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00:13.42drewbonoIf you read more of the comments, you can see the Linus chose to go a different way than Mach with his kernel.
00:13.59drewbonoHe favors a macro architecture, while Mach is a micro.
00:19.47feutetejsdgotta go--g'night all
00:19.48macnewbolda bunch of the work on Mach was done right here in Utah, at the UofU
00:19.55feutetejsdyay UofU!!!!
00:20.21drewbonomacnewbold: reallly?
00:20.48drewbonoI thought it was a pet project of Avie Tevian...
00:20.52macnewboldthe people from the Flux research group where I worked for 4+ years were heavily involved
00:21.03macnewboldJay Lepreau, Mike Hibler, and others who have since moved on
00:21.10macnewbold(not died, just changed jobs)
00:21.14drewbonoWhy were they involved?
00:28.20macnewboldit was a big DARPA (or maybe it was still ARPA back then) research project, if I remember right,
00:28.31macnewboldwith a lot of people in different places involved in various parts of it
00:28.52macnewbold~google mach kernel history OR developers OR team OR project
00:29.57macnewboldthe first link there is good
00:30.21macnewboldthey show Avie Tevanian as a CMU grad student who used to work on the project
00:30.35macnewboldthey mention a couple of people that were affiliated with the U (Doug Orr and Bob Wheeler)
00:31.12macnewboldthey also link to the U, though it's broken
00:31.28macnewboldbut the second link from google is at the U and works
00:32.56macnewboldBryan Ford was involved at Utah too
00:33.49macnewboldalmost all of the 1993-1996 stuff listed on this page:
00:33.54macnewboldis mach-related too
00:34.06macnewboldgives you an idea of what they worked on
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17:14.01wpsApple joins Blu-ray Disc Association Board of Directors
17:14.54drewbonowps: Is that good?
17:15.10wpsI think so
17:15.35wpsI think that it will help make sure that the new format is compatible with both movies and computers
17:15.49feutetejsdme likey
17:24.29wpsbummer that this isn't available for titanium powerbooks
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17:44.16drewbonoWe're up to 5 entries...
17:44.22drewbonoNot that I'm counting or anything. ;)
17:44.31wpsdo we get to see them?
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18:10.10wpsdrewbono: will we get to see the movies?
18:12.16drewbonowps: On April 1 we'll have a premiere night and the audience will vote.
18:12.27drewbonoAfter that, we'll have them available online.
18:12.33drewbonoand we _may_ sell a DVD of them.
18:12.46feutetejsdthat would be cool
18:13.37drewbonoI'm stoked.
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23:39.41drewbonoTiger demo here we come!
23:39.46drewbononext friday, gents.
23:39.50drewbonoClear your calendars.

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