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00:38.10wpsI'm online wirelessly at the BYU Salt Lake Center!
00:38.16wps(someone in my class brought a wireless router in)
00:39.53wpsdrewbono, are the weekly MUG-tips newsletters going out?
00:39.59wps(I am not currently subscribed)
00:40.07drewbonoYeah, they are.
00:40.40wpsguess I could have just checked the archives, huh :)
00:40.47drewbonowps: I don't know how you haven't forked down the money for a wireless router.
00:40.53drewbonoI saw one for 10 bucks the other day.
00:41.12wpsoh? easily portable?
00:41.24drewbonoI guess that means you have to pay attention and stuff cuz you can't surf and chat though... :-)
00:41.29wpsI have one at home, but it wouldn't be the most convenient thing to carry to class.
00:41.42wpsoh, I multitask very well
00:42.25drewbonoyeah, this one wouldn't be easy to carry either.
00:43.00wpsdang... I've got to get one of those
00:43.21drewbonoThis one's a little smaller.