41.13wpsyou can get HD through a cable/satalite company, if you want premium channels
19:41.20wpsbut you don't have to
19:41.56wpsall you need to pick up the public HD channels is an HD tuner and a digital antanna
19:42.01cboyackyou still need an HD receiver
19:47.51cboyackcolloquy question:
19:47.59cboyackhow do i change my nickname to cboyack [away]
19:48.15wpstype "/nick cboyack [away]"
19:48.36cboyackdidn't seem to do anything
19:48.47cboyack[away]there we go.. thanks
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21:13.08feutetejsdwow--this is a new record!
21:13.17cboyackwe had 8 a little while ago
21:13.21drewbonoOh, really?
21:14.23natelyWell, the e-mail convinced me to come.  Now you'll have to convince me that it really is that much fun.
21:14.55drewbonoUh-oh.  We better bring out Mr. Fun.
21:14.59drewbonoWhere's wps?
21:15.52wpsjbot, dance
21:15.53jbotACTION becomes steve ballmer
21:15.57wpsno, not that kind
21:16.07wpsjbot, dance
21:16.08jbot"ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive"
21:16.15wpsthat's it
21:16.18wpswork it!
21:17.49feutetejsdaren't you glad you came, nately?
21:17.59natelyOh, definitely.
21:18.31feutetejsdwe knew you would be
21:18.43feutetejsdbe glad you didn't get the hazing that cboyack got earlier
21:18.49feutetejsdman, we laid into him
21:19.03cboyack'twas painful..
21:19.30natelyWell, shucks. I'm sorry I came late.
21:20.37cboyackjust tell them you're getting a quad g5 and you can have the same experience i did..
21:20.48feutetejsd~lart cboyack
21:21.15natelyOooh.. nice.  Actually I already have a Dual G5 with two 30" cinema displays.
21:21.30feutetejsd~lart nately
21:21.44drewbonotoo late
21:21.54cboyackwhat is ~lart?
21:22.19wps~melvin nately
21:22.21jbotACTION pulls nately underwear up to the ceiling...and smiles
21:22.41feutetejsdoh yeah....and sometimes we talk about Mac-related stuff here, too :D
21:22.46natelyI'm totally kidding.  I've got a PowerBook.
21:23.00cboyackyeah.. that's a lot less than 60
21:23.05cboyackinches of real estate
21:23.18wpsany Photoshop users in the channel?
21:23.32feutetejsdnot I
21:23.57natelyI still have Photoshop 4.0 on my computer, but rarely use it.
21:25.07cboyackyeah i have/use cs2
21:25.22drewbonoI use CS
21:25.39drewbonoSo, does anyone here have a Canon Rebel XT?
21:25.40wpsanyone know of a way to toggle auto-select-layer on and off with a keystroke?
21:26.17cboyacki have an XT, yeah
21:26.47drewbonocboyack: Really?  What do you think of it?
21:26.51cboyackwade - no, and i wish i knew how.. i use that feature sometimes, and then i'll forget i have it on, and then accidentally drag something around i don't want to.. kinda annoying
21:27.05drewbonoI'm considering buying either that or the 20d (which wps has...jurk)
21:27.12wpsI toggle it constantly and find it very annoying to have to reach to the top bar with the mouse
21:27.14cboyacki love it :)  doesn't come anywhere near the 14MP i got some portraits done w/ a few weeks ago, but i like it a lot.. good bang for your buck
21:27.29wpswhichever you do, I would recommend a Canon
21:27.35wpsand recommend against a Nikon
21:28.03feutetejsdI have an Olympus C-7000, which I'm very happy
21:28.15feutetejsdand now you have my 2 bits
21:28.17wpswe have the Nikon D100 and the Nikon D70 here at work and I think that they are junk
21:28.29drewbonoI've heard good things about the D70.
21:28.34drewbonoD100 is super old though.
21:28.40wpsI hate the way it feels in your hand
21:28.45cboyackyeah, nikon is going downhill
21:28.45wpsI hate the menus
21:28.53wpsI hate the shutter action
21:28.58wpspretty much everything about it
21:28.58cboyacki have a canon powershot A75 and XT rebel... i like canon
21:29.07drewbonoDell is selling the Rebel XT w/ the 18-55 kit lens for $739 before the $75 rebate
21:29.33drewbonoAnd even more savings if I buy a lens with it.
21:29.35cboyackholy moly, sweet deal.. we got ours for like 820 i think, no kit
21:29.43feutetejsdhey--are any of you going on the rumored jaunt to the Apple Store this weekend?
21:29.45cboyackif i hadn't just blown my savings on the quad g5, i'd be tempted... :)
21:29.57drewbonoI wish I could afford the 17-40 mm f/4 L lens...
21:29.58feutetejsd~lart cboyack
21:30.07natelyYeah, who's going to the Store?
21:30.11drewbonoI'll be there.
21:30.12drewbonoFo sho.
21:30.16wpsdrewbono, remember how my server had a heart attack because I ran out of disk space? well, I am still purging and am down to 58% now.
21:30.20feutetejsdI'm considering it
21:30.33drewbonoThat's some sweet savings, wps.
21:30.34wpsyou've heard of duplicates and triplacates… well, I had at least 4,000 copies of each file
21:30.38drewbonofeutetejsd: considering it?!
21:30.41drewbono~lart feutetejsd
21:30.51feutetejsdheh...much better than being stabbed
21:30.58wpsI'll be there
21:31.09drewbonowps: I just had to do the same thing on my PowerBook...
21:31.14drewbonoI had so many duplicate files.
21:31.29drewbonoI found a sweet program that will identify dupes according to checksum, so you really know they're dupes.
21:31.33wpsdrewbono, well, the crazy thing was/is that it was _all_ just the mailing list archives
21:31.58feutetejsdummm, wps how did you get 4,000 copies of each file on your disk?
21:32.30feutetejsd'cuz I'd really like to avoid that myself
21:32.52cboyacki'm having a somewhat similar issue w/ my g5.. every other week or so i have to dig something out of my trash, and it takes forever to open, cuz it has like 7k files.. so i empty it, and then a couple weeks later it's full again of all this temporary file junk.. but then again, i'm just putting it off, because soon enough i'll have a new quad g5 :::devilish grin:::
21:33.01cboyacksimliar issue w/ my emac*
21:33.18wpsthis is on my server running FC3, BTW
21:33.28wpsthe auto script (not sure if it was cron or the script itself that wasy broken) was messed up and instead of replacing files, it added dupes
21:33.36wpsit's the mailing list archives for UPHPU
21:34.47feutetejsdcboyack, it was wise of you to bury that comment about the quad....I almost missed it
21:37.00wpsthanks, drewbono, but it didn't have an answer
21:37.13*** join/#byumug _psychic_ (
21:37.26wpswelcome, _psychic_
21:37.27drewbonoso I guess that's a no to the auto select shortcut?
21:37.31cboyacksup John :)
21:37.37_psychic_'sup gents
21:37.41wps~_psychic_ seems the cboyack is psychic too...
21:38.02cboyackwhat's w/ the tilde?
21:38.04drewbonohe knew _psychic_'s name
21:38.10jbotwell, drewbono is the mac, or a grammar super-freak
21:38.21drewbonoTrue dat.
21:38.23wpstilde tells jbot to take note
21:38.29jbotextra, extra, read all about it, wps is Mr. Sexy Pants
21:38.29wpsif jbot wants to say something about it, he will
21:38.36wpsjbot is so wise
21:38.39drewbono~wps's wife
21:38.49wps~wade's wife
21:38.51jbotwell, wade's wife is Mrs. Sexy Pants
21:38.57drewbonoahhh, there it is.
21:39.03wpsjbot, wps's wife is Mrs. Sexy Pants
21:39.04jbotokay, wps
21:39.08wps~wade's kid
21:39.10jbotit has been said that wade's kid is Junior Sexy Pants
21:39.18wps~wps's kid
21:39.27wpsjbot, wps's kid is Junior Sexy Pants
21:39.28jbotwps: okay
21:39.52jbotEvery moment in which im called upon is torture
21:40.00wpsha ha
21:40.08wpsBYU MUG needs a new reporter
21:40.09wpsI'm burned out
21:40.49wps~Michael Jackson
21:40.50jbothmm... michael jackson is a pedophile black/white man who used to be a good singer but now is only remembered for sleeping with small boys and a monkey called bubbles
21:41.08_psychic_Is there a good non-MS, non-OpenOffice Excel clone for mac?
21:41.09feutetejsdjbot is one wise cookie
21:41.31_psychic_~life, the universe, and everything
21:41.42wpsthere are a few spreadsheets, but none that are feature-rich
21:41.44_psychic_I thought not.
21:41.55cboyackabacus and paper
21:42.20wpsthat why I am waiting and waiting and waiting for Apple to add a spreadsheet to iWork
21:42.32_psychic_I just don't want to install a bajillion GB for a spreadsheet app
21:42.38wpsI hear yoyu
21:42.42cboyackah, good ol' MS bloat
21:42.43_psychic_Numbers - wasn't that the rumor?
21:42.57_psychic_MS has nothing on Adobe bloat
21:43.00natelyI think it was Cells
21:43.20wpsI won't use Microsoft Office and don't like OO
21:43.27wpsI currently use OO to keep my books
21:43.39natelyOk.  You win.  :-P
21:43.40wpsbut believe me that I will be first in line to purchase Numbers
21:43.41_psychic_sounds like an app for bioinformatics ppl though ;)
21:43.57_psychic_wps == 'Wade' ?
21:44.20_psychic_same as UPHPU wade, yes?
21:47.12natelyI come back biting....  Cells was the rumor before iWork came out.
21:50.59natelyWell, this party died.  I think I'll get working on my CS exam.
21:51.31wpspeople ned to stay logged in even if they aren't actively chatting, so that you can get their attention
21:52.18feutetejsdyeah, and so we can feel like someone loves us
21:53.38feutetejsdawww....thanks _psychic_
21:53.45_psychic_np bro
21:53.51wpsjbot, hug feutetejsd
21:53.53jbotACTION hugs feutetejsd
21:54.06feutetejsd*sniff* guys are great
23:11.09*** join/#byumug rkm28 (n=richard@
23:12.41feutetejsdhey rkm28
23:14.37rkm28is this the inaugural day of the byumug channel?
23:16.15feutetejsdno, it has been around for quite some time, but it has been poorly attended until today
23:16.29feutetejsdthat is, until wps sent the email to the list
23:17.28wpsbut that's not even the first invite
23:19.09rkm28i had never heard of it, so i'm glad you mentioned it again
23:19.21rkm28are people going to the apple store opening in slc on saturday?
23:19.24wpsyou're welcome
23:19.32feutetejsdsounds like there will be quite a few, yes
23:20.01feutetejsdshould be pretty cool
23:20.02wpsyes, but not when the doors open
23:20.07wpsI will be going later in the afternoon
23:20.50feutetejsdnot sure if I'll be able to make it....those kinds of places are dangerous for me anyway....
23:21.00rkm28i sort of want the t-shirt -- i might try to get up there in the morning
23:21.29rkm28yeah so true!  i'll have to leave my wallet at home
23:21.33rkm28and not speed
23:21.58rkm28"but offer, i left my wallet at home so that the persuasive power of steve job's apple store at the gateway wouldn't take all my money"
23:22.21rkm28typos kill jokes
23:22.49feutetejsdt-shirt?, there's free stuff?
23:23.09rkm28yeah they're apparently giving away 1000 t-shirts when they open
23:23.19feutetejsdwe like free stuff
23:26.11rkm28right column
23:30.20feutetejsdah.....well there we have it
23:45.51drewbonoDoes anyone here use
23:46.25drewbonoWhat can you do so that when you mark something as "Not Junk," it moves back to its proper folder.
23:47.35wpshmm… I don't have an answer for that
23:47.41drewbonoIt's really annoying.
23:47.56drewbonoWhen I mark something as not junk, it should go back to the correct folder, not say in the junk mail folder.
23:48.01drewbonosay = stay
23:48.25wpsyou could change your settings to that messages aren't automatically moved to the junk folder in the first place… just marked as junk
23:48.36wpsthen when you unmark then, they are already there/still there
23:49.12drewbonotrue, but then I'd have a lot of junk in my inbox too.
23:49.20drewbonoHey, wps, which 75-200 lens did you get?
23:49.53wpsuh, I'd have to look up the model numbers when I get home
23:50.05wpsmy zoon is 75-300 I think
23:57.28feutetejsdok kids....feutetejsd is going home onw
23:57.30feutetejsdalso now

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