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15:56.37macnewboldwhere's drew when you need him...
16:02.23macnewbold(sorry, "mac" doesn't get my attention, cause if I had a nickel for every time someone said "mac" and wasn't talking about me...)
16:02.26macnewboldsup, wps?
16:02.33wpsunderstood :)
16:03.08wpshow much data would you consider too much to be reasonable to rsync across the internet on a semi-daily basis?
16:04.16wpsas much as you are willing to wait for? or is there a point where it is ridiculous and a different approach should be investigated?
16:05.30macnewboldthat's the beauty of rsync - you only have to transfer what has changed, which usually is much smaller than the size of the collectoin
16:05.35macnewboldthta you're syncing
16:05.52macnewboldit depends mostly on how much is changing
16:06.02wpsah, sorry... let me rephrase
16:06.03macnewboldI know that rsync is a pretty popular way to do backups
16:06.28wpswell, actually not rephrase completely
16:06.46wpseven if nothing has changed, it still takes a certain amount of time to run through each file and check if there were changes
16:06.49wpsso even the check takes time
16:07.23wpsand if you are rsync-ing 50 GBs, even a check without any changes would take a while
16:08.13macnewboldnot really, wps... it depends on number of files, not size of the files.
16:08.30macnewboldit just checks the timestamps and sizes of the files
16:08.31wpsah, yes, correct
16:08.55macnewboldso unless the average file in your 50GB is less than 1MB, you'll be fine
16:09.08macnewboldjust make sure to _never_ turn on the checksums for the whole thing ;)
16:09.13macnewboldthat _would_ take forever
16:09.25macnewboldabout how many files do you think it is?
16:09.37wpsmy home directory is 15 GB
16:09.42wpslet me get the file count
16:09.47macnewbold(if you don't know, you can go to the dir, and type "find . | wc"
16:10.08macnewboldthat will be files and directories, which is what matters to rsync
16:10.25macnewboldwe regularly do over 5000 files for one client, and it takes just a few seconds
16:10.32macnewboldit runs through them _really_ fast.
16:10.53macnewboldfor an idea of what it would take if it didn't have to actually transfer any changes, you can run your rsync command with the -n option
16:11.01wpsmy 31869 took about ten minutes
16:11.04macnewboldwhich says "just tell me what you would do, but don't actually change anything"
16:11.23macnewboldif that 10 minutes per day is worth it to you, then it's worth doing the backup probably
16:11.51wpswell, the nice thing is it'll be happening while I am commuting so I won't even be waiting in front of the computer for it
16:11.54macnewboldthe biggest thing that will affect how much has to get transferred is how much you touch/change in a day
16:12.21macnewboldwhat speed will the connection be between the two hosts?
16:12.22wpsI might choose to leave my caches out too, as that would speed things up
16:12.29macnewboldyeah, that's true
16:12.43macnewboldyou'd really only want to send stuff that mattered long-term probably
16:12.48macnewboldcaches are disposable
16:13.10wpswell, my purpose is to have my work environment and home environment identical
16:13.24macnewboldright, so you'll sync both ways?
16:13.40wpswith the remote location being an inbetween
16:13.48wpssync home to server when I leave house
16:13.54macnewboldthen you'll want to be careful if/how you use --delete
16:14.07macnewboldright... sync up when you leave each place, and you can use --delete
16:14.19macnewboldinclude or exclude caches won't really matter
16:14.19wpssync server to work when I get to the office
16:14.29macnewboldand vice versa
16:14.32wpssync work to server when I leave office
16:14.42macnewboldwhat's your bw from home to the server and from work to the server?
16:15.01wpsI am supposed to have 1 MB up at home
16:15.15wpscurrently I am only getting 80k/s though :(
16:15.28wpsI am working with my ISP right now though to figure out what is wrong
16:16.12macnewboldwhere's the server?
16:16.40macnewboldwhat internet connection does it have?
16:16.59wpsit's the box, at UVNet, so it has a nice pipe
16:17.11macnewboldyeah, something's messed then
16:17.18macnewboldare you slow to anywhere, or just to the server?
16:18.18macnewboldyeah, then it's your pipe
16:18.27macnewboldwhat about work? what cnxn does it have to the net?
16:18.38wpsoh yeah, it's definitely something wrong on my end.
16:18.44wpsnot sure about work
16:18.48wpsit's a business DSL line
16:19.15macnewboldis there something sending stuff to/from your home that you're not aware of? Maybe another computer on your network?
16:19.29macnewbolda dsl line should probably get at least 1.5Mbps down, and probably almost 1mbps up
16:19.44wpsmight be, not sure
16:20.03wpsthis is what the java speed test just gave me here at work:
16:20.04wpsYour download speed : 1222386 bps, or 1193 kbps.
16:20.04wpsA 149.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
16:20.04wpsYour upload speed : 832812 bps, or 813 kbps.
16:22.10wpsif I can get my upload fixed at home then I should be set
16:22.38wpsbecause all of the big file size changes (adding new MP3s or photos to my home dir) that I will be making will be made at home
16:22.54macnewboldyeah, that sounds good
16:23.38macnewbolddo you have any bandwidth quotas or caps (i.e. per week or per month) on any of your connections (home, server, or work)?
16:24.02wpsI do at home
16:24.13macnewboldhow high is it? that might be an issue...
16:25.04wps3 GB/month
16:27.02macnewboldyeah, that won't last long
16:27.41macnewboldXM just raised theirs from 20GB/mo up and down for dsl to 100GB/mo total, IIRC
16:27.59macnewboldbig changes will blow that away pretty quick, I think
16:28.18wpsyeah, I wonder if this is even going to work
16:28.19macnewboldthey do that on DSL cause nobody really uses that much except for a handful they need to keep under wraps
16:28.36macnewboldour coloc box currently is on the 75G/mo plan, soon to upgrade to the 150GB/mo plan
16:28.48macnewbold(equiv. to 512Kbps constantly)
16:28.58wpsI might have to go back to way I was doing it earlier: using my iPod as the inbetween
16:29.12macnewboldif you're carrying it with you, that would work.
16:29.19wpsyeah, it was working
16:29.29macnewboldtransfers over firewire or usb2 should be about 400Mbps
16:29.59macnewboldyeah, unless that 3GB limit is negotiable, you might have to keep doing htat,
16:30.04macnewboldthough you could still use rsync nicely
16:30.19macnewboldit would work just like syncing one local dir to another local dir
16:30.45macnewbold400Mbps should be about 50MB in a second
16:31.03macnewboldor up to 3GB/minute
16:31.10macnewboldso it should be pretty quick if all goes well
16:31.16wpsyeah, it was quick
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