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01:19.18ArchAngel_NixWell I just got back from the open house of Macsomething.
01:19.50ArchAngel_NixRight now their selection is pretty meager, but it sounds like they are going to get a good collection.
01:22.59wpsgood atmosphere?
01:23.02wpshow's the store design?
01:23.20ArchAngel_NixSimilar to the mini stores Apple just announced.
01:23.36ArchAngel_NixMinus the "holy" steel walls.
01:24.13ArchAngel_NixIt looks to have a lot of potential.
01:25.03wpsI was planning on going, but wasn't able to make it because of the weather commuting down on the freeway
01:25.14ArchAngel_NixThat is understandable.
01:25.39ArchAngel_NixThey were having drawings every 10 mins or so and a couple free give aways.
01:25.40wpsit's really coming down
01:25.55wpswhat were they giving away?
01:26.03ArchAngel_NixI got a free expansion pack to The Sims, and a copy of The RM.
01:26.22ArchAngel_NixThe drawings were for shirts, hats, and pens maily.
01:26.38ArchAngel_NixThough they did give away Max Pain to someone.
01:27.06ArchAngel_NixEveryone who entered has a chance to win the iPod mini they are giving away as the last gift.