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17:12.12feutetejsdhappy friday, all
17:15.11macnewboldaren't fridays, by definition, happy?
17:16.16feutetejsdI've had some that weren't so happy, but this one is shaping up to be one
17:16.50macnewboldbecause "Friday" comes from the Olde English, "fridus" (pronounced "free-dus"), meaning "Day of Our Liberation"
17:17.06macnewbold(also the root of the phrase "Freed Us")
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17:27.38feutetej1danybody know anything about why you can't get any versions of java for OS X other than what Apple will give you? I mean, Java 1.5 has been around for a while now, and you still can't get it for OS X
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17:35.42feutetejsdso, I lost my connection for a minute there...did anyone respond to my question about java on OS X?
17:51.45macnewboldnot yet's frustrating....
17:54.52drewbonoTiger will have it.
17:55.31feutetejsdyeah, but for those of us who don't plan on buying just seems silly that Apple won't brew it up for non-Tiger
17:56.42feutetejsdand, that you can't get it directly from Sun
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19:11.28wpsnot sure, macnewbold
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19:11.47wpsI have looked for it on Sun's site in the past and have encountered the same dead end
19:12.02feutetejsdyeah....grrrr. it's frustrating
19:12.23macnewboldI just meant "not yet" to whether or not someone had answered his question, not "not yet" to his question about java availability :)
19:12.35feutetejsdyou can get 1.5 for any platform except OS X
19:13.12feutetejsdseems silly to me
19:13.13macnewboldmaybe Sun is venting some frustrations... :)
19:14.10cmkilgerhey there
19:14.28cmkilgerany of you guys know bless
19:14.40feutetejsdnot I
19:15.51cmkilgerthe unix command
19:16.02wpsnever heard of it
19:16.17cmkilgerto "set volume bootability and startup disk options"
19:16.26feutetejsdfrom man bless:
19:16.29feutetejsdyeah, that
19:16.55cmkilgermy computer won't boot from OS 9 or CDs
19:17.07cmkilgerwhich will be a problem once I get Tiger
19:17.45feutetejsdnot even holding down "c" while booting from CD?
19:18.09feutetejsdthat's odd
19:18.27cmkilgeryeah, and it's really annoying
19:18.32feutetejsdstartup disk prefs pane?
19:18.58cmkilgerdoesn't even recognize the OS 9 folder
19:19.19cmkilgerit shows me the Panther Install disk and even starts to boot from it but then gives up
19:19.24feutetejsdhence the desire to use bless....if you select the CD from the prefs pane, can you boot?
19:19.25cmkilgerthat's the wierdest part
19:21.16cmkilgeruh oh
19:21.39cmkilgerI ran bless -info which showed me this:
19:21.42cmkilgerfinderinfo[0]:   2341 => Blessed System Folder is /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Library/CoreServices
19:21.45cmkilgerfinderinfo[1]:      0 => No Startup App folder (ignored anyway)
19:21.48cmkilgerfinderinfo[2]:   8981 => 1st dir in open-folder list is /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/Welcome to Mac OS X
19:21.50cmkilgerfinderinfo[3]:      0 => No OS 9 + X blessed 9 folder
19:21.53cmkilgerfinderinfo[4]:      0 => Unused field unset
19:21.55cmkilgerfinderinfo[5]:   2341 => OS X blessed folder is /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Library/CoreServices
19:21.59cmkilger64-bit VSDB volume id:  0x201CBF748381BAA6
19:22.16cmkilgerthen I ran sudo bless -folder9 /System\ Folder
19:22.30cmkilgerthe I did bless -info again:
19:22.36cmkilgerCan't get device for mac-io/ata-3@20000/@0:9,\\:tbxi: 3
19:22.46cmkilgerThat seems bad.
19:25.19cmkilgerYou think I broke it?
19:25.35feutetejsdstand by
19:25.57cmkilgeryou know I always liked you
19:31.21feutetejsdI'm guessing it's not broken, because I've never even used bless, and I get:
19:31.22feutetejsdbless -info
19:31.22feutetejsdCan't get device for hd:,\\:tbxi: 3
19:32.06cmkilgerI just tried bless -info /System\ Folder/ and it showed me the information
19:34.21feutetejsdI'm not sure what to make of this, cmkilger...I haven't really had to mess with bless, so I don't know what to expect
19:34.49cmkilgeri understand
19:35.24feutetejsddo you have some OS 9-only apps that you are wanting to run directly from 9 instead of running from classic? Why do you need OS 9?
19:35.52cmkilgerI don't care so much about that, but I want to be able to boot from cD
19:36.09feutetejsdhave you tried
19:36.25feutetejsdsee if anyone else has had similar problems? I'm not sure what to tell you, honestly
19:39.04cmkilgerI'll try there then
19:39.12feutetejsdsorry I'm not more help
19:39.18cmkilgerit's alright
19:39.28feutetejsdhave you tried any other bootable CDs?
19:39.41feutetejsdsame result, I assume, eh?
19:39.48cmkilgerI tried Jaguar and Norton Utilities
19:45.44feutetejsdcmkilger, this might be an interesting read:
19:48.29feutetejsdI've never used it, but it sounds promising
19:49.26cmkilgerthis is interesting, I might have this problem:
19:50.06feutetejsdinteresting, although it doesn't seem to explain the inability to boot from CD
19:50.28cmkilgerno, but now I know why it won't startup in OS 9
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20:20.10feutetejsdhey--did you try the startup manager, cmkilger?
20:21.01cmkilgerit started to boot from the Panther disk, but then instead of showing an apple it showed me a circle with a line through it
20:21.23cmkilgerI've never seen that before
20:21.34feutetejsdyeah, that's odd
20:32.02macnewbolda circle with a line through it? like the "no" symbol?

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