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00:54.39guest_4392not sure if this IRC chat client is working on my machine, but here's my question, if anyone can help.
00:54.47guest_4392My computer has gone to sleep and won't wake up!
00:54.56guest_4392I have tried forcing it to restart
00:55.01guest_4392by holding down the power key,
00:55.09guest_4392but it comes up in sleep mode again.
00:55.12guest_4392Any ideas?
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19:13.10wpshad any every seen or heard of this Mac model?
19:15.41drewbonothat was the shiznet when it came out
19:15.50drewbonoSeinfeld had one for a while.
19:18.09wpsoh, and thanks a lot, drewbono
19:18.16wpsI wasted nearly an hour clicking around amazon
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19:29.25drewbonoAnything I can do to decrease productivity. :-)
19:29.41drewbonoI love Amazon.
19:29.50drewbonoI buy so much stuff on there it's crazy.
19:30.04drewbonoSo, wps, where's the wishlist?
19:30.47drewbonoI assume there's another r at the end of that?
19:30.57wpsyeah :)
19:31.46drewbonocouldn't find it...
19:32.31drewbonocan you find it when you search for it?
19:32.40wps(just tried)
19:33.08wpsdo I have to make it public or something?
19:33.35drewbononot sure...
19:34.09wpssearch on this: "Wade Preston Shearer"
19:34.43wpshmm... in my prefs, the "keep my wish list searchable" is checked
19:34.53wpsI wonder why it won't come up using my email address
19:36.11wpsweird... it won't come up using my name or email
19:36.20wpsI wonder if their servers are not update instantly
19:37.40wpsanother weird: doesn't have a place to log out
19:38.56wpshere you go:
19:39.46drewbonothere it is!
19:39.49drewbonoHow'd you find that?
19:40.35wpsused "share your wish list" link to send an email to myself
19:40.38wpsthe link was in the email
19:42.59drewbonoSo the airport express is the only must have, eh?
19:48.50wpsoh... I don't know...
19:48.55wpsmost things in there are too expensive
20:00.23drewbonoMy favorite is the pressure washer. :-)
20:34.17wpsoh yeah
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