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00:06.13drewbonowps: you there?
00:07.06drewbonoI'm trying to place a sunburst so it's just to the left of the main container
00:07.18drewbonoso it overlaps it by about half, and is about 100px down from the top of the container
00:07.30drewbonobut the container is centered on the horizontal
00:07.58drewbonoso that means I can't use an absolute position, right?
00:18.02wpsah... in HTML/CSS?
00:19.16wpsyou can absolutely position an element within an element that is relatively positioned
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20:33.20wpsI'm normal!
20:33.39wpshey now
20:34.43wpsmy internet connection is flaky here at work and often results in me not completely logging of the IRC server resulting in it thinking that I am still logged in when I try to re-log in
20:35.00wpscausing Colloquy to automatically assign me an alternate nick
20:35.05wpsvery annoying
20:54.24macnewboldwps: so how does that make you normal?
21:32.39wpsI logged back out and waited for a while for the server to finally realize that I was gone and then logged back in and since my "ghost" was gone, it allowed me to log in as me ("normal")
21:45.27macnewboldah... you mean your _nick_ looks normal.. ;)
21:46.03macnewboldI think there's also something you can /msg to chanserv to have it kill your ghosts too
21:49.47feutetejsdkillall -9 wps_ ?
21:49.59wpsyeah, i've done that before
21:50.08wpsit works
21:50.14feutetejsddoes it really?
21:50.17feutetejsdI was just kidding
21:50.32wpswell, not that exact commend, but killing our ghost does
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