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21:41.48macnewboldanyone know how much they're going to charge for the Shuffle? (How many GB is it?)
21:45.32feutetejsdI think that the 512MB one is $99 and the 1GB is something like $150
21:46.36wpsthat is correct, feutetejsd
21:47.01wpsdid you think that Apple hadn't posted the prices yet, macnewbold? or had you just not heard what they were?
21:47.30macnewbolddidn't know all the details
21:47.38macnewboldoh, only 1GB max/
21:47.52macnewboldupgradeable at all, or not really (in keeping with Apple tradition)?
21:48.11macnewboldI'd need one that's at least 4-6GB I think...
21:48.12wpsnone of the iPods are upgradable
21:48.27wpsthat's the size of the iPod Mini
21:49.00wpsthe iPod Shuffle is less size because it uses a flash drive instead of a hard drive
21:49.09macnewboldhow much is the mini?
21:49.14macnewbold(gb and $)
21:52.47wps$249, 4GB
21:54.07macnewboldthe full size one isn't much more than that, is it? and it's like 20GB?
21:54.44wps20, 40, or 60
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22:58.32wpsgoing shopping soon, macnewbold?
22:59.01macnewboldno, but wishing I could... :)
22:59.18macnewboldIf I could fit about 5GB on something like a shuffle or a mini, I'd be set
22:59.32macnewboldespecially for $100-150
22:59.55wpsyeah, that'd definately be a tipping point for me: 5Gb for $150
23:00.40wps$250 is just too much for me... for an MP3 player
23:01.01macnewboldyeah, me too
23:31.10wpswhoa... I hadn't thought of this...
23:31.19wpsmount a Mac Mini in the dash of your car!
23:31.27wpscheck out this article

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