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18:39.18feutetejsddid you guys see the screenshots of the next MS Office here:
18:39.27feutetejsdUI is very brushed metal-looking
18:42.15wpsyeah… was looking at those earlier
18:42.19wpsand it is getting more and more bloated
18:42.29wpswhy does MS insist on putting every feature into their apps?
18:42.52wpsa word processor should be a word processor… NOT A DESKTOP PUBLISHING APP!!!
18:42.55feutetejsdand you use that word "feature" loosely....
18:43.21wpswhy can you view excel spreadsheets in word?
18:43.25wpswhy can you surf the internet in word?
18:43.30wpswhy can you check your email in word?
18:43.33wpsit's rediciulous
18:43.52wpsI am surprised that MS even has apps anymore
18:44.09wpsthey should just wrap all their apps and their OS up into one big thing… they are already close
18:49.01wpswhat do you guys use for archiving and compression?
18:49.09wpsMac OSs built in ZIP?
18:49.20feutetejsd+ gzip
18:49.26wpstar from command line or Stuffit's tar?
18:49.39feutetejsdcmd line...I don't remember the last time I used Stuffit, honestly
18:49.48wpsI'm proud of you, feutetejsd
18:50.01wpswhat about when you need to send something to someone that doesn't understand tar?
18:51.00feutetejsdhehe...most people I work with are on Linux/Unix, so that's generally not a problem, but if it is, then I use cmd line zip. I don't know if it differs than creating an archive thru the finder, though. might just be the same thing
19:13.47wpsman, I have been on the phone with Apple Customer Support since 10:00
19:14.11wpsmy company never bothered to register their computers or their apple care, so nothing is in the system
19:14.28wpsand if it is past 90 of purchase date, then you have to provide proof of purchase (receipt)
19:14.46wpsso it's been a big headache getting all of the serials for the towers and displays and pairing everything up
19:15.55feutetejsdif it makes you feel any better, my company shipped me a powerbook with applecare, but the applecare didn't ship with it, and I didn't know that applecare shipped as an actual boxed product
19:16.02wpsI hate it when people don't keep good records
19:37.09wpsthat bites
19:37.41feutetejsdyup. fortunately, it's not for anything mission-critical....just a slight nuisance in one corner of the LCD
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