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18:45.42drewbonoEveryone checking out the NAB announcements?
18:48.21drewbonoArchAngelNix: You on NABChat too?
18:50.08drewbono#macrumors on that server has coverage
18:50.17ArchAngelNixI am there too.
18:50.20drewbonoJust noticed.
18:50.28drewbonoSo I just got in.
18:50.30drewbonoWhat did I miss?
18:51.19ArchAngelNixFinal Cut 5 and a new HD Panasonic Camera
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19:33.13ArchAngelNixHow exciting!
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20:33.46daeridis anyone here?
20:35.00daeridI am having trouble with mIrc trying to connect to a server.  I must be blocking ident requests, but I cannot figure out how to bypass a firewall to send out the ident.  any ideas
20:35.26cmkilgerwhat server?
20:35.50daeridit boots me due to no ident response
20:36.32cmkilgeryeah, it won't let me on
20:36.39daeridident issue?
20:36.55cmkilgerI don't know
20:38.05daeridtry that
20:38.14cmkilgerthat'll do it
20:38.56daeriddid it work?
20:40.03daeridok, I need to get out from behind the firewall then.  any ideas how I can send ident responses?
20:40.25cmkilgerno, this isn't my strong point
20:41.01daeridno worries.  now I know its me, thanks for the help
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