irclog2html for blob on 2002.02.20

10:30:34seletzerikm: have you ever tried bitkeeper?
10:30:54erikmyes, I've been playing with linus bitkeeper tree
10:31:14erikm( )
10:31:18seletzerikm: How is it compared to CVS?
10:31:30erikmcompletely different
10:32:05seletzthought fonverting would be easy ...
10:32:17erikmyes, that's true
10:32:25erikmbk is more like SCCS
10:32:58seletzi _once_ worked with SCCS on SINIX systems. yuck.
10:33:06erikmno, it's better than SCCS
10:33:18seletzthought so :)
10:33:43erikmhere, this is how fast an update for my complete linux-2.5 tree is:
10:33:48erikmerik@arthur:~/bk-test/linux-2.5 >time bk pull
10:33:49erikmNothing to pull from
10:33:49erikm0.050u 0.040s 0:01.74 5.1%0+0k 0+0io 1299pf+0w
10:34:07seletzthats fast!
10:34:25erikmnothing to update, but you know that in 2 seconds
10:34:51seletzpatches can be created in the manner maintainers like it quite easy, i heard?
10:35:01seletz(one feature, small etc.)
10:35:39erikmbk thinks in changesets, not in patches. a changeset is basically a combination of patches to a file
10:35:48erikms/file/number of files/
10:36:43seletzah, i thought changesets aer sometimng like a big patch which applies to more than one file?
10:37:00erikmthat's what I mean
10:37:05seletzok :)
10:37:19erikmand bk can keep the revision history if you move a file
10:37:26seletzso such a changeset can be directly sent to, say, russell :)
10:37:48seletzthats really a mess in CVS. Renaming files.
10:37:50erikmrussell just started playing with bk
10:38:23seletzhas he sorted out the repository issues with this other guy who started an arm repository?
10:38:59erikmnot that I know
10:39:20erikmit's also possible that he'll put his repository on
10:39:36seletzpity. i home they do. 2 repositories of the same thing would be really bad.
10:40:09seletzwould'nt that mean that he has to pay (cough) for BK?
10:40:10erikmnot russell's problem.
10:40:23erikmno. as long as you allow open logging you don't have to pay
10:40:24seletzi know.
10:40:58seletzah, so logging site != repository site
10:41:27erikmthough you can also get the log information from the repository site
10:41:58seletzthinks there's mutch to learn regarding BK ...
10:42:30erikmI'm told jgarzik is writing a "working with kernel BK trees HOWTO"
15:04:33prpplaguemorning all
15:07:28erikmhello prpplague
15:07:53prpplagueanything interesting going on today?
19:00:11erikmwoohoo! nico released support for pxa!
20:17:38seletzerikm: do you have any idea how much $$ those dev boards are?
20:21:06seletzok, seems that PCMCIA is finally running. phew.
20:21:26erikmwith linux-2.5, I suppose?
20:22:14seletzI was messing around with timing issues the whole week.
20:23:02erikmplays with bk
20:23:09seletzbut now "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/null" works.
20:23:24seletzwatches irqs on the scope :)
20:39:31seletzok, _now_ I'll get some sleep, and a good meal ;^)
20:39:42seletzlater, guys
21:16:03soll12Hi, maybe someone here knows, currently having problem when jumping to ram, could it be sdram timings, even if I'm able to read back the contents?
21:18:52prpplaguesoll12: there are several reason you could be having a problem, but the man to really give you good answers is not here right
21:19:06prpplaguesoll12: that would be erikm the originator of blob
21:26:20soll12ok thanks

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