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16:43.57*** topic/#byumug by drewbono -> Win a copy of Tiger today at our Tiger meeting! RSVP at
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17:30.52drewbonoHey guest!
17:31.20guest_4760I am having problems with Elements 3 and Epson 2200 photo printer.  Every time I print I get an overall pink cast to the picture.  Does anyone know how to fix this?
17:32.51drewbonoYou installed the latest epson drivers from their website?
17:34.02guest_4760Yes.  I spoke to both Epson and Adobe and neither was able to help me
17:34.24drewbonoDoes it only happen in Elements?
17:34.42drewbonoSo if you print  a jpg from Preview, does it still have the pinkness?
17:34.47guest_4760No it also happens in Photoshop 6, but it doesn't happen in IPhoto
17:37.00guest_4760If I print from preview the preview is also pink
17:38.00drewbonoso the only app that prints well is iPhoto?
17:38.14drewbonoWhat did Adobe/Epson say?
17:38.17drewbonoPoint fingers at eachother?
17:38.23guest_4760I know.  If anyone knows how I can solve this problem I would be eternally grateful
17:39.07guest_4760You are right Adobe and Epson pointed fingers at each other.  Adobe told me to get another printer, and Epson told me to use another program
17:40.24drewbonoDo you have another printer to test with?
17:40.48guest_4760Yes I have a regular ink jut printer and it prints fine, only the quality is not the same as the
17:41.07guest_4760Epson 2200.  The other printer is also an epson 740.
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18:13.37*** topic/#byumug is Win a copy of Tiger today at our Tiger meeting! RSVP at
18:52.33drewbonocmkilger: You around?
18:52.41drewbonoOr everyone, for that matter.
18:52.47drewbonoLemme ask you a question.
18:52.47drewbonoWe just realized that the iOscars premiere night is at the same time as everyone's mission reunions.
18:52.50drewbonoI'm just trying to get a feel from people to see if they think it would be a problem.
18:52.53drewbonoWhat do you guys think?
19:11.48macnewbolda problem for the iOscars, or for the mission reunions? :)
19:11.59drewbonoExactly. :)
19:12.07macnewboldthere will probably be competition, if that's what you're asking...
19:12.22macnewboldwhat's the intended audience of the iOscars?
19:12.22drewbonoI'm wondering if you guys go to mission reunions, or if you know people who do.
19:12.34drewbonoTrying to figure out who many people we'll lose.
19:12.45macnewboldI go when I can, but they don't have them every year
19:12.55drewbonoThe intended audience is people who enjoy amateur films.
19:13.05drewbonoor people who enjoy creativity
19:34.16macnewboldabout how many are you expecting? and are they all byu students?
19:34.38drewbonoThat's the problem.
19:34.42drewbonoWe have no idea how many to expect.
19:34.48drewbonoAt least a couple hundred.
19:35.00drewbonoAnd we don't want them to be all byu students
19:35.04drewbonowe want the community to come too
19:35.19feutetejsdwhere/when is it? I'll admit I've been a bit out of the loop lately
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21:40.43drewbonoit's on April 1 at 7 p.m.
21:40.50drewbonoin the JSB auditorium
21:40.52feutetejsdah. cool
21:41.38feutetejsdwow--nice prizes
21:42.36wpsdang, that chick's hot
21:42.51feutetejsdthe one with no face?
21:43.11drewbonoYeah, she's a babe.
21:45.26wpsgreat kisser too
21:45.53drewbonoget a room.
21:46.13wpsgood idea, drewbono
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23:20.53Tamireshi ?
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23:23.03ArchAngelNixI love my TiBook. I am at the MUG meeting right now, and yet still online
23:23.52ArchAngelNixMmmm.... Tiger...
23:24.38feutetejsdI wish I were there so I could get inspired to get excited about far, all of the stuff I've seen about it has been just eye-candy... nothing that has really made me want it
23:25.47ArchAngelNixNot even Spotlight!
23:26.21feutetejsdit's cool, but again, it's not cool enough to make me want it so badly that I have to buy it
23:26.35feutetejsdor at least, my understanding of it isn't cool enough....
23:26.50feutetejsdI haven't had the full rundown of Tiger to get me all worked up about it
23:28.38ArchAngelNixUnderstandable... I am kind of person who will always buy the latest offering... I bought Panther not really knowing what was cool about it, but I would never go back to Jaguar now. I figure it will be the same with Tiger.
23:29.19feutetejsdit's that cashflow thing that gets me
23:29.25feutetejsdnow, if it was free......
23:29.52ArchAngelNixWell if you were here you could win a free copy...
23:30.16ArchAngelNixBut $70 as a student isn't that bad either.
23:31.04feutetejsdI am neither there nor a student
23:31.43ArchAngelNixOh... Well then you will have to *cough* get a student to buy it for you *cough*
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23:37.19skishvagueness can sure be annoying
23:37.27feutetejsdor advantageous
23:37.42skishdepending on which side of the fence you are on
23:37.47ArchAngelNixAdvantageous to Apple.
23:39.26skishnotice... apple's stock is up and microsoft's is down
23:46.43skishlazy american
23:58.25skishi don't want to learn applescript

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