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17:00.40feutetejsdman, sometimes I hate Apple Mail
17:01.58feutetejsdits search feature is no good
17:22.23feutetejsdlooks like Linus uses Linux on a dual G5:,39023165,39183867,00.htm
17:31.48wpscool, huh
17:32.32wpsI do agree with a comment on slashdot though that it would be wise of him to dual boot to at least take a gander once in a while at the other OS to stay abreast of the industry
17:32.52wpsalthough he is mostly just coding the linux kernel
17:33.01feutetejsdI wonder what Linux distro he's using...
17:33.17feutetejsdor if it's all just his own home-brewed
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21:05.10drewbono1st iOscar entry is in.
21:05.51wpsdo we get to see it?
21:06.35drewbonoWell, not the movie.
21:06.39drewbonoJust the registration. ;-)
21:06.44drewbonoBut still exciting.
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23:04.46drewbono2 entries...
23:04.55drewbonoYou guys will get my running commentary now.
23:05.16drewbonoAnyone wanna guess at home many entries we'll have total?
23:07.22drewbonoThanks for the enthusiasm, feutetejsd.
23:07.35feutetejsdthat's what I'm here for
23:49.51feutetejsd3 entries?
23:49.53drewbonodid you guys see that Torvalds uses a Mac as his main desktop?
23:49.58drewbonoNo...I wish. :)
23:50.00feutetejsdcool, eh?
23:50.02drewbonothat's hot.
23:50.06drewbonothe creator of Java first.
23:50.12drewbonotorvalds next.
23:50.17drewbonoWatch out Billy G., cuz you're next!
23:50.32feutetejsdof course, it's running Linux, but I guess if he used OS X, he'd be switching teams in a way...
23:50.46feutetejsdbut Linux on a Mac is good stuff, that's for sure
23:54.43feutetejsdI hear he has some choice words to say about the Mach microkernel
23:55.28macnewboldgood or bad "choice" words?
23:56.13feutetejsdhe says it's a piece of ....
23:57.33macnewboldreally? It seems to work quite well, IMHO...
23:57.52feutetejsdat least that's according to a person who posted to Slashdot...he references Linus' autobiography
23:57.57feutetejsdas the source of the quote
23:58.03macnewbolddoes he elaborate on what he doesn't like about it? Other than the fact that he didn't write it?
23:58.40feutetejsdno...the guy says "Read 'Just for Fun,' his autobiography, for full details"

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