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01:44.48deeeffacheis there any more detailed installation documentation other then README and INSTALL??  I downloaded 7.10.4.  Theres no configure file though.  I downloaded, libtools, autoconf and automake.. I put in the same dir with INSTALL and README and ran it.. the resulting configure file runs, but make fails.  was that the right place to put it?
01:55.18starseekerYou might want to download the 7.12.6 tarball and try that
01:55.40starseeker./configure --enable-all && make
01:55.49starseekerunless you want to use some system libs
01:56.04starseekerthen ./configure && make
01:58.09louipcyeah the tarball should have pretty much everything you need
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02:37.00CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03starseeker * r32583 10/brlcad/trunk/src/libged/nfind.c: Whoopsie - fix order of args to fnmatch, so I actually get pattern matching
03:46.15starseekerthen ./configure && make
03:49.21louipchey starseeker
03:50.49louipcdo you know how to disable follow mouse window focus in mged?
04:32.05deeeffacheok, i downloaded 7.12.2.. still no configure scripts or anything
04:39.11deeeffacheand you guys said 7.12.6.. and i was downloading ht elinux package not the source.. um, i think i should be alright now, thanks for making me notice
04:51.41CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03starseeker * r32584 10/brlcad/trunk/src/libged/ (nfind.c nfind.h): add nattr option - a simple reversal of the attr option, but useful for (say) finding all objects with attributes that do NOT have the region attr set: nfind -nattr region -attr \*
05:41.15CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32585 10/brlcad/trunk/src/tclscripts/mged/ (6 files): need to make sure the commands we're looking for are loaded if they're available otherwise info commands may still fail.
05:45.55CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32586 10/brlcad/trunk/src/ (libged/wdb_obj.c mged/cmd.c mged/cmd.h mged/setup.c): add a stub interface for commands (like 'db') that don't exist until after other commands are run (e.g. opendb). this lets us get help on commands even if they don't exactly exist
06:13.12CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03starseeker * r32587 10/brlcad/trunk/src/libged/ (nfind.c nfind.h):
06:13.12CIA-4BRL-CAD: Add stdattr option which takes 0 or 1 and sorts based on whether attributes are
06:13.12CIA-4BRL-CAD: standard - 1 returns objects with one or more standard attributes and no
06:13.12CIA-4BRL-CAD: non-standard, 0 returns objects with one or more non-standard. Between the zero
06:13.12CIA-4BRL-CAD: setting for this option and the attr option it should now be possible to achieve
06:13.15CIA-4BRL-CAD: the effects desired in feature request 1177374.
06:29.22deeeffacheis there a list of what libraries are required for compile anywhere??
06:57.58Ralithdeeeffache, configure will tell you what, if anything, is missing. You'll find brl-cad to be pretty self-contained, though.
07:01.31deeeffachei have an error during make    libtool: link: cannot find the library `../../src/other/incrTcl/'
07:02.34deeeffacheany recommendation?
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18:31.51CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03starseeker * r32588 10/brlcad/trunk/src/libged/ (nfind.c nfind.h): Tweak behavior of stdattr option - add -1 option that will print a table of ALL nonstandard attr,value pairs at the expense of ignoring other find options.
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18:32.39bjorkBSDhow's good-ole brl these days?
18:32.48starseekerbusy :-)
18:34.57bjorkBSDhmm. i need to revive my brl-cad-iness.
18:35.03bjorkBSDit's still use tcl/tk right?
18:35.28starseekerwork going on exploring other options, but for the moment it's still tcl/tk
18:41.08starseekerThe libged work Bob is doing will help make the functionality MGED independent
19:16.34yukonbobhello, cadheads
19:17.01yukonbobstarseeker: re: options BLASPHEMY!!!
20:20.06brlcadsettles in and breathes a sigh of relief
20:21.41brlcadstarseeker: find has (or at least you should add it) built-in negation support, so if you have a -stdattr option, finding non-standard options becomes simply -not -stdattr
20:22.22brlcad-not -or -and with parens gives you complete boolean recipes for just about any action
20:27.06brlcadthat might/should make the arg to -stdattr just go away
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21:17.06brlcaddeeeffache: did you figure out your compile problems?
21:17.30brlcadthe problem sounds like a stale libtool, need to re-run and make noprod
21:47.43deeeffachebrlcad: Many thanks. got past that error.. theres a new one now, but i can take care of this one.
22:32.30deeeffacheomg it works.  Thanks to everyone who helped out in the past day.
22:47.50brlcaddeeeffache: be sure to check out the tutorials on the website
22:48.04brlcadthere's a lot to learn before things start to click and make sense
22:49.09yukonbobheh -- _now_ the hard part begins ;)
23:15.53CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32589 10/brlcad/trunk/TODO: still need to make mged behave better detecting whether it's being run interactively or not.
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23:56.47CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32590 10/brlcad/trunk/src/librt/db_path.c: comment ws
23:58.08CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32591 10/brlcad/trunk/include/raytrace.h: ws
23:58.52CIA-4BRL-CAD: 03brlcad * r32592 10/brlcad/trunk/include/ged.h: have GED_INIT() call ged_init() since it does almost everything we need

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