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00:03.31wpsman, wireless internet is the best thing that ever happened to attending class
00:06.08feutetejsdamen brother....I agree and I'm not even in class
00:06.17feutetejsdI got a wireless router for Christmas and I love it
00:06.26wpsand what's sweet is I am online wirelessly at the BYU Salt Lake Center
00:06.34wps...because they don't have wireless here
00:06.50wpsI am in a corner of the building where I am picking up the open network of the company in the floor above us
00:06.53wpshe he he
00:07.00feutetejsdthat's awesome....
00:07.14feutetejsdsecurity schmecurity
00:07.22feutetejsdwow...that's hard to say
00:07.41wpsthat is hard to say outloud
00:08.02wpsand, it's doubly-nice because on this company's network I am not restricted by BYU's proxy
00:08.09wpsand their SMTP restrictions
00:08.19feutetejsdit's especially hard to say out loud in a class
00:08.32wpseh... he's just calling role
00:10.06feutetejsdwell, it's time for me to pack up....have a good time in class, wps
00:10.16wpsyou too
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