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17:20.16feutetejsdOK, all....a question from an iTunes neophyte
17:21.00feutetejsdI have a bunch of MP3s in a folder on my Desktop that I want to add to my iTunes library, and to have stored in the same location as all of my other music (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/ArtistName)....what's the best way to go about this?
17:24.01feutetejsdoh--also, the MP3s do not have ID3 tags....if I edit the tags in iTunes, will it save the ID3 tags to the file itself so if I burn it onto a CD, a car MP3 player will have access to the tags?
17:33.16wpsjust drag them into the playlist area
17:33.39wpsyes, it actually changes the file
17:38.19feutetejsdand will dragging them into the playlist also copy them from the current location of the file (~/Desktop) to where iTunes stores its music?
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17:42.40feutetejsdI don't want to have to leave them on the Desktop....I want them to get copied under ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/ArtistName
17:43.40wpshow have you added all of the rest of the music that you have in iTunes?
17:43.58feutetejsdripped from CDs or purchased from iTMS
17:44.34wpscheck the setting in iTunes preferences
17:44.47wpsyou can specify if they copy in when you drag-n-drop them or if you just want them to play
17:45.19feutetejsdoh yeah...I remember seeing that.
17:45.36drewbono'sup all
17:45.46drewbonoMan...I had the nastiest stomach flu the last couple days.
17:45.54feutetejsdoh dear
17:45.56drewbonoPray you don't fall victim to it.
17:45.58feutetejsdthat's no good
17:46.02feutetejsdthanks for the help, wps
17:46.10drewbonoDid that take care of you, feutetejsd?
17:46.17feutetejsdI think so, yeah
18:09.57feutetejsdanyone know of a handy utility to join two MP3s? i.e. take two songs and make them into one continuous file?
18:20.56wpsit isn't a simple drag and drop and it magically concatenates them
18:21.03wpsbut, it is fairly simple
18:21.16wpsyou just open the two files and cut-n-paste one onto the end of the other, you're smart today, wps
18:22.17wpsthanks :)
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19:31.10drewbonoI can't believe Carly got ousted...
19:31.23drewbonoThat can't be good news for Apple, although I doubt they care too much.
19:34.03drewbonoCarly Fiorina
19:34.08drewbonoNow ex-CEO of HP
19:34.45feutetejsdah yes
19:35.06feutetejsdyou're on a first name basis with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?
19:35.16drewbonoYou know me... :-)
19:35.44drewbonowps: I just emailed the project manager of phpicalendar
19:35.54drewbonoWe'll see if he gets back with me.
19:35.56wpsI hope he responds
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21:07.57wpsdrewbono: did you ever receive the license for Data Rescue?
21:08.03wps(the email was returned)
21:12.50feutetejsdwps, audacity worked like a champ...thanks much
21:15.58drewbonowps: I didn't.
21:16.02drewbonoWhere did you send it?
21:27.45wpsyour byu email I think
21:27.54wpsyou're welcome, feutetejsd
21:28.02wpsaudacity is a great little app for small projects like that
21:29.15wpsandrewj is the only address I have for you
21:29.24wpswhere should I send it?
21:49.27drewbonotry that one.
21:49.32drewbonoand will you forward me the failed email?
21:49.36drewbonoI wonder why it didn't send.
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22:16.11wpsMac OS X 10.3.8 released
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22:36.15drewbonoSo...who's taking the plunge and downloading now?
22:36.19drewbonoI wanna hear how it goes.
22:36.54drewbonoThat's weird that they released the download-only version first.
22:37.01drewbonoUsually the software update version gets posted first.
22:37.08drewbonoAnd only days later can one download it off the web.
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