irclog2html for blob on 2002.06.14

01:33:29Sammymorning all ~*
01:52:12Russ|werkyou're up early erikm, or really late
01:52:13Russ|werkoh, nm, netsplit
01:53:09SammyRuss: how about you toy porting ?
01:59:02Russ|werkgoing well
01:59:10Russ|werkhaving a few small issues with the flash
02:00:50prpplagueRuss|werk: is he talking about the camion?
02:08:45Sammyyeap ,
06:43:23Sammyif I want to build a command  for uClibc use something like rz or sz , how can I do ?
06:43:53Sammyanyone give me a hint ?
06:55:29BZFlagSammy: lrzsz is in the buildroot for the tuxscreen. It uses uclibc
07:27:55SammyBZFlag: thanx, but I dpnt
07:28:28Sammybut I don't see any file or something like lrzsz source file ...
07:29:45bonjour, mmatten
07:30:27Sammybesize this on tux there still have some other like ftl_check, ide_info,ifport , probe etc... where is all this file come from ?
07:30:37Sammyhey mmatten :)
08:08:43BZFlagthe build zmodem and pulls it down from the net first
08:17:03SammyBZFlag: so ga , that's why I can't find , because I download buildroot from andersee's web side , and in make directory don't have ...
08:17:33BZFlagSammy: ahh. get the buildroot-tux from cvs
08:18:05SammyBZFlag: already done , thanx .
10:02:01erikmcolor stripping sounds like a good idea
10:03:27mmatteni wish there'd be a method to block advertisers completely, not that it'd be a big problem in here
10:05:37mmattenbut those bots sending queries to random people can really get annoying
10:06:32erikmlooks for a couple of interesting modes to set
10:08:45Sammyerikm: I can
10:09:01SammyI can't see anything change ...
10:09:22erikmSammy: +c prohicits colored messages to the channel
10:09:59mmattenwas this coloured ?
10:10:05mmattenit was here....
10:10:37Sammymmatten : you use xchat ?
10:11:17mmattenwell ok then if it'S only displayed on the spam side i can live with that :)
10:27:51erikmhmm, ChanServ forgot about BZFlag's access level
10:28:45erikmand Russ was listed but didn't have any priviledges
10:28:59RussI don't? lemme see
10:29:24erikmnow you have
10:29:52RussRuss|werk is chained to this nick, so you don't need to worry about that
10:29:53erikmRuss: level 10 should be sufficient
10:32:08erikmmmatten/seletz: does any of you want to be able to get chanops in case some nasty jerk comes in again?
10:36:25mmattenhmmm i donno i have no need to yield power altho sometimes it might come in handy...  it hasn't been that bad in here i guess...
10:38:00erikmmmatten: I also hardly use it, but I'd rather have a couple of people in geographically different locations
10:38:29erikmmmatten: right now we have two in central US and only one in Europe
10:39:22erikmmmatten: ok, you have level 10 access as well. you can get ops when you're registered with NickServ
10:40:31mmattenhmm ok where can i lookup how to register at nickserv ?
10:43:59mmattenah got it
10:52:46erikmmmatten: ok, once you registered and identified to NickServ you can get ops with /msg ChanServ op #blob
10:52:57mmattengiving it a try...
10:53:16mmattenok works
11:06:17Sammychange to sleep mode
11:08:00erikmnight, Sammy
11:10:27Sammynight erikm , although now is 19:20 , but vampire need take rest after getting work ^@^
12:59:54mmattenargh it's got 30 in here and the paint shopt next door starts spraying cars, smells like i got a bucket-o-paint on my desk....
13:00:14mmattenguess i'll quit early today before i pass out in front of blob sourcecode
13:05:22mmattenbtw i finally got my travellers pass yesterday, so the canadians will let me in i hope :)
13:05:54mmattenhave a nice weekend all
16:27:24Fareerikm: are you around?
16:43:14erikmFare: yes
16:43:28Farecan anyone explain to me the flash protocol, so as to make my piggy flash driver?
16:43:57FareI'll put zImage as a piggy to blob, with a proper ld script.
16:44:22Fareshould I mimick my piggyflash.c after intel32.c ?
16:44:50Fareand if yes, what is the API for flash_driver ?
16:45:37Farewhat is the size of a flash block?
16:45:51Fareis it ok if my "flash blocks" are not aligned?
16:45:55erikmFare: size of a flash blocks depends on your flash
16:46:09Fareit's actually RAM faking flash
16:46:21Fareso as to reuse the "load from flash" feature of blob
16:46:32erikmthe flash code doesn't care about flash block sizes, only the partitioning does
16:46:35Fareor should I make a new feature for blob?
16:46:55erikmwhat do you want to do?
16:46:56Fareok, so what is the Right Way(tm) to piggy back a zImage on blob?
16:47:11erikmmake it a download method
16:47:26FareI want to put zImage after blob, so that hpcboot loads both at the same time
16:47:29erikmjust like reading from flash, tftp and reading from disk are
16:47:53Farewhere do I start for that?
16:48:08Fareis there a memcpy() or similar function, that I can use?
16:48:37erikmthe flash API is documented in include/blob/flash.h and is pretty simple. oh wait, you don't need it
16:48:53erikmyes, we have memcpy() implemented
16:49:05erikmsee include/blob/util.h and src/lib/memcpy.c
16:49:53erikmas for download methods: look at src/blob/load_kernel.c
16:50:31erikmI need to clean that up, though so we don't need an #ifdef hell in that file
16:50:45erikmcan be done with special linker sections
16:51:25FareI'll try to mimick the piggy on the linux piggy ld script
16:52:19FareI see no load_kernel.c should I upgrade my blob source?
16:54:26erikmpossible. I'm looking at the CVS version
16:54:38erikmor implement a memcpy command
16:55:01erikmok, you need to copy the stuff by hand, but at least you can figure out quickly if ti works
16:55:15Fareshould I be using CVS ?
16:55:35erikmthat's a choice. CVS is latest and greatest, 2.0.5-pre2 is stable
16:58:24Fareis CVS stable enough for you?
16:58:38Fareat the moment...
16:59:23erikmI have to be honest that I didn't try it the last couple of weeks, I suppose it works for seletz
17:01:18Farewhat are the main differences between -pre2 and CVS?
17:04:23|- Added printf() from linux-2.4.17-rmk3                 Erik Mouw
17:04:23|- Made external, bank 2/3 memory references
17:04:23|  optional for SA-1110 platforms                        Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:23|- Added a dontdiff file for blob                        Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:23|- Change license for src/blob/testmem*.S from
17:04:24|  GPLv2+later to GPLv2 only. My fault, I should have
17:04:26|  asked Russell.                                        Erik Mouw
17:04:30erikm- Changed UU Codec support to be optional               Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:32erikm- Accelent IDP support                                  Holger Schurig
17:04:34erikm- Added a script to automate uploading of images        Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:36erikm- Changed Xmodem support to be optional                 Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:38erikm- 2d3D SA-1110 Dev Board support                        Abraham van der Merwe
17:04:40erikm- First stage loader modularisation                     Erik Mouw
17:05:54erikmand some other stuff which people forgot to mention in the ChangeLog
17:06:43FareI've downloaded the CVS
17:11:48FareI see there is already something named "zImage support"
17:12:21erikmchecks for zImages. I think I'm going to rip that out, it's nonsense
17:19:12Farehum. Where in should I put options for piggy.c ?
17:19:31Fareis merging his differences into his copy of the CVS tree
17:25:48Fareautomake tells me: 27: required file `include/blob/' not found
17:26:11erikmFare: run ./tools/rebuild-gcc twice
17:26:38Farefirst time didn't work -- had to run ./tools/rebuild instead
17:27:04erikmyou have gcc, so you need ./tools/rebuild-gcc
17:27:13Fareyes, the second time, I did rebuild-gcc
17:27:30erikmand yes, the first time doesn't work, and that's right. that's why you have to run the script twice
17:28:09Fareis it ok if the first time was rebuild ?
17:29:07erikmnot sure. better run it twice so you can run configure with --enable-maintainer-mode
17:29:27erikmwhich is nice so it automatically tracks all dependencies, even the ones in and
17:29:39FareI see options like md5, etc.
17:29:49Farewhere are they documented, how do I use them?
17:30:01erikmthe source is the documentation
17:30:02Faremd5 would be nice, to double check the kernel integrity
17:30:08erikmmd5 is bull shit
17:30:13Farehow do I enable? --with-md5 ?
17:30:15Fareis it?
17:30:20erikm./configure --help
17:30:41erikmmd5 is *only* necessary if you have a serial link that can't be trusted at all
17:31:28Farehum. What about LCD ?
17:32:49erikmno. it doesn't work
17:33:24Fareclock scaling?
17:33:47erikmno, only for sa1100, and afaik you have an sa1110. besides, it will automatically disable for sa1110
17:36:02Farethe j820 is sa1100
17:37:49erikmjust don't enable it, you need to know very well what're doing and it is crash prone
17:40:43Farebtw, I had to disable ledasm.S
17:41:15erikmI can imagine
17:41:25erikmehm why?
17:41:52erikmyou don't need to because you use the chainloader, not the standard first stage loader
17:42:21erikmoh, wait, it's also in the chain loader
17:47:44Farecan I disable flash support altogether?
17:48:33erikmsure, jsut use the dummy flash driver
17:49:07erikm        BLOB_FLASH_OBJS="nullflash.o"
17:56:49erikmdinner time
18:38:26Fareok, got it to compile
21:10:18Fareany blob helper around?
21:24:43Fareblob compiles fine but it dies sooner than it used to -- no message from main.c

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