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16:53.31feutetejsdI can't think of a single week in my life where I have been more grateful for Friday than this one....
16:53.55macnewboldhehe... I think I'd agree with that
16:54.07macnewboldthere probably was one, but I can't think of one in particular
16:54.21macnewboldwe've already been celebrating over in #uphpu
16:54.28jbotVector-based draw tool. URL:
16:54.37feutetejsdnice work, jbot
16:54.41jbotVector-based draw tool. URL:
16:55.37macnewboldjbot: no, tgif is Thank Goodness It's Friday! or, some say it has something to do with a vector-based draw tool at
16:55.38jbotokay, macnewbold
16:55.44jbottgif is, like, Thank Goodness It's Friday! or, some say it has something to do with a vector-based draw tool at
16:55.53macnewboldmuch better
16:55.55jbotmacnewbold: aw, gee
17:13.43drewbonoI love jbot.
17:16.29feutetejsdoh baby
17:16.43feutetejsdnow, if we could just get Half-Life 2 on the Mac, I'd be the happiest gamer alive
17:17.20feutetejsdor heck, I'd even take Half-Life2 on teh Xbox....
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18:51.39guest_3698anyone there???
18:52.45guest_3698how about drewbono?
18:53.01feutetejsdhaven't heard from him for about 1.5 hours
18:53.31wps_I'm here
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18:54.38wpsneeded to get myself back to just "wps" :)
18:55.05feutetejsdyeah, the underscore was throwing all of us off

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