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14:56.34drewbonoMornin' all.
14:57.18drewbonoSo, what does everyone think about Adobe/Macromedia?
14:57.26drewbonoI figured wps would have an opinion. :-)
14:57.53wpsfirst, I was surprised
14:57.57wpsdidn't see that one coming at all
14:59.01wpsThe companies have very little overlap (DreamWeaver and GoLive is pretty much it), so in regards to a business move, it seems very wise. This will make them even stronger to fight against Microsoft.
14:59.41wpsThis will be a very big company now
14:59.55wpsoverall, I think that it will be a positive thing
15:00.42wpsI generally, trust Adobe. They seem to be smart and to make good decisions generally.
15:01.28drewbonoI'm a little nervous about it.
15:01.41drewbonoAdobe and Apple only get along right now because they absolutely have to.
15:02.10drewbonoI don't think Adobe has any love for Apple.
15:02.18wpsoh... wait... I didn't think about Macromedia'
15:03.10drewbonoWhat do you mean?
15:03.56wpsoh, wait, I didn't think about Macromedia's other products such as Freehand and Fireworks
15:04.05wps(photoshop and illustrator style apps)
15:04.14wpsthey are mush weaker though
15:04.30drewbonoThat's true.
15:04.34wpsso I guess it will allow them to have pro apps and average user apps
15:04.44drewbonoI'd just hate to see Adobe start turning into a M$ part II.
15:05.04wpsyes, that is the only thing that I see as a downside... how large the company now is
15:05.08drewbonoOn the plus side, maybe the Mac version of Flash will actually be on par with the PC version.
15:05.40wpspositive -> hopefully we will get better products, more standards support, and more linux support
15:06.04drewbonoSo did you see that Apple is using Flash on its website for what I think is the first time?
15:06.12wpsnegative -> huge company, lots of power, exects making decisions that don't look long term or aren't smart
15:06.21wpsreally? where?
15:06.32drewbonoAll over the pro apps pages
15:06.36feutetejsdI don't know about it...I prefer fireworks over photoshop (mostly because I haven't used photoshop much), and I know that they fill similar niches, but not the same, but even so, I'd hate to see fireworks go away....
15:07.19drewbonoYeah, fireworks definitely has a fan base.
15:08.02drewbonoAnd since no one's said it yet this morning....WHERE IS THE NEW HARDWARE?!
15:08.58feutetejsdyeah, that too
15:10.22wpswere we expecting new hardware at NAB?
15:10.35wpsinteresting... they are using flash
15:11.14wpsis that really the first time Apple has used Flash?
15:11.18drewbonoLast year they made software announcements at NAB on Sunday and released new hardware on Monday.
15:11.28drewbonoThey've used it in other, smaller sections.
15:12.00drewbonoBut I've NEVER seen it on a "main" page.
15:12.16drewbonoWhen they need animation, they try to use Quicktime.
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20:14.12feutetejsdman, things are getting exciting in the MUG mailing list
20:20.29feutetejsdwe seem to have strayed from the Adobe acquires Macromedia subject.....
20:20.45wpsfor sure
20:21.24wpsdrewbono's going to be sad he missed this one
20:21.36wpsspeaking of drewbono…
20:21.53feutetejsdwell, he can read through the backlog of emails
20:22.01wpshe had done so much for the group
20:22.33wps(he's not dead :) )
20:22.37macnewboldokay, now you've got me curious... does mug have email archives somewhere that i can go take a look at this thread?
20:22.42macnewbold~mourn drewbono
20:22.44jbotACTION lights some candles for drewbono
20:22.51wpsha ha ha
20:23.24wps~BYU MUG mailing list archives
20:23.37wpsjbot, BYU MUG's mailing list archives are
20:23.38jbotwps: okay
20:23.48wps~BYU MUG's mailing list archives
20:23.49jbotbyu mug's mailing list archives are
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