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00:01.08Fredjikrangcheck it out
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00:01.29feutetejsdI'll have to do so
00:01.49wpsround 2
00:02.31Fredjikrangwe were just talking about the uDevGames contest
00:02.41wpswhat's that?
00:04.04FredjikrangIt is a contest where developers are given three months (I think) to make a freeware game.
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03:39.21drewbono'sup wps
03:39.26drewbonoHow's it going?
03:40.08drewbonoWant to win 10,000 Delta sky miles?
03:40.19drewbonoIt's easy--just play a game.
03:42.08wpswhat's the catch?
03:42.25drewbonoThere isn't one.
03:42.57drewbonoI think they made it to push people awareness of Delta's services and partners' offerings.
03:44.23drewbonoKnow where I can get a free macworld pass?
03:45.03wpsI don't
03:45.12wpsquestion for you regarding the mailing list
03:45.31wpsthe policies currently prohibit posting solicitations or wares or services
03:46.02wpspeople have occasionally been posting announcements about things they have for sale however
03:46.05wpswhat do you think?
03:46.11wpsshould we ask the board?
03:46.42wpsI am asking because if we are going to allow it, then I will remove that bit from the policies list.
03:47.07drewbonoI think it's ok, although the last one was a little much.
03:47.16drewbonoI don't mind when people want to sell their machine or something.
03:47.17wpsI agree
03:47.24drewbonobut when they're pushing their business it bothers me.
03:47.43wpsespecially when it's not mac equipment
03:51.32wpswhat do you say?
03:51.37wpsshould I just leave it? :)
03:53.36drewbonoYou can take it out.
03:54.19drewbonoI'm going to email the person who sent that email and clear things up.
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