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04:18.26drewbonowps: you there?
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16:30.24feutetejsdstupid Mail......I hate its find feature
16:31.45wps~lart Mail's stupid find feature
16:31.47feutetejsdI have at least 3 emails in a folder with a word I'm looking for, and it only finds one of them
16:31.53feutetejsdgood call, jbot
16:31.59feutetejsdpiece of hud
16:32.05feutetejsdperhaps I'll move to Entourage
16:32.17feutetejsdmaybe Thunderbird....
16:32.24wpsThunderbird... Thunderbird... Thunderbird
16:32.53feutetejsddon't worry, wps. It would definitely be Thunderbird over ENtourage
16:33.04feutetejsdlike perhaps they should make it work
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16:35.43drewbonoGooooooooooood mornin'!
16:35.45drewbonoHappy Monday!
16:37.07drewbonoHow was the weekend?
16:37.14drewbonoDid anyone see the superlame Napster ad?
16:37.20wpsbut you already know my woes
16:37.25wpsI didn't
16:37.28drewbonoYes....yes I do.
16:37.44drewbonoIt looked like a 10-year-old made it.
16:37.59drewbonoI think.
17:23.12wpsuh... drewbono? is down
17:24.27drewbonoIt is?
17:24.48drewbonoNot good.
17:25.12drewbonoI told you Shaun was quitting.
17:25.14wpswere you working? or is this someone else's doing?
17:25.17drewbonoFriday was his last day.
17:25.28drewbonoI called and talked to his boss, who said it would be fine to leave up.
17:25.35drewbonoSo I wonder what's going on.
17:25.41drewbonoI hope one of his students didn't do something...
17:25.47drewbonocuz I have _no_ backup at all of it.
17:27.25drewbonoLooks like I can ssh into it.
17:28.47drewbonobut the db is down.
17:28.54drewbonoHope we didn't get hacked... ;-)
17:29.01wpsyeah, the server is up... just not the site
17:29.12wpsMYSQL connect error
17:33.17drewbonoI need to get a backup of that.
17:33.25drewbonoI didn't realize until right now how huddy that would be if it went down.
17:33.33drewbonoWe'd lose so so so much.
17:33.41drewbonoDo you have backups of uPHPu?
17:34.14wpsGL actually has the ability to do MySQL dumps right in the admin panel
17:34.27wpsdo you know what happened?
17:34.38drewbonoI don't.
17:34.48drewbonoI'll have to look through the mysql logs when I get a sec.
17:34.50drewbonoI just had to restart it.
17:35.09drewbonoShaun has a ton o' junk running on that server.
17:35.15drewbonofor ex:
17:35.42wpsspeaking of the Mechanical Engineering department...
17:36.01wpsdid see that mountain bike that they created?
17:36.11drewbonois it kewl?
17:36.24wpsweighed less that two pounds!!
17:36.29wpsit was on KSL news a few days ago
17:36.35drewbonothat's awesome.
17:36.36drewbonoI want it.
17:36.50wpsno kidding
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23:32.04drewbonoAnd wps...
23:32.06drewbonosurvey says?
23:32.11wpscheck this out
23:32.49feutetejsdnothing wrong with a little positive affirmation
23:32.50drewbonoThanks for that.
23:32.57wpsyou're welcome
23:33.05wpsthat's the new server... in the data center
23:33.16drewbonoDo you guys know that "is my friend" website?
23:33.27drewbonoI forgot where it is...
23:33.28drewbonodarn it.
23:33.37drewbonoCongrats on the server.
23:33.38drewbonoThat's hot.
23:33.52feutetejsdis that the server for
23:34.28drewbonoIt's for uphpu
23:36.41wpswhat friend website?
23:37.19drewbonoIt's a website where you type in (where you can put anything you want in) and the person you send there gets a custom greeting with their name.
23:37.23drewbonoBut that's not the website.
23:37.27drewbonoIt's something like that though.
23:37.38drewbonoSo people think you went to a lot of trouble, but all you did was include their name in the URL.
23:38.01wpshmm... haven't heard of it
23:38.11wpsby-the-way, I liked the Bible movie
23:38.26drewbonoWasn't that funny?
23:38.30drewbonoI thought it was hilarious.
23:38.38wps"oh my gosh... look at here bible..."
23:38.45wps"it is like... so big..."
23:38.50wps"like... totally out there..."
23:39.29wps"she must think that she's totally righteous... like the Virgin Mary or something"
23:39.30drewbono"She must be one of those preacher guy's girlfriends..."
23:39.47drewbonoI'm glad you got over the .wmv factor.
23:40.26wpsoh, don't think I didn't anything dramatic... it's not like I downloaded Windows Media Player or something... and it still took my 12 hours to get around to bringing it up on my wife's computer
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23:41.06drewbonowps: I can't believe you don't have it.
23:41.08wpsyou're surprised?
23:41.08drewbonoThat's silly.
23:41.15drewbonoI have Office, right?
23:42.21drewbonoSo what's the biggie?
23:42.40wpsI just don't have any need for it
23:42.58wpsI never watch wmv files
23:43.57wpsby-the-way, any word on Adobe After Effects?
23:44.26drewbonoStill waiting...
23:44.40wpsk, I will just download the demo for now
23:44.49wpsis the demo crippled?
23:48.44drewbonoI don't think so...
23:48.47drewbonoJust time limited.
23:57.00drewbonoMan...I take pity on ppl who have to scan all day for a living.
23:57.20drewbonoIt's my dad's 60th bday next month, so I'm scanning in as many of our old photos as I can...
23:57.23drewbonoboring work.

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