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03:06.46guest_1614need some help anyone out there???
03:07.25guest_1614Need some help anyone there
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06:41.25drewbonoHOLY cool.
06:41.35drewbonoThat's awesome.
06:42.14drewbonowps: knock knock
06:45.50wpssorry... on a conference call
06:45.54wpswhat's awesome??
06:46.21drewbonoFinish your call.
06:47.07drewbonoAnd download this if you get bored.
06:47.37drewbonoAnd the try entering in into that app with your ryid and pass
06:47.50drewbonoand then maybe you'll have read/write access to your U: drive from anywhere.
07:03.04wpswith that you can access your U drive?
07:03.28drewbonoPretty cool, eh?
07:03.41wpswhere'd you come across that?
07:03.43drewbonoFinally the solution we were looking for at the beginning of the semester comes to fruition.
07:03.47drewbonoFunny thing, actually.
07:04.01drewbonoSo I'm sitting in the HBLL today, trying to finish my accounting and I get a call on my cell.
07:04.26drewbonoIt's the product manager over the signature card printing who came across my name on the MUG site.
07:05.02drewbonoHe wanted permission to link to our webpage on how to set up the printers on campus from the OIT page, because they didn't think it was possible for Macs to do.
07:05.06wpsman, that's messed up...  I can't believe how simple that was
07:05.14wpsha ha ha
07:05.18wpsIT coming to us for support
07:05.26drewbonoI know!
07:05.29drewbonoIt's hilarious.
07:05.55drewbonoAnyway, we started chattin', and I told him we'd be happy to help OIT make mac-compatible solutions anytime.
07:06.11drewbonoAnd he mentions that the U: drive is available over WEBDAV, but he's never tested it on a Mac.
07:06.16drewbonoSo I played around with it tonight.
07:06.26drewbonoBummer thing is that you can't connect directly in the Finder...
07:06.29drewbonoYou should be able to.
07:06.34drewbonoWanna try it?
07:06.45drewbonocmd-K and
07:07.09drewbonoDoes either of those work for you?
07:07.09wpsI did and it worked
07:08.34wpswith Goliath, I connected to NetStorage and had read/write access
07:08.44drewbonohow about with the finder?
07:09.31wpswon't access username and pass
07:09.38wpswon't accept
07:09.39drewbonoI get the same error.
07:09.48wpswant to know what else is messed up?
07:09.53wps(messed up as in crazy-good)
07:10.10wpsI just installed Mailman and SquirrelMail in five minutes with apt-get
07:10.23wpsgranted, they are not configured yet, but sheesh, that was simple
07:10.37drewbonoI can't use Linux w/o apt.
07:36.46wpsare servers fans supposed to be one all the time, not matter what (when they a plugged in)?
07:37.15wpscorrection: are server's fans supposed to be on all the time, no matter what (when they are plugged in)?
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16:40.18guest_2011ayone there?
16:40.48guest_2011anyone there?
16:49.25drewbonoI missed the guest.
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17:10.21feutetejsdhey--do any of you know the best way to dispose of old dead computer equipment? I know that it's not very environmentally friendly to toss it in a landfill--is there someplace you can take it who will get rid of it?
18:01.41drewbonoI've heard of companies taking them.
18:01.47drewbonoLike compusa or someone.
18:01.49drewbonoIt's been a while though.
18:23.36macnewboldDeseret Industries will take it...
18:23.56feutetejsdbut it doesn't work, and they'll just end up putting it in the landfill :)
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19:27.37wpsi don't, sorry
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