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05:12.17wpsit amazes me how rude some people are
05:12.31wpsespecially in IRC channels
05:13.01wpswhen you are interacting with people textually, you need to go out of your way to be patient and polite
05:19.03drewbonoWas someone mean to you, wps?
05:19.19wpsno vicious, but not kind
05:19.28drewbonoSorry, man.
05:19.43drewbonoIt's amazing how different some channels are.
05:19.50wpsit's not a big deal... it just saddens me
05:19.53drewbonoSome ppl are super nice and responsive, while others are jurks.
05:20.09wpsI rarely ever get a warm response in #utah
05:24.31drewbonoDid you get sendmail up and going wps?
05:24.44wpshalf way there
05:24.47wpsit is running
05:24.56wpsI can get mail (both POP and IMAP), but I cannot send
05:25.29wpsI am pretty much stuck though
05:25.37wpsI don't have any idea where to go from here :)
05:25.39drewbonoWhat's it doing?
05:25.46drewbonoGiving you errros?
05:26.51wpsThe server response was: 4.4.0 <>... Relaying temporarily denied. Cannot resolve PTR record for
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05:38.15drewbonoIt's trying to resolve a PTR record...
05:38.23drewbonowhich it shouldn't for an IP address...
05:46.52wpswhat is a PTR record?
05:48.29drewbonoIt's like an alias for DNS.
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16:07.06feutetejsdso, did any of you take the 10.3.8 upgrade
16:09.23feutetejsder...take the plunge?
16:11.43feutetejsdok I go....
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17:16.54feutetejsdso, I ran the 10.3.8 updater, and software update crashed. Now I'm scared to reboot
17:17.43feutetejsdwhen I run software update again, it says there is no new software....
17:18.40feutetejsdand when I pull down the standalone installer, I can't mount the dmg--I get: error -536870208
17:19.04feutetejsdthis does not make me happy
17:19.28drewbonodoesn't sound like fun only choice is to reboot and see if the machine comes up, I guess
17:20.27drewbonodo you have a bootable cd?
17:21.04feutetejsdI have the CD the machine came with
17:21.11drewbonothe error with the CD not mounting probably isn't a big deal.
17:21.26drewbonothat happens to me often when I update my software if I try to mount s.t. before I've rebooted.
17:21.32drewbonoRebooting fixes that for me...
17:26.42feutetejsdI guess if it blows out, I could boot in firewire target mode and copy my files to another machine and rebuild, but that would be sucky
17:27.00drewbonoThat would be.
17:27.12drewbonoYou could also do an archive and install, if it comes to that.
17:27.26drewbonoOr just see how long you can go without rebooting. :-)
17:28.04feutetejsdwhat do you mean by "do an archive and install?"
17:28.14drewbonoIt's like a clean install.
17:28.27drewbonoIt doesn't erase anything on your HD but gives you a new system
17:28.28feutetejsdis that an option when installing from CD?
17:28.54feutetejsdhmmmm.....maybe I'll reboot, and if that dies, I'll do the archive and install. That sounds like a decent option
17:30.37feutetejsdit looks from /var/log/system.log that it died after it started prebinding
17:32.11feutetejsdso, in theory, it installed everything, and was just optimizing when it died
17:32.20drewbonoThat's a good sign.
17:32.35drewbonoThat's easy enough to re-prebind your system.
17:33.31feutetejsdsystem.log even has the full command it was running to prebind.
17:33.45feutetejsdperhaps I'll try that command and then reboot
17:34.18drewbonoCocktail will let you prebind
17:35.27feutetejsdhmmmm.....any guesses as to whether Cocktail's prebind does any more/less than the prebind done after software update?
17:36.50feutetejsdcrap--from Cocktail's website:
17:36.58feutetejsdexcept I can't mount a dmg right now
17:37.14drewbonobut the prebinding isn't going to affect the integrity of your system...
17:37.19feutetejsdso, I guess I'll run the update_prebinding from the system.log and see what I get
17:37.22drewbonoit just increases the speed of it (as I understand it)
17:37.48feutetejsdwell, here goes
17:38.13drewbonogood luck
17:44.16feutetejsdwell, prebinding finished, a few errors, but nothing that looked fatal
17:45.39feutetejsdgonna reboot in a minute...we'll see how it goes
17:46.08feutetejsdback in a bit....(hopefully)
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17:53.42feutetejsdwell, I appear to have survived
17:54.38feutetejsdand my machine is reporting that it's running 10.3.8, so that's a good thing
17:55.09macnewboldcool! how do you like it?
17:55.24feutetejsdwell, I love having a machine that works, so.... :)
17:55.43feutetejsdI'm just glad I'm not digging out my system restore disks right now
18:10.21drewbonoI'm glad it all worked out for you, feutetejsd
18:10.43feutetejsdme too.
18:10.56feutetejsdvery much so
18:11.05drewbonoDid you update your prebinding?
18:11.47feutetejsdheaded there right now
18:11.56feutetejsdnow that I can mount the cocktail dmg
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