irclog2html for blob on 2002.07.08

05:40:47SammyRuss: what's this supports to mean ?
05:41:22Russyou watched all of lain?
05:41:34Sammy"/bin/mount -a > /dev/null 2>&1"
05:41:52Sammywhat's this mean 2>&1 ?
05:42:06Russredirect standard error to standard out
05:42:20Russso then, both stderr and stdout go to /dev/null
05:42:56Sammywhen I run S01mount , and it's hang on at "Mounting local file systems:"
05:43:21Sammywhat's my problem ?
05:43:31SammyI don't know :(
05:45:54Russwhat kernel version?
05:47:38Sammyer tux2
05:49:08Russya, I thought that was fixed with tux2, but maybe not, lemme see
05:49:21Russits an invalidate_device() call in mtdblock.c that shouldn't be there
05:50:19RussI never made an 2.4.16-rmk2-tux2, only 2.4.16-rmk2-tux1...
05:51:01Sammywhere can I get the 2.4.18 patch ... ? on tux wiki page ?
05:51:18SammyI think I should update to that ....
05:52:25Sammyupdate now...
13:19:06seletzerik: hi
13:19:14erikhi seletz
13:25:57erikI'm thinking about moving the channel to OFTC (where #kernelnewbies, #offtopic, and lots of other channels have moved)
13:34:56seletzerik: cool, Its annoying to have to log onto more than one server ;)
13:35:17erikthere already is a #blob channel on oftc
13:36:40seletzthen its a matter of calling the OFTC one the "official blob" channel ;)
13:37:24seletzk, lets move :)
14:25:26prpplagueerikm: !
14:25:31prpplagueerikm: hey dude!
14:25:56prpplagueerikm: i was beginning to wonder if you were going to apply  for canadian citizenship
15:30:19erikmnope, just busy
15:32:30erikmI got home on wednesday, on thursday I could pack my stuff, on friday we moved to a new building, on saturday we unpacked everything, today I installed my new workstation and did some recovery jobs at the same time
15:32:44prpplagueerikm: lol
15:33:02prpplagueerikm: well how was the trip? how did the bar-b-q go?
16:13:22erikmprpplague: trip went ok. unfortunately we got a heat wave in montreal, so going outside on canada day was not a good idea :(
16:14:35erikmprpplague: we (== nico and me) went for a bike ride at six in the evening, it was bearable around that time
16:16:04prpplagueerikm: what? did it get up to 30c?
16:16:14erikm36 C
16:16:27prpplagueerikm: wow thats pretty high for there
16:17:34erikmprpplague: ok, that's only 29C or so
16:20:33prpplagueerikm: i think the high is suppose to be 32c tofay
16:20:46prpplagueerikm: very mild for this time of the year
16:20:59prpplagueerikm: seletz got married friday
16:21:00erikmI think the warm weather moved to .ca :)
16:21:15erikmprpplague: wow! he didn't say he was going to be married!
16:21:33prpplagueerikm: i know
16:22:21prpplagueerikm: btw, i got the beers you brought me rated, man those babies were spicy
16:22:28erikmheh :)
16:22:41erikmIIRC you had a website with your ratings, right?
16:23:06erikmwhich of them did you like most, btw?
16:23:16erikm(davej's OLS pictures: )
16:24:21prpplagueha, the marcelo at ukuug is a laugh
16:24:52erikmI got a 404 error for your ratebeer page
16:26:37prpplaguehmm, thats odd
16:27:12prpplaguethats the correct url, try it again
16:27:37erikmnope, same error
16:27:55erikmand points to
16:28:52prpplaguehmm, i'll have to look into it, give me a sec
16:30:23prpplaguelooks like a dns cache problem
16:30:36prpplaguelooks like they changed ip address recently
16:30:56prpplaguewhat ip are you getting when you do a dig?
16:33:19prpplagueya, i'm getting
16:33:25erikmanyway, gotta go for dinner or I'll be late. I'll check the site tomorrow
16:34:03prpplagueerikm: ok, well, just wanted to tellya i had a great time
16:34:06prpplagueerikm: at OLS
16:34:12erikmme too
16:34:16prpplagueerikm: hope we can do it again next year
16:34:28erikmreally gotta go
16:34:30prpplaguehave good evening
17:34:36prpplagueBZFlag: afternoon
17:37:03BZFlagstill morning here for 20 more minutes. ;-)
19:33:20seletzprpplague hi
19:33:27seletzprpplague: hi
19:35:30prpplague was last seen on #tuxscreen 31 minutes and 36 seconds ago, saying: prpplague_lunch [Mon Jul  8 20:03:54 2002]
19:35:30seletzibot: seen prpplague
20:06:46prpplagueargh, can't believe i missied seletz
21:25:05seletzprpplague: here?
21:54:36prpplaguecrap, i can;t believe i missed him twice

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