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20:45.30wpsthat laptop riot is one of the dumbest things I have heared
20:45.33wpspeople are stupid
20:49.00wpssee this?
20:49.16wpsso… are any of the MacOSXon86 claims true?
20:50.08feutetejsdgood question....
20:50.46drewbonoI've seen a video of some booting.
20:50.53feutetejsdthere you have it
20:52.42feutetejsdhonestly, I'm excited to see OS X on Intel....I just wish they would release it sooner
20:55.10feutetejsdI can't justify buying a new PPC mac now, because I know that in a couple of years, everything will be intel, and my PPC and all of my software will be useless
20:58.59drewbonoInitial reports are the it indeed does operate at 80% of normal speed.
20:59.06drewbonoPretty impressive if you ask me.
20:59.22drewbonoPlus, how many apps do you use today that are more than 2 years old?
21:00.23feutetejsdis Rosetta a PPC emulator for Intel?
21:01.38feutetejsdhmmmm....I still want OSX on Intel....
21:01.59feutetejsdcan you see what you can do about that, drewbono? Maybe jump on the bat phone or something and call Steve?
21:03.14drewbonoI'm on it...
21:03.24feutetejsdgood man
21:03.31feutetejsdhey--did you ever buy a road bike?
21:03.39drewbonobeen looking at them
21:03.46drewbonomy brother just bought a Trek 5500
21:03.50drewbono2001 model
21:04.21drewbonogot it from some guy in idaho for 1300
21:04.28feutetejsdoh baby
21:04.34drewbonoHave you guys seen that video?
21:04.57drewbonocrazy, eh?
21:05.04feutetejsdcool, but that dude needs to get a tripod
21:05.17drewbonoI think he did it that way to prove it was real.
21:05.19feutetejsdI'ma be sick
21:05.43drewbonoJust don't hurl on your keyboard.
21:05.44feutetejsdvery cool
21:06.00drewbonoSo...rumor has it there's a VMWare image floating around with OSX86 on it.
21:06.10drewbonoAsk one of your shady friends on how to find it. ;-)
21:06.30feutetejsdare you implying I have shady friends?
21:06.42feutetejsdheck, I'm just glad to have friends :-)
21:07.01feutetejsdare you saying you have it?
21:07.19feutetejsdit pays to have shady friends
21:07.31drewbonoI'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find.
21:07.51feutetejsdyeah, I actually do have a friend who spends a lot of time on newsgrups, and can get just about anything you want
21:08.00feutetejsdI've never made use of his "services" but I'm sure he could get it it just me or does x86 hardware appear to scream?
21:08.52drewbonoOf course, I'm just basing it on "bounce" time.
21:08.55feutetejsdthe price ain't bad either
21:09.05drewbonoBut that is only a Pentium-M 1.6
21:09.12drewbonoThey already have a 2.0 M
21:09.17drewbonojust think what they'll have in a year from now.
21:09.29drewbonoMakes me hate my G4.
21:10.09feutetejsdtrue dat
21:10.22feutetejsdis nextt year when they're supposed to ship OS X for intel?
21:10.55feutetejsdand, aren't they starting with MacMinis?
21:13.09drewbonoI don't think they've said what will be released first.
21:13.28drewbonoBut rumor has it that minis and powerbooks first, with the powermacs being the last to switch
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