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17:48.55powermacCan somebody tell me which group on campus host lan parties?
17:50.18drewbonoThere are a lot of them.
17:50.22drewbonothe IEEE hosts the most.
17:50.31drewbonobut the BYUMUG is going to be having one soon. :-)
17:50.42powermacthat's good
17:50.44drewbonoWe'll be playing Call of Duty in the new Mac lab in the JFSB
17:50.58powermacI'm in
17:51.23powermacI guess now is the time for me to subscribe to the game list
17:51.27drewbonoAs long as you're on the announcement list, you'll find out
17:51.33drewbonoor you can subscribe to that as well
17:51.40powermacoh ok
17:52.59powermacI'm building a small form factor pc for my parents with one of the shuttle barebones, I'd like to used it a little bit for my pleasure at a lan party before handing over to my folks
17:53.17wpspowermac, who are you?
17:53.26powermacPaul Hao
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17:53.43wpsthat's what I thought
17:53.46wpsare you faculty?
17:53.51powermacnot any more
17:55.01powermacwhy are you asking
17:56.07wpsjust curious
17:56.17powermacno problem
17:56.37wpsseen you post on the list and was pretty sure you were faculty (ie: over age 40 :) ) and was therefore surprised that you were asking about gaming
17:56.52powermacI'm 27
17:59.02powermacby the way, I was one of the original board members that revive BYUMUG then called yMac in 2000
18:00.29powermacIt was Joe, Gene, Danny, me, and Ben Smith, maybe a few others
18:01.18wpsToo bad we don't hear from Gene much anymore
18:01.20wpshe was my idol
18:01.49powermacGene knows everything
18:02.32powermacAndrew are you still there?
18:03.56drewbonoWhat up?
18:04.13powermacI don't think I have time to do the tips list any more
18:04.30drewbonopowermac: You're only 27?
18:04.33drewbonoHoly young.
18:04.43wpswhat? that's your age.
18:04.44powermacyeah, feels old though
18:05.23drewbonopowermac: Are you still going to come to board meetings, etc?
18:05.32powermacnot in person
18:05.52powermaccan't make it during office hours
18:06.34powermacmaybe late Friday afternoon
18:06.42wpsyou guys seen the temple the FLDS are building in Texas?
18:06.47wpsI find it very interesting
18:06.50powermacwhen the bosses are gone home early
18:07.28powermacyes, saw that "temple" on TV, they think the end is near
18:08.01wpsit is impressive how fast they are constructing it
18:08.18powermacout of cardboard
18:08.31drewbonoI haven't seen or heard anything about it.
18:08.34wpsquarrying all of the stone there onsite
18:08.44wpspowermac: what do you mean?
18:08.55powermacI was kidding
18:09.43powermacthey are in a hurry because they think this coming April 6th is the Second Coming
18:10.00wpsyeah, I've heard that too
18:10.22wpsisn't this year the 200th anniversary of something?
18:10.22powermacand Christ will come to their "temple"
18:11.26powermacProphet Joseph Smith is 200 years old this year
18:11.42wpsyeah, that's the anniversary
18:12.53powermacwell, the good thing about it is that it's gonna be over soon
18:13.02wpswhy's that?
18:13.13wpsbecause the Lord will be hear in a month? :)
18:13.15powermac4/6 is only a month away
18:14.05powermacJust like that one Church thought y2k is the end, that Church kinda fell apart after that
18:14.15powermacthat Church was in Texas too
18:16.00powermacWell I'm just glad I'm in the true church
18:16.06wpsfinally found some pics for you drewbono
18:16.09wpscheck that out
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18:20.36drewbonoSweet article.
18:20.43drewbonoNice typos too. :-)
18:20.49feutetejsdwhich? I just logged on...
18:21.05drewbonoJust talking about the FLDS church in Texas.
18:21.33drewbonoThey're predicting the second coming on Apr. 6, 2005.
18:21.49feutetejsdwoah...I guess I better quit my job and get ready
18:22.41wpsand you'd better line a few marriages up
18:32.44powermacAndrew, when is the next board meeting
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