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14:05.25wpsmorning, sir
14:05.32drewbonoHow's it going?
14:05.48drewbonoDid everyone already have a chance to read the latest OSX moving to Intel rumors?
14:05.49wpsgoing great
14:05.54wpsI have
14:06.16drewbonoUsually I don't even bother reading them, but the WSJ seems to be pretty reliable.
14:10.51wpsyou think that they'd completely swithc?
14:11.40drewbonoI'm not sure...but I do know that once you get Steve Jobs upset with you, he's liable to do just about anything to get back at you (think IBM and the lack of 3.0 ghz).
14:12.10drewbonoIt wouldn't make too much sense to me with all the dual-cores coming out for the gaming stations.
14:12.12wpsdo you think that IBM is not doing everything that they can?
14:12.22drewbonoBut maybe because of them, Apple is being pushed to the back of the line.
14:12.40drewbonoBoth the xbox and ps3 are going to have 3 dual-core PPC cpus.
14:13.10drewbonoI think IBM may be paying more attention to the new business than to Apple.
14:13.17wpsyeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I was Steve and Apple was being made second priority to the gaming consoles
14:14.24drewbonofo sho
14:14.31drewbonoso what you been up to wps?
14:14.45drewbonoI feel like we haven't chatted in forever.
14:14.50wpsno kidding
14:15.14wpsbeen spending a lot of time with my wife
14:15.22drewbonoNice. :-)
14:15.27drewbonoAlways a good decision.
14:15.36wpsworking on my personal live… trying to reach some goals and become a better person
14:15.45wpslive -> life
14:15.59wpstrying to get a lot of that inline so that the other things will then improve
14:16.09drewbonoHow's it coming?
14:16.14wpsvery, very well
14:16.20wpsI am better than I ever have been
14:16.48wpsalso been busy with school… trying to do my best with these last few classes
14:17.20drewbonoAhhh...that's right, you punk.
14:17.26drewbonoYou're going to graduate and leave us all behind.
14:17.26wpsand therefore haven't spent much time designing/programming in the evenings
14:17.43drewbonoAnd then you're on to the big money.
14:17.44wpsdid my two presentations on CSS/XHTML last week
14:17.57drewbonoOh, that's right!
14:17.59drewbonoHow'd they go?
14:18.01wpsand am doing a little consulting for a company
14:18.06drewbonoOne for uPHPu and the consulting.
14:18.22wpsno, one here at work and then one for UPHPU
14:18.29wpsthe consulting is something else
14:18.37wpsthe one here at work sucked
14:18.40drewbonoDo you have the audio?
14:18.42wpsas was so made
14:18.56drewbonoWhat happened?
14:19.06wpsthe project manager that schedule the whole thing ruined it
14:19.15wps(man I can't type this morning)
14:19.30wps_he_ asked me to present
14:19.55wps_he_ wanted me to train the staff on the new technology and how this shop is so far behind technologically and skill-wise
14:20.24wpsand then just barely into my presentation, he began contradicting everything that I said and completely derailed my presentation
14:20.36wpshe made me look like an complete idiot in front of my peers
14:20.53drewbonoThat sux.
14:20.56wpsnot like I didn't know what I was talking about, but like I was an arrogant chimp
14:21.00wpsyeah, I couldn't believe it
14:21.03wpsI was really offended
14:21.06wpsit was _really_ rude
14:21.24wpsthe UPHPU presentation was great though—a good turn out and the presentation went great
14:21.39wpsthe UPHPU one was video-tapped, but I haven't heard if it turned out
14:21.52drewbonoYou'll have to let me know.
14:21.58drewbonoSorry your PM is a nerd.
14:22.23wpshave you noticed that "<computername>.local" doesn't work in Safari anymore?
14:22.31wpsstill works in Firefox, but not Safari
14:22.54drewbonoI hadn't.
14:22.54wpsyou have to use the IP address or "localhost" now in Safari to bring up the webserver on your own box
14:23.47wpsalright, so I am getting fed up with Synk
14:24.04drewbononot working right?
14:24.04wpsthe dumb thing won't run it's scheduled sync scripts automatically since upgrading to 10.4
14:24.34wpswhen I run them manually, they run great… the problem is just that they won't run automatically
14:24.37drewbonoDang.  I was just going to try syncing between the desktop and laptop with that.
14:24.51wpswell, it works great… just not the automatic part
14:24.56drewbonoDoes it use it's own daemon to run?
14:25.06drewbonoYou could try tossing it in cron.
14:25.17wpswhich is kind of dumb… to have another daemon running… just for that
14:25.47wpsso, since I have just fallen in love with rsync (using it to sync my work and home home dirs to my iPod), I think that I am going to just start using that for backup
14:26.26drewbonoor just rsync?
14:26.29wpsno, just rsync
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15:35.25feutetejsddid you guys see this? I don't think I buy it...
15:57.43drewbonowps and I were talking about that earlier.
15:58.46drewbonoI wonder if they have decided they can't put the G5 in a powerbook and have to find another option.
15:59.51feutetejsdor I wonder if it's just a rumor
16:00.05feutetejsdlast I heard, Jobs was all kinds of excited about PowerPC
16:00.05drewbonoYeah, I wonder.
16:00.24drewbonoSomehow I doubt the WSJ would publish a rumor though.
16:00.38feutetejsdkind of like how Newseek wouldn't? ;)
16:01.30feutetejsdyeah, I'm right there with you...the article mentions apple possibly selling intel and PowerPC based systems...I don't see that happening...
16:02.12drewbonoOR they could use the chips for something else.
16:02.19drewbonoIntel makes a lot of different kinds of chips.
16:35.26wpsapple tablet
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