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00:42.13guest_0155The only think that frustrates me about OSX is the inability to modify the size of windows from other corners or sides like you can in Windows XP. Is there an update or extention that I can get that will allow me to do that?
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19:02.27drewbonoCan someone tell me how to disable a proc in my G5?
19:02.39drewbonoI downloaded the CHUD tools...but can't find any app to do it.
19:03.13feutetejsdwalk across a carpeted floor in your socks and then touch the proc
19:03.19feutetejsdthat should do the trick
19:03.29feutetejsdotherwise, I don't know...
19:03.47drewbonoThere's a really easy utility somewhere that lets you...
19:03.50drewbonoI just can't find it.
19:03.58feutetejsddunno...sorry man
19:04.07drewbonoit's called CPU.pref
19:04.51feutetejsdand CHUD doesn't have it?
19:04.57feutetejsd seems to think it does
19:04.59wpswhy do you want to disable a proc?
19:05.16drewbonoA.Pack is giving me errors while trying to compress a file.
19:05.26drewbonoand some dood said disabling a proc would fix it
19:06.53drewbonoAnd on to my next question:
19:06.54feutetejsdsorry man, I got nothing on this one
19:07.05drewbonoI'm looking for an illustrator template to make a DVD case cover.
19:07.09drewbonoAny takers on that one?
19:07.21drewbonofeutetejsd: One last chance to redeem yourself...
19:07.41feutetejsdterribly sorry. I do all my DVD covers in crayon
19:09.24macnewbolddrewbono: what is "disabling" a process?
19:09.47macnewboldah... makes a little more sense :)
19:10.07macnewboldso you want to disable SMP cause one of the programs is doing something goofy when it is enabled?
19:10.47drewbonoI'm hoping it does.
19:10.59drewbono(does fix it, that is)
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19:45.40drewbonoFYI, when you install CHUD, it install a preference that allows you to turn procs on/off
19:58.18drewbonoI'm surprised by what a big difference the 2nd proc makes.
19:58.30drewbonoSystem is noticeably slower w/o it.
19:58.51feutetejsdI wouldn't know :(
20:17.27macnewbolddrewbono: yeah, the 2nd proc can actually improve your speed by _more_ than double...
20:17.38macnewboldsince it doesn't have to switch between programs so often
20:17.42feutetejsdyou guys are just mocking me
20:17.53feutetejsdall this talk about dual procs
20:17.59feutetejsdand improved speed
20:18.02macnewboldfeutetejsd: don't feel too bad... I only have one proc ,like you
20:18.07feutetejsdoh good
20:18.20feutetejsdsomeday, macnewbold....someday
20:18.43macnewboldheck, mine's not even an Apple... I'm running FreeBSD on an Athlon 2800+ or something like that
20:19.54macnewboldbut I'm strongly considering a mac mini for my next home computer, replacing the lame replacement for the one that died in a power outage :(
20:20.05macnewboldthat would leave my laptop as the only windows box in the house
20:20.56macnewboldand that would make me happy :) Though I'd miss having windows XP for my windows box, and only having windows ME.
20:21.07macnewbold(man, that sounds strange...)
20:21.15feutetejsdbut understandable
20:21.24feutetejsdwindows ME was silly at best
20:21.26macnewboldWhat I really mean is that if I've got to have a windows box, I'd much rather have XP than ME I think
20:21.41macnewboldbut I still like ME better than 98, which is what the current replacement is running
20:40.03macnewboldI'm still only halfway (if that?) through watching the 1984 Macintosh launch video that drewbono recommended. It's been quite entertaining and educational. :)
20:49.17wpsguess what I am doing Monday, fellas
20:49.47wpsfilling out my graduation application!
20:50.00wpsjbot, join in!
20:50.04wpsjob, dance
20:50.16wpsjbot, dance
20:50.17jbot"ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive"
22:37.05feutetejsdany of you have any experience with postfix?
22:43.08wpsI have a little bit
22:43.16wpsnot much, but a little
22:44.05feutetejsddo you know how to adjust the retry interval for messages in the deferred queue--i.e. messages that bounced with 4.x.x errors?
22:47.27macnewbolddoes postfix have a queue runner that's a cron job, or is it a daemon?
22:47.36macnewboldif a cron job, just adjust the frequency with which it runs,
22:47.46macnewboldthough it may ignore things that shouldn't get retried yet
22:47.59feutetejsdit's a daemon
22:50.22macnewbold~google postfix queue retry time
22:50.42macnewboldthat tuning readme might be helpful
22:50.57feutetejsdI've been looking over much of that....I'll re-read them though
22:51.08macnewboldsorry, /me doesn't use postfix
22:51.24macnewboldactually, /me doesn't even know how to adjust it in sendmail either
22:51.37macnewboldfor that matter, /me is still wondering why you need to adjust it :)
22:53.49feutetejsdI'll 'splain in a moment...stand by
23:10.51feutetejsdso, the reason I want to do this is that we have a Postfix server that handles a fairly large amount of traffic to recipients who do greylisting, and we don't want them to have to wait 1/2 hour for it to get retried....if I could reduce the retry to 10 minutes or something, that would be grand
23:28.35wpsMacRumors is reporting that Apple declared the current built of 10.4 as gold master today they just have to convince me to buy it :d
23:29.08feutetejsder.... :D
23:29.15feutetejsdis it 5:00 yet?
23:29.25wps31 more minutes, cowboy
23:29.33feutetejsdoh man
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23:41.30wpswelcome back
23:43.19wpswhat's your favorite color?
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23:43.34wpsoooo, two guests!
23:43.52guest_4751hey do you know how to set up the new byu email?
23:44.06wpsset it up in regards to popping it? or just setting up an account?
23:44.11guest_4751I had it to download to mail but after they send it they screw it up
23:44.45wpswhat do you mean, "after they send it they screw it up"
23:46.10guest_4751sorry! after they changed it
23:46.38guest_4751you know, they have anew email thing, so the has been changed to
23:46.46wpsAre you saying that after you switched to BYU's new mail, you can no longer get your mail via POP?
23:47.30macnewboldhi guest_4751!
23:47.39macnewboldjbot, welcome guest_4751
23:47.41jbotHowdy guest_4751 | It is good to see you guest_4751 | guest_4751, Sup yo?
23:47.58wpsmac, can you fix jbot to just use one of those randomly, instead of all three?
23:48.14macnewboldhehe, no... not that I know of :) I wasn't the one who set that up
23:48.20macnewbold~literal welcome
23:48.27macnewbold~factinfo welcome
23:48.27jbotmacnewbold: there's no such factoid as welcome
23:48.35wpsguest_4751: is it working at all?
23:48.35macnewbold~literal welcome $1
23:48.38jbotHowdy $1 | It is good to see you $1 | $1, Sup yo?
23:48.45macnewbold~factinfo welcome $1
23:48.45jbotthere's no such factoid as welcome $1, macnewbold
23:49.01macnewbold~literal roulette
23:49.02jbot"roulette" is "<reply>|roulette"
23:50.26wpsis it working at all?
23:50.36wpsfor example, can you receive, but just not send?

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