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21:14.18drewbonosuper jimbo00000 and guest_1172
21:14.25drewbonoor, 'sup, rather
21:19.24wpsthere's more in here than just jbot and I
21:19.40wpswelcome, drewbono
21:19.50drewbonowps: how the heck are you?!
21:19.50wpsget the issues worked out with the server?
21:19.56drewbonothink so
21:19.57drewbonohope so
21:19.59drewbonounless you've seen others
21:20.06wpsyou finally get access?
21:20.09wpsI'm great, thanks
21:20.25wps43 days
21:20.44drewbonotil you're graduated?
21:20.49drewbonoyeah, I got access.
21:20.55wpsoh yeah
21:20.56drewbononot that I'm online anymore
21:20.56wpsno kidding
21:21.01drewbonoI'm so anti computer.
21:21.21wpsyeah, know it's interesting… i've been that way that way the past little while too
21:21.26wpsjust haven't been interested as much
21:21.30drewbonoso have you played around with podcasting yet?
21:21.34wpsI have
21:21.36drewbonothat doesn't seem like you.
21:21.42wpshave been wanting to be outside
21:21.45drewbonobeen busy with other stuff?
21:21.47drewbonomtn biking?
21:22.02wpsbarbecues of the canyon
21:22.21wpshanging out with Ivana
21:22.31drewbonosounds like the perfect summer man
21:22.53wpswhen do you get back?
21:23.00drewbonobeginning of august
21:23.06drewbonowell, probably around the 10th
21:23.21wpsthe podcasts are cool
21:23.29drewbonoI listened to the BBC one...
21:23.30drewbonoit sucked
21:23.33wpsI hadn't done anything with them before the iTunes update
21:23.44drewbonome neither
21:24.05wpsI think that for news, they will mostly suck because it will mostly be old news already… if you're a news junky
21:24.34wpsbut talk radio, morning shows, and stuff like that would be great… especially for commuters
21:24.44wps…especially mass-transit commuters
21:24.59wpsI can imagine podcasting absolutely rocking for people commuting on the subway, for example
21:26.14drewbonofo sho
21:26.26drewbonothe bbc one was just text that had been tossed through a text-to-speech converter
21:26.39wpsthat's rediculous
21:27.02drewbonoI wanted to punch it
21:27.47wpsthe only thing that has frustrated me so far is that I would like per-cast settings… so that each can independently control how often they are refreshed and how long old casts are kept
21:28.00drewbonothat would be nice
21:33.11drewbonooh yeah...I read about that
21:33.16drewbonoso weird
21:33.17wpsyeah, it's strange
21:33.30wpseverything works perfectly… I just can't manually reboot it
21:33.53drewbonoso strange
21:33.55wpsand since I paid so much for it, I wanted to make sure that I got my money worth and that everything was in proper working order
21:42.05drewbonowps: man...why won't safari let me save images where I want to?
21:42.32drewbonoif I right-click on an image, the only option I get for saving is to the desktop
21:42.46wpsah, that changed in the latest version
21:42.52wpsopt + right-click
21:42.55drewbonoand I want to punch it
21:43.12wpspatience, young padiwon (sp?)
21:43.22wpsno problem :)
21:46.00wpsI don't have a clue
21:46.04drewbonowhat's the search the contents command again (for a linux sys)
21:46.07drewbonogrep -i "string"
21:47.10wpssearch for filename
21:47.11wpssearch for string within files, recursively through child directories
21:47.13wps... match logical not
21:47.18wps... with regex
21:50.25drewbonoman, I'm glad you're online
21:50.29drewbonouphpu has been going nutz
21:50.32drewbonohow's the project coming along?
21:50.35wpsno kidding
21:50.36drewbono(the uphpu one)
21:50.41wpsit's really picked up
21:51.41drewbonoyou helping out?
21:51.53wpsI haven't been any part of it yet, actually
21:52.07wpsand I haven't been to the last two meetings
21:52.10drewbonothat's got to be a good feeling man
21:52.16drewbonoyou've made something that can exist on its own
21:52.20drewbonothat's not easy to do
21:53.06drewbonoyou ought to be proud
21:53.25drewbono(but not too much, because you know what they say about pride coming before the fall... ;-))
21:54.06wpsI have school on tuesday and thursday nights this summer, so I have mostly just been supporting :)
21:54.22drewbonoman, have I told you about how cool my internship is yet?
21:54.22wpsthe project (called "Phlyte") has its own mailing list and IRC channel now
21:54.28wpsyou haven't
21:54.32drewbonodood--it rocks
21:54.32wpswhat have you been doing?
21:55.00drewbonoI sit around a computer lab with a bunch of guys whose full-time job is to break into corporate systems and get as much info as they can.
21:55.09drewbonoIt rules.
21:55.20wpsthat's awesome
21:55.24drewbonoI just wish I could use a mac to do it (they gave me some lame PC laptop).
21:55.29wpsI thought that your internship with more business for some reason
21:55.42drewbonoit's still got the business aspect of it too
21:55.46drewbonowhich is cool
21:56.07drewbonoso we have to sit down with CIOs, etc., and find out about what we found, why they have certain configs the way they do, etc.
21:56.20drewbonoso there's a lot of interaction that way too
21:56.33drewbonoplus a lot of documenting exactly what we're doing
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23:42.14jbotextra, extra, read all about it, wps is Mr. Sexy Pants
23:42.22wps'dats right

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