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15:41.50feutetejsdwelcome to Monday, everyone....
15:43.51feutetejsdAny users of Cocktail out there? Might want to upgrade....
15:50.25wpsha ha ha
15:50.33wpsI was just posting that on the website and the title was censored
15:54.18wpsI had to change the naughty words list to allow it through
15:55.49feutetejsdwow...I'm a little surprised that cocktail is naughty
16:01.51wpswell, it's not the entire word that it is matching :)
16:33.12wpswell, bummer
16:33.48wpsI was hoping that 10.4 would come with PHP 5
16:34.04wpsit's only 4.3.10
16:35.38feutetejsdso, wps, what are your thoughts about PHP 5 and apache 2? I've heard several opinions, not the least of which is PHP's own comments saying not to use apache2 with php5 in production....what you think?
16:36.44wpsPHP 5? I can't believe that people aren't using it
16:37.08wpshonestly, it's been out for a while and the advantages are well worth taking a few minutes to recompile on your server
16:37.29feutetejsdsure....but what about with apache 2? do you use it with apache 2 or 1.3.xx?
16:39.06wpsI've used it without any problems
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