irclog2html for blob on 2002.03.25

09:53:27seletzhi *
09:54:39prpplague was last seen on #tuxscreen 9 hours, 13 minutes and 35 seconds ago, saying: root: you know its not wise to be using irc as root [Mon Mar 25 00:41:04 2002]
09:54:39seletzibot: seen prpplague
12:55:03seletzhi again
15:16:48seletzprpplague: hi
15:38:02prpplagueseletz: howdy
15:47:23seletzprpplague: have you had time to talk to your HW manager?
15:47:45prpplagueseletz: ya, i've got another meeting in about 20 minutes
15:48:06prpplagueseletz: what kinda of time frame do you thing we can get the cpu core done?
15:48:39seletzprpplague: depends on the pressure from absinc :)
15:48:59prpplagueseletz: no pressure, we want it done right
15:49:04seletzprpplague: no, just kidding.
15:49:28prpplagueseletz: what kinda of expenses are you going to want to bill for on the prototype
15:49:32seletzprpplague: the manufactorer is very reliable.
15:49:51seletzprpplague: maybe we want to switch to a private channel?
15:49:58seletz(this is blob...)
15:50:40seletztry #eletztrick
17:55:16mmatten|awaychillin to bl2002-2
17:55:42seletzmmatten|away: hiya
17:56:08mmatten|awaychillin to dbtest!!s
17:56:29seletzmmatten|away: i'm gonna add those linear parameters by myself
18:15:23akira|eatingehm did i just spam ?
20:14:50seletz_going home

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